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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - February 2021

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise, #2, by Dario Fernandez-Morera

The myth is just part of the attack on Christainity.

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The Muhammadan empires carved out of Christian civilisation, including Spain called Andalusia by academics, invented very little.  One can investigate any area of human endeavour from 632 AD to 1492 AD and view the obvious fact that Muslims simply used the vastly superior intellectual, technological, scientific and social constructions of far more advanced Christians states, which were occupied and plundered by the Muslim Jihad.  Much to his credit, Morera has investigated this historical fact thoroughly.  To wit:


‘A good example is medicine.  In 854 the Nestorian Christian Stephanos had translated the medical works of Dioscorides into Arabic.  Muslims used this translation as their medical text for more than a century.’ (Nestorians had built the world’s first public hospitals and medical-training academies by the 4th century).


‘In 948 the Christian emperor of the Greek Roman Empire, Armanius, gave Abd-al-Rahman III, the Umayad caliph of Cordoba, Disocordes’s works in the original Greek.  But Muslims in Cordoba did not have anyone who knew Greek.  As a result, the Roman emperor also sent a Greek monk, who instructed the Muslim ruler’s slaves in Greek.’ (p. 66)


‘…Nor does one learn of the immense scientific knowledge, including Greek medical knowledge, that fell into Muslim hands upon the military conquest of Greek Christian Alexandria in 642.’  (Alexandria was the richest city in the Mediterranean world, with large libraries, public works, academies and a culture of technological innovation).


‘Famously, Muslims adopted the Visigoth horseshoe arch, seen in many Islamic buildings.  Of course the horseshoe arch was itself of Greco-Roman origin, and even before conquering Spain, Islam had imitated the architecture and construction techniques of the Christian Greek Empire in the Middle East and North Africa.’ (p. 67)


‘..Ibn Khaldun (celebrated Muslim-Tunisian historian) pointed out that that in North Africa the constructions built by the Arabs themselves did not last very long because of the Arabs’ sloppiness, poor materials, and lack of knowledge of building techniques….Celebrated ‘Muslim’ crafts, such as that of leather, existed before the invasion, with pre-Islamic Cordoba being an exporter to Europe.’


‘The famous mosque of Cordoba offers a particularly good example of how Muslims incorporated Hispano-Roman-Visigoth art into their own work.  In reputedly tolerant Muslim Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman I demolished the stately Christian basilica of Saint Vincent to build upon it his mosque.  (Perhaps with poetic justice, in 1236 King Ferdinand III turned the mosque back into a Catholic church: it is now the Cathedral of Cordoba, although tourists, tour guides, and many Spaniards and even scholars call, quite contrary to fact, ‘the mosque’ of Cordoba.)  The Islamic conquerors used the church of Saint Vincent’s main façade for the façade of their mosque.  They also cannibalised columns and other building materials from Hispano-Roman and Visigoth churches.  They adopted a Roman technique (opus vittatum mixtum) in alternating red brick and white stone in the arches, that alternating pattern is still visible today in some Roman aqueducts of Spain....’


‘In fact, the Greek-Roman culture of water and baths was part of the Hispano-Roman life of southern Spain, which has a warm, Mediterranean climate.  The Visigoths inherited the bath culture, which Muslims from arid Arabia happily took over when they encountered it.’


From these cursory summaries a pattern is evident.  Visigothic Christian Spain was a rich, lively civilisation, with the Goth elite ruling over a few million Hispano-Romans. Medicine, science, writing, culture, technology, engineering, art, public works and water usage, was common-place and advanced.  The Muslims brought very little to Spain when they invaded.  Perhaps some plants and vegetables from other conquered Christian territories of North Africa.  In reality even this is debateable.  Christian Spain in the 8th century was tied to the trading patterns of the Western and even Eastern Mediterranean.  There were strong cultural and commercial linkages between Spain and Byzantium, from plants, fruits and raw materials to manufactured consumer goods.  Advanced Christian civilisations abutted the coast, and the trade of products and services was both complicated and extended.  Culture, mores and learning would likewise have been eagerly transmitted and filtered. 


It is recorded and accepted that Jewish and Christian tradesman, artisans, craftsmen, and public officials were used by the Muslims within their Spanish domains, to erect a Muhammadan cultural layer on what already existed.  This included building Muhammadan sites and managing public affairs.  There is no archaeological evidence anywhere in Spain of great Muslim projects, building, or expansion of infrastructure, certainly none by ‘Muslims themselves’.  Edifices such as the mosque in Cordoba were built from, or with the materials of existing Christian structures, by Jews and Christians using well known Roman-Visigoth engineering techniques.  We can conclude from the evidence that the Muslim Golden Age of Spain is not only a myth, but as usual, a calumny, slander and debasement of Romano-Visigothic-Christian Spain.


Re-interpreting Muhammadanism? Rewrite Mein Koran first.

You can't rewrite Jihad, lying and hate.

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The call to Jihad, war, violence and terror comes strictly from the Koran, the Hadiths or sayings of Mohammed and the Sunnah or biography of the mad founder of Islam. Muslim holy-war and acts of terror come from these foundational sources.  They cannot be ‘re-interpreted’ by Western half-wits including academics, ‘experts’, or the Vatican to mean what they don’t mean.  The act of Jihad is (according to Muhammad), the ‘2nd pillar’ of his cult.  Jihad is war.  Muhammadanism was spread by war.  It really is that simple.


Further, the Muslim world is Manichean.  The world of the Dhimmi, Infidel or non-Muslim is inferior and enslaved to that, of the Muslim, the pure, the pious, the world which follows the practices of Muhammad the war-leader, slave owner, sex slave proprietor, brigand and totalitarian.  This dichotomy is enshrined in Sharia barbarism (called law by Western dhimmis).  Sharia barbarism reduces women, non-Muslims and less-than-pious-Muslims to the status of animals.  They have no rights. 


Sharia law was firmly in place no later than the end of the 7th century; immutable Muslim clerical law based on the Sharia barbarism was firmly established by the 11th; with the Koran and Hadiths as canonical texts by the 10th century.  


It is of course the Koran and the life of Mohammed which gives Muslims the impetus to terror and war. It is the call to Jihad, the 6th pillar and after submission to Baal (Al Lah) and Muhammad the second most important act of a Muslim.  This pillar of Islam not only 'approves' of violence against the unbelievers, but it also demands it.  It is the actions of Mohammed himself, who created Islam from brigandage, pillage, war, and intimidation which gives Muslims the example of terror, perpetrated by their 'prophet' and approved by their moon-cult deity 'Allah'.


The Western world’s modern-day assignation of Jihad, manifested in terror, war, beheadings, rape, public attacks, and even in demography and ‘births of the ghazi’ within Western states, as ‘mis-interpretations’ of a text which so boldly and fascistically demands either the surrender (submission) of the Infidel, their enslavement or death, is incomparably insipid and even psychotic.  It leads inevitably to the destruction of the Western world.


Most Westerners ingesting fake news, or fake education, know nothing about the Arab-Muslim ‘law’ to lie.  Taqqiya or Arab deceit is an important part of Islamic theology. Taqiyya mandates trickery and lying to forward the goals of Islam. This includes breaking contracts, ignoring obligations, and telling stories when you see fit. As long as the position of 'Allah' is improved, and Muslims benefit it is okay to engage in duplicity and falsehood.  The entire ethos and culture of Muhammadanism is heavily corrupted and skewed by the expectation of lying to, cheating and deceiving non-Muslims.  The Koran adjures the use of deceit towards non-Muslims 3:28, 3:54, 8:30, 10:21.  Lying is a central preoccupation in Muhammadan culture.


Mohammed's ruthless, murderous career was full of Taqiya, the breaking of contracts, agreements, peace treaties and accords. As Mohammed said in one battle, 'For war is deceit.' He famously broke many treaties in his bloodthirsty expansion of his family's cult and his moon cult ideology.  The Koran and Islamic scholarly writing make it clear that Taqiya is a part of war; and since Islam must either subjugate or exterminate non-believers through jihad, Taqiya as deception is mandatory.


There is nothing about Islam which is moderate of course.  It is one long screed, akin to Mein Kampf, against non-Muslims. There is no Golden Rule, no call to reason, no tolerance, no charity to non-Muslims and no frameworks in which one can see the cultural attitudes which created a modern world system. Nothing but violence and hate. The unbelievers are targeted in the Koran, in the life of Mohammed and in his sayings, for destruction.


The last 3 wishes of Mohammed were clear; kill or expel all the Jews and Christians in Arabia; destroy Persia, Byzantium and Rome; and make Islam the only ideology of the Arab tribes. The Koran is thus the opposite of what the Bible preaches. It is naturally Jihadic.  Some scholars such as Bill Warner have even counted the ‘nice words’ that Mein Koran offers to non-Muslims.  2.6% of the words in the Muslim handbook of hate are ‘nice’ to non-Muslims.  However, even the 2.6% vanishes under the threatened violence if Kaffirs don't accept Islam's offer of goodness. Violence and suffering are promised to 100% of those who do not believe in Mohammed.


The world of the 5 senses is black and white, not grey. Arab and Muslim trickery and deceit are common. In reading the history of the Crusades one will be struck by how many times the Muslims in battle offered the out-manned Christians a truce, promising to allow the Knights to leave in good order with their arms and anything they can carry if they would just stop fighting. As soon as the Crusaders agreed to this, and were disarmed, they were of course slaughtered on the spot. Taqqiya. Any lie will do to forward the imperialist venture of the moon cult. Contracts, your word, morality? All jettisoned if the position of Muslims is improved.


Reinterpreting Islam? How about this – rewrite the Koran so it looks and reads like the Bible. Then we can talk about an Islamic rebirth.


The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise, by Dario Fernandez-Morera

Ignorance and mendacity is not factual nor real.

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The modern world describes itself as ‘scientific’ and ‘progressive’.  It is neither.  Science does not make an entrance into various philosophies including Darwin and Freud, Plant-food causes climate, or 160 genders which displace x and y chromosomes and DNA mitochondria.  History is certainly not a ‘science’, though one can use extant sources, common sense and archaeology to arrive at theories and concepts which may support a particular, empirically premised viewpoint.  But as Orwell noted, History is easily debauched, disfigured and concocted to fit with a narrative, even if that narrative is wholly at odds with reality, facts and common sense.


The odes to Muslims, to the cult of Mecca, to a totalitarian construct, suffused with the ideals of what moderns would call ‘fascism’ is an example.


Throughout Orwellian agencies of ‘news’, ‘education’ and ‘expertise’, the Muslim Jihad is now presented as the apotheosis of civilisation, barely outstripped by the slave-based and in many ways primitive and totalitarian constructs of the Greeks and Romans named ‘classical civilisation’, in which 90% of the population was poor and illiterate and in which technology was eschewed for slave-labour and outside of public building and engineering, little can be offered to support the idea that the Western world crested in success with the Rome of Augustus or Nero, or Theodosius for that matter.  If you read and agree with Spengler, civilisations have ‘life cycles’ and it appears that Western civilisation is in old dotage, passionately committed to euthanasia better known as assisted suicide.  Part of killing oneself is to deny oneself, deny reality, deny the good in the world and in your own being, feel offended at being ‘powerless’, convince oneself it is all ‘hopeless’, or convulse to the floor riddled with guilt, shame and self-loathing for acts either done or not done, said or unsaid, real or imagined.  Ending the misery appears the only way to ‘progress’ to something better.


So, it goes with the myth of the Muslim ‘Andalusia’, itself an academic name.  Muslims conquered Spain from 710 AD to about 720 AD, with a small Christian enclave in Navarra led by the redoubtable Don Pelayo, defeating the Muslim armies.  It took almost 800 years for the Christians to recover Spain, in history’s longest ever war.  It was a war to recapture and rebuild Civilisation.  This was ever the viewpoint, now displaced by a self-hating culture and elite, determined to completely annihilate Western man and woman.


The myth of Andalusia is an example of this extreme Western self-loathing.  No one in Spain during the medieval ages called southern Spain ‘Andalusia’ (Morera, p. 15).  It was named ‘Hispania’ or ‘Espana’.  Renaming Espana was an ‘Enlightenment’ invention designed as usual, to denigrate the medieval Catholic world.  In the ‘Enlightenment’ fantasy history, the Spanish Muslims, or Moors, meaning converts from Christianity to Muhammandanism, constructed the medieval world’s most elegant, intelligent, wealthy, sophisticated and educated region or ‘empire’, in opposition to the ‘Dark Age’ of the Christianised parts of Spain, mired as they were in ‘superstitious religion’ and poverty.  In this fiction, the Muslims were the conduits of ‘learning’ including the ‘classical texts’ of ancient Greece and Rome, and all the ‘deep knowledge’ contained by those apogees of achievement.  Why they even imported vegetables and fruits from conquered Christian territories in North Africa.  Surely a Golden Age of elevated wisdom and prosperity?  This theory, now so ardently defended by most of the totalitarians in education and ‘research’, is of course a load of rubbish. 


As Morera writes:  ‘This ideological mission would then be the ultimate reason for the tilting of the narrative against Catholic Spain prevalent since the Enlightenment and the writings of Voltaire and Edward Gibbon….this ideological mission has morphed into ‘presentism’, an academically sponsored effort to narrate the past in terms of the present…multicultural, diversity, and peace studies, which necessitate rejecting as retrograde, chauvinistic, or, worse, ‘conservative’, any view of the past that many conflict with the progressive agenda.’


Precisely correct.  The Western world is revisioning its own death.  When you destroy your culture, legacy, and history, you emasculate your existence and over time, inevitably, self-immolate.  Any person who dares to offend the current self-hating zeitgeist is condemned, charged, hung, quartered and offered as a warning to others who dare to tread on the path of reality and fact.


As Morera writes, the Muslims invaded the rich Visigothic ‘empire’ of Spain.  Visigothic Spain was at least as wealthy under the converted Catholic Goths, as it was under the Roman empire.  It was, however, a state with deep divisions.  The Visigoths were the ruling elite, a minority, ruling over Hispano-Romans: ‘Islamic armies took advantage of dynastic conflicts, military unpreparedness, plagues and treason by Visigoth nobles, before, after, and probably during combat to defeat the Visigoth king of Spain, Rodrigo, at the battle….Guadalete, probably on July 26 711….Hispano-Romans and Visigoths become dhimmis – that is Christians living in subaltern status in Islamic lands – or converted to the hegemonic religion, or fled for their lives.’


The Muslim Jihad into Spain carried a ‘hegemonic’, or totalitarian ‘religion’, or cult as its political-social organising principle.  Within a decade of subduing most of Spain, the Jihad turned to the north in the pursuit of slaves, women, gold and land.  The Jihad swept north into France; ‘..This force sacked Bordeaux, burned all the churches on its way, and reached the outskirts of Poitiers in central France, where it burned the Basilica.  This time the Islamic invaders were beaten…Battle of Tours (or Battle of Poitiers, October 10 732), Frankish army led by the Franks’ Christian leader… Charles Martel…’ 


The Muslim Jihad into Spain and France did not bring ‘civilisation’.  It brought death, dhimmitude or slave-status to non-Muslims, rape, the destruction of thousands of churches and Christian buildings including libraries and schools, massive slave raiding and trading of White Christians, a fact long forgotten by modern day racialists and race-baiters, and it created a system of punishing taxes and free labour, bled from non-Muslims, given that under Dhimmitude regimes Muslim males paid no taxes.  Muhammadan Spain lived off the blood, money and sex trade of the Infidel. 


In fact as Morera recounts (p. 60), Muslim sources are effusive in the absolute astonishment of the illiterate Muhammandans as they entered Spain and beheld their great cities, the splendour of Toleda, Merida, Sevilla and Cordoba, with their public works, aquaducts, libraries, cathedrals, schools, roads and high engineering, simply astonished the Muhammadans.  As one Muslim historian commented, ‘the former palace in Cordoba as full of wonderful remains of the Greeks, Romans and Goths….apartments were so magnificently decorated as to dazzle with the beauty of their ornaments the eyes of the beholders.’  They had never viewed anything comparable.  They certainly did not improve on these creations, but simply squatted on rich Visigothic-Hispano territory.  As one Muslim historian noted, ‘…a Visigothic bridge over the Tagus River was so well built that there was nothing like it in the whole of Spain – and a Muslim leader ordered it destroyed’ (p. 61).  In Muhammadan theology, the artitfacts and assets of the Infidel must be eradicated, including buildings, bridges, libraries, books and churches.  The Muslims literally, effaced much of civilisation in Spain. 


Muslim historians including the Tunisian Ibn Khaldun, underscore and highlight the illiterate uncivilised nature of the Arab and Muslims before coming into contact with the Christian Byzantine empire, or the Persian Sassanid.  It was no different when the Muslims entered Visigothic Spain.  Christian Spain was hundreds of years advanced from the Muhammandans in culture, technology, urban life, science, medicine, social organisation and in matters of religion, mores and the immaterial.  To assert the opposite is simply to demonstrate ignorance and mendacity.


The 6 Pillars of Muhammad’s cult (not 5, there are 6).

Jihad is the second most important duty in Muhammadanism.

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Jihad is the most vital pillar for the never-ending expansion of Muhammad’s cult:


“Allah’s apostle was asked, ‘What is the best deed?’  He replied, ‘To believe in Allah and his Apostle.’  The questioner then asked, ‘What is the next (in goodness)?’  He replied, ‘To participate in Jihad (religious fighting) in Allah’s cause’


The Hadith, Al Bukhari, Volume 1, No. 25. (in Peter Hammond: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, p. 69).


Those who deny the pillar of Jihad and its centrality for the Muslim cult are deluded ignoramuses. 


Peter Hammond’s excellent book ‘Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam’ will not be taught in ‘schools’ which en-masse present a Marxist-beatified, mendacious and illiterate view of Muhammadanism – the rightful name of the Muhammadan cult.  Jihad or war is the central feature of Muhammad’s cult, its genesis originating in Muhammad’s leadership of 80 or so military campaigns over a mere 12 or so years.  Every 2 months on average, Muhammad was leading a group to war.  As Hammond relates, slavery was not only accepted by Muhammadans, but it was also a central galvanising imperative which propelled Muslim war, conquests and Jihad across Asia, Africa and Europe.  A core central element of Islam is slavery, a practice that Muhammad actively pursued with 20 odd sex slaves in his harem and various other slaves in his retinue. 


Yet we are told by sundry ‘experts’, ‘academics’, ‘scholars’ and the self-proclaimed clever people, that Muhammad’s cult named submission, which demanded the submission of others to Baal or the Al-Lah of Mecca (the main idol of Muhammad’s Mecca was Baal, whose shrine was maintained by his family); and most importantly, submission to the only prophet and spokesman for Baal, conveniently being Muhammad himself, is peaceful and even ‘liberating’.  As Hammond notes, the core tenets of Muhammadanism, along with its 1400 years of endless slavery, blood, Jihad, and terror, are plainly at odds with the Mohammadophiliacs who declare the Baal-Muhammad cult to be a ‘religion’.


Hammond summarises the core tenets or ‘Pillars’ of Islam.  No wisdom here.  Just Bronze and Iron age savagery.


1-Daily confession of the Supremacist Shahada, which affirms that only Allah and Muhammad rule (see below).  This is deemed the most important pillar because the supplicant confirms his submission to Muhammad and reiterates the intolerance of the Muslim cult and affirms that it will be victorious over non-Muslims.  It is in effect a declaration of supremacism and war.


2. War and Jihad.  This is the second most important pillar (according to Muhammad).  The most vital aspect of Muhammadanism is the submission of everyone to Muhammad and the confirmation that non-Muslims will be either converted or destroyed.  War and Jihad flow from the Shahada and Mein Koran with its 1600 verses of hate speech.  The Shahada is found in Qu’ran 3:18.


3-Five daily prayers of the Salah to Muhammad and Baal reinforcing the Shahada and submission to Baal and Muhammad.


4-Keeping of the fast-during Ramadan in which Muslims are only allowed to eat or drink between sunset and sunrise (a practice emanating from the Bronze age long pre-dating Muhammad, and imitating the Catholic lent).


5-The giving of alms to Muslims and only Muslims.  Islamophiliacs and self-proclaimed clever people, apparently cannot name a single Muslim charity which helps non-Muslims.


6-Pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca performed at least once during the Muslim’s lifetime (this obviously indicates Muslim imperialism, where the conquered Muslim must go and pray at the Arab-Muslim shrine the Kabaa, which long predated Muhammadanism.)


The pagan origins of Muhammadanism’s 6 pillars are rather obvious.


The Shahada

This statement of Muslim supremacism is almost directly expressed in Qu’ran 3:18.  A good critique of the intolerant nature of this Shahada, and its implications is found here. 


“I bear witness that there is no deity but Al Lah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Al Lah.”


Do not believe Wikipedia and other corrupt sources and Muslim apologists.  They replace ‘Al Lah’ with God.  The two concepts have nothing in common.  Baal the Meccan moon deity is not God.  These sites are duplicitous in their content, erasing for example all mention of the pillar of Jihad and war.  Muhammad was very clear that Jihad was the second most important pillar (see quote above at the top).  


The implications of the Shahada are obvious.  There is Al Lah and only Al Lah.  There is Muhammad and only Muhammad.  Muhammad states that you must follow the Qu’ran and follow his instructions.  There is no other organising principle in life.  This manifest supremacism leads to a cult which by its design will be intolerant and atavistic.


As Hammond writes, there are 5 fundamental practices that Muslims must follow, based on the 6 pillars.


1-Muslims must believe only in the Al-Lah (though they are ignorant as to what Al Lah actually is), and Muhammad.  You must never question either, with such doubts constituting a mortal offence. 


2-Muslims must believe in angels who will help only Muslims.  This is probably purloined from Catholic doctrine.


3-Muslims must believe in the ‘revealed’ books namely; the Taurat which includes the 5 books of Moses, and some of the Old Testament), the Psalms, the New Testament, and the Qu’ran.  Given that the Qu’ran is violent declaring war and Jihad on the Infidel, it stands to reason that Jihad is not only a pillar of Islam, but its most important defining feature.


4-Muslims must believe in the Prophets send by Al Lah which number about 124.000 with the last and most important being Muhammad.  Given this ‘fact’ it is blasphemous, punishable by death to question or criticise Muhammad.


5-Life after Death based on pre-destination, in which pious and submissive (to Muhammad and Al Lah) Muslims are rewarded and non-Muslims, or Muslims who are insufficiently submissive and pious, regardless of how they lived, condemned with ‘Black Faces’ to Hell.  This reinforces the blind obedience to Muhammad and his dictatorial demands one finds in the Qu’ran and Hadiths.


Given that one of the greatest existential threats to civilisation is the cult of Muhammad, it is terrifying that most people in the Western world are completely oblivious of its foundations, motivations and pillars, including the second most important pillar and imperative of Jihad.


‘Slavery, Terrorism and Islam’ by Peter Hammond

25 to 50 million Whites were enslaved by Muslims. White Lives Matter?

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In an age when a Marxist-Terrorist organisation such as Black Lives Matter, can burn, loot and murder and claim victimhood from White ‘oppression’ and demand a ‘knee bend’ for past wrongs committed against Blacks, it is of course a crime to speak the truth.  BLM is unconcerned with Blacks owning Black slaves, with Black Nigerian Muslims murdering circa 5.000 Black Christians every year and destroying over 100 of their churches, nor with violence committed by Blacks against other Blacks in Western cities, and certainly they could care less about Black crimes against Whites (5 x the reverse) including Blacks killing and raping Whites. 


Hammond’s book on Muslim enslavement of Whites will never make the Fake News, will never appear in an ‘educational’ course, and will never form part of a Catholic Priest’s sermon.  Truth telling in the age of Covid, Darwinism (stuff happens) and the Green Reset, suffused by superstition and ignorance is not only a radical act, it is nearly an illegal act. 


For those who oppose slavery, maybe spend some time to consider the 25 million or more Whites enslaved by Muslims and the 50 million (or more, Hammond estimates 140 million) Blacks enslaved by Muslims.  These massive numbers include those who are captured but die before they meet the slave auction site.  Hammond estimates (as do many other inquirers), that 80% of those captured for the slave market, die before reaching the auction.  This means that if Muslims slave traded 10-15 million whites, far more than 25 million were enslaved. 


As Hammond states, ‘…the most convulsive conflict of the past millennium, has undoubtedly been between Islam and Civilisation; it has been between Islam and Freedom; it has been between Islam and Order; it has been between Islam and Progress; it has been between Islam and Hope.’  Well said indeed.   Hammond’s truism is ignored by Western politicians, their state apparatus where large swathes including ‘immigration’ and defence are controlled by Muslims, or Islamophiliacs, redolent in their insipid hypocrisy. 


As Hammond relates, White Christians ended the African slave trade.  10 million were transhipped across the Atlantic, willingly sold to Whites by Blacks and Muslims.  500.000 ended up in the USA, where a civil war which cost the lives of 600.000 White men ended the immoral slave society of the South.  9.5 million ended up in the Caribbean, Brazil, Ecuador and Central America.  Nary a word today from the shrill Marxists on these countries obligations and historical guilt and need to atone and repair.  Nothing.  These demands only emanate in the United States.  Nowhere else including Muslim states which today still practice slavery.


The Arabic word used by Muslims world-wide ‘Abd’, means a slave and referenced a Black Slave.  Abd can also mean the ‘Slave’ of Allah, such as the Muhammadan’s cult founder who named himself Muhammad Abd’ullah or slave of the Allah (Baal the moon deity of Mecca and Muhammad’s family’s idol).  Within the Koran and Muhammadan belief, owning Black slaves was normalised and expected.  Black faces are those sent to hell according to the Koran.  Muhammad often remarked on the inferiority and stupidity of Blacks (as well as women). 


Of course, Western useful idiots such as the incredibly dumb ex-Catholic and ex-nun Karen Armstrong proclaim the opposite, though they can of course offer no proof.  Muhammad owned Black slaves and had Black concubines (sex slaves) as well.  As Hammond records, ‘The names of forty slaves owned by Muhammad are recorded by Muslim chroniclers.  Islamic law (Sharia) contains elaborate regulations for slavery.’


The slave trade of Whites proceeded along with Muslim expansion and Jihad.  As Muhammadanism spread across the Levant, Georgia, Armenia, Anatolia, North Africa and into Spain during the 7th to 12th centuries it acquired in toto, over many centuries, millions of slaves.  Accounts are rampant from the earliest Muslim attacks after 632 AD up to the time of the Ottoman (Muslim) Turkish conquests of Byzantium territory (late 12th century) of Christian villages and small cities being enslaved by Muslims. Entire locales in Muslim conquered territories were ripe for slavery. 


The only stopping block to mass enslavement was the idea of ‘Dhimmitude’ or non-citizen status for Christians (White and non-White), in which Christians would pay a poll tax or Jizya which financed the Muslim state.  Jizya was lucrative and the basis of the Muslim occupation.   There was thus a delicate balance between forcing conversion (losing the Jizya), keeping the Christians economically viable (and paying the Jizya) and outright enslavement for sex-harems, galleys, mining work, military conscription, and general labour.  Muslims did not want to lose the Jizya and mass enslavement of Christians would significantly impact the economic engine which financed the Muslim occupation.  Nevertheless, millions were still enslaved, a process which accelerated under the Ottomans.


No one knows for sure, but the Ottomans likely enslaved 15 million Whites from the Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia from the late 13th century to the 17th century.  Allied with the Barbary coast pirates from the 15th to 17th centuries who took 2-5 million White slaves from Western Europe, it can be estimated that 20 million Whites just during this era, were enslaved by Muslims.  This is 2 times the number of Blacks who were transhipped across the Atlantic by Whites.  But since when has anyone heard of this?


Many Whites captured by the Muslims, if male, would have been castrated since they were Infidels and could not spread their seed.  The death rate from castration must have been very high.  As Hammond writes, ‘Eunuchs were created by completely amputating the scrotum and penis of eight- to twelve-year-old…boys.  Hundreds of thousands of young boys bled to death during this gory procedure.’


No one in the West knows much about the Muslim enslavement of Whites.  In post-modern, post-truth reality, Muslims are not slave owners, but anti-slavery, even as they own 5 million Black slaves today, in East Africa and spent 1200 years enslaving millions of Whites from Russia to Iceland.