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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Dhummies/Islamophobia - Recent Articles

The myth of the Moderate Muslim

Rewrite the Koran, reform Islamic theology, separate church from state.....

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Keeping up with Muslim New-speak is very difficult. Muslims are masters at propaganda – with the Saudi's the master black magicians of the art of deception.  Iranian propaganda money also saturates Western institutions.  Every event or conflict involving the followers of the male Meccan moon deity and Mohammedanism is recast by the Muslims as a struggle between 'faith' and bigotry, [Islam and Western civilization]; 'enlightenment' and ignorance; or cultural freedom and oppression [Muslims vs. The Rest]. In Western society the ability of Muslims to use New-speak is astounding. What is insane is the acceptance of such nonsense by academia, politicians and the fake news media.


Muslim newspeak in North America and Europe is controlled by various Muslim groups who purport to speak for millions of Muslims resident in the West.  Examples are CAIR, ISNA or the MSA.  These groups are largely funded by the Saudis, Iranians or terror organisations. FBI and other investigations reveal that the linkages between 'moderate' Muslim groups and Islamo-fascist and radical organisations are legion and deep.


Western domiciled Muslims constantly whine about being 'targets' of 'white' 'racism.  The Muhammadan cult is of course, not a ‘race’ so racism cannot be the issue when discussing the cult itself, composed as it is of Arabs, Indians, Blacks, Whites and Asians. Islam as a movement, is a clearly a political-ideology of power and control. Any cursory reading of Islamic history and the Koran would dispel the notion that Islam is a faith.


Typical Moslem justifications for any act of Islamic terror would include the following Newspeak dupes:


-Not all Muslims are terrorists

-Islam is 'reacting' against Western aggression

-Muslims are largely peaceful and charitable

-Most Muslims are 'moderate'

-This was due to mental illness or misunderstanding Mein Koran

-Drugs and alcohol were involved

-‘Racism’ prompted this violent action

-This is an 'isolated' case

-'They' are not real Muslims

-The welfare state is insufficiently generous and solicitous of Muslims and this creates aggravation and resentment


The same list could have been used to justify Hitlerism; Stalinism; and Chinese Maoist fascism, and dozens of other fascisms so coveted and caressed by leftists and multi-culturalists. Not all Shinto Japanese in 1941 were anti-Western or as extremist as the military junta. Nazis were comprised of peaceful teachers, scientists, soccer players, actors and businessmen who were not as 'extreme' as Goering or Hitler. Russian grandmothers in 1970 had little inclination to world domination or the overthrow of American democracy. Chinese entrepreneurs today, are probably uninterested in invading Taiwan, overturning US elections, or working with the US deep state to embed socialist-communism in the USA.  Ergo I would expect that most Muslims living in the West are not 'the same' as the 'radicals', evident and so active over 1400 years of Islamic imperialism and Jihad.


So what. It is the theology of the cult which matters. Not the individual. This is especially true if the individual does nothing to reform the cult, its documents, its rituals, and its expectations. Thus the singular 'moderate' Muslim who tells you what you want to hear, and appears pious, plays the piano, dresses well and appears civilized, is hardly important in the grand scheme of his cult. If he is not determined to rewrite the Koran, reform the Hadiths, open up Islam to inquiry and even ridicule, then he too is part of the problem.


Since 9-11 there have been 40.000 Muslim attacks across the world. Slavery still goes on, even within the West, in the sex trading for marriage of young girls. I know because I have met some of these victims.  Moslems, Arabs and Blacks own, today, right now, some 5-10 million Black slaves in Africa.  Hindu girls in their thousands in East India have disappeared, taken as prisoners by Muslim Bangladeshis, raped, and forced to join Islam [to produce male Ghazi or Muslim warriors]. Attacks and racism against Jews and Christians are weekly events across the world. Yet not one single Muslim demonstration by these vaunted moderates has taken place anywhere in the Western world since 9-11. Not a single one.


Yet we are assured, 'all' Muslims are 'moderates'. Muslims are establishing radicalized schools all across the Western world teaching pure Islamic doctrine, which is by itself anti-Western, racist and supremacist. The media and politicians describe these schools as 'moderate'. In Europe every large city has more than a dozen of them, many funded by both Saudi-Wahabbi money, and state money. Many have deep connections to various Islamic-fascist groups overseas. In fact, the number of Muslim organisations and schools with connections to 'radical' Islam within the West are now are almost too many to count. Thirty years ago, there was only a handful. Yes, there is a Moslem tide, an invasion, a takeover of Western urban areas.  London UK currently has 500 mosques, implying a total Muslim population of 2.5 million, in a city of 10 million.  30 years ago, the Muslim presence in London was minimal. 


There is no proof that 'moderate' Muslim groups exist and if they do, they are poor, under-funded, under-manned, and largely silenced. Blasphemy rules apply in Islam.  You cannot criticise Muhammad, Mein Koran or Islamic theology.  The penalty is death. 


Moderate Islam might be what the 'mass' of Muslims desire, but there is precious little proof that this 'mainstream' Islam wants anything else other than more power, more state funding; more mosques; more adherents and widespread Koranic practice embedded in Sharia Law. Nothing is more obviously a threat to Western civilisation than the imposition of a totalitarian creed premised on pre-7th century codes which are not even laws in the modern sense; designed to meld together, church and state. Nothing is moderate about such a construction.


The only moderate Muslim is one who will agree to rewrite the Koran, the Hadiths and open up Islam to inquiry, ridicule and reformation and separate the church from the state. That is the only definition of a moderate Muslim. Period.



Roger Scruton: Fools, Frauds and Firebrands. Destroying 'Leftist' Philosophers

Most of whom are Islamo-philiac idiots and ignoramuses.

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Conservative Philosopher (recently deceased), Roger Scruton was a former academic exiled from his land due to heretical thought crimes, which offended the Marxist-Globalist Academic-Propaganda Complex.  90% of academics are Marxist-Socialist (including those who support Green Nazism or non-science such as ‘warming’).  There is little free speech with academe, with most universities and most programs (many of them utterly useless); nothing more than propaganda mills for the rather illiterate and ignorant view of the Professing class.  They preach a form of immoral-spirit-less religiosity and dogma, devoid of morality or intelligence.

“Hence the distinction between science and ideology: my thought is science, yours is ideology; my thought is Marxist (since only Marxism penetrates the veil of ideology), yours is ‘idealist’; my thought is proletarian (Lukács), yours is bourgeois; my thought belongs to the ‘material conditions’ of production, and can be called ‘theoretical praxis’, your thought belongs to the false consciousness that arises like a cloud above the place where history is made. My thought is at work in the factory; yours is puffed from the chimney and dissolves into air.”


Scruton excoriated ‘Liberals’ (Socialists, Communists, Globalists, Relativists, Humanists, Positivists – they do come with many labels); for 60 years.  His crime was to live in rural England, living in the real world, connected to nature (small husbandry farm); eschewing Fake News (BBC, Sly etc); avoiding addictions (TV, Internet, Small screens); and deploying Christian faith and morality, as he regarded other philosophers and the world around him.  He was persona-non-grata for Quackademia, the Fake News, the ‘Leftist’ rent-a-mob, those who are perpetually outraged, and those addicts who know little about the real world, nature or even their own human minds, brains and bodies.


In Fools and Frauds he admits his thought crimes:

“My previous book was published at the height of Margaret Thatcher’s reign of terror, at a time when I was still teaching in a university, and known among British left-wing intellectuals as a prominent opponent of their cause, which was the cause of decent people everywhere. The book was therefore greeted with derision and outrage, reviewers falling over each other for the chance to spit on the corpse. Its publication was the beginning of the end for my university career, the reviewers raising serious doubts about my intellectual competence as well as my moral character. This sudden loss of status led to attacks on all my writings, whether or not they touched on politics.”


Today across the Western World, fascistic-terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter (but not if you are the wrong kind of Black like say a Christian murdered by Moslems, or a Police officer killed by Blacks); Anti-fa, Extinction Rebellion, and various Moslem Jihadic groups (usually organised by the Moslem Brotherhood or ISIS); are using public violence, arson, terror and assaults to bring down the ‘structure’ of Western civilisation.  This is what many youth are taught at indoctrination schools (university).  To say that half-wits support these programs is only pointing out the obvious.  It is only an obvious and sad fact that most of Western youth are polluted with Marxist dogma, unable to think, act reasonably, work productively, understand history and reality, and recognise the colossal ignorance of their own immoral-double standards.

“Two attributes of the new order justify the pursuit of it: liberation and ‘social justice’. These correspond roughly to the liberty and equality advocated at the French Revolution, but only roughly. The liberation advocated by left-wing movements today does not mean simply freedom from political oppression or the right to go about one’s business undisturbed. It means emancipation from the ‘structures’…..Much of their literature (the Marxist prophets he exposes) is devoted to deconstructing such institutions as the family, the school, the law and the nation state through which the inheritance of Western civilization has been passed down to us.”


The philosophies and polices of the ‘Left’ always lead to fascistic totalitarianism usually headed by a Leader who like many of the academic panjandrums today, has never worked, does not have a family, and never participated in nature, or civil society.  It is all violence and destruction.  Atheist socialists such as Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot (who learned his Communism in Paris from French ‘thinkers’ such as Sartre); were all committed Statists, in which various forms of statism (Communism, Fascism), would completely control society, the individual would melt into a collective and nothing would lie outside the state. 


None of these ‘Leftists’ had worked, engaged in normal family development, nor had any time for religious faith or spiritual development.  All of them were hard-core Evolutionary-dialectical materialists. The atheist Mussolini, who did have a job as a newspaper editor for a number of years but was largely outside of ‘normal life’ as most of us would understand it, pithily described the program, now promoted by the ‘New Left’, an Atheist movement in which ‘everything is in the state’.  


So it is with the Atheistic ‘New Left’.  Violent, intolerant, full of Newspeak, full of hate, anger, and racism (against Whites).

“Marx’s ‘materialist’ theory of history was a response to Hegel, who had seen the evolution of human societies as driven by the consciousness of their members, as this is expressed in religion, morality, law and culture. Not so, Marx famously wrote. It is ‘not consciousness that determines life, but life that determines consciousness’ (The German Ideology). Life is not a conscious process occurring in the realm of ideas, but a ‘material’ reality, rooted in the needs of the organism. And the basis of social life is likewise material, involving the production, distribution and exchange of goods. Economic activity is the ‘base’ on which the ‘superstructure’ of society rests.”


Marx’s theories are incredibly mindless and devoid of reality.  Individuals, institutions, cultures, history, legacies, technology, markets, decisions, families, Churches, none of these exist, except to server the ‘materialist’ phase which abstractly controls all human organisation.  These ‘intellectuals’, including Freud, Marcuse, Hobsbawm, Derrida, Foucault, Galbraith, and a long list of other psychologically ill, morally compromised and mentally constrained philosophers, simply ignore real life.

“language, religion, custom, association and traditions of political order – in short, all those forces that absorb competing individuals into the shared identity of a nation. To identify the working class as an agent, even if ‘metaphorically’, is to ignore the true significance of national consciousness as a genuine agent of change.”


And in condemning their old enemy ‘bourgeois-capitalism’ run by Whites and Jews (racism mixed with envious stupidity), there is never a real analysis done about the benefits of a system of markets, institutions, laws and free-association, only a limp hatred about the ‘structure’ which provides such flaccid humans the ability to not work, engage in mindless philosophy, or adjure their ‘proletariat’ to violence and war.

“no statistics, no detailed analysis of the modern firm or its specific instances, no examination of the structure of decision making, no real comparison between the private corporation and the state monopoly and no theory of the legal personality of the corporations in a modern state. We are offered nothing more than social psychology...”


Scruton eviscerates many of the modern world’s ‘philosophers’.  He simply repeats what they write, showing the gibberish, illogic, the tautological statements, the circular reasoning and the abdication of thought, reason and morality in their pronouncement’s to their flock of eager half-wits, that the long pages of jargon and nothing, really mean something important, namely; the destruction of the Western state is a mission worth dying for.  An Austrian Baron ‘Lukacs’, often cited by the New Left as a great thinker, is an example.

“He might have noticed his own hatred of God, his refusal of trust, humility and atonement, and his overweening violence towards the created world. But he would have noticed, too, how much his ‘messianic sectarianism’ remained wedded to the deed of Sarajevo, how much the annihilating labels – ‘ideologist’, ‘nihilist’, ‘reactionary’, ‘nostalgist’ – which he threw so indiscriminately at the imaginary enemy might have been rightly attached to himself, and how much he remained to the last what he was in the beginning, a privileged remnant of a vanished ruling class.”


The arrogance, the ego, the ignorance of misplaced pride, the labelling of ordinary people as categories of problems, the lack of analysis or understanding.  All from yet another ‘thinker’ who never worked, never lived in reality, was disconnected from nature, humans and normal associations.

“By constantly notching up the critique of American capitalism and its culture, and making only muted or dismissive references to the real nightmare of communism, those thinkers showed their profound indifference to human suffering and the unserious nature of their prescriptions.”


‘New Left’ (Globalism, Internationalism, Socialism, Communism) is a religion without spirituality.  There are no ethics, morals, regulations rooted in respect for others, or for private property, individual effort, or for history, culture, and the accumulation of civilisation over 3000 years.


Scruton’s books are a panacea for the age of stupid, for an era of anti-White racism, ignorance about the Moslem project, the deification of Fake News and Science Fiction.  Most of the nonsense one hears can be traced back to the ‘Thinkers’ Scruton so ably destroys.


Highlighting Islam’s threat to the West is not racist but necessary.

Stating the obvious and wanting to defend civilization is hardly the theme of a racist.

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In the world of the morally righteous and socially liberal, stating that Islam poses a direct danger to the modern world and to civilization always elicits yelps and howls of outraged indignation. But this reaction is standard. Any deviation from the socially liberal policy of gay rights; the multi-cult club; internationalism; more taxes and monies for all interest groups; cultural relativity; eco-fascism; union support and internationalism, always exacts the same [yawn] response that you are a racist, fascist or pro American baby eating tyrant. One should expect such reactions from a society fat on orgiastic egoism and self-centred narrow mindedness, smothered in the tasty sauce of left-wing education and media systems.


Islam for many reasons, is a direct threat to Western Civilization. Islam is a threat because in the simplest and pithiest analysis, it is anti-modern. Islam has no relationship, commonality, or even interest in historical and societal progress. It also has nothing in common with our Western heritage or experience. It is mired in 7th century pagan Arab culture. Without external change there it shall remain. The orthodoxy and political dogma of Islam prevents it from being modern.


It is also an obvious truism to state that Moslems are not a race, any more than a Communist is part of a racial group.  Moslems come in all hues of colour.  The cult of Muhammadan is immanent – that is what the dogma states – it is not a race-based Fascism, though a good argument can be made that the Muhammadan cult is an expression of Arab racism and imperialism.  Arabs subjugated many different colours and races to promote their moon-deity worshipping fascism.  The entire cult however, encompasses a wide variety of peoples, so in the abstract, Islam is obviously a creed of dogma, not a race per se.


Stating that Islam is a political doctrine and one that is fascist in the real sense of that word [not in the useless meaning used in everyday slander] does not logically lead to a condemnation of a Muslim person. That is ridiculous. To state that a political ideology demands the character destruction of someone who believes in that ideology is simply invalid. One can criticize a theory or construct, without disparaging the person that is presenting such ideas. Likewise, I can forward ideas or debating points and the opposite party can deal with those in the abstract, without delving into adolescent personal attacks.


Around the Western world great millions of Muslims are peaceful, respectful and willing to help their adopted host countries. This assimilation is a brilliant aspect of Western culture. Islamic lands do not allow such integration. A practicing Christian, able to do so freely and without fear, is unheard of in Islamic lands, much less a devout Jew. The Middle East and North Africa were once home to millions of Christians and are now completely Arabicized, with Arabic language, culture and political theology erasing pre-existing societies.


The political theology of Arabia has spread and mutated across Asia and Africa thanks to war. There is little evidence that Islam expanded through peaceful non-violent means. Christianity for instance used both war and peaceful means to spread its doctrine. Non-European societies were forced in the age of discovery and colonialization, to accept at the point of a sword the Christian faith, but other regimes, empires and peoples converted in even greater numbers peacefully or through the conversion of the regime’s elite. This is due to the true religious appeal of Christianity in which the doctrines of the New Testament are almost the exact opposite of the Koran. In any meaningful study of the Koran the curious reader is left wondering if he is reading a fantasy ideology or unconnected streams of delirium.


This is not however to condemn the individual Muslim. Many Muslims only know the Islamic way of life. To pray, to bow, to submit, to hate or vilify is in their cultural water. Socialization through education, family pressure, cultural norms and media propaganda easily perverts even the sharpest of minds. One cannot blame the individual for the destructive nature of the society of their birth.


This then leads to a greater problem – awakening the Muslim mind. This is achieved through two means. First, in the West we must assimilate not ghettoize our Muslim immigrants. We must provide access, growing economies, jobs and information at all levels on our Western civilization and Western systems of development. Pride in ourselves and in our civilization is the first step to bring the Muslim immigrant into our world. Once they partake of our culture, their proclivity towards intolerant ideals and fascism will dissipate. Second, we must liberate the Middle East from its 7th century paganism and open up its society to the ideals of globalization, tolerance and the golden rule. Islam is at war everywhere, with everyone. This is simply unacceptable.


The unacceptable nature of Islam does not mean we condemn the individual Muslim. It means we have the moral duty to lead them to greater understanding and promote modernity into their culture so Islam too can co-exist with the world.