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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

Archive - January 2023

White Slavery. Roman, Muslim. Shouldn't Muslims bend knees to White Christians?

Tens of millions of enslaved Whites. Where is the outrage?

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The Forgotten European Slaves of Barbary North Africa and Ottoman ... 

The Roman empire at the time of Christ had about 100 million people within its borders.  It is estimated that 40% of the population of Rome which housed some 1.5 million people were slaves.  That is roughly 600.000 White slaves just in the capital.  Hence the bread and circuses to keep them fed and diverted.  Across the Roman empire the usual estimates are that 10-20% were slave chattel, or some 10-20 million Whites.  This is likely an understatement.  The Roman empire was a slave empire, everything was built and managed by cheap slave labour.  All industry, agriculture, warring and daily life depended on slaves.  Quite likely 30-40% within the Roman empire were slaves. 

The need for slaves meant that the empire must expand, necessitating endless wars, to find more slaves.  A citizen of Rome could not normally be enslaved.  The Romans needed non-Romans, Slavs from south-eastern Europe, Goths and Teutons from the north, Celts and Britons from the north-west.  Very little trafficking in Black slaves occurred during Roman times, there was no need for it.  Supplies of White slaves were plentiful and easily obtained.  It was a ‘civilisation’ built on White slavery.  This is apparently, for the ‘intellectual’, the high point of ‘classical civilisation’ and the apogee of ‘development’.  An empire which existed on White slavery is applauded with happy nods, grins, and raised eyebrows, as the great example of man’s civilising mission.

None of this is taught today in ‘education’, but the barbarity of the Roman empire was a well-known fact in the Middle Ages, before the ‘Enlightenment’ endarkened reality and substituted Christianophobia with a biased anti-Christian theology into historical, sociological, and cultural discourse.  Various Christian Medieval Kings, including Charlemagne, ridiculed the coarseness of Rome and Athens, their lack of progress in many areas, the unlimited enslavement, depravity and secular barbarity reflected in societies that operated without the Christian ideals of chivalry, equality, humility, forgiveness and charity.  The ancient world for most was nasty, brutish and short.

Rome enslaved tens of millions of Whites.  But do congratulate its greatness.

What about Arabs, Muslims, Black Muslims, Turkish Muslims, Mongol Muslims and White slavery?  Didn’t the Muslims hug, kiss and tenderly develop the ‘dark age’ ‘ignorant’ Christians, teaching them Aristotle, showing them how to bathe, endeavouring them to read and write, patiently showing them farming and fishing?  So, we are told.  In reality, the far more advanced civilised, learned, technologically sophisticated and industrialised ‘dark age Europeans’ were raped and slaughtered en-masse over 1200 years by Muslims.  Tens of millions of White Christians were taken by these Koran-inspired Jihadists over 1200 years from every geographical angle and direction.  White Slavery only ended along the Barbary-Muslim coast in 1816 for example, with 1.5 million Whites enslaved over 250 years.  Surely there is an academic and ‘expert’ somewhere who will define this enslavement as liberating, educating and justified. 

It is curious that Arabs, Turks, Black Muslims, Mongols and Muslim Berbers don’t need to bend knees to White Christians.  The Muslim empires, like the Roman were slave empires.  In the Muhammadan cult, a Muslim cannot enslave another Muslim.  This is why the Koran goes to great lengths adjuring the taking ‘with the right hand’ of Christians.  White slaves were needed to run the Muslim empire, fill the galleys and armies, dig out the mines, build the ships and cities, develop the land and agriculture, serve as sex-chattel for the illimitable lusts of Muslim lords, governors, caliphs and Sultans.  The Muslim empires imitated the Roman.  They were primitive and built on human flesh. 

Facing Islam Blog: ISLAM 101

The carnage in lost White lives, broken families, destroyed societies, the individual agony of being enslaved, the pain, the torture, the galley slave rowing in his own faeces and urine year after year, the massive harems stocked with white women, the white Christian boys having their penises removed to make them eunuchs to guard harems and sultans…..none of this is even discussed.

-In North Africa alone, from 640 to 1816, Arab, Black, Berber Muslims enslaved well over 5 million Whites both from within North African domains (Roman, Greek, Christian slaves) and from Europe (invasions, corsairs, raids who were brought back to North Africa to be used or sold as slaves).

-Arab and Black Muslims enslaved over 1 million White Christians just in Spain. Most people don’t know that waves of Black Muslims were pre-dominant in the Muslim Jihad in Spain.

-Arab and Black Muslims linked up with the Vikings to promote White slave trading all over Gaul and Britain, with hundreds of thousands of Whites enslaved during the Viking invasions sold to Muslims in Spain, North Africa and the Levant.  Probably another 1 million Whites were sent by Vikings south to Muslims over 200 years.  One of the great drivers of the Viking invasions was white slavery.  Dublin, Limerick and Waterford in Ireland were established as slave trading centres.  During the Roman era Bristol was already known as a white-slave trading port.  White slavery was endemic in Roman, Saxon and Viking Britain.

-Ottoman Muslims enslaved some 2.5 million Christian boys (the Janissaries) over 250 years JUST from the Balkans (7-10.000 / yr average x 250 years).  One cannot understand the Balkans without comprehending the slaughter and devastation enacted by the Muslim Ottomans over 400 years; including the ‘devshirme’ or the collection of young Christian boys, many of them to be castrated, all of them converted to Muhammadanism, with a majority trained and brainwashed to become the elite warriors of the Sultan or Janissaries.  Yet there is nary a whimper about this today from the ‘intellectuals’ in the ‘West’.

-Ottoman Muslims enslaved some 5 million Hungarians and millions more in Austria, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Wallachia, over 400 years.  In Hungary alone some 5 million may have been taken.  Given that the Muslim Turks enacted yearly raids or razzia, to find Christian slaves, and could easily attack villages and cities with their endless hordes and enslave 20.000 to 40.000 from just one razzia, it stands to reason that 5-10 million White slaves over 250 years would easily be taken from Central Europe (250 years x 10.000 = 2.5 million, so 5 million would be a very low estimate).

-Muslims enslaved some 2-5 million Russians from modern day Russia and Ukraine (Mongols, Turks).  The wars and raids from the south and east into Russia and eastern Europe were almost yearly after 1200, with both Moscow and Kiev destroyed in the 1240s.  There was the endless Muslim search for  rape and booty, much of it targeting the beautiful White women usually depicted as prostitutes in Muslim propaganda.

One can read about the Ottoman slaughter in just one area say Albania, to get a sense of the scale of White enslavement by Muslims.  Small Albania which fronts Italy on the Adriatic was planned to be the launching pad for an invasion of Italy and an attack on Rome.  In the 15th century the great Christian warrior Skanderberg, once a Muslim slave and forced lover of the Sultan took control of Albania and led a Christian revolt. Skanderberg had been handed over to the Ottomans by his Father, an Albanian Lord who tried to ransom peace with the Muslims to protect his lands.  This agreement was never honoured by the Muslims of course and Skanderberg as a ransomed prisoner was raped by the Sultan as a boy, forcibly converted to Islam, and became a renowned warrior and Ottoman general. 

Skanderberg became one of Europe’s greatest and probably, least known, heroes.  In the 15th century, for over 25 years and victorious in at least 30 battles, outnumbered in every one, sometimes by 20:1, Skanderberg defeated the huge Muslim armies which pressed into Albania and arrested the expansion of their empire.  He bought Europe about 70 years which proved to be the difference between most of the Continent remaining Christian or being Muslimified.  It is very hard to estimate the extent of slavery just from little Albania, but in reading the wars of Skanderberg, probably in 30 years at least 500.000 White Christians were enslaved, and the land was rendered so desolate and de-populated that it has NEVER recovered.  In the Middle Ages, Albania was wealthy, White and Christian.  After 1500 it became Muslim and poor.  Just imagine one small area of southern Europe, offering up 500.000 White slaves.  The extent of White slavery to feed the various Muslim empires from 640 A.D. to 1816 A.D. is almost unfathomable.

But in today’s upside-down, clown-world, where history is rewritten and lies and stupidity are now truth and intelligence, Muslim Arabs, Berbers, Turks and Mongols don’t need to bend knees to White Christians.  Such ignorance is how civilisations die.



Muslim eradication of Christianity in Africa

African Jihad dating from 640 A.D. Still on-going.

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Black Lives Don’t Matter if you are a Black Christian in Africa.  Black Lives Don’t Matter if you are a Black slave of Muslim and Black owners in central and East Africa, some 5-10 million who are slave chattel.  Nary a word from the ‘experts’, ‘the science’, ‘those who know’ about the eradication of Christianity in Africa, or the on-going enslavement of Christians and non-Muslims in vast areas of Africa.  Only cries about the non-existent Climate-plant food-catastrophe, or mental illness dysphoria over gender, or Corona fascism over a death rate of 0.3% or less.  Black Christian Lives Don’t Matter.

The Muslim Jihad in Africa started in the 640s with the eradication of Romano-Christian and Berber civilisations in North Africa.  By the 8th century Sahara and sub-Sahara were under Jihadic attack.  The great invasions of Spain during the 7th, 10th, and 11th centuries were fuelled in part by Black Muslims.  Millions of White Christians in Spain were killed, enslaved or forced to convert to the cult of Muhammad to survive.  Endless thousands of Christian churches and buildings destroyed or converted to Muslim use.  No need for Black or Arab Muslims today, to bend knees White Spanish Christians. 

Muslims and the persecution of Christians in Africa are intrinsically linked. Weakened governments on the African continent are worn down by years of fighting a losing battle against jihadists and are enfeebled by their own corruption and conspicuous consumption. The unnecessary and destructive global shutdown over Covid-19 has served to weaken them further, and embolden Islamic extremists, who have accelerated their plans to establish a Caliphate.

The Islamic State (IS) in Africa is rapidly expanding. IS West African Province (ISWAP) has stepped up its activities in the Sahel, pledging allegiance to the new IS Caliph, Abu al-Husayn al-Husayni al-Qurashi.

Nigeria is being ravaged by the three-pronged menace of ISWAP and their rivals, Boko Haram and Fulani militants. ISWAP and Boko Haram especially want to eliminate Christians as part of their jihadist crusade, in an ongoing ethnic cleansing which could soon rival the 1994 Rwandan genocide if left unabated. 

On the Nigerian side of Lake Chad, ISWAP and Boko Haram have been fighting each other for dominance since 2016. The war is displacing millions, spilling over into the rest of the Sahel and killing thousands. Fishermen on Lake Chad pay a ‘levy’ to ISWAP militants, a trophy prize which Boko Haram ruthlessly aim for regardless of how many they murder or maim in this pursuit. Their rivalry is ripping apart the Sahel, and innocents are suffering.

Since Islamists began their terror campaign in Nigeria 14 years ago, over two million people have been displaced and 40,000 killed. Christians there make up half the population of just over 200 million.

In August, ISWAP militants murdered 40 Christians including children in south-west Nigeria, and injured dozens. The attack took place during a church service for Pentecost. Assaulting and murdering Christians in their houses of prayer is a favoured tactic by Islamist militants in Africa. Two months later Fulani militants killed more than 70 Christians in central Nigeria.

Islamists in Nigeria frequently stage jail breaks to free high-profile jihadists, with 4,300 inmates escaping since 2017. Ansaru, a new al-Qaeda affiliate in the Sahel, is responsible for spreading jihadist propaganda and further bloodshed in the country. 

Ansaru also has a presence in Libya, a failed state where Islamist factions compete for dominance, targeting Muslim apostates and enslaving Christian migrants seeking passage to Europe. The latter serves as a fundraising exercise for Muslim extremists such as al-Qaeda, a point that cheerleaders for uncontrolled immigration would do well to remember.

Another country in the Sahel, Mali, is being ripped apart by IS who target Christian men and boys, murdering them because of their faith. IS has taken advantage of the devastation there caused by the government’s implementation of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Five million Christians in Burkina Faso are being subjected to growing persecution by Islamist factions, with jihadists emboldened by yet another country devastated by Covid-19 anti-science policies. Since 2015, IS and al-Qaeda have killed around 1.5million people in this small African state. While Westerners cheered lockdown and grew fat on their takeaways and furlough money, the thousands who fled Islamist persecution in Burkina Faso for a precarious existence in refugee camps were impoverished. Ignored by a world obsessed with ‘safety’, jihadists accelerated their attacks on churchgoers.

Outside the Sahel, Islamists have been encouraged by the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda instructed its branch in Somalia, al-Shabaab, to dedicate itself to overthrowing the Somalian government and the expulsion of foreign forces. Car bombs and suicide bombings are their weapons of choice, innocent civilians are their targeted collateral damage.

Al-Shabaab’s status in al-Qaeda is rising; its tentacles are spreading to Kenya and Ethiopia too. In October, dozens were killed or wounded in al-Shabaab’s suicide bombing in Somalia, one of at least 41 such attacks since 2022. Al-Shabaab has killed thousands of civilians, including children, and Britons living in Mogadishu.  It too marks Christians for persecution and death.


Further south, IS continues to advance. Its activities in South Africa, where they have established training camps and cells, are strengthened by the corruption and inefficiency rife in the country’s security forces.

ISWAP is also progressing in Mozambique, seeking to establish an Islamic Caliphate by ethnically cleansing 18million Christians living there. Their favoured tactics are burning churches and religious schools, beheading innocents and kidnapping girls. While Westerners spent much of 2022 hiding from a flu virus, jihadists went on a killing spree of Christians in Mozambique, attacking more than 100 churches, murdering 300 innocents and displacing 80,000 people.


Islamist jihadism and Christians are intrinsically linked, the latter the most persecuted people in the world. While the West eats itself over Covid-19, ‘racism’ and ‘climate change’, it ignores what is effectively the violent establishment of a Caliphate in whole swathes of Africa. Real racism is occurring there, with this oppression of non-white Christians in danger of turning into a genocide. If Westerners could protest against this instead of focusing on self-indulgent navel gazing, Christians in Africa might stand a chance of survival against the Islamist onslaught.



Muslim Jihad and takeover of Christian Spain

Terror, Trickery, internal Visigothic weaknesses.

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Al Andalus - San Gregorio Sección Bilingüe


By 709 A.D. Musa bin Nasyr the Ummayid governor, had conquered all of North Africa.  Christian and Berber civilisation was effaced.  The Berbers en-masse converted to the Meccan cult and under their chieftain ‘Tarek’ of Tangiers, would lead the invasion of Christian Spain which was one of the richest areas in the Mediterranean basin a fact confirmed by the amazed Muslim chroniclers as they conquered the peninsula.  The Christian Visigoths viewed the Muslimified Berbers for what they were – uneducated, uncivilised, quite pagan in their practices, brutal, deceitful, vicious. 

Raids against Spain proceeded during 709 and 710.  By 711, Tarek had assembled enough information on the riches and allures of Spain, both human and inanimate, and had trained and provisioned at least 12.000 mostly Berber (non-White) Muslims for the invasion.  The fleet put in at Gibraltar or ‘Tarek’s hill’ and the boats were burnt, the villagers raped and killed and some eaten.  Survivors were sent to the mainland to terrify the Christian population with stories of Muslim savagery.

Visigothic King Roderick was based in Toledo and was soon warned of the invasion.  Rousing his nobles and army, he proceeded south and met the Muslims near the Guadalete river.  The Muslims were energised and emboldened by Tarek’s tale of endless physical pleasures with beautiful Christian sex slaves should the Muslim’s win victory, along with rich plunder.  If killed in battle the Muslim ghazi Jihadi would enjoy the sexual delights of the nubile houris or big breasted virgins and young boys.  It was always a win-win for the Jihadis. 

Tarek directly attacked King Roderick, whose men nearby scattered, indicating treason or abject cowardice.  He was slain and the battle was a rout.  Most of the Christian army was slaughtered, units retreated back to their districts and the standard bearer of Roderick one Don Pelagius or Pelayo, retreated with a handful of men to the north of Spain to carry on the fight.  Post Gaudalete the Muslims began to penetrate deep in Spain, with terror, rape and slaughter in the vanguard.  A second large battle with the remnants of the original Christian army under Roderick was fought at Ecija ending in another Muslim victory.  Resistance began to collapse across the peninsula.  The Muslims in Africa when fed news of these victories, began to cross the strait and join the Jihad in their many thousands.  Christians continued to fight, using castles and fortresses to great effect to try and slow the Jihad.  Muslim sources detail the valour and resolution of the Christian defence.  In Cordoba the leading Christian Visigoths were forced to retreat into a Cathedral.  The Muslims promised them safe passage if they surrendered.  Knowing this was a lie they instead fought on and all were burnt to death as the Muslims set the Cathedral on fire. 

The catastrophic destruction and takeover of Spain in just a few years is difficult to understand given the wealth and power of the Christian kingdom.  Terror and trickery were certainly important in the Muslim conquest.  The speed of the Muslim armies, lightly armed, with light calvary probably took the Christian military leaders, whose men and calvary were more heavily armed and who relied on overwhelming power at the point of impact, by surprise.  Jews also aided the Muslim invasion often opening up city gates to the Muslim forces, and providing troops to garrison towns taken by the Jihad.

From 711 to 717 the Muslims conquered Christian Spain, a peninsula with over 5 million inhabitants.  The dead, wounded and forcibly converted are almost impossible to calculate, but in the region of some 500.000 were killed or murdered, some 1 million enslaved and the rest broken under the Dhimmi-Jizya system of subjugation, with a large minority converting over time to the cult of Muhammad, categorised as Mooriscoes to those who were once Christian but were now for various reasons, part of the Muhammadan cult. 


Muslim Jihad and the first 2 sieges of Constantinople

Emperor Leo of Byzantium saved civilisation in 717 A.D.

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By 717 A.D. Christendom was nearly destroyed.  The ‘West’ was a rump of a once singular cultural empire, with Christian states in the Pyrenes and north remaining free of the Muslim Jihad and domination.  Syria, Egypt and North Africa, once prosperous Christian lands were now lying in waste and ruin, ruled over by various Muslim emirs, with millions enslaved, hundreds of thousands killed in battle, and millions more being forced to convert to Muhammad’s cult.  Tens of thousands of Churches were pulled down, libraries including Alexandria which was the largest ever in the ancient world torched and industry and agriculture spoilt and decimated.  The real prize of the Jihad, Constantinople, the Christian capital of the Byzantine empire and the wealthiest city in the world, eluded the Muslim Jihad.

Muslim sources defined the Roman-Christian empire and its capital as ‘slaves of the cross’, and its emperor a ‘Roman dog’.  Muhammad in divinely sanctioning Jihad targeted Christianity and especially Constantinople as its primary objective (see 9:29, with Sura 9 being a chapter devoted to war and terrorism against Christianity).  Abu Sufyan (b. 602), who was a general at the Muslim victory at Yarmuk in 637 A.D was desirous of conquering the Roman dogs.  Sacking and plundering Georgia and Armenia, taking tens of thousands of slaves and slaughtering at least 50.000 in battle, Sufyan began the long process of raiding and controlling Constantinople’s hinterland upon which it depended for men, food and industry.  The first siege of Constantinople lasted from 674-678 but was defeated.  Theophanes a contemporary Christian historian wrote that ‘the deniers of Christ’ numbered over 100.000 Ghazi or warriors but were destroyed, with their fleets burnt and scattered by the use of ‘Greek fire’ an early napalm, which issued from the Byzantine biremes or rowed-galley warships.  The Christian victory over the Muslim hordes in 678 AD at Constantinople quite likely saved Western civilisation and Europe.  Few know of it today.

One of the allures of for the Muslim Jihad were the ‘beautiful’ White women of the Christian Roman empire, always depicted in Arab and Muslim literature as lascivious, wanton, prone to prostitution.  Abut al-Jahiz (b 776), a Muslim chronicler at the court in Damascus, wrote that the White Christian Byzantine woman was the ‘most shameless in the world’.  They were adulterous, prone to sexual escapades and not much better than a prostitute.  Muslim sources routinely declare that White women enjoyed being sex slaves and the sexual toys of men.  Even nuns were depicted as whores offering themselves clandestinely to monks.  In today’s ‘modern’ world the allure of sex slavery for the Muslim Jihad is almost completely ignored even though in the Ukraine modern Muslim Jihadi’s were inspired to fight against NATO citing the beautiful and fetching women of the Ukraine as potential prizes.  Millions of White women, just from Eastern Christendom, the Balkans, central Europe, Ukraine and Russia have been sold into sex chattel slavery over 1400 years.  The Viking onslaught from the 8th to 11th centuries was in large part to furnish Moslem caliphates and empires with White sex slaves.  Dublin was established as a sex-trading centre to feed the insatiable Muslim demand for White slaves.  Many entrepots in the East along the major rivers of Russia and the Ukraine provided the same.  No one in the ‘modern West’ believes that knee-bending for the millions of White men and women sold as sex chattel is necessary. 

The evisceration of the Muslim Jihad at the walls of Constantinople in 678 A.D. allowed the Byzantines to reconquer former Christian territory.  The Jihad however resumed in 705 A.D. under Caliph Al-Walid ‘the great hater of Christians’, who started the new effort by demolishing the great Basilica dedicated to John the Baptist in Damascus, a city now long controlled by the Muslims.  Walid raided and razed Anatolia and its cities and towns.  He invaded Armenia and hauled off endless booty and White slaves back to Damascus sending thousands in slavery to Arabia.  He began to fell entire cedar forests in Lebanon to rebuild the Muslim navy for an assault on Constantinople.  By 715 A.D. Walid had assembled 200.000 Muslim Jihadis to attack the Christian capital, some 120.000 by land, and 80.000 by sea.  However, he died in 715 A.D. and was succeeded by Suleiman who had the same ambition of annihilating the great Christian capital.  Suleiman instructed his Muslim emirs in places like Egypt to ‘milk’ the Christian ‘camels’, to finance his vast forces being assembled and trained to slaughter and end the Christian Byzantine empire.  In many places hot irons were seared into the heads of Christians who had to pay not only the Jizya tax to allow their very survival and existence, but also the surfeit of other taxes to the Muslim Jihad.  If a Christian was discovered without this ‘sign’ he would have his arms severed, and after was beheaded.

Suleiman’s brother Muslama was tasked with taking Constantinople.  He attacked across Anatolia with his 120.000 man army, with ‘both sword and fire, he put an end to Asia Minor’, according to Muslim sources.  By the summer of 717 A.D. leaving a trail of absolute devastation, dead bodies, burning cities and towns behind, the Muslim Jihad under Maslama reached the walls of Constantinople.  Catapults, battering rams and the siege engines of war were deployed along the walls of the city, hauled to their stations over hundreds of miles by an endless train of mules and camels.  Unable to make an impression on the walls, the Muslim army awaited the great navy, carrying some 80.000 more men, which arrived around September 1.  The Christians surprising the Muslims, immediately sent out their Navy from behind the heavy chain which guarded the Dardanelles against the Muslim Jihadi fleet.  Within a short period of time, most of the Muslim navy was afire, or sinking.  The Christian ships withdrew behind the chain after this surprising victory.

The Muslim army however was still entrenched around the city and showed no interest in leaving.  The siege continued throughout a cold and cruel winter.  Disease, frost and famine started to decimate the Muslim army.  By the spring it was in disarray, greatly reduced in numbers, with extraordinarily low morale.  The Muslims were reduced to eating camels, horses and mules and plague roared through their camps.  In the early spring of 718 a massive 800 ship fleet arrived from Alexandria in support of the Muslim siege.  Most of the slaves rowing these galleys were conscripted and enslaved Coptic Christians.  Remarkably, they rebelled, left the fleet and found refuge in the city.  This deprived the Muslim fleet of its manpower and mobility.  Again, the Christian navy attacked and as before the Muslim fleet was completely routed with most of its ships set on fire or sunk. 

The Christian navy this time pursued the fleeing Muslim fleet and destroyed most of what remained.  Paid with Byzantine gold, the non-Christian Bulgars, in their empire to the north of the Byzantines, attacked the weakened and sick Muslim army, killing more than 20.000 Jihadis.  The new Caliph Omar II ordered the Muslim army back to Damascus on August 15 718 A.D.  A massive summer storm destroyed what remained of the Muslim fleet and out of the 200.000 ghazis who attacked Constantinople in 717 A.D., maybe 30.000 straggled back to Damascus by land.  Leo, the Byzantine empire, his army and fleet saved western civilisation according to historian A. Vasilev, ‘By his successful resistance Leo saved not only the Byzantine Empire and the eastern Christian world, but also all of western civilisation’.  Vasilev is right.



The Muslim invasion and takeover of Christian North Africa

Genocide. Rape. Slaughter. Cities pulled down. Industry destroyed.

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North Africa in the 7th century, was like Egypt, a rich and fertile land.  Corn, wheat, vegetables, fruit, wine, flax, honey and other commodities were produced.  Mining, metallurgy, industry, linens, ceramics moved were deposited for exchange in large and established ports which proliferated along the Mediterranean coast, plied and supported by large merchant navies.  It was an advanced Christian civilisation, under the control and some would say the ‘yoke’ of the Byzantines.  Heavy taxes, civil wars, and the usual Roman preoccupation with corruption and intrigue marred and scarred the civil society.  In general, however, there is no doubt that Christian North Africa, once the granary and resource entrepot for the Roman empire along with Egypt, was a very civilised and rich area. 

North Africa’s decline, still evident today, can be directly linked to the Muslim invasions and forced Muslim conversions of the North African Romano-Christian-Berber populations.  North Africa’s poverty is a direct result of this devastation.  The eradication of the foundations of agriculture, industry, learning and administration were so complete, that by the end of the 12th century, it was clear that North Africa was not only going to be eclipsed by a more dominant, advanced Christian Europe, but would be completely controlled by the Christian states to the north, who were by the 12th century far ahead of North Africa in every aspect of socio-economic-cultural and religious life.

During the course of the 7th century the Muslim invasions decimated one of the richest regions on the planet.  The great expansion from Egypt ‘west’ to the Atlantic was deemed ‘destiny’ for the Muslim Jihad.  It began in earnest in 666 a Muslim general bin Nafi, set out with a force of 10.000 men, entered southern Tunisia and slaughtered thousands of Christians, pulled down their churches, and established Muslim rule in the hinterland of what had been the ancient Carthaginian empire.  Muslim sources delighted in recounting entire cities being enslaved by Nafi, and the endless destruction of Christian churches en route.  The carnage was so awful, the pile of dead and the chains of the enslaved so deep and long, that many Berber chieftains without knowing anything about Muhammad’s cult, said the Shahada and converted.  Tribes from Tunisia down to the Sudan which means ‘Black Lands’ in Arabic, were thus coerced into joining the Jihad.  The Muslim chroniclers at the time thought the Berbers were largely worthless and treacherous, with their conversions being no more than aesthetic covering, more for personal survival than out of any solid convictions.  Endless revolts and rebellions over 30 years would prove this assessment to be correct.

Nafi’s reign of Jihad terror took his armies across North Africa, into Morocco and to the Atlantic.  Countless Berbers and natives were forcibly converted, at least ostensibly to the Arab-Muslim cult.  In 683 Nafi was killed in battle.  He is still venerated by Muslims as one of the great Jihadi’s on a par with Khalid ‘The Sword of Allah’ who conquered Syria.  Like Khalid Nafi enjoyed limitless sex slaves, traded in both male and female slaves and had little trouble in killing and murdering Christian or Berber innocents in order to spread his terror and force acquiescence from the general population. 

Nafi’s example of Jihad, rape and slavery was enthusiastically taken up by his successors.  An example is the Yemenite born governor of Africa, a Nusayr, who in 698, began to wage battles of genocide to completely eradicate Christian-Romano and Berber tribes who resisted the Muslim occupation.  A Muslim historian al-Maqqari (1578-1632) documented the Jihad in North Africa, wrote that the Christian and Berbers would regularly revolt and renounce their conversion to Muhammad’s cult.  Starting in 698, Nusayr embarked on a bloody and genocidal series of campaigns in which according to Maqqari, hundreds of thousands were killed, and hundreds of thousands more enslaved, perhaps even more than half a million were captured as used as slave-sex chattel.  In total there is no reason to doubt that a million Christian and Berber men, women and children, within 15 years, were either taken as slaves or killed by Muslims in North Africa.  It was truly a campaign that the modern human-rights activist would catalogue as a genocide.

An energetic Berber Queen named Kahina persisted against the Muslim Jihad but was defeated and beheaded.  That seemed to end the resistance of the Christian and Berber tribes.  In 698 Carthage finally fell amid great slaughter and captivity.  Nusayr destroyed and razed the entire city – the ruins of which are still visible today.  According to al-Maqqari, when the tribes of the ‘dreary plains’ of Africa saw the fate of Kahina and her tribe (many of whom were slaughtered or enslaved of course), they consented to conversion.  Nusayr took many of the men from the African tribes and in Arabic, taught them the details and benefits of Jihad – beneficial that is if you are on the winning side.  By 709 North Africa was under Muslim control.

Ironically it would be the non-white Berbers, former slaves of the Muhammadan cult who would provide the core and nexus of the great Muslim invasion of Spain in 710 A.D. and again in the 11th century; and who would become the enslavers of non-Muslims and Christians in Spain and beyond. 

Muslim conquest of Christian Egypt

A destruction which is still obvious and which lingers today

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The Burning of the Library of Alexandria


In December 639 after conquering Syria, the Levant and Israel, Egypt was next for the Muslim Jihad.  The Christianised lands of North Africa, chafed under the sway of the rather Orientalist Christian Byzantine empire.  Heavy taxation, corruption, intrigues, a long list of civil wars, the Byzantine empire, in many ways mimicked its Western counterpart of the 4th and 5th centuries.  Egypt was home to some of Christendom’s most important Church leaders including Clement of Alexandria (b 150 AD); Origen the Great (b 184), Anthony the Great (b 251 and the father of monasticism), and Athanasius (b 297) the main proponent and defender of the Nicene creed.  The Christian library in Alexandria was the largest the ancient world ever saw – tens of thousands of volumes – which would go up in smoke and down in ruins in the early 640s thanks to the Muslim Jihad, and the Muslim demand that all non-Koranic books be laid to waste. 

The Muslims invaded Egypt in late 639, slaughtering all before them, capturing slaves and taking towns and cities.  The Byzantine defence was incredibly weak.  By 641 the Jihad reached Alexandria and the city was well defended and walled.  Heraclius the Byzantine emperor resolved to support and supply the city with men and food.  The Muslim siege lasted 6 months but Heraclius and the relief army never came with Heraclius dying in February 641.  A Roman-Byzantine traitor effected the handover of the city in September 641.  A bloodbath followed the Muslim entry.  Churches were burnt down, women raped, slaves enchained, and mass murder committed.  The Muslims also burnt down the library of Alexandria.  But don’t expect a movie or book about the same – unless Christians are somehow blamed for this event.  The volumes lost, the learning, the pagan-ancient texts committed to fire, the extirpation of manuals and knowledge, the vast quantities of erudition sent to ash – the exactitude of the destruction will never be known but it was great enough to keep, according to Muslim sources, the bath houses of Alexandria lit continuously for Muslim usage for 6 months.  But it is an event that almost no one in the neutered ‘West’ today, even knows about.  This act was repeated by Muslims from Syria to France.  Nary a word from the ‘experts’ except to blame the lack of libraries and book learning and ancient textual knowledge on a ‘dark age’ in Christendom.

Christian ‘Copts’ were so named by the Arab Muslims who called the Egyptians, ‘gypt’, from whence the English translation of Copt is derived.  Coptic chroniclers, supported by Muslim writers, witnessed the endless pillage and destruction of Egypt.  What was once a rich land, rich in agriculture and manufacturing, became under Muslim domination, poor and shattered.  Virgin Nuns were routinely targeted for rape and monks were an especial delight for Muslims to torture and main.  Whoever surrendered was summarily slaughtered by the Muslims.  John of Nikiu 650 AD an eyewitness laments the endless death, carnage and demolition of Christian churches, towns and villages in the Nile delta.  The list of outrage and diabolical annihilation is so long that he gives up providing a complete list and in despair writes ‘it is impossible to describe the horrors the Muslims committed.’ 

Egypt never recovered from the Muslim invasions.  It is still largely poor today.  As with all conquered land, the Muslims ‘milked’ the territory of its wealth.  They added nothing in return.  Industry, agriculture, the arts and sciences were all destroyed.  The Jizya or head-tax to be ‘left alone’ was a crushing burden on a land eviscerated by the Muslim Jihad.  Much wealth was siphoned off to Syria by the Muslims.  In order to survive and escape the endless rape and pillaging, millions of Copts said the ‘Shahada’ and converted to Muhammad’s cult.  The prolonged massacring of Christians, the endless taxation and Jizya and the burning and plundering of Christian towns and villages produced the desired effect of forced conversions.

One thousand years of Greek culture and over 600 years of Christian culture came to a crashing end in Egypt with the arrival of the Muslims.  The Byzantines failed to retake Alexandria in 645 and 654.  Worse still the great port of Alexandria provided a fleet and base for Muslim naval operations in the Eastern Mediterranean.  They invaded Cyprus and subjugated it amidst great slaughter and enslavement in the early 650s.  Sicily was soon conquered after Cyprus with local sources lamenting the rape, the murder, the looting of gold and silver and the endless desecration and destruction of churches and any building bearing a cross.  Thousands of Christian Sicilians like their Cypriot co-religionists were marched off into slavery.  This is another untold story in the ‘modern’ world.  The subjugation, slaughter and rapine of Christian lands and islands in the Mediterranean by the Muslim Jihad.  No apologies by Muslims to White Christians needed. No bending of knees.