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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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An Advent Lament

The pending doom of Christianity is almost inevitable.

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One of the most serious cases of Christian persecution and ethnic cleansing in Europe has taken place against the ethnic Armenian Christian enclave of the Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) region within Muslim Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan established an illegal blockade of the remaining Armenian-controlled areas, and in September 2023 launched a military offensive. 120,000 Armenian Christians were displaced when Azerbaijan seized the territory, this involved the widespread destruction of cultural and religious heritage belonging to the world’s oldest Christian nation. The region has witnessed what is arguably the most serious ethnic cleansing event of the 21st century. Still, it remains largely overlooked by media in the West. 


The Catholic Church has said nothing about Artsakh of course, obsessed with a non-existing climate upheaval, and praying for their Muslim ‘brothers’ in Gaza. 


According to the latest Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe annual report, 748 anti-Christian hate crimes were committed in Europe last year, 38 of which were violent physical attacks and three were murders.  The report noted that ‘there had been a surge of clear extremism-motivated attacks’. The majority of these attacks were committed by groups with ‘far-left’, satanic, Islamic, feminist or queer-Tranny affiliations.


The French Ministry of the Interior releases annual reports on crimes classified as anti-religious within France.  Christophobic crimes and anti-Christian crimes top the lists. 


In 2021, just in one year, there were 857 such acts of Christophobic hate and violence, in which 857 were categorised as anti-Christian. Only 213 are logged as anti-Muslim.  Is anyone declaring that Christianity is being persecuted in France and needs protection?  Few if any.


The attacks are physical.  In France in 2022, some 105 anti-Christian arson were recorded.  The real number is likely higher.  Some estimate that 3 churches per day are attacked, defaced, defecated in, vandalised or targeted in some manner by Christophobes.  In January 2023 three churches in Paris were set ablaze.  Yet I am told that Notre Dame was an accident in which a ‘wire short’ torched 800-year-old rock hard oak causing 2 blazes at the same time on the roof, one in the centre, one in the corner.  Colour me stupid.  The Catholic Church said nothing.


In the UK various Christian street preachers have been arrested for causing distress to those who disagree with Christian teachings.  Others arrested for saying silent prayers outside the baby murdering centres.  Still others arrested in their homes for declaiming against the mental illness of trannyism.  Finnish parliamentarian Päivi Räsänen was also charged with ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity’ for quoting Scripture.  Increasingly and boldly, the Bible is being legislated as hate speech by the Freemasons, Satanists, and material-secularists running our world. The Christian Churches say and do nothing. 


In China and India, Christianity is under assault.  Not only is Christianity rejected but actively persecuted.  In every Muslim state Christianity is violated or made illegal.  Christians cannot build churches, evangelise, worship freely or marry Muslim women.  Christians are routinely attacked, murdered, raped and their buildings pulled down, in Muslim states as diverse, yet as unitary and ossified, as Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan.  In the Holy Land Christianity will soon be extinct and it will be erased as well in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.  The Christian Churches say and do nothing. 


The self-proclaimed geniuses running Western institutions of power, do have plenty to say about plant food, the quackcines as ‘science’, the need to reduce the population, the need to de-industrialise, the moral-Christ-centric ‘imperative’ to welcome tens of millions of Africans and Muslims into once Christian and White lands, with young fighting age men relabelled as ‘refugees’.  Erasing Christianity fits in perfectly with their plans to bring in a NWO global government, or as Bat Yeor calls it a global ‘caliphate’.  To do this you need to erase the nation state and its Christian culture.


For the globalists and Marxists their pets the Muslims are majority non-white, making them instantly superior.  White Christians especially, deserve no sympathy for theirs is the religion of the White West marked by imperialism, slaving and oppression.  Or so the deluded gospel of the secularist preaches.  In the game of global politics and identity-race politics Christians are persona non grata and invisible, even if they are Black Muslim Christians in Nigeria, where some 5000 are murdered by Muslims every year and 80 church buildings are pulled down and hundreds more are raped and enslaved as sex slaves.  Black Lives only Matter if you are not Christian.


Christianity is now isolated and is being ripped apart internally by a secularist-materialist Church hierarchy who are in the main unacquainted with the doctrines of the Bible and are too supine, stupid and weak to defend the legacy of Christianity.  For them the main considerations are career, power, pensions, and money.  They are too blind and nescient to see that their embrace of secularism is precisely what the Christophobes expect and want, as part of their plan to completely efface the world of the Christian faith.


Muslims who venerate the Nazis and Mein Kampf are now 'freedom fighters'

Exterminating an entire state and group of people is now declared 'morally just'

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La información prohibida: Los vínculos de la Hermandad Musulmana con ...



Hamas and dozens of other Muslim terror groups have no legitimacy whatsoever.  The state of Israel, whatever its faults, sits on a small parcel of land surrounded by 350 million hostile Arab and Turkish Muslims.  If anyone bothers to read Mein Koran you will notice the Jew-hate spewed on most every page, contained in almost every chapter or Sura.  Muhammad’s cult was built in opposition to richer, smarter, more advanced, and culturally superior Christian and Jewish communities which had existed in Arabia for hundreds of years before he set up his cult of Jihad (namely, rape, plunder, steal, murder and war). 


Religious hatred is at the core of the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack on Israel which left 1400 dead and hundreds taken prisoner.  One assumes that many of the female prisoners, in good Muslim fashion, were raped and debased.  This was not the attitude 100 years ago.  In 1919, an Arab ‘prince’ chosen by the ‘Allies’ to lead the Arab ‘nationalist movement', Prince Feisal, wrote at the Paris Peace conference that there was no conflict between a Jewish (Zionist) homeland and Arab aspirations, “The Jewish movement is nationalist and not imperialist. And there is room in Syria [which then included Lebanon and Palestine under the Ottomans] for us both.”


As history and land records reveal the land was largely vacant.  In 1922 as Colonial Secretary Churchill knighted Feisal as King of Iraq and created another Arab state, Jordan, ruled over by his brother Abd-ullah (slave of Al Lah).  Jordan consumed 75% of the territory originally set aside for the ‘Jewish National Home’ (League of Nations).  One – quarter was actually allotted to the Jews, the tiny sliver state of Israel.  If anything the Muslims were well favoured by the colonial British at the expense of the Jews, putting lie to another fiction that Churchill et al were just paid actors for the Jewish financial lobby in London.


The Jewish resettlement or Aliya was a peaceful and productive process.  From 1880 to 1948 over 70% of Jewish land was bought from Arab landowners – many of them not resident on the land they owned.  The Arab peasants were unaffected.  Any Arab farmer displaced was given a year’s notice and was fully compensated cash in hand.  His land was not ‘taken’. 


We can therefore state that the Muslim and Hamas claim that Israel ‘stole land’ is a fiction and a farce.  The empty terrain was populated by Jews and Zionists, the land developed, industry and agriculture bloomed, and Arab Muslims flocked en masse into the Zionist state to take advantage of a higher standard of living.  The records are clear that Israel and ‘Palestine’ in 1919 were largely empty lands, devoid of civilisation and progress.  Entire swathes were undeveloped and unpopulated. 


Historically, the Jews have occupied greater Israel since the time of Joshua circa 1250 B.C.  David’s kingdom of 1000 B.C. encompassed modern Israel and much of much Jordan.  Even after the Assyrian and Babylonian reductions of Judah and Israel, Jews still lived in the area as both practicing Jews and as Samaritans (a Jewish sect of mixed blood and beliefs which blended the Torah worship with other ‘pagan’ ideas taken from Babylonia). 


The Jews have a continuous 3700-year-old history in Israel.  It was the Jews and especially David, who transformed the ramshackle Jebusite town of Jeru-salem or city of peace, into a powerful city of trade and religious devotion and pilgrimage.  Christ died in Jerusalem – himself a Jew and Son of Man reformer given to Israel by God to show the light and the way.  The most important metaphysical and theological system in history – Christianity – comes from a Jew and Jews. 


Muslim terror against the Jews in Israel started in the 1930s initiated by the pro-Nazi Grand Mufti Hussein, with his terrorist groups murdering over 1000 Jews.  Since then, the idea of ‘terror’ and using Nazi-fascist tactics has been on-going.  Probably more than 25.000 Jews have been murdered in the past 100 years by Muslim terrorist groups.  Many thousands more raped, attacked, some captured and ransomed. 


For their troubles in building a nation after experiencing a Holocaust with 6 million dead, the Jewish state is subject to an almost endless round of wars, attacks, terrorism, hate speech and lurid promises of complete annihilation.  The 1948 war, a coordinated Muslim assault from 5 nations, was intended to be a war of complete extermination of the Jews.  Secretary General of the ‘Arab League’ one Azzam Pasha in 1948 promised that, “This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre….” 


That call to genocide seems clear enough to me.  But not to idiots who know nothing about history and get their propaganda from the Fake News.  So, it has been with the Yom Kippur war, and the endless Muslim Intifadas against a small state – the only Jewish state in the world – which for all its faults is the richest and most civilised state in the region. 


For their troubles in building a nation after experiencing a Holocaust with 6 million dead, the Jews in Israel are now demonised as Nazis.  The only link with Nazism in the Middle East is that of the Arab Muslims, with many still eagerly reading Mein Kamp, copies of which were found recently in Gaza but ignored by the Fake News (I wonder why?). 


As with the corrupt and criminal Ukrainian regime, which is simply a US colony, and one which supports Nazi brigades, venerates former Nazi supporters and criminals (Bandera et al) and which openly displays swastikas; the Fake News Western media and its unintelligent intelligentsia prefer to ignore the real links between Muslim fascism and Nazism.  So, we have a tiny state, defending itself against a Muslim terror attack and surrounded by Muslim enemies many of whom fully agree with the thesis of Mein Kampf – Jewish extermination. 


In the modern clown world, this small Jewish state which has brought prosperity in its wake, benefitting Arab Muslims and non-Jews, is now branded a Hitlerian creation.  Its Muslim enemies, former allies of the Nazis, and desperately trying to implement Mein Kampf by erasing Israel, are somehow now ‘activists’ demanding that their ‘stolen land’ be returned.  And most in the broken and failing ‘West’ believe it.  This is how stupid we have become.


Why I am now a Christian: Atheism can't equip us for civilisational war, By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

She still needs a lot of educating, but at least has seen the light.

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Edited and reduced from source


NB:  The well-known Somalian activist and atheist has seen the civilisational light.  She knows that the West is imploding, and that culture is King.  Without Christianity we are doomed.  Without Christianity there is no modern civilisation.  There is a quantum leap from paganism to modernity, bridged by Christianity.  In every sphere, be it in war, governance, parliaments, the arts, literature, science, medicine, learning, architecture, trade, technology, agriculture, innovation, consumerism, banking, accounting, business, capital formation, welfare, hospitals, hospices, morality, ethics and societal improvement, Christians led and Christians built.  This is a simple historical fact.  The white slave-based empires of Greece and Rome, as well as those of various Sunni and Shia Muslim states, did not and could not make the jump from the abstract and enslaved, to the physical, concrete and free. 


It is atheism and atheopathy which is destroying the West, based on materialism, the Darwinian religion, the cult of deep time belief, and the attendant arrogance and hubris of people who believe they are Gods.  It is atheism and disbelief which bring in relativity in all spheres of society, and which leads ineluctably to the mental illness that men are women and women are men.  When your society is riven by deceit, run by criminal industries like Pharma, unable to tell a vagina from a penis, or supports endless wars to enrich the criminals in government and the military complex, applauds Muslim Jihad and terror, opens it borders to depopulate the native populations, and is wrought with anxiety over a non-existing man-made climate scam, and happily deploys a global fascism over a non-existent flu threat, the end is not far off.


Where is she wrong in her assessment?  Certainly not about Islam or Globalism and the Great Reset.   She like most however, is completely blind to the fascism of Western states evidenced by the Corona scamdemic totalitarianism.   The endless panoply of government agencies (some 2000 just in the US), not to mention the UN, WHO, the WEF and the uncountable number of international agreements, agencies, NGOs and their ilk who desire global governance.  The massive spend and inevitable bankruptcy (war, lockdowns, welfare, Net zero etc).  The illimitable wars which destroy peace and trade.  She is wrong about Putin and Russia who are fighting an existential war against NATO with its Ukraine rump state, taken over by the US in 2014, acting as the proxy army, one that is being systematically destroyed.  Like most Westerners she is blind to much of reality.  But at least she got one thing right – without Christianity we will fall into the abyss – even if she ignores the cultural Marxism, Net Zero totalitarianism, Corona, her own government’s embrace of dictatorship under the criminal Biden, and the obvious evil and fascism of modern atheistic governance.



“In 2002, I discovered a 1927 lecture by Bertrand Russell entitled “Why I am Not a Christian”. It did not cross my mind, as I read it, that one day, nearly a century after he delivered it to the South London branch of the National Secular Society, I would be compelled to write an essay with precisely the opposite title.


The year before, I had publicly condemned the terrorist attacks of the 19 men who had hijacked passenger jets and crashed them into the twin towers in New York. They had done it in the name of my religion, Islam. I was a Muslim then, although not a practising one. If I truly condemned their actions, then where did that leave me? The underlying principle that justified the attacks was religious, after all: the idea of Jihad or Holy War against the infidels. Was it possible for me, as for many members of the Muslim community, simply to distance myself from the action and its horrific results?


At the time, there were many eminent leaders in the West — politicians, scholars, journalists, and other experts — who insisted that the terrorists were motivated by reasons other than the ones they and their leader Osama Bin Laden had articulated so clearly. So Islam had an alibi.


This excuse-making was not only condescending towards Muslims. It also gave many Westerners a chance to retreat into denial. Blaming the errors of US foreign policy was easier than contemplating the possibility that we were confronted with a religious war. We have seen a similar tendency in the past five weeks, as millions of people sympathetic to the plight of Gazans seek to rationalise the October 7 terrorist attacks as a justified response to the policies of the Israeli government.

When I read Russell’s lecture, I found my cognitive dissonance easing. It was a relief to adopt an attitude of scepticism towards religious doctrine, discard my faith in God and declare that no such entity existed. Best of all, I could reject the existence of hell and the danger of everlasting punishment.

Russell’s assertion that religion is based primarily on fear resonated with me. I had lived for too long in terror of all the gruesome punishments that awaited me. While I had abandoned all the rational reasons for believing in God, that irrational fear of hellfire still lingered. Russell’s conclusion thus came as something of a relief: “When I die, I shall rot.”


During Islamic study sessions, we shared with the preacher in charge of the session our worries. For instance, what should we do about the friends we loved and felt loyal to but who refused to accept our dawa (invitation to the faith)? In response, we were reminded repeatedly about the clarity of the Prophet’s instructions. We were told in no uncertain terms that we could not be loyal to Allah and Muhammad while also maintaining friendships and loyalty towards the unbelievers. If they explicitly rejected our summons to Islam, we were to hate and curse them.

Here, a special hatred was reserved for one subset of unbeliever: the Jew. We cursed the Jews multiple times a day and expressed horror, disgust and anger at the litany of offences he had allegedly committed. The Jew had betrayed our Prophet. He had occupied the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem. He continued to spread corruption of the heart, mind and soul.


You can see why, to someone who had been through such a religious schooling, atheism seemed so appealing. Bertrand Russell offered a simple, zero-cost escape from an unbearable life of self-denial and harassment of other people. For him, there was no credible case for the existence of God. Religion, Russell argued, was rooted in fear: “Fear is the basis of the whole thing — fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death.”


As an atheist, I thought I would lose that fear. I also found an entirely new circle of friends, as different from the preachers of the Muslim Brotherhood as one could imagine. The more time I spent with them — people such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins — the more confident I felt that I had made the right choice. For the atheists were clever. They were also a great deal of fun.


So, what changed? Why do I call myself a Christian now?

Part of the answer is global. Western civilisation is under threat from three different but related forces: the resurgence of great-power authoritarianism and expansionism in the forms of the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin’s Russia; the rise of global Islamism, which threatens to mobilise a vast population against the West; and the viral spread of woke ideology, which is eating into the moral fibre of the next generation.

We endeavour to fend off these threats with modern, secular tools: military, economic, diplomatic and technological efforts to defeat, bribe, persuade, appease or surveil. And yet, with every round of conflict, we find ourselves losing ground. We are either running out of money, with our national debt in the tens of trillions of dollars, or we are losing our lead in the technological race with China.


But we can’t fight off these formidable forces unless we can answer the question: what is it that unites us? The response that “God is dead!” seems insufficient. So, too, does the attempt to find solace in “the rules-based liberal international order”. The only credible answer, I believe, lies in our desire to uphold the legacy of the


Judeo-Christian tradition.

That legacy consists of an elaborate set of ideas and institutions designed to safeguard human life, freedom and dignity — from the nation state and the rule of law to the institutions of science, health and learning. As Tom Holland has shown in his marvellous book Dominion, all sorts of apparently secular freedoms — of the market, of conscience and of the press — find their roots in Christianity.


And so I have come to realise that Russell and my atheist friends failed to see the wood for the trees. The wood is the civilisation built on the Judeo-Christian tradition; it is the story of the West, warts and all. Russell’s critique of those contradictions in Christian doctrine is serious, but it is also too narrow in scope.

For instance, he gave his lecture in a room full of (former or at least doubting) Christians in a Christian country. Think about how unique that was nearly a century ago, and how rare it still is in non-Western civilisations. Could a Muslim philosopher stand before any audience in a Muslim country — then or now — and deliver a lecture with the title “Why I am not a Muslim”? In fact, a book with that title exists, written by an ex-Muslim. But the author published it in America under the pseudonym Ibn Warraq. It would have been too dangerous to do otherwise.

To me, this freedom of conscience and speech is perhaps the greatest benefit of Western civilisation. It does not come naturally to man. It is the product of centuries of debate within Jewish and Christian communities. It was these debates that advanced science and reason, diminished cruelty, suppressed superstitions, and built institutions to order and protect life, while guaranteeing freedom to as many people as possible. Unlike Islam, Christianity outgrew its dogmatic stage. It became increasingly clear that Christ’s teaching implied not only a circumscribed role for religion as something separate from politics. It also implied compassion for the sinner and humility for the believer.

Yet I would not be truthful if I attributed my embrace of Christianity solely to the realisation that atheism is too weak and divisive a doctrine to fortify us against our menacing foes. I have also turned to Christianity because I ultimately found life without any spiritual solace unendurable — indeed very nearly self-destructive. Atheism failed to answer a simple question: what is the meaning and purpose of life?

Russell and other activist atheists believed that with the rejection of God we would enter an age of reason and intelligent humanism. But the “God hole” — the void left by the retreat of the church — has merely been filled by a jumble of irrational quasi-religious dogma. The result is a world where modern cults prey on the dislocated masses, offering them spurious reasons for being and action — mostly by engaging in virtue-signalling theatre on behalf of a victimised minority or our supposedly doomed planet. The line often attributed to G.K. Chesterton has turned into a prophecy: “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”


In this nihilistic vacuum, the challenge before us becomes civilisational. We can’t withstand China, Russia and Iran if we can’t explain to our populations why it matters that we do. We can’t fight woke ideology if we can’t defend the civilisation that it is determined to destroy. And we can’t counter Islamism with purely secular tools. To win the hearts and minds of Muslims here in the West, we have to offer them something more than videos on TikTok.

The lesson I learned from my years with the Muslim Brotherhood was the power of a unifying story, embedded in the foundational texts of Islam, to attract, engage and mobilise the Muslim masses. Unless we offer something as meaningful, I fear the erosion of our civilisation will continue. And fortunately, there is no need to look for some new-age concoction of medication and mindfulness. Christianity has it all.

That is why I no longer consider myself a Muslim apostate, but a lapsed atheist. Of course, I still have a great deal to learn about Christianity. I discover a little more at church each Sunday. But I have recognised, in my own long journey through a wilderness of fear and self-doubt, that there is a better way to manage the challenges of existence than either Islam or unbelief had to offer."


St Martin of Tours Feast Day (November 11th). One of the great Saints.

A miracle worker, healer and man of God.

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Saint Martin of Tours



No other belief system or 'faith' can point to proven miracles, intercessions and supernatural occurrences which permeates Catholicism.  An example is St Martin of Tours, the great Christian miracle worker and prophet who converted huge tracts of Gaul in the 4th century.  This great Saint's feast day is November 11.


The Abbey at Tours, dedicated to St Martin, became of the most important points of pilgrimmage in the middle ages, famed for its miracles and cures, become extraordinarily wealthy which attracted the Musulman Jihad and its attempts to capture and plunder the wealth, defeated by Charles Martel in 732 near Tours.

Saint Martin was conscripted against his will into the Roman army at age 15 (under an edict that the sons of Roman soldiers also had to serve). He took the oath seriously and served as an officer in a unit whose duties were largely ceremonial, but several years later, after his baptism, Martin concluded on the eve of battle that he could not take part in the bloodshed, telling Caesar Julian (“the Apostate”): “I am a soldier of Christ. It is not lawful for me to fight.”

St. Martin is certainly best known for having cut in two pieces his lambswool-lined cavalryman’s cloak to give half to a nearly naked beggar outside the gates of Amiens where Martin was stationed. He would probably have given the man his whole cloak but for the fact that Martin, too, was nearly naked, having already given away much of his own clothing to those in need.

From his friend, disciple and biographer, Sulpicius Severus, we know a great many details of Martin’s life (316 – 397) – his birth in what is now Hungary, his pagan parents, his childhood in Pavia, Italy (where his soldier, later tribune, father was stationed), his desire from at least the age of ten to become a Christian, his founding of the oldest monastery in Europe, his unparalleled humility and charity, his conversion of thousands of pagans, and astonishing miracles which earned him the reputation of being a saint even during his life. These details can be found on many websites.

Less well known, perhaps, are some of the more spectacular miracles that God worked through the intercession of Saint Martin of Tours – raising three people from the dead, for example. Also remarkable was Martin’s success in bringing about the reconciliation of feuding groups, both bishops and monks.

First, to the miracles. According to Sulpicius’ account (portions of which are included in translation in “Medieval Saints: A Reader,” edited by Mary-Ann Stouck [1999]), not long after St. Martin established a monastery in Ligugé (five miles south of Poitiers), a catechumen joined the monks in Ligugé for instruction in the faith. While St. Martin was away traveling for three days, the unbaptised catechumen came down with a high fever and died. His body lay lifeless in one of the cells, awaiting burial. Martin, Sulpicius reports,

stretched himself at full length on the dead limbs of his departed brother. After he had stayed lying there some time in prayer and had become aware through the Spirit that the power of God was present, he rose up for a short time, and fixing his gaze on the dead man’s face he waited with confidence for the result of his prayer and the mercy of the Lord. And after scarcely two hours had passed he saw the dead man begin to move all his limbs little by little, and his eyes trembling and blinking as he recovered his sight.

The other monks were naturally astounded, perhaps even more so when the catechumen (who’d been baptized immediately after his return to life) recounted what had occurred after his death:

when he left the body, he was brought before the tribunal of the Judge [God], and had a dismal sentenced pronounced on him which relegated him to the dark places among the crowd of common men. Then, however, he added, it was suggested by two angels of the Judge that he was the man for whom Martin was praying; and so the same angels were ordered to lead him back and to give him to Martin, and restore him to his former life.

The second restoration of a deceased person to life occurred not long afterward. When Martin was passing by the estate of a wealthy and highly respected man named Lupicinus, he heard a crowd shouting and wailing. It turned out that one of the family’s slaves had hanged himself. Again, Martin asked the crowd to wait outside,

stretched himself upon the body and prayed for a short time. Before long the dead man began to revive, his face grew animated and his drooping eyes were fixed on Martin’s face; he made a slow effort to rise, and then he took hold of the saintly man’s hand and stood up. In this way, while the whole crowd looked on, he walked along with Martin to the porch of the house.

The third miracle of bringing a dead person back to life was even more stupendous. A huge throng of pagans approached St. Martin, now a bishop, on the road when he was traveling one day. The crowd was surrounding a woman whose child lay dead in her arms. They had heard of Martin’s miracles and were determined to accompany her in search.  The child was resurrected and hundreds if not thousands more converted.

To the end of his life, he sought reconciliation and brotherhood among Catholics during a period of doctrinal confusion and heresy. serving God in joy is a fitting summation of Saint Martin’s life. After his death, his successor BIshop Gregory of Tours filled four volumes with accounts of Martin’s posthumous miracles.

Saint Martin and the raising of the dead




The Palestinian Delusion, by Robert Spencer

A great book that completely upends the fake news narrative

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Is there a more prescient book than this one?  4 years before the latest Muslim Jihad against Israel, funded directly by Iran and indirectly by the DisUnited States of Biden and his handlers, Spencer wrote a detailed volume on why violence will reappear in the Holy Land.  In the fake news, fake science world we live in, ‘Palestinians’ which have never existed now replace Muslims.  And Palestine which has never existed replaces the 3000 year old history of Jews in Israel as the ‘native people. 



In this vein the Jews are ‘occupiers’ and the Muslim Arabs terrorised victims.  The stupidity of clown world never ceases to amaze and the evolutionary lie that all species and functions improve can hardly be more easily disproven than the widespread stupidity of humanity in thrall to ‘science’ and whatever the ‘experts’ eject on their idiot boxes.  So, it goes with the made-up state and name of ‘Palestine’.  Let’s forget that they are Muslims on Jihad and let’s forget their racism and Judeo-Christophobia. 


What is Spencer’s theme with this book?  He proves that the Palestinian ‘fight’ for self-determination has nothing to with land, history or reality.  Palestinians are Muslims fighting the Jihad and as 100.000 Muslims every week for the past month have demonstrated just in London UK alone, they want to eliminate every Jew from ‘the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean)’.  Apparently, this is not a ‘hate crime’ and when you threaten an entire people and state with extermination you have not apparently contravened ‘hate speech laws’. 


These Muslim Arabs do not want the land so they can establish Palestine; they want the land so they can erase Israel.  Hamas is a Muslim terrorist and Jihadist group.  Hizbollah, Palestinian Jihad and many other groups in and around Israel are also Muslim terrorist and Jihad groups.  They have waged war against Israel in various Jihadic disguises, using low-level terror and outright war and invasion since 1947.  Why?  Mein Koran mandates the extermination of Jews and also of Christians – a fact that most people don’t have a clue about.  Christophobia is just as palpable within Muhammad’s moon cult, as Judeophobia. 


Land for Peace?  You must be an idiot

Muslims demand land from Israel to eventually enclose it, strangle it and kill it.  Giving ‘land for peace’ is about as intelligence as imbibing pharma poisons for a non-existent virus.  The Muslims holed up in Gaza are there not as victims but part of the greater Jihad, the 2nd most important pillar in Islam.  They seek to expand to eliminate the Jewish communities in the area.  For the Jews Gaza is not only about greater security for Israel’s southern communities, it is about confining these Muslims to a smaller area and limiting the encirclement.   


The general lesson from Spencer’s book is that the main-stream fake news narrative is as usual junk science and junk politics.


In Spencer’s terms, delusion upon delusion is thrown onto the ridiculous ‘peace process’ which is not a process to establish a permanent peace, but simply a series of Muslim demands to extract more land from the Israeli state, so that one day, it will be so constrained and fragile an all-out war using Arab state power can eliminate it before the bankrupt Americans arrive. 


The fake news claim of ‘refugee’ status is entirely risible as Spencer shows.  The Muslims in Gaza are refugees of their own making.  No Arab state wants them as it was recently declared by Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  They squat in squalor and use their self-inflicted poverty and illiteracy as excuses to wage Jihad against the ‘oppressor’ state of Israel, a state which sends them welfare, medical aid, medicines, food and energy. 


What is to be done?

After the October 7 2023 Jihad massacre of 1400 Jews including babies and mothers, the Israel state needs to completely deconstruct Gaza and ship the Muslims to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Syria.  The Israeli state will not survive surrounded by Muslim Jihadists some 300 million of them, baying for Jew blood.  Piece by piece key land bridges such as Gaza must be reclaimed.  It is a defensive imperative.  The Gaza land strip must be incorporated into Israel and those Gazans screaming for Jewish extermination, deported.  The 3.5 million Muslims in Gaza, aggrieved as they are can surely find some housing and employment in Muslim states many of them of large geographic spread.  According to the fake news, fake quackademia, all is a golden age paradise in a Muhammadan state, sure the Jew hating Muslim Gazans would want to share that nirvana?  It might even be sensible for Israel to finance the migration of the Gazan Muslims to other states.  If they don’t accept the cash, then forcibly deport them.   


You won’t hear a Western quackademic or fake news presenter quote from this book or interview Spencer for his insights.  Neither will they go through the proper history of the Muslim Jihad and its Jew hate and bile since 1947.  These idiots will simply replace Muslim with Palestinian and Jihad with victimisation.  Spencer’s books are too intelligent, well researched, factual and elegantly presented for anyone in the narrative-bubble to read them, yet alone pursue their logic and reasoning. 


The Muslim Al Lah is not the Christian God. Baphomet and Satan are not Christ.

Another Mahometan lie and deception.

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Allah in History - Biblical Foundations


Reprinted with permission.  Reduced in size, with edits in italics to the original.

The book of Submission, called Recital or the Koran, identifies Trinity worshippers as polytheist criminals to be killed, converted or controlled by Muslims.  The cult of Mohammed is Christophobic and more earnestly anti-Christian than it is anti-Semitic.  A cult of war, Jihad, rape, plunder and hate, its animus towards the ‘cross worshippers’ is limitless.  The Muhammadan ‘god’ or Al Lah, the ‘Lord’ of Mecca, has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian idea of God, nor the Trinity.  The two are polar opposites. 


In fact Al Lah or Baphomet is not only a celestial god (the moon in my opinion, a common deity in Bronze Age Near Eastern culture), but the incarnation of Baal in the Old Testament, that is to say, Satan.  Baphomet referring to Muhammad and his cult, is another word for the devil which was commonly used in the ‘middle ages’ as opposed to the modern ‘dark age’ of ignorance and relativity.


Allah is not the God of the Bible. This is proven in the famed Muslim statement known as the Takbir: “Allahu Akbar”. It is used in formal Salah (prayer) and is a victory cry in battle. It means “Allah is greater.” It is translated as “Allah is greater” or “Allah is greater than all.”


The battle cry is often used when attacking Jewish and Christian targets. It is a theological pronouncement that Allah is greater than the God of the Jews and Christians. This alone gives the truth to the Muslim lie that they worship the same god as the Jews and Christians. They believe their god (Allah) is greater than the God of the Bible, hence their battle cry of “Allah is greater” when they attack Jews and Christians.


The Shahada is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is recited as a statement of faith. New converts to Islam must recite it. It states: “I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” The recitation of the Shahada is the only formal requirement to convert to Islam.


The Shahada is a statement on the oneness of God. To recite it is to deny the Trinity and deity of Christ. Since the God of the Bible is a Trinity, He cannot be the same God as the Islamic Allah. The recitation of the Shahada as one of Islam’s Pillars proves this fact. The foundation of Islam is based on a very denial of the Trinity and Sonship of Jesus Christ. It is a religion that is against the Trinity, it is against Jesus as the Son of God. It is an antichrist religion. As the beloved Apostle John stated:


“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also (1 John 2:22-23).


That means that Islam is not just a different religion from Christianity with a different god. It is antichrist. It meets the very definition of antichrist as laid out by John. It is against Christianity. All the attempts at Islam claiming to worship the same god of the Christians is a lie!


If he is not the god of the Bible, then just who is the Islamic god Allah? Dr. Robert Morey reveals:


“Islam’s origins have been traced back by scholars to the ancient fertility religion of the worship of the moon god which was always the dominant religion of Arabia. The moon god was worshipped by praying toward Mecca several times a day, making an annual pilgrimage to the Kabah which was a temple of the moon god, running around the Kabah seven times, caressing an idol of a black stone set in the wall of the Kabah, running between two hills, making animal sacrifices, gathering on Fridays for prayers, giving alms to the poor, etc.. These were pagan rites practiced by the Arabs long before Muhammad was born.


Walid Shoebat was a former Muslim who became a Christian. His ministry has been devoted to exposing Islam. He reveals the hidden (esoteric) occult doctrines behind the Kaaba – it is actually goddess worship! According to Shoebat, “The use “MOTHER OF HARLOTS”, while it is commonly attributed to the Vatican’s Mariology with the worship of Ishtar, history records that the worship of Ishtar “Kilili”, or “Queen of Harlots” originated from Arabia, not Rome. In fact, when Muslims roam roundabout the black stone, it is a throwback to the worship of Ishtar, whom they called Athtar and Allat.”


One can see many parallels between the worship of Diana of the Ephesians and the Islamic worship of Allah at the Kaaba. The “image” that fell down from Jupiter was a stone (meteorite) that fell to the ground. The worshipers of Diana fashioned that meteorite into an image that was honoured.


The worship of celestial bodies formed the backbone of pagan religions. The two bodies most frequently worshipped in antiquity were the sun and the moon. According to Ernest Busenbark “Worship of the sun and the moon gods formed the basis for the religions of Egypt, Persia, and India. From Babylonia, where they perhaps reached their highest, or at least most widespread development, the sun and moon cults spread throughout southwest Asia and extended as far as Greece, Rome and Gaul.”  Asia is Asia Minor where Ephesus was located and where the worship of Diana of the Ephesians was concentrated.


According to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba is a black stone that fell from heaven – similar to the stone of Diana of the Ephesians!


Many Christian apologists claim that Allah is actually a pagan, pre-Islamic moon god. Obviously, Islam contests this and the debates have raged back and forth. Based on the above, we can see the parallels to the Islamic Allah and the pagan worship of the moon and stars.


In 2014, a 5,000+/- year old massive stone monument in the shape of the crescent moon was identified eight miles northwest of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Work carried out by doctoral student Ido Wachtel (of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) indicated that there was no city nearby; therefore, it cannot be a city wall. It was a monument, more massive than a football field!


The monument is in the shape of a lunar crescent. “The shape may have had symbolic importance, as the lunar crescent is a symbol of an ancient Mesopotamian moon god named Sin, Wachtel said.”


Only a days’ walk away from the site of the lunar monument is an ancient town called Bet Yerah which translated to “House of the Moon God.”  Wachtel theorized the monument may have marked the town’s borders, but it was too far away to be utilized as a fortification.


As stated, Wachtel indicated that the lunar crescent is a symbol of the ancient Meopotamian moon god Sin. This confirmed the research of former Muslim Walid Shoebat, whose own research into antiquity revealed that the literal name of Sin in the ancient world was “Allah.”  According to Shoebat:


“In fact, this evidence and clue was given in the Bible (Nehemiah 2:10,13; 13:28). In Hebrew the name is Sanballat (Hebrew: סַנְבַלָּט‎). Eberhard Schrader, cited in Brown–Driver–Briggs, considered that the name in Akkadian was Sīnuballit, from the name of the Sumerian moon god Sīn meaning “Sīn has begotten.”


The name stems from the construct of two names “Sin” and “Allat” which is the feminine name of Allah. According to numerous inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was Sin, his title was alilah, i.e. “the deity,” meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods.


It is notable that Shoebat emphasis that Sin means “Sin has begotten”. Sin is the female moon goddess. The name Sinuballit means “Sin has begotten Allat.” Allat is the feminine name of Allah. Here we go again with the concept of a begotten god!


Islam teaches that Allah was worshipped by Abraham and the prophets as one god. The problem with that argument is there are no inscriptions found from antiquity in the Near East (or anywhere else) that describes the worship of Allah alone as one god. All pre-Islamic inscriptions found by archeologists that reference Allah reference him in the context of idolatry (polytheism).


Allah (Alla) is found in the ancient Epic of Atrahasis where he is considered to be a god of “violence and revolution.”  


According to the nineteenth century Luciferian H.P. Blavatsky, Venus is Lucifer. This is also confirmed with the Roman Catholic Church’s online Catholic Encyclopedia which states: “The name Lucifer originally denotes the planet Venus, emphasizing its brilliance.”


In 2015, more archaeological evidence was found which links the Islamic Allah to the ancient moon goddess. In in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat in the Uşaklı Mound at the Büyük Taşlık village in Turkey, a cuneiform tablet dating to approximately 2000 B.C. was uncovered. The tablet shows symbols of the goddess Ishtar. It was written in the same cuneiform as The Epic of Atrahasis. This is important in further proving the linkage of Ishtar with The Epic of Atrahasis.


According to The Epic, Ishtar and the “snake beast” god Ishtaran are both other names for Allah.  The “Allah” mentioned in The Epic is a transvestite (both male and female).  


Dr. Robert Morey confirms exactly what Shoebat’s research uncovered. In his book Islamic Invasion, he further explains the origins of the Islamic Allah:


“It should not come as a surprise that the word “Allah” was not something invented by Muhammad or revealed for the first time in the Quran.


The well-known Middle East scholar H.A.R. Gibb has pointed out that the reason that Muhammad never had to explain who Allah was in the Quran is that his listeners had already heard about Allah long before Muhammad was ever born.


Dr. Morey then cites to Dr. Arthur Jeffrey, one of the foremost Islamic scholars of modern times. Dr. Jeffrey is professor of Islamic and Middle East Studies at Columbia University. Dr. Jeffrey observes:


“The name Allah, as the Quran itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa.


In his book, Dr. Morey also identifies Allah as the moon god and father of other female deities including Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. He also identifies Allah with Bel.


The connections of Lucifer to Allah prove that Islam is nothing more than what John said: an antichrist religion. It is a religion that is of the spirit of the antichrist, and which honours the antichrist by denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Footnotes and sources can be found in the original



The Muslim Umma and its Global Jihad

Solidarity with Jihad, murder, rape, destruction and the end of the Kuffar

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The Muslim Umma triumphs all nationalities, passports, and citizen identification.  The Muslim Umma is a global Umma or community.  It transcends everything else.  The reality of the Muslim Umma and its Manichean philosophy is fully supported by Western governmental and ‘intelligentsia’ academices, but demonised if Christians or Whites partake of the same transnational solidarity. 


The Muslim Umma is a supremacist, even racist (Arab racist theology) doctrine in which the world is split into 2 parts, one is Muslim and thus saved, the rest is the Infidel and thus damned. 


3-116 Surely, those who reject Faith (disbelieve in Muhammad SAW as being Allah's Prophet and in all that which he has brought from Allah), neither their properties, nor their offspring will avail them aught against Allah. They are the dwellers of the Fire, therein they will abide. (Tafsir AtTabari, Vol. 4, Page 58).


Palestinians don’t exist as a state or a people.  They are Arab Muslims, rootless refugees or implanted into Gaza and Israel to wage low level Jihad.  Period.  Yet the world over, Muslims including Arab and non-Arab Muslims are united in demonstrating their approval of the Muslim Jihad and intifada against Israel, taking over city centres in ‘Western’ states, waving Jihad flags and screaming racist and supremacist slogans against Jews.  None of this is remarked on at length by the Fake News or Fake Education.  The Arab Muslim Jihadi’s of Gaza are now relabelled as ‘Palestinian’ and the secular socialist state of Israel blamed for Muslim atrocity and violence. 


Jihad against Christians ignored

In the months and years before Hamas struck Israel, the Muslim nation of Azerbaijan had been committing and continues to commit a bona fide genocide of Christian Armenians—and, ultimately, for the very same reason that Hamas attacked Israel: because Muslims can never be at peace with their (infidel) neighbours. Recall Samuel Huntington’s accurate words: “Islam’s borders are bloody…. Wherever one looks along the perimeter of Islam, Muslims have problems living peaceably with their neighbors.”


Among other things, Azerbaijan committed and continues to commit atrocities against the Armenians under its authority in Artsakh, including by starving them for many months and, most recently, militarily driving them out of their ancestral lands.  This is to say nothing of the other hallmarks of jihadist hate, such as the systematic destruction of Armenian churches and other Christian heritage sites.


Or one can look to Nigeria, where an even more dramatic genocide of Christians has been unfolding for well over a decade.  There, Muslims have massacred tens of thousands of Christians— “every two hours, a Christian is killed for their faith” on average in Nigeriaand destroyed approximately 20,000 churches and Christian schools.


Atrocities committed against Armenian or Nigerian Christians are, incidentally, just the tip of the iceberg. According to the World Watch List 2023, 360 million Christians around the world experience persecution.


Not only have the overwhelming majority of Western Christians shown no interest concerning the suffering of so many fellow Christians; the very policies of their nations, chief among them the U.S., are directly responsible for exacerbating if not creating—as in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen—the persecution of Christians.  Far from acknowledging the genocide of Christians in Nigeria, the Biden administration has gone so far as to remove Nigeria from its list of nations that need to be watched for engaging in or allowing human rights abuses.


This question of solidarity, or lack thereof, is one of the most unremarked but important differences between, not just the West and the Muslim world, but the West and the rest of the world.  Whereas millions if not billions of people of every civilization around the world continue to mobilize and feel a sense of solidarity around their collective identity, whether it be religious (Islam) or national (Sinic, Hindu, etc.), the demographically dwindling “West”—whose very name signifies nothing but a geographical direction—continues to push for “diversity.”  And this is called “our strength.” 

Western apathy is a sign of our utter decay and destruction. 

The Muslim Jihad against Israel and all Jews

Palestinians don't exist - they are Muslim Arabs following Mein Koran.

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Israel-Gaza conflict: At least 42 killed in Israeli airstrike as Israel ...


The Muslim Jihad against Israel is never called what it is – a war of extermination.  The unholy Book of Muhammad’s cult declares that Jihad is the 2nd most important duty of Muslims (after following Muhammad), and that Jews and Christians must be exterminated, converted, or conquered and rendered as slaves of the Al Lah cult.  It is not difficult to understand this, with 1401 years of Musulman Jihad, which started in 622 A.D. as overwhelming evidence.  The Musulman cult is both anti-Semitic and Christophobic and these two beliefs are the animating principles of the cult and its Jihad.   


The Mahometan war against modern Israel has found expression in vicious conflicts in 1947, 1967, and 1973 and all were lost by the Arab Muslims. Intifadas are a decadal occurrence and are low level guerrilla and terrorist attacks on the Israeli state intended to murder, dishearten and extract concessions.  Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Jihad and other Muslim terrorist groups are financed by various Arab states, Iran in the case of the first two, and Western powers through various programs of ‘aid’, for all of them, including sundry UN programs, and now the Ukraine war which has provided a ready black market for the Ukrainians to export Western weapons for cash. 


To the day from the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur war, another war of extermination, financed by Iran and indirectly by the US Federal Government, was started.  The Israeli army, intelligence services were apparently unprepared for a 5000 missile attack and land incursions which seized towns, citizens and army personnel and has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of dead, many of them slaughtered and murdered in the most barbaric manner possible, including women and children.


Fighting Continues Between Israel and Hamas - The New York Times


What the fake news won’t state is that ‘Palestine’ never existed and neither has a ‘Palestinian people’.  These terms were invented in the 1960s by the Palestinian Liberation Army to appeal to international agencies and ignorant, corrupt governments and academics.  The Romans had named much of the Levant Palestinia or Philistinia, a term one find in the Old Testament describing the coastal enclaves of the largely Greek speaking ‘Sea Peoples’ of which Goliath the giant of Gath was the most famous personality.  The Philistines fought the Israelites for the ‘highlands’ of Judea and Israel. 


From these terms came the modern fabrication of Palestine.  Palestine never existed and they are simply Muslim Arabs, who since the creation of Israel in 1947 have dedicated themselves to its destruction.  No Arab state wants these Arabs and they are useful tools in the war chest against the Israeli nation.  Jews have occupied Israel since the time of Moses and Joshua some 1900 years before the arrival of the Musulman Jihad.  The Musulmans conquered Jerusalem, then a Christian city, in 638 A.D. after they annihilated the Christian armies at the battle of Yarmuk in 636 or 637 A.D. (the dates vary on the source).  The Musulman claim to Israel is based on war and Jihad.  Jews and Christians long predate the Muhammandan cult in Israel and Syria. 


If the Muslims in Israel’s midst were peaceful and civilised and if they got on with building a future, there would be no conflict and no war.  It is as simple as that.  


Jihad is an obligation to wage war against non-Moslems.

This is why the Moslem cult is so violent.

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Jihad is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, which means in Arabic to wage war to establish dominance.  Mujahedin, or soldiers of the mujahada, are 'warriors of Jihad'.  Jihad as 'war' is declaimed by Moslems, including their cult-founder, to be the 'lesser' Jihad.  The 'greater' Jihad is considered to be a method of spiritual warfare against the lower self, (nafs).  Muhammad supposedly said as he was returning from Jihad, “We have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad”.


The ‘lesser Jihad’ or war is the most important of the two.  The entire Koran and the explanatory Hadiths are in essence, calls to Jihad against Infidels.  The ‘lesser Jihad’ mandates and obliges all Muslims in some capacity, to wage war against non-Moslems.  The ‘capacity’ to realise ‘lesser Jihad’ can take many forms: direct fighting, backing those engaged in the direct fighting, support of the Umma as it cleanses society of zalimun (unjust, unclean), and piety to the commandments of the Koran and Muhammad including prayers and zakat (tax paid to support the Musulman welfare state).


There are about 1600 verses of violence in the Koran advocating Jihad in one way or another. Demanding Jihad as a 'duty' from Moslem cult members can be found in Koranic verses such as:


1) Fighting is prescribed for you (2:216)

2) Slay them wherever you find them (4:89)

3) Fight the idolaters utterly (9:36)


In general, Jihadic war is the '6th pillar' of Islam and is an obligation incumbent upon all Moslems. Bukhari's Hadiths, or commentary on Muhammad's life, make Jihad even more pronounced as a duty. In fact, Jihadic war is deemed to be in the top 2 or 3 duties of a Moslem [see for eg. Book 1 of Bukhari, here and here]. Bukhari writes:


I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer, and pay zakat. If they say it, they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah''; and the Hadith reported by Muslim which finds many echoes in Bukhari, and “To go forth in the morning or evening to fight in the path of Allah is better than the whole world and everything in it.''



Muhammad's entire 'career' was one of Jihad, plunder, murder, killing, war, sex-slaving and enriching himself.  He was murdered by his own men [not a Jewess doctor], who had long grown tired of 'revelations' from a fat man covered in gold and silver, ensconced with a harem. Muhammad fought in some 29 battles and ordered nearly 60 more expeditions of pillage and Jihad. Calling the leader of this Moslem Jihadic cult a 'prophet' is about as intelligent as calling Herr Hitler a spiritual counsellor. Stating that Jihad is some form of spiritual struggle whilst ignoring its real meaning as an obligation to wage war, is simply insufferable ignorance.

Christian Byzantium and Greek Civilisation

Europe would not have existed without the Christian empire of Byzantium

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The Fall of Constantinople & the Byzantine Empire - HubPages


Not only did Christian Byzantium save Europe from the Mahometan Jihad, acting as the protective shield for the West, or the remaining rump of the former Roman empire, it also salvaged ancient Greek philosophy, science and literature.  The Byzantine ‘Renaissance’ from the 9th to 11th centuries, was similar to the Carolingian in Francia during the 9th century, but deeper, broader and more extensively premised on ‘classical’ Greek history and sources.  Universities were developed in Constantinople during the 6th century, predating ‘Western’ institutions by some 500 years.  Byzantine scholars had long studied the ancient Greeks and reconciled if not incorporated many of their ideas into Christian theology.


The Christian Byzantines or ‘Eastern Romans’ fully embraced their Hellenistic past and culture.  World history would be much different if they had not.  Greek culture and the Koine Greek language suffused and enthused Byzantian society and its development, transmitting ancient Greek ideas and influences to the world.  Copies of ancients were transcribed and stored in massive libraries and archives. 


The largest library in ancient history sat in the Christian Greek city of Alexandria – burned down by the Mahometans in 641 A.D.  Thousands of tonnes of priceless artefacts were destroyed by the Jihad.  Who knows what wisdom, science and philosophy were annihilated in this book burning.  Entirely new perspectives on Christian Byzantium and ancient Greek and Roman history were lost.


Byzantine literature represented a continuation of ancient Greek traditions, replicating the styles of Homer, Lucian and Herodotus.  Byzantine monks collected, translated and copied Greek language texts and classical literature safeguarding them for posterity.  These preserved works were the basis for the Western ‘Renaissance’ of the 15th century, an event fuelled by Greek refugees fleeing the Mahometan Jihad, who ended up in Italy with their treasures and libraries.


John of Damascus in the 8th century wrote the ‘Dialectica’, which commented on Aristotle’s ‘Prior Analytics’ and deductive reasoning.  He used this format in the great ‘iconoclasm’ debate of the 8th century.  If certain principles are known to be factual we can make deductions from that premise.  In the 9th century Plotinus the Patriarach of Constantinople wrote ‘Amphilocia’ which included a commentary on Aristotle’s ‘Categories’ and concepts of substances and predication.  The 11th century monk Psellos reintroduced Plato with analysis and commentary, aligning Platonic thought with Christian theology. 


Art1204 early christian & byzantine art


Medicine, much more advanced than the ancient Greek and the ideas of Galen, also flourished in Constantinople, eventually transferred to the West through merchants and the Crusades.  Architecture and new engineering practices abounded during the 1000 years of Byzantine existence.  The Haggia Sophia, built in the 6th century, was the largest dome ever built and was only imitated and surpassed in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries. 


Roman water works, aqueducts, baths, sewers and fountains providing fresh water dominated major Byzantine cities by 900 A.D.  Such public works did not exist in the West until the 19th century.  Justinian’s legal codex compiled in the 6th century, is the basis for Western canon and civil law and directly informs today legal corpus in Western states.  Sundry inventions from the knife and fork, to gunpowder, military inventions, advance art, chemistry, advanced mathematics and governmental organisation, flowed from Byzantium to the West.


The cultural impact of Byzantium on European history was enormous.  It is not an exaggeration to state that the West would not have existed without Christian Byzantium. 




A Thousand Years of Jihad on the Oldest Christian Nation

The boundless Mahometan hate of Christianity

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Raymond Ibrahim, Scholar on Islam and its perpetual Jihad against Christianity. 

Armenia is one of the oldest nations in the world. Armenians founded Yereyan, their current capital, in 782 BC — exactly 2,700 years before Azerbaijan came into being in 1918. And yet, here is the president of Azerbaijan waging war because “Yerevan is our historical land and we Azerbaijanis must return to these historical lands.”


Armenia was also significantly bigger, encompassing even modern-day Azerbaijan within its borders, over two thousand years ago. Then the Turkic peoples came galloping in from the east, slaughtering, enslaving, terrorizing, and stealing the lands of Armenians and other Christians in the name of jihad.


Anyone who doubts this summation should consult the “Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa” (d.1144).  According to this nearly thousand-year-old chronicle, which is near coterminous with the events it describes, it was only in 1019 that “the first appearance of the bloodthirsty beasts … the savage nation of infidels called Turks entered Armenia … and mercilessly slaughtered the Christian faithful with the sword.”


Three decades later the raids were virtually nonstop. In 1049, the founder of the Turkic Seljuk Empire himself, Sultan Tughril Bey (r. 1037–1063), reached the Armenian city of Arzden, west of Lake Van, and “put the whole town to the sword, causing severe slaughter, as many as one hundred and fifty thousand persons.”


Other contemporaries confirm the devastation visited upon Arzden. “Like famished dogs,” writes Aristakes (d.1080) an eyewitness, the Turks “hurled themselves on our city, surrounded it and pushed inside, massacring the men and mowing everything down like reapers in the fields, making the city a desert. Without mercy, they incinerated those who had hidden themselves in houses and churches.”


Eleven years later, in 1060, the Turks laid siege to Sebastia (which, though now a Turkish city, was originally Armenian).  Six hundred churches were destroyed, “many and innumerable people were burned [to death],” and countless women and children “were led into captivity.”


Between 1064 and 1065, Tughril’s successor, Sultan Muhammad bin Dawud Chaghri — known to posterity as Alp Arslan, one of Turkey’s unsavory but national heroes — laid siege to Ani, then the capital of Armenia. The thunderous bombardment of Muhammad’s siege engines caused the entire city to quake, and Matthew describes countless terror-stricken families huddled together and weeping — not unlike those of modern-day Artsakh, as well captured by the following recent photo from yesterday, with the following caption:


As for their ancestors, once inside Ani, the Muslims “began to mercilessly slaughter the inhabitants of the entire city… and piling up their bodies one on top of the other… Innumerable and countless boys with bright faces and pretty girls were carried off together with their mothers.”


Not only do several Christian sources document the sack of Armenia’s capital — one contemporary succinctly notes that Sultan Muhammad “rendered Ani a desert by massacres and fire” — but also so do Muslim sources, often in apocalyptic terms: “I wanted to enter the city and see it with my own eyes,” one Arab later explained. “I tried to find a street without having to walk over the corpses. But that was impossible.”


Such “was the beginning of the misfortunes of Armenia,” Matthew of Edessa concludes his account: “So, lend an ear to this melancholy recital.” This has proven to be an ominous remark; for the aforementioned history of blood and tears was, indeed, just “the beginning of the misfortunes of Armenia,” whose “melancholy recital” continues to this day.


But what was the reason the Turks invaded and so ruthlessly attacked Armenia? What “grievance” did they have? Simple: Armenia was Christian, and the Turks were Muslim — and Islam makes all non-Muslim enemies to be put to the sword until and unless they submit to Islam.


Incidentally, Islam’s animus for Christianity was on display then no less than now. Thus, during the aforementioned sack of Ani, a Muslim fighter climbed atop the city’s main cathedral “and pulled down the very heavy cross which was on the dome, throwing it to the ground,” wrote Matthew.


Made of pure silver and the “size of a man” — and now symbolic of Islam’s might over Christianity — the broken crucifix was sent as a trophy to adorn a mosque in, ironically enough, modern-day Azerbaijan. Fast forward nearly a millennium to Azerbaijan’s war on Armenia in 2020, a Muslim fighter was videotaped triumphantly shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while standing atop an Armenian church chapel where the cross had been broken off.


Such is an idea of what the Turkic peoples did to Christian Armenians — not during the Armenian Genocide of a century ago when some 1.5 million Armenians were massacred and even more displaced — but one thousand years ago when the Islamic conquest of Armenia first began.


This unrelenting history of hate makes one thing perfectly clear: all modern-day pretexts and “territorial disputes” aside, true and permanent peace between Armenia and its Muslim neighbors will only be achieved when the Christian nation has either been conquered or ceded itself into nonexistence.


Nor would it be the first to do so. It is worth recalling that the heart of what is today called “the Muslim world” — the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) — was thoroughly Christian before the sword of Islam invaded. Bit by bit, century after century after the initial seventh-century Muslim conquests and occupations, it lost its Christian identity. Its peoples were lost in the morass of Islam so that few today even remember that Egypt, Iraq, Syria, etc., were among the first, oldest, and most populous Christian nations.


Armenia — the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity — is a holdout, a thorn in Islam’s side, and, as such, will never know lasting peace from the Muslims surrounding it — not least as the West has thrown it under the bus.


Note: Quotes from Matthew of Edessa and others were excerpted from and are documented in Ibrahim’s book, “Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West.”

Armenian genocide in Artsakh, the oldest Christian community in the world

Muslim Azeris, Turks, the Ukraine, Israel - all involved and supporting another Armenian genocide.

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The 1915 Armenian genocide: Finding a fit testament to a timeless crime ...



Armenians, who are indigenous to Artsakh, have inhabited the region for centuries; Armenian occupation and government has withstood in Artsakh since the 5th century B.C.E, regardless of countless attempts by neighbouring dynasties and powers to gain control over the land. The territorial conflict between Artsakh, also referred to as Nagorno-Karabakh, and Azerbaijan originated after the fall of the Russian Empire in 1917, during the establishment of the republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. At the time, Artsakh declared its independence and elected its own government. In response, Azerbaijan, with the help of Turkey, employed military action and carried out massacres which targeted Artsakh’s 95% Armenian population, killing 40,000 Armenians in the city of Shushi alone.


After the establishment of Soviet rule in the Caucasus, Stalin first declared Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan SSR, but Artsakh was later removed and attached to Armenia SSR. Shortly thereafter, a three-day pogrom was launched in the city of Sumgait, leading to the death of about 100 Armenians. As ethnic tensions rose between Armenians and Azeris in the region, the Armenian Supreme Soviet and Artsakh’s National Council proclaimed Armenia and Artsakh’s unification. After this proclamation, Azeri protesters in Baku committed massacres against the remaining Armenians in the region. Only after most of Baku’s Armenian population was killed, Gorbachev intervened and condemned the attempts of ethnic cleansing that had taken place.


After both Armenia and Azerbaijan declared their independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the conflict surrounding Artsakh escalated. A war broke out from 1991 to 1994 and left behind 20,000 casualties and about 1,000,000 refugees. Through Russian negotiation, a ceasefire was established in 1994 and still continues to this day, despite countless violations from Azerbaijan’s forces.


The current war brewing along the border of Artsakh and Azerbaijan was not entirely unanticipated. After 11 Azeri soldiers died during an attempted border breach by Azerbaijan in July, thousands of Azeri protesters took to the streets of Baku and vigorously demanded a war with Armenia and Artsakh as they chanted “Death to the Armenian.”


Azerbaijan’s war efforts are also supported by its brother nation of Turkey. Turkish president Erdogan recently remarked, “We will continue to fulfil this mission which our grandfathers have carried out for centuries in the Caucasus region.” Erdogan’s genocidal rhetoric references the Armenian Genocide of 1915, during which 1.5 million Armenians were martyred and a majority of the Armenian mainland was conquered by the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. Evidently, Turkey and Azerbaijan’s dictators, Erdogan and Aliyev, are fixated on continuing the efforts of their ancestors. The pan-Turkic agenda put forward by Talaat Pasha, the main orchestrator of the Armenian Genocide, and other Turkish leaders during the past century or so, is the driving force behind Azerbaijan’s actions.


Although Aliyev has attempted to paint this conflict as purely geo-political, claiming that his mission is to rightfully repossess Artsakh as a city of Azerbaijan, he is not interested in governing Artsakh as it is now. Rather, he is interested in an Artsakh that is free of Armenians. Should Azerbaijan’s armed forces successfully conquer Artsakh, which would give them access to mainland Armenia, the governments and leaders of Azerbaijan and Turkey would put forward exceedingly ardent efforts to eradicate the Armenians of the Caucasus.


Over the course of their recent attempts to viciously attack the Armenians fighting for and inhabiting Artsakh, the Azeri government has committed countless war crimes and international human rights violations. In the past month, they bombed the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral of Shushi as well as the maternity hospital of Stepanakert.


Dozens of schools in Artsakh have been destroyed by Azeri shelling, while their use of widely-banned cluster munitions have been damaging residential areas. Their armed forces have targeted and killed countless Armenian civilians in both Artsakh and mainland Armenia, specifically in the regions of Martuni, Askeran, Stepanakert, and Syunik. In addition, Azerbaijan’s white phosphorus munitions have burned about 150 hectares of Artsakh’s forests.


Azeri soldiers are also guilty of torturing and killing their Armenian prisoners of war, then releasing video recordings of them doing so. The killers of one Armenian fighter even went as far as to post pictures of his beheaded body on social media, then call his brother to taunt him. It was recently brought to light that the Syrian mercenaries illegally bought by Azerbaijan were told that they would be rewarded $100 for every Armenian they beheaded. Of course, none of this is being reported by Azerbaijan or any journalist visiting Azerbaijan — the Azeri government has restricted all journalist entry into the military zone. This limitation is very much in line with Turkey and Azerbaijan’s lack of media freedom.


Azerbaijan’s allies, Turkey, Israel, and Ukraine have aided Azerbaijan in its military efforts through funding, provision of military personnel, and the blockage of humanitarian aid to Artsakh. Meanwhile, countries who have attempted to intervene to peacefully facilitate agreements between Artsakh and Azerbaijan have failed continuously. Azerbaijan has violated ceasefires called by France, Russia, and the United States. Although Aliyev’s regime has faced criticism, it has yet to experience any significant consequence from the international community. Furthermore, Artsakh has been placed on Genocide Watch, but there has been no extension of any humanitarian aid to the people of Artsakh.


Although Artsakh’s Armenians are unquestionably facing the worst impacts of Azerbaijan’s actions, anti-Armenian violence is not limited to the caucasus. Armenians in Russia, France, and the United States particularly have faced hate crimes by Turks and Azeris in support of Erdogan and Aliyev’s agenda. In addition to harassment and inappropriate content on social media, violence has also been incited at protests held by Armenians. Counter-protesters at pro-Armenia rallies have been seen wielding axes and firearms in an attempt to intimidate and potentially harm Armenian protesters. In late October, 3 Armenian demonstrators were stabbed during a protest in Fresno. Around the same time, a crowd of Turkish nationalists who are members of Turkey’s ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves group took to the streets of France looking for Armenians. The Grey Wolves are a militant wing of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party, which is strongly allied to Erdogan. The Grey Wolves have since been banned in France.


Moreover, Armenians also face harassment on social media. Not only have Turks and Azeris attempted to portray Armenians as the aggressors, but they also themselves have acted as offenders as they flood direct message inboxes with threats of assault, rape, death, and extermination. They have been vocal in their support of Aliyev as well as their desire to rid the Caucasus of Armenians and any historic Armenian landmarks or traces of culture.


Although the Armenians of the diaspora have banded together to garner attention toward the violence in Artsakh, it seems that there is not a single world power willing to sanction Erdogan or Aliyev, and oust their fascist, genocidal governments. Before, as descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors, we could only imagine the pain and fear of losing our people and homeland. Now, as Aliyev and Erdogan attempt to continue Taalat Pasha’s legacy, we face our very own threat of extinction as the world continues to ignore the Armenian struggle once again. 




Jihad in Artsakh, the Musulman destruction of the oldest Christianity community in the world

And no one cares.

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Which US States Have Recognized Free Artsakh? - Digitaldaybook 


Artsakh is an Armenian Christian community sited in Mahometan Azerbaijan.  It is the oldest Christian community in the world.  The genocide started last December (2022).  150.000 Christians are being starved to death by Musulman Azeris.  Christian churches, schools, rectories and abbeys are being systematically destroyed.  No one cares.  Imagine the outrage if Christians had built walls and wires around a Musulman region, sent in a Christian army to encircle and strangle said region, and cut off all food and supplies into the area. 


12/16/2022 Artsakh (International Christian Concern)

On Monday December 12th, Azerbaijan started a blockade on the roads connecting Nagorno-Karabakh to all outside resources. This is the second time they have done this in the past month and is crippling for the Armenian people “the road, known as Lachin Corridor, is the only road connecting Karabakh to the outside world,”  ..they also shut down the gas lines for roughly four days, causing schools to temporarily close, heat was shut off in homes, and long lines at gas stations. The blockade refused humanitarian groups from entering and the government also threatened to attack any aid that attempted to enter the territory by plane.


Genocide Watch, “The present blockade [of Artsakh] is designed to deliberately inflict conditions of life calculated to bring about the end of a national, ethnical, racial or religious group in whole or in part.”  The Musulman Turks murdered 1.5 million Armenian Christians from 1915-1917, a holocaust that the ’NATO country’ still denies to this day.  It destroyed 75% of the Christian population of Turkey, which at that time, comprised ¼ of the total population.  Every vestige of Christianity from cemeteries to churches was destroyed.  Christian genocide is now happening again in Azerbaijan.


Artsakh was given to the Azeris by the Soviets under Stalin in 1923.  Artsakh became an oblast (an autonomous province with its own government) with Azerbaijan. During the past century Azerbaijan has taken the other autonomous Armenian province called Nakhichevan and literally wiped it clean of Armenian Christians, by making Christian life impossible.  The Azeris also destroyed all the churches in Nakhichevan, a process they will repeat in Artsakh.


None of this is on your Fake mainstream news, nor debated in your fake ‘democratic’ assemblies.  No one cares.  Artsakh Christians and Christians in general, are not worth anything in the eyes of the ‘modern’ secular world, especially when they are being slaughtered by Muslims.


'The Templars', by Michael Haag

An excellent history of one of the world's most important medieval groups.

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Historian Michael Haag has written an excellent 358 page account of one of Western Christendom's most virile, vital and interesting organizations. Haag's account is an informative and accessible layman's journey through the founding of the Templar's in 1119 at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which marked the crucifixon, burial and resurrection of Christ; to its demise in 1307 at the hands of the bankrupted French King ironically named Phillip the 'Fair'. As Haag relates, over twenty thousand Templars died in battle or as prisoners of war fighting the Muslims. There is no recorded example of a Templar renouncing his faith or his Order's vows under torture, punishment or extended captivity. The romance, mystery, and demonstrated energy of this most unique of Western groups will always been of interest to any interested in the Western tradition.

There are seven parts. The first three cover the historical background of the Middle East including the origins of Solomon's Temple, the rise of Christianity and the 'rise' of Islam and the context for the pilgrimmages and the Crusades. Part four deals with the Templars proper, including their rise to power and their fall. Part five deals with the aftermath of the Templars destruction and the co-optation of some of their culture, by Freemasonry. The last two sections deal with the Templar castles and sites, as well as the role of the Knights in popular culture, including games, websites and books.

What makes this book so very good, is the realistic appraisal of Islam. This is the context of this first review. Islam is not portrayed by Haag as a religious faith. It is painted as it should be – a naked program of power and control. A true Muslim believes that the Koran supersedes the Bible, and that the military-political adventurer and fascist Mohammed, was the last and greatest of the Jewish-Christian prophets. Nothing further from reality could be true. Islam was and is, a Jihadic military poli-cracy, whose goal was and is world domination:

Islam was the revealed and perfect faith, and as for the Christians, and also the Jews, as long as they submitted to Muslim rule and paid their taxes they were permitted to conduct their own affairs according to their own laws, customs and beliefs.”

As Haag states, the key to Islam is that it demands the submission of all people's to the Arab cult. Period. In the real world we call this imperialism. In PC-Cultural Marxist terms, the subjugation and tax-farming of second class knaves is termed 'inter-faith harmony'. This harmony is a resplendent orchestral composition in the 'minds' of the Muslim-lovers, as long as those playing are White Christians under the control of the masterful, educated, sophisticated and uber-intelligent Muslim class. Harmony, like so many words, is now re-equipped to denote the enslavement of Whites and Jews, under the caring tutelage of the 'minority victims', the Muslims. Islamic rule was vicious, predatory and arbitrary. In order to escape enslavement many non-Muslims just gave up and converted to the moon cult. So much for inter-faith harmony.

Many Copts converted to Islam after the ferocious repression of 832; being unable to meet taxation demands, partly because the irrigation system was falling into further disrepair, they migrated into the towns, leaving large areas of land uncultivated. Even so, not until the eleventh century, four hundred years after the Arab occupation, did the majority of Egyptians finally adopt Islam.”

The poverty of Islam was so rife and its theological Fascism so obvious that revolts against Arab and Islamic cult rule were common. Islam was not spread by preaching and earnest debate. It was manufactured in, and expanded through, war and violence. As Haag so rightly elucidates, Arab and Muslim culture was barren, and far from producing anything that created the modern world, the Islamic states were in the main poor, backwards, and uneducated. Their only salvation came from squatting and plundering richer non Muslim locales and empires:

With the triumph of an authoritarian and incurious religious dogma, with the failure to develop resources or technological advances, and with civil administrations replaced by local military autocrats, the empire of the Arabs fell into intellectual, political and economic decline.”

Even in Egypt as quoted above, it took 400 years for Islam to take root. The reason? The utter insipidity of the Muslim program militated against any social organization which could produce wealth, opportunity and rationality: In North Africa and elsewhere, the Muslims destroyed the existing and far superior Byzantine lands which had advanced systems of agriculture, irrigation, public works, sewage, and even public libraries. The complex system of social advancement was eradicated by the Muslims and Arabs. Libraries were destroyed, industries neutered and even large monuments defaced or pulled down.

There were uprisings against the Arabs throughout their empire. In Egypt, where the population had been three million at the time of the Arab conquest, the mismanagement of the country's resources was so appalling that there were not maore than one and a half million Egyptians by 1000 AD.”

The decimation of Egypt's population was a singular event. Half of the population either died or left. This is a remarkable display of an anti-civilizational theology hard at work. In fact the mindless destruction visited upon Egypt by Islam, included rather remarkably, the loss of the wheel for 3 centuries. Pack animals replaced carts in North Africa as the wheel, and its necessary ancillary infrastructure of roads, hospices, and trade centers all disappeared. No wonder the political-economy of the once rich delta state simply collapsed.

It is worth noting that the Crusades, which saved Western Europe and which were a military response to 400 years of Muslim warring against Europe, including the killing and enslaving of millions of European Christians, not to mention the destruction of once Christian lands in Syria, the Levant, North Africa, Spain, Italy, and Turkey, are positively depicted by Haag. In fact Muslim savagery is given a fair hearing in Haag's work, with the destruction of Christian pilgrims by 'extremist' [a modern appellation] Muslims, for instance being well documented.

An especially shocking attack too place at Easter 1119 when a large party of seven hundred unarmed pilgrims, both men and women, set out from Jerusalem for the river Jordan.....set upon by an Egyptian sortie from Ascalon. Three hundred pilgrims were killed and another sixty were captured to be sold as slaves.”

Even the 'sack' of Jerusalem in 1099, in which we are now told was a gigantic slaughter by Crusaders of defenseless Muslims and Jews, and which is a very large myth is told in more measured terms by Haag;

What is more, contemporary letters written by Jews living in the Eastern Mediterranean make it clear that not all Jews and Muslims in the city were killed; and indeed the contemporary Arab writer Ibn al-Arabi estimated the number of Muslim dead at Jerusalem at only three thousand.”

The multi-cult usually attributes the 1099 retaking of Jerusalem, the ancient Jewish capital of David, and the home of Christendom's most sacred shrines and relics, as a barbaric slaughter in which the streets ran with blood. No more than 4.000 died and none were enslaved out of a population of 500.000. This hardly constitutes anything more than a minor episode in the long and bloody history of Near East warfare. The Muslims slaughtered far more in taking Jerusalem in 637 and in 1187 when Saladin who is much beloved by PC Fascists, retook the city from the Latins, he enslaved over 10.000 and only let the rest go for ransom. His usual policy was to slaughter all the inhabitants, a fact which he repeated on over 10 occasions in his ceaseless wars with the Christians and Sunni Muslim sects that he conquered to unite the Muslim Near East. 

In expelling the last of the Knights from Acre in 1291, the Muslim Jihad under Baybars likewise killed some 10.000, destroyed the city, and sent any survivors into slavery. When the Muslim cult attacked the greatest of Christian cities,Constantinople, in 1453, 40.000 were butchered and 35.000 more cast in chains and sent off to the Muslim heartlands as sex slaves or workers. But none of these facts would make an impression on really clever PC relativists. For them Islam is a minority class and race, constituting a wonderful theology of improvement and love.

At least authors like Haag are detailed, realistic and intelligent enough to dispense with such claptrap.

The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam, Jonathan Riley-Smith (2008)

A necessary and moral endeavour

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In 2008 Crusader and Medieval historian Riley-Smith compiled a brief pamphlet (80 pages) on the important topic of the Crusades and the interactions with the cult of Submission.  It is well worth reading, including 24 pages of sources and references he supplies.  The ‘clash of civilisations’ is one of the major issues in our times, along with the civil war destroying what is left of ‘Western Civilisation’.  One of the benefactors of the imploding West will be the Musulman states bordering post-Christian, post-truth Europe.  They will have ample opportunity through emigration, demography and Western suicide through ‘woke’ and ‘politically correct’ cultural Marxist zeitgeist to take over vast swathes of Europe which had previously defeated the Jihad for some 1200 years.



Riley-Smith looks at the era of Crusading starting from 1095 to 1300 and picks up the story again from 1800 to 2007.  Writing and speaking in 2007, he states that the ‘politico-religio’ hostility has a long history, much of it unknown in the ‘West’ ignorant as most of the masses are about history and reality.  The terms Crusader and Crusading are used with aplomb to define this 1400-year conflict with few cognisant of what they mean or why they occurred. 


In fact, as Riley-Smith proves, ‘Arab Nationalism, and Pan-Islamism…share perceptions of crusading that have more to do with 19th century European imperialism than with actuality.’  He is right of course.  The corruption by Walter Scott in the 19th and later using the same corroded untrue strains by historian Steve Runciman in the mid-20th century, have given the ‘West’ and ‘Musulmans’ an inaccurate and ridiculous declaration of Crusaders and Crusading.  Neither of these two men was a historian in the real sense of the word.  And neither had any real idea about the subject matter.  Their output is grossly inaccurate and prejudiced but it is popular because it serves the secular society and feeds the anti-Christian, anti-Catholic culture of our times.


The above is a key insight from Riley-Smith and often appears in his other works as well.  In this short work he elaborates on the lie that the Crusades were barbaric, unprovoked, and of no value.  Catholics had suffered 400 years of endless Musulman Jihad, war, sex enslavement, destruction and the annihilation of men, women and some 30.000 churches from 630 AD to 1095 AD; not to forget the thousands of unarmed pilgrims raped and slaughtered by Musulmans.  2/3 of Christianity was taken over and wiped out by the Mahomentan Jihad and Spain and France were at risk of permanent Mahometan occupation.  The entire fabric of the political-economy and the continuity of the Catholic world around the Mediterranean basin was destroyed.


“The Crusades themselves were deeply embedded in popular Catholic ideas and devotional life.  They were not thoughtless explosions of barbarism.  The theory of force that underlay them was relatively sophisticated and was considered to be theologically justifiable by a society that felt itself threatened.  It is hard now to conceive of the intensity of the attachment felt for the holy places in Jerusalem, the concern aroused by heresy and physical assaults on the church, and the fear Westerners had of Muslim invaders who reached central France in the 8th century, and Vienna in the 16th and again the 17th century.”


The Crusades were a part of an all-out war to save civilisation.  Not just the Holy Land, but in Spain and in Provence against the demonic evil of the Albigensians.  Internal and external enemies – much the same as we have today – were rending and tearing at civilisation.  Without the Byzantine Crusades which were never called as such but starting in the 8th century the Eastern Christians were the first to fight back against the Musulman hordes, and as Riley-Smith illustrates, without the muscular, uncompromising Catholic response starting in Spain the 8th century and continuing for almost 570 years, Europe would not exist.


As Riley-Smith warns, the cultural degradation now apparent in 2023, was manifestly obvious in 2008, and was premised on ‘secular Marxism’, or cultural-Marxism, dressed up as ‘democracy’, ‘liberalism’ and other nice sounding political-platitudes, none of them accurate or true.  He wrote that our own ‘values’ would be as foreign and ridiculous to anyone from the past, as it will be to anyone from the future.  They are not the ‘right values’, and do not represent our civilisations or cultural history.  What we have today as a ‘culture’ is historically anomalous, insidious and quite evil.  The anti-Catholicism and hatred of Christianity which permeates the ‘West’ is the rejection of reality, history and real culture.  Musulmans suffer no such anxiety about their cult.  Our weakness due to our ignorance is their opportunity.  Herein lies the core of the problem cited by Riley-Smith.  Hating and debasing the Crusades without knowing much about them just highlights our own ignorance and febrility.