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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Islam is Europe's largest 'official' cult

Statism is the largest unofficial cult of course.

by Ferdinand III


Europe is not only bankrupt financially but also morally and spiritually. The largest official 'religion' in Europe is of course the cult of Muhammad and Submission, a Bronze and Iron age inspired paganism which is not a religion, but like its twins Nazism and Communism; a dialectical, intolerant, power-mad cult of the communal in which free-will, free-choice and freedom are denied and castrated. The real religion of Europe is state-worship or statism. It is an unofficial religion which has a close affinity to the cult of Muhammad, overlapping aims, similar objectives and an equal share of intolerant fascism, in which the individual is rendered impotent and useless and the communal exalted and worshipped. When you lose your cultural bearing, collapse surely follows.


There are roughly 40 million Moslems in the 450 million population of the Euro zone of 27 states. Most of these Moslems are pious, they love their cult of Muhammad, even if their absolute ignorance of the Koran and Moslem history is shatteringly obvious. Islam is misogynist, racist, and supremacist, facts proven by its history and liturgy. Yet few Moslems even know the reality of their own cult. How sad, but how typical of cult members. How many Oprah cult members know how ridiculous her psycho-babble is, or the imbibers of reality TV? Everyone has their religion or cult that they subscribe to.


Government's lie about the numbers of Moslems in Europe of course – much as they do about most things of consequence including the insipid GDP obsession [a spending algorithm]; unemployment [manipulated numbers]; inflation ['models' which make little sense]; and global-warming cum climate change [more taxes, regulations, control]. Most likely governments understate the true numbers of Moslems in Europe by at least one-third to one-half. One can support this claim by counting the number of mosques and multiplying by 2-3.000, or the number of Moslems needed to support an average Moslem cult location. In Europe, during every week, a mosque and a Moslem centre is being built. You only build these structures if you have thousands of people who will use it and fund it and finance the operations.


Islam is clearly Europe's number one 'official' cult, or if we want to be exact, Islam is Europe's second largest cult, following that of state worship.

New English Review:

The first and most elemental point to make concerns its societal impact; that Islam is the second religion of Europe is now something of a journalistic cliché but as Caldwell notes, this is to sell it short. If one measures it by active commitment, cultural cachet amongst the young, and political strength, it is easily Europe’s first religion. In France, 85 per cent of Muslim students describe their religious beliefs as very important, and it carries an intensity of conviction which Christians cannot match. To take just one example quoted by Christopher Caldwell in Reflections on The Revolution in Europe; 68 percent of German Turks think their religion is the only true one, versus just 6 percent of German Christians....


Once Europe jettisoned its Judeo-Christian heritage, Marxism, Fascism and Communism, Islam and Eco-intolerance all swagger in to fill in the vacuum. What is the main cause of this Euro-malaise and lack of spirituality? Surely the unproven, yet 'accepted' theorems of Darwin, Marx, and Freud are a major part of the issue. So too is the Gramscian-Frankfurt School of cultural Marxism in which all cultures are not the same, simply because non-Western, non-White cultures are superior:


Noisy disavowals notwithstanding, multiculturalism remains the de fault ideology for a European elite too timid to assert a defence of western values, and the kind of anathematizing fury... no great power of insight is required to see that Europe’s problem with Islam is in large measure a symptom of its own cultural exhaustion. In an age of puerile shallowness, and weak passions an uncompromising Islam offers the deadly earnestness which Thomas Carlyle noted as its essential strength in an increasingly disenchanted world.


When you don't have faith other theologies move in. 'Atheists' and those who profess that they are 'moderate-secularists' are not without their own coveted, important and deeply personal religions. They might pray to the post-modern psycho-babble of cultural relativity, state power and state largesse. They might also genuflect to Islam as a 'religion' of love since of course they will 'know' a Moslem or Moslems who are the best-dressed, the smartest, the most tender of people. They most likely sup at the table of those who laud the cult of the multi-culture, and the irrational, unscientific cult of warm, or eco-worship; in which supposedly 'sophisticated' moderns pray to a neolithic earth fertility goddess Gaia and hope for human destruction, more abortions and child infanticide for those age 2 or under who don't understand what the word 'future' means [Pete Singer's famous claim, which could be extended up to 6 years old since a 6 year old cannot define the word future either].


There are certainly links between the infantile prostration to such cults as the cult of warm; or the cult of the state, with 'tolerating' a communal fascism such as Islam in which the church and state are merged. It is all part of the same cultural evisceration including a denial of the past, of how civilisation was created, of Christian Europe, an ignorant denigration of medieval history laughably called the 'dark ages' [as opposed to the modern era of Islam, and the cult of warm worship]; and the belief that the state is the new cult of morality and salvation. There is much admiration and mutual support between those who love the state; and the cult being built up by the most intolerant of people - Moslems. It is not a mystery why this is so. It is however a dark harbinger of a coming collapse.  

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