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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Tony Blair apologist and lover of Islam.

Mr. Ali-Dhimmi-Dhummi just can't seem to blame the moon cult for 1400 years of hate, war and intolerance.

by Ferdinand III

Another execrable article from Tony Ali-Blair.  Like most of the Euro elite he has converted to the moon cult.  All to show his bona fides and orgiastic love of the multi-cult.  A short while back Ali-Blair declared to a German magazine that he read the Koran every day and was deeply, profoundly, and compassionately impressed by Islam.  Apparently the 300 million dead, over 1400 years, from Muslim Jihad did not make such a deep impression on Mr. Third Way.  Elites like Blair just sit, grin, and equivocate even as their own states become Islamicized.  Not one single Islamic state in the world is 'successful'.  Not one single state which implements Sharia is even civilized.  What is this British dimwit thinking?

From the WSJ article:

Right now, virtually anywhere in Europe, elections can turn on debates over immigration and integration. In Sweden, extreme anti-immigration parties have gained a foothold in parliament for the first time. In Holland, the anti-immigrant and Islamaphobic Party for Freedom is now the third-largest, ahead of the traditional conservative Christian Democrats. In France and Belgium, debate rages over state bans of the veil, and Italy may be next.

Note: Notice how any party defending free markets, European culture, or the individual including the female is somehow 'extreme' or 'Islamaphobic' for this Dhimmi-Dhummi wit.  What an idiot.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel recently said that multiculturalism had failed. In the United Kingdom, immigration was a key issue in the last election. Even in Switzerland, voters last year approved a referendum banning minarets, to the surprise of practically the whole European intellectual and political elite.

Note:  Merkel is right Mr. Dhummi-wit.

This is a big and growing issue, and it cannot be understood simply in terms of cultural questions about immigration.

In Pakistan last year, terrorism killed around 3,300 people—more than in Afghanistan. Such violence scars many other countries, including Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and more. In the conflict in Mindanao, in the Philippines, 150,000 have been killed. This violence is bound up with all sorts of political and regional disputes, but it feeds into the European alarm that immigration, terrorism, religious faith and ethnicity are all dimensions of the same problem.

Note:  Islamic Jihad gets recast as 'terrorism'.  Inane.  Read the Koran and Islamic history Sir Dhum-Dhim.  How can 150.000 Kufar dead in the Philippines be anything other than an indication of Jihadic cleansing – a process which started in the 12th century in that part of the world.  A scenario replicated all over the various land masses lying between Morocco and Manila.  Good bloody grief Dhummi-Dhimmi Blair. 

The danger, certainly in Europe, is very clear. Especially in tough economic times, this issue can inject division, sectarianism and even racism into societies based on equality. Traditional political parties get trapped. Either they pander, but of course they can never pander enough; or they seem in a state of denial and condemn themselves to the position of out-of-touch elites. The backlash grows. The center ground becomes diminished.

We have to nail down the definition of the problem. There is no general failure to integrate. In the U.K., for example, we are not talking about Chinese or Indians. We are not talking about blacks and Asians. This is a particular problem. It is about the failure of one part of the Muslim community to resolve and create an identity that is both British and Muslim. And I stress part of it. Most Muslims are as much at ease with their citizenship in the U.K. as I am. I dare say that is true in other European nations too.

Note:  So most Muslims are moderate – even though almost 50% in every single European state want Sharia law, the most barbaric immoderate set of pre-modern fascistic rules one can imagine, mutable over geography and locale of course.  When are the elite going to blame Islam for Muslim violence and hate?  Answer:  Never.

However, some don't integrate. But when we talk about this in general terms, without precision, for fear of "stigmatizing" Muslims, we alienate public opinion and isolate the majority of Muslims who are integrating and want to be as much part of our society as any other group. Then, because we won't identify the problem as it is, a subterranean debate takes the place of an open one, and that debate lumps all Muslims together. So in the interest of "defending" the Muslim community, we actually segregate it by refusing to have an honest debate about what is happening.

Most people instinctively understand the right approach to integration. We just have to articulate and enforce it. This approach is to distinguish clearly and carefully between the common space, shared by all citizens, and the space where we can be different. We have different faiths. We practice them differently. We have different histories, different cultures and different views. Some citizens will genuinely and properly not like some of the more liberal tendencies of Western life. We can differ over this.

Note:  Political baffle gab.  Ideologies do not have 'shared space', especially one as dogmatic and intolerant as the Meccan moon cult.  Muslims simply don't like Kufars.  Read the 164 or more verses in the Koran which make this very, very, clear. 

But there has to be a shared acceptance that some things we believe in and we do together: obedience to certain values like democracy, rule of law, equality between men and women; respect for national institutions; and speaking the national language. This common space cannot be left to chance or individual decision. It has to be accepted as mandatory. Doing so establishes a clear barrier between those citizens of the host community who are concerned for understandable reasons and those who are bigoted.

Concerns about illegal immigration have a lot to do with the notion that the system can be gamed, played, or swindled by some who are hostile to the host community they seek to penetrate. Ensuring that there are rules, strictly enforced—and in Europe's case, these could be pan-European as well as national—is not anti-immigrant. It is, in fact, the only way to protect the idea that immigration, properly controlled, is of enormous benefit.

We will not defeat extremism (and the fear it then produces in our societies) until we defeat its narrative. This narrative is Islam as a victim of the West, locked in an inevitable cultural conflict with it.

This narrative links justifiable sentiments (whether you agree with them or not)—anxiety about injustice to Palestinians, dissent over military action in Afghanistan or Iraq, anger about Kashmir or Chechnya, opposition to regimes supported by the West—with an unjustifiable narrative that defines Islam in a way that is contrary to its true teaching. Those who accept the narrative use their religious faith as a badge of identity in opposition to others. Integration is seen as oppression. Then the backlash is final confirmation that we are indeed in conflict.

This narrative is global. Its ideology is global. It has to be confronted as such. But we are nowhere near doing that. It is funding websites, training its adherents, spreading its message. It is conducting a campaign, occasionally by violence, often by propaganda.

The first step in fighting back is to recognize the nature of the struggle. That is why what is happening in Europe today is not some random eruption of anti-immigrant sentiment that will subside as fast as it has arisen. We have seen many of those before. This is different: deeper, more dangerous than any in recent years, and ultimately connected to what is building in the rest of the world. It is time to wake up. []

Note:  So the animus of any sentient person against the further Islamicization of our society is somehow linked to anti-immigration, which gets joined to 'racism', which is of course extremism and intolerance.  What genius.  Don't blame Islam of course.  This is what 4 years at OxBridge will do to your brain.  Confront Islam and you too are a racist.  Brilliant.  It only took Mr. Dhimmi-Dhummi 6 paragraphs to say that.  A record for brevity, for a multi-cult politico.

With such florid and flatulent analysis such as this, it is very good that Mr. Dhimmi Blair is no longer PM of his fast Islamifying Little Britain.  Ali-Blair just illustrates the rejection of reality embraced by the British elite; and the worst form of stupidity, moral relativity and faineance in the face of the Meccan moon cult.  Go away. 


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