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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, April 18, 2011

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 'Nomad'. Islam's barbarity against Women.

Read it.

by Ferdinand III

You can tell a lot about a civilisation from its treatment of women [and children]. In the West the rise of Feminism has had many deleterious consequences. Abortion, the depreciation of men, the absurd idea that men and women are the same – these and more cultural attributes impressed upon us by Feminists are not only wrong but immoral. Even so, one cannot argue that in the West, women in general are treated poorly. There is simply no proof of this. Now move over to Islam. Islam is not monolithic but a key component in almost every Muslim state and society is the brutal treatment of women. En masse women in the Islamic world are raped, sex-traded, mutilated, illiterate, afraid, preyed upon and dressed up in moronic bed-sheets to denote them not as humans, but as chattel, donkeys, cattle or simply vaginas to be used to produce Ghazi or Muslim warriors.

That is the true Islam. There is no Muslim Feminist movement because such movements would be crushed with rapacious totality. Women don't have the same legal status as men in the Koranic-Muslim world, many are not allowed to drive, own bank accounts, or talk to a non-familial male. How can Western Muslims support such barbarity ? Why do they say like droning robotic idiots that such treatment of women is 'not the real Islam'. Read the Koran. Read Mohammed's sex-addled, sex-trading, sexually coercive history. Your most perfect man is the symbol of Islam's most perfect destruction of half of the human race. It is pathetic, frightening and evil. So too is Islam.

Every woman should read Hirsi Ali's book 'Nomad'. Ali is the star of the multi-cult, liberal-socialist establishment, or rather she should be. Ali is the apogee of 'immigrant' attainment and success that the multi-cult loves to rave on about. However, she is an apostate, she left Islam, and she criticizes it for the pagan-fascist absurdity and immorality it undoubtedly is. For that she is vilified by the ever-so-tolerant Muslims, Feminists, and Liberal multi-cults in the vilest and strongest terms possible. This is a woman who was raped, abused, beaten, kept illiterate and forced into the Muslim cult in Somalia. She was married without her agreement, to a far older male cousin who lived in Canada. En route she fled and claimed refugee status in Holland. There she cast off the slave shackles of Islam, opened her eyes, read and educated herself in Dutch and European history, learnt Dutch, worked as a social services worker who aided abused female Somalian refugees, became a Dutch Parliamentarian; spoke out against Islam's treatment of women; became friends with the Dutch film-maker van Gogh who had his head knifed off in a busy Amsterdam street by a fanatic Dutch-born Moroccan Muslim; wrote best-selling books; and was forced into exile in America from Holland primarily as a scapegoat for the elite who view Islam as the greatest theology of liberation since Chinghis Khan's Sky God, known to the ancient Greeks as Zeus, and to the Hittites as Baal.

Ali's great crimes include working for the American Enterprise Institute which deeply offends those who have never read any of its pro-individual, free-market, libertarian and pro-rights publications. She lives under a permanent security detail since the cult members from the Muslim theology of tolerance, have made it very clear they will kill her. She is pilloried in the lame-brain media as a lackey of some neo-con/pro Jewish/Big Oil/White racist organization etc.

In the real world we have here one of the bravest, most intelligent and articulate women one could ever hope to meet. So why the animus Muslims and Marxists ? She is better than you are? More educated in the real world of Islam ? A realist when it comes to a pagan-fascist cult started by a sex crazed robber-brigand from Arabia? A woman who was raped and beaten by men who were simply following the cult's documents? You would think that the Left-tard intelligentsia would be interested in this woman's story as pertinent as it is for the great story line of the poor, illiterate immigrant who has done fantastic things. But of course not. She dares to criticize an Arabian death cult. Tsk tsk.

In 'Nomad' Ali has this to say about the merger of church and state under Islam, and the totalitarian treatment of the female:

Male Honor?:

No Muslim man has any standing in society if he does not have honor. And no matter how much honor he builds up through wise decisions and good deeds, it is destroyed if his daughter or his sister is sexually defiled.

A father who cannot control his daughters, or a brother who cannot control his sister is disgraced.

Virginity for sale:

An element as powerful and potent as a Muslim girl's virginity also has great commodity value, which means that virginity is above all a man's business [form alliances, sell the girl, use her to improve the family's position.....]...Using violence to ensure their obedience and to warn them against straying is a perfectly legitimate reminder of the law in a system of values in which women have only a little more free will than livestock.

Even today virginity is the linchpin of a Muslim girl's education....Every Muslim girl knows that her value relies almost wholly on her hymen, the most essential part of her body, far more important than her brain or limbs.

Confine and keep them:

Many confine their women, depriving themselves of their labor outside the home, and monitor their movements obsessively....When a woman leaves the house, she veils, another form of confinement...After a girl menstruates she must have as little contact as possible with men outside the immediate family......

The very word harem, the section of the house where the women dwell (in Arabic hareem), is derived from haram, forbidden. In most Muslim cultures people still retain memories of the old, pre-Islamic beliefs in jinn and ghouls.....Those ghouls are most often withered old women or sexually voracious young women, who inspire fear and disgust in equal measure. Defiled every month by menstruation, the female is naturally closer to evil.

Sexual Imperialism:

As Islam grew and spread, it brought its sexual mores to other countries, from Mali to Indonesia. Under Shari'a, a Muslim woman is effectively the property of her father, brothers, uncles, grandfathers. These men are her guardians, responsible for her behavior, in charge of her choices. Above all, she must remain sexually pure.

The essential point made by Ali, and one with is entirely true and rational, is that the animus against women within Islam is cultural, social and theological. In other words, Western Muslim women and their Feminist-media friends simply ignore the obvious cultural degradation of the female within the Mohammedan cult. It is utterly true that under Sharia and Koranic law and culture, that the female is little better than a donkey and has far fewer legal rights than a man. A female rape victim must have 4 males testify on her behalf supporting her story that she was gang-raped or assaulted. This is impossible. But it highlights just how poorly women are treated under Islam. Over half the female population in the Islamic world is illiterate. Studies indicate that in most Arab and Muslim countries some two-thirds or more of women have been beaten, raped or abused. What is this but a barbarism?

Islam is simply barbaric and its treatment of women is a testimony to that fact.

Please read 'Nomad' by Ali and see why the above is true.


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