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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


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Foreward for our friends
A fact: Islam is not the friend of civilisation or human development. It never has been.
The cult of submission is a 5000 year old moon and celestial cult. Al-Allah is not God in the Judeo-Christian sense. He is a very remote male-moon idol of the Meccan moon-cult worshipped before the time of Mohammed for at least 3.000 years. Coincidentally enough this unknowable 'thing' called Al-Allah was also Mohammed's family deity, who had to care and give oblations to this important cult symbol. What a surprise that this Al-Allah or Ali-ilah becomes the great Muslim God demanding complete obedience and stating through Mohammed that free will and human aspiration was completely unimportant. The only duty a Muslim has is to prostrate himself to this Allah and beg for mercy. Predestination and submission !

Nothing in the Koran, nor in Islamic ritual, practice and history contains natural law rights; the Golden Rule; free-will; or tolerance. Just because over-educated fools, cowards and Leftist ignoramuses - along with Muslims - scream, yell, threaten, intimidate, and demand that you believe that Islam is a religion, does not make it one. Scientology is not a religion. Neither is Hinduism, Shintoism, Confucianism, or Islam. None of these cults possess natural law rights, an immanent Golden Rule which is universal in application; nor have any of them developed rationality through faith. They are in the main anti-humanist, mystical, ritualized and devoid of a philosophy which empowers the human individual. They are irreligious.

Let's make it clear:
Muslims as individuals might be moderate but Islam is entirely immoderate and it is not - repeat not - a religion.

Think for yourself. Do your own research. Ignore the elite. Distrust the mainstream. Elevate civilisation. Reject paganism.

Author: Ibn Sufi al Kitab has been studying the topic of Islam since before 9-11 in the context of the International Political Economy and Political Theology. Possessing a double Masters he has written works on various topics and interests include Islamic imperialism; the Crusades; the Templars and Hospitaller Orders; and Theology including the political manifestation of belief systems.

This server is hosted in the United States, a land where free speech and criticism of a cult named Submission, is still legal.

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