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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, December 5, 2022

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The 7th century Muslim Jihad and Arab Imperialism.

Little commentary from modern 'experts' or quackademics.

by Ferdinand III



White Europeans are always condemned for ‘Imperialism’.  But not the Arab or Muslim.  Islam or Submission is as Christophobic as it is antisemitic.  Jihad as the 2nd most important pillar of Submission (the first is to state every day that there is one God but Al Lah and Muhammad is his only messenger), demands the eradication of Christianity.  Over 1600 verses state this in various ways.  The most lurid Suras are the most important and final, namely, Suras 9, 5, 2, 3, and 8 (a chapter called the spoils of war).  They are manifests of war and destruction.  

Arab imperialism forever changed history.  Between 632 AD when the war-mongering sex slaver Muhammad died, and 750 AD, Christianity lost 65% of its total territory to Muslim imperialism.  Most people today just ‘assume’ that the Arab world was ‘always Muslim’.  This ignorance grates but is never corrected by Western ‘education’ or ‘academic’ systems.  The most vital areas of ancient Christianity were simply abolished, destroyed, eradicated and enslaved or converted to the Meccan moon cult.

The Arab Bedouin, viewed by the Eastern Greek Romans and Persians quite rightly as uncivilised, uneducated and unworthy, found a univocal theology, premised on their pagan past, with the Meccan moon idol or celestial god Baal as its focal point.  This Al Lah or Lord of Mecca, Muhammad’s family idol Baal who was the main Meccan deity, provided a galvanising force for Arab tribes to unite and attack the Eastern Christian Roman empire and the Sassanids in Iraq and Persia.  This Al Lah promised women, booty, spoils and victory in this life, or upon a Jihadi’s death in battle, a heaven full of houris or young shapely women and boys, endless pleasures.  For illiterate tribal men, this was a win-win.  Muhammad’s handbook recital or the ‘Koran’, outlined the program, promising for Muslim male Jihadis great rewards, beautiful women especially the highly esteemed and coveted White Greek women, gold, silver, land and the benefits of civilisation.  All you had to do was fight for the Al Lah and Muhammad.  The handbook of hate, the ‘Koran’ or recital, still remains mute on what the benefits exist for women, other than to be one wife amongst four, and one woman within a group of sex slaves.  Modern feminists call this liberation.

The Arab-Muslim Crusade against Christianity

The slaughter of Christians by the Arabs in the 7th century is an untold story.  From Arabia to North Africa entire cities and regions were de-populated and hundreds of thousands killed, and similar numbers enslaved.  These areas – Syria, the Levant, Egypt and North Africa, have never recovered from the Muslim devastation.  This is why they are still largely poor today.  The Muslims eradicated most traces of civilisation including irrigation, the wheel, libraries and industry. 

Christian monk and priestly chroniclers usually end their commentaries during the Arab-Muslim Jihad during this period with lamentations that it was impossible to fully catalogue the crimes, the brutality, the burnings, the murders and the wanton destruction of Christian civilisation.  The large groups of Christians in Arabia were either exiled, slaughtered or forcibly converted to the paganism of Submission by 635 AD.  Those who did not convert were forced to pay the Jizya or head tax to the Muslim ruler, and if a Christian could not pay it, they sold their children into slavery.  The ‘Ridda wars’ or civil wars in Arabia post Muhammad’s death, resulted in the complete annihilation of any opposition to the Al Lah cult, including the demolition of Christian society.  Abu Sufyan a leading opponent of Muhammad in Mecca, once converted became a raging inferno of Muslim Jihad matched only by the ‘Sword of Islam’, the psychopathic Khalid ibn Walid, notorious for his cruelty and lusts. 

Yarmuk, the most significant battle in history

After the ‘Ridda wars’ or extermination of internal Arabian opposition, the Muslims invaded the Christian Byzantine empire.  In August 636 AD near the Jordan river, occurred the most significant battle in history.  The Muslim victory over a coalition of Christian forces, including Byzantine, Armenian, Slavic, Frankish and Norman.  At the battle of Yarmuk between 16–20 August 636, the Arabs under Khalid, were victorious, defeating Heraclius the Eastern Roman empire and his coalition.  Shortly after this victory the Muslims invaded and controlled most of Syria and the Levant, taking Damascus in 636, with Baalbek, Homs, and Hama following shortly afterwards.  The iconographic Christian cities of Jerusalem, Caesarea, and others along the coast of the Levant all fell by 641 AD.  In every case, great slaughter followed the Muslim advance and occupation.  Churches were burnt, priests and nuns were especial targets for torture, rape and crucifixions, libraries set on fire, and entire areas depopulated with slaves sent to Mecca and Damascus to be sold. 

Muslim raids into Armenia and along the ‘frontier’ with Byzantium resulted in widespread depredations.  Important cities such as Amorium were completely effaced by the Muslim Jihad, burnt literally to the ground with tens of thousands dead and many more enslaved.  Damascus, Jerusalem, Antioch and other major centres of Christianity were likewise assaulted and butchered.  The Christian-Roman state had to evacuate entire populations along the new border with the Muslim caliphate, laying waste to the countryside to ensure there was no provender or supplies for the raiding Muslim hordes.  Again, many areas have never recovered from this endless 7th century Jihad.  Beaten on land, the Christian Romans began a policy of launching raids via sea on the Syrian coast of the caliphate with the aim of forcing the Muslims to defend their coastlines, thus limiting the number of troops available for an invasion of Christian Anatolia or central modern-day Turkey.  Unlike Syria with its plains and deserts-which favoured the offensive-the mountainous terrain of Anatolia favoured the defensive and provided a natural border between Christendom and the Muslim Jihad.

Conquest of Egypt: 639–642

The Byzantine province of Egypt held strategic importance for its grain production, naval yards, and as a base for further conquests in Africa.  It was a rich, well developed and modern region.  Until the Muslim Jihad arrived.  Then as in Syria, the destruction was so barbaric, that Egypt never recovered.  The slaughter was so immense that contemporary Christian monks chronicling the Jihad despaired of accuracy and the enumeration of the endless atrocities committed against Christianity.  The piles of dead, the enslaved, the destroyed cities and agriculture, were too numerous and soul destroying to catalogue in their entirety. 

In 639 a Muslim general ‘Amr ibn al-‘As began the conquest of the Egypt on his own initiative.  The majority of the Roman forces in Egypt were locally raised Coptic forces, who were intended to serve more as a police force; since the vast majority of Egyptians lived in the Nile river valley which was surrounded on both the eastern and western sides by desert, Egypt was felt to be a relatively secure province.  In December 639, al-‘As entered the Sinai with a large force and took Pelusium on the edge of the Nile river valley, and then defeated a Roman counter-attack at Bibays enacting great slaughter in both battles.  The Arab forces won a major victory at the Battle of Heliopolis (640), but they found it difficult to advance further because major cities in the Nile Delta were protected by water and they lacked the machinery to break down city fortifications.  

The Arabs laid siege to Babylon, whose starving garrison surrendered on 9 April 641.  The Christian Copts lost hope of receiving reinforcements from Constantinople when the emperor Heraclius died in 641.  The last major centre to fall into Arab hands was Alexandria, which capitulated in September 642.  The Muslims burnt down the Christian library in Alexandria, the largest library in the ancient world, with tens of thousands of books lost to the fire.  As with all conquests tens of thousands of Christians were raped, killed and sold into slavery.  According to Hugh Kennedy, “Of all the early Muslim conquests, that of Egypt was the swiftest and most complete. […] Seldom in history can so massive a political change have happened so swiftly and been so long-lasting.”

Conquering the agriculturally important and prosperous area of Egypt and its highly developed corn and wheat production, its urbanised areas and industry, and taking over the Nile and securing the Eastern Mediterranean, greatly truncated the Christian Byzantine empire and broke the central spine of Christianity.  The once Roman-Christian Mediterranean was soon to become a Muslim Lake, dividing the ‘south’ of Christendom from its European ‘north.  The eradication of trade, commerce, exchange, travel and cultural continuity, not to mention the endless millions of enslaved White Christians over the centuries would have profound impacts on history.

In just 10 years, 30% of Christendom had been reduced by the Muslim Jihad.  Worse was yet to come. 

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