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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Hadith - Recent Articles

Patrick Haley on the barren emptiness of the Hadith and Muhammadism

Barren, evil, vicious, Jihadic, intolerant.

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Patrick Haley, in his book, 'A Spiritual Manifesto' writes that the barren emptiness of the Moslem Hadith, or actions and words of Muhammad, which comprise some 60% of Moslem liturgy [along with Mein Koran and the Sira or biography of Muhammad]; must have an impact on a practising Moslem's world-view. Indeed the Hadith are mostly repetitive inanity, punctuated by calls to Jihad, violence and power; all to support the cult of Muhammad and his family idol Baal or the Lord [al ilah] of Mecca.

Haley: 'The primary emotions in Muhammadism are arrogance, envy, false pride, demonizing hate and lust.'

This is entirely true and a pithy summary of Muhammad's cult ethos. We could add pillage, misogyny, rape, plunder, murder and supremacism to the list.

Page 92

'Thousands of verses passed on orally or written on anything available....Muhammad to manufacture the Koran and Hadith. Many are completely absurd....

The spiritual emptiness of Muhammad's life, the Koran and Hadith, leaves followers in a state of nearly constant spiritual hunger. There is little joy, healing and love...

Muhammadens delusionally and arrogantly claim they are superior to all non-Muhammadans....”

What does Muhammadism as conveyed in the Hadith lead to ?

Terror. War. Hate. Blind obedience to Hadith based Sharia 'Law'. Bronze age 'laws'. Females viewed as sex chattel. Attitudes of victimization and jealousy. Jews, Christians or Kufars viewed as subhuman 'apes and pigs' who can be slaughtered at whim.

Islam is a cult.

Mein Hadith and Dhimmitude

Western elitists and many religious leaders are already Dhimmis.

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Jews and Christians are Dhimmis in Mein Hadith which support the Mein Koranic narrative that Moslems, as divinely ordained by Baal or Allah, are the ubermensch. Dhimmis, or 'Peoples of the Book', are to be the knaves, slaves, workers, sex-chattel, and wealth producers for Moslems. That is what 'Dhimmi' or Dhimmitude entails. They are untermensch. Therefore any priest, pastor, pope, cardinal, bishop, prelate or religious leader who does not condemn Moslem supremacism, violence and animus against Dhimmis, is not only a witless, mentally-ill irrelevancy; they are psychologically enchained into Dhimmitude, giving a mental and conscious subservience to Moslems, where none should exist. They are already slaves of Allah and as useless a group of chattering idiots as those who defend National Socialism or Communism.

Mein Hadith and Mein Koran make it very clear, that if the Dhimmis won't willingly submit to the might and power of Islam [submission], than the Allah moon deity has decreed that violence can be used. From Bukhari's Hadith, we have the destruction of the Jews at Khaybar and the imposition of the Dhimmi-contract:

Bukhari 5, 59, 512

During the night, just outside Khaybar [a Jewish village which possessed forts], Mohammed gave the Fajr Prayer and said, 'Allah is Great! Khaybar will be in ruins. When we attack a city that has been warned, those people are in for an evil morning.” As the people of Khaybar, fled the city, Mohammed ordered the men killed and the women and children enslaved.”

Moslems still today, taunt Jews with 'Remember Khaybar', a particular favorite of Arab Moslems living in Gaza on their occupied and once formerly Jewish land. Hundreds of men were slaughtered at Khaybar and Mohammed and his brigands had their sexual appetites sated with numerous sex slaves of any age. Only women who were pregnant or menstruating were exempted from being raped. Western liberal arts Phds state that this proves Islam respects women.

Khaybar was the first enactment of Dhimmitude. Property, wealth, gold and produce were appropriated and stolen by the Moslems. The Khaybar Jews were however, extremely productive and skilled farmers. The Arab Moslems of course knew nothing about farming. So a deal was struck. The Jews could continue to exist at the whim and pleasure of the Moslem ruling class, as long as they transferred 50% of all they produced to the Moslems. If this 'contract' was maintained the Jews might be exempted from further rapine and plunder.

Bukhari 3, 39, 521

Mohammed made an agreement with the Jews of Khaybar that allowed them to use the land in exchange for half of each harvest....”

The pact of Dhimmitude. Mohammed of course received his 'fair share' and 'equitable' division of 20 %. If he had conquered Khaybar without a fight, then he would have taken 100%, so said the Allah thing. Moslem Ghazi or warriors only received booty if there was conflict and battle. Otherwise the great man Mohammed would take all of the plunder......doesn't every 'prophet' do the same ?

Dhimmitude within the Church and Western ruling elite is already a fact. It remains to be seen what the consequences shall be.  

Bronze Age Dictums of Mein Hadith

Rape, sex slave, plunder, kill, punish.....

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Quackademics, Quackperts, the media and toothy politicians who have never read Mein Hadith, the Sira or life of Muhammad, nor Mein Koran; assure the hoi-polloi that the Sunna or Trilogy of Islam discusses nothing but love and peace. In fact the multicultural-embracing elite demands that it is in fact superior to anything created in Judeo-Christian culture. They deny that there is violence, rape, slavery, hatred, Jihad, supremacism, misogyny and Bronze Age ideals in the Sunna. This is because none of these huge brains will ever bother to read the liturgical books which comprise Islamic political-theology. The Kufar or non Moslem sub-human are to be either converted, killed, or at the very least completely dominated by Islamic totalitarianism. See ISIS for more information.

From Bukhari's Hadith collection, in which about 1000 phrases are unique and 5800 or so are repetitive.


B4, 52, 65

A man asked Muhammad. 'One man fights for wealth, one man fights to achieve fame, and another fights for pride. Who among them fights for the cause of Allah? Muhammad said, 'The man who fights so that Islam should dominate is the man who fights for Allah's cause.'

B2, 24, 522

Muhammad: 'Two angels descend from Paradise each day. One says, 'O, Allah! Reward those who contribute to jihad,' and the other says, 'O, Allah! Kill those who refuse to support jihad.'

Paradise for those who fight for Muhammad's cult:

B4, 53, 352

Muhammad: 'Allah promises the jihadi with pure intent either a place in Paradise or a return to his home with spoils of war and the guarantee of Allah's reward in the after-life.'

Kufar women as sex slaves:

B3, 34, 432

While sitting with Muhammad, I [Abu Said Al-Khudri] asked, 'Muhammad, sometimes we receive female slaves as our share of the spoils. Naturally, we are concerned about their retaining their value. How do you feel about coitus interruptus? Muhammad asked, 'Do you do that? It is better not to do that. It is Allah's will whether or not a child is born.'

Kill or ransom Kufar captives:

B4, 53, 367

Speaking about the captives from the battle of Badr, Muhammad said, 'If Al-Mutin were alive and if he asked me to, I would have freed those people for his sake.' [he ended up killing them of course]

Cruel punishment for the Kufar:

B8, 82, 795

Muhammad punished the men of the Uraina tribe by cutting off their hands and feet and letting them bleed to death.

Women are dumb [and must be managed by men]:

B3, 48, 826

Muhammad asked, 'Is not the value of a woman's eye-witness testimony half that of a man's? A woman said, 'Yes'. He said, 'That is because a woman's mind is deficient.'

The vagina is what the man needs from a woman:

B7, 62, 81

Mohammed said, 'The marriage vow most rightly expected to be obeyed is the husband's right to enjoy the wife's vagina.'

Perhaps the pious Moslem, or multi-culti devotee can highlight where precisely the ethics, morality and higher spiritual standards are embedded in the above verses ? The Hadith read as a Bronze Age manual to misogyny, conquest, rape and plunder. They share nothing in common with higher metaphysical motives. Allah-Muhammad uber alles. Whatever Allah might actually mean [Baal, the moon deity, Muhammad...]