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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Western fools in love with Islam

A Pagan Fascism is not your friend.

by Ferdinand III

The true-believers have always been in love with violence, hate, and anti-humanist philosophies. Vast swathes of the media and academia and elitists were in thrall to both National Socialism – a bastard offspring of Marxist theory – and Soviet Communism. The human, moral, juridical, economic and civilizational costs of these pagan fascisms were never calculated and ignored. The same applies to Islam. The Muslim imperialist project is the anti-thesis of what creates a modern, moral world. Yet the sympathizers of socialism and fascism persist in their claims that the Muslim world is 'moderate' and Islam 'the same as Christianity'. The staggering ignorance of these claims is simply overpowering.

Why do Western commentators and educators support Islamic pretensions and intone that an Arabian moon cult, based around the family moon deity of Mohammed, is somehow a religion ? Why do supposedly well-educated Westerners believe that a system of theocratic control, intolerance, racism, supremacism and destruction, as evinced by 1400 years of unrelenting jihad and annihilation, is peaceful ? How can university trained minds be so inane and untutored about Arab imperialism ? Yet without knowledge, facts or sources the elite mandates the mantra of Islam is peace. It is absurd.

The John Lennon – give Peace a Chance cult – finds its echoes in the modern world in many ways. Peace at all costs organizations abound across Israel and the West. It is fair to share that in Israel for example the peace-now! groups which forced then President Rubin into the Oslo agreements during the 1990s and which coerced Rabin and his successor Ariel Sharon post-Oslo to give up land to the Arabs, has resulted not in improved security, but in the increase in slaughter of Israeli civilians. Before peace-now! became a force in Israeli politics the average civilian death rate per annum from Arab attacks was about 250. Now it is above 400 and on the rise. Apparently peace at any costs, and land for peace, has been a failure. Unless you believe that a few hundred dead Jews per year is an unimportant statistic. The 'moral imperative' of peace-now! at any costs is for the true believers, more important than human life.

The self-loathing runs deep from Israel and throughout the West. Arab imperialism which during the 7th and 8th centuries created the conditions for the Dark Ages by destroying Mediterranean civilization, butchering Jews, Berbers, Christians, and Gallo-Romans; and which denuded the middle sea's basin of key cities, treasure, paper production, food production, trade and imposed slavery and slave or dhimmi status on non-Muslims; is now somehow rewritten to be a “Golden Age” of Islamic enlightenment. The inanity of this claim is so obvious that one must assume that insanity has taken hold of the vendor of such lies. Why would anyone in the West rewrite the destruction of Jewish-Christian-Berber and Gallo-Romano civilization as a time of peaceful moderation and advancement ?

Islam is an expansionist, war and jihadic based political ideology. We see this everywhere Islam is present. Muslims through various means – lying, deceit, war, terror, playing the victim card – will try to impose Islam on the other. Even if in a minority, Muslim demands always accede and escalate. Muslims in Europe for instance now have public funding of mosques, Islamic schools and Islamic political organizations. In England they have recourse to Sharia law. In most European countries Muslims receive Saudi money to build impressive monuments near to, or overshadowing, native European colossi. You see this in every major European center. Thus the new London Olympic stadium will directly face Europe's largest and highest mosque.

The dupes and naifs who support Islam and 'peace at any costs' are a real threat to our society. They are incapable of understanding the reality of Muslim imperialism and intolerance. They do not understand that Islam has very definitive tactics, strategies and objectives. Muslims do have a plan of conquest, and that plan will change and comport itself to local conditions. As one analyst writes:


Let us learn to distinguish between goals, strategies, and tactics:
--Goals: The goal of every Islamist group is to seize state power and turn its country into a totalitarian regime. Usually, the broader objective is to make the entire Middle East into an Islamist state, generally along the lines of the Islamic caliphate that existed in Islam's early days. This also involves expelling Western influence from the Middle East, destroying Israel, and subordinating any non-Muslims in the local population.

--Strategy: The strategy set is the one that seems to leaders the best way to achieve this goal, limited by their ideology but taking into account current and local conditions. The two main strategies are armed struggle (defeating the government's army, terrorizing any competing populations and the general public) or political maneuvering which might include electoral politics. In both cases, the movement tries to build a mass base through sermons, classes, welfare activities, and other means.

--Tactics: These are short-term variable tools that serve the strategic guidelines and ultimate goals.

For instance, Hizbollah wants to take over Lebanon. Currently, it is using electoral politics as a tactic to gain a strong foothold in the government. Another tactic is to lull the West into believing that it is no longer radical in order to reduce opposition and perhaps even gain support. An old tactic is to express radical views in Arabic but moderate-sounding ones in English. [Barry Rubin]


Lebanon used to be a majority Christian state. In the 1970s it was invaded by Arafat and the PLO. Over 100.000 Christians and non-Muslims were murdered. By the mid 1980s more radical Islamic groups, supported by Syria, had control over most of the country [notwithstanding the Israeli attempt to conquer the country in 1982]. By the 1990s funded by Iran and Saudi Arabia, Lebanon had been turned into a Muslim dominated country, under the protection of Syria and Iran, and one armed with Muslim terrorist groups such as radical Hizbollah or the party of the moon cult, Ali-ilah. So how do the peacenow! activists explain the above ? How does peace at any costs and Islam is moderate fit in with the real world Muslim and Islamic terrorist takeover of Lebanon ? How do Western self-haters support their insidious view that Islam means peace when hundreds of thousands of non Islamic Lebanese have been killed and forced into exile ? How is this show of supremacist intolerance, recasted as 'tolerant' ?

Being blind does not mean being intelligent. And wishing for peace does not make peace. Know the enemy. When you realize that what you are confronting is the most resolute of pagan fascisms, dedicated to world domination, your view of what needs to be done to battle and overcome this ideology goes through a resounding change. But in the West it is propaganda not education; sentiments not rationality; and platitudes not reality which dominate the discussion about Islam. And also one should add – hypocrisy.



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