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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Hitti, Braswell, Jeffrey, the Meccan moon cult and why Islam is not a religion.

A moon cult has to be clearly differentiated from a religion.

by Ferdinand III

A true religion has to liberate the following; the mind, the spirit, the female, and the rational. It must also support natural law rights, inquiry, free speech and ethics. In other words a religion is not a cult; not a group dedicated to the erasure of the individual and it certainly cannot be a communal program of socialisation, rigidification or denial of liberation and natural law rights.

Here is my question to the clever people. Why is Islam a religion? Is it because Muslims scream that it is? Is it because the pious multi-cult intones that the non-White Islamic person is fighting for his or her 'rights' in the face of unstoppable and immoral White and Jew oppression? Islam certainly cannot be considered a religion if one reads the Koran, the Hadiths, and inquires into Islamic history. The cult merges church and state; denies free will; conspires with violence against non-Muslims and treats the female as a sexual slave and untermensch.

Thus are we assaulted by one of the great Arab inspired myths of the modern age; namely that Islam is a religion. It can't be – in fact Islam is the opposite of religiosity. At its root and core the Muslim program as generated by the politician and military adventurer Mohammed is the classic cult. Its antecedents in cultish rituals and beliefs far pre-date Mohammed. It was his peculiar and quite demented genius, embedded in pagan Fascist ideology which took the 3500 year old Arab moon cult, and created the omnipotent and supremacist cult of Baal, Hubal, or Al'ilah, shortened to Allah. Accepting the misbegotten lie that Islam is a religion in the Western sense of that word would have been akin to accepting the Nazi myths of Aryan [Mede and Persian] racial origins and superiority; or the madness of Marxian quack-scientific dialecticism, which ineluctably elevates Communists [or national socialist-fascist brethren], as being steeped in reason and scientificality.

It is clear if you study Arabian history and that primitive society's 3500 year worship of the occult and moon idols, that Islam is not a religion. It is just an extension of what existed long before Mohammed. Many things give away the moon cult premise and construction of Islam – stone worship, ritualize postures, key calendar dates, the endless chanting of arcane praises and pleas. The entire edifice of Islam is built on the millenia old ritualised theme which dominated the Arabian area for thousands of years. Allah is the short form for Ali-ilah – a word used by pre-Mohammedan Arab tribes to describe their veneration of the moon and supposed holiness of a black asteroid housed in Mecca, Mohammed's home town, in the Kabbah shrine. Historian Philip Hitti, describes it thus, 'Bedouin's astral beliefs centred upon the moon, in whose light he grazed his flocks. Moon-worship implies a pastoral society, whereas sun-worship represents a later agricultural stage. In our own day the Moslem Ruwalah Bedouins imagine that their life is regulated by the moon, which condenses the water vapours, distils the beneficent dew on the pasture and makes possible the growth of plants. On the other hand the sun, as they believe, would like to destroy the Bedouins as well as all animal and plant life.' [in History Of The Arabs]

George Braswell Jr. in his referential work, 'Islam', makes the obvious and historically valid claim that: 'Allah was then known as the Moon God, who had 3 daughters who were viewed as intercessors for the people into Allah. Their names were Al-at, Al-uzza, and Al-Manat, which were three goddesses; the first two daughters of Allah had names which were feminine forms of Allah.' Al-ilah then, was part of a family of moon deities. He was one of a few which was worshipped – probably depending on the time of year and the phase of the moon as it passed over the Arabian peninsula.

Even the name Allah, as the Qur'an states plainly was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. According to Arthur Jeffrey, ed., Islam: Muhammad and His Religion (1958), Allah as a form of worship and a name denoting moon cult worship can be found in ancient North African societies. There are also linkages with the Babylonian moon cult called 'Baal', or Hubal, the sky and thunder 'God', which dominated the Levant and Near East. Baal worship would have most likely been carried to Arabia during the empire of Sargon the Great, the first great multi-nation empire builder of history [circa 2500 B.C.]. It is highly likely that Sargon's cult and its theology would have penetrated into the wastelands of Arabia along trade routes between Syria and Yemen and along the 'old spice trails'.

Even the writers of the Bible were aware of the power of the nomadic moon cult. The Old Testament forbids the worship of the Moon-god (Deut. 4:19; 17:3; II Kings 21:3,5 etc.) since it led the Israelites to commit idol worship and reject civilised practices. Ancient Hebrew histories named the Moon-God as 'sin' in the Levant and 'al-ilah' meaning 'the deity' in Arabia. This suffix – ilah-- was a generic Arabic word to describe a phase of the Moon God. Pre-Mohammed Arabs shortened 'al-ilah' to Allah. It was a name familiar to all Arab tribes. They even used 'Allah' in the names of their children. For instance, Muhammed's father and uncle had Allah as part of their names.

Al-ilah then has a long history predating Mohammed. Today various groups of multi-cult and cultural Marxist ignoramuses chatter that Allah is the same as the Judeo-Christian 'God'. Mohammed was informed by Gabriel that he had a 'duty' to spread the word of this thing 'Allah' roughly equated with 'God', or Hubal in the Arabian peninsula. Of course Allah does not mean 'God' in the Christian sense. As Muslim apostate and outspoken critic of Islamic-fascism and paganism, Ibn Warraq [now in hiding for his life], states baldly in his must read book, 'Why I am not a Muslim'; 'Islam also owes the term "Allah" to the heathen Arabs. We have evidence that it entered into numerous personal names in Northern Arabia and among the Nabatians. It occurred among the Arabs of later times, in theophorous names and on its own.'

Mohammed's idea that Allah equals what Jews and Christians would recognise as God, is a ridiculous lie employed of course to convince the richer and more sophisticated Jewish and Christian communities in Arabia to convert to the Allah cult. The fact that al-ilah is never defined in the Qur'an is a clue that its pagan origins are known to all who read or can understand Arabic. There is no need to define the thing Allah. In the Koran Mohammed never tells us who 'Allah' is, or what he means by the name. He just assumes that the reader or listener a pagan Arab steeped in the Bedouin moon-cult will know. Mohammed and the thing Allah are also interchangeable within the Koran. Allah speaks through Mohammed and in most places it is unclear who is talking, is it the moon deity, Mohammed or both? Allah is thus a very convenient third-person for Mohammed to use to inform his listeners as to the right path and the rules and rituals they must follow.

In order to fashion complete obedience to the one deity, Mohammed rejected and eradicated all the deities the moon-cult such as '-ilah's' wives and daughters. When he conquered Mecca with his 10.000 man army in 630 AD, Mohammed smashed every idol except that of the Allah thing. To solidify Allah's claim to preeminence Mohammed also linked the worship of al-ilah to the black stone of the Kabbah, which his family was partly responsible for protecting.

Besides the actual name of the irreligious group which is Submission, the rituals should also be a dead give-away that we have a cult on our hands. Only Allah has free will. The Koran is clear that individuals must only submit to Allah and Mohammed and must never to understand or reinterpret their actions or words. Rationality is thus cut off, debate neutered and inquiry rejected. The individual must not think, but merely ritualize his existence and follow the plan of living as outlined by the Koran. As well the pilgrimage is a votive offering of one-self to the Allah cult. On the journey to Mecca which is an expensive obligation ensuring that Mohammed's home town is enriched, the dutiful slave must perform a set of rituals which reinforces the irrationality of the cult:

Pilgrimage to Mecca and circling the Kabah 7 times: Each local tribe of Arab pagans walked 7 times around their own Kabah that housed their own black stone. Muslims circle the Kabah, claiming that Abraham did such.

Kissing the black stone: Each local tribe of Arab pagans kissed their own tribal black stones. Muslims kiss the Kabah black stone believing it was a divine meteorite which fell at Adam’s feet and was rediscovered by Abraham. Mohammed linked it with Allah in place of Abraham.

The stone throw at Mina: There was a wide spread custom among pagan Arabs to throw rocks at little devils. Muslims claim the custom was started by Abraham when he threw stones at the devil.

•‘The Run’ between the holy places of Safa and Marwa: Arab pagans ran between two holy idols, Isaf and Na’ila as a form of penance. Muslims perform the same running but redefine the meaning to be Hagar [servant wife of Abraham who produced Ishmael, who Muslims call the 'father' of Arab tribes] running between two hills, looking for water for Ishmael. The hills or pagan idols are transformed to represent holy sites.

The Praise after the Pilgrimage to Mecca: Arabian pagans praised their dead ancestors after pilgrimages to their place of death. Muslims perform the same but redirect the praise to Allah after the ‘hijaz’ or pilgrimage to Mecca.

Little devils: Like the pagan Arabs before them, Muslims also believe in jinn or little devils which torture mankind.

Hitler much admired Islam and Mecca's importance within the cult of Islam. He understood the central vitality that the pagan cult center gave to the theology of irrational Submission. He wanted to imitate Mecca by building a new capital city named Germania which would be the city of pilgrimage for the conquered and for the true believing cult member. I see little difference in the intent of Nazism and the theological absurdity of Islam.

An irrational pagan cult is by definition a ritualised organisation, whose members do not possess free-will, freedom or rationality but who are dedicated to worshipping some natural element or set of idols representing order, power and wisdom. The Allah cult is thus completely ritualised and archaic. Islam meaning Submission makes it clear that prostrating yourself and pleasing the moon deity or its various phases, is the only way to eternal salvation. Does such an ideal promote rights, industry, culture, civilisation and intelligence? Is this what multi-cultism wants the rest of us to accept – an Arab moon cult as a fantastic religious dogma of peace and love?

Maybe the ardent liars and true believers should try to answer this question. Why is Islam a religion? They won't because they can't.


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