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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Allah's pagan past.

He did not magically appear to the hallucinatory Muhammad.....

by Ferdinand III

Abd al-Muttalib, Muhammad's grandfather was a very handsome man. He was also very wealthy. Abd al-Muttalib had many wives. He prayed to Allah to bless him with ten sons. His prayer was granted. He promised to sacrifice one of his sons to Allah. His youngest son was Abd Allah. Abd al-Muttalib loved Abd Allah the most [Lings, 1983, p. 12].

Allah does not necessarily mean the monotheistic Allah. Abd Al-Muttalib stood beside Hubal while praying to Allah (Tabari, 1988, foot note 4).

Allah, ilah, El-Lah, Al-Lah or Hub'Allah, existed long before Muhammad arrived on the scene, with his hallucinations, epilepsy, mad ravings and distorted mind. Pagan Arabs had bowed down in humble prostration to the moon deity Hub'Al, named the 'one' or 'ilah' for a millennia before Muhammad re-purposed the idea of Allah and conflated it with monotheism and the Judaic belief in a singular creator. Allah has no connection whatsoever with the Judeo-Christian ideals of God, themselves formed, shaped and refashioned by Graeco-Romano culture.

Muhammad never explains what the Allah thing is, because all Bedouin and pagan Arabs knew it was the name of the 'one Lord' or Hubal. Muhammad also never invented Allah since it is clear and obvious that this ilah comes from Sumer and Babylonia. Astral and moon worship emanated originally from the ancient urban complexes of Mesopotamia, carried into other lands of the Near East by Sumerian and Babylonian arms. Baal or Hub'al is condemned in the Old Testament as the same as, or in league with, the devil. Assyrians and Babylonians had long warred with the Hebrews, and in the latter case, had destroyed Judah and Israel and enslaved and transported the Jew population into Babylon circa 586 BC. One would not expect a favorable review of the Babylonian Baal cult in the Jewish canonical texts.

When Moslems and their compassionate abettors discuss this Allah thing, they lie. They try to portray the development of this 'ilah' as unique to the warring politician Muhammad. This is a false statement and one that goes to the core of the cult of Submission. Allah simply another name for Hub'Al, which is derived from the Sumerian-Babylonian moon deity 'Sin' or Baal.

One reason why Muhammad's early ministry failed in Mecca, and why he was driven from town with only a handful of devotees mostly family and neighbours [some say 70, probably the number was far fewer], was that he took the rather easy-going Hub'Al or ilah and transformed it into a wrathful, vengeful, pious and strictly totalitarian idol who demanded many rituals, oblations, self-loathing and complete and utter deference. Muhammad tried in effect to efface some 2000 years of idol worship and institute a far stricter and more inhumane version of the idol.

This early position was politically unpalatable. Muhammad did learn from this mistake and later on simply added all of the rituals of pagan Arab belief including the Hajj, its festivals, its rites, its prostrations, and even poems from the Kabaa to the Koran and to Sharia Moslem 'law' and obligation. This found great favour with the Arabs and markedly improved Muhammad's standing. He was however, still murdered in 632 AD by his own men who grew tired of the 'revelations' which conveniently came to Muhammad when he needed help, and by his own insatiable gluttony for women, gold and food. He died fat, with 15 sex slaves, and covered in gold.

Long before Muhammad pagan Arabs used to name their children Allah. Muhammad's uncle and father were named after Allah. His grandfather was the key guardian of Hub'Al's shrine or the 'ilah'. Arab pagans worshipped the ilah or Hub'Al, with ilah or the one being used as a recognition of the moon deity Hub'Als divine pre-eminence. The Koran itself confirms the worship of Allah or Hub'Al before Muhammad and its association with idol and moon-astral worship:

38:5 Muhammad did not invent the concept of the unity of Allah; this concept was not new-.
23:83. Many Pagans had heard the story of resurrection from past tales; it was nothing new to them-
23:84-85. Ask the unbelievers to whom belongs the earth and they will answer it is Allah.
23:88-89. Ask the unbelievers under whose hand is the sovereignty and against whom there is no protector and they will answer it is Allah; so how could they deceive and turn away from Allah-
37:149-150.The Pagans thought that the angels were females and they (the angels) are the daughters of Allah; Allah vehemently rejects this idea-
[Allah like Ba'al had 3 daughters, a fact that not even Muhammad could expunge...]
43:9.The unbelievers do agree that almighty Allah created the universe-
43:20.The Pagans thought that it was ar-Rahman's (Allah) wish that they should worship the partners of ar-Rahman (Allah)-
43:87.If the unbelievers accept Allah as the creator of the universe then why should they deviate from His message?-
29:61-65.The Pagans in Mecca, during Muhammad's time, believed that Allah was a high
God .
39:38.Other deities interceded with Allah on behalf of their worshippers
10:1836:2343:86 Other deities interceded with Allah, [see Tabari, 1988, p. 6. xxii].

Even the Koran admits some obvious historical facts. First Arabs had long worshipped an ilah or Allah, namely Hub'Al, though the name Hub'Al does not appear in the Koran. Second, Allah like the Babylonian Ba'al had 3 daughters. Third, other deities interceded on behalf on this ilah including his daughters. Fourth, this Allah might well have been at some time an anthropomorphic being but one which was remote and unknowable, rather abstract. It should be stated that the statue of Hub'Al outside the Kabaa shrine was that of a giant man with a hand missing. Muhammad and his friends of course destroyed this statue and all of the other idols in the shrine.

When Moslems say that Allah magically appeared to Muhammad and confirmed him as the 'lawgiver' they lie. Hub'Al and Ilah worship had a 2000 year history before Muhammad began his political project named Submission.

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