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Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - November 2019

2030: Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain, by David Vincent

The Moslem Jihad

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Surely never to make the Fake News book reviews, or be presented on the Fake News BBC, Vincent’s book makes horrifying reading.  The only issue with the book, is that Vincent may actually be understating his case that a rapidly Islamifying Britain, will be 40% Moslem by 2040, and descend into civil strife between 2030-2050.  This is because his data is based on 2011 census and government reports. 

If the Muslim population of the UK were to continue growing at an annual rate of 6.7% (as it did between 2004 and 2008,) its share of the total UK population would rise from just under 4% in 2008 to 8% in 2020, to 15% in 2030 and to 28% in 2040, finally passing 50% in 2050.

I think he under-estimates the ramp-up in Moslems in the UK- by half.  Go stand at Heathrow Terminal 4 for a few hours and watch the Moslem families roll in by the hundreds.  They new arrivals are not hard to spot, with many children and long baggage trains.  Is this what UK voters asked for?  How many of these new ‘immigrants’ will be working, paying taxes and respecting UK culture including Jews and Christians?

There is another census in 2021 and the full scale of the Moslem invasion, with all the attendant consequences of unemployment, welfare state implosion, explosion in crime, sex trafficking, Jew-hate, and Christophobia and the requisite (Labour party) political-pandering will be hard for the government and the Fake News to bury and forget about. 

In February 2015 the government announced that immigration had reached record levels with 624,000 more foreigners coming to live in Britain in the 12 months up to last September while 327,000 of the brightest and the most able left for Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand.

70% of Moslems in London are unemployed.  What is the result?  Crime, 45-90 knife attacks per day, a machete attack every 2 hours or so, daily FGM (but not a single Moslem-related prosecution), sex trafficking of White and Sikh girls, failing schools and due to the above social issues, a broken and exhausted socialised health care system.  The welfare state teat sucked dry by those who view the Infidel as an inferior economic cash machine, designed to support and sustain the Muhammadans:

the NHS will need £230 billion a year to keep it running by 2030, more than twice its current budget. Labour’s team of crack economists may have also forgotten that the children of this massive new public sector workforce as well as the armies of migrant no-skilled no-English speaking unemployed will also need to go to school. Migrationwatch’s analysis of ONS figures show that over the next decade Britain will need one million extra school places at a cost of £100billion.

80% of Moslems vote Labour.  The entire future strategy of Labour will be to permanently graft the Moslem vote and demonise anyone who criticises Muhammadism as a ‘racist’ or ‘phobe’. 

Of course, the UK government, including the Tories, who also enforce Islamophobia and jails those who criticise its favourite pets (many Tory councillors and MPs are under investigation for ‘racism’ and hate speech), will never disclose the true welfare largesse gifted to Moslems.  The UK welfare system will go bankrupt unless Moslem immigration is halted.  

The Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 that 75% of all Muslim women were unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed (67.5% of all Muslims in Britain).

Britain our current situation, regarding the number of Muslims claiming benefit among the wider population, closely mirrors Denmark where, by 2014, more than 40% of their total welfare budget was spent on supporting the unproductive Muslim population. In the absence of official data all that can be done is to estimate, based on what is available from non-governmental sources. These are Danish statistics.

In one media report, an area in Bradford (south-west) with a population of 35.000, reportedly 65% are Moslem Pakistani, with about 50% of Moslems in this area unable to speak English.  The unemployment rate must be massive.  How is this ‘enriching’?

75% of British Pakistanis in Bradford now married to their first cousins and almost 60% nationwide. We keep hearing that we should be grateful to the 26% of doctors and 40% of nurses from over 200 foreign nations who keep our NHS alive, but who is the NHS for anymore? We know that as immigration has increased so has the overall cost of the NHS, with consultants now being paid up to £3,000 per shift. The truth is that the NHS has been bloated out of all recognition to become an arm of overseas aid serving an international immigrant base, paid for by mostly English taxpayers.

Then we have the take-over of state apparati.  Moslem police officers (six) have even been filmed kicking in the door of a Conservative Jew in London who apparently criticised Muhammadism online and was charged with a ‘hate crime’.  Imagine the Fake News outcry if 6 Jewish Police Officers returned the favour to a Moslem tweeting ‘death to Jews’.  There is the social and political-cultural cost of the Moslem infiltration of schools, the police, the government and political parties – all enacted to change the culture and enforce Sharia.

The BBC and Fake News labels anyone leaving East London, or parts of Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, or Manchester, due to the Moslem influx a ‘racist’.  Leaving the UK completely is becoming a de-facto norm amongst the White, Black educated and mobile ‘classes’.  Why are people leaving?  Simply because Muhammadism conquers, it does not assimilate.

At 40% nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare. From 60% nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of sharia law as a weapon, and jizyah, the tax placed on infidels.”

The economic illiteracy and fallacy of ‘population’ growth fuels or rather excuses this open-borders nonsense.  If population was correlated with wealth, Nigeria and most African countries would be very wealthy.  Western governments have massively increased the cost of living, suppressed birth-rates and promoted abortion as a contraceptive.  They then use these as a rationale for carpet bombing their states with Moslems and Africans to feed birth rates and do jobs ‘Brits won’t do’.  Brits cannot compete with slave and cash labour, with ‘immigrants’ living 10 to a house collecting welfare, not paying taxes and pocketing cash for cheap labour jobs.  This applies to Eastern Europeans in the UK as well as Moslems and Africans.

I have written extensively on the commonality between Nazism, Communism and Islam.  I have never understood the policy goal of importing people who are diametrically opposed to your culture, former religion, your history, your beliefs, and your world-view, with the sordid and ignorant belief that you can ‘change them’ and create a multi-cultural harmony. 

This has never happened with Muhammadism in its history.  There never was or will be a harmonious golden age, medieval Spain include.  Can you imagine the indignation by the usual cadre of big-brains, when such (quite obvious) comparisons are freely expressed in public Vincent agrees:

Like Nazism and Communism, Islamism has no time for democracy, free speech or human rights. As with Nazism it is fuelled by hatred of Jews but also of Christians, atheists, homosexuals, liberated women and ethnic minorities in the Islamic world. Only those who have experienced Islamist rule in tooth and claw can know of its full horrors. Freedom is the first victim of Islamism and all those in the West who want their children to live free must become aware of the urgent need to identify and destroy this horrific ideology.

Islamism and Nazism are inescapably connected in a way Islam and freedom and democracy are not. It’s not only the common thread of hatred for the Jews, hatred of our soft democratic systems, a belief in war and conquest and the enslavement of other races that binds the Nazi’s to the Islamists. Islamists not only share National Socialist ambitions for world domination but go further, in their supremacist ideology over non-Muslims and doctrine of three choices: “conquest, convert or kill”.

This is rather obvious.  Can I as a practicing Catholic wear a Cross in a Moslem country without fear of mob-attack, reprisals, a beating or jail time?  Yet there are now 500 Mosques in London UK alone, and over 2.000 scattered around the UK, protected by the police, politicians, the un-civil service, the Fake News, academia and socialists-globalists pandering for the multi-culti vote and support.  Why would any country allow this descent into madness and suicide? 


Pope Francis II, one of the worst Popes in history

Submitting the Church to Muhammadism

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Pope Francis II is probably the stupidest, most inept and least Catholic Pope since Alexander VI (the Borgia) who amongst others, due to corruption, immorality and greed, generated the so-called ‘Reformation’ (which caused civil wars, millions dead, destroyed artefacts, art and libraries).  Clement VII who let England under Henry VIII slip from Roman Catholicism due to family concerns, also rates highly on the incompetence list.  An issue with both of these Popes was their secular philosophy, their concern for Italian and European politics, and their disregard of the Christian flock, as they pursued material, not spiritual objectives. 


Pope Francis II is no different, obsessed with non-existing climate-crises, promoting the LGBT cult which dominates the Church and the Vatican, decrying ‘nationalism’, or self-determination, promoting World Government, or Transnational Governance which would lead to totalitarianism (more state power always does), the reduction of capitalism, freedom and choice (labelled as ‘selfish consumerism’), and of course his undying love of the cult of Muhammad, a cult which has spent 1400 years trying to eradicate Christianity and which kills on average 10 Christians daily.


Pope Stupid is famous for meeting Moslem Imams, granting them hugs, kisses, and issuing fulsome declarations of inter-faith love and harmony.  Meanwhile back in the real world, Moslems are persecuting Christians in Moslem states and increasingly within Western States.  A recent report on the persecution of Christians in Europe has revealed weekly Moslem attacks on Churches in France, rising Christophobia across the Continent, including state power being used to attack Christians (but never Moslems):


“We have seen Christian-run businesses financially ruined, street preachers arrested, Christians forced to choose between their moral values and their professions, Christian student groups and speakers silenced on campuses, asylum claims of Christian refugees arbitrarily denied, and parental rights trampled on by overreaching governmental interference,” said Ellen Fantini, the observatory’s executive director. “Fundamental rights are rendered meaningless if they cannot be freely exercised by all Europeans.”

Moreover, the report states, across Europe, “Christians have been fired, sued, and even arrested for exercising their freedom of expression or conscience.”


Imagine the outrage from the Fake News, if a Moslem was fired for his ‘faith’ (cult belief).


But for Pope Stupid none of the above matters.  It is clear that he does not hold Catholic values or basic knowledge.  Riven by the Gay cult, the Church has witnessed 40 years of Gay Priests molesting boys, yet many Seminaries are Gay-brothels.  Pope Dumb-Dumb will never reform them.  Moslem states and Moslem Jihadic organisations have killed 300.000 Christians in the Middle East in the past 20 years with some Vatican reports suggesting 100.000 p.a. are wounded or killed; and the Christian population once 20% before WW1 is now down to 2%.  Christians are slaughtered weekly in places like Nigerian, North Sudan, daily violence against Christians by Moslems in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and anywhere Islam is to be found is on full view; and even in Hindu India Christians are now being regularly attacked and discriminated against.  But there is not a dissent and nary a complaint from the Globalist-Environmentalist Pope.  Just hugs for his favourite Imams and concerns over plant food.


Dialogue with Muhammad’s cult will never work.  The hate, the violence, the war, the Jihad, are in the books.  There is plenty of compulsion in Muhammadism.  Read the book, Mein Koran.


Maliki school: Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), a pioneering historian and philosopher, was also a Maliki legal theorist. In his renowned Muqaddimah, the first work of historical theory, he notes that “in the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force.” In Islam, the person in charge of religious affairs is concerned with “power politics,” because Islam is “under obligation to gain power over other nations.”

Hanbali school: The great medieval theorist of what is commonly known today as radical or fundamentalist Islam, Ibn Taymiyya (Taqi al-Din Ahmad Ibn Taymiyya, 1263-1328), was a Hanbali jurist. He directed that “since lawful warfare is essentially jihad and since its aim is that the religion is God’s entirely and God’s word is uppermost, therefore according to all Muslims, those who stand in the way of this aim must be fought.”


There are 4 major ‘schools’ of Moslem ‘thought’ and all express deep support for war and Jihad.


This intolerance is baked into Muhammadism.  Muhammad’s wars, his brigandage, his killing of Jews and Christians, his 24 sex-slaves, his 6 year old wife (daughter of his most powerful general), his love of gold and power; all animate Muhammadism for he is the ‘great man’ of the cult, to be imitated. 


Pope Stupid recently met with Imam Al-Tayeb, the Grand Sheik of the Al-Azhar, the main Sunni centre and command post of Muhammadan theology.  It is hard to understand what the point of this ‘outreach’ is.  Moslems kill, intimidate and discriminate against Christians daily.  Yet the Pope says nothing.  He states, rather idiotically, that poverty causes Jihad.  This is hardly a useful explanation for 1400 years of Moslem Jihad, aggression and blood-letting.  He then meets with Imams like Al-Tayeb who is a rabid Jew-hater and Christophobe and will never compromise his views or his hate.  Why bother meeting him?  He advocates killing apostate Moslems – especially those who embrace Christianity.


“In 2016, Al-Tayeb called for “unrepentant apostates” from Islam to be killed. “The four schools of law all concur that apostasy is a crime, that an apostate should be asked to repent, and that if he does not, he should be killed,” he said in an interview in Arabic on television, explaining:

There are two verses in the Quran that clearly mention apostasy, but they did not define a specific punishment. They left the punishment for the Hereafter, for Allah to punish them as He sees fit. But there are two hadiths [on apostasy]. According to the more reliable of the two, a Muslim can only be killed in one of three cases, one of which is abandoning his religion and leaving the community.”


St. Francis of Assisi went to convert the Moslems in Egypt during the Crusades.  Pope Francis II the Stupid, seeks to submit the Catholic Church to Mohammadism.  An entirely useless vessel which calls into question the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. 

President Erdogan of Turkey, formerly Byzantium – says the Kuffar must die

Moslem hate speech

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In the UK and elsewhere criticising Islam is now a de-facto crime.  Moslem police officers will visit your house, trash it, and arrest you on hate-crime.  The only hate crime a Moslem may be admonished for, but never arrested, are more lurid anti-Semitic posts or comments.  Anti-Christian (Christophobia) is never punished.  A Moslem can quote Erdogan, who maintains that killing Christians or Jews is mandatory under Muhammadism and nothing will happen to him or her.

But Kuffar is not just the Establishment’s or Globalists hated Jews or Christians.  The ignorance of ‘Leftists’, ‘Atheists’, ‘Rationalists’, and self-proclaimed clever people, who usually described themselves as ‘tolerant’ Enlightened Mandarins, and who nefariously and sadly control the Fake News, the lower Education, all main-stream political parties and the elite, is that when Moslems say ‘Kuffar’, they mean all non-Moslems, including their temporary globalist-socialist-(ir)rationalist Western allies, the pious Multi-Culti, Fake-News believers, and those who profess love for Moslems, whilst shrilly declaring their hate of Jews and Christians.

October 25 2019, in a speech after Friday ‘prayers’ (incitement to Jihad), Erdogan the devout and ‘normalised’ Moslem President of Turkey explained why Moslems must kill the Kuffar:

“Our God commands us to be violent towards the kuffar (infidels). Who are we? The ummah [nation] of Mohammed. So [God] also commands us to be merciful to each other. So we will be merciful to each other. And we will be violent to the kuffar. Like in Syria.”

Dr Bill Warner defines and describes the dualism of Muhammadism and what ‘Kufar’ means:

“Islam divides the world into Muslims and unbelievers, kafirs. Political Islam always has two different ways to treat kafirs—dualistic ethics. Kafirs can be abused in the worst ways or they can be treated like a good neighbor. Kafirs must submit to Islam in all politics and public life. Every aspect of kafir civilization must submit to political Islam.

“Political Islam is the doctrine that relates to the unbeliever, the kafir….The Trilogy [The Koran, Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed)] not only advocates a religious superiority over the kafir—the kafirs go to Hell whereas Muslims go to Paradise—but also its doctrine demands that Muslims dominate the kafir in all politics and culture. This domination is political, not religious.”

Apparently, Turkey is a NATO ‘ally’.  Part of the Western Alliance system.  This appears to be rather dubious.  Turkey receives money, weapons, training from Western states, in exchange for not flooding Europe with more Moslems.  The EU pays Turkey billions in various forms in order to appease the Turks so they will not transfer millions of Moslems including Jihadis into the EU.  This hardly looks like an ‘alliance’ or partnership.  It denotes a mafia racket and ransom payment plan.

Andrew Bostom who wrote the ‘Legacy of Jihad:  Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Moslems’, parsed through Erdogan’s latest speech and wrote:

“Authoritative Koranic commentaries—classical and modern—as well as canonical hadith, traditions of Islam’s prophet Muhammad, support Erdogan’s hateful and predatory views toward non-Muslims.

“Thus, not only do Erdogan’s Koranic invocations sanctioning harshness towards non-Muslims and their jihad conquest, comport with their authoritative glosses, the Turkish President himself is revered by the mainstream. Global Muslim Umma.”

  Many normal people understand that Muhammadism is incompatible with Western ideals and that the Moslem Jihad seeks to eradicate all non Moslems and their artefacts.  Recent polls in Europe state that more than 60% of populations view ‘Submission’ as a negative influence in their countries.  Yet the elite and political parties who benefit from the Moslem bloc-vote will continue to flood Western states with millions more Moslems.  The cultural, political and economic devastation will breed civil-conflict and of course the indigenous populations – because they are white – will be blamed.