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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Did Islam produce the revolution in Capital which created the modern world ?

Over-taxation is a sure signal of failure.

by Ferdinand III

One of the obvious failures in Islamic history and organization is the poverty of the Islamic political – economy. A capitalist economy in which profit is re-invested into various and unpredictable markets and assets, only arose in the market economy of medieval Christian Europe. No other state, location or era in man's history, was able to form the linkages of the political-economy to create the fundaments of what would become the modern world. None. This is a signal fact lost on the haters of human potential and the racists who promote anti-American, anti-Western and anti-Jewish theology.

As with most Orientalist despotism's, the moon-cult of Mecca never had the cultural, spiritual, intellectual, economic or politic revolutions seen only in Europe, which forced innovation, change, literacy, accounting, capital reserves, banking, and rational firms into being. This is also true for any of the despotic systems which populated Europe from the time of Rome to the failed totalitarianism's of Napoleon, Lenin and Hitler. Wealth and creativity can only exist in systems of freedom, some form of parametrized tolerance [a much overused and largely misunderstood word]; contract law; and checks on the powers of government, including quite importantly limiting taxation.

There is little serious study done on the Meccan moon cult, at any level. It is not a religion in the Western sense, but simply an Arab fascism, more in line with the Marxist-Orientalist creeds of National Socialism, or expansive Russian Fascism, named Communism, though any appellation denoting socialist fascism would have been appropriate. One missing factor in the analysis of the moon cult is the absolute dearth of Islamic capital and wealth-creating activities. One reason is the over-taxation employed in Muslim states.

The oft-repeated chant by the very-clever-people is that Islam 'created civilization', or was at least 'a glorious civilization' worthy of admiration and endless love. This is mental incapacity at a very high level. If Islam created the modern world, which the Marxists, and anti-Western racists tell us, than they need to explain why in reality, the modern world was built in medieval Europe, home to a thousand different and quite novel inventions from 500 AD to 1500 AD ? If Islam was so glorious why did it fail so spectacularly once the Jihad was ended by European superiority in all matters from culture to the military ? If Islam was the progenitor of all that is modern, why is there no evidence whatsoever for the rise of capital, markets, firms, literacy, accounting, banking and management within Islam ?

There are two reasons why Islam was and always will be a spectacular failure. The first is that Islamic theology is Jihadic. The second is the overbearing system of taxation which mitigates the creation of excess capital which can be deployed. When this is combined with a fascistic theology of ritualization, racism, supremacism and one which disavows rationality, the creation of anything 'modern' becomes absolutely impossible.

1. Jihad

Jihad is the 6th pillar of Islam. There are important implications in the Jihadic mentality. If one reads Arab and Muslim imperialist history you will clearly see that Jihad is Islam. Islam is by its nature expansionist, and the Jihad or the excuse to plunder, pilfer, steal and acquire land and assets, was the primary motivation in the spread of the Meccan moon-cult. Islam's attraction to Europe for example, was largely one of a gold-lust; as well as an obsession with the high margins of slave-trading; and the use of human labor in an antiquated, and pre-modern, and quite primitive, system of agricultural and limited textile production.  Islam never produced an industrial base, and never invented one single major commerical or industrial application.

Islam attempted to strangle European independence and development, and rape the medieval Christian world which was by 800 AD immensely more wealthy than the Islamic, in a series of on-going pincer movements. The Arabs and Africans came from the south in a holy-war [where are the academics and smart people descrying the African crusades against White Europe during the 10th century ?]; and the Turks starting in the 11th came from the East. The devastation was colossal. Millions dead and enslaved. Societies ripped apart and raped. Treasuries drained. Trade dislocated and according to Pirenne, in some cases stopped, which would have led to some form of 'dark age' regression. Yet the 'modern' really-smart-people have little say about all of this.

Failed despotism's need to expand to survive. Hitler's Germany and Soviet Russia are obvious modern examples of this. World War II was inevitable for example, since Germany by 1939 was quite bankrupt – though again the very-well-educated and sophisticated personalities told the Western peasantry that Germany was rich and prosperous. It wasn't. In this vein to stave off economic collapse all Fascism's need more land, more slaves, women, gold and booty in order to keep the various internal factions quiet, limit internal political and civil unrest, and to prove the superiority of the cult-in-question, over competing and inferior theologies.

With Islamic imperialism the despotic fascist leadership in the guise of Sultans and Imams, who needed to demonstrate power, glory and worth.  The Jihad thus became an endless, self-reinforcing chain of cultural, political, military and economic events. The entire Muslim project to conquer Europe from 700 to 1700 AD was due to the allure of riches, plunder, women, and slavery, along with the rather bizarre idea that the moon deity of Mecca demanded the submission of all humans, to the Bedouin-created Koran.

2. Taxation

Tax levels within the Islamic world, in the age of the 'great' and quite Oriental Muslim empires, was fantastic. Muslim males were exempt from taxation making the over-taxation of non-Muslims a high priority. Poll taxes consumed some 1/3 of the Dhimmi, or non-Muslim's income. Kharaj or produciton taxes could seize another 50% of total output of any enterprise or farm. Ad-hoc or Aviriz taxes would be allocated at the whim of the local ruler. At times therefore the average non-Muslim would be giving up well over half of his income to the Muslim elite. It might even be as high as 80%.

The Muslim elite, like all cultish gangs, of course squandered the tax revenues. Nothing was reinvested to create capital formations, banks, pools of wealth or enterprises. The culture would not allow it. But even if Islam was friendly to wealth accretion it would matter not. The entire structure of society and the mores of the Muslim world had no interest in; and no ability to develop the hundreds of inventions of medieval Europe. There was no chance that the Islamic states, mired in obscene taxation which destroyed any opportunity at wealth reinvestment; Oriental governance, corruption and needing Jihad to survive, could create anything but a system of oppression, demonization of enemies; and backwardness. The culture of Islam married with high taxation ensured its demise.

Any state, in which an elite can rape the population for its own benefit will fail. When tax levels reach a certain level, retrograde forces develop. The incentive to build, create and take risk for a reward disappear. Rigidity sets in. Capital becomes frozen or non-existent. Financial systems seize up. There are no markets, innovations, or rational firms. The entire purpose of surviving becomes focused on the rape, destruction and theft, of other people's resources. Within the total width and breadth of Islamic history, Jihad, piracy, the slave trading of whites and blacks became the best and oftentimes, the only available methods to make profit and prosper. Education, literacy, contract law, morality, ethics, higher civility – none of that would have been important in the Islamic state of affairs. Society simply devolved into competing groups of gangs and thugs.

So it goes with Islamic imperialism. The failure of Islam is plain to see. The nature of Jihad; and the tax-evisceration of non-Muslims is a documented fact throughout the 1400 year period of Islam's corrupted existence. The moon-cult theology has nothing to offer the world. One of the few things we can learn from the Meccan moon-cult disaster is that demonstrated Orientalist governance combined with high-taxation leads to the obstruction of progress and wealth. But that lesson is probably lost on the really smart people, who insist like chirping crickets that Islam is all merriment and wonderment, and that more taxes and more debt are positives, not negatives.


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