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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Monday, July 19, 2010

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Ban the Muslim Bed Sheets in North America. Now.

Barbaric culture cannot be allowed in our society.

by Ferdinand III

Barbarism's can win over civilizations. War is not always the means to the end. Cultural destruction or at least domination of the 'other', is often-times more important. This is especially true in long conflicts. In the 1400 year war between the Arab Fascism named 'Submission' and European civilization, the side which controls culture, ideas, and which has a clear idea of who and 'what' it is and represents, will be the victor. Islam resplendent in a 7th century Arab pagan barbarity feels sure of itself. The West, mired in cultural Marxism, statism and differing degrees of socialism, does not.

Many European states are rightly banning the Muslim Bed Sheet attire. There is no good argument or rational analysis which supports this expression of Arab and Muslim supremacism. The Bed Sheets are not about 'choice', 'freedom of expression', or 'tolerance'. Tolerating everything denotes a weak, wicked and clueless mind. The Bed Sheets are part of the cultural war between the better instincts and attributes of Western civilization and the pagan savagery of a 7th century Arab fascism. We would not tolerate marching Neo-Nazis in our streets, dressed in polished black uniforms sporting Nazi armbands, and screaming that the Jews must die and civilization destroyed, and a new pagan world created. Likewise we should not tolerate marching morons dressed in Bed Sheets, their bodies and faces covered, who are silently expressing the exact same thing as any band of marching, goose-stepping Nazi goons.

I find the argument forwarded by Bill O'Reilly and most in the media, that many Muslim women want to wear the Bed Sheets particularly stupid. Many people want to do things that are against the law, common-sense and the ethos of a civilized culture. Many people want more than one wife – a practice which leads to a variety of social and familial problems. Some people would like to walk to work naked; sacrifice children to Baal the thunder god; hold public orgies; smoke dope on the job; not pay their taxes; drive too fast; or blow up police cars. None of these actions are acceptable for social, cultural, moral and common sensical reasons.

Neither is wearing a Bed Sheet.

The Muslim Bed Sheet attire comes out of the Koranic injunction that all women should cover themselves. Mohammed had only ruled that Arab and Muslim females must cover up their breasts and show modesty. For centuries prior to Mohammed, Arab women – some of them at least – had the rather immodest desire to bear their breasts at all times. This created social tension. Mandating the covering of sexual organs is necessary and civilized. There is nothing inherently wrong therefore in the idea that women should try to dress somewhat modestly. But the Islamic anti-culture, has of course taken the concept to extremes.

We find the law demanding the wearing of some form of Bed Sheet dress, expressed in Sura 24:31:

And say to the believing women that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts and do not display their ornaments except what appears thereof, and let them wear their head-coverings over their bosoms, and not display their ornaments except to their husbands or their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers, or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or those whom their right hands possess, or the male servants not having need (of women), or the children who have not attained knowledge of what is hidden of women; and let them not strike their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may be known.”

This law is rather strange isn't it? Muslim women can only display their breasts or 'ornaments' to their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, or other male family relations. From this legal code the Muslims have come up with the rather inane idea that a non-familial male can have sexual relations with a women, or can be breast-fed by a woman, if she accepts him as a male family member [son, cousin etc.]. This is the infamous 'Breast Feeding' fatwa, which allows Muslim men to engage in sexual contact with a married female.

In regards to the Bed Sheets, the rules are clear. Women must cover up their sexual parts. So far so good. But there is not much clarity as to how much of the body the woman must cloak in black bleakness. The real issue is this of course;

The Bed Sheets long ago transmogrified in Islamic anti-culture, from sexual modesty, to political and social repression of the female.

Islam is not a religion. It is a political cult. The black Bed Sheets are not expressions of freedom, love, tolerance, or civilization. They represent the opposite. It matters not if Muslim women want to wear them. We should care less what they want. We should only care about what the Bed-room dress states and truly means. It is a clear representation of Muslim arrogance, supremacism, misogyny, and in the case of the women wearing them; self-loathing and stupidity. There is no liberation in branding yourself a piece of meat, a chattel, or a part of a man's private property. You are only telling the world how sick, dumb and disturbed you are.

Bed Sheets are an affront to civilization. If women in the West 'wanted' to run naked down our streets, most citizens – at least the least lurid and adolescently fixated of them – would object. It matters not that the women 'choose' to run naked down our streets. The central issue is that society rejects this activity. The key aspect of Muslim Bed Sheet attire is not that some psychologically deranged female thinks she 'wants' to wear it. The only important aspect is that we, the Western world, don't want it. We in the West choose to reject Islamic supremacism, barbarity and misogyny, all given public prominence by not-too-bright women wearing the clothing of slaves:

“In the modern world the hijab is a ridiculous abomination. The Western world should not allow it in our general society. It is not a part of our Western tradition. Wearing a head covering in a church as most Orthodox churches command is one thing. But to demand that those same women within that church wear the hijab all day in any and all events is obnoxious. From playing soccer, to school, to work, to using the sauna in the gym, the Muslim female is told to wear her derogatory marking of inferiority. Remarkably many Muslims wearing the hijab, feel superior, different, not Western and special. It is idiotic.

Banning the hijab would be an important step in stopping political Islam's advance in the West. It is not a question of faith, or choice. There is no Islamic law demanding the use of the bed sheet. There certainly is no reason why women should be marked out as inferior, a piece of meat, or an individual who is clueless about their own ideology. Being clueless and irrational should be done in private not in public.”

Within Islam women are beaten, deformed, attacked and sometimes killed for not wearing sufficient numbers of Bed Sheets and pillow cases in public. These murders are usually classified as 'honor killings' and are ignored by the Leftard Fembots in the West. The scale and scope of violence against women in the Islamic world is frightening. Why would anyone in the West support the manifestation of this hatred of the female, in condoning the wearing of Bed Sheets and pillow cases on our streets, in our public spaces? The Muslim world has retarded the development of their women by 1400 years. Over half of Muslim women are illiterate. Most have no private property including bank accounts. Many are not allowed the convenience of driving. What Leftard reject in the West defends such savagery? Why then would any intelligent person defend the wearing of Bed Sheets?

Throughout Europe a current of anti-Muslim sentiment is beginning to form. And it is about time. Banning the Bed Sheets is necessary.

“Within Europe and North America Islam has no natural law; human right or legal claim to be outside of Western culture and mores. Wearing a flowing bedsheet which covers the person is a direct statement of confrontation with the host society. It states boldly that they, the Islamic woman, rejects Western society. If you argue that this is freedom of choice than fine – it is society's freedom of collective choice to reject such supremacism and demand that the initiator take her attitude and her linen-wear, back to the home country. This is not Arabia.

Many Muslim women are forced to wear the bed room attire. A Montreal mosque has posted on its Web site a warning to the effect that if young girls took off their Hijab, they could end up getting raped and having 'illegitimate children.' Most Muslim girls are repeatedly told that if they take off their Hijab, they would cease to be Muslims: 'By removing your hijab, you have destroyed your faith. Islam means submission to Allah in all our actions.'”

If you hate women and find the modern world distasteful, than you support the Bed Sheets.

If you can't abide the development of women and feel that the fairer sex is good only for sex, or as an asset to be traded, used, beaten or sold; than you support the Bed Sheets.

If you wish that the individual would simply disappear into the communal mass, as an unimportant and quite useless chunk of human meat, than you support the Bed Sheets.

If you think Islam is peace, merriment, and tolerance for the female, than you support the Bed Sheets.

If you think that slavery means freedom, and that hate means peace, than you support the Bed Sheets.

Bed Sheet barbarity must be banned. The Western world owes the Arab moon cult nothing. Allowing the savagery of black Bed Sheet attire in our society is a mental and societal sickness. Expunge it.


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