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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Lies that Moslems make up. Islam invented nothing.

Propaganda is not truth. Mendacity is not history.

by Ferdinand III

What follows is a list of items that Moslems never invented but claim as their own. In times past this was called 'lying', with mendacity a psychopathic condition usually found in mental degenerates. Today it is recognized as truth or at least as 'an interesting viewpoint, which cannot be dis-proven, since reality does not exist, and we don't know anything'.

Keep in mind that the Koran is supremacist – Moslems are the greatest of the moon deity's creatures – and in this vein, the Al-Lah idol or thing will only allow 'progress' to 'those he pleases'. This is because only Al-Lah has free-will. It therefore stands to reason that in Koranic liturgy the individual human, who does not possess free-will, is inspired to invention and innovation only with the blessing of the Al-Lah thing. Ergo, only Moslems can create anything of value. Hence their zeal to claim every single innovative artifact as a Moslem creation. I wonder how Moslems explain Solutrean technology, or Cro-Magnon innovations in tool-making, bone and wood-work, and painting. Must have been inspired by that Al-Lah thing.

Moslem lies parading as 'fact' in the great minds of Moslems and Islamophiles:

-Discovering America

The insanity. Solutrean Europeans crossed an ice bridge some 40.000-28.000 years ago, or some 30.000 years before Asians did the same. In modern times, it was Columbus who rediscovered the Americas – using Christian inventions such as advanced sailing ships, rigging, maps, compasses, astrolabes, the rudder etc.


This was invented in the 3rd century AD by Christians in Alexandria and Diophantus in particular. Moslems had no inventions at all, in the areas of math, science, astronomy or medicine. Nothing.


Moslems think that a Moslem word [sugar, algebra] means they invented something. Sugar was a staple of the ancient world manufactured in ancient China and India from sugar cane. It cultivation and production only predates the rise of the moon cult by 4000 years.


Long known in the ancient world. Distillation was invented by Egyptians circa 3000 BC and experimentation with chemicals was common in ancient Greece and Christianized Rome.

-Numbers and numbering.

The Hindus invented the zero and numbers both positive and negative, were in use in ancient Greece and China. Moslems apparently have never heard of Euclid circa 300 BC and his geometry. Indians were using irrational numbers by 500 BC. Accounting and the advance use of numbering were invented in Medieval Europe in the 15th century.


Invented independently in China and Europe and in use in ancient Rome [stained glass windows were created in the Christian West]. Glass for use in ordinary homes was a Medieval European invention, and by 1400 most homes had glazed coverings over the windows [this was inspired, in part by the Little Ice Age, that climate philosophers are so keen to have disappear...]

-Flying [A 9th century Moslem jumped off a hill with crude wings and crashed].

In the West, the ancient Greek engineer, Hero of Alexandria, worked with air pressure and steam to create sources of power. One experiment that he developed was the aeolipile, which used jets of steam to create rotary motion. The importance of the aeolipile is that it marks the start of engine invention - engine created movement will later prove essential in the history of flight. The Chinese invented kite flying and may have experimented with wings built for human flight. Moslems did nothing around flight.

-Camera [19th century American invention]

-Farming [see the neolithic]

-Crop rotations [a medieval Christian creation]


Invented separately in China and Europe long before Islam. There are 1rst century AD accounts of windmills in Christian Egypt and references to rotary windmills dating back to 6000 BC in central Turkey – a little bit before Islam was invented.

-Water mills [invented only in Medieval Europe, though known to the ancients, who had no need to pound, cut or saw using mechanical devices, since slave labour was abundant]


Nestorian Christian hospitals existed long before the rise of the moon cult and professional hospitals were built by Assyrian Christians and later the Knights Hospitaller Order.

-Coffee [Abyssinian Christian creation]

-Bathing [apparently Moslems don't know about ancient Rome and its baths]


Invented in China, also in Alexandria Egypt by Christians and really improved upon in the Middle Ages by European Christians.


Apparently Moslems have never heard of Galen or Hippocrates. 1000 years before Islam was formed, Westerners were using sophisticated tools in medicine, including ones for surgery. Advanced medicaments can be dated from 4000 B.C. The same is true in China. By the 4th century AD Nestorian Christians had institutionalized hospitals, medical training schools; and the use of an advanced and rational pharmacopeia. The Knights Templars erected permanent hospitals, something not founded by Moslems.


The Chinese invented the use of salt-peter for both fireworks and in war. The Mongols were using salt-peter to propel their fire arrows in their destruction of Baghdad in 1254. Italians invented gun powder for steel moulded guns in the 14th century.


Moslems have never heard of the hanging gardens of Babylon an artifact of Nebuchadnezzar's reign circa 550 B.C. Ancient Greece, Rome and China had long histories of garden creation both for public and private use. Christian Europe not only developed modern-intensive farming, but introduced productive personal gardens to supplement diets, something Moslem peasants never had access to.

The above are common lies Moslems make about their 'inventions'. As Napoleon sardonically asked an Imam when he conquered Egypt – 'show me in the Koran where it describes how to make gunpowder'. The Koran says nothing about innovation, nor about math, science, or truth. Islam is irrational, the entire construct militates against critical thinking, inquiry and invention.

If the Communist Russians had conquered Western Europe circa 1950 I am sure that the great thinkers and benefactors of Europe dating from the Middle Ages to the modern; would have been reclassified as 'Communist'. So too with Islam. The Moslem Jihad slaughtered, plundered and squatted on Jewish, Christian, Persian, Berber, Hindu, Buddhist and even Chinese land. To ascribe to those civilizations and their creations the appellation of 'Moslem' is to be rather blunt, idiotic. In reality, there is precious little that Islam 'invented', their propaganda to the contrary. 

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