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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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The disease of Islam. It has invented nothing of any value.

How the West was won, by Rodney Stark.

by Ferdinand III

Stark's book should be read by Marxopaths, Atheopaths, and Islam-is-peace lovers. A re-education of these benighted beings is necessary. Islam did not invent a single solitary item. Not one identifiable Moslem-only artifact, generated by Arab-Moslems can be named. Not a one. All of the mendacious, apocryphal 'creations' by Moslems, were of course inventions by non-Moslems, living as second-class slaves within the prison of a Moslem society. Or they are lies. As Fallaci once wrote, genius and energy can still arise even in the dumbest and most backwards of societies. But in reality corrupt, impoverished, diseased societies don't produce much of value.

Witness for instance the 'greatest' Moslem philosopher - Averroes. I eviscerate this claim [here]. Stark summarizes the pathetic smallness of Averroes and his non-science and how Islam retarded science:

Averroes and his followers imposed the position that Aristotle’s physics was complete and infallible, and if actual observations were inconsistent with one of Aristotle’s teachings, those observations were either in error or an illusion. Such attitudes prevented Islam from taking up where the Greeks had left off in their pursuit of knowledge.” [emphasis all mine]

All true. There was no science within the Moslem Jihad between 632 AD until the present day. Islam was backwards, and as Stark states, it still is.

...belief that once upon a time Muslim culture was superior to that of Europe is at best an illusion. To ask what went wrong is the equivalent of asking why Spain fell, when in fact the collapse of the Spanish Empire revealed that Spain had never risen but had remained a backward medieval society. So too with Islam.”

There was no golden age [see here as well]. Islam destroys, it does not erect.

...Samuel H. Moffett observed, the “earliest scientific book in the language of Islam” was a “treatise on medicine by a Syrian Christian priest in Alexandria, translated into Arabic by a Persian Jewish physician.” As in this example, not only did dhimmis originate most “Arab” science and learning, but they even did most of the translating into Arabic.”

...remarkable historian of Islam Marshall G. S. Hodgson noted, “those who pursued natural science tended to retain their older religious allegiances as dhimmis, even when doing their work in Arabic.”

Even small-minded Moslem apologists, who call themselves 'historians' have to admit the obvious that the Meccan moon-cult has produced nothing of originality:

Donald R. Hill admitted that very little could be traced to Arab origins and that most of these contributions originated with conquered populations. Many of the Muslim world’s most famous scholars were Persians, not Arabs. That includes Avicenna, whom the Encyclopaedia Britannica ranks as “the most influential of all Muslim philosopher-scientists,” as well as Omar Khayyám, al-B?r?n?, and Razi. Another Persian, al-Khw?rizm?, is credited as the father of algebra. Al-Uqlidisi, who introduced fractions, was a Syrian. Bakht-Ish?’ and ibn Ishaq, leading figures in “Muslim” medical knowledge, were Nestorian Christians. Masha’allah ibn Athar?, the famous astronomer-astrologer, was a Jew.”

For the record, algebra was invented by Diophantus and his cohort in the 3rd century AD in Alexandria, some 500 years before Persians under Moslem rule, began to study the topic [see here]. Even in star-gazing, Moslems and Arabs added little to no value.

...astronomy, although here, too, most of the credit should go not to Arabs but to Hindus and Persians. The “discovery” that the earth turns on its axis is often attributed to the Persian al-B?r??, but he acknowledged having learned of it from Brahmagupta and other Indian astronomers.”

For the record, Christians were well aware by the time of Bede in the 8th century, that the earth likely rotated, and was most certainly a sphere. By the mid-14th century, the earth's rotation had been confirmed only by Christian scientists, and advanced mathematics made it possible to prove the earth's speed of rotation. Islam did not produce any such innovations.

What about the interesting Moslem architecture?

Muslim architecture also turns out to have been mainly a dhimmi achievement, adapted from Persian and Byzantine origins. In 762, when the Caliph al-Mansur founded Baghdad, he entrusted the design of the city to a Zoroastrian and a Jew.44 One of the great masterpieces attributed to Islamic art is the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. But when Caliph Abd al-Malik had the shrine built in the seventh century, he employed Byzantine architects and craftsmen, which is why it so closely resembled the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In fact, many famous Muslim mosques were originally built as Christian churches and converted by merely adding external minarets and redecorating the interiors.”

Moslems did not create a unique architectural style. They simply stole what existed.

How about medicine? Every movie with a Medieval theme always presents the Arabs as the wonder-makers of medicine, the Christians dirty and stupid, too busy bleeding each other to take note of medicinal solutions. Nonsense all of it.

Muslim” or “Arab” medicine was in fact Nestorian Christian medicine; even the leading Muslim and Arab physicians were trained at the enormous Nestorian medical center at Nisibus in Syria. Nisibus offered not only medicine but the full range of advanced education, as did the other institutions of learning the Nestorians established, including the one at Jundishapur in Persia, which the distinguished historian of science George Sarton called “the greatest intellectual center of the time.”

By 900 AD in Europe, medicine was far superior than in other lands; and a rich pharmacopeia existed along with the outlines of rational prognosis and diagnosis. Imperfect but a start, and far ahead of the Moslem world.

Who ran the Moslem empires anyways ? Non-Moslems of course. The Jew and Christian dhimmis were the administrators and enablers of the Moslem state. Without their skill, the squatting Moslem elite would never have survived, nor would they have been able to tax their way to phantom prosperity, or rule their subjected slaves. An example:

...prior to the ninth century, nearly all the learned scholars in the [Islamic area] were Nestorian Christians.” It was primarily the Nestorian Christian Hunayn ibn Ishaq al-‘Ibadi (known in Latin as Johannitius) who “collected, translated, revised, and supervised the translation of Greek manuscripts, especially those of Hippocrates, Galen, Plato, and Aristotle into Syriac and Arabic,” in the words of William W. Brickman.” Muslim culture was largely an illusion, resting on a complex mix of dhimmi cultures. As soon the dhimmis were repressed as heretical, that culture would be lost. Hence, when Muslims stamped out nearly all religious nonconformity in the fourteenth century, Muslim backwardness came to the fore.

When Moslems began to wipe out the Jew and Christian, that spelled the beginning of the end for their expansionary fascism.

Moslems then as now, hated the Jew and Christian. Most of the Koran is one long hate-speech against non-Moslems. Be nice to members of the moon-cult. Hate, kill, or subjugate those who are not members. That is the essence of the Koran. A golden age of Moslem tolerance never has, and never will exist.

Muslim authorities went to great lengths to humiliate and punish Jews and Christians who refused to convert to Islam.”

The final destruction of the dhimmi communities of eastern Christians occurred in the fourteenth century. Although the historical record lacks detail, apparently Muslim mobs in Cairo began destroying Coptic churches in 1321. According to the historian Donald P. Little, these anti-Christian riots “were carefully orchestrated throughout Egypt,” destroying large numbers of churches and monasteries.”

Tamerlane killed huge numbers of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists, he virtually wiped out the Christians and Jews in the East. In Georgia alone, Samuel H. Moffett reported, Tamerlane “destroyed seven hundred large villages, wiped out the inhabitants, and reduced all the Christian churches … to rubble.” Any Christian communities that survived Tamerlane were destroyed by his grandson, Ulugh Beg.” 1148 all Christians and Jews were ordered to convert to Islam or leave Moorish Spain immediately, on pain of death.”

Islam is a diseased, rotting, failed political-theological fascism. Its stinking carcass can be viewed around the Moslem world today. Sex-slavery, child-bride marriages, female mutilations, the daughter-slaughter, Jihad and terror against non-Moslems, black-slavery....the poverty and failure of Islam is evident and obvious. It has invented nothing but death and misery. 

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