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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


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Bearing False Witness, by Rodney Stark, #2.

Believing anti-Catholic propaganda, is not 'enlightened' or 'rational'.

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First part here.

Stark correctly assesses that much of the ‘Enlightenment’ is anti-Catholic propaganda issued in the main, by Protestant authors, anti-Papists, and those opposed for various, reasons to the Catholic Church including many such as Voltaire who viewed themselves as godly (the chapel on his estate was inscribed to his own glory).  The fact that none of the criticasters built, made or did much of anything of value seems to have been missed by modern day apologia.  Tonnes (literally in weight) of documents can attest to the profound progress endemic in Medieval Europe, notwithstanding the onslaught of pagan Muhammadans, Avars, Magyars and Vikings who linked up with the Muslims in the White Slave trade.  Rest assured, pace the ‘progressive’ and ‘scientific’ culture of today, Muslims have no need to bend knees to Whites.  Indeed, you can’t find an academic or ‘expert’ book or article criticising any aspect of the Muhammadan cult.  Plenty are issued each year declaiming in the shrillest possible decibels against Medieval (and White) history.  That should tell the observer plenty (but usually doesn’t).


Antidotes to the dreary and ignorant pro-Muslim, anti-Catholic bias can be found in March Bloch, Francis and Joseph Gies, Jean Gimpel, and Lynn Townsend White Jr., all used by Stark as sources.  Must reads must also include Ferdinand Braudel, and Henri Pirenne. 


Stark relates some wonderful milestones in the Medieval era, just a tithe of what could be mentioned:


-The Domesday Book of 1086 reported that there were 5,624 water powered mills, or 1 per 50 people in England, which is a vast understatement.  When the Romans left circa 410 AD there were none.


-Woollen cloths manufacturing was enabled on an industrial scale due to these water mills, allowing the English to be the European leaders in wool production.


-Dams were abundant during the Medieval period, many of them still standing.  One built at Toulouse was more than 1300 feet in width, much larger than any bridge built by the Romans in Europe.


-Windmills unknown to the Romans, became common.  Manufacturing of wood products, grain grinding, woollen materials and textiles was rife, as well as reclaiming marsh and lands close to the sea.  Huge portions of Belgium and Holland were reclaimed using literally tens of thousands of devoted windmills.  As Stark relates the density of windmills was so legion that lawsuits in the 12th century became numerous citing the blocking of wind from competing windmills, spawning a new industry of lawyers.


-Three field agricultural rotation was perfected.  Again, unknown to the Romans or Muslims.  This renewal of land resulted in greater food production, an increase in population and even economic wealth.


-Introduction of the heavy plough, allowed the development of farming in the heavier, thicker soils of northern Europe. 


-Introduction of the horse collar and the breeding of draught horses for farming who were more efficient than oxen and ate less, thereby costing less and allowing for more profits to be made and reinvested in agriculture.


-Chimneys were invented and immensely important allowing homes and businesses to be heated and the roofs to be closed improving health and safety. 


-Eyeglasses were manufactured en-masse no later than the 13th century in Italy raising the productivity of those with poor eyesight.


-Horses capable of carrying heavy calvary were bred, forever changing warfare, using the innovative bridle and stirrups, with a proper saddle. 


-Sailing ships and all the complicated technology associated with sea and ocean-going vessels from the Viking longship to the history-changing use of wind power seen in the caravel and 3 masted sloops.  Romans and Muslims relied on slave-powered galleys not technology.


-Ending of slavery.  Roman, Muslim, Ameri-Indian, Chinese and other societies were slave based.  This is one reason for the lack of innovation and technological progress.  Roman society was stagnant long before Christ.  By the 9th century, Christian Europe had ended slavery.  Charlemagne’s long wars against the Saxons for instance, ended the Saxon slave trading of whites, Christians and the enslavement of Saxon natives. 


-Polyphonic music was invented at least by the 8th century.  Violins, string instruments, wind instruments, the piano, the massive cathedral organs and musical notation were all invented in the medieval era, developed by the 13th century.  Nothing comparable existed in Rome or the Muhammadan states.


-Art was transformed including 3-D painting on stretched canvasses, using an array of oils and paints, with a wide range of experimental designs and colours.  Nothing in the ancient or Muslim empires can even be compared to Medieval art, which for the first time, depicted not only Biblical scenes, but real life, aspirations, emotions, and movements.


-Architecture was vastly superior to anything seen in the past.  Huge Cathedrals were built between the 11th and 13th centuries all over Europe, denoting a culture that was wealthy, skilled, innovative and well-organised.  Arches, flying buttresses, towers, mortar, new techniques and designs proliferated forever changing how buildings were constructed.  Stained glass allowed in light and windows became common features improving general health and homeliness.


-Literature poured forth in the Medieval era leading to the creation of European vernacular languages.  Each nation produced its own body of vernacular writers and works which shaped national psyches. 


-Universities and public schools were invented in Medieval Europe.  By the 12th century these proliferated across the Continent, supported and funded by the Church and the State.  By the early 13th century Paris, Oxford and Bologna would have 1500 students or more, with each University beginning to specialise in different areas from medicine to theology and naturalism.  Most villages had a Church funded public school for the young with free education given from the ages of 5 to 13. 


-Science flourished including optics, mathematics, biology, human anatomy, astronomy, geo-centricity, physics and chemistry based on the failed pagan practices of alchemy.  The scientific revolution is best situated in the 12th to 17th centuries, animated by Christians.  The Enlightenment after all produced abiogenesis, a biologically and scientifically impossible theory.


The animus against Medievalism and the Catholic Church is one of bigotry and ignorance.  As Stark summarises, ‘It has been conventional to date the Age of Reason as having begun in the seventeenth century.  In truth, it really began in the second century, launched by early Christian theologians.  Sometimes described as ‘the science of faith’, theology consists of formal reasoning about God.  The emphasis is on discovering God’s nature, intentions and demands and on understanding how these define the relationship between human beings and God.’


There has never been a conflict between reason and faith.  That is anti-Catholic propaganda.  Christians invented modern science, logic, reasoning, math and much else.  Believing anti-Christian and anti-Catholic propaganda by those wedded to their own religions be it the ‘Enlightenment’, Darwinism, Covid, Scientism, or the various hues of Rational-Humanism, is unlikely to lead one to truth, understanding and a will to fight to preserve civilisation.  Debase your heritage and lose your future.



Bearing False Witness, by Rodney Stark, #1.

Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History.

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The ‘Science’.  The ‘Enlightenment’.  The age of ‘Rational, Humanism’.  The ‘Dark Ages’.  Nonsense all of it.  Precious little ‘science’ exists in today’s world if one views the scientific method, transparency, free speech and actual experimental-observational data.  Too much outside of applied technology is simply dogmatic philosophy and religion.  The ‘Enlightenment’ gave us abiogenesis, materialism, wars, witch burnings, socialism, a-historical revisionism and now gender-climate confusion and derangement syndromes.  Hardly a blessing.  Being a ‘rational humanist’ does not mean anything since the words, like the philosophies and religions they support, are empty jargon.  Irrationally believing that bacteria can build a human brain is neither a demonstration of rationality nor of humanism.  Quite the opposite in fact, it is irrational and human hating, debasing human exceptionalism and equating you with nothing.


Screaming ad infinitum that the ‘Dark Ages’, themselves a myth, produced only superstitious hairy idiots who inter-alia invented eye-glasses, mechanical clocks, complex farming technology, blast furnaces and the printing press, but who of course so the propaganda states, were certain of a ‘flat earth’ (hence the sorry lies about Columbus), does not make the claim or its attendant propaganda true.  It simply denotes the bigotry and ignorance of the professor of such illiteracy.  Stark:


“By the fifteenth century (and for many centuries before) every educated European, including Roman Catholic prelates, knew the earth was round.  The opposition Columbus encountered was not about the shape of the earth, but about the fact that he was wildly wrong about the circumference of the globe.  He estimated 2,800 miles from the Canary Islands to Japan.  In reality, it is about 14,000 miles.”


The earth’s sphericity was known in the ancient world and by the 2nd century AD, Ptolemy and many Greek-Roman Christians were busy formulating astronomical observations and related mathematics to explain size, circumference, and even rotation.  These ideas were kept, improved upon and debated during the Middle Ages in Byzantium and Europe.


As Stark explains much of the Enlightenment ‘thinking’, evinced in over-rated individuals such as Gibbon or Voltaire is simply anti-Catholic propaganda.  When the state erected national Protestant Churches in Germany, Holland and England, the intense hatred of ‘Popery’ and of Catholic Institutions, many of which were painted as corrupt and self-serving, was manufactured.  Gibbon blaming Catholics for the fall of the pagan, slave-based and quite crude Roman Empire.  Voltaire mocking the great engineering projects of Cathedrals as ‘Gothic’ or Barbarian.  Diderot and Hume declaiming against Scholasticism and Medieval learning including universities, naturalism and even optics, moving such innovations into their age.  The calumnies, distortions and lies were endless, all based on a hatred of the Catholic Church.  None of these thinkers invented a single thing.  Nothing.  Yet they felt free to condemn 1000 years of complex history which preceded them, referring to their own good selves as experts and of course, the enlightened.


Stark, ‘…the notion that Europe fell into the ‘Dark Ages’ was a hoax perpetrated by very antireligious intellectuals such as Voltaire and Gibbon, who were determined to claim that theirs was the era of the ‘Enlightenment’….perhaps the most important factor in the myth of the Dark ages was the inability of intellectuals to value or evern to notice the nuts and bolts of real life.  Hence, revolutions in agriculture, weaponry and warfare, nonhuman power, transportation, manufacturing, and commerce went unappreciated.  So too did remarkable moral progress for example, at the fall of Rome there was slavery everywhere in Europe; by the time of the Renaissance it was long gone.”


The modern age is no different.  Largely obese people, squinting into small screens or watching streaming soft-porn, have likewise pronounced themselves as ‘scientific’ and ‘data driven’, above the superstition of a Church, focused on Dark Matter and ‘evolving structures’.  Whatever. 


The Romans had little water or wind power.  Slaves were sufficient to run their agricultural economy until the inevitable implosion due to political corruption, civil wars, inflation and economic stagnation, not to mention immorality, licentiousness and a strain of fatalism and self-doubt.  It was Christian Europe which created the wind and waterpower to generate manufactured items from clothing to cutting timber and providing consistent irrigation to water agriculture.  Reclaimed lands from marshes and the sea, improved agricultural tooling, crop rotations, new crop introductions, homeopathy, hospitals, hostels, clocks, improved roads and bridges, parliaments, writing, scriptoriums, libraries, universities, Cathedrals, stained glass, chimneys, fireplaces, glass windows….the list of improvements is quite endless, including the ending of slavery.  With the coming of the pagan Muslims, Avars, and the White-slave trading partners of the Muslims, the pagan Vikings, the necessity for strong local defence, feudalism developed as the only reasonable response, in essence, a contract between the local population and a strong-military leader for protection.  Given human nature this rational mode of survival was corrupted and extended negating many centuries of freedom and movement, but not curtailing or ending the inexorable development to the free farmer and citizen.  It was of course, as any objective historian would confirm, far better than what existed under Rome, and given the three-pronged attack and the Viking-Muslim white slave trade which enslaved millions in Western Europe (another fact you won’t hear anything about), an entirely legitimate organisation. 


In their religious intolerance of Catholicism, we now have the ‘moderns’, mostly Atheist, certainly ignorant, now declaiming that Medieval Moorish-Muslim Spain was the apogee of civilisation, overshadowing that of anything Christian Europe could throw up.  This ridiculous and untrue claim is taught of course as consensus-science and fact.  The opposite is largely true.  Muslim Spain was an intolerant Muhammandan occupation which destroyed, raped, and squatted on Christian lands.  If it was such a paradise why would Christians spend 750 years reconquering it?  If it was such a nirvana, surely they would have gladly participated and converted to Muhammad’s moon cult?


Stark, “Maimonides (1135-1204) (the most famous of Jewish philosophers in the Middle Ages), makes a travesty of these claims.  In 1148, the Maimondes family pretended to convert to Islam when the Jews of Cordoba were told to become Muslim or leave, upon pain of death….after eleven years of posing as converts, the Maimonides family became so fearful of discovery that they fled to Morocco where they continue their deception…His story clearly reveals that, as Richard Fletcher has put it so well, ‘Moorish Spain was not a tolerant and enlightened society even in its most civilised epoch’”.


The Muslim Inquisition, which predates the Spanish Catholic, killed some 50.000 or more impious Muslims, Jews and Christians, often in raids, wars, or pograms.  Cordoba and Granada alone saw more than 7.000 Jews killed in pograms.  By contrast the Spanish Inquisition killed 3.000 conversos or recent converts (Jews, Muhammandans) to Catholicism, over 250 years, mostly for treason.  Given 750 years of warring against Muslims and their Jewish allies in Spain, this is not an entirely unreasonable action.  You will not hear about the Muslim Inquisition.  The incessant war cry from the academics and ‘science’ is that the Catholic Inquisition was sat on every corner, scrutinising every movement, torturing every person, raping every comely female to extract confessions and satiating those uncontrollable monks, and murdering millions in large auto-da-fe’s.  No more than 200 Dominicans at any time were involved with the Inquisition and it was always the state, not the Church which killed the heretical.  It is thus unlikely that a black hooded friar was squatting on every corner.


The rewriting of Catholic history is political and theological.  It seeks to demean the European-Christian past.  In this age of anti-White racism, the hatred of the Middle Ages is linked to the racist-project to debase and if possible eradicate the history of White Civilisation.  The fantastic legacy of Christians and Whites are now to be abolished.  I have even read from the more demented and lunatic, that European Whites were actually Black and there is no White race per se.  Other anti-White racists provide a constant stream of false narratives that Ameri-Indians, Chinese or Hindoos, or of course the favourite pets the Muslims, were the real progenitors of anything that is great and good.  The White Christian, far from producing anything of value, simply raped, stole, murdered and infected his superiors.  Such animistic hate for real history is now fed to the populace in the de-education programs of schooling, news and ‘science’.  The outcome is going to be the end of civilised progress. 


When you demolish your heritage, you wipe out your future.


‘Slavery, Terrorism and Islam’ by Peter Hammond

25 to 50 million Whites were enslaved by Muslims. White Lives Matter?

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In an age when a Marxist-Terrorist organisation such as Black Lives Matter, can burn, loot and murder and claim victimhood from White ‘oppression’ and demand a ‘knee bend’ for past wrongs committed against Blacks, it is of course a crime to speak the truth.  BLM is unconcerned with Blacks owning Black slaves, with Black Nigerian Muslims murdering circa 5.000 Black Christians every year and destroying over 100 of their churches, nor with violence committed by Blacks against other Blacks in Western cities, and certainly they could care less about Black crimes against Whites (5 x the reverse) including Blacks killing and raping Whites. 


Hammond’s book on Muslim enslavement of Whites will never make the Fake News, will never appear in an ‘educational’ course, and will never form part of a Catholic Priest’s sermon.  Truth telling in the age of Covid, Darwinism (stuff happens) and the Green Reset, suffused by superstition and ignorance is not only a radical act, it is nearly an illegal act. 


For those who oppose slavery, maybe spend some time to consider the 25 million or more Whites enslaved by Muslims and the 50 million (or more, Hammond estimates 140 million) Blacks enslaved by Muslims.  These massive numbers include those who are captured but die before they meet the slave auction site.  Hammond estimates (as do many other inquirers), that 80% of those captured for the slave market, die before reaching the auction.  This means that if Muslims slave traded 10-15 million whites, far more than 25 million were enslaved. 


As Hammond states, ‘…the most convulsive conflict of the past millennium, has undoubtedly been between Islam and Civilisation; it has been between Islam and Freedom; it has been between Islam and Order; it has been between Islam and Progress; it has been between Islam and Hope.’  Well said indeed.   Hammond’s truism is ignored by Western politicians, their state apparatus where large swathes including ‘immigration’ and defence are controlled by Muslims, or Islamophiliacs, redolent in their insipid hypocrisy. 


As Hammond relates, White Christians ended the African slave trade.  10 million were transhipped across the Atlantic, willingly sold to Whites by Blacks and Muslims.  500.000 ended up in the USA, where a civil war which cost the lives of 600.000 White men ended the immoral slave society of the South.  9.5 million ended up in the Caribbean, Brazil, Ecuador and Central America.  Nary a word today from the shrill Marxists on these countries obligations and historical guilt and need to atone and repair.  Nothing.  These demands only emanate in the United States.  Nowhere else including Muslim states which today still practice slavery.


The Arabic word used by Muslims world-wide ‘Abd’, means a slave and referenced a Black Slave.  Abd can also mean the ‘Slave’ of Allah, such as the Muhammadan’s cult founder who named himself Muhammad Abd’ullah or slave of the Allah (Baal the moon deity of Mecca and Muhammad’s family’s idol).  Within the Koran and Muhammadan belief, owning Black slaves was normalised and expected.  Black faces are those sent to hell according to the Koran.  Muhammad often remarked on the inferiority and stupidity of Blacks (as well as women). 


Of course, Western useful idiots such as the incredibly dumb ex-Catholic and ex-nun Karen Armstrong proclaim the opposite, though they can of course offer no proof.  Muhammad owned Black slaves and had Black concubines (sex slaves) as well.  As Hammond records, ‘The names of forty slaves owned by Muhammad are recorded by Muslim chroniclers.  Islamic law (Sharia) contains elaborate regulations for slavery.’


The slave trade of Whites proceeded along with Muslim expansion and Jihad.  As Muhammadanism spread across the Levant, Georgia, Armenia, Anatolia, North Africa and into Spain during the 7th to 12th centuries it acquired in toto, over many centuries, millions of slaves.  Accounts are rampant from the earliest Muslim attacks after 632 AD up to the time of the Ottoman (Muslim) Turkish conquests of Byzantium territory (late 12th century) of Christian villages and small cities being enslaved by Muslims. Entire locales in Muslim conquered territories were ripe for slavery. 


The only stopping block to mass enslavement was the idea of ‘Dhimmitude’ or non-citizen status for Christians (White and non-White), in which Christians would pay a poll tax or Jizya which financed the Muslim state.  Jizya was lucrative and the basis of the Muslim occupation.   There was thus a delicate balance between forcing conversion (losing the Jizya), keeping the Christians economically viable (and paying the Jizya) and outright enslavement for sex-harems, galleys, mining work, military conscription, and general labour.  Muslims did not want to lose the Jizya and mass enslavement of Christians would significantly impact the economic engine which financed the Muslim occupation.  Nevertheless, millions were still enslaved, a process which accelerated under the Ottomans.


No one knows for sure, but the Ottomans likely enslaved 15 million Whites from the Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia from the late 13th century to the 17th century.  Allied with the Barbary coast pirates from the 15th to 17th centuries who took 2-5 million White slaves from Western Europe, it can be estimated that 20 million Whites just during this era, were enslaved by Muslims.  This is 2 times the number of Blacks who were transhipped across the Atlantic by Whites.  But since when has anyone heard of this?


Many Whites captured by the Muslims, if male, would have been castrated since they were Infidels and could not spread their seed.  The death rate from castration must have been very high.  As Hammond writes, ‘Eunuchs were created by completely amputating the scrotum and penis of eight- to twelve-year-old…boys.  Hundreds of thousands of young boys bled to death during this gory procedure.’


No one in the West knows much about the Muslim enslavement of Whites.  In post-modern, post-truth reality, Muslims are not slave owners, but anti-slavery, even as they own 5 million Black slaves today, in East Africa and spent 1200 years enslaving millions of Whites from Russia to Iceland.