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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, February 4, 2024

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The Indispensable Catholic Church

If the Catholic Church did not exist, there would be no European civilisation.

by Ferdinand III



Lincoln Cathedral's West Front - St Barnabas Hospice

Christophobia and anti-White racism are the only acceptable forms of discrimination and bigotry, in the fast declining ‘West’.  In our fake-news, fake-science world, nothing is off limits if you want to ridicule or slander Christianity or Whites.  The same standards don’t apply to Muhammad’s cult, Muslims, pagans, Hindus, Asians, Blacks or non-Whites.  As far as the average person’s ignorance goes, the Catholic Church was a repressive, superstitious, idiotic, power-mad, totalitarian entity, that warped and distorted mankind, or he/she/zhe-kind’s ascent to the sunlight uplands of the Age of ‘Reason’ which has led to the philosophical conundrum ‘what is a woman’?


In reality, the Catholic Church built Western Civilisation.  The ‘Dark Ages’ are atheist and Protestant propaganda, a theory built on lies, illiteracy and a deep hatred of what transpired before the 17th century.  Suffice it to say that the supposed ‘scientific revolutions’ were all constructed on about 800 years of painful effort by the Catholic Church.  There is no argument against this fact acknowledged by historians during the past century including A. C. Crombie, David Lindberg, Edward Grant,, Stanley Jaki, Thomas Goldstein and J.L. Heilbron. 


The Catholic Church never repudiated the pagan legacies of Greece, Rome or of the Germanic tribes which dominated Europe from the 5th century onwards.  Without the Catholic Church saving these legacies and building upon them, Western civilisation – notwithstanding its current demonic and parlous state – would never have existed. 


The Catholic contribution to ‘Science’ went well beyond theory, so beloved by modern ‘science’, to proofs and physical experimentation, now demoted by modern ‘science’ as inferior to arcane maths.  Nicholas Steno initiated the organised study of geology.  Athanasius Kircher began Egyptology.  Giamba Riccioli was the first person to measure the rate of acceleration of a freely falling body.  Roger Boscovich was the first to elucidate atomic theory.  Jesuits so dominated astronomy, seismology and the study of earthquakes that these were often referred to as the Jesuit ‘sciences’.  Some 35 craters on the moon are named for Jesuit astronomers, and mathematicians. 


In summary, the Roman Catholic Church gave more financial aid and social support to the study of astronomy over 6 centuries, than any other institution in history (Heilbron).  The Church’s role in the development of maths, science, technology and engineering is one of the best kept secrets in Western Civilisation.  The above examples are a tithe of what could be listed.


We can take the monks as an example.  Without the monastic orders beginning in earnest in the 6th century (St Benedict and his order), it is unlikely that Western Civilisation develops.  There is hardly a significant endeavour in the advancement of civilisation during the Middle Ages, that did not involve monks.  In every sphere of society, the monks dominated development.  There is no parallel to this in history.


Education and universities were developed by the Church – unique in their scope, outlooks and geographical density.  These Catholic built universities dating from the 12th century, were foundations for learning in medicine, natural philosophy, the sciences, maths and law.  Without them the entire direction of European development would be hindered and reduced. 


Western law, both national and international is a gift from the Church.  International law rights start in the 16th century with Vittoria and La Casa who defended the rights of indigenous Americans to their land and bodies.  Church Canon emanating from the age of Justinian (6th century) is the basis for all the legal codes of European states.  It was the Church who reconciled and unified disparate systems and ideas and formed legal jurisprudence as a system and entity of arbitration and peace-making.  Legal rights, personal rights, individual rights come directly out of the Catholic Church and pre-date the theories of Locke and Jefferson by some 500 years. 


Even in economics, the theories of Smith and Ricardo were preempted by the Late Scholastics of the 14th – 16th centuries, especially the Spanish theologians.  Joseph Schumpeter named these Catholics as the founders of modern economics.  So they were.  Trade, price points, utility, demand and supply, government intervention, the impacts of taxes and other distortions were all discussed, debated and put into different frameworks by the 16th century.  Because much of this innovation was Spanish and Catholic it was ignored.


The Catholic Church’s commitment to the poor, both in spirit and in physical need has no parallel in history.  The first welfare systems were built by Catholics and the very ideas of hospitals, hospices, orphanages and charity to all who need it, were Catholic creations stretching back to the first century A.D.  Indeed, one of the mainsprings of conversion in the centuries following Christ’s crucifixion was the social fact that Christians took care of their neighbours.


The pagan culture of might-makes-right, infanticide, polygamy, endless warring, barbarity, a legal system which benefitted only the rich, a society in which half the population were slaves in some form or other, was opposed by the Church which preached the opposite. 


To take physics as a case in point, it is obvious that the pagan world’s pantheistic naturalism was an impediment to real science.  Gods or demi-gods were according to the ancients, behind all movement, bodies and objects.  Once you remove this pagan myth, real science can begin. 


As proven by Pierre Duhem, physics as a discernible science, can be dated to at least the 13th century when Oresme dethroned Aristotle and removed pantheism from observational reality, building the basis of the laws of inertia and motion, later used by Galileo and Newton.  In most areas far from producing science, pagan cultures retarded its development.


It was not only the Church's mission from God to save Europe from the barbarity of the Musulman Jihad, it was also the Catholic Church’s mission to educate, civilise and teach the barbarians inside the gates.  

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