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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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The Carolingian Renaissance or was it the Dark Ages?

No Carolingian Renaissance, no Civilisation.

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Charlemagne - Biography, Significance & Death - HISTORY




The Franks under Clovis in the early 6th century converted from paganism passing by Arianism which denied the divinity of Christ, to Catholicism.  In the 8th century the Church blessed the Frankish transfer of power from the Merovingian dynasty to that of Charles Martel or the ‘Carolingians’, who had saved Eurupe from Islamification with his victory at Tours in 732 A.D.  The Church enabled the peaceful transfer of power from the decrepit Merovingian house to that of Pepin the Short, Charlemagne’s father in 751 A.D. 


Under the influence of Church, the Carolingians would become the great builders of Christian civilisation.  Charlemagne (r. 758 – 814 AD) was probably the greatest ruler in medieval history.  The myth is that he could not write and was unlettered, but this undoubtedly a fiction.  A man of his standing and background would have been educated and literate.  Charlemagne expanded Frankish Christendom into Switzerland, Germany and northern Spain and protected the Church in Italy, from the predations of the pagan Lombards – the main reason why the papacy was keen to have a strong Christian state and ally in Francia, and why it agreed to the transfer of power from the Merovingians to the Carolingians.


Charlemagne invested what today would be billions of £ into education, schools, arts, literacy, the arts and social welfare projects.  It was a far reaching and transforming investment to both further Christianise and civilise Frankish society.  This ‘Renaissance’ extended through the reign of his son Louis the Pious (r. 814-840).  A central figure in the Charlemagnian Renaissance was the English monk Alcuin, educated at York by the Venerable Bede, the great saint and ecclesiastical historian.  In 781 Charlemagne appointed Alcuin to lead educational and other social reforms.  Alcuin was fluent in Latin a pre-requisite during the early medieval period for correspondence, and schooling.  In fact the oldest surviving copies of most ancient Roman literature are dated to this period and shortly after, when Carolingian scholars rescued them from oblivion.  Without this contribution most if not all of Roman literature would be lost.


Alcuin and the system he founded, was built on the Roman model of education and the 7 liberal arts.  There was the quartet of astronomy, music, arithmetic and geometry and the trivium of grammar, rhetoric, and logic.  This system provided the groundwork for everything that as followed in European education and university creation. 


The Carolingians invented the Carolingian script, an innovation in writing that had a major impact on European development.  This standardised script notation ended the confusing mixture of largely unintelligible or hard to decipher scripts across Europe.  The Carolingians added punctuation, lower- and upper-case letters, sentence and paragraph structures and spaces between words.  Without this innovation civilisation was unlikely to have developed as it did.  It leads directly to the printing press.


In building and art the Carolingians were very confident that their civilisation would greatly surpass that of Greece and Rome, and so eventually it did.  Beset by the Muslim, Viking and Avar invasions of the 8th and 9th centuries it is a wonder it not only survived but thrived.  Catholic monasteries were built and extended, manuscript copying proceeded at a fast pace, and thanks to a common script, all manner of scientific collaboration began between the monks sited far apart.  Schools were opened across the Frankish empire attached to a Church or monastery and for the first time in history the average person may have had the chance at some formal education. 


Christopher Dawson the great historian of Western culture relates,

“It was the great monasteries, especially those of Southern Germany, Saint Gall, Reichenau and Tegernesee, that were the only remaining islands of intellectual life amidst the returning flood of barbarism which once again threatened to submerge Western Christendom.  For, though monasticism seems at first sight ill-adapted to withstand the material destructiveness of an age of lawlessness and war, it was an institution which possessed extraordinary power.”


The monasteries could recover from and repair the devastation enacted by and in the secular world.  Pagans and barbarians would sack, reduce, arson and destroy 9 out of 10 monasteries, but it only one survived, it would be the seed to replant and regrow the other 9. 


These pagan barbarians sacked monasteries and Churches, destroying their books and libraries, their manufacturing and agriculture, their schools and hospices.  Yet the monasteries, the buildings, the libraries, the schools, the hospices and hospitals were rebuilt and often improved.  This preservation of civilisation as the horrific barbarian invasions from Muslims, Viking, Avars and Saxons to name but a few, which enveloped the Western world for 2 centuries is an unappreciated phenomenon.


The monks not only saved civilisation but produced one of the great Popes – Sylvester (r 999-1003).  He was the most learned man in Europe with a breadth of knowledge that included astronomy, science, Latin literature, mathematics, music, philosophy and theology.  Sylvester and the Church began to invest in astronomy and scientific investigation including naturalism. 


The development of physics and complex geometry flowed from this investment, culminating in the new physics of Nicholas Oresme and the school of Paris in the 14th century, about a century after the incorrect physics of Aristotle was decisively overthrown.  But few know this.  From Charlemagne to Sylvester is a direct line of civilised progress.  Today both men would be categorised as White supremacists, phobic, anti-science and racist. 



The Catholic Church, a light in the darkness of pagan barbarism.

No Church, no modern Europe.

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The Light - Ireland by Mike McGlothlen | Architecture, Rose window, Light


The entire medieval period, from 500 AD to 1500 AD was ‘christened’ by Atheists and many Protestants as a ‘Dark Age’.  This propaganda has been relentless since the poorly named ‘Enlightenment’ when self-obsessed and largely historically ignorant personalities decided to elevate themselves and their contemporary progress against the backdrop of a sinister, corrupt and brooding Church.  In real scholarship no one accepts the appellation of a ‘Dark Age’, certainly not from the 8th to 16th centuries.  This was a long age of survival, renewal, and energy, punctuated by revolutions in science, agriculture, war, the arts and governance. 



The agnostic historian Will Durant, along with many others defended the Church from these baseless accusations including the charge against the Church for the social retrogression of the 6th and 7th centuries, especially in the ‘West’.  Most people don’t understand that the Byzantine Christian empire of the ‘East’ was rich, powerful and expansionary during this period, culminating in the rather ruinous and expensive wars of Justinian in Italy and North Africa in the mid-6th century.  These wars retarded and degraded the ‘West’ and caused extraordinary turmoil from war, disease and social destruction. 



These conflicts were not the only source of Western dislocation.  Germanic tribes post 476 AD and the takeover of the Roman empire by the Goths, continued to pour into Western Europe.  These pagan incursions transformed the entire scene and upended the social and political landscape within the former Western Roman empire.  This had nothing to do with the Church.  In fact and in reality, without the Church the ‘West’ never would have withstood this onslaught and never would have developed along the lines and structures it did.



“The basic cause of cultural retrogression”, Durant writes, “was not Christianity, but barbarism; not religion but war.  The human inundations ruined or impoverished cities, monasteries, libraries, schools and made impossible the life of the scholar or the scientist.  Perhaps the destruction would have been worse had not the Church maintained some measure of order in a crumbling civilisation.”



This is rather obviously true. 



The Germanic incursions emanated from various tribes who were rural and nomadic.  There was no written literature, no settled life, no political organisation and no technological development.  Rome for all its faults as a white-slave trading premised empire, did possess a legal system with a large corpus of laws and precedents, codified by Justinian I.  The Germans did not.  The Justinian codex, based on centuries of legal activity became the basis for Western Europe’s legal systems.  This legal heritage was built and saved by the Church.  No such history informs the Germanic tribes who were first and foremost nomadic warriors or at best semi-settled militarists.



Christoper Dawson, “The Church had to undertake the task of introducing the law of the Gospel and the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount among people who regarded homicide as the most honourable occupation and vengeance as synonymous with justice.”



The most significant event in Western European medieval history is likely the conversion of Clovis King of the Franks in around 496 AD.  Compelled by his powerful wife who was a Christian to adopt the faith, the conversion by all accounts was a real and honest conversion by Clovis to Christ.  The entire Frankish tribe soon converted en masse, and Christendom had secured the support of the most powerful of the Germanic tribes who would forge the future state of France.  Of course, the ending of pagan naturalism and superstition would take many generations and entail hard work from Catholic missionaries and priests.  Eventually the light of Charlemagne would shine on France, Italy and parts of Germany, and Christianity would be further spread eastwards, through missionaries like Boniface and through interminable wars with the heathen and pagan Saxons.



Without the guidance of the Church all would have been lost in Western Europe during the 5th and 6th centuries.  Pope Gregory the Great was instrumental in salvaging civilisation in Italy during the early 6th century.  The ongoing efforts of conversion and guidance in Gaul can be read in St Gregory of Tour’s ‘History of the Franks’ and that of the Anglo-Saxons in England, in the Venerable Bede’s ‘Ecclesiastical History of the English People’.  Saint Boniface undertook these efforts in Germany and reformed the Frankish church in the 740s as well. 



People today are mostly ignorant about the benefices and fundamental importance of the Church during the long medieval era.  The reality is quite simple: no Catholic Church, no modern Europe.

The Indispensable Catholic Church

If the Catholic Church did not exist, there would be no European civilisation.

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Lincoln Cathedral's West Front - St Barnabas Hospice



Christophobia and anti-White racism are the only acceptable forms of discrimination and bigotry, in the fast declining ‘West’.  In our fake-news, fake-science world, nothing is off limits if you want to ridicule or slander Christianity or Whites.  The same standards don’t apply to Muhammad’s cult, Muslims, pagans, Hindus, Asians, Blacks or non-Whites.  As far as the average person’s ignorance goes, the Catholic Church was a repressive, superstitious, idiotic, power-mad, totalitarian entity, that warped and distorted mankind, or he/she/zhe-kind’s ascent to the sunlight uplands of the Age of ‘Reason’ which has led to the philosophical conundrum ‘what is a woman’?


In reality, the Catholic Church built Western Civilisation.  The ‘Dark Ages’ are atheist and Protestant propaganda, a theory built on lies, illiteracy and a deep hatred of what transpired before the 17th century.  Suffice it to say that the supposed ‘scientific revolutions’ were all constructed on about 800 years of painful effort by the Catholic Church.  There is no argument against this fact acknowledged by historians during the past century including A. C. Crombie, David Lindberg, Edward Grant,, Stanley Jaki, Thomas Goldstein and J.L. Heilbron. 


The Catholic Church never repudiated the pagan legacies of Greece, Rome or of the Germanic tribes which dominated Europe from the 5th century onwards.  Without the Catholic Church saving these legacies and building upon them, Western civilisation – notwithstanding its current demonic and parlous state – would never have existed. 


The Catholic contribution to ‘Science’ went well beyond theory, so beloved by modern ‘science’, to proofs and physical experimentation, now demoted by modern ‘science’ as inferior to arcane maths.  Nicholas Steno initiated the organised study of geology.  Athanasius Kircher began Egyptology.  Giamba Riccioli was the first person to measure the rate of acceleration of a freely falling body.  Roger Boscovich was the first to elucidate atomic theory.  Jesuits so dominated astronomy, seismology and the study of earthquakes that these were often referred to as the Jesuit ‘sciences’.  Some 35 craters on the moon are named for Jesuit astronomers, and mathematicians. 


In summary, the Roman Catholic Church gave more financial aid and social support to the study of astronomy over 6 centuries, than any other institution in history (Heilbron).  The Church’s role in the development of maths, science, technology and engineering is one of the best kept secrets in Western Civilisation.  The above examples are a tithe of what could be listed.


We can take the monks as an example.  Without the monastic orders beginning in earnest in the 6th century (St Benedict and his order), it is unlikely that Western Civilisation develops.  There is hardly a significant endeavour in the advancement of civilisation during the Middle Ages, that did not involve monks.  In every sphere of society, the monks dominated development.  There is no parallel to this in history.


Education and universities were developed by the Church – unique in their scope, outlooks and geographical density.  These Catholic built universities dating from the 12th century, were foundations for learning in medicine, natural philosophy, the sciences, maths and law.  Without them the entire direction of European development would be hindered and reduced. 


Western law, both national and international is a gift from the Church.  International law rights start in the 16th century with Vittoria and La Casa who defended the rights of indigenous Americans to their land and bodies.  Church Canon emanating from the age of Justinian (6th century) is the basis for all the legal codes of European states.  It was the Church who reconciled and unified disparate systems and ideas and formed legal jurisprudence as a system and entity of arbitration and peace-making.  Legal rights, personal rights, individual rights come directly out of the Catholic Church and pre-date the theories of Locke and Jefferson by some 500 years. 


Even in economics, the theories of Smith and Ricardo were preempted by the Late Scholastics of the 14th – 16th centuries, especially the Spanish theologians.  Joseph Schumpeter named these Catholics as the founders of modern economics.  So they were.  Trade, price points, utility, demand and supply, government intervention, the impacts of taxes and other distortions were all discussed, debated and put into different frameworks by the 16th century.  Because much of this innovation was Spanish and Catholic it was ignored.


The Catholic Church’s commitment to the poor, both in spirit and in physical need has no parallel in history.  The first welfare systems were built by Catholics and the very ideas of hospitals, hospices, orphanages and charity to all who need it, were Catholic creations stretching back to the first century A.D.  Indeed, one of the mainsprings of conversion in the centuries following Christ’s crucifixion was the social fact that Christians took care of their neighbours.


The pagan culture of might-makes-right, infanticide, polygamy, endless warring, barbarity, a legal system which benefitted only the rich, a society in which half the population were slaves in some form or other, was opposed by the Church which preached the opposite. 


To take physics as a case in point, it is obvious that the pagan world’s pantheistic naturalism was an impediment to real science.  Gods or demi-gods were according to the ancients, behind all movement, bodies and objects.  Once you remove this pagan myth, real science can begin. 


As proven by Pierre Duhem, physics as a discernible science, can be dated to at least the 13th century when Oresme dethroned Aristotle and removed pantheism from observational reality, building the basis of the laws of inertia and motion, later used by Galileo and Newton.  In most areas far from producing science, pagan cultures retarded its development.


It was not only the Church's mission from God to save Europe from the barbarity of the Musulman Jihad, it was also the Catholic Church’s mission to educate, civilise and teach the barbarians inside the gates.  


The first half of Sura 2: Christophobia and Islam's hatred of Christians.

33% of the first part of Sura 2 is Christophobic. Enriching? Tolerant? Or is it simply what it is.

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We are told by the Marxists, Secularists, and cult worshippers of the state, the warm [weather fascists], the homosexual, the feminists, and sundry other worthies, that Islam and perforce all Moslems are pro-Christian 'extremists', spending most of their day eagerly kissing, embracing and loving their 'brothers' and co-equal 'people of the book'. These big–brains would have us believe that Moslems love Christians more than themselves – a difficult proposition for a cult that is so egotistically self-absorbed that badly drawn cartoons about Muhammad spark riots and death. In the real world, we have seen how historically for 1400 years, Christians have been enslaved, slaughtered, raped, and confined to second-class dhimmitude status within the Moslem world. 


Does the Koran promote this hatred of Christians? Is there Koranic Christianophobia? Curious minds would like to know.


  • Number of verses in Sura 2: 286
  • Number of verses in the first part of Sura 2: 120
  • Number of verses of Christophobia in the first part of Sura 2: 39

 % of Christianophobic verses in the first part of Sura 2 of the total: 33 %

[Much of this Sura is also Anti-Semitic of course]


Sura 2 or the Heifer is one of the last 'revelatory' chapters given by the archangel Gabriel, he of Gospel fame, to Muhammad, on behalf of the former family deity and moon idol Hub'Al, recast by Muhammad as the monotheistic Al-Lah or 'The One'. Being one of the last 'communications' with the divine, Sura 2 is of great importance in the Koran and within Moslem liturgy. Over half of this Sura is Christianophic with at least 15 % of this chapter, or some 44 verses [bare minimum], being openly violent and preaching the physical destruction of the Christians. Combined these examples of Christianophobia appear to be a surprisingly large and intolerant amount from a cult dedicated to peace and brotherly love:


 There is lots of compulsion within Islam and Sura 2. 44 verses make the following clear. The Jews and Christians are inferior to Moslems. Unbelievers [Christians and Jews], are in league with Satan, blind, greedy and stupid. Due to this Moslems can kill them. Allah wants Moslems to war against the Unbelievers and destroy them since they are sinners and a threat to the Allah cult. Even if Moslems do not kill the Unbelievers, all unclean sinners and criminal polytheists will burn in hellfire on Judgement Day. If Moslems turn away from their duty they will be viewed as part of Al-Mushrikun or an idolator. They will thus be punished. Allah can do this since Allah knows all and Allah is acquainted with everything which transpires in the material and spiritual realms. The 'good' humans and those destined for paradise are therefore those who simply follow the Allah cult and its creed.....This is the main message of the Moslem cult. A religion this is not." 


Christianophobia is particularly rife in Sura 2, as the chapter makes lurid claims about the superiority of Moslems over Christians. Contrary to the lame-brain media expostulation that Moslems deeply covet friendship with Christians, admiring them as 'people of the book', Moslems look down upon Christians as inferiors, and the reference, 'people of the book' is a pejorative, since within the Koran the book of the Jews and Christians is always described as corrupt, stupid, immoral, 'wrong', 'erroneous' and satanic. The only 'book' worth reading is of course the Koran, not the Torah or Bible. Read the following carefully. It is very obvious that the 'book' of the Christians and Jews is utterly wrong, according to Moslem theology:



This is the Book (the Qur'an), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)].


Who believe in the Ghaib and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and spend out of what we have provided for them [i.e. give Zakat spend on themselves, their parents, their children, their wives, etc., and also give charity to the poor and also in Allah's Cause - Jihad, etc.].


And who believe in (the Qur'an and the Sunnah) which has been sent down (revealed) to you (Muhammad Peace be upon him) and in [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel), etc.] which were sent down before you and they believe with certainty in the Hereafter. (Resurrection, recompense of their good and bad deeds, Paradise and Hell, etc.).


They are on (true) guidance from their Lord, and they are the successful.


Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.


Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearings, (i.e. they are closed from accepting Allah's Guidance), and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be a great torment.


And of mankind, there are some (hypocrites) who say: "We believe in Allah and the Last Day" while in fact they believe not.


They (think to) deceive Allah and those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and perceive (it) not!


It is quite obvious that the Jews and Christians are 'hypocrites' who pretend to worship Al-Lah, but in fact reject him. They deceive the Allah, and will disbelieve. Jews and Christians will thus be tormented in this life and the next for rejecting Al-Lah's guidance.



O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who created you and those who were before you so that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious - see V.2:2).


Who has made the earth a resting place for you, and the sky as a canopy, and sent down water (rain) from the sky and brought forth therewith fruits as a provision for you. Then do not set up rivals unto Allah (in worship) while you know (that He Alone has the right to be worshipped).

* * 

And if you (Arab pagans, Jews, and Christians) are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down (i.e. the Qur'an) to Our slave (Muhammad Peace be upon him), then produce a Surah (chapter) of the like thereof and call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allah, if you are truthful.


But if you do it not, and you can never do it, then fear the Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers.


Jews and Christians must not only fear the Al-Lah thing and worship it, but also venerate Muhammad. Muhammad replaces Christ in effect, and the Muhammad-Al Lah nexus, replaces the Trinity. If a Christian does not revere the Koran, in which it states very clearly that both Al-Lah and Muhammad are to be followed for salvation, they are damned to hellfire. Further Islam demands that Christians recognize that Muhammad is foretold by Isiah and other prophets, indeed he replaces Christ as the fulfilment of Jewish and Christian theology. Denying this will earn the good Christian a place in Moslem hell.



And believe in what I have sent down (this Qur'an), confirming that which is with you, [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)], and be not the first to disbelieve therein, and buy not with My Verses [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] a small price (i.e. getting a small gain by selling My Verses), and fear Me and Me Alone. (Tafsir At-Tabari, Vol. I, Page 253).


And mix not truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth [i.e. Muhammad Peace be upon him is Allah's Messenger and his qualities are written in your Scriptures, the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] while you know (the truth) .


And perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, and Irka' (i.e. bow down or submit yourselves with obedience to Allah) along with ArRaki'un.


Enjoin you Al-Birr (piety and righteousness and each and every act of obedience to Allah) on the people and you forget (to practise it) yourselves, while you recite the Scripture [the Taurat (Torah)]! Have you then no sense?


And seek help in patience and As-Salat (the prayer) and truly it is extremely heavy and hard except for Al-Khashi'un [i.e. the true believers in Allah - those who obey Allah with full submission, fear much from His Punishment, and believe in His Promise (Paradise, etc.) and in His Warnings (Hell, etc.)].


Fear Al-Lah, and obey Muhammad. In other words reject completely your own Christian worship, practices and beliefs.


* * * 

Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.


And (O Children of Israel, remember) when We took your covenant and We raised above you the Mount (saying): "Hold fast to that which We have given you, and remember that which is therein so that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious - see V.2:2).


Then after that you turned away. Had it not been for the Grace and Mercy of Allah upon you, indeed you would have been among the losers.

* * 

And indeed you knew those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath (i.e. Saturday). We said to them: "Be you monkeys, despised and rejected."


So We made this punishment an example to their own and to succeeding generations and a lesson to those who are Al-Muttaqun (the pious - see V.2:2).



Jews and Christians rejected the Al-Lah idol, and will now receive their punishment. This is rather obtuse since Judaism as a monotheistic endeavour dates from the Hebraic traditions beginning with Abraham circa 2250 BC, or a mere 2900 years or so before the advent of Islam. Christianity pre-dates the Meccan cult by 600 years. Yet in the fantasy-world of the Koran, the Al-Lah idol and his book, existed long before either of these monotheistic systems were developed. This is very convenient for a supremacist cult which usurps history and common-sense and says 'we were first, and we are therefore better'. It sounds like the chanting of a 5 year old.



If a Jew or Christian denies that Muhammad is mentioned in the Torah or gospels, or that he is the last and most supreme of the prophets, they are doomed to hellfire.



And when they (Jews) meet those who believe (Muslims), they say, "We believe", but when they meet one another in private, they say, "Shall you (Jews) tell them (Muslims) what Allah has revealed to you [Jews, about the description and the qualities of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him , that which are written in the Taurat (Torah)] that they (Muslims) may argue with you (Jews) about it before your Lord?" Have you (Jews) then no understanding?


Know they (Jews) not that Allah knows what they conceal and what they reveal?


And there are among them (Jews) unlettered people, who know not the Book, but they trust upon false desires and they but guess.


Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands and then say, "This is from Allah," to purchase with it a little price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for that they earn thereby.

* * 

And they (Jews) say, "The Fire (i.e. Hell-fire on the Day of Resurrection) shall not touch us but for a few numbered days." Say (O Muhammad Peace be upon him to them): "Have you taken a covenant from Allah, so that Allah will not break His Covenant? Or is it that you say of Allah what you know not?"



Jews knew that Muhammad was insane and illiterate, and therefore the Koran or Muhammad's recitals a mass of gibberish and plagiarized copy [hence the admonition from the Al-Lah thing that anyone making up a Koranic verse will be punished 2:79]. Such claims must have greatly annoyed Muhammad and so he 'reveals' the above verses to negate criticism of the Koran being a fantasy mixed with plagiarized verses from the Torah, Gospels and Arab pagan prayers.



O you who believe! Say not (to the Messenger Peace be upon him) Ra'ina but say Unzurna (Do make us understand) and hear. And for the disbelievers there is a painful torment. (See Verse 4:46)


Neither those who disbelieve among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) nor Al-Mushrikun (the disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, idolaters, polytheists, pagans, etc.) like that there should be sent down unto you any good from your Lord. But Allah chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allah is the Owner of Great Bounty.


Whatever a Verse (revelation) do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is able to do all things?




The Christians are clearly warned here to believe in the Allah, not to engage in the idolatrous practice of worshipping the Trinity, and not to question Koranic inconsistency, such as abrogation, or new verses replacing old ones [the Satanic verses are a clear example of this].



Muhammad's illiteracy about Judaism and Christianity is obvious and enormous. A simple example is this claim that Jews and Christians are doomed to hell since the two sects cannot agree on the meaning of the same 'book'. This is ridiculous. In Christiant theology the Old Testament predicts the New, with the 39 books of the Old Testament supporting and confirming the 27 books of the New Testament. Jews focus on the Torah and Old Testament, Christians in the 7th century, on the entire corpus of 66 books, with the end of prophecy being the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Demanding that a Christian stop worshipping the Trinity is similar to demanding a rejection of imbibing water and food.



Many of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) wish that if they could turn you away as disbelievers after you have believed, out of envy from their ownselves, even, after the truth (that Muhammad Peace be upon him is Allah's Messenger) has become manifest unto them. But forgive and overlook, till Allah brings His Command. Verily, Allah is Able to do all things.


And perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, and whatever of good (deeds that Allah loves) you send forth for yourselves before you, you shall find it with Allah. Certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what you do.


And they say, "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian." These are their own desires. Say (O Muhammad Peace be upon him), "Produce your proof if you are truthful."


Yes, but whoever submits his face (himself) to Allah (i.e. follows Allah's Religion of Islamic Monotheism) and he is a Muhsin (good-doer i.e. performs good deeds totally for Allah's sake only without any show off or to gain praise or fame, etc., and in accordance with the Sunnah of Allah's Messenger Muhammad Peace be upon him) then his reward is with his Lord (Allah), on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. [See Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Vol.1, Page 154].


The Jews said that the Christians follow nothing (i.e. are not on the right religion); and the Christians said that the Jews follow nothing (i.e. are not on the right religion); though they both recite the Scripture. Like unto their word, said (the pagans) who know not. Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection about that wherein they have been differing.




The above is obviously incorrect. Jews and Christians do not state that the other 'follows nothing'. They worship different ideals and 'proofs'. Christians embrace the Old Testament. They don't regard it as 'nothing'.


The main ideal of this Sura is found in the following verses, where Muhammad demands that Christians and Jews worship himself and Al-Lah and discontinue their polytheistic, pagan practices.




And they (Jews, Christians and pagans) say: Allah has begotten a son (children or offspring). Glory be to Him (Exalted be He above all that they associate with Him). Nay, to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth, and all surrender with obedience (in worship) to Him.


The Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it : "Be!" - and it is.


And those who have no knowledge say: "Why does not Allah speak to us (face to face) or why does not a sign come to us?" So said the people before them words of similar import. Their hearts are alike, We have indeed made plain the signs for people who believe with certainty.


Verily, We have sent you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him) with the truth (Islam), a bringer of glad tidings (for those who believe in what you brought, that they will enter Paradise) and a warner (for those who disbelieve in what you brought, they will enter the Hell-fire). And you will not be asked about the dwellers of the blazing Fire.




If Jews and Christians reject Muhammad, 'the plain warner' they are going to hell. Period. Islam is the only 'truth' and replaces the Torah and gospels [2:119]. Al-Lah cannot produce a son, and cannot be a part of a Trinity [2:116]. Al-Lah simply does what he wants [2:117] and will tell you what to do. Jews and Christians should give up their erroneous ways and embrace Muhammadanism:




Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him) till you follow their religion. Say: "Verily, the Guidance of Allah (i.e. Islamic Monotheism) that is the (only) Guidance. And if you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him) were to follow their (Jews and Christians) desires after what you have received of Knowledge (i.e. the Qur'an), then you would have against Allah neither any Wali (protector or guardian) nor any helper.




The above is important. Al-Lah is telling the most important human in history, Muhammad, that the Jews and Christians will never willingly convert to Islam or the cult of Muhammad. This sets the stage for the next development of Christianophobia within Sura 2 – the call to Jihad against the polytheistic Trinity worshippers, a theme which takes up a lot of ink in the book Recital, one supposedly dedicated to peace and love.


Christianophobia within Sura 2 verses 1:120: 39 or 33 %

  4-7, 9-10, 13-20, 23-24, 27-28, 41-42, 62, 64-65, 89-90, 95-96, 105, 108-109, 111-116, 118-120


Sura 2 and Slavery. All Muslims are slaves to the Al Lah and its will.

No free-will in Muhammadanism.

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The persistence of history - Islam and slavery



Sura 2 is the longest Sura in Mohammed's totalitarian charter named the Koran or 'Recital'. Recite, memorize, obey.  Good Moslems need to accept the existence of being a 'slave', a slave to the Al-Lah (celestial or moon deity of Mecca) and of course Muhammad himself, the only spokesman for the Al Lah and the last of the prophets.


How liberating.  Or not.


A religion by definition frees the mind, the body, the spirit and invokes rationality in the construction of social and ethical programs.


Not so with the Koran.  Just shut up and follow the great man Muhammad.  Free-will?  That would be tainted with the ideas of white privilege.  Dispense with that civilizational racism already.  All cultures are relative.  Protagoras and the pre-Socratic sophist philosophers said so.


The use of the nouns, slave or slaves, runs throughout the width and breadth of the Koran.  There are about 420 pages in the Koran.  The plural 'slaves' appears on 226 of them and 'slave' singular, is cited on 109 pages.  Together 'slave' and 'slaves' are found in 335 pages or about 80% of the Koran.  At the verse level these terms comprise 5% of the verses out the Koranic total of 6236.  It does appear that this Al-Lah thing, idol, Hub'al, Muhammad, is rather preoccupied with slavery.  


Witness the ravings in Sura 2 about slaves usually married with violence against the hated Unbelievers:


002:090 URL  How bad is that for which they have sold their ownselves, that they should disbelieve in that which Allah has revealed (the Qur'an), grudging that Allah should reveal of His Grace unto whom He will of His slaves.  So they have drawn on themselves wrath upon wrath. And for the disbelievers, there is disgracing torment.


All humans are just slaves of Al Lah.  Those who disbelieve or who commit ‘shirk’ namely a less than enthusiastic piety or outright ‘rebellion’ against the Al Lah are doomed to hell. 


002:186 URL   And when My slaves ask you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright.


002:207URL  And of mankind is he who would sell himself, seeking the Pleasure of Allah. And Allah is full of Kindness to (His) slaves.


Muhammad is referenced as the penultimate slave of course with the usual and rather idiotic refrain 'peace be upon him', whenever his hallowed name is invoked.  This for a man who slaughtered, butchered, murdered, slave-traded, erected so to speak a large personal harem, and died fat and covered in gold, poisoned, or strangled [or both] by his own men.  


For the Al Lah, Muhammad is the slave prima inter pares.


002:023 URL    And if you (Arab pagans, Jews, and Christians) are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down (i.e. the Qur'an) to Our slave (Muhammad Peace be upon him), then produce a Surah (chapter) of the like thereof and call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allah, if you are truthful.


The above Sura is interesting.  The Jews, Christians and other pagans living in Arabia, knew that Muhammad was a fraud.  The endless miracles of Christ were still fresh in the cultural memory.  Show us a miracle of healing or resurrection would be the cry against Muhammad.  The Al Lah responds through Muhammad that the Koran itself is the greatest of all miracles.  It is a weak and disconsolate rejoinder. 


2:221 states a Muslim slave is superior to a non-Muslim.  Being a beaten, subjected and debased human who is purportedly Muhammadan is superior to a free-thinking, independent non-Muslim.


002:221 URL    And do not marry Al-Mushrikat (idolatresses, etc.) till they believe (worship Allah Alone). And indeed a slave woman who believes is better than a (free) Mushrikah (idolatress, etc.), even though she pleases you. And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al-Mushrikun till they believe (in Allah Alone) and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater, etc.), even though he pleases you. Those (Al-Mushrikun) invite you to the Fire, but Allah invites (you) to Paradise and Forgiveness by His Leave, and makes His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) clear to mankind that they may remember.


In a similar vein in 2:177 we see a reference to freeing slaves – as long as they join the cult of course.  One of Muhammad's first converts was his personal black slave. Islam is famously racist, with those entering hell possessing 'black faces' and Kaffir originally designating a black slave – one of the lowliest life forms in the Moslem hierarchy. Free your slaves to join the cult of Al-Lah, and your 'Lord' will be pleased, as long as you know that you must fight for him or it:


002:177 URL    It is not Al-Birr (piety, righteousness, and each and every act of obedience to Allah, etc.) that you turn your faces towards east and (or) west (in prayers); but Al-Birr is (the quality of) the one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, the Prophets and gives his wealth, in spite of love for it, to the kinsfolk, to the orphans, and to Al-Masakin (the poor), and to the wayfarer, and to those who ask, and to set slaves free, performs As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and gives the Zakat, and who fulfill their covenant when they make it, and who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.) in extreme poverty and ailment (disease) and at the time of fighting (during the battles). Such are the people of the truth and they are Al-Muttaqun (pious - see V.2:2).


So, slavery is the new freedom in the Koran.  Free yourself by submitting to Al-Lah and Muhammad!  Then all the blessings of the Meccan moon deity will be bestowed upon your person in the male-Moslem heaven, with eternal delights to occupy your time. The Koran has nothing to say about what female Moslem 'slaves' will get from the Al-Lah thing.


In Moslem jurisprudence the Koranic 'legal' ideal of an eye for an eye, is usually followed and believed by the more pious.  If you commit a crime against a Moslem's slave than he has a right to commit a similar action against your slave.  This 'Law of equality in punishment' is a pre-iron age code, which historically can be traced far beyond the Babylonian times of 1700 B.C.  It is crude and not a program of jurisprudence but one of simplistic reciprocation.  Today of course the relativists accept this rather banal code as an alternative form of 'justice' embedded in the various implementation of Sharia or Koranic 'law'.


002:178 URL    O you who believe! Al-Qisas (the Law of Equality in punishment) is prescribed for you in case of murder: the free for the free, the slave for the slave, and the female for the female. But if the killer is forgiven by the brother (or the relatives, etc.) of the killed against blood money, then adhering to it with fairness and payment of the blood money, to the heir should be made in fairness. This is an alleviation and a mercy from your Lord. So after this whoever transgresses the limits (i.e. kills the killer after taking the blood money), he shall have a painful torment.


Slavery was and is rife within Islam. The Islamic irruptions were in large measure the attack on sophisticated civilizations by barbarous desert peoples seeking wealth, booty, women and manufactured products.  Slavery is accepted as a de-facto part of existence within Islam.  Sex enslavement of white women, millions of whom were taken over 1400 years to populate harems and households were a driving factor in the Musulman Jihad.  It is rather curious then, that a cult focused on pre-modern slavery and its attendant immorality, is deemed to be a religion.  


For the record Muslims and Blacks still own millions of slaves today in East and Central Africa. 


The Slaughter of the Christian innocents in Nigeria. No one cares.

Including the Churches. Not a single sermon against the massacres.

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Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill 11 Christians in Attack in North Central ...


Beginning on the evening of December 23 and continuing till the morning of Christmas Day, Fulani Islamist militia groups systematically slaughtered scores of Christians in co-ordinated attacks in two districts of Plateau State, in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim Middle Belt. The dead were mostly women and children, and included a number of physically challenged individuals who were unable to run and who were therefore burnt alive.

Statistics gathered by Barnabas Fund have set the total death figure at nearly 300, the worst anti-Christian violence seen in Nigeria in years.

The carnage was unimaginable. Some 25 remote and widely scattered villages were targeted. In total more than 1,500 homes were burnt, eight churches destroyed, many hundreds of people injured and 30,000 displaced. This was one of the darkest days in recent Nigerian history.

Witnesses said that it took up to 12 hours after the attacks started for help to arrive. A former Nigerian chief of army staff said this was because government troops were working alongside the attackers. A number of others were killed in other northern Nigerian states during the same Christmas season.


Most of us did not hear about the more recent massacre until well after Christmas Day, and many of us not till after New Year’s Day, the main reason being that it received next to no coverage in the British mainstream media.

The Guardian was one of the few UK newspapers that reported on the mass killings. However, like almost all other secular news media that bothered to pick up on the story, it failed to note that the victims were mainly Christians.

The absence of television coverage has been more notable still. Major channels like ITV, Sky and Channel 4 failed to notify its viewers concerning the massacre. As did the BBC, who, while living up to its policy of almost never covering Islamic attacks against Nigerian Christians on its television news broadcasts, might at least have been expected to include a short report in its online news forum, if only for the purpose of counteracting anyone daring to raise a complaint for non-coverage.


The Guardian, like Reuters and the German newspaper Die Zeit, partially blamed climate change for the murders, stating that ‘Competition for natural resources between nomadic herders and farmers, intensified by rapid population growth and climate pressures, has exacerbated social tensions and sparked violence.’

But those with a deeper understanding of the Nigeria scenario insist the timing had clear religious undertones. Attacks against Christians during major celebrations such as Christmas and Easter are not uncommon in northern Nigeria. The chairman for the Plateau chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria said the assailants sent letters to the villages in advance, warning them they ‘will not celebrate Christmas, but run away with their rice’. He expressed surprise that security was not able to act on such prior warning.

The chairman of the Para-Mallam Peace Foundation also expressed exasperation with secular explanations. ‘A terrible genocide is taking place in Plateau State, but it is being window-dressed to look like a clash between farmers and herders,’ he said. ‘Sadly, false and misleading narratives are created while rivers of blood continue to flow.’

A Roman Catholic priest who heads a charity helping Christians start small businesses in areas where they have been heavily persecuted, mainly by Muslims, said that blaming the attacks on climate change ‘is the narrative of the post-Christian globalist West. How could they dare admit there is a genocide going on in Nigeria perpetrated by Muslims against Christians—it would demand action.’


The recent atrocities follow a number of other mass killings over the past two years in Nigeria. Across the Middle Belt, at least 2,600 people were killed in 2021 alone. It is estimated that in the last 14 years, more than 52,000 Christians have been murdered in Nigeria because of their faith.

In addition to murders, a recent report claims that as many as five million Christians in Nigeria have been displaced or moved to internal refugee camps within the country and at least 18,000 churches across the country have been set on fire, along with over 2,200 Christian schools.

If such widespread slaughter were being perpetuated against any other religious or ethnic minority in the world – especially a Muslim minority – one might expect widespread media alarm and news coverage. It is of course, a different story when Christians are the victims, and especially so when Muslims are the perpetrators. Then it becomes a politically incorrect incident the world conveniently prefers to ignore. A curious blend of media muteness, disinformation and communication censorship.

Update January 10, 2024

Tragically, the brutal massacre of Christians that started at Christmas has carried over into the new year. Over the past couple of weeks, the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria has been an almost daily occurrence. Yet still the world fails to acknowledge this heinous massacre.

Sura 2 or ‘The Heifer’ and Christophobia.

Mein Koran is more Christophobic than it is anti-Semitic.

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Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? - The New York Times

In the unlikely event that a Westerner will bother to read Mein Koran to find out what the cult of Muhammad is all about, we can list some vehement anti-Christian or Christophobic verses contained in this unholy book and chapter 2 including: 146, 159, 161-163, 174-176, 190-191, 193, 212, 216, 217, 221, 244, 256-258, 272, 274, 276, 286.  Some 15-20% of this chapter or Sura is decidedly Christophobic.  The rest is the usual incantation to conquer, dominate, enslave, control and Jihad.


·       A general analysis of Sura 2 is here

·       Robert Spencer’s book on the Koran and an analysis of Sura 2 is here.

·       Sura 2 hate speech is here.

·       Sura 2 and its advocation of slavery (including the enslavement of Christians and Females) is here.

·       Examples of Jihad within Sura 2 is here.


Within ‘The Heifer’ the famous verse of 256 is displayed.  It is this tortured verse which provides almost all the standard bromides used by Muhammadan apologists to excuse the ‘real Islam’ from the ‘extremist Islam’.  The Koran is the Koran.  There is no light, moderate or extremist version of Mein Koran.  It says what it says.  Have a look at verse 256 and see what it really states:


There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path.  Whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.


The Muslimophiles and ignoramuses only quote this fragment, ‘There is no compulsion in religion’.  This is used when Muhammad’s cult is weak.  ‘Don’t compel me to accept your religion or paganism’ the Muslim pleads, as Muhammad did in Mecca when his cult of miscreants and deviants were confronted by the ruling elite of Mecca and told to halt their activities which were hurting trade and pilgrimages to the Kaaba or shrine of celestial idols worshipped by Arabs including the moon deity or the Al ilah or Lord of Mecca (Hu’baal). 


But read on.  The right path, i.e. the Muslim or Muhammadan path is obviously the only way to go.  Whoever disbelieves the Taghut or the pagan worship of other idols, and embraces the Al Lah of Mecca or Muhammad’s family idol Baal, will be blessed and exalted.  This includes Christians who worship the Trinity which is viewed as a blasphemy and a polytheism (see Sura 13) by Muhammadans.  Christ is not divine in the Koran; he is just another prophet and one who apparently was a Moslem, prophesising the rise of Muhammad.  Yes, the Koran is that illiterate. 


The above verse 256, is therefore not a statement of tolerance but the exact opposite.  But if not exhausted by reading one verse and not pressed for time to return to Tik Tok and Instagram, the curious reader may bravely sally into the next verse, 257.


Allah is the Wali (Protector or Guardian) of those who believe. He brings them out from darkness into light. But as for those who disbelieve, their Auliya (supporters and helpers) are Taghut [false deities and false leaders, etc.], they bring them out from light into darkness. Those are the dwellers of the Fire, and they will abide therein forever.


Not much tolerance in that verse.  If you are ‘Taghut’ or a follower of any other ideology, other than Muhammadanism, including being a Christian or Jew, you will dwell in hell-fire forever.  If not exhausted and demoralised by reading two verses the intrepid thought-crime committer can continue to verse 258 and be told that Abraham or Ibrahim, the patriarch of the Hebrews was of course a practicing Muslim, some 2600 years before the cult of Muhammad was conceived.  Such a demented, distorted world-view is apparently entirely rational for a believing Koranian.   


Have you not looked at him who disputed with Ibrahim (Abraham) about his Lord (Allah), because Allah had given him the kingdom? When Ibrahim (Abraham) said (to him): "My Lord (Allah) is He Who gives life and causes death." He said, "I give life and cause death." Ibrahim (Abraham) said, "Verily! Allah causes the sun to rise from the east; then cause it you to rise from the west."  So the disbeliever was utterly defeated. And Allah guides not the people, who are Zalimun (wrong-doers, etc.).


So here we have the madness of Mein Koran.  Abraham, Christ, all the prophets and even Christian saints and apostles, were Muslim.  Contemporary Christians who do not accept this and who reject the Muhammadan cult and who believe in Taghut, are ‘Zalimun’ defined by Mein Koran as criminal polytheists who are evil and uncleanZalimun must be destroyed.  That is what this book states.  The insanity and intolerance do dazzle. 


The Christophobia in Mein Koran is an obsessive theme.  This hatred of the Christian was and still is an animating force for Muslim expansion, and imperialism, both inside Western states who were once nominally Christian and inside Muslim states who do not tolerate Christianity and do not allow its evangelisation or spread.  The book is the problem.  The hatred of Christians is the problem.  Tolerance indeed.

Mein Koran and Christophobia. Kill, execute, humiliate and destroy Christians and Christianity

Rather clear messaging from Sura 5.

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Say Islam is violent and jihadis will kill you




Why do Muslims attack, murder, rape and exile Christians?  Why have Muslims over 1400 years engaged in an endless Jihad of war and violence against Christians?  Why have Christians gone from 20% of the Holy Land’s population in 1900 to 2% and falling today?  Mein Koran might hold a clue for the clueless, a reason for the unreasonable, an answer for the confused.


In Sura 5 there are 120 verses in total.  ‘Only 30’, or 25 % are Christianophobic.  Surely a moderate sum.  This Sura is composed of two parts. Much of it deals with Bronze and Iron age laws, many one would find in the historical records of Bronze Age Babylonia, or Iron-Age Judea.  This primitive 'law giving' is suffused by long rants against Jews and Christians.  The themes of the chapter can be summarized quite simply.  There are 3 'virtues' of being a Moslem which are extolled in Sura.  


First, don't take Christians as friends.


Second, follow blindly and accept completely whatever Muhammad says and does.  

Third kill, execute or crucify the Jews and Christians.


005:051URL  O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers and unjust).

005:033URL  The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.


Perhaps the above 2 verses might make an appearance in the mainstream media or in a quackademic program of learning. 


Why the hate?

Islam has nothing whatsoever in common with Christianity.  Allah is Hub'Al, 'The One', the main moon deity of Mecca, imitating other Hubal worshipping rites in the Middle East all dating from the pre-bronze age era.  Some like Robert Spencer the Islamic scholar, believe the Al-Lah might be the Sun or some other celestial object.  The evidence points to moon worship. 


The Satanic verses make it clear that Muhammad sold his cult by professing that Hub'Al is the Al-Lah of many idols, with Allahu Akhbar meaning Allah is greatest, not God is great.  Allah was just one idol out of many.  He had a consort Al-Lat (the Sun), and daughters, Al-Uzza (Venus) and Al-Manat (Mars).  All were venerated by the Arabs as gods, as they were by other cultures including the Babylonian, Greek and Roman.


The ’We’ in the Koran

Christians are linked to Judaism.  Both have rejected the 'path'.  'We' in the Koran references Allah and Muhammad – an unmistakeable claim that Muhammad was created before Christ and any human.  Muhammad negates Christ.  Allah negates the Christian father.  The Christian Trinity is a polytheist blasphemy according to Mein Koran. 


Hence the hatred.

005:014URL  And from those who call themselves Christians, We took their covenant, but they have abandoned a good part of the Message that was sent to them. So We planted amongst them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection (when they discarded Allah's Book, disobeyed Allah's Messengers and His Orders and transgressed beyond bounds in Allah's disobedience), and Allah will inform them of what they used to do.


Christians have rejected Allah and his Messenger. This is a mortal sin in Islam. Mortal sins within Christianity centre on breaking the Ten Commandments. In Islam, the only true mortal sin is not to believe in everything Muhammad said and did, the Koran and in Allah. That is it. That is the crux of the cult.


005:015 URL  O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Now has come to you Our Messenger (Muhammad SAW) explaining to you much of that which you used to hide from the Scripture and passing over (i.e. leaving out without explaining) much. Indeed, there has come to you from Allah a light (Prophet Muhammad SAW) and a plain Book (this Qur'an).



005:068 URL  Say (O Muhammad SAW) "O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! You have nothing (as regards guidance) till you act according to the Taurat (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel), and what has (now) been sent down to you from your Lord (the Qur'an)." Verily, that which has been sent down to you (Muhammad SAW) from your Lord increases in many of them their obstinate rebellion and disbelief. So be not sorrowful over the people who disbelieve.


Christians must reject the Trinity:

005:072 URL  Surely, they have disbelieved who say: "Allah is the Messiah ['Iesa (Jesus)], son of Maryam (Mary)." But the Messiah ['Iesa (Jesus)] said: "O Children of Israel! Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord." Verily, whosoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise for him, and the Fire will be his abode. And for the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers) there are no helpers.


005:073 URL  Surely, disbelievers are those who said: "Allah is the third of the three (in a Trinity)." But there is no ilah (god) (none who has the right to be worshipped) but One Ilah (God -Allah). And if they cease not from what they say, verily, a painful torment will befall the disbelievers among them.



005:065URL  And if only the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) had believed (in Muhammad SAW) and warded off evil (sin, ascribing partners to Allah) and had become Al-Muttaqun (the pious - see V.2:2) We would indeed have blotted out their sins and admitted them to Gardens of pleasure (in Paradise).


Jesus, Mary and the Gospels were Islamic and the powers of Christ were granted to him by the Al-Lah:


005:110 URL  (Remember) when Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection). "O 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Remember My Favour to you and to your mother when I supported you with RuhulQudus [Jibrael (Gabriel)] so that you spoke to the people in the cradle and in maturity; and when I taught you writing, Al-Hikmah (the power of understanding), the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel); and when you made out of the clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, by My Permission, and you breathed into it, and it became a bird by My Permission, and you healed those born blind, and the lepers by My Permission, and when you brought forth the dead by My Permission; and when I restrained the Children of Israel from you (when they resolved to kill you) since you came unto them with clear proofs, and the disbelievers among them said: 'This is nothing but evident magic.' "


005:111 URL  And when I (Allah) put in the hearts of Al-Hawarieen (the disciples) [of 'Iesa (Jesus)] to believe in Me and My Messenger, they said: "We believe. And bear witness that we are Muslims."


Apparently, Muhammad or the many scribes who wrote Mein Koran, did not know of Christ's crucifixion at the hands of the Sanhedrin [Jewish Temple leadership] and the Romans [5:110].  Muslims deny the risen Christ and the miracle of the resurrection.  They also claim that Christ told his followers to worship his mother as a God, which is untrue, betraying a rather stark ignorance of what Christianity actually teaches.   


005:116 URL  And (remember) when Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection): "O 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Did you say unto men: 'Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allah?' " He will say: "Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my innerself though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the AllKnower of all that is hidden and unseen.


Sura 5 lists the transgressions and evils of Christians.  Given these sins, Christians can be killed, executed or crucified for spreading 'mischief'. Sure 5:32, often quoted by Moslemophiles references only Moslems killing one another. Moslems are forbidden to kill another Moslem. But they can certainly murder, destroy or crucify Christians [5:33]:


005:032 URL  Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind. And indeed, there came to them Our Messengers with clear proofs, evidences, and signs, even then after that many of them continued to exceed the limits (e.g. by doing oppression unjustly and exceeding beyond the limits set by Allah by committing the major sins) in the land!.


005:033 URL  The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.


5:33 is rather clear – except to those who hold higher degrees in the soft 'sciences'.


Moslems must engage in fighting against the Christians, and all Christians are doomed to Hellfire:

005:036 URL  Verily, those who disbelieve, if they had all that is in the earth, and as much again therewith to ransom themselves thereby from the torment on the Day of Resurrection, it would never be accepted of them, and theirs would be a painful torment.


005:037 URL  They will long to get out of the Fire, but never will they get out therefrom, and theirs will be a lasting torment.


005:010 URL  They who disbelieve and deny our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) are those who will be the dwellers of the Hellfire.


It is impossible to make the claim that Islam has a liturgy devoted to peace and good will. The opposite is true. It is vicious, ruthless, bloody, totalitarian, and totally intolerant. It advocates the killing of Christians and tries to marginalize all Christian belief including the Trinity, the virgin birth, the crucifixion of Christ and the Risen. It supplants Christ with Muhammad and the Christian Father with Allah. It demands that Moslems attack and murder Christians until they become good slaves of Allah. The Koran is presented as the only 'truth', one which supersedes the Gospels and which mandates blind devotion.


The above is why Muslims attack, kill, rape and annihilate Christians and their houses of worship. 


EurArabia and EU Dhimmitude

Bat Yeor: Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate

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Bat Ye'or and the Coming Universal Caliphate > Richard L. Rubenstein


Any book by Bat Yeor is a good book to read.  She is a prophet and critic of the Muslim Jihad – a 1400 year on-going project targeting world-wide domination.  Eur-Arabia or the Muslimification of Europe and the eventual disintegration and destruction of its Christian-Romano culture is a fait accompli.  No one will dare to calculate the number of Muslims and Africans in Europe and the UK, but the number is well above 40 million, many of them invading the Continent in the past 20 years.  All with the acceptance and connivance of corrupt governments, agencies, ministries and politicians.


Yeor’s conclusion is that the Islamic emphasis on shari’a law and on jihad implies and even demands perpetual war against those who will not submit to Islam.  Such warfare can take many forms – an intifada by Hamas against Israel, a Muslim state sanctioned genocide against Christians in Artsakh, burning down Notre Dame, blowing up people in a bus, or murdering people at a Christmas market.  Yeor has long predicted the Koranisation of Europe, as reflected in current European policy and irrational conduct, including a deep animus towards Christianity.  Yeor does not sanitize the character of Islamic political culture nor does she minimize the extent of the appeasement currently displayed by European personalities in deference to Islamic interests.


Many politicians and agencies within the EU, as Yeor proves, are allied with the pernicious Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), a religious and political organization representing 56 countries and the PA (Hamas).  The OIC represents some 1.3 billion Mahometans worldwide.  It aspires to be the UN of Muhammad’s cult, a global caliphate in fact.  What Muslims within the OIC, various agencies, within the UN, within Europe and the world at large desire is a global caliphate.  As Yeor has written that means slavery for the rest who are not Muslim. 



(Yeor) A “dhimmi” is a non-Muslim belonging to the civilization of dhimmitude. Having surrendered to the armies of jihad, the dhimmi loses his territorial rights and his sovereignty, but in exchange he is protected by a contract (dhimma) against jihad—the obligatory and irrevocable war against the infidels. This protection provides some relative security, conditioned upon a series of demeaning restrictions and discrimination.

(Yeor) Dhimmitude, prescribed by Islamic jurisdiction exclusively for non-Muslims, is inherent to the geographical expansion by jihad. Conquered non-Muslims were thereafter defined by religious rather than ethnic criteria. They were governed by the religious, political, economic, and legal structure of dhimmitude, which affected them to varying degrees.


Conditions of being a Dhimmi

The Muslim Jihad, 1400 years in age, has transformed populations that were once free, self-governing majority Christian nations, from northern Arabia to Spain and Armenia and Africa; who boasted the most refined, powerful civilizations of their times into amnesic survivors, living as humiliated, terrified, insecure minorities in their Islamized countries, strewn with the ruins of their history. Churches pulled down, millions murdered and raped and sold into sex slavery; books burnt, genocides, any building with a cross demolished or converted and the entire society repurposed to serve Mahometan masters with Christians and non-Muslims as second-class citizens, tolerated as productive slaves and as sources of revenues. 


(Yeor) This massive destruction of indigenous cultures and nations by Islamic colonization from the seventh and eighth centuries was accomplished by jihad conquests and dhimmitude—a body of humiliating, discriminatory laws verging on servitude.  The dynamics and ideology that drive these transformations, which are still active at every level today, are barely detected as they continue to operate in Europe’s current changes because of ignorance of their history and mechanisms.


She is right.  Who can argue that the German empire or EU will not at some point in the near future be largely controlled by Muslims in the urban areas who will make up some 40% of the urban populations.  How long after 2050 before sharia barbarism and dhimittude are imposed on non-Muslims in those urban areas?  How long after 2050 before Muslims control most of the institutions of the state in the EU?  How long before a return to a caliphate where rape, destruction, slavery, and oppression will reign, called a golden age by the ignorant and by those who hate Christianity, Whites and European history?  Who asked the population about this?  Where was the vote to self-annihilate?  Why was the destruction of Europe and most of the UK allowed to happen? 



An Advent Lament

The pending doom of Christianity is almost inevitable.

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One of the most serious cases of Christian persecution and ethnic cleansing in Europe has taken place against the ethnic Armenian Christian enclave of the Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) region within Muslim Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan established an illegal blockade of the remaining Armenian-controlled areas, and in September 2023 launched a military offensive. 120,000 Armenian Christians were displaced when Azerbaijan seized the territory, this involved the widespread destruction of cultural and religious heritage belonging to the world’s oldest Christian nation. The region has witnessed what is arguably the most serious ethnic cleansing event of the 21st century. Still, it remains largely overlooked by media in the West. 


The Catholic Church has said nothing about Artsakh of course, obsessed with a non-existing climate upheaval, and praying for their Muslim ‘brothers’ in Gaza. 


According to the latest Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe annual report, 748 anti-Christian hate crimes were committed in Europe last year, 38 of which were violent physical attacks and three were murders.  The report noted that ‘there had been a surge of clear extremism-motivated attacks’. The majority of these attacks were committed by groups with ‘far-left’, satanic, Islamic, feminist or queer-Tranny affiliations.


The French Ministry of the Interior releases annual reports on crimes classified as anti-religious within France.  Christophobic crimes and anti-Christian crimes top the lists. 


In 2021, just in one year, there were 857 such acts of Christophobic hate and violence, in which 857 were categorised as anti-Christian. Only 213 are logged as anti-Muslim.  Is anyone declaring that Christianity is being persecuted in France and needs protection?  Few if any.


The attacks are physical.  In France in 2022, some 105 anti-Christian arson were recorded.  The real number is likely higher.  Some estimate that 3 churches per day are attacked, defaced, defecated in, vandalised or targeted in some manner by Christophobes.  In January 2023 three churches in Paris were set ablaze.  Yet I am told that Notre Dame was an accident in which a ‘wire short’ torched 800-year-old rock hard oak causing 2 blazes at the same time on the roof, one in the centre, one in the corner.  Colour me stupid.  The Catholic Church said nothing.


In the UK various Christian street preachers have been arrested for causing distress to those who disagree with Christian teachings.  Others arrested for saying silent prayers outside the baby murdering centres.  Still others arrested in their homes for declaiming against the mental illness of trannyism.  Finnish parliamentarian Päivi Räsänen was also charged with ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity’ for quoting Scripture.  Increasingly and boldly, the Bible is being legislated as hate speech by the Freemasons, Satanists, and material-secularists running our world. The Christian Churches say and do nothing. 


In China and India, Christianity is under assault.  Not only is Christianity rejected but actively persecuted.  In every Muslim state Christianity is violated or made illegal.  Christians cannot build churches, evangelise, worship freely or marry Muslim women.  Christians are routinely attacked, murdered, raped and their buildings pulled down, in Muslim states as diverse, yet as unitary and ossified, as Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan.  In the Holy Land Christianity will soon be extinct and it will be erased as well in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.  The Christian Churches say and do nothing. 


The self-proclaimed geniuses running Western institutions of power, do have plenty to say about plant food, the quackcines as ‘science’, the need to reduce the population, the need to de-industrialise, the moral-Christ-centric ‘imperative’ to welcome tens of millions of Africans and Muslims into once Christian and White lands, with young fighting age men relabelled as ‘refugees’.  Erasing Christianity fits in perfectly with their plans to bring in a NWO global government, or as Bat Yeor calls it a global ‘caliphate’.  To do this you need to erase the nation state and its Christian culture.


For the globalists and Marxists their pets the Muslims are majority non-white, making them instantly superior.  White Christians especially, deserve no sympathy for theirs is the religion of the White West marked by imperialism, slaving and oppression.  Or so the deluded gospel of the secularist preaches.  In the game of global politics and identity-race politics Christians are persona non grata and invisible, even if they are Black Muslim Christians in Nigeria, where some 5000 are murdered by Muslims every year and 80 church buildings are pulled down and hundreds more are raped and enslaved as sex slaves.  Black Lives only Matter if you are not Christian.


Christianity is now isolated and is being ripped apart internally by a secularist-materialist Church hierarchy who are in the main unacquainted with the doctrines of the Bible and are too supine, stupid and weak to defend the legacy of Christianity.  For them the main considerations are career, power, pensions, and money.  They are too blind and nescient to see that their embrace of secularism is precisely what the Christophobes expect and want, as part of their plan to completely efface the world of the Christian faith.


Muslims who venerate the Nazis and Mein Kampf are now 'freedom fighters'

Exterminating an entire state and group of people is now declared 'morally just'

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La información prohibida: Los vínculos de la Hermandad Musulmana con ...



Hamas and dozens of other Muslim terror groups have no legitimacy whatsoever.  The state of Israel, whatever its faults, sits on a small parcel of land surrounded by 350 million hostile Arab and Turkish Muslims.  If anyone bothers to read Mein Koran you will notice the Jew-hate spewed on most every page, contained in almost every chapter or Sura.  Muhammad’s cult was built in opposition to richer, smarter, more advanced, and culturally superior Christian and Jewish communities which had existed in Arabia for hundreds of years before he set up his cult of Jihad (namely, rape, plunder, steal, murder and war). 


Religious hatred is at the core of the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack on Israel which left 1400 dead and hundreds taken prisoner.  One assumes that many of the female prisoners, in good Muslim fashion, were raped and debased.  This was not the attitude 100 years ago.  In 1919, an Arab ‘prince’ chosen by the ‘Allies’ to lead the Arab ‘nationalist movement', Prince Feisal, wrote at the Paris Peace conference that there was no conflict between a Jewish (Zionist) homeland and Arab aspirations, “The Jewish movement is nationalist and not imperialist. And there is room in Syria [which then included Lebanon and Palestine under the Ottomans] for us both.”


As history and land records reveal the land was largely vacant.  In 1922 as Colonial Secretary Churchill knighted Feisal as King of Iraq and created another Arab state, Jordan, ruled over by his brother Abd-ullah (slave of Al Lah).  Jordan consumed 75% of the territory originally set aside for the ‘Jewish National Home’ (League of Nations).  One – quarter was actually allotted to the Jews, the tiny sliver state of Israel.  If anything the Muslims were well favoured by the colonial British at the expense of the Jews, putting lie to another fiction that Churchill et al were just paid actors for the Jewish financial lobby in London.


The Jewish resettlement or Aliya was a peaceful and productive process.  From 1880 to 1948 over 70% of Jewish land was bought from Arab landowners – many of them not resident on the land they owned.  The Arab peasants were unaffected.  Any Arab farmer displaced was given a year’s notice and was fully compensated cash in hand.  His land was not ‘taken’. 


We can therefore state that the Muslim and Hamas claim that Israel ‘stole land’ is a fiction and a farce.  The empty terrain was populated by Jews and Zionists, the land developed, industry and agriculture bloomed, and Arab Muslims flocked en masse into the Zionist state to take advantage of a higher standard of living.  The records are clear that Israel and ‘Palestine’ in 1919 were largely empty lands, devoid of civilisation and progress.  Entire swathes were undeveloped and unpopulated. 


Historically, the Jews have occupied greater Israel since the time of Joshua circa 1250 B.C.  David’s kingdom of 1000 B.C. encompassed modern Israel and much of much Jordan.  Even after the Assyrian and Babylonian reductions of Judah and Israel, Jews still lived in the area as both practicing Jews and as Samaritans (a Jewish sect of mixed blood and beliefs which blended the Torah worship with other ‘pagan’ ideas taken from Babylonia). 


The Jews have a continuous 3700-year-old history in Israel.  It was the Jews and especially David, who transformed the ramshackle Jebusite town of Jeru-salem or city of peace, into a powerful city of trade and religious devotion and pilgrimage.  Christ died in Jerusalem – himself a Jew and Son of Man reformer given to Israel by God to show the light and the way.  The most important metaphysical and theological system in history – Christianity – comes from a Jew and Jews. 


Muslim terror against the Jews in Israel started in the 1930s initiated by the pro-Nazi Grand Mufti Hussein, with his terrorist groups murdering over 1000 Jews.  Since then, the idea of ‘terror’ and using Nazi-fascist tactics has been on-going.  Probably more than 25.000 Jews have been murdered in the past 100 years by Muslim terrorist groups.  Many thousands more raped, attacked, some captured and ransomed. 


For their troubles in building a nation after experiencing a Holocaust with 6 million dead, the Jewish state is subject to an almost endless round of wars, attacks, terrorism, hate speech and lurid promises of complete annihilation.  The 1948 war, a coordinated Muslim assault from 5 nations, was intended to be a war of complete extermination of the Jews.  Secretary General of the ‘Arab League’ one Azzam Pasha in 1948 promised that, “This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre….” 


That call to genocide seems clear enough to me.  But not to idiots who know nothing about history and get their propaganda from the Fake News.  So, it has been with the Yom Kippur war, and the endless Muslim Intifadas against a small state – the only Jewish state in the world – which for all its faults is the richest and most civilised state in the region. 


For their troubles in building a nation after experiencing a Holocaust with 6 million dead, the Jews in Israel are now demonised as Nazis.  The only link with Nazism in the Middle East is that of the Arab Muslims, with many still eagerly reading Mein Kamp, copies of which were found recently in Gaza but ignored by the Fake News (I wonder why?). 


As with the corrupt and criminal Ukrainian regime, which is simply a US colony, and one which supports Nazi brigades, venerates former Nazi supporters and criminals (Bandera et al) and which openly displays swastikas; the Fake News Western media and its unintelligent intelligentsia prefer to ignore the real links between Muslim fascism and Nazism.  So, we have a tiny state, defending itself against a Muslim terror attack and surrounded by Muslim enemies many of whom fully agree with the thesis of Mein Kampf – Jewish extermination. 


In the modern clown world, this small Jewish state which has brought prosperity in its wake, benefitting Arab Muslims and non-Jews, is now branded a Hitlerian creation.  Its Muslim enemies, former allies of the Nazis, and desperately trying to implement Mein Kampf by erasing Israel, are somehow now ‘activists’ demanding that their ‘stolen land’ be returned.  And most in the broken and failing ‘West’ believe it.  This is how stupid we have become.


Why I am now a Christian: Atheism can't equip us for civilisational war, By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

She still needs a lot of educating, but at least has seen the light.

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Edited and reduced from source


NB:  The well-known Somalian activist and atheist has seen the civilisational light.  She knows that the West is imploding, and that culture is King.  Without Christianity we are doomed.  Without Christianity there is no modern civilisation.  There is a quantum leap from paganism to modernity, bridged by Christianity.  In every sphere, be it in war, governance, parliaments, the arts, literature, science, medicine, learning, architecture, trade, technology, agriculture, innovation, consumerism, banking, accounting, business, capital formation, welfare, hospitals, hospices, morality, ethics and societal improvement, Christians led and Christians built.  This is a simple historical fact.  The white slave-based empires of Greece and Rome, as well as those of various Sunni and Shia Muslim states, did not and could not make the jump from the abstract and enslaved, to the physical, concrete and free. 


It is atheism and atheopathy which is destroying the West, based on materialism, the Darwinian religion, the cult of deep time belief, and the attendant arrogance and hubris of people who believe they are Gods.  It is atheism and disbelief which bring in relativity in all spheres of society, and which leads ineluctably to the mental illness that men are women and women are men.  When your society is riven by deceit, run by criminal industries like Pharma, unable to tell a vagina from a penis, or supports endless wars to enrich the criminals in government and the military complex, applauds Muslim Jihad and terror, opens it borders to depopulate the native populations, and is wrought with anxiety over a non-existing man-made climate scam, and happily deploys a global fascism over a non-existent flu threat, the end is not far off.


Where is she wrong in her assessment?  Certainly not about Islam or Globalism and the Great Reset.   She like most however, is completely blind to the fascism of Western states evidenced by the Corona scamdemic totalitarianism.   The endless panoply of government agencies (some 2000 just in the US), not to mention the UN, WHO, the WEF and the uncountable number of international agreements, agencies, NGOs and their ilk who desire global governance.  The massive spend and inevitable bankruptcy (war, lockdowns, welfare, Net zero etc).  The illimitable wars which destroy peace and trade.  She is wrong about Putin and Russia who are fighting an existential war against NATO with its Ukraine rump state, taken over by the US in 2014, acting as the proxy army, one that is being systematically destroyed.  Like most Westerners she is blind to much of reality.  But at least she got one thing right – without Christianity we will fall into the abyss – even if she ignores the cultural Marxism, Net Zero totalitarianism, Corona, her own government’s embrace of dictatorship under the criminal Biden, and the obvious evil and fascism of modern atheistic governance.



“In 2002, I discovered a 1927 lecture by Bertrand Russell entitled “Why I am Not a Christian”. It did not cross my mind, as I read it, that one day, nearly a century after he delivered it to the South London branch of the National Secular Society, I would be compelled to write an essay with precisely the opposite title.


The year before, I had publicly condemned the terrorist attacks of the 19 men who had hijacked passenger jets and crashed them into the twin towers in New York. They had done it in the name of my religion, Islam. I was a Muslim then, although not a practising one. If I truly condemned their actions, then where did that leave me? The underlying principle that justified the attacks was religious, after all: the idea of Jihad or Holy War against the infidels. Was it possible for me, as for many members of the Muslim community, simply to distance myself from the action and its horrific results?


At the time, there were many eminent leaders in the West — politicians, scholars, journalists, and other experts — who insisted that the terrorists were motivated by reasons other than the ones they and their leader Osama Bin Laden had articulated so clearly. So Islam had an alibi.


This excuse-making was not only condescending towards Muslims. It also gave many Westerners a chance to retreat into denial. Blaming the errors of US foreign policy was easier than contemplating the possibility that we were confronted with a religious war. We have seen a similar tendency in the past five weeks, as millions of people sympathetic to the plight of Gazans seek to rationalise the October 7 terrorist attacks as a justified response to the policies of the Israeli government.

When I read Russell’s lecture, I found my cognitive dissonance easing. It was a relief to adopt an attitude of scepticism towards religious doctrine, discard my faith in God and declare that no such entity existed. Best of all, I could reject the existence of hell and the danger of everlasting punishment.

Russell’s assertion that religion is based primarily on fear resonated with me. I had lived for too long in terror of all the gruesome punishments that awaited me. While I had abandoned all the rational reasons for believing in God, that irrational fear of hellfire still lingered. Russell’s conclusion thus came as something of a relief: “When I die, I shall rot.”


During Islamic study sessions, we shared with the preacher in charge of the session our worries. For instance, what should we do about the friends we loved and felt loyal to but who refused to accept our dawa (invitation to the faith)? In response, we were reminded repeatedly about the clarity of the Prophet’s instructions. We were told in no uncertain terms that we could not be loyal to Allah and Muhammad while also maintaining friendships and loyalty towards the unbelievers. If they explicitly rejected our summons to Islam, we were to hate and curse them.

Here, a special hatred was reserved for one subset of unbeliever: the Jew. We cursed the Jews multiple times a day and expressed horror, disgust and anger at the litany of offences he had allegedly committed. The Jew had betrayed our Prophet. He had occupied the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem. He continued to spread corruption of the heart, mind and soul.


You can see why, to someone who had been through such a religious schooling, atheism seemed so appealing. Bertrand Russell offered a simple, zero-cost escape from an unbearable life of self-denial and harassment of other people. For him, there was no credible case for the existence of God. Religion, Russell argued, was rooted in fear: “Fear is the basis of the whole thing — fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death.”


As an atheist, I thought I would lose that fear. I also found an entirely new circle of friends, as different from the preachers of the Muslim Brotherhood as one could imagine. The more time I spent with them — people such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins — the more confident I felt that I had made the right choice. For the atheists were clever. They were also a great deal of fun.


So, what changed? Why do I call myself a Christian now?

Part of the answer is global. Western civilisation is under threat from three different but related forces: the resurgence of great-power authoritarianism and expansionism in the forms of the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin’s Russia; the rise of global Islamism, which threatens to mobilise a vast population against the West; and the viral spread of woke ideology, which is eating into the moral fibre of the next generation.

We endeavour to fend off these threats with modern, secular tools: military, economic, diplomatic and technological efforts to defeat, bribe, persuade, appease or surveil. And yet, with every round of conflict, we find ourselves losing ground. We are either running out of money, with our national debt in the tens of trillions of dollars, or we are losing our lead in the technological race with China.


But we can’t fight off these formidable forces unless we can answer the question: what is it that unites us? The response that “God is dead!” seems insufficient. So, too, does the attempt to find solace in “the rules-based liberal international order”. The only credible answer, I believe, lies in our desire to uphold the legacy of the


Judeo-Christian tradition.

That legacy consists of an elaborate set of ideas and institutions designed to safeguard human life, freedom and dignity — from the nation state and the rule of law to the institutions of science, health and learning. As Tom Holland has shown in his marvellous book Dominion, all sorts of apparently secular freedoms — of the market, of conscience and of the press — find their roots in Christianity.


And so I have come to realise that Russell and my atheist friends failed to see the wood for the trees. The wood is the civilisation built on the Judeo-Christian tradition; it is the story of the West, warts and all. Russell’s critique of those contradictions in Christian doctrine is serious, but it is also too narrow in scope.

For instance, he gave his lecture in a room full of (former or at least doubting) Christians in a Christian country. Think about how unique that was nearly a century ago, and how rare it still is in non-Western civilisations. Could a Muslim philosopher stand before any audience in a Muslim country — then or now — and deliver a lecture with the title “Why I am not a Muslim”? In fact, a book with that title exists, written by an ex-Muslim. But the author published it in America under the pseudonym Ibn Warraq. It would have been too dangerous to do otherwise.

To me, this freedom of conscience and speech is perhaps the greatest benefit of Western civilisation. It does not come naturally to man. It is the product of centuries of debate within Jewish and Christian communities. It was these debates that advanced science and reason, diminished cruelty, suppressed superstitions, and built institutions to order and protect life, while guaranteeing freedom to as many people as possible. Unlike Islam, Christianity outgrew its dogmatic stage. It became increasingly clear that Christ’s teaching implied not only a circumscribed role for religion as something separate from politics. It also implied compassion for the sinner and humility for the believer.

Yet I would not be truthful if I attributed my embrace of Christianity solely to the realisation that atheism is too weak and divisive a doctrine to fortify us against our menacing foes. I have also turned to Christianity because I ultimately found life without any spiritual solace unendurable — indeed very nearly self-destructive. Atheism failed to answer a simple question: what is the meaning and purpose of life?

Russell and other activist atheists believed that with the rejection of God we would enter an age of reason and intelligent humanism. But the “God hole” — the void left by the retreat of the church — has merely been filled by a jumble of irrational quasi-religious dogma. The result is a world where modern cults prey on the dislocated masses, offering them spurious reasons for being and action — mostly by engaging in virtue-signalling theatre on behalf of a victimised minority or our supposedly doomed planet. The line often attributed to G.K. Chesterton has turned into a prophecy: “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”


In this nihilistic vacuum, the challenge before us becomes civilisational. We can’t withstand China, Russia and Iran if we can’t explain to our populations why it matters that we do. We can’t fight woke ideology if we can’t defend the civilisation that it is determined to destroy. And we can’t counter Islamism with purely secular tools. To win the hearts and minds of Muslims here in the West, we have to offer them something more than videos on TikTok.

The lesson I learned from my years with the Muslim Brotherhood was the power of a unifying story, embedded in the foundational texts of Islam, to attract, engage and mobilise the Muslim masses. Unless we offer something as meaningful, I fear the erosion of our civilisation will continue. And fortunately, there is no need to look for some new-age concoction of medication and mindfulness. Christianity has it all.

That is why I no longer consider myself a Muslim apostate, but a lapsed atheist. Of course, I still have a great deal to learn about Christianity. I discover a little more at church each Sunday. But I have recognised, in my own long journey through a wilderness of fear and self-doubt, that there is a better way to manage the challenges of existence than either Islam or unbelief had to offer."


St Martin of Tours Feast Day (November 11th). One of the great Saints.

A miracle worker, healer and man of God.

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Saint Martin of Tours



No other belief system or 'faith' can point to proven miracles, intercessions and supernatural occurrences which permeates Catholicism.  An example is St Martin of Tours, the great Christian miracle worker and prophet who converted huge tracts of Gaul in the 4th century.  This great Saint's feast day is November 11.


The Abbey at Tours, dedicated to St Martin, became of the most important points of pilgrimmage in the middle ages, famed for its miracles and cures, become extraordinarily wealthy which attracted the Musulman Jihad and its attempts to capture and plunder the wealth, defeated by Charles Martel in 732 near Tours.

Saint Martin was conscripted against his will into the Roman army at age 15 (under an edict that the sons of Roman soldiers also had to serve). He took the oath seriously and served as an officer in a unit whose duties were largely ceremonial, but several years later, after his baptism, Martin concluded on the eve of battle that he could not take part in the bloodshed, telling Caesar Julian (“the Apostate”): “I am a soldier of Christ. It is not lawful for me to fight.”

St. Martin is certainly best known for having cut in two pieces his lambswool-lined cavalryman’s cloak to give half to a nearly naked beggar outside the gates of Amiens where Martin was stationed. He would probably have given the man his whole cloak but for the fact that Martin, too, was nearly naked, having already given away much of his own clothing to those in need.

From his friend, disciple and biographer, Sulpicius Severus, we know a great many details of Martin’s life (316 – 397) – his birth in what is now Hungary, his pagan parents, his childhood in Pavia, Italy (where his soldier, later tribune, father was stationed), his desire from at least the age of ten to become a Christian, his founding of the oldest monastery in Europe, his unparalleled humility and charity, his conversion of thousands of pagans, and astonishing miracles which earned him the reputation of being a saint even during his life. These details can be found on many websites.

Less well known, perhaps, are some of the more spectacular miracles that God worked through the intercession of Saint Martin of Tours – raising three people from the dead, for example. Also remarkable was Martin’s success in bringing about the reconciliation of feuding groups, both bishops and monks.

First, to the miracles. According to Sulpicius’ account (portions of which are included in translation in “Medieval Saints: A Reader,” edited by Mary-Ann Stouck [1999]), not long after St. Martin established a monastery in Ligugé (five miles south of Poitiers), a catechumen joined the monks in Ligugé for instruction in the faith. While St. Martin was away traveling for three days, the unbaptised catechumen came down with a high fever and died. His body lay lifeless in one of the cells, awaiting burial. Martin, Sulpicius reports,

stretched himself at full length on the dead limbs of his departed brother. After he had stayed lying there some time in prayer and had become aware through the Spirit that the power of God was present, he rose up for a short time, and fixing his gaze on the dead man’s face he waited with confidence for the result of his prayer and the mercy of the Lord. And after scarcely two hours had passed he saw the dead man begin to move all his limbs little by little, and his eyes trembling and blinking as he recovered his sight.

The other monks were naturally astounded, perhaps even more so when the catechumen (who’d been baptized immediately after his return to life) recounted what had occurred after his death:

when he left the body, he was brought before the tribunal of the Judge [God], and had a dismal sentenced pronounced on him which relegated him to the dark places among the crowd of common men. Then, however, he added, it was suggested by two angels of the Judge that he was the man for whom Martin was praying; and so the same angels were ordered to lead him back and to give him to Martin, and restore him to his former life.

The second restoration of a deceased person to life occurred not long afterward. When Martin was passing by the estate of a wealthy and highly respected man named Lupicinus, he heard a crowd shouting and wailing. It turned out that one of the family’s slaves had hanged himself. Again, Martin asked the crowd to wait outside,

stretched himself upon the body and prayed for a short time. Before long the dead man began to revive, his face grew animated and his drooping eyes were fixed on Martin’s face; he made a slow effort to rise, and then he took hold of the saintly man’s hand and stood up. In this way, while the whole crowd looked on, he walked along with Martin to the porch of the house.

The third miracle of bringing a dead person back to life was even more stupendous. A huge throng of pagans approached St. Martin, now a bishop, on the road when he was traveling one day. The crowd was surrounding a woman whose child lay dead in her arms. They had heard of Martin’s miracles and were determined to accompany her in search.  The child was resurrected and hundreds if not thousands more converted.

To the end of his life, he sought reconciliation and brotherhood among Catholics during a period of doctrinal confusion and heresy. serving God in joy is a fitting summation of Saint Martin’s life. After his death, his successor BIshop Gregory of Tours filled four volumes with accounts of Martin’s posthumous miracles.

Saint Martin and the raising of the dead




The Palestinian Delusion, by Robert Spencer

A great book that completely upends the fake news narrative

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Is there a more prescient book than this one?  4 years before the latest Muslim Jihad against Israel, funded directly by Iran and indirectly by the DisUnited States of Biden and his handlers, Spencer wrote a detailed volume on why violence will reappear in the Holy Land.  In the fake news, fake science world we live in, ‘Palestinians’ which have never existed now replace Muslims.  And Palestine which has never existed replaces the 3000 year old history of Jews in Israel as the ‘native people. 



In this vein the Jews are ‘occupiers’ and the Muslim Arabs terrorised victims.  The stupidity of clown world never ceases to amaze and the evolutionary lie that all species and functions improve can hardly be more easily disproven than the widespread stupidity of humanity in thrall to ‘science’ and whatever the ‘experts’ eject on their idiot boxes.  So, it goes with the made-up state and name of ‘Palestine’.  Let’s forget that they are Muslims on Jihad and let’s forget their racism and Judeo-Christophobia. 


What is Spencer’s theme with this book?  He proves that the Palestinian ‘fight’ for self-determination has nothing to with land, history or reality.  Palestinians are Muslims fighting the Jihad and as 100.000 Muslims every week for the past month have demonstrated just in London UK alone, they want to eliminate every Jew from ‘the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean)’.  Apparently, this is not a ‘hate crime’ and when you threaten an entire people and state with extermination you have not apparently contravened ‘hate speech laws’. 


These Muslim Arabs do not want the land so they can establish Palestine; they want the land so they can erase Israel.  Hamas is a Muslim terrorist and Jihadist group.  Hizbollah, Palestinian Jihad and many other groups in and around Israel are also Muslim terrorist and Jihad groups.  They have waged war against Israel in various Jihadic disguises, using low-level terror and outright war and invasion since 1947.  Why?  Mein Koran mandates the extermination of Jews and also of Christians – a fact that most people don’t have a clue about.  Christophobia is just as palpable within Muhammad’s moon cult, as Judeophobia. 


Land for Peace?  You must be an idiot

Muslims demand land from Israel to eventually enclose it, strangle it and kill it.  Giving ‘land for peace’ is about as intelligence as imbibing pharma poisons for a non-existent virus.  The Muslims holed up in Gaza are there not as victims but part of the greater Jihad, the 2nd most important pillar in Islam.  They seek to expand to eliminate the Jewish communities in the area.  For the Jews Gaza is not only about greater security for Israel’s southern communities, it is about confining these Muslims to a smaller area and limiting the encirclement.   


The general lesson from Spencer’s book is that the main-stream fake news narrative is as usual junk science and junk politics.


In Spencer’s terms, delusion upon delusion is thrown onto the ridiculous ‘peace process’ which is not a process to establish a permanent peace, but simply a series of Muslim demands to extract more land from the Israeli state, so that one day, it will be so constrained and fragile an all-out war using Arab state power can eliminate it before the bankrupt Americans arrive. 


The fake news claim of ‘refugee’ status is entirely risible as Spencer shows.  The Muslims in Gaza are refugees of their own making.  No Arab state wants them as it was recently declared by Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  They squat in squalor and use their self-inflicted poverty and illiteracy as excuses to wage Jihad against the ‘oppressor’ state of Israel, a state which sends them welfare, medical aid, medicines, food and energy. 


What is to be done?

After the October 7 2023 Jihad massacre of 1400 Jews including babies and mothers, the Israel state needs to completely deconstruct Gaza and ship the Muslims to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Syria.  The Israeli state will not survive surrounded by Muslim Jihadists some 300 million of them, baying for Jew blood.  Piece by piece key land bridges such as Gaza must be reclaimed.  It is a defensive imperative.  The Gaza land strip must be incorporated into Israel and those Gazans screaming for Jewish extermination, deported.  The 3.5 million Muslims in Gaza, aggrieved as they are can surely find some housing and employment in Muslim states many of them of large geographic spread.  According to the fake news, fake quackademia, all is a golden age paradise in a Muhammadan state, sure the Jew hating Muslim Gazans would want to share that nirvana?  It might even be sensible for Israel to finance the migration of the Gazan Muslims to other states.  If they don’t accept the cash, then forcibly deport them.   


You won’t hear a Western quackademic or fake news presenter quote from this book or interview Spencer for his insights.  Neither will they go through the proper history of the Muslim Jihad and its Jew hate and bile since 1947.  These idiots will simply replace Muslim with Palestinian and Jihad with victimisation.  Spencer’s books are too intelligent, well researched, factual and elegantly presented for anyone in the narrative-bubble to read them, yet alone pursue their logic and reasoning. 


The Muslim Al Lah is not the Christian God. Baphomet and Satan are not Christ.

Another Mahometan lie and deception.

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Allah in History - Biblical Foundations


Reprinted with permission.  Reduced in size, with edits in italics to the original.

The book of Submission, called Recital or the Koran, identifies Trinity worshippers as polytheist criminals to be killed, converted or controlled by Muslims.  The cult of Mohammed is Christophobic and more earnestly anti-Christian than it is anti-Semitic.  A cult of war, Jihad, rape, plunder and hate, its animus towards the ‘cross worshippers’ is limitless.  The Muhammadan ‘god’ or Al Lah, the ‘Lord’ of Mecca, has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian idea of God, nor the Trinity.  The two are polar opposites. 


In fact Al Lah or Baphomet is not only a celestial god (the moon in my opinion, a common deity in Bronze Age Near Eastern culture), but the incarnation of Baal in the Old Testament, that is to say, Satan.  Baphomet referring to Muhammad and his cult, is another word for the devil which was commonly used in the ‘middle ages’ as opposed to the modern ‘dark age’ of ignorance and relativity.


Allah is not the God of the Bible. This is proven in the famed Muslim statement known as the Takbir: “Allahu Akbar”. It is used in formal Salah (prayer) and is a victory cry in battle. It means “Allah is greater.” It is translated as “Allah is greater” or “Allah is greater than all.”


The battle cry is often used when attacking Jewish and Christian targets. It is a theological pronouncement that Allah is greater than the God of the Jews and Christians. This alone gives the truth to the Muslim lie that they worship the same god as the Jews and Christians. They believe their god (Allah) is greater than the God of the Bible, hence their battle cry of “Allah is greater” when they attack Jews and Christians.


The Shahada is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is recited as a statement of faith. New converts to Islam must recite it. It states: “I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” The recitation of the Shahada is the only formal requirement to convert to Islam.


The Shahada is a statement on the oneness of God. To recite it is to deny the Trinity and deity of Christ. Since the God of the Bible is a Trinity, He cannot be the same God as the Islamic Allah. The recitation of the Shahada as one of Islam’s Pillars proves this fact. The foundation of Islam is based on a very denial of the Trinity and Sonship of Jesus Christ. It is a religion that is against the Trinity, it is against Jesus as the Son of God. It is an antichrist religion. As the beloved Apostle John stated:


“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also (1 John 2:22-23).


That means that Islam is not just a different religion from Christianity with a different god. It is antichrist. It meets the very definition of antichrist as laid out by John. It is against Christianity. All the attempts at Islam claiming to worship the same god of the Christians is a lie!


If he is not the god of the Bible, then just who is the Islamic god Allah? Dr. Robert Morey reveals:


“Islam’s origins have been traced back by scholars to the ancient fertility religion of the worship of the moon god which was always the dominant religion of Arabia. The moon god was worshipped by praying toward Mecca several times a day, making an annual pilgrimage to the Kabah which was a temple of the moon god, running around the Kabah seven times, caressing an idol of a black stone set in the wall of the Kabah, running between two hills, making animal sacrifices, gathering on Fridays for prayers, giving alms to the poor, etc.. These were pagan rites practiced by the Arabs long before Muhammad was born.


Walid Shoebat was a former Muslim who became a Christian. His ministry has been devoted to exposing Islam. He reveals the hidden (esoteric) occult doctrines behind the Kaaba – it is actually goddess worship! According to Shoebat, “The use “MOTHER OF HARLOTS”, while it is commonly attributed to the Vatican’s Mariology with the worship of Ishtar, history records that the worship of Ishtar “Kilili”, or “Queen of Harlots” originated from Arabia, not Rome. In fact, when Muslims roam roundabout the black stone, it is a throwback to the worship of Ishtar, whom they called Athtar and Allat.”


One can see many parallels between the worship of Diana of the Ephesians and the Islamic worship of Allah at the Kaaba. The “image” that fell down from Jupiter was a stone (meteorite) that fell to the ground. The worshipers of Diana fashioned that meteorite into an image that was honoured.


The worship of celestial bodies formed the backbone of pagan religions. The two bodies most frequently worshipped in antiquity were the sun and the moon. According to Ernest Busenbark “Worship of the sun and the moon gods formed the basis for the religions of Egypt, Persia, and India. From Babylonia, where they perhaps reached their highest, or at least most widespread development, the sun and moon cults spread throughout southwest Asia and extended as far as Greece, Rome and Gaul.”  Asia is Asia Minor where Ephesus was located and where the worship of Diana of the Ephesians was concentrated.


According to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba is a black stone that fell from heaven – similar to the stone of Diana of the Ephesians!


Many Christian apologists claim that Allah is actually a pagan, pre-Islamic moon god. Obviously, Islam contests this and the debates have raged back and forth. Based on the above, we can see the parallels to the Islamic Allah and the pagan worship of the moon and stars.


In 2014, a 5,000+/- year old massive stone monument in the shape of the crescent moon was identified eight miles northwest of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Work carried out by doctoral student Ido Wachtel (of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) indicated that there was no city nearby; therefore, it cannot be a city wall. It was a monument, more massive than a football field!


The monument is in the shape of a lunar crescent. “The shape may have had symbolic importance, as the lunar crescent is a symbol of an ancient Mesopotamian moon god named Sin, Wachtel said.”


Only a days’ walk away from the site of the lunar monument is an ancient town called Bet Yerah which translated to “House of the Moon God.”  Wachtel theorized the monument may have marked the town’s borders, but it was too far away to be utilized as a fortification.


As stated, Wachtel indicated that the lunar crescent is a symbol of the ancient Meopotamian moon god Sin. This confirmed the research of former Muslim Walid Shoebat, whose own research into antiquity revealed that the literal name of Sin in the ancient world was “Allah.”  According to Shoebat:


“In fact, this evidence and clue was given in the Bible (Nehemiah 2:10,13; 13:28). In Hebrew the name is Sanballat (Hebrew: סַנְבַלָּט‎). Eberhard Schrader, cited in Brown–Driver–Briggs, considered that the name in Akkadian was Sīnuballit, from the name of the Sumerian moon god Sīn meaning “Sīn has begotten.”


The name stems from the construct of two names “Sin” and “Allat” which is the feminine name of Allah. According to numerous inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was Sin, his title was alilah, i.e. “the deity,” meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods.


It is notable that Shoebat emphasis that Sin means “Sin has begotten”. Sin is the female moon goddess. The name Sinuballit means “Sin has begotten Allat.” Allat is the feminine name of Allah. Here we go again with the concept of a begotten god!


Islam teaches that Allah was worshipped by Abraham and the prophets as one god. The problem with that argument is there are no inscriptions found from antiquity in the Near East (or anywhere else) that describes the worship of Allah alone as one god. All pre-Islamic inscriptions found by archeologists that reference Allah reference him in the context of idolatry (polytheism).


Allah (Alla) is found in the ancient Epic of Atrahasis where he is considered to be a god of “violence and revolution.”  


According to the nineteenth century Luciferian H.P. Blavatsky, Venus is Lucifer. This is also confirmed with the Roman Catholic Church’s online Catholic Encyclopedia which states: “The name Lucifer originally denotes the planet Venus, emphasizing its brilliance.”


In 2015, more archaeological evidence was found which links the Islamic Allah to the ancient moon goddess. In in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat in the Uşaklı Mound at the Büyük Taşlık village in Turkey, a cuneiform tablet dating to approximately 2000 B.C. was uncovered. The tablet shows symbols of the goddess Ishtar. It was written in the same cuneiform as The Epic of Atrahasis. This is important in further proving the linkage of Ishtar with The Epic of Atrahasis.


According to The Epic, Ishtar and the “snake beast” god Ishtaran are both other names for Allah.  The “Allah” mentioned in The Epic is a transvestite (both male and female).  


Dr. Robert Morey confirms exactly what Shoebat’s research uncovered. In his book Islamic Invasion, he further explains the origins of the Islamic Allah:


“It should not come as a surprise that the word “Allah” was not something invented by Muhammad or revealed for the first time in the Quran.


The well-known Middle East scholar H.A.R. Gibb has pointed out that the reason that Muhammad never had to explain who Allah was in the Quran is that his listeners had already heard about Allah long before Muhammad was ever born.


Dr. Morey then cites to Dr. Arthur Jeffrey, one of the foremost Islamic scholars of modern times. Dr. Jeffrey is professor of Islamic and Middle East Studies at Columbia University. Dr. Jeffrey observes:


“The name Allah, as the Quran itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa.


In his book, Dr. Morey also identifies Allah as the moon god and father of other female deities including Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. He also identifies Allah with Bel.


The connections of Lucifer to Allah prove that Islam is nothing more than what John said: an antichrist religion. It is a religion that is of the spirit of the antichrist, and which honours the antichrist by denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Footnotes and sources can be found in the original