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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, March 25, 2023

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The implosion of the Catholic Church. Another great Schism.

Bergoglio is not the Pope. He was imposed not elected.

by Ferdinand III



Two great schisms occurred in Christian history.  In the modern era we are witnessing a third and probably final and fatal schism.  The First schism occurred in 1054 between the Western and Greek Eastern churches.  The differences between Roman and Western European culture and liturgical rites, idols and art, and of Greek and Eastern language and ecumenical emphasis, made a division ineluctable.  Add in the sordid nature of politics, the dynamics of dynasties and territorial control, and the endless conflicts which dominate the Middle Ages, and the original schism can be viewed as inevitable.  The second Christian civil war and separation was the Protesting ‘Reformation’ leading to Lutheranism and State-controlled churches.  Thought protests and outrage at the abuse of the Catholic Church and its accretion of wealth and power was necessary, very little in the way of reforming or reformation can be seen from this event.  It did benefit the State and its cabalistic interests, however which was the main purpose.

The third great schism is occurring in the modern age.  After 10 years of the worst Pope in a very long time, the interests and sects which preach the secularisation and ‘globalisation’ of the Church have hollowed out the core of Catholic history and dogma.  Pope Francis and his coup of 2013, erected by a small group of ‘St. Gallen mafia’, initiated the evisceration of traditional Catholic teachings and history.  The purpose is to align the Church to secular interests in all areas of culture, finance, and technocratic globalism.  Perversely, this very same objective will be the end of the Church itself.  The disaster that is the Papacy of Bergoglio heralds the collapse of the Catholic Church and this is simply a matter of time.  The Church, a 2000 year old institution steeped in history, miracles, revelations and innovation has made itself irrelevant.  It is probably fair to say that many if not most of its operatives, clergy, Bishops, Cardinals and apparatchiks, including the Pope, are not really Catholic.  They are politicians and of a very crude and low quality. 


For the past 10 years, under Bergoglio, the imposed and false Pope, a great revolution and schism has developed in the Catholic Church.  It is in essence the infiltration of the Church in Rome, by operatives who ultimately work for “the prince of this world” (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11), namely the Devil and are evil in their influence and objectives.  ‘The prince of this world’ works through the faux-Pope Bergoglio, who is implementing the wishes of the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65 which sought the collapse of traditional Catholicism.  This disastrous council ushered in Masonic influence within the Catholic Church, mirroring the Masonic penetration in most Western governments, in particular the ‘criminal’ US Federal government.  The philosophies of Bergoglio and Vatican II are represented by ‘nominalism’ (nothing is real), ‘progressivism’ (science as religion), and ‘relativism’ (everything is equal), and have been employed as weapons to undermine fidelity to Catholic history and tradition.


Bergoglio and his cabal do not promulgate Catholic doctrine.  They are on the record for stating that Catholics and Christians should not evangelise their faith.  They believe in the power of secular government and authority to be far greater than the Church.  ‘Relativism’ imbues the Church’s position on Muhammadanism, open borders, other faiths and even paganism.  Under Bergoglio the Catholic Church is just one faith or belief system of many, and probably not even the best, truest or most important.  Traditional mass is now outlawed, and some of the most traditional Catholic and holy of groups are openly persecuted by the Vatican and Bergoglio including the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Heralds of the Gospel, the Little Sisters of Mary Mother of the Redeemer.  Other traditional Catholic groups are declared to be ‘terrorist’ groups.  It all fits the pattern for both Church and State.  From Vatican II and Bergoglio Catholic doctrine is demoted and ridiculed and its place the new religious doctrines are elevated, including inter-alia:


  • Science or more accurately defined $cience, or Scientism which is the merger of technology and corrupted philosophy, which should inform all activities and compliance
  • Climate Worship (plant food has nothing to do with climate)
  • Gaia worship which is usually conflated with ‘Climate’
  • ‘Malthusianism’ or the mistaken belief that there are too many humans and the population needs culling (total population will fall by 35%, by 2100)
  • Open borders and the destruction of once White Christian nation states
  • World Economic Forum, UN, WHO and other transnational power structures as the ruling theologies to follow
  • Corona Fascism, health-Nazism and subservience to the state and its whims on ‘vaccinations’ (made with murdered baby-liver cells), technology and digital banking control
  • Muhammandanism, the most Christophobic cult in history, to be embraced as a fellow traveller, a friend, and the same as, or even better than the Church
  • Russian guilt in the Ukrainian conflict, and the elevation of the corrupt Jewish run oligarchy of the Ukraine as a glowing democratic ideal, and the only bulwark between the Russian Orcs and civilisational obliteration


This third and final schism, on-going since 1965, is an act of self-immolation, implemented by the ‘Deep Church’ in alliance with ‘Deep State’ actors, and those pushing a ‘New World Order’.  All of the above theologies from the globalists and deep state.  The core of Church-rot lies within the once-vaunted, now emasculated and corrupt order of Jesuits.  Bergoglio is first a Jesuit and then a Catholic.  It used to be Catholic law that it was forbidden for a Jesuit to ascend the ranks of the Hierarchy.  For some reason, in Bergoglio’s case, this precedent was ignored when he became a consecrated Archbishop of Buenos Aires.  This was a papal dispensation given rather ironically and surprisingly by Pope Benedict, often portrayed as the anti-thesis of Bergoglio.  If that dispensation had not been granted and instead the Rule of St. Ignatius had been respected, Bergoglio would never have become Pope.  It is evident that the Jesuits have played a prominent role not only in carrying out the conciliar revolution, but also in manoeuvring to bring one of their own to the Throne of Peter.  It is also obvious that the rot in the Jesuit order and the Vatican long pre-dates 1965 and that for whatever reason, Pope Benedict wittingly, or unwittingly, played a decisive role in bringing the disaster called Bergoglio to the papacy.


The ‘Bergoglian’ revolution is the extension of Vatican II.  Since 1965, the Church no longer views itself as unique or inspired by divine guidance.  It roundly rejects most of its history, especially those pertaining to the mystics, the saints, the physical and well recorded and observed miracles, the apparitions, bleeding statues, stigmata, blood giving eucharists, the Shroud of Turin which cannot be explained even by the most mendacious of Church-haters.  The entire corpus of the immaterial and spiritual, so significant and real for Catholics over 1900 years, consigned to the superstition, illiteracy, gullibility and fanaticism of primitive people – the same ones who built civilisation including modern science, mathematics, medicine and technology. 


It is hard to know if priests, bishops, cardinals, the Vatican, the hierarchy of the Church and Bergoglio actually believe in God or Christ.  Perhaps real faith hides within the governance structure.  The Catholic Church is a top-down dictatorial model of governance.  There is no room for individuality.  No church in the Catholic world preaches Catholic history, miracles, the saints, or Hell.  Some of the gospel readings do include miracles created by Christ but are usually glossed over as the sermon rushes on to the ‘urgent’ issue of ‘the climate hell’.  Not a mention of Christian Hell in any church.  No historical anecdotes, analogies, personality expositions, or references to the great achievements of the Catholic Church.  Nothing. 


The only refrains uttered in the Catholic Church is that ordained by its top-down directorate and the themes are globalist-Marxist, suffused with ‘relativism’, earnest applause and concern for not just Muhammadans but non-believers, Gaia and the deep-state demands of compliance and conformity.  Anyone who is ‘good’ goes to heaven states Bergoglio, no need for that tiresome investment of energy and intellect to understand the Catholic catechism and the old and new testaments.  Christ was Lord says the Church, but let’s be quiet about it quickly adds.  It might sound ‘unscientific’ to be too bold about the claim. Some sermons cautiously mention that imitating Christ and ‘loving thy neighbour’ no matter what, would be a good path forward.  But the sermon will reiterate that the relationship of ‘love thy neighbour’ is entirely uni-directional.  There is no need for anyone to love you the Catholic and when you are hated, you should accept it and know your place.  Turn your cheek and don’t fight back, accept your inferiority, and ‘bear your cross’.  You are of no importance and your creed is at best a nice superstition.  These are vapid and degraded inversions of the real gospel and point of Christianity.  Such a doctrine of passive supine ignorance would have landed a medieval priest a meeting with a rope and a stake.


What is the logical outcome of Vatican II and the Bergoglio-coup?  Empty churches, empty offertories, empty seminaries, empty religious orders and empty-headed clergy. 


The Corona scamdemic was in my opinion, the death knell for the Catholic Church.  It could have stood up to the globalist-secular state and defended freedom.  It could have invoked its muscular 2000-year history of civilisation and protecting natural law rights.  From Don Pelayo to Copernicus, from Leo III to John Paul II, the Church could have rallied civilisation and those with critical thinking skills, even those non-Catholics who could view the Fascism for what it was, against the demonic evil of the scamdemic.  The dead from lockdowns, the stabs, the policies, may have been prevented.  Instead the Church acquiesced and ignored its historic role as the guardian of civilisation and freedom, not to mention critical thinking and faith.  It was simply an accessory to fascism and murder.  The Church abdicated its power and authority to the ‘deep state’ and its globalist cabal.  More than likely, money was involved as a reason for the abdication.  Priests or any Catholic who spoke out were attacked, marginalised and shuttered – by the Church. 


It is clear that the Catholic Church is rending itself into pieces.  Traditional Catholics are attacked, some are declared to be terrorists.  They won’t participate in the Bergoglian heresy.  Globalist ideology, open borders, relativism, neo-Malthusianism, the New World Order, and the Religion of Humanity, all conspire to destroy the Church from within.  When the Christian Church sounds like the BBC, or a UN manifesto, it patently serves no real purpose.


Read: Archbishop Vigano on what ails the Church.

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