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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - January 2020

Moslem UK Sex Jihad: Police in Glasgow cover up yet another Moslem rape gang

Which targeted White Girls. Isn't that racist?

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Sharia UK.

Migrant aka Moslem Rape Gangs in Glasgow – Police ignored them, then acted, did not disclose it to the public, did not deport all the criminal rapists many of whom are still at large.  All to avoid offending the cult of ‘peace and love’, and the protected species known as Moslems.

Glasgow police shut down a child rape gang whose 55 members were all either “asylum seekers or naturalised asylum seekers”, but did not reveal the existence of the group or the operation to shut it down to the public.

While the operation took place in 2016, it is only becoming public knowledge now, reports The Scottish Sun, which note a briefing document from Police Scotland that reveals the members of the gang were from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Kurdistan, Morocco, and Turkey.


report conducted by Detective Inspector Sarah Taylor from the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit found that of the suspects, only 14 had been deported, with 22 remaining in Glasgow. A further eight were believed to be still living in the United Kingdom, with just one in prison and one further individual pending deportation.

The report details the scale at which the grooming gang operated, with one victim believed to have been abused by 28 different members of the group, and another being linked to 23 men within the gang.

No Fake News mention.  One Moslem Sex Jihad gang out of many in Scotland to be sure.

If the Fake News, Fake Politicians and Fake Experts did mention yet another Moslem-rape gang; they would blame Whites, the victims; ‘racism’; and ‘integration issues’.  Psychologists would ruminate that the Moslem men, simply did not understand that raping white-Infidel women – a 1400 year practice based on Muhammad’s conduct – was not acceptable in Scotland.  Ergo, they are not to blame.


Sharia UK: the rape of White girls by Moslems - 1000 a month on average per year

Not a sound from the Fake News, the Fake Police, the Fake Agencies....

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Sharia UK.

The book Recital or Memorise (the Koran), makes it clear that women are inferior to men.  This is why within Muhammadism there is:


  •  Polygamy
  •  Sex concubines (Muhammad had 20 sex slaves)
  •  Female Genital Mutilation (to remove pleasure from sexual activities)
  •  Wife Beating (Sura 4)
  •  Sex Trafficking of Infidel Women (‘what your right hand possesses’, via war, subjugation or Dhimmitude)
  •  Wearing of Hijabs (and various bags) to cover up the female form and to show deference and submission to men
  •  In Moslem Sharia countries women cannot have an independent life of their man (husband, if not married, father or brother); and are subject to stringent observation and control
  •  Under Sharia Barbarism, women are legally ¼ the value of a man
  • Child bride marriages to older men (usually for money)
  • Termporary (weekend) marriages (akin to prostitution)


Muhammadism is distinctly anti-female.  In many ways Muhammad’s cult was not only a cult of brigandage, plunder, war and robbery; but a sex cult.  Within Muhammadism, men can do whatever they want – especially to Infidel women.  A key part of Muhammadism’s core is misogyny and sex.


In this vein, part of the Moslem Jihad is the Sex Jihad.  In Dhimmi-UK we have the outrageous, immoral, and viciously barbaric sex trafficking and associated rapes of up to 300.000 young white girls over a 30 year-period, by Moslems because they are white.  This translates into roughly 1000 white girls every month, being sex trafficked, or raped, or assaulted by Moslems.


This attack on white girls – or infidel meat - is called Racism, the Sex Jihad, part of the subjugation of the Infidel – a clear statement by Moslems that we will conquer your society and rape your women while we squat, take-over and impose Sharia.  But there is not a word from the Fake Police, Fake News, Fake Education, Fake Politicians, Fake Government of the dozens of Fake Agencies and NGOs focused on the ‘children’s future’ and ‘children’s safety’.  Nothing.  In fact the UK police system is suffused with Moslems, with some Moslem officers participating in the sex attacks on white girls; and others stopping investigations, or even threatening victims with ‘hate crimes’ for racism.


There are likely 10 million Moslems in the UK out of a total population nearing 70 million.  This will double by 2040 given current trends.  Yet this misogynistic, racist cult is a protected species and can do what they like.  Secular laws do not apply to Moslems.

One woman claimed in May 2017 that she had reported being raped by Muslim gangs when she was 14 years old, "But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist, and I was the one who had the problem." She added, "I was specifically told not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrator….



Notre Dame's Arson; Moslemophobia; the signposts of Western Civilisational Submission

Speaking the truth will make you a Phobe and 'Alt Right' (whatever that means)

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Lots of compulsion and death in Muhammadism inspired by the words and deeds of the Brigand-Fascist Muhammad and the hand-book of hate called Recital (Mein Koran).


In December 2019, 1600 innocents were killed by Moslems world-wide.  For the Fake-News media and hair-flicking Libtards this means of course that Muhammadism is peace.  Imagine if a Catholic Group screaming ‘Christ is Saviour’, murdered 1600 people in one month.  What would the reaction be of the Fake News, the Fake Education, the Fake Experts and other self-proclaimed very-clever people?


In Western states there is the 2 pronged Moslem approach to taking over society.  One is the demographic-immigration path.  Breeding more Ghazi than the native populations will reduce once-Christian-secular states into 2 nations; one Moslem, one Infidel, with the Moslem waging war on the Infidel.  This is called cutting off the head of the snake.  Concomitantly another strategy called cutting out the tongue, seeks to criminalise any assessment, discussion or dissension from the state-propaganda that Muhammadism is hugs, kisses, peace and flowers.  The Western poster-boy for this assualt is France, which is suffering under both strategies and is largely paralyzed and unable to respond to the recent Moslem invasion and associated, crime, destruction, rape, murders, welfare fraud and general violence.


This is one of two strands of the Islamists’ strategy to splinter the country, what the French call the ‘coupeurs de têtes’ [cutting the heads]; the other is the ‘coupeurs de langues’ [cutting the tongues], whereby anyone who speaks negatively of Islam is branded an Islamophobe.

In his 2016 book, ‘The Fracture’, political scientist Gilles Kepel, explained how Islamists, with their help of the gullible on the French left, have used Islamophobia to turn Muslims into perpetual victims. Looking ahead to the 2017 election, Kepel wrote that whatever the outcome, the president would be confronted in the five years that followed with a “very profound social and cultural crisis”, one that would require an extraordinary “political vision” to avoid a catastrophe.


Moslem-ophobia does not exist, at least not as ‘hate speech’.  If Moslem-ophobia is defined as fighting back against the Moslem destruction of civilisation than In fact, we need more of it.  The Moslem invasion and reduction of the West is proceeding at an alarming rate.  Mosque construction – illegally funded per national laws – by countries such as Qatar or Saudi Barbaria, is a clear indication of the scale and size of the onslaught.  In places like the UK there are now 2000 Mosques where in 1970 there were but a few.  Each one is a potential source of Jihad, intolerance, Koranic injunctions and hate against the Infidel and ‘other’.  None preach peace, love, hope, or those Christian values and virtues which built the UK.


How does an ‘electrical short’ cause the inferno at Notre Dame?



To get a sense of just how cowardly the West has become; how rotten its politics; how absurd its society; how deformed its philosophy; how malevolent its elites; consider Notre Dame, one of the great icons of civilisation, culture, intelligence, faith and hope. Consider the facts.  During Easter 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral was fired and burnt almost to the ground.  Two weeks previously the second largest Church in Paris Saint Sulplice, was attacked and burnt, suffering terrible damage.  In 2016 and 2017 Notre Dame was the target of Moslem attacks, one thwarted and stopped with 2 Muslima’s now in jail for attempted arson.  Yet the Fake News, the Fake Elite, the Fake Politicians and the Fake Experts immediately declared that the Notre Dame fire was ‘an accident’.  Consider the following:


-Moslems attack on average 2-3 Churches a day

-The ‘forest’ of Notre Dame was made using oak

-Oak after 800 years, is rock hard and does not burn

-Rock hard oak cannot self-combust through an electrical short

-The only way to create an inferno is by using accelerants ie gas, rags, blowtorch, kindling

-Given the status of Notre Dame, any work, including electrical, would have been subject to thorough safeguards, including the prevention of shorts, with mandated weekly checks

-There were dozens if not hundreds of Moslems working on the site (called immigrants by Macron, who wanted immigrant labour to work on the repairs)


Given the above facts what is the most obvious hypothesis?

Moslems burnt down Notre Dame.   Even if you disagree with this, you should at least have the intelligence to look at facts, the context, and the reality of burning 800 year old oak; and come to a rational conclusion that arson is the most likely explanation.  If so, cui bono?  Who would destroy Our Lady ?  Who benefits and who is attacking Churches in France? 



The Christian Genocide by Moslems - met with indifference by Western States

Too worried about plant food, phobias, fake science to take much notice of the Christian genocide

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Every day Moslems kill at least 11 Christians just in Nigeria.  The Christian death toll across Moslem states, is likely about 20 or more per day.  It is a Moslem inspired Christophobic genocide.  Yet not a word from the useless Vatican, the useless UN, the Fake News, the cult of ‘Science’, the plant-food-is-Satan-cult; the Western Feminazis, the cult of ‘tolerance’, Academics; or other self-proclaimed clever and good people. Nothing.  Just mindless blather about Moslemophobia, but no corresponding concern about Christophobia, nor any laws protecting Christians are enacted.


As the Gatestone Institute wrote, Nigeria is hell on earth for Christians, with the Moslem north continuing its 250 year Christophobic Jihad against the Christian centre and south:

Nigeria is experiencing an Islamist war of the extermination of Christians. So far, 900 churches in northern Nigeria have been destroyed by Boko Haram. U.S. President Donald J. Trump was informed that at least 16,000 Christians have been killed there since 2015. In one single Nigerian Catholic diocese, Maiduguri,5,000 Christians were murdered. How much bigger and more extended must this war on Christians become before the West considers it a "genocide" and acts to prevent it?

The day after Christians were beheaded in Nigeria, Pope Francis admonished Western society. About beheaded Christians? No. "Put down your phones, talk during meals", the Pope said. He did not speak a single word about the horrific execution of his Christian brothers and sisters. A few days before that, Pope Francis hung a cross encircled by a life jacket in memory of migrants who lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Last September, the Pope unveiled a monument to migrants in St. Peter's Square, but he did not commemorate the lives of Christians killed by Islamic extremists with even a mention.


In the land of Christ’s birth, the Christian population has declined from 20% of the total in 1900, to less than 2 % today.  Soon Bethlehem will be devoid of Christians – the ‘territory’ is run by the Palestinian Authority, yet another totalitarian and Western financed terror gang, whose mandate is to eradicate Jews and Christians.  Iraq, Syria and other ancient homes of Christians in the Middle East have disappeared. 

The Khabour, the Syrian region where Assyrian Christians lived, is now called "dead valley". The former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, recently wrote:

"War in Syria has reignited. Once again refugees fill its roads in need of our compassion. Yet those from the 'wrong faith' won't find it from the British Government. The UK's resettlement of 16,000 refugees from the earlier conflict saw hardly any from the most brutalised minorities reach safety in our land. Of the refugees who came here in 2015 under the Vulnerable Persons Scheme, only 1.6 per cent were Christians. That's despite this group being 10 per cent of the Syrian population".


Not a word of protest from the cults of perpetual outrage.  Why isn’t there an LGBQT march of solidarity with Christians?  Plenty of Christians are gay and gays are protected in Western states.  Being gay is outlawed in Moslem states.  Isn’t the Queer cult full on for protection of ‘minorities’?


In Egypt before Christmas, Moslems burnt down Christian houses – to prevent prayers and worship to Christ.

Egyptian Christian houses were set on fire the evening of December 24th in Qena, according to Copts United News. The incident occurred just days before Coptic Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7th. The arson was done because the Christians had wanted to pray together in the days preceding Christmas.  The village had requested that their church become legalized one year ago, but no progress has since been made.


For clever people, Moslems are always the victims.  When Iran blows up a jet with a missile (this week) and kills 200 people, the Moslem state is not at fault.  It is Trump and the error of his ways, his unbridled Islamophobia, and sabre rattling which is to blame.  When 300.000 white girls are sex trafficked by Moslem aka Asian (fake news appellation) gangs in the UK, the utmost care is given that the hundreds of Moslems involved have expensive legal help, are not deported, and are treated as kindly as possible.  No such concerns for the white victims or their families.


The Moslem Jihad – sex, war, violence, criminal – is global.  It is based on the book Recital, the Hadiths, the Sunnah.  All exhort Moslems to either convert or kill non Moslems.  Christians are especially loathed because they worship the Trinity.  The Moslems are unitarians who reject the Trinity and according to Recital (Koran), must kill the Christians if they don’t convert to unitarian belief under Muhammadan dogma (i.e. worshipping Baal the Al Lah of Mecca).  Ineluctably this belief leads to the Moslem persecution of the Christian Church wherever it is found.


Whereas 215 million Christians faced persecution in 2018, 245 million will suffer in 2019, according to Open Doors — a 14% increase, that represents 30 million more people abused for their faith. This means that "1 in 9 Christians experience high levels of persecution worldwide" (note: all quotations in this article are from the WWL 2019).


The Christian genocide proceeds apace.  The Western, formerly Christian world, yawns.