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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - October 2020

Charlie Hebdo and Muslim Fascism

Importing Bronze Age savages into Western States has led to Civil War.

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 (Erdogan imitating the Totalitarian and Sex addicted Muhammad)


A French Teacher is slaughtered, beheaded, by a Muslim fanatic in Paris, who took exceptional umbrage with the Teacher showing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon mocking the ‘Prophet’ of Islam – a man who raped a 9 year old, had 20 odd sex slaves (his favourite was the White Coptic Mary), slaughtered, killed, murdered and waged Jihad to establish his power.  A profiteer and brigand not a prophet.  If Muhammad was a saintly prophet so too were Stalin, Mao and Hitler, all of whom created equally savage, atavistic and primitive cults of power and totalitarian control.  Yet most of the Western world will not learn from yet another Muslim Jihad attack, why the Teacher’s head was removed (Sura 47:4), nor why the Muslim fanaticism and will-to-rule finds violent expression every week in Western states in Jihad, rape gangs, crime and gang violence.


The French to their credit did respond, closing down the Mosque which advocated the killing of the Teacher, and rooting out ‘extremist’ ‘Islamists’ and their organisations.  Predictably, post this latest attack and valid French response, many Moslem states want to take action against France, some Imams calling for an armed Jihad invasion of the country, with the more limp-wristed moaning about limiting free speech which criticises the moon cult of Muhammad (the aptly named Egyptian Muslim President Sisi is an example of such effeminate moaning).  This is always the reaction of Muslims.  The problem is that the EUtopia now contains some 50 million of them, (10% of the population), 10 million squat in France, a similar amount to what litters the UK some 7-10 million (legal and illegal, in a population of 70 million), in North America we find all over the vast Continent some 10 million and in Australia and New Zealand a further 2 million.  All of these populations will double in the next 10 years, assuming that the Covid-fascism does not implode Western society first into a dystopian Covid-totalitarianism which may render the welfare cheques that 70% of Muslims live on, parlous and inadequate leading to self-deportation (which should be a key strategy in removing Muslims from Western states ie turn off the welfare to the vast Muslim unemployed). 


Islam has been at war with the Western civilised world for 1400 years.  It seeks the complete eradication of Christianity, Western culture and non-Moslem artifacts and thought.  It demands submission to itself and its profiteer Muhammad, hence the name Islam or Submission.  Al Lah is not God but the Lord of Mecca who was Baal and Muhammad’s family were Baal’s caretakers. 


Within Muslim jurisprudence, formed by Sharia which is not a law but a set of totalitarian principles on how to obey the Muslim state the following are truisms:


1.     There is no free speech in Islam

2.     There is no criticism of anything to do with Islam.

3. One cannot even mildly demur against Muhammad (remindful of Solzhenitsyn being sent to the gulag for joking about Stalin during WW2).

4.     There is no equality of the female in Islam.  The woman is a chattel of the man.

5.     A man can have up to 4 wives and unlimited sex slaves (Infidels) in Muhammad’s cult.

6.     Rational enquiry is entirely discouraged.

7.     There can be no amendments to Mein Koran.

8.     No other book, or conceptual philosophy or theology, can be offered to replace or amend Mein Koran.

9.  Mein Koran contains all the Truth, laws, and societal obligations necessary for all people.

10. Islam by its Jihadic core, is a supremacist and universalist fascism, never accommodating, only destroying any rival philosophy or social construct.


The problem the West now has, beyond the Covid-totalitarianism, is that the great ‘replacement’ of largely secular, egotistical, and indifferent Western populations by Muslims and Africans has proceeded to such a level, that most Western governments will appease Muslims and Muslim states, in order to forego and pre-empt local and national Muslim intifadas.  By importing the Muslim Bronze-age and its totalitarian creed, our own civilisation has chosen suicide.




An Iraqi Archbishop states the obvious about the cultural suicide of the EUtopia

Destroy your heritage and culture and watch your civilisation disappear.

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The Iraqi Archbishop fully understands the European suicide, its willing submission to the racist-totalitarian-supremacist cult of Muhammad.  His remarks are below, apposite and will be ignored, especially by European churches, who will do everything to defend the onslaught of the Muslim Jihad and the eradication of their own Christian culture, in favour of the Muhammadan non-culture.  To say that the Christian Churches in Europe are largely effete and useless is just to point out the obvious. 

In any European urban area, you will find 70% of adult Muslims who are unemployed.  There is now record crime across Europe, record rapes, Jihad attacks, public violence, Churches including Notre Dame arsoned, defaced, or vandalised.  The Muslims in Europe – some 50 million of them – now constitute almost 10% of the population.  This will double in 15 years.  The civil war or intifada will simply accelerate.  Muslim violence, hate, and the war against the ‘Infidel’ is on plain view for anyone in Europe to see.  You just need an IQ above 80 to comprehend what is going on by looking at the world of the 5 senses.

The Low IQs will of course blame Muslim rapes, crime, violence, beheadings of Infidels, Church-attacks and anti-Jewish racism and anti-Christian Christophobia, on ‘racism’, though Muhammadanism is not a race but a cult, and Muhammad was a white man who owned Black male slaves and Black Female chattel in his harem.  These facts are disregarded by the ignorant.  Muslims rape white women, they target White women, they openly proclaim that White women are ‘easy meat’, this in itself is an act of racism.  Muslims are not raping Blacks, or Asians en masse, just Whites.


Iraqi Archbishop Moussa says the obvious:

“My first lesson is that of faith. Islamism fills a void, an emptiness. In the East, we often look at Europe with envious eyes. But we have retained natural values: the defense and promotion of the family, living faith, pride in our identities and our roots. All things that I see slowly disappearing in Europe. I said it in the European Parliament: “I am more afraid for Europe than I am for Iraq”. Here, in some ways, we have lost everything; here, you neglect the importance of your treasures, your cultures, your civilization. And you sometimes give way to fundamentalist or Salafist movements that gradually impose their ideologies on those around them, to become bearers of hatred and disrespect for the countries that welcome them.

This approach must be the first. Secondly, one would have to be short-sighted not to see that Europe is naive in the face of terrorism and uncontrolled and unattended immigration. As a human and Christian, I believe in the primordial place of the neighbor and to immerse it. They will always find in me the heart of a brother who loves them. I am also in love with European cultures: they will always find in me a friend who advises them. Not all these people come to love you, or to serve the countries that welcome them. If you do not control and fight the outlaws, and those who refuse the values of your country and human rights, and impose their own laws, you will lose your way of life, your culture, your peace. For Catholics, naivety is not charity, prudence is. It is indispensable to have an eye for love, and an eye for prudence, this is how you are invited to look at migration.

As for terrorism, if you do not make it disappear by law and firmness, it is you and your children who are exposed to the danger of kneeling….”


Stop the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Close all Mosques preaching hate and Jihad.

Deport Muslims who are unemployed.

Stop ‘family’ reunification.

Turn off the welfare system to Muslims and invaders.

Rebuild Europe, to be European again.



Muslims slaughtering Black Christians in Nigeria in a 200 year old Jihad.

Black Christian Lives do matter.

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Raymond Ibrahim’s September update on the Muslim Jihad and murder of Christians.  I don’t recall Muslims kneeling asking for forgiveness, or BLM burning, looting and murdering over the 5.000 Black Christians in Nigeria, killed on average every year for the past 20 years, by Black Muslims. 


“Among the dozens of other Christians killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in September were two young Christian girls and a 6-year-old boy (September 28); a 64-year-old Christian community leader and seven other Christians (September 21); a Christian woman and her son, working on their farm (September 23); and five other Christians (September 24).

Discussing the plight of Nigerian Christians in a September 16 statement, the Catholic bishops of Kaduna Province said that "dark clouds of violence have enveloped our land. Our country is in the firm grip of the grim reaper." For over a decade, Nigeria's main challenge was the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, the statement said, though the military had largely degraded two years ago..

Fr. Sam Ebute, who serves one of the persecuted communities, gave a more personalized take:

"For four years, since I became a priest in 2016, I have been burying my parishioners. In 2017, I had to bury a woman who had been killed along with her four children at night, in Tachira. In 2018, in Tsonje, the parish had to also bury four people who were killed. In 2019, in Zunruk, seven youths were killed in broad day light while playing soccer."

More recently, in late July of this year, Fr. Sam buried 21 other Christians from his flock, most of them young girls:

"So, for the past seven weeks, we have been burying our parishioners with no end in sight. These last attacks have left us all in fear and especially the fear of the unknown because we do not know when the next round of attacks will happen and what will trigger it.”


There is no reporting on this whatsoever, none, from the Western Fake News media.  If a report does appear, it identifies ‘sectarian conflict’ between tribes.  Anything to excuse, justify, or ignore the Muslim Jihad.  For the Fake News and ‘Experts’, the anti-Christian bigots, the mentally-deranged Leftists, Black Christian Lives do not matter.  The Christocide does not matter.  The eradication of civilisation by Muhammad’s Bronze Age cult does not matter.  BLM, anti-fa and their supporters are illiterate and hypocritical Marxists, who don’t have a clue about the real world.



The Age of Plunder, by W. G. Hoskins

Henry VIII and the Destruction of the English Catholic Church

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English history has largely been revised, rewritten and terribly distorted by Protestants and Atheists.  In this reforming of facts, Henry VIII is often portrayed in the opposite vein of his real persona: a ‘manly’ King, a true leader, a personality which did not damage his country but immensely improved it.  This myopic and dishonest assessment is taken apart by Hoskins.  Henry VIII at some point (mid-20s) became mentally imbalanced; he killed tens of thousands of Catholics in the largest transfer of resources in history, rightly called by Hoskins as the great Plunder (until 1991 and the end of Soviet Communism, when the new Communists in Russia appropriated all of the natural resources).  His daughter killed at least 10.000 Catholics, her half-sister Queen Mary who preceded her, burnt 300 Protestants who were mainly charged with treason and plotting civil war.  Mary is of course the ‘Bloody’ one in history because she was Catholic.  Henry and his daughter Elizabeth, the golden children of the ‘golden age’ because they were Protesters and Tyrants, not bloody at all apparently but angelic and ‘progressive’.


Hoskins quotes Thomas More who appropriately sums up the Plundering tyranny of Henry VIII during the 1520s and 1530s:

THERE is a pregnant sentence in More’s Utopia, written when he was a mature and widely experienced man of thirty-eight, which sums up his judgment of the realities that lay behind the facade of government and public attitudes: ‘When I consider and weigh in my mind all these commonwealths which nowadays anywhere do flourish, so God help me, I can perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of the commonwealth.’ This profound truth remains undiluted in twentieth-century Britain, and is equally well disguised from public debate.


The mental derangement of the tyrant King Henry VIII (murdered wives and all that):

While Henry lived, men rightly feared his ferocity. His arbitrary executions, his ‘state trials’, remind one inevitably of Stalin’s Russia: he was indeed the Stalin of Tudor England.  But until his second daughter, Elizabeth, died, and with her the last of the Tudors, men dared not speak freely about his loathsome character. It was left to Sir Walter Raleigh, himself under sentence of death in the Tower under James I, to sum him up….


Henry VIII was an economic disaster for England:

To put it simply, Henry VIII inherited a healthy trading position from his father, besides an immense personal fortune, and squandered all his inheritance in foreign wars and madly extravagant building at home. He was, apart from all else, an economic disaster for his country.


The small population base made a general plundering of the masses considerably difficult:

For England and Wales together we may estimate a total of about 2,600,000 people. This tiny population still reflected by and large the distribution of medieval times. If we take the absolute totals of the listed men — archers, billmen, and those able to supply harness — and after all this is what the government was interested in, and not in refinements such as the numbers of able-bodied men per square mile, the outstanding fact is that the three eastern counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex were as a whole the most densely peopled part of England.


Henry VIII’s megalomaniacal spending and warring, bankrupted England:


Perhaps it is best to sum it up by saying that Dietz reckons that the total cost of the wars with France and Scotland between 1511 and 1547 amounted to £2,134,784, Scotland alone costing some £350,000. And still nothing was solved by this egomaniac. Even his so-called ‘victories’ proved to be nonsense: the capture of Boulogne in 1544 cost nearly £600,000 and hanging on to it afterwards another £400,000 odd — a million pounds expended on one useless military endeavour. Wars were now costing far more than in the recent past, due not only to a slight monetary inflation but also to their growing scale. When another war loomed up, that of 1542-46, Cromwell knew beforehand that it would surpass all previous wars in costs: and so it did.


But Henry VIII still massively taxed his largely agrarian, low-density population base to fund his wars:

The massive taxation of the 1520s had been soon wasted. Still more revenue was needed despite the rising popular discontent, brought to a climax by the official repudiation in 1529 of the Loan of 1522.


The great mass of people owned little or no land, and possessed but a tiny fraction of the goods of the kingdom. Whether land was more unequally distributed than goods is impossible to determine, or whether this gross inequality in the distribution of wealth was more marked by the end of the sixteenth century than at the beginning. One thing, however, is certain: the century was a golden age for the Shearers, not to be paralleled until the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (by shearers, Hoskins is referring to the plunderers, shearing the peasants as one would a sheep).


When the peasants could no longer be squeezed dry, the Church loomed as the most obvious target of plunder.

The Church owned 27.3 per cent of the temporal freehold income, the peerage 8.6 per cent, the Crown 9 per cent, and the gentry 55 per cent. We have no direct information about freeholders other than the gentry, except at a slightly later date and from a somewhat dubious source — the lay subsidy assessments of 1546.


Church owned just about one-fifth of the wealth of England at the time. From the Crown’s point of view the county totals are the figures that mattered, so let us accept them for the moment at their face value. Kent was by far the richest county in England, even more so if we could reckon in the Cinque Ports. Once again the eastern counties proper stand very high, Norfolk in second place, Essex third, and Suffolk sixth. Wiltshire emerges as the fourth richest, Devon as fifth. The ranking of 1524-25 is somewhat different because the tax figures take in the multitude of people assessed at less than £2 in worldly goods and there we find Devon ranking second to Kent, with Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk next in order.


London then as now, the parasite eating the hosts found in the hinterland, the court in London viewing the extremities of the kingdom as little more than food, in an economy that was 90% national, not internationally based:


This metropolitan illusion persists strongly to this day; yet even in the late twentieth century the provinces remain the industrial and agricultural strength of Britain, and London largely a grey and inflated parasite on them. It is probable that the coastal and inland trades were worth at least ten times as much as all the overseas trades put together, and very likely considerably more in the first half of the sixteenth century. We have no statistical evidence in this field before Gregory King’s analysis of the English economy in the late seventeenth century, when he estimated the total national product at £50.8 million and exports at £4.3 million, or about 8.5 per cent of total production. In other words, only one-twelfth of the total production of the country entered into foreign trade even at this date.


During the 1530s and 1540s over 70% of Church lands were transferred to the Court of Henry VIII.  The court worthies helped themselves to the plunder.  Usually the takeover was done under the disguise of a ‘lawful court of augmentations’, where the appropriated land was ‘sold’ to the court worthy at a low cost.  This worthy might then re-sell it to another to make a profit, or use the land and its associated rents and economy to build his own fortune.  Of course, the more powerful of the court members would help themselves to more than 1 estate.  Monasteries were torn down (at least 1000 were destroyed), art, libraries, books and treasure either stolen, resold, burnt or abandoned.  Thousands of religious forced to flee or exit the Church altogether.


Court of Augmentations already skilled in manipulating monastic property in their own interests. The next step followed quickly: a demand from the King that the lands so leased be exchanged for some ex-monastic property. The King then handed over the lands to some officer like Sir Edward North, treasurer of the Court of Augmentations (later promoted chancellor) who promptly resold at a high profit to another predator. It was a shameless land-racket in which, as Cranmer wrote in 1546, it was not even the King who gained but the people who surrounded him.


Was the real point to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon so he could marry the demonic harlot Ann Boleyn?  Or was it simply to pay for wars, spending, and combine Church and State to his own authority?  Or was it also just to enrich himself, as an older, fat, demented, confused ogre?

Henry’s total income from land was well over £40,000 towards the end of his reign. Out of this he accumulated the largest fortune ever known in England, which he left to his profligate and disastrous son.


Don’t expect to find much criticism in the current revisionist historical literature on Henry VIII or his daughter. 



Michael Wood's 'In Search of The Dark Ages'. Plenty of light, the basis of civilisation

Without the Catholic Church there is no civilisation.

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Michael Wood’s ‘In Search of the Dark Ages’, focuses on England.  According to Atheist and Protestant propaganda, all was dark, miserable, deformed and ugly in the Christian West, when the White-slave-built Roman empire rightly and finally perished, until the magical explosion of ‘science’, ‘art’ and ‘medicine’ in 1520, generated from the ‘Reformation’. 


This benighted and illiterate view of reality in turn gives rise to the myth of the Moslem golden age – a cult whose empire much impressed the Protestants, later Atheists and the Romantic and ‘Humanist’ movements.  This inimical, ridiculous and dangerous rewriting of history has now led to a society who firmly believes that the Church which funded invention, technology, art, science, mathematics and naturalism, was the enemy of progress.  The Muslim cult which did not invent anything including algebra and the astrolabe; the progenitors of the modern world along with Protestants.  Without the Catholic Church there is no civilisation.  Paganism in any form – Roman, Greek, Muslim, Nazi, does not lead to ‘progress’ but to stasis, slavery and self-destruction.


In Michael Wood’s very good book on the ‘Dark Ages’ in England he dismisses the claim that they were dark, with ‘dark’, usually viewed in the modern lens as dense, stupid, uncivilised, barbaric, without culture, refinement, art, education, ‘science’ and society.  Sutton Hoo archaeology reveals the 6th century to be one of great wealth, trade, art and rebuilding, not just of war and invasion.  The golden court of Athelstan in the early 10th century rivalled that of another great Christian court in the 9th century that of Charlemagne in France.  Sundry inventions led to the ‘agricultural revolution’ of the 9th century, regarded as important in human development as the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century which was also formed, built and invented by Christians. 


The Church in England was gifted with land from the Normans and before them the Anglo-Saxon King Alfred and his successors Edward and Athelstan who was the first true King of England.  The land became studded with impressive structures many of which housed public schools, hospices, hospitals, clinics and of course scriptoriums which kept alive the ancient teachings and knowledge and associated libraries – many burnt by pagans such as the Vikings, and later on Protestants and Atheists.  A fact you won’t hear much of in academia today.  The first universities were developed around monastic institutions.  It is rather curious that modern eyeglass wearing academics are so dismissive of the medieval Church.  Eyeglasses were invented by Catholics in the 11th century.  Universities in the 12th.  I suppose they don’t understand irony.


Politically, the entire modern conception of democracy, ‘rights’ and responsibilities, division of powers, Parliament, freedom, private property ownership, and the use of law over violence to resolve grievances, emanates from the Medieval period.  There is no disputing this.  In England, this is clearly stated as far back as 1086 in the Norman’s ‘Domesday book’, or a record of every asset in England:


“…in Domesday Book. In fact the survey of 1086 was in the Old English and Carolingian traditions, and the mechanisms which made it possible were in existence by 940. Recent work on Domesday Book has shown that the Conqueror’s surveyors relied not only on the sworn testimony of the local juries but on written material, ‘ancient rolls in the royal treasury still preserved with the [Domesday] survey of all England’ as a twelfth-century historian put it. These ‘Winchester rolls’ may have gone back as far as Athelstan’s day.”


In other words, the well-built Anglo-Saxon state had the attributes of a modern state, making a collection of assets and wealth possible.  In no other country in Europe was this attempted.  The Normans were able to assemble the Domesday book because the country was so well organised, socially and politically.  It was not ‘dark’ and uneducated or moronic.  But highly logical, social, developed and advanced.


“Politically, it has been said, the Normans were masters of their world. But the foundations of their England were Anglo-Saxon. Just as Domesday Book can be seen as a product of the Old English system of local government and the Old English royal administration, so the England it portrays is Anglo-Saxon England, the society built up on the ruins of Rome over 500 years and decisively shaped by Offa, Alfred, Athelstan and the others. It was, for its time, a remarkably unified country (at least south of the Humber) with a vernacular literature unmatched in Europe, a standardised form of Old English, and sophisticated machinery of government, chancery, coinage and law.”


The end result of the Medieval ages is the creation of the Modern.  Without the Catholic Church there is no modern world.  None.  Greece, Rome, Islam – all slave empires which did not produce the quota of inventions, ideas and structures which led from the ancient to the Modern. 


“It had created, too, under royal patronage, a great Christian Latin culture whose artists included the anonymous masters of the wonderful books from eighth-century Northumbria or late tenth-century Winchester and Ramsey. In Bede it not only produced the greatest historian of the Middle Ages, but the thinker who perhaps more than any other gave form to the identity of the English people, the gens Anglorum. This idea we can trace through Alfred’s preface to the Pastoral Care, Althelstan’s laws, and the Anglo-Saxon chronicler of Ethelred’s day with his identification with the English people as a whole, eall Angel cynn.”


In today’s un-Enlightened world, truth is a thought crime.  The pagan empires including Islam and to a lesser extent Rome, retarded and corrupted civilisation.  Only the Church, in the most difficult eras imaginable, beset by social collapse (Rome failing); the invasions of the Huns, Magyars, Moslems and Vikings; stood fast and strong against the tide of uncivilised barbarism, creating magnificence that astounds the modern tourist today.  It is not an accident that the Blast Furnace was invented in Christian Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries.  No other civilisation provided the belief, the certainty, the rationality, the confidence to develop such technology.  Tearing that culture down, depreciating it, mocking it, ignoring it, flailing it, will mean the end of Western Civilisation. 



Medieval Medicine and science. No, Moslems did not invent medicine.

Catholic Christianity invented everything from Hospitals to Tooth fillings.

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Many myths abound about the Medieval period. The lies spread by Atheists, and pro-Moslems are not only in the main quite ludicrous, but also extraordinarily ignorant. When you hear them, you wonder if the speaker possesses any sentience whatsoever. One persistent myth is that there was no 'medicine', or that it was 'imported' from those fantastically capable and alert Moslems, an often-stated mendacity, that titillates the Church haters. Moslems in the atheist-Marxist worldview are the supposed progenitors of all that is civilized. This is why the Moslem world today is such a paradise of plurality and prosperity of course. 


In fact medieval medicine as found in Christendom was almost entirely a local-regional phenomenon based on what today is termed 'homeopathy', and on natural 'holistic' principles, now in vogue, but standard practice from 800-1500 AD. It was decidedly superior to Moslem methods, which relied almost exclusively on failed Greek ideals, perpetuated by Galen, who unfortunately still had a lot of followers in Medieval Europe as well. Few real Moslem creations in medicine were unique, or of much use. And those which were, always emanated from converts.


Christendom invented hospitals, and medical research. This is a simple fact. These institutions date back to the 3rd century AD, or some 300 years before the madness of Muhammad's cult and Jihad began. The Nestorian hospital complexes, which were the largest in the world by the time of the Moslem Jihad, were centres of learning and research as well as care for the ill. But these centres were resident all across Europe by 700 AD. Monasteries and priories across the width and breadth of Europe, during the non-existent 'dark age' [a reference to modern cults perhaps], were active and free, sustained by Church tithes and the donations of the rich.


Starting from the 3rd century, medicine advanced in leaps and bounds over Greco-Roman illiteracy. Christian doctors and healers were the first to advocate complete cleanliness of the body and of course of specific wounds and ailments. Pagan superstitions about 'bad air' [a Roman preoccupation], or 'the gods make you ill' [a Greek-Germanic ideal], were replaced by observation. The use of cautery in treating wounds was first developed by Christians in the 4th century; and by the 9th century Christian hospitals were the first to develop anesthesia using a mix of henbane and opium, for surgical procedures.  Common surgery included amputations, removal of brain and bodily tumors, removal of foreign objects such as metal, and bone repair. Nuns by 650 AD had formed the first order of nurses, and from England to Sicily, nuns and Christian healers worked side by side to treat the sick. Almost all Christian hospitals were free of charge.


Most of the infirmary wards were sited in areas which provided natural herbs and remedies. In many places even today, one can visit these sites and behold the 200-300 different varieties of plants nearby which were the hospital's pharmacopoeia. I doubt today that anyone visiting these sites could identify 3 plants correctly. There was no Moslem influence here, but local knowledge and experimentation. Indeed the Christian hospital had dedicated monks, who delved in experimentation of recipes and concoctions, in the attempt to resolve specific ailments and complaints. In fact many herbal remedies were superior to what we have today. It is doubtful that our modern society so stuffed on pills filled with poison have improved in-toto, our intake of medicine. Abortion as well seems to be rather pagan and murderous does it not ? In some ways modernity is a regression.


Converted Moslems, or Jews, Persians and Christians with Moslem names, did contribute some knowledge about smallpox, meningitis and other infectious diseases. This information was enthusiastically added to the catalogue of Christian knowledge. Dedicated university faculties of medicine at Bologna and elsewhere, were only too eager to adopt whatever worked, from wherever it came. Not so the Moslem world. The transfer of information was uni-directional. Though Christian medicine, and its institutions were far in advanced of the Moslem, then as now, the Moslems guided by their moon deity, believed they had nothing to learn from the infidel ape and pig. A lie much cherished by Marxist, Atheists, and the big-brains of the world. Christian medicine in the medieval period was not 'dark'. Our ignorance is what is truly dark.  


A short list of Medieval inventions can be found here  and include:  Medical schools, Anatomy, Eyeglasses, Advanced Surgery, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Dental Amalgams, Quarantining.



The Illegal Muslim invasion of the UK accelerates

Moslems are already quite likely; 10 % of the UK population and that will double in 10-15 years

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The Muslim invasion of the UK continues unabated.  Most Fake News articles do mention the illegal Muslim boat invasion.  Often the Churches and Fake News refer to these illegals as ‘asylum seekers’ and emphasise (with mendacity) that they are children; or fleeing war and famine (in France apparently).  Under the EU (4th Reich laws), Muslim invaders cannot be deported between member states.  It has been 4 years and 4 months after sanity prevailed and the UK decided to Brexit.  Yet the UK is tied to EU laws until January 1 2021.  Because of this, the globalist-left wing governance of Boris Johnson’s administration will do nothing to stop the illegal invasion. 


Most of the invaders are given 4 star hotel accommodation, halal food, wi-fi and money.  Yet, not a Fake News story about who they really are, what they will do here (do they speak English, will they work, how much welfare will they consume, how much crime emanates from these illegals, what about local labour now potentially priced out of lower paying jobs?).  Many legal immigrants to the UK pay £20.000 on average for Family visas. 


Apparently, a proper visa is a requirement to live and work in this country.  However, an illegal, can hop across the channel, is never deported and can access welfare benefits.  After a few years he will be able to vote in elections, within a country, on institutions and policies, he knows nothing about.  Collective IQs must be very low indeed to not only suffer this illegality, but defend it, and ask for more ‘asylum seekers’ to invade an already over-crowded island.


UK Population Official Estimate based on 2011 data:  67 million

UK Population Unofficial Estimate based on Housing:  75 million

UK Moslem population, based on 2011 census data:  3.4 million

UK Moslem population, based on mosques, and illegals:  7.5 million


The UK is probably 10% Moslem at this point.  This will double within 15 years to 15 million.  Entire cities will be Moslem managed.  Ministries, including immigration, will become Muslim dominated.  The entire invasion will simply accelerate until many northern UK cities and London are majority Muslim by 2040 to 2050.


The boat invasion of Muslim illegals proceeds apace.  The useless administration of Boris Johnson, handcuffed by European diktats, does nothing.


“So far in 2020, nearly 7,000 third world migrants have illegally crossed the English Channel from France into British territory on small boats. September 2nd saw the highest daily arrivals, with 416 illegals landing.


While reports vary as to whether last year saw 1,800 or 1,823 people arrive, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday that for September 2020 alone there had been at least 1,880, with days still to go before the end of the month. According to government figures, 2018 only saw a combined 297 interceptions in British waters and landings on English beaches.”