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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Conflicts in Arab/Moslem states - Recent Articles

Muslims slaughtering Black Christians in Nigeria in a 200 year old Jihad.

Black Christian Lives do matter.

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Raymond Ibrahim’s September update on the Muslim Jihad and murder of Christians.  I don’t recall Muslims kneeling asking for forgiveness, or BLM burning, looting and murdering over the 5.000 Black Christians in Nigeria, killed on average every year for the past 20 years, by Black Muslims. 


“Among the dozens of other Christians killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in September were two young Christian girls and a 6-year-old boy (September 28); a 64-year-old Christian community leader and seven other Christians (September 21); a Christian woman and her son, working on their farm (September 23); and five other Christians (September 24).

Discussing the plight of Nigerian Christians in a September 16 statement, the Catholic bishops of Kaduna Province said that "dark clouds of violence have enveloped our land. Our country is in the firm grip of the grim reaper." For over a decade, Nigeria's main challenge was the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, the statement said, though the military had largely degraded two years ago..

Fr. Sam Ebute, who serves one of the persecuted communities, gave a more personalized take:

"For four years, since I became a priest in 2016, I have been burying my parishioners. In 2017, I had to bury a woman who had been killed along with her four children at night, in Tachira. In 2018, in Tsonje, the parish had to also bury four people who were killed. In 2019, in Zunruk, seven youths were killed in broad day light while playing soccer."

More recently, in late July of this year, Fr. Sam buried 21 other Christians from his flock, most of them young girls:

"So, for the past seven weeks, we have been burying our parishioners with no end in sight. These last attacks have left us all in fear and especially the fear of the unknown because we do not know when the next round of attacks will happen and what will trigger it.”


There is no reporting on this whatsoever, none, from the Western Fake News media.  If a report does appear, it identifies ‘sectarian conflict’ between tribes.  Anything to excuse, justify, or ignore the Muslim Jihad.  For the Fake News and ‘Experts’, the anti-Christian bigots, the mentally-deranged Leftists, Black Christian Lives do not matter.  The Christocide does not matter.  The eradication of civilisation by Muhammad’s Bronze Age cult does not matter.  BLM, anti-fa and their supporters are illiterate and hypocritical Marxists, who don’t have a clue about the real world.



Black Nigerian Christian Lives Don't Matter

100.000 killed by Moslems in the past 20 years.

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Black Christian Nigerian Lives Don’t Matter.  Nigeria’s President is Musulman. The Muslim North is engaged in a 200 year Jihad to exterminate Christianity in the centre and South.  Fake News, Quackademics, BLM fascists all yawn.


In Nigeria, over the past 20 years, 100,000 Christians have been killed.... Nigeria is becoming the "biggest killing ground of Christians in the world".


Nigeria, already the most populous African country, could have a population of about 800 million people in the year 2100, according to a study by The Lancet, and could become the ninth-largest economy in the world.


How many could be saved if the media, the chancelleries and international organizations had put pressure on the Nigerian leadership to protect its Christians? Why has the West never linked trade, diplomatic, military and political exchanges with Nigeria to protecting its Christians?


US President Donald Trump, in 2018, raised the issue with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. "We have had very serious problems with Christians who are being murdered in Nigeria", Trump told him. President Trump, however, is almost alone among Western leaders to raise the issue. When his predecessor, President Barack Obama, met with Buhari, he never talked about the murders of Christians.



Moslem Fascism is imploding. But why import it?

Fascisms always fail. It is a natural law.

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All fascisms collapse.  Without significant political, economic, and even spiritual reforms, even China, which titillates Western ‘intellectuals’ and Marxists, will face the same challenges that destroyed Nazism, Communism and Arabism-Islam. Islam and the greater Arabian pagan cult, including the Ottomanic Islam of Turkey, has largely failed for the same reasons that destroyed its kindred fascisms in Europe and Asia.  None of these ‘isms’, Communism, Marxism, or ‘Islamism’ (Islam is simply Islam); generate civilisation in which the individual human matters.  They are collectives and all collectives perish due to their own internal illogic, and the rejection of natural law and reality.


One key element needs to be stressed when looking at the failure of Islam and the greater Arabian empire in the modern world: its lack of a modern culture reflected by a disregard for the individual, for true spirituality and the imposition of a totalitarian construct in its political-economic affairs. The Arab empire is an economic, political and moral failure because it is directly opposed to the big L Western Liberalism that has made the West, and in particular the USA, the most powerful civilization in history.


Culture and virtues, along with institutions, history, economics, and ideas of freedom, responsibility and transparency shape society. They matter.  There is no great Marxist ‘dialectic’ which forms society in great tranches of materialist phaseology.  This is absurd.  Culture and its attendant institutions, attitudes and beliefs, is King.


There is no culture within Islam, it militates against freedom, art, expression, individual initiative, the female, the non-Moslem, the apostate, the critique.  When opened up for inspection Islam collapses.  The only way it can survive – the only way any totalitarianism can survive – is by inuring itself against inquiry.


Daily we can see that the Arab and Muslim world is a cesspool of failure and violence.  And that non-culture has been exported into Europe and the UK, in the invasion by Moslems and Africans, now totalling some 40 millions within Europe.  So when we see Black Moslems hacking 121 Black Christians to death in Nigeria, we can make a direct connection to the massive knife crime and violence committed by Moslems in Paris and London.  When we know that 5 million Black slaves are owned by Moslems and Arabs in East Africa, we should not be surprised to learn of slavery within the UK and Europe.  When we hear of Moslem sex-trafficking in Africa and the Middle East, we should not be surprised to learn of the local sex Jihad throughout Europe against White girls with 600.000 raped by Moslem sex gangs just in the UK.  When we see the destruction of once-Christian Beirut, now  under the occupation of the Moslem terrorist group Hizbollah, who are preparing another assault on Israel (who will be blamed by the Fake News for the conflict), we should not be surprised that the urban areas of the UK and Europe, saturated with the Moslem invasion, look more like Lebanon and North Africa, than their indigenous cultures.  When we hear that Moslems are pulling down Churches across Africa and the Middle East, we should not be surprised that Christian Churches are attacked daily in Europe by Moslems.  Violence against non-Moslems occurring every day around the world is going to be reflected by the invading Moslem hordes in Europe who are increasing intolerant of any ‘phobia’ against their moon-cult and demand ever more shrilly special rights, privileges and Sharia.


Why would the Western world import Moslems?


Greater Arabia and its Islamic empire is without question a disgusting mess – and none of it has anything to do with Western culpability. Women are regularly beaten, sold into slavery, raped, tortured and burnt alive. Hindu’s, Buddhists, Christians and Jews are persecuted and in the past 1400 years have been systematically wiped out from the Middle East and North Africa. Muslims kill apostates, non-Muslims, atheists and ritually behead non-combatants in Iraq and elsewhere adhering to the Koranic doctrine to ‘smite the necks of the infidels’. Two million are dead in the Sudan thanks to Arab gangs and government genocide. Political, economic and social freedoms are unknown and the Arab-Islamic world lies in ruins.


There is no link between poverty and terrorism but there is a link between economic destruction, and racism, hate and ignorance. The poorer your society is, the greater is the chance for barbarity. This fits the Arab-Islamic world. According to the Arab League, the gross national product of all its members amounts to about $900 billion or 2-3 percent of the world's GNP which is less than Canada’s. Backwards, autarchic, corrupt and largely ignorant of technology, capital and trading opportunities, the Arab-Islamic world has little chance at economic vitality. This in turn leads to frustration and violence in domestic populations most of which is turned against the US and the West. Fascist Arab governments controlling their media and education systems blame the Jews, the Americans or the West for their failures.


The real cause of Islamic decline and pagan ignorance is of course Islam itself. The religion and social construction of Islam militates against modernity and wealth creation. Without oil where would the Moslem world be?  Even with oil there is little within the Arab-Moslem world which has done nothing to generate sustained growth which can equal or surpass the needs of an increasing population and labour force. This means for example that probably 30 % of the population in Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest oil nation, is out of work many of them under 25 providing a pool of angry, hostile young Arabic men.  In many parts of the Arab world, per-capita income is below $5.000 USD per year. A perfect recruiting ground for Islamic terrorism.


Economic malaise is thus destroying the lives of the average citizen in Greater Arabia. According to the Iranian news agency, the European Commission on the Mediterranean Region estimates that the purchasing power parity income per head in the Arab world is about 28-33 percent of the EU's average, comparable to many post-communist countries in transition.


As a comparison Israel’s per capita income equals 85-90 percent of the EU’s. Israel is growing and developing its geography and people, while the Palestinian Authority [PA] which receives $1.4 billion per year from the US, the EU and the UNO, is doing nothing to develop its economy or the lives of its people. In fact, the PA has received more aid money per capita than Western Europe received during the post-World War II Marshall Plan.  Why is the West funding a Moslem terrorist organisation?


Economic autarchy and indifference in joining the world trading system has ensured that ‘Greater Arabia’ is the second poorest area in the world after Sub-Saharan Africa. Pakistan and Egypt survive on US foreign aid, even as their newspapers and so-called intellectuals engage in outrageous anti-American behaviour.