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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Islam is a cult. We need to rebrand this ideology for what it is.

Pagan cults are not religions.

by Ferdinand III


"Muhammad justified indiscriminate mass murder through the religious belief of monotheism; a Middle Eastern dogma that claims this universe has a creator called Allah whose purpose of creation is to be known and be worshiped. But this can't be done except through his intermediaries of which Muhammad was the best and the last. According to Muhammad's twisted doomsday teachings, one can only serve Allah by forcing others into submission to his cult, even if that means killing those who differ. Through the years of withdrawal, and spending days at a time in a secluded cave, Muhammad developed a mumbo-jumbo collaged of religious doctrine that was a concoction of Judaism and Christianity and a hefty dose of rituals borrowed from Arabian paganism. He got some rudimentary insights in other monotheistic religions of the Middle East from Warraqa, the cousin of his first wife who was a Christian monk and some of his own followers who were Christian slaves." [source]

Cults are not religions. Islam is erroneously portrayed as a 'religion' that has been distorted by Koran-reading fanatics who take too literally the 50% or more of the book which denounces women, infidels, Jews, and teems with references to killing non-Moslems, burning them in hell-fire and humiliating both the female and the stubborn stalwart who rejects Allah. It must be recast as a cult – only in the context of cult worship and the repositioning of Islam as an ideology which merges church, state and the individual into a corrupt cult – can we hope to deal with its anti-civilisational ethos and set of attitudes. Islam is a pagan cult. Period.

Categorizing Islam as a cult upsets the multi-cult, cultural Marxist, and self-loathing Western idiot. These same people usually demonize Christianity and Judaism, but inexplicably applaud a moon cult from Mecca. They also are probably worthy members of the Gaia cult, one devoted like Islam to anti-humanist, irrational pagan practices, and in essence resembling little more than a death cult. In any event pagan cults do have characteristics that can be identified and catalogued. They are consistent with any cults which have flourished in the past 10.000 years. One similarity is that Islam and pre-modern cults are all premised [including the Gaia cult], on neo-lithic observances. Islam's history is of course premised on a mixture of stone age Arabian cult practices and Assyro-Babylonian mysticism and moon deity veneration. No serious study of either pre-Muhammadan Arabia, nor of Islam's own rituals, prayers, idol worship [including a black rock], and pilgrimmage can deny this fact.

The main facets of a cult are:

  1. Astral worship. The locus of reality and of human existence lies outside the individual and is controlled by celestial forces beyond our ken.

  2. No free will. Islam denies free will. Any reading of the Koran and the Hadiths confirms this. The celestial object[s] are the only form[s] which create and impose 'will'. The human is a worthless 'form of sperm' [to quote the Koran], and has no free will.

  3. Great Man worship. This can manifest itself in the veneration of a human-like deity, or of a 'great' human who is the 'tool' of the celestial object of worship. Muhammad is caricatured as the greatest human in history by Moslems, a man who was chosen by the moon deity Hub'Allah to lead mankind to Allah's [the one's] perfect society.

  4. Dogma which is unchangeable. The words of the 'great' man cannot be challenged – ever. Likewise the imposition by the great man of his codified ideas, which were generated by the celestial-astral object of worship, can never be changed. Both the great man and his words are eternal verities and splendours never to be improved upon.

  5. Rituals. Humans have no free will and must therefore have their lives ritualized around observances detailed in the 'great' man's book, and in his actions. The rituals are presented and performed to please the astral object of interest. To deviate from the rituals is to bring punishment upon the community.

  6. Ignorance. The cult performs best and is strongest when its members are irrational and unenlightened. Obeisance and ritualized conduct can only be enforced when the members are uneducated, do not have the means or the impulse to question and inquire, and in their somnolence are ignorant. Education is thus unimportant as is innovation and responsibility.

  7. Hierarchical. The cult is run along a strict hierarchy. In Islam white skinned Quraysh Arabs are at the top. The bottom is composed of Blacks, females, slaves and Jews.

  8. Manichean. Cults divide the world into two. The 'good' humans are members of the cult. They have the blessing of the astral 'lord' and the celestial 'one'. The 'bad' humans 'fight' or 'reject' the cult. In the words of the Koran these humans are hypocrites, evil, stupid, wayward, misinformed, in league with Satan, and must perforce be violently resisted, warred against, killed, humiliated and punished.

  9. Universality. Many pagan cults profess that they will rule the world. The cults of Chinghis Khan, Hitler, Lenin and other pre-modern fascisms all declaimed this objective. Islam is no different. The astral moon deity demands that the world be conquered in its name. Moslems first duty is to spread Islam and conquer the globe. Moslems are thereby Moslems first and whatever tribe or nationality they might be, second.

  10. Violent. Cults tend towards violence. Devoid of rationality and the Golden Rule, cults will employ force to gain their way. The cult's ambition is usually to rule the world. Violence was used by Muhammad to spread Islam. This legacy has never left the cult of Mecca.

  11. Inured to change. Cults die for many reasons. The political-economy stagnates. The era of raiding and plundering must always end. Innovation and self-directed political-economies are impossible where cults rule. There is simply not enough free-will, energy and intelligence to generate the dynamism needed for a modern political-economy, from within a mindless culture of cult-worship. Cults thus implode. They will blame their impoverishment on others [the Jews, the Americans, the Burger King guy etc.]. But the legacy of failure stems only from the failings of the cult itself.

Cults are dangerous. They share nothing in common with the better aspects of Western traditions. If Islam is rightly viewed as a cult, and not as a religion, the general perceptions of Moslems and their grouping will undergo a profound change for the better. Obvious questions will be asked of Moslems. Why do you belong to a violent cult that covers up its women, hates Jews, and reads from a supremacist-racist book? Why do you support a movement which desires world control but generates nothing but political-economic misery for the nation states and citizens it controls? Why do you ritualize your life, slaughter animals in the crudest and most neolithic manner possible, kiss rocks, throw stones at devils and believe that a moon deity Hub'Allah is a 'god' ?

Maybe when Islam is accepted as a cult, we will see the beginning of its end – at least in the West. And that would be best.  


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