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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Muslims crying about 'racism' and Islamophobia.

Islam is not a race, not a religion and not an ideology for any civilisation worthy of the name.

by Ferdinand III

The totalitarian impulses of Islam are obvious, none more so than the loud screams of pain, cries of 'racism' or other Islamic displays showing hurt feelings and tearful remonstrances. The Muslim ideology which fuses 7th century pagan Arabian cultish beliefs with 'the state', is about 1400 years overdue for a reformation. Muslims, unable to debate, inquire, accept or tolerate any concept which does not blindly accept their ideology as a spiritual program, instead threaten, spit, sue and defame. They need to grow up.

A mature person would read the gibberish that is the Koran, the 1400 years of butchery, war, slave trading, racism and misogyny, and probably conclude that the ideology needs an update. Mohammed's life was as a political-military leader and include 80 odd military expeditions, slave trading, sex with young girls, killing of Jews and Christians and non-Muslims and exhortations to conquer the globe. A prophet? Sure and so was Hitler.

Islam is a pagan moon cult with 5.000 year roots in Arabian moon worship. Mohammed took the cult and fused it with monotheistic ideas he stole from the Jews and Christians. Unable to convince these two groups that he was the logical successor to Jesus, the illiterate Arab politico organised his gang around Arabian principles and Bedouin practices and the rest as the saying goes is history. Islam has about as much in common with Judeo-Christian practice, or the modern world, as the Nazis had with orthodox conservatism.

Any rational person would read Islamic history and its deep anti-modern philosophy and immediately understand why Islam is so primeval and unsuited to the modern world. There is nothing in Islamic history, jurisprudence or in its foundational texts that a Westerner would recognise. None of the touchstones of the modern world and of a real, strong vibrant faith are to be found in Islam. Where are the following?:

-The Golden Rule
-Individual rights
-Individualised faith and power
-Private property protection [for all people]
-Promotion of women as equals
-Aversion to violence
-A division of the world between what is Caesar's and what is God's
-Concepts of equal justice for all [not just the elite running the world]
-A respect for differences in belief, customs or practices

The above constitute the philosophical framework which makes the creation of the modern world possible. Nothing like it exists in Islamic theology. Islam is simply submission to Allah, the male moon cult idol of pagan Arabia. Peace in Islam means submission - not peace as understood in the Christian sense. Muslims believe that peace will reign only when the entire globe is Islamic. Their books, their leaders, and their founder all make this claim. Why should we ignore it or not believe it?

Such facts do little to dissuade most Muslims. Immured to logic, history or even morality, Muslims assume the victim role – even as 300 million people lie buried over 1400 years thanks to Islamic jihad. Even more obnoxious are those mythical 'moderate' Muslims we hear so much about. The chattering experts assure us that most if not all Muslims are peaceable folk, who abhor violence and the fascistic elements of their ideology. Is that so? Who are these moderates and where can we find them? Where are their papers, websites, groups and leaders? Is there a list? And are these 'moderates' doing the following and if so where?:

-Speaking out against the murders of innocent Israelis by Arab fascists?
-Telling the world that Hamas and Hizbollah are fascist creations and un-representative of Islam?
-Able to support the ancient state of Israel?
-Defending freedom of speech to criticise and reform Islam?
-Supporting the rights of 50 million Iraqis and Afghanis to determine in a democratic manner, their futures?
-Denouncing all fascist-extremist Islamic groups?
-Advocating the opening up of extremist mosques to police inspection including where their funding comes from?
-Defending the superior aspects of Western civilisation?

No Muslim group, leader or public procession has every defended or advanced the above. None. Yet we are to believe that all Muslims are moderates? How stupid. We have Muslims who live in the West, who do nothing to defend our civilisation and yet are the first ones to moan, cry and whimper about their rights, their humanity and the insults that they must endure as an increasing number of Westerners become fatigued, annoyed and worse, with Islamic fascist extremism. But these moderate Muslims do nothing to defend the rights, freedoms and humanity of others. But that is very Islamic isn't it since only Muslims are the chosen ones. The rest can die.

Poor little Muslims – so much bad press and media coverage. Well maybe Muslims should endeavour to grow up and take responsibility for the hate, bile and violence done in the name of Allah. Do they know that Jews are almost extinct in Baghdad? Do they know that Christians in Iraq, Egypt and elsewhere are hunted down and harassed or killed? Do they know that slave trading still exists in Islamic states where young girls are sold as sex chattel? Do they know that the tragedy in Darfur is an Arab pogram against Black Muslims? Do they know that hundreds of attacks occur in any given week across the globe, by Muslims against non-Muslims killing thousands?

Do Muslims care? Of course not.

Muslims – including all those millions of moderates we hear about – don't seem much concerned with life. Islam as an ideology is a death cult. Read the Koran, read the history of Islamic empire building. Islam promotes death, violence and war. To deny that is to deny reality.

Muslim's in general have an abiding lack of interest in the deepening and widening arc of Islamic Jihad and murder in the modern era. Muslims don't weep for innocent Jews, Christians, animists, secularists, or children murdered by Islamic fascists. Muslims don't ship Jews to their hospitals to be taken care of in times of war. Muslims don't send navies, food, and aid packages across the globe in time of natural crisis. Muslims don't respect the rights of others to debate, inquire or criticise.

Muslims are good however at whining, crying and complaining. They weep and howl when criticised, when cartoons are shown, or when someone somewhere in the media suggests that Islam is inherently intolerant and fascist. They demonstrate in the streets screaming that Islam is peaceful and the West cruel and intolerant even as they ignore Muslim death attacks against unbelievers or those not Islamic enough. They cry about their humanity even as women, apostates and kaffirs are murdered in Muslim states. They beat their chests and weep about 'respect' even as Muslims hunt down and kill Jews and Christians.


Muslims never seem to be too energetic to defend innocents, freedom, respect for others, or free speech. Nor are Muslims much interested in reforming their 7th century pagan Arabian cult, where people are forced to submit and moan their repentance's in a language few of them speak or understand. If that is not a project of Arab imperialism and irrationality than what is ?

No, for the moaning, weeping, Muslim the West is the imperial Satan and Islam the burnished, glowing good. Islam is the victim of Western aggression and perfidy, and Muslims are only trying to defend their peaceful ideology through wanton acts of fascistic terror and destruction. In the Muslim mind the world will only be peaceful when united under the ideology of an insane, murdering tyrant called Mohammed and when all peoples submit themselves to the male moon cult of Mecca.

Islam needs to grow up. It needs a reformation. Its need modernisation. Until that time Muslims should stop crying about being victims and become adults and recast their ideology to fit into the modern world. If they don't then the only solution will be to end it with exogenous power. Pagan cults have no place in the modern world no matter what irrational mental distortions their cult members use to justify their fascism.

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