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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


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Nazi Fascism and Corona Fascism - similar objectives.

Mass mobilisation and the destruction of Christianity. Same mandate as Muhammadanism.

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The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human”. – Aldous Huxley


The Corona cult, based on Medical Fascism and fraud, is an outcome of rampant Statism in every country (the endless expansion of government or State power); manipulation and propaganda by the State; and the outsourcing to unaccountable ‘professionals’ of health in the guise of government funded health-care.  The Corona totalitarianism has many parallels with Nazi Germany.  The Nazis used ‘Science’ as the basis of their Fascism, with Medical ‘professionals’, ‘experts’ and ‘Scientists’, prominently and fully endorsing the Nazi regime, with few dissenters. 


"The medical professions of Germany and Austria, played a critical role in the evolution of Nazism’s programs of human destruction, programs that culminated in mass genocide. In addition, academic medicine not only provided the “scientific” rationale that legitimized eugenic and racial selection, it also exploited human victims for inhuman research."


Socialist-Statist Nazis had their settled 'science', cult of 'science', and were supported en-masse by Doctors, Scientists and Medical 'professionals'.


A long list of German doctors and scientists, who used the camps as experimental centres was compiled after Nuremberg.  There is no doubt that the medical ‘Professionals’, and ‘Scientists’ were fully bought into the Nazi state, along with the civil service and lay-professionals.  You can’t run a Fascist autocracy without the ‘Professional classes’ compliance.  From 1946 to 1949, the Nuremberg codes on medical ethics were produced and signed by every advanced country in order to prevent human experimentation.  Yet here we are, 72 years later, and humans are now ingesting unnecessary experimental mRNA drugs against a 99.7% survival rate virus. 


To dissent as a medical ‘professional’ in Nazi Germany was to neuter one’s career.  To criticise any aspect of the regime’s ‘science’ or ‘medical certainties’ was to endanger one’s reputation amongst the bien-pensant who were developing the Second Church of Reason (the first being the fascistic anti-clerical, anti-heritage detritus of the French Revolution).  There is little difference with what is going on today.  Dissent from the Church of Corona as a ‘professional’ and you are showered with threats, verbal violence, loss of your job, your status, your career and in some cases your life. 


In a government press conference in March 16, 1933, Goebbels stated his goal: to mould a population “to think uniformly, to react uniformly, and to place themselves body and soul at the disposal of the government.”


The Nazis built their regime, their propaganda, their social mobilisation on ‘reason and science’, by mobilising propaganda to make every citizen act in unison, to support the regime’s narrative.  The same has been true of the Corona Fascism.  ‘Save the NHS’.  ‘In it together’.  ‘Look him in the eye and tell him you won’t follow the rules’.  ‘Build Back Better’.  Simplistic messaging, using psychological tools and lurid imagery, reminiscent of Nazi and Communist propaganda.


One of the main targets for Nazism was Germany’s Christian heritage.  The Nuremberg files are clear that Hitler et al were going to completely eradicate the ‘effeminate, Galilean religion’ of the Jews Paul and Christ, which had ‘eradicated’, ‘Teutonic vigour’ and martial prowess.  The Church was destined for destruction.  Much the same is happening with the Church of Corona and its hatred of Western culture, Christianity or any dissent from the powers of the State and its Medical institutions.


Modern States have carefully implemented a health hysteria to counteract a 0.3% virus-death rate, which involves inter-alia: mandatory mRNA stabs, booster shots, curtailment of normal social activity, face-coverings, and most importantly, the digital-jab passport, which will over time imitate the CCCP social credit score digital application, containing all your personal details from finance to whether you have the latest stab or not.  The main objective of the Corona ‘pandemic’ was to implement the digital ‘vaccine’ passports.  This ‘Covid-pass’ in good Orwellian fashion will contain your ‘freedom’ to move, to work, to shop, to travel, and to be educated.  There is no difference between this program and the Nazification of the German masses in the 1930s.  The only difference is the application of modern technology to the Nazi ideal of complete State-Socialist control over the individual.


If you disapprove of the Church of Corona or the Corona-Fascism you are an Untermensch.  In today’s world, just switch ‘Christians’ in Nazi Germany, to ‘Anti-Vaxxers’, or ‘Anti-Covid narrative’ in today’s:


"When the new National Socialist government started to confiscate Church property, turning religious orders out of their houses and arresting priests....Nazis published material accusing the Church of being anti-science and anti-human progress,....From the early 1930s onwards, it was Nazi policy ...processions would be banned ...outdoor events subjected to sudden new rules and regulations....Children were pressured into joining the Hitler Youth movement rather than stay in Catholic youth associations. An attempt was made to ban the crucifix in schools. From 1936 on, parents were pressured to withdraw their children from Catholic schools and place them in Nazi-approved schools. By 1939, most Catholic-based schools had disappeared in Nazi Germany."


The Nuremberg documents reveal an active Nazi hate and persecution of the Catholic Church.  Thousands of priests and Bishops were murdered in camps.  5 million or more Christians died in the camps and from Nazi persecution during the war.  Jewish historian Max Dimon calls it the ‘unknown holocaust’.  Seminaries were shuttered, sermons monitored, Catholic businesses closed, Catholic newspapers (today's Big tech) shut down, Catholic youth and social groups dissolved. 


There is little difference today between the Nazi program and its ‘mass mobilisation’ and the Church of Corona.  People who don’t follow the current model of mass compliance or who do not want to ingest experimental poisons for a 99.7% survival rate virus are demonised, verbally attacked, threatened with job loss, with their churches, their social clubs, their personal associations shuttered, compromised, or monitored.  Anti-science initiatives such as face-coverings, social distancing or not hugging relatives imposed and those who don’t comply can be arrested, abused or mocked.  The 1930s equivalent of newspapers, namely Big Tech and online social media platforms, regularly de-platform dissent from the Corona Fascist program, or openly advocate soft violence against those declaiming against the non-science of the Corona totalitarianism. 


The mass hysteria, imposition of state power, the violence, hate and bile against those who are opposed to Medical Fascism, has much in common with Nazi Germany.



The inimitable and fatal allure of the Fascist program. Nazism, Muhammadanism.

And yes, Covidism.

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In an age of Covid Fascism, in which the State and International powers are now forcibly jabbing humans with experimental drugs, which do not stop transmission and have killed 12.000 and injured 750.000, it is apposite to wonder just how fascisms develop?  Is the 1930s of Nazi Germany, with 95% of the population supporting the Nazi fascist program, so different from today?  When one can read the plans across 120 countries, coordinated by Governments and Pharma, linked to a ‘Great Reset’ to remodel society to save Gaia from the 0.04% gas by weight plant food necessary for oxygen with 95% emitted by Gaia herself, premised on combatting a minor respiratory illness linked to drugs, passports, surveillance and social scores, apparently embraced enthusiastically by 65% of the terrified populace, is there any justification to feel ‘superior’ to those Germans or Russians, who fell victim to the madness of populist left-wing Fascism?


If one views the cult of Muhammad and its very vocal, muscular, intolerant and violent supporters, is there much of a difference in the overall objectives of the program when compared to Nazism or Covidism?  Not really.  The end goal is always the subjection or elimination of the refusenik, the dissenter, the anti-xxx, the person who just won’t follow the ‘science’, or the ‘facts’, or the ‘evolutionary or Marxist dialectical theory’, or the well-being of the Umma, or the health of the drugged (vaccinated) now at risk from those who are too stupid to jab; or to protect the pious who have been baptised by the High Church of the cult in question from those who are heretics.  No real difference exists.


Fascism is the destruction of the individual into a collective. That is what the word 'fascist' means. The bundle of sticks [humanity] wrapped around an axe [the state]. Fascism is not 'right wing', 'conservative-reactionary' or opposed to 'communism'. It is a communal theology, one in which the person must serve the needs of the state, and in particular, the needs of the cult running the state. The attributes, culture and details of the fascist program will change depending on the legacies of the nation or region in question. The aim of the program is clear – personal submission to the idols of the cult and the state.


Mein Koran is clearly similar to Mein Kampf. This fact frustrates the cultural Marxists and Moslem apologists. Yet the facts are clear. Both Mein's postulate what is in effect a program of intolerant, pagan, fascism. There can be no denying this. Neither Mein Koran, nor Mein Kampf can be confused with morality, ethics, the golden rule, freedom, free-will, enquiry, rationality, truth, or common-sense. Both demand submission, slavery, hatred of the other, supremacist intolerance, and Jihad.


Why is Mein Koran the same as Mein Kampf? One only has to go through the 10 primary characteristics of what constitutes a fascist theology [link] to see why.


1) Party and Leader


Muhammad is conflated with the moon deity Hub'Al as the true god of the Moslems. Follow Muhammad uber-alles. Everything the Dear Leader said or did was from divine sanction. Disobey Muhammad and you will be destroyed. Mein Koran is Muhammad's handbook of control and hate.


2) Ideology replaces reality


In Mein Koran fantasy and ideology replace reality. Moses and Christ are now Moslems. History is rewritten to support the fantasy of Moslem supremacy. Lies become truth.


3) The Cult becomes a religion


The cult demands control and violating this premise becomes associated with divine punishment. All cult demands, including pagan antecedents [kissing rocks, throwing rocks at devils, certain prayers and poems, celestial worship etc.] now become a 'religious' expectation. The cult knows that to control men, it must control both the material and immaterial.


4) Terror, control


Muhammad stated he won Arabia and destroyed the Jews and Christians, along with Pagan Arabs using terror, war, violence and murder. This sordid base of Islamic Fascism impels the entire development of Islam over 1400 years. Islam cannot escape its terrorist beginnings – sanctified as holy in Mein Koran.


5) Racism and Supremacism


Islam is both racist and supremacist. Mein Koran is overtly racist against Jews and Blacks. Towards Christians, pagans and 'polytheists', it is supremacist. Moslems must not associate with non-Moslems; marry their women, or be ruled by them. Islam is supreme. Moslems are infinitely superior to non-Moslems. So wrote Muhammad in Mein Koran.


6) Cross Class appeal


Originally Islam appealed to criminals, brigands, outcasts and losers [as it still does today]. However, given that Mein Koran advocates the theft and plunder of Infidel women, property and wealth, Islam will appeal to those who material appetites far outweigh any sense of moral purpose. In that vein Islam is class neutral. It attracts the immoral and the avaricious.


7) Autarchy


Economic, political, social, cultural. Mein Koran clearly states that Moslems having nothing to learn from non-Moslems, who are apes, pigs, donkeys and dogs. Contact between the superior Moslem and the inferior Kufar must be rejected or at the very least, circumscribed. Moslems believe that Mein Koran is the 'uncreated' word of Hub'Al the moon idol. Everything you need to know is in Mein Koran. What could the Infidel ape possibly offer that would be worthy of interest?


8) Illiberal traditions


Ideas around free-speech, freedom, rights, property protection, a fair judiciary, science, enquiry and respect for others; did not exist in pre-Muhammadan Arabia. Mein Koran took the pagan, illiberal and anti-civilizational practices of pagan Arabia and sanctioned them as divine. This is why Islam is such a failure. No reforms, renaissance, or development is possible within its totalitarian system.


9) Jihad


Islam was spread by war. War, murder, the spilling of blood, propitiating Hub'Al the moon deity through human sacrifice, is the basis of Islam. This cultural fact of the fascist Moslem cult makes change to Mein Koran or the Koranic cult, impossible. Islam is simply Jihad. We see that every day in the Moslem world where non-Moslems are attacked, raped, murdered or exiled.


10) Inevitable collapse


Pagan Fascisms always collapse. The internal illogic of the illiberal cult ensures its ultimate demise. The irrationality, immorality, violence and base stupidity of the project will lead to a variety of consequences including widespread social poverty, illiteracy, frustration and confusion. Islam is a failure. Every single Moslem state is a pale imitation of its Western competition. Islam will implode.


Taqiya: Muhammadanism, Nazism, Communism. Lies, Deceit, Mendacity.

All part of the program to subvert and take over.

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The ‘modern’ world, so in love with its false diversity, its intolerance of anything but masochistic groupthink and consensus, its disavowal of real history, real progress, real values and real intelligence, is the perfect laboratory for Muslims to implement Taqiya – the law of lying to the Infidel to advance the claims of Muhammadanism.  No society has been better positioned for self-immolation and suicide than the current, ‘modern’, ‘scientific’ Western civilisation.  As the 3.000-year development of Occidental progress regresses toward the mean of mediocrity and failure; Muslim Oriental mores can swagger to the fore, using a variety of techniques to take over many aspects of Western civilisation including its Deep State institutions, police and judiciary – hiding behind lies and deceit.  As Muhammad stated, ‘war is deceit’. 


The core of the Muhammadan fascism, which makes it an easy and congenial ally to Globalists, Socialists, Marxists, Flu Totalitarians, Green Fascists and the usual cadre of anti-individualists who commit vote fraud to install political puppets, is the complete eradication of the individual.  Muhammadanism at its core has 6 pillars, the 2 most important being submission to Al-Lah (Baal the moon deity of Mecca and Muhammad’s family’s deity), and Muhammad the only spokesman who could interpret the wishes of Baal.  The 3rd most important pillar is course to Jihad, to fight the Unbeliever, the non-Muslim until the first two demands are rendered, or to kill those who will not submit.  It is a pretty simple totalitarian programme, denying the various precepts which undergird what was once Western Civilisation.  The main reason that the Muhammadan Fascism is tolerated (and the mistake made by the Atheist Nazis and the Atheist Russian Communists/Nazis); is that Muhammad and Muslims have conflated submission to the male moon deity Al-Lah with monotheistic Judaic and Christian traditions.  This pastiche of ‘morality’ hides the lie that is the Koran and Sharia barbarism.  Lying is after an Arab speciality and much admired.  One finds that deceit is mentioned throughout Mein Koran as a modus veritas of global imperialism.


Both the atheist Russian supremacists and the atheist Nazi pagans relied on propaganda to soak their citizenry in the irrational fascist program and support it and to convince the world of the 'morality' of their projects. Communism was sold on Marx and Lenin's illiterate ravings, that the 'capitalist' system due to its own illogic, the 'iron law' of diminishing returns, and the costs of 'imperialism', would crash and destroy the lives of the workers, the peasants, the farmers, or those not in power. It was the ultimate universal, will-to-power expression of Marxism.


Nazism was marketed and bought by the German people due to several never-to-be-repeated factors.  The propaganda as with the current ‘Covid pandemic’ was relentless, mind-numbing, fictitious and exaggerated to an incredible degree.  Hitlerism and Nazism is of course a communal, left-wing concept.  The Nazis fought the Communists and Marxists for the same political space. Hitler admits this in Mein Kampf, and gleefully writes that the Nazis had taken the best aspects of Marxist thought [equality, unionism, job and social payment guarantees, free education, free health care etc] and married it with an intolerant nationalist racism, in which the Germans were deemed to be man's highest form of human achievement in body, mind and soul, and had a duty to conquer the planet to impose a perfect Nordic-pagan world of Teutonic purity which would give rise in the future to a super race of exalted humanoids.


Both the Russian and German communalist programs were theologies of madness, nonsense, gibberish, irrationality and anti-humanist savagery.  So too is Islam. Part of these pagan belief systems is to lie to the 'others', to hide the true nature of the program.  Like the Muslims, the Nazis and Russians lied to 'sell' their misbegotten beliefs to the world at large. Or they lied so they could stealthily expand their program without being confronted.


Hitler remonstrated many times that he did not want to conquer lands to create a Germanic empire – even though in Mein Kampf he details rather painstakingly how Germany will conquer Eastern and Western Europe. He gave no less than half a dozen speeches in the mid-1930s, confirming that Germany would never go to war with Britain, and that the British and Germans were natural allies. These statements were given to keep the British from rearming and to give credence to the vast and quite active pro-peace parties and politicians than active in England.  These speeches were lies.


The Nazis also disavowed any knowledge of Jewish genocide right up until the war. The first Jewish and political-prisoner concentration camps were erected in 1934 – a mere one year after Hitler became Chancellor. Yet the world was 'shocked' to learn during the war that millions of Jews were being liquidated. The Nazis also had legions of charities and 'free' social goods, which made Western Marxists and socialists ejaculate with admiration and with joy. 'Free' baby items, including diapers and strollers were given to new-borns; jobs were guaranteed partially through the building of massive and outside of the Autobahn, quite useless colossi; pensions increased, welfare was extended, education paid by the state, and 'youth groups' got out the German 'vote' so to speak, and informed Germans about physical exercise and the necessity to follow the Dear Leader Adolf.  These programs were ones of deceit, to deceive foreign states, meld compliance from the local population and convince them of the utility of Fascism (jobs, health, safety).


The Nazis also lied of course about their economic growth, their GDP growth, and the strength of their economy – all believed by willing and quite useless idiots in the West. The Nazi state was an autarchic state. There was no foreign investment, and tight government regulation of all investment and capital flows, with only the importation of resources being allowed to fuel the German economy and army. War in 1939 was inevitable because Germany was bankrupt and drowning in debt.


The Russians followed a similar program of mendacity as the Nazis.  Stalin wrote that he learnt a lot from Hitler and admired his tactics and ability to create an all-powerful state, under the guise of something which was perceived as natural and normal.  During the Cold War the same lies used by the Nazis were paraded about by the Russians, and all of them were believed by Lenin's useful idiots in the West: strong economic growth; civilizational development and cultural expansion; a contented and moderate populace; strong, virile, athletic people; no pretensions to world domination; abundant food; a plethora of caring charities; an illimitable number of inventions; and opportunities for all citizens.


Modern Islam, whose Jihadic-tendencies are obvious over 1400 years of endless Muslim imperialism, expansion, slave-trading, destruction, violence, hate and will-to-power; is simply following what the Nazis and Russians practiced. It is the cultural Marxist program of using lies to deceive your opponent’s so you can get inside the system and change it from within. There is no chance that Islam will return to its powerful position in the world system, once enjoyed by the pagan Fascists in the Ottoman empire. But there is a very good chance that they can detonate the destruction of the West from inside our society, using Taqiyya to blind us from the reality that is Islam.


Taqiyya is the following:

·       Sunni doctrine makes Taqiyya acceptable and mandatory when waging jihad or war against the infidel.

·       The Shia doctrine of Taqiyya being 'fear' of persecution and lying to prevent such persecution has been supplanted by the Sunni ideal of using Taqiyya to spread Islam. [Most of the Muslim world some 80%, is Sunni].

·       Deceit in Islamic theory and practice is often elevated to be better than military virtue or courage.

·       The Koran adjures the use of deceit towards non-Muslims [3:28, 3:54, 8:30, 10:21, for example).


Mohammed's ruthless, murderous career was full of Taqiyya, the breaking of contracts, agreements, peace treaties and accords. As Mohammed said in one battle, 'For war is deceit.' He famously broke many treaties in his bloodthirsty expansion of his family's cult and his moon cult ideology.


The Koran and Islamic scholarly writing make it clear that Taqiyya is a part of war; and since Islam must either subjugate or exterminate non-believers through jihad, Taqiya as deception is mandatory. The Koran and Islamic writing make it clear that Muslims can break agreements if they 'feel' that the infidel are about to abrogate their contract. No proof of this is needed. Just the 'feeling' that the non-believer is 'up to something'. A pre-emptive attack and breakage of the treaty is thus permitted.


The Muslim world-view of the House of Islam at perpetual war with the Infidel, makes Taqiyya in practice totally acceptable. This endless war will only end when the world is Islamic. Islam is no less irrational, deceitful, corrupt or inane than any other Fascism. Why would anyone believe a moon cult or spokesmen for an Arabian celestial cult when they cry that they love you, the world, the children's future, and want the same in life as you do? Why are people so pathetically numb to reality and so dense?


Muslim mores are Oriental in their design and fabrication. They are not Western mores. There is no Golden Rule in Islam, no respect for the person, and certainly no division of church and state, regardless of what Muslims say. Read the Koran. Read the life of Mohammed. Read the real history of Muslim imperialism. Read about the 300 million dead, the 50+ million enslaved Blacks, and the 25 million slave-traded Whites over 1400 years. Read it. Read Mein Kampf, read Lenin's writings, read Stalin's re-interpretations of Marxist theology. Read them and you will see that the Fascist program was clear and obvious to any who had the energy and the intelligence to acquaint themselves with the real nature of the program.


So too with Islam. The Muslims are expert liars. They say one thing in English or a European language and the opposite in Arabic, Turkish, or Urdu. This is confirmed throughout history. Don't believe them. Never believe them. The moon cult will do any and everything to advance its power. Its central organizing force the execrable Koran, makes it an obligation to wage Jihad, and spread Islam across the globe. Islam is a cult of destruction and anti-humanism on an even grander scale than Hitlerism and Communism.