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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

Archive - May 2024

The greatest art and architecture in world history - the Gothic cathedral

Sans pareil. An illuminating, rational, and brillaint age in many ways.

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Gothic Style: What Ideas Transformed Architecture?



What is left of the decaying corpulent carcass of Western Civilisation, owes its art and architecture to the Catholic Church, along with its greatest music (classical).  Churches, minsters, Cathedrals, paintings, sculpture, mosaics, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts and building facades, provided inspiration, admiration and imitation across the centuries.  The created world and Catholic themes were the most important innovative factor in art and architecture in world history. 


The Catholic Church’s official opposition to iconoclasm or the destruction of any image which was related to Christ and God cannot be overemphasised.  By rejecting this Eastern heresy the beautiful pietas of Michaelangelo and many others were sculpted, the Madonnas of Raphael chiselled, the wonderful elegiacal facades carved, and the endless arrays of technically advanced paintings were developed. 


This stupendously powerful and evocative view of representational religious art is unique in the world.  The Muhammadan cult does not allow any religious artwork.  The Byzantines spent almost 200 years mired in the iconoclastic controversy where all depictions of Christ or religious themes was forbidden.  Protesters aka Protestants attacked, burned and defiled priceless religious works of art, smashing statues, altarpieces, stained-glass windows and priceless treasures.  This was called a ‘Reformation’. 


The greatest Catholic innovation in art and architecture, surpassing the public works of Rome, was the Cathedral, called Gothic by the 18th century self-proclaimed ‘Enlighteners’.  Gothic was utilised as a pejorative, associating the majestic genius of Cathedral building to the Germanic and uncivilised Goth tribes.  This association was determined by men wearing wigs who could not build a home garden.  These Cathedrals are simply the greatest works of art in history.


The ’Gothic’ style grew out of the Romanesque architecture of the 10th and 11th centuries.  Originating in France, Romanesque churches were much larger than the existing smaller wooden and stone churches and minsters found in Northern Europe.  The Gothic style, which commenced in the 12th century, built on the Romanesque, greatly increasing the width and height, employing flying buttresses, the pointed arch, and the ribbed vault, along with stained glass windows to let in the light and illuminate the realm of God on Earth and to enlighten the minds of men and remove the pagan past and the evil of nature worship.  These were and are, engineering masterpieces.  It is unlikely we have the skills today to build a Gothic cathedral from the beginning, without the aid of CAD or digital programs.


Salisbury Cathedral, Built in The Style of Early English Gothic ...


(Salisbury Cathedral)


Each Cathedral was mathematical in its planning.  There is an impressive geometric coherence to the Gothic style based on Saint Augustine and his reference to Wisdom 11:21, where God has ordered all things by measure, number and weight.  This ancient Catholic belief informed the construction of these gigantic edifices.  God and his creation were in part linked by mathematics – a belief held by the ancient Greeks and in particular Pythagoras. 


The geometric proportionality of these constructions is simply remarkable.  Salisbury Cathedral in England, with one of the tallest spires in the world, is an example.  This Cathedral’s central crossing is 39 feet by 39 feet.  The central crossing is where the transept intersects the east-west axis.  This primary dimension becomes the basis for the rest of the Cathedral’s construction.  Both the length and the width of each of the nave’s ten bays is 19 feet six inches – or half the length of the central crossing.  The nave itself consists of 20 identical spaces measuring 19 feet six inches square, and another 10 spaces measuring 19 feet six inches by 39 feet.  It is geometrically exact.


Salisbury Cathedral, Built in The Style of Early English Gothic ...

(inside Salisbury Cathedral) 


Everything about these buildings reveals a supernatural inspiration.  The upward reach of the spire, the massive columns and stone, the light pouring into the nave, the grand entrance into a holy place, the brilliance and colour of the sanctuary, the decorations, the embossing of gold, the ceremony and pageantry of a mass; all of this and much more overawes the human with the greatness of the divine.  Far from being a ‘dark age’, this was an age of rationalism leading to engineering brilliance, an age of belief developing the underlying cultural fabric of Western civilisation, including its laws and mores.


Geert Wilders and a faint ray of hope in Holland

Will the new government be allowed to succeed and roll back the Jihad?

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Could the Dutch lead a restoration of Europe?  'Far Right' is an appellation given by the brain dead and ignorant.  Anything that is not dystopian, fascist or communal is now 'far right'.  


After six months of negotiations that seemed foredoomed to failure, The Netherlands will have a new government that will attempt to do something novel and strange in Europe (and North America): it’s going to put its own people first. In a development that has implications far beyond the Netherlands, populist politician Geert Wilders, whose party became the country’s largest in last November’s elections, has reached an agreement with three other parties on the right to form a new government. Wilders won’t be prime minister, but his tough anti-mass migration agenda will be implemented. Or at least that’s the plan.

Breitbart reported Thursday that the Netherlands “will finally get the right wing government its people voted for, and some of the toughest border control in the Western World.” Wilders himself was ebullient, saying: “The sun will shine again in the Netherlands… The Netherlands will be ours again.” Will Wilders manage to Make the Netherlands Great Again? That is certainly the goal of the provisional agreement he and his coalition partners have hammered out.

The agreement, which is entitled “Hope, Courage, and Pride,” stipulates that Wilders will not be prime minister, despite being the leader of the country’s largest party. This was a concession that was necessary in order to form a coalition at all, and it could mean that the whole thing could go down in flames.

But maybe not: in theory, the prime minister won’t be an ideologue opposed to the coalition’s program but someone who understands that his or her job is to implement that program. “It appears,” says Breitbart, that “the ministry positions and Prime Ministership will be held by ‘technocrats’ — non-politicians and typically academics and economists — who would implement the government programme as dictated by the four.”

Could this work? Could it actually result in an effective government? It has about as much chance of doing so as a hereditary monarchy or the rule of the majority, both of which have produced some great governments and some disastrous ones, so it’s worth a try.

Meanwhile, the agreement is audacious in scope, aiming at doing nothing less than reversing the Netherlands’ slow and steady Islamization; if successful, this could transform the entire trajectory of Europe as a whole. The agreement states that “concrete steps are being taken towards the strictest admission regime for asylum and the most comprehensive package to control migration ever. The entire asylum and migration system is being reformed.”

Read the rest here.

Jesuits as scientists. The enormous impact the Church had on mechanical science.

No Church, no science. As simple as that.

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Jesuits as science missionaries for the Catholic Church


Ignatius Loyola started the Society of Jesus in the early 16th century.  Their dedication to science was an early principle and activity.  The list of their accomplishments is impressive and without equal across any civilisation or religious group.  A partial recitation of Jesuit scientific accomplishment includes:


Development and discovery of pendulum clocks; pantographs, barometers, reflecting telescopes, microscopes, magnetism, optics, electricity, astronomy, solar physics, physics in general, Jupiter surface observations, the Andromeda nebulae, Saturn’s rings, lunar effect on tides, moon containing the same material as the Earth, geomagnetism, meteorology, seismology, blood circulation (independent of Harvey), theoretical models to support flight, wave-like nature of light, star maps of the southern hemisphere, symbolic logic, flood controls, plus and minus signs for mathematics, to name a few.


It is well known that the single most important collective contributor to experimental physics in the 17th century (the ‘Scientific Revolution’) was the Society of Jesus.  Optics, maths, astronomy and many other areas so important to modern life were utterly dominated by Jesuits for centuries.  Massive encyclopaedias were written, recording their data and allowing the spread of scientific research across Europe.  The Jesuits were the main drivers of scientific collaboration.  Charles Bossut in the early 19th century composed a list of history’s most eminent mathematicians.  Out of the 303 listed, 16 were Jesuits or 5%, even though Jesuits had only existed for 2.5 centuries. 


The Jesuits introduced Western science into China, Japan and India.  In these geographies the Jesuits presented a wide array of mathematical and mechanical tools to better understand physical reality and the universe, including Euclidean geometry which made planetary movements somewhere understandable.  Enormous effort was made to translate the dynamism of Western science into local languages and to teach and offer support for learning to local populations.


Important Jesuit scientists include:  Father Riccioli, the first person to determine the rate of acceleration of a falling body (early 17th century), and created an enormous encyclopaedia on astronomy (1640); Father Kirchner who built the foremost astronomical departure from Aristotle in history (1651); Fathers Grimaldi and Francesco (17th century) observations and detailed experiments of pendulums, and Grimaldi and Riccioli’s accurate moon scape depictions; Father Grimaldi’s discovery of light refraction; Father Roger Boscovich who was a polymath accomplished in atomic theory, optics, maths, and astronomy who discovered sunspots, the transit of mercury, differing effects of gravity on different places on Earth amongst many other achievements; and Father Cassini who confirmed elliptical orbits (17th century).  This is just a small list of some prominent Jesuits in Science. 


Few know much if anything about the above facts.  The Catholic Church put more money and investment into science, than any other institution in history.  Without this funding and support modern science would not have developed.  The Jesuits played a vital role in all of this. 

UK: A Muslim Globalist is elected for the 3rd time as Mayor of London - with 17% of the vote.

In Muslim debased enclaves, the Mayors and councils are now dominated by Musulmans.

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Sadiq Khan makes historic border crossing from India to Pakistan on ...


A committed Muslim Jihadist who has never worked in the real world and is a committed Globalist has won the Mayorship in London for a record 3rd straight time.  The 2 cults – Muhammadanism and Globalism – are certainly not mutually exclusive.  They are indeed complementary.  One based on the Koran believes in a world-wide caliphate with each nation, including the UK being subordinated to the Musulman Umma.  The second, Globalism, is a technocratic fascism, evinced through the Corona scamdemic which seeks the destruction of White Western civilisation and its Christian heritage, subsumed by a global technocratic fascism.  For this cult, the Muhammadan ethos of church and state being unified into one governance structure, is simply an opportunity and complementarity.


Sad Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London has been an utter failure but when only 40% of the population vote, it does not take much to win.  In fact just 17% of the total vote was enough to win:


Population of Greater London:  8.8 million

  Voting age population:  6.5 million

Total number of Votes:  2.75 million

% of voters who voted: 40%

Number who voted for Khan:  1.1 million

   % of votes for Khan:  44%

% of votes for Khan as a % of those who can vote:  17%


This is not a ‘democracy’.  40% of the population felt compelled to vote.  60% did not care or thought there was no choice.  The ‘Conservative’ or rather ‘Convict’ candidate, the party of the Corona Fascism and Lockdowns is hardly an alternative to a Globalist-Muslim Jihadi.  When you look at London’s demographics on the ground, anyone who lives there knows that 30-35% of the population is Muslim.  Most of these voters will vote and only vote for a Muslim panhandler or a waste vessel such as Jihadi George Galloway.  Another 30% in any metro-area is hard-core socialist, Globalist-EUist and will never vote for any person of any colour who does not follow the narratives.  About 1/3 remain who are not brain dead and may do the right thing and vote for the preservation of religion, culture, heritage and reality.  But this 1/3 rump is a minority and greatly demonised.


The UK has Muslim mayors in:  Birmingham (2nd largest city), Leeds, Blackburn, Sheffield, Oxford, Luton, Rochdale, and Oldham.  Unsurprisingly these centres have large minority or slight majority Musulman populations.  There are nearly 2000 mosques in the UK and 56 areas of Sharia barbarism.  In the real world, and not the world of a faux census which hides the Muslimification of the UK, the UK probably has a population including illegals, of 75 million, with 20% of that total being followers of mad Muhammad, or 15 million.  Greater London with a population of 9 million is in many places (Tower Hamlets, Hounslow), majority or near majority Muslim and probably contains circa 3 million Muslims based on the mosque density and capacity in the city.  By 2040, the 15 million Muslims in the UK will have doubled to 30 million or 40% of the population.  By 2060 Muslims will be a majority in the UK.  If 2060 is 'too early' it won't be much past 2080 when Muslims will be the majority.  


Tell me again that this is not cultural and civilisational suicide.  Tell me again, it is not planned and intended.  Destroy the nation state, destroy the indigenous White-Christian culture and replace it with a compliant Musulman Umma, which will be guided into a global fascism and technocracy.