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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Reaping what you sow: The FemiNazi Cultural Marxist Left and Islam

Poor dumb Lara Logan.

by Ferdinand III

Islam's hatred for the female is genetic. It is coded in the Koran, the Hadiths, and the life of Mohammed who had a sex harem, traded in sex slaves and said pace Bukrhari that women are stupid [48:826] and that they comprise 99% of Hell's inhabitants [2:28]. The moronic bed sheets that Muslim women wear are not liberating, unless you believe that denoting yourself as chattel, male-owned meat or as an asocial devoid of individualism, intelligence, uniqueness and natural law rights is 'freedom'. Of course many idiots will try to make that point. But these same twits intone with scant evidence that Islam is a religion, even though a pagan cult suffused with anti-humanist fascism is rather different than our definition of religion.

American reporter and okay looking Liberal-Feminist Lara Logan was raped in Tahrir square during the 'Arab uprising' in February. Logan is a moderately attractive piece of Infidel 'meat', in the eyes of Muslims anyways. But her ignorance is astounding. Here is a female reporter in Egypt, in a country famous for its denigration of women, its assaults on uncovered 'meat', and its misogyny. So what does the prostrator to Obama do? Why of course during a riot, she ventures out into a frenzied mob – uncovered – and becomes another casualty of Muslim misogyny. But of course Islam cannot be blamed for anything. Do you think this good Democratic party member would utter the words Muslim or Islam in describing her rape? When Arab-Muslim thugs screamed at her 'Rape the Jew', do you think that this was maybe a clue? Clueless Lara has no idea however. Apparently this 'ace reporter', this genius of the microphone had no previous knowledge about the Egyptian and Muslim-Arab animus against the female, which is such a dominant mix within Islamic and Arab culture. Yet she is a reporter in an Arab country and has been reporting in the Middle East for years? How fantastically dumb is this?

[Debbie Schlussel]“Before the assault, Ms. Logan said, she did not know about the levels of harassment and abuse that women in Egypt and other countries regularly experienced. “I would have paid more attention to it if I had had any sense of it,” she said. “When women are harassed and subjected to this in society, they’re denied an equal place in that society. Public spaces don’t belong to them. Men control it. It reaffirms the oppressive role of men in the society.”

Logan had been a reporter for many years in the Muddled Yeast yet she did not know about the denigration, rape and destruction of the female within Islamic and Arab society!?! Impossible. If true then she is just stupid. And if she is so dense and ignorant why is she a reporter spewing her Left-Liberal cultural Marxist ignorance? Sadly and ironically Logan's culturally Marxist bias and uninformed view of Islam was repaid with thanks by Muslims through a gang raped from over 200 or more Muslim men. What a horrific and life-altering experience. But why can't Logan see reality? Why can't she say the words Muslim or Islam? Why does she blame 'men', and not locate the reason for her rape where it belongs – directly in the center of Arab and Muslim culture. How can she heal herself if she ignores the truth? And how can CBS, a most left-wing cultural Marxist media outlet, have any credibility or viewers left, by white-washing this event and fastidiously ignoring its apposite and obvious implications about both Arab and Muslim society including the Koran, Sharia Law and Arab national-socialist culture? It is hard to believe how inured to reality and to the truth we have become.

In a related event, Gaddhafi's men in Libya are raping women in front of their families in good Muslim fashion. This was something that the great man Mohammed and his original band of robber barons engaged in. But such events would never make their way into a Lara Logan montage on the Middle East, or capture front news headlines at the New York Times:

Daily Mail: Children as young as eight are being raped in front of their families by Gaddafi's forces in Libya according to a leading charity.....Other children have described being forced to watch as their fathers are murdered and their mothers raped.

There is something very sick and putrid in Arab and Muslim culture. The female has always been viewed as plunder, as part of a payment to the Ghazi or warrior for Allah, for his role in spreading the moon cult. Young girls have been raped and violated for millennia in Arab society and of course Mohammed had sex with a 9 year old to cement a military and political alliance. The female is thus viewed as either a 'thing' in Islam or sex object, a receptacle for sperm. Infidel women, or those who are against Islam can and should be raped according to the Koran [See 4:24 and 33:50 amongst many other passages]. When the Koran aka Mohammed, says, that you can possess sex slaves or infidel female slaves with your 'right hand', that means you own them, as if they were chickens, a chair, or a nice coat. The woman in Islamic hierarchy is just above the status of an animal, a little higher than a Jew.

Pity that Lara Logan and the other FemiNazi cultural Marxist warriors don't understand this basic tenet of the Mohammedan-Islamic cult.



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