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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, February 12, 2010

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The Arab destruction of Spain.

The politically correct won't mention such facts.

by Ferdinand III

Academic and media boors, usually inform the peasant mass that 'Islam is peace'; and that the great Muslim irruption from the sands of the Arabian backwater, to the shores of Tripoli and Byzantium in 70 short years, during the 7th century, was somehow a boon for mankind. The opposite conclusion of course applies. Europe was no poor backwater in 650 AD but a thriving set of interlocked prosperous monarchical states, heirs to and built upon, Roman civilisation. When the Arabs shut off the Mediterranean and began the colossal pillaging of Europe taking gold, silver, land, women and eunuch slaves, the 'Dark Ages' appear in Europe and Byzantium, and last for almost 300 years. The Roman and Greek legacy states fell into decline and mankind lost 3 centuries of progress – thanks to Islam.

Belgian historian and researcher Henri Pirenne in his 1937 book 'Mohammed et Charlemagne', has proven that the Arabs shut down the Mediterranean sea and began the devastation of Europe. This led to the 'Dark Ages', a period of time in which trade, the economy, literacy, and urban development and literacy fell. Food production and population declined as local violence and anarchy increase. Pirenne's factual appraisal identifying that the collapse of Gallo-Romano civilization is attributable to the Arabs and their Islamic holy war is irrefutable. This is why it is ignored by academia. Pirenne based his ideas on Arab writings, Christian and Jewish sources, and archeology. All three repositories of facts make it obvious that the Arabs were awestruck by the cities and civilization they encountered in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, southern France and Spain. Europe was clearly no poor, pre-Roman rural disgrace. Arab chroniclers themselves make this clear.

The Muslims conquered Christian, Jewish, Berber, and Byzantine territory in a huge swathe, from Syria to Gibraltar within 70 years. The rich and vital food production areas of North Africa were in their hands as early as 650 AD. The vast wheat and corn production of Egypt was thus denied Europe. Egypt and North Africa were the richest and most prized of the Roman colonies. They had supplied the ancient Roman empire with food, men, cargo from the east, and of great import, with paper. By the mid 7th century all of these staples which were necessary for European development and sustenance were now cut off by the Arabs. The effect on European society had to be of massive consequence.

By 710 the Arabs had crossed into Spain. They had subdued, converted or turned into second class 'dhimmi' slaves, some 15 million Christians, Jews and Berbers in North Africa. The Arabs being a minority were particularly acute at using learned Jewish leaders to help with their administration [this led directly to much anti-Semiticism within Europe during the next 1000 years]. It is impossible to say how many North Africans converted to Islam but it was not a majority – at least in the beginning. The Muslims needed a cadre of tax paying non-Islamic slaves and knaves to support their state. The booty and tax revenues taken by Muslims during the 7th and 8th centuries in North Africa alone must have been massive. Male Muslims were exempt from all taxes. Infidels – in all their millions – paid for the Islamic state.

As the Arabs crossed into Spain they confronted, as they did in North Africa, a far superior civilisation.

Contrary to myth the Arabs and Mulsims did not build up Cordoba, Toledo or Seville in Spain for example. These were thriving Visigothic-Romano urban centers, and amongst the wealthiest and most educated areas in the world, in the 7th century. No archeological evidence exists that the Muslims built anything of any value in Spain during their reign except the Alhambra at Granada during the 11th and 12th centuries. But the academic and media intonations that Cordoba, Toledo or Seville were built up by the Muslims during their occupation, are patently false. No real world facts including archeology support this claim. In fact in these cities [and I have been there to the sites], only a few fragments of Muslim building all of it small are in evidence dating from the 7th to 10th centuries. Part of a wall, a small mosque, perhaps a new market – that is all you will find in these cities that supposedly the Muslims turned into vast metropolitan areas of enlightenment. It is simply a lie.

The wars for Spain or Andalusia lasted almost 800 years. The Arabs quickly overran most of the peninsula with the northern parts remaining Christian. The Spanish-Franco victory at Covadonga in 720 AD probably saved southern France as well as northern Spain from almost permanent Muslim domination. In direct opposition to the idiocy purported by the academic community, this war was incredibly bloody, annual, and destructive beyond imagination – for all of its 800 years. The Muslim conquest of Spain was like any Muslim conquest of any area – it was soaked in the blood of endless war, slaves and societal destruction.

Why were the Muslims in Spain ? In reading academic research and mainstream books you would think that the Muslims were these peaceful, fun-loving, followers of the Meccan moon cult, who would never hurt anyone, and who were earnestly engaged in philosophy, scientific discovery and innovation. All of this is of course a lie. The Muslims swept across North African and into Spain for two main reasons: Holy War and booty. The devastation visited upon Spain was remarkable even by the standards of Muslim brutality [see Andrew Boston and Bat Yeor for source material].

Entire populations of Spain were captured and sold into slavery. Vast districts were denuded of buildings, people, crops and water supply as the Muslims literally effaced Christian society. The first pogroms against the Jews in Europe, including the wearing of yellow armbands, were enacted by the Muslims during their reign. Thousands of Jews were murdered for just being Jewish. Thousands of Christians suffered a similar fate – notwithstanding the opportunistic use by the Arabs, of Jewish and Christian leaders and elites to help manage their empire. Add to this the eternal civil war between the invaders, between Berbers and Arabs and fundamentalists and 'secularists' and you have a picture of unmitigated violence and carnage stretching endlessly for over 800 years.

Spain for 8 centuries was the pivotal and central front in the clash of Arab and European civilization. It was an area of bloodlust and total anarchy. No one knows how many millions the Muslims killed through the unprovoked invasion of Iberia but it certainly is in the millions. The Arabs instituted a Muslim dominated, tax heavy regime, which annually pilfered the countryside for women, slaves and young boys who would be castrated and turned into court eunuchs and scribes. Yet we are told, Spain under Arab rule was a magnificent polyglot of inter-faith harmony and education.

The Gallo-Romano empires, built on the foundation of the ancient Roman world were far in advance of the Arab world of course by 650 AD. The Gallo-Germanic Romans had libraries full of ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish-Christian books, manuscripts and works. It is a vicious lie that the Arabs 'saved' ancient civilisation. They did no such thing. As late as 800 AD in the court of the Carolingian, Charlemagne, his court tutor the brilliant Englishman Alcuin, was boasting in letters of his thousands of volumes of ancient materials, books and writers which populated his Yorkshire manor. The legacy of Rome and Athens was alive and well in both the Western and Eastern parts of the old Roman empire at the time of the Arab eruption and onslaught.

What the Arabs did bring was death and slavery. At least 10 million whites were taken from the littoral of Europe during 1000 years of Muslim barbarity and sold into slavery. Many millions of women were raped, or sold into concubinage for the sexual ecstasy of polygamous and degenerate Muslim leaders. Thousands of young boys lost their manhood and were pressed into court and military service on behalf of their Arab and Muslim conquerors.

Keep in mind as well, that as the 'peaceful, cultured' Arabs were destroying southern Europe, the Vikings were doing the same to its northern lands. Most of the Viking impetus was of course the greed for slaves – to be sold to the Musulmans for gold. It was not just a 'population explosion' in Scandinavia which forced Viking plunder [there could never have been a sudden population growth in cold northern lands even with an agricultural revolution – and even if there was, there was lots of land available at the time]. It was of course the lust for gold and booty in the forms of slaves. The Vikings swept through all the major rivers in Russia [Rus is the word for Viking originally]; Eastern Europe; Germany; France, England and Ireland. They conquered over half of England and created Normandy [ceded to them by the French crown to act as a buffer state against further Viking attacks]. They even appeared in Spain and Sicily. Contacts between Vikings and Arabs are well recorded with even some Arabs making the journey to Scandinavia. The sale of slaves was big business for the Vikings and millions of northern Europeans were sold to the Muslims in exchange for hard currency.

Add to the above the crass fact that the Arabs denied Europe trade, paper and various products necessary for a literate urbane life as they closed down the Mediterranean to all trade. By controlling North Africa, Sicily, and Spain, the Arabs owned the sea. The results would have been devastating. Cutting off of food, paper and the profits from trade would have cast Europe into an economic and literary depression. Even in the 19th century, Arab and Muslim piracy made trade within the Mediterranean sea very difficult if not almost impossible. Naval squadrons of heavily armed ships were the only means to force through trading fleets from the West to the East. It was not until the advent of American, French and English naval intervention that the middle sea was cleared of the Muslim menace.

The Arabs and their Islamic jihad did not bring Europe any benefits. In fact the Arabs brought little but death, slavery, racism, and economic ruin. Europe's Dark Age, was as Pirenne has proven, a Muslim created catastrophe. Without the Arab invasions of the 7th and 8th centuries, European civilization would have continued to grow and mutate. The modern world most likely would have arrived centuries earlier. Yet we are piously told by academics and the media, Islam not only means peace, but civilization. Even a cursory reading of the Muslim destruction of Spain makes that banality a laughingstock.

If words have any meaning we can say this; Islam's invasion of Europe and its relentless 1400 year assault has been a colossal, human and civilizational disaster on par with the incursions of the Mongols, or the wars caused by the twin Fascisms of European Marxism in the 20th century. Islam means death, not enlightenment.




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