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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - April 2020

25% of the Koran is hate speech against Christianity and Christians.

Moslem intolerance of Christianity, is ruthless, boundless and very personal.

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Number of verses in the Koran: 6346

Number of verses of Christianophobia in the Koran: 1589

% of Christianophobic verses in the Koran, of the total: 25%

Analysis by verse is here.

List of hate speech verses by Koranic Chapter is here.


Only 25% of Mein Koran is Christianophobic. Surely the big brains will call this a 'moderate' amount.


The incontrovertible fact of the Meccan cult is that it is openly hostile, in fact contemptuously and ruthlessly opposed, to Christianity. Islamic theology hates the Christian faith. Its handbook makes that very plain.


Mein Koran, or Mein Recital is primarily a handbook of hate. Any objective, rational, independent and intelligent analysis of the Koran reveals it to be brutal, irrational, violent, full of bile and hate; gibberish, poorly organized, badly written, contradictory, illusory, opaque, unintelligible and inane. As a cult document it compares poorly with other communalist manifestos including the Atheist doctrines, but kindred fascisms found in Hitlerism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, or various strains of amoral Socialism. Islam is not a religion. It is a cult. Mein Koran proves that point.


Out of 6346 verses in the Koran there is anti-Christian dogma, hate, and intolerance comprising some 25% of the total. One can quibble and argue over specific verses. Certainly the multi-cultural morons and 'the verse is mistranslated' cult of deception do so. These obfuscations are immensely tedious, tangential and ultimately immoral. The thrust and theme of the Koran is entirely obvious to anyone who bothers to read it for what it is. The 'other', non-Moslem, Untermensch are to be humiliated, destroyed, and eradicated. Failing that, they must be avoided, marginalized and dominated. It is Allah-Muhammad uber alles. Only the fascist construct of the Moslem cult will reign on earth. The moon deity Hub'Al said so.


Koranic Christian-hate runs rampant, in great rivers of intolerance, throughout the entire book from the beginning of the longer Suras, to the stolen short poems at the end. There is no relief. There are no chapters which are exempt from this fact. No charity, openness, or acceptance of Christians or their faith make an appearance in the Koran. It is Manichean. Moslems vs the Jews, Christians and Pagans. Jihad in the name of Allah against the enemies of Muhammad.





In the age of Corona........Dhummytude leads to Dhimmitude

It all adds up.

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Corona Madness is reflected in the mass ignorance about Muhammadism and the sick alliance of Leftist interests with Muhammadans.  Those most hysterical about Corona, are usually the same cadre of multi-cultural supporters and promoters of ‘Islamophobia’.  They casually endorse world-government, ‘science’ (much of it fiction), open-borders, and issue dark warnings against racism (don’t call Corona a Chinese virus; don’t criticise the moon cult of Mecca, open-borders, non-Whites).

In an age of Information we are surrounded by Dhimmi-Dhummy’s.




...a uniform civilization developed throughout the centuries by all non-Muslim indigenous people, who were vanquished by a jihad-war and governed by shari'a law. It is this civilization which is called dhimmitude. It is characterized by the different strategies developed by each dhimmi group to survive as non-Muslim entity in their Islamized countries. Dhimmitude is not exclusively concerned with Muslim history and civilization. Rather it investigates the history of those non-Muslim peoples conquered and colonized by jihad. [See Baat Yeor].



...a uniformly mindless approach of craven Dhimmitude in dealing with the Islamic cult by self-loathing, lobotomized Westerners, who have little regard for the modern world and the legacies of Western civilized development. Dhummies are characterized by attributes of cultural Marxism, Communism, group-think, ignorance, mendacity and a ruthless fixation on destroying the modern world. Dhummies view Moslems as their allies in destroying Judeo-Christian civilisation.


Dhummies are the abettors of Moslem aggression against Western civilisation. They are cultural Marxists and Leftist loons and goons who believe that a pagan Arabian cult is just another expression of religiosity and indeed a superior organisation of church and state. Hypocritically the Dhummies denounce Jewish and Christian fundamentalism as inimical to the separation of church and state; but see nothing wrong with non-White Moslems fusing the same into a totalitarian mix.


Worse, they advocate the complete divorce of violence, racism, hate, supremacism and illogic, which one finds in the Koran, the ahadiths, the Sira, the life of Muhammad and the imperialist history of Islam, from the Allah moon-idol cult. When Moslems rampage, kill, murder, war and blow up people and assets, something else is to blame. Dhimmi-Dhummies are one of the greatest threats to our world which exists. These self-loathing mindless-boneless circus creatures dominate the media, our politics and our classrooms.


Moslems and their front organizations have developed incestuous relationships with the Dhimmi-Dhummies. They are natural allies. Both want to dismember the modern world. Both believe that the individual is evil and the communal superior. Both believe in unfettered state power premised on theological submission [in the case of the Dhummies it is the cult of statism]. Both worship Thomas Carlyle's 'Great Man' ideal as the embodiment of the state-theocratic complex. Both lie, distort, evade and dissemble. Both are violent, supremacist and illiterate. Neither Islam nor the Dhimmi-Dhummy coalition holds up to scrutiny. Both embrace each other – at least for long as it is convenient – out of necessity and selfish opportunism. What the Dhimmi-Dhummies don't understand is that the Moslem cult in toto is explicitly clear that all non-Moslems, including the Dhummies are to be fought, overcome, killed, humiliated, or reduced to Moslem vassalage. Their doom is inevitable.


Hate-speech laws designed to protect the Moslems pets have resulted in the following:

-Moslems and their allies will increase the funding available trying to sue everyone out of the business of criticizing the Al-ilah moon cult and Muhammadan cult based on emotional and psychological damage – not around the facts presented or the racist-supremacist ravings one finds on every page in the Koran.

-The UN and various international fora will fund and promote the demonization of criticasters of Islam.

-Moslems and the Dhummies will emphasize that Islam is a religion which is superior to the J-C traditions since it is a minority dominated theology. Racism and Islamic criticism will be joined together.

-Sharia Law will be conflated with Western legal traditions and indeed even portrayed as superior due to its simplistic and rather savage code of punishment.


Hate speech legislation will mutate into laws which will make criticism of Moslems and Islam simply illegal.


We should expect more emotionalism [if that is possible] from the disaffected Moslems and less debate. In fact, Moslems will never debate their theology or their ridiculous Mein Koran. They can't. They need to work with the emotive childishness of the Dhummy coalition and market their dogmatic cult as emotional-spiritual therapy with little interest in political-economic-social organization.


This bald lie will fit the Leftist preconception that an Arabian cult of totality named Submission must be superior to our Western constructs, many of which were savaged by 'Enlightenment' ignoramuses in their self-absorbed views of the world since 1.7 billion people find so much succour in it. Like other non-Western fetishes – feng shui, tai-chi, Buddhist meditation, exotic foods – Islam will be rebranded as a therapeutic Orientalism, so steeped in therapeutic benefits, spirituality, god-centred prayer, and commendable energy, that even to think otherwise will be illegal. Like all exotic imports it will be labelled as 'superior' even though it offers nothing which is religious, spiritual, or tolerant.


Past critics of Islam who today would be sued and hung in the public square would include John Adams, de Tocqueville, Jefferson, Chateaubriand, Churchill, Dante, Bertrand Russell, Lawrence of Arabia, Nietzsche, Napoleon, Gladstone, Jean de La Valette, Charles V, and Peter the Great to name just a few. Part of a cult's problem is that it simply does not like criticism. This is surely true of the Moslem cult. Written over 5 years ago it is still true today:


There are some things that the Western nations must do. First publish any and all material that is newsworthy and which invites debate including badly drawn Danish cartoons showing Mohammad. Second strike down any movement by 5th column Islamic groups to censor our media in favor of Islam. That leads to dhimmitude. Third if the UNO persists in establishing idiotic regimes of freedom of speech limitation than withdraw from the UNO. Fourth tell Muslims in our country that if they continue to riot, cause upheaval, fund terror, and threaten our societies they will be deported. Fifth end Muslim immigration to the West. 


All perfectly sensible. The fight is not 'against Moslems'. The war is for civilisation. It really is that simple.


Only a Dhimmi-Dhummy fool would tolerate an intolerant cult. It is indeed heart-warming to hear of all the stories about 'a wonderful Moslem that I know....', as it was to witness the same expressions of admiration for the non-Nazi German during the 1930s, or the indifferent Russian Communist during the 1970s. Individuals do not supersede the cult in power, in scope, in ambition, in malevolence. They offer nothing. Where are the 'wonderful Moslems' marching in Western states demonstrating against the thousands of non-Moslems killed each year by their cult; or the thousands of non-Moslem girls raped and forcibly converted to the cult each year; or the maiming and killing of young Moslem girls for dishonour; or the cruelty, savagery and barbarism one finds in the Koran. Nowhere.


Moslems might be different; some might not support the dialectical evil of Islam. But too many do. And that is the problem, along with the Dhummies who aid and support them. Dhummytude leads to Dhimmitude.

Al BBC, the British Propaganda outlet for Globalism and Muhammadism, is now airing Moslem sermons

Corona hysteria and 'outreach' to its Moslem pets. Never to be rescinded.

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Supremacist broadcasts funded by the tax payer, most of whom would not offer a single shilling to any organisation to broadcast Moslem hate speech and supremacism.  But Al Beeb is not just a public broadcasting outfit.  It views itself as the intelligence-inter-primus, the arbiter of ‘British Values’, which now include supine, abject, humiliating prostration to a 7th century moon cult.



The usual array of idiots will moan that the BBC already broadcasts Christian worship services.  Given that the legacy, culture, development and brilliance of British history is dependent on its Christian origins, this makes sense.



Broadcasting Moslem supremacism and equating the retarding effects of Muhammadism with the flowering effects of Christianity is asinine.  Moslem rape gangs parade up and down the country for 20 years and the BBC had nothing to say.  Now that mosques are thankfully closed and hate speech volume is for the time being turned off, the BBC must leap to the defence of its fascist pets and ensure that the supremacist message of the Muhammadans is blasted into the ether.


BBC blasts out local Moslem prayers


“…..every Friday at 5:50am, a different imam will lead the broadcast, reciting a verse from the Quran or a saying from the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad, then translate it and talk about its relevance, followed by a minute of prayer.


"Local radio is all about connecting communities, and we hope these weekly reflections will go some way to helping Muslims feel a sense of community while they are isolating," said Chris Burns, the head of BBC Local Radio.


The British government ordered all places of worship closed on 23 March as part of its measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.


Days before the announcement, more than 375 mosques and prayer facilities suspended congregational activities, according to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).


"Safeguarding all of our communities is paramount, and it's reassuring so many mosques and prayer facilities have heeded this advice in trying their best to minimise the spread of the coronavirus," Harun Khan, secretary general of the MCB, said last month.


Many of Britain's mosques hold thousands of worshippers at a time, including the East London Mosque, which has capacity for 7,000, London Central Mosque with more than 5,000 and Birmingham Central Mosque, which regularly hosts 2,500 worshippers or more for weekly Friday prayer services.


Several mosques and Muslim communities have tried fill the void of the closure by using virtual means to engage in spiritual practices, though the lack of physical connection has been hard to replace.


Still, the impact of the closure will be even more impactful during the holy month of Ramadan, which is set to begin in the third week of April.


Harry Farley, a journalist with BBC Radio 4, responded to criticism of the announcement by pointing out that the BBC already broadcasts Christian services every Sunday.

"And to those complaining about/questioning this, just a reminder that a Christian service is broadcast each Sunday at 8am on all 39 BBC local radio stations," he tweeted.


Thanks, witless Harry.  Cultures are not equal.  Muhammadism is not a faith nor a religion.


Lame Brain Fake News Media quotes Mohammed as health advisor for the Corona Hysteria

A 7th century illiterate who knew nothing about hygiene is now a pandemic expert

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Lame-Brain Fake News media via New York Times and Newsweek promotes the lie, that Muhammad, an illiterate Bedouin, brigand, rapist and semen covered sex addict, knew about pandemics and is of course, the go-to-man during the Corona crisis.  The level of stupid and ignorance is boundless with the Fake News complex.


(Newsweek needs an editor, what does ‘outbreaks out’ mean?)

David Wood deconstructs the ignorance and stupidity of the Newsweek claim, that mad Muhammad’s advice should be followed at any time, by anyone.  Muhammad denied that pandemics existed.  Allah creates everything including afflictions and mad Mohammed claimed that sick camels cannot transmit diseases to a healthy camel.  Only the Allah can cause this.

Same for humans.  Only Allah is the causal factor for disease.  A person who is sick cannot pass it on to another healthy Moslem.



Mad Moh thought it was okay to visit those who are ill with a contagious disease.

The reality is of course, the opposite of the Newsweek propaganda.

Mad Mohammed thought that contaminated water, including faeces, urine, dog carcasses, and menstrual rages was fine to use, in order to wash and cleanse one’s hands.  Brilliant.


Muhammad was only worried about destroying Jews, Christians and non-Moslems and was not that concerned about pandemics or hygiene.  One of his great pieces of advice was to drink Camel Urine as medicine – a practice adhered to by Moslems who imbibe Camel urine in sports drinks.


Iran and Nazi Germany – lessons from the past

Fascisms of a feather, do fail together.

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The League of Nation during the 1920s and 1930s refused to act to secure liberty and peace through the use of judicious force and pre-emption against the fascist powers. The result? 70 million dead during World War II including 6 million Jews and 28 million Russians. During the Cold War only the US stood against the evil and global destabilizing threat of Soviet Russia. Today we witness the League’s successor the United [or more appropriately Useless] Nations Organization [UNO] doing little to eliminate the rise of a nuclear Iran, fascist Islam’s assault on civilization; and terrorist atrocity across the world including the barbarity inside Iraq which the UN fled from in August 2004, including over 15 years the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Christians (no one cares about that); sex slaves and piles of dead Moslems and non-Moslems.

Since 1945 internationalism, embodied in the UNO; extreme feminism; all manners of ‘caring and concern’; and endless twaddle about ‘rights’ and ‘dialogue’, has created a nervous, ninny culture in the West, so terrified, corrupted and childish that a bold fascism yelling into its collective face is completely ignored. Much like the League did with Nazi Germany, we have the UNO and the chattering post-modern EU-socialist elite determined to do nothing against Iran. If no pre-emptive action is instigated against Iran we will witness another bloody Middle East war, one perhaps waged using nuclear weapons. Indeed Iran is quite similar to the fascist powers that rose up during the 1920s and 1930s.

As a happy hobbyist of history, and investigator [amongst other issues] of fascism, I would suggest that there exist 10 key elements that define a fascist state. Iran fits them all perfectly, as did of course the Nazi and Soviet states. 

1. Mysticism as a religion: 
The first pillar is the enthronement of power in an executive with ultimately mystical justifications for its rule. Whether the executive is singular, as with the Nazis, or plural, as in the USSR after Stalin and Iran after Khomeini, is irrelevant. The justification for its rule is some set of propositions, be they Marxist theory, Nazi mythology, or Islamic theology, that are by their nature not subject to empirical verification or falsification. In contrast, a democratic leader claims to rule because he enjoys the support of the people, and a monarch because he is the heir of the dynasty, both verifiable facts that can potentially be disproved. 

2. Ideology as the only reality 
The second pillar is the proclamation that the regime embodies the absolute good as such, and that its ideology is the only possible fundamental truth. The ideology is hermetic, and anyone who doesn't believe it, doesn't not simply because they are mistaken, but because they are a bad person: a non-Aryan, a bourgeois, an infidel. All totalitarian states claim their ideology is world-applicable and gives them the right to subdue others. Iran has tried to export its ideology to other Moslem countries, but with the exception of the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, whose loyalty is bought with a gravy train of guns, it has failed. It has tried to weld together Moslem fundamentalists in other countries into a worldwide fundamentalist movement, but as Stalin found with Tito and Mao, totalitarian ideologies make weak glue. It does not even get along with the Taliban in Afghanistan, which should be its ideological soul mate. 

3. Jihad and War 
The third pillar is war. War follows from the demand to export ideology. It provides the excuse to regiment society to the degree totalitarianism requires. It enables the regime to equate loyalty to the nation with obedience to the regime. It justifies the regime's inevitable failure to deliver on its promised domestic agenda. Iran has been promoting world wide jihad against the US and civilization. It funds, arms, and abets terror across the globe distributing all manners of aid to further the view of fascist Islam and the establishment of a world wide caliphate, with its capital centered of course in Teheran. 

4. A terror state 
The fourth pillar is terror. In Iran, this has taken the form of what are called "chain assassinations" of dissident intellectuals and other opposition figures. Those who are not killed are jailed or exiled. Iran has a plethora of bodies exercising terror, including the Islamic Guard Corps, the Ministry of Information, and the Secret Police. 

5. Co-opting Democracy 
The fifth pillar is the attempt to milk democratic legitimacy without actually sharing any power. Naturally, this is impossible, but the totalitarian mind always believes that force can square the circle. Democracy is such a strong idea that even totalitarian states must somehow at least co-opt the democratic impulse. It is little known, but the Soviet Union had regular and meaningless elections. The entire Nazi state was legally based on the Enabling Law passed by the democratically-elected Reichstag in 1933. The mullahs have always allowed a certain amount of democracy, which they would like to be the sheep-like expression of agreement by a docile populace. However the President and his religious council wield all the power and do as they please. 

6. Economic control/autarky 
The sixth pillar is control of the economy. The Soviets were communist, the Nazis had private ownership with state control, and Iran has heavily interventionist crony capitalism, plus an odd grab-bag of specifically Islamic economic regulations, such the employment of women and the charging of interest. Everyone who makes serious money there makes it because of a relationship with the state. Per-capita GNP is less than half what it was under the Shah, despite having had 40 years to grow. A truly independent economic sector that can oppose and defy government power, as in the US, has not been permitted. Control of the economy also includes the pseudo-mobilization of the poor. The mullahs took power with vast promises to the poor of their country, and in the first years of the revolution could use the mob as a battering ram against anything that stood in their way. They have, of course, never delivered on these promises. Hitler and Lenin did similar things, even if people forget the heavy proletarian emphasis of early Nazism. 

7. Racism 
The seventh pillar is the cultivation of imaginary enemies, which the public must be kept obsessed with. Hitler had the Jews. The Soviets had a demonology ranging from saboteurs to kulaks to American spies. Iran has America and Israel, both countries that were Iranian allies under the Shah and have never done Iran any harm. Indeed Iran denies the existence of the holocaust and has made the elimination of the Anglo-Saxon nations and Israel its major objective. 

8. No rights 
The eighth pillar is the absence of the rule of law. In non-totalitarian societies, be they democratic or traditionalist monarchies, established law serves as a restraint on those in power. In totalitarian societies, there is in its place the rule of clique, power-play, corruption and brute force. 

9. Propaganda 
The ninth pillar is indoctrination. Everyone is constantly lectured, by every available means, on how great the regime is. The Nazis, with their sick brilliance and lumpen-populist instincts, were the best at it. The Soviets and the Mullahs have been very unsuccessful in selling to their own people. The mullahs exercise heavy control over Iranian media. They let a little steam out, but they also arrest and kill those who go too far. They can't entirely muzzle the press only because the public is attached to it. As with their use of democracy, their dream is the appearance of openness without the reality. Indoctrination also includes the corruption of education. The Nazis destroyed the finest university system in the world. The Soviet Union accomplished absolutely zero in 70 years of intellectual life outside the hard sciences. The Iranian regime has driven out scholars who wouldn't toe the line, debauched admissions standards to favor pious mediocrities, and gutted curriculums to stuff them with Islamic theology that is about as useful to its students as endless readings from Marx and Engels were at Moscow U. 

10. Party domination 
The tenth pillar is a parallel state-party apparatus. In democracies, political parties are wispishly insubstantial organizations by the standards of government or corporations. This is because real power is vested in open institutions of government that really wield it and are subject to the restraints imposed by democratic legitimacy. In totalitarian societies like Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or fundamentalist Iran, they are massive organizations, because the party is the real power and the state its servant. In the Iranian case, the equivalent of the party apparatus includes a vast array of religious institutions and foundations. 

I have written that all fascisms eventually fail due to 4 inter-related factors. First the immorality of the regime ensures that the society in question will be internally corrupted. Eventually the people will rise up against an immoral regime and one that militates against life; liberty; and the pursuit of individual self worth. What these people need is help to understand the power of representative governance. Second the economy eventually fails. You cannot ignore supply and demand and price points in any market segment; and certainly not throughout an entire economy. It will simply collapse. Iran is unique in that it holds oil. However the long term price of oil will decline and other supplies are being brought on stream.  Third, with a sick economy or one dependent on one commodity, the military will be far weaker than it looks on paper. In Iran’s case they rely, as the Soviets did on Western technology transfer to sustain their armed forces. We should end that immediately. Eventually the dysfunctional Iranian economy will prove to be its military’s undoing. 

The fourth factor in fascism’s decline is however the most important. Fascism fails when it is confronted. Its internal failings and inconsistencies will ensure its collapse but you have to fight it. The West needs to confront Iran NOW and not wait until it has a nuclear weapon. After all, can you imagine how history would have changed if Hitler had developed the atomic bomb?