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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - April 2021

The End Game of the Corona-madness. Goal: The End of Western Civilisation.

For a 0.3% death rate flu. The flu is not the issue. The New World Order is.

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Reorganising society along communitarian-communist concepts is not a new or modern invention.  Communities far pre-dating the Christian era and the Christian enclaves of communal socialism, existed all over the globe.  What has changed is the coercive power of the State and technology.  In times past the State did not have the reach, the depth, the power, the technological means to form and mould millions into compliant sheep.  The 20th century gave the State and the socio-pathologically inclined the tools and force to shape and control the masses.  Corona and the CV 19 hysteria is no mistake.


Hilaire Beloc and many others rightly believed that the defining struggle of the past 1400 years was between the cult of Muhammad and Christian civilisation.  In that struggle the Christian culture and might prevailed, preserving and then enhancing and building modern civilisation.  If the Muhammadan cult had persevered the world would mirror the backwaters of Pakistan, North Africa, Northern Nigeria, the desert wastes of the greater Muslim-Arabian empire without their oil money.  There would be no modern civilisation.  Beloc et al are entirely correct in this assessment.  The single greatest cultural threat to the West is the invasion of Muslims and Africans and the attendant ‘leftist’, ‘globalist’, or more accurately fascist support of the multicultural philosophy of relativity and globalist harmony.  This single and singular threat is now eclipsed.


The great and earnest past conflict between the light of Christian culture and the barbarism of the Muhammandan is now superseded, replaced In the 20th century by the age-old secular imperative of unfettered State power against that of the individual and non-State actors.  Freedom in other words.  The 20th century was a general breakdown in the Western world, when the two opposing philosophies of State power and individuality met.  The great disaster for Western civilisation is that State power was drastically increased in the prosecution of two global wars against totalitarian fascism, and a warm-to-cold-war with Russian communist-fascism.  It should be noted that fascism and communism are largely the same constructs (totalitarian state power), though there may be some slight variations in aims, objectives and emphases depending on the region or country in question. 


Totalitarianism, Communism and Socialism were long ago discredited both in practice and in the cultural milieu at large.  They are, however, the default positions of ever-expanding government.  Once the ‘people’ invested, or through disinterest granted, extensive powers to mostly unelected and unaccountable mandarins to build ‘education’, ‘media’, ‘health’, ‘safety’, ‘community’, ‘progress’, ‘fairness’, ‘a just society’, and all the institutions to ‘help’, ‘to care for’, to ‘enable’ and implement every imaginable program, the slippery slope model ensures that no limits can be erected against the deepening, widening, corrupt and coercive state.  For example, once you hand over ‘health’ to the government and socialise it, there is little argument against every imaginable diktat, tax, regulation, or demand from government on the grounds of ‘health’.  Once you ‘liberate’ sexuality and ignore the science of x and y chromosomes, DNA and mitochondria, you will by default, erect gender fascist theologies denying the most basic of biological facts, leading to a sexually confused society bereft of masculine attributes.


Climate Change and Globaloneywarming are variants of the Communist-Fascist theme, dedicated to non-science, propaganda, fake data and rewritten temperature records.  Most of the population have little interest in the ridiculous theory that a trace chemical necessary for life is somehow a warming toxin, deranging the Earth Mother.  The elite are however, extremely interested in such a program.  Controlling energy, carbon, travel, and all forms of transport gives the State unfettered power and prerogative.  The emotional appeal to the Earth Mommy and ‘nature’ provides a facile and easy sell.  The problem with Climate fascism is that the average individual is not inclined to give up the benefits of carbon energy, including heating, car usage, travel, air conditioning, cheaper products and food, for abstract and irrelevant intellectual fraud.


How then to construct the modern totalitarian state?  Health fascism.  Climate Communism or better named Green-Fascism, cannot be imposed on society without a casus-belli.  The war chant of health, safety, security from a supposed plague, as evil and widespread as the various bubonic plagues of the medieval era, is the obvious pathway to unfettered power.  Connecting the two objectives – reducing carbon energy to save Gaia and reducing freedoms to save yourself from a virus – are quite obvious to any who don’t follow the propaganda-narratives of government and their media outlets.


The only way to enact Green Fascism is through terrifying the populace about health and safety.  This has been easily done across the world, achieved by governments and international organisations in no more than 6 months.  The State’s reach and power, enhanced and extended by technology, digital surveillance, media control, university and health care compliance and support, is without precedence in history.  ‘Build Back Better’ is simply the implementation of Green Fascism.  There is a reason why during the Corona-hysteria, ‘Build Back Better’ was front and centre as a goal and objective of the new Religion (for the people) and Fascism (for institutions to control the religious).  For many reasons, this program is now accepted across the world and will result in a One World Government, which will erase civilisation as it erases national borders, Western culture, legacy and heritage.  


What are some obvious outcomes of the modern Dark Age if the plans are realised, the fruits of the current efforts bear fruit and the people simply surrender and comply ?


Drugs and genomic change:

·       Normalisation of virus testing at scale for all ages

·       Normalisation of genomic changing, immune system destroying drug ingestion

·       Normalisation of health passports and digital ID cards based on drug-ingestion

·       Normalisation of social scores, digital surveillance, all linked to finance, jobs, housing and travel

·    Normalisation of drug ingestion to combat all diseases, including heart disease, cancer, AIDS, and all respiratory and viral ailments


Religion of Science:

·       Normalisation of the Scientocracy, or rule by a small technocratic-‘scientific’ elite who will manage the great herds of sheeple

·       The great religious energy and truth of Christianity will be replaced by the Religion of Science

·       Morality will become optional and based solely on the communal need, the idea of ‘humusation’ or sacrificing yourself in a natural suicide to decompose back to Gaia, will be normalised

·  Every single feature of society will be based on ‘science’ and managed by ‘scientists’


Reduced populations:

·    To reduce ‘human impact’ a forcible reduction (through drugs) will be proposed and implemented

·  Part of the population reduction will be due to the acceleration of dead and injured from the drugs, blamed on ‘variants’ necessitating more drug ingestion and lockdown hysteria, leading to more injured and dead

·   Abortions will be mandatory in some countries, 1 child policies imitating China enacted in many others, euthanasia accelerated for seniors with disabilities or poor health


Lockdowns, Control:

·   Lockdowns- full, partial, temporary – will be used to ‘reduce’ the ‘carbon footprint’

·    Governments will create Universal Basic Income levels for all citizens who comply, and punish those who do not

·      For people who do not comply, they will slowly, step by step, be ostracised and quietly eliminated from society, starting with travel, work, income, shopping, and restrictions on daily life routines

·       Non-compliant humans will eventually be deemed a ‘health risk’, they will be monitored, probably physically stamped or identified, and be subject to legal, extra-legal, even vigilante violence


If the ‘Great Reset’ based around a flu death rate of 0.3%, is not halted then Western Civilisation simply disappears into a Global Communal Fascism.  The great conflict and ‘bloody borders’ between Christendom and Muhammadanism will evaporate.  The one true religion of the New World Order is the fiction of Science.  Nothing else will be tolerated. 




The never-ending Muslim lust for human flesh and slave trading.

The opposite of what Christianity taught.

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As the Western world implodes in an orgy of anti-white racism and flu-fascism, erasing 3000 years of progress, using ‘slavery’ and ‘racism’ as pretexts, it rarely occurs to the racists (anti-white); that the cult of Muhammad including Black Muslims, were the great slave traders of history.  Arab Muslims shipped at least 50 million sub-Sarahan Blacks north to the Arab heartlands.  No trace of Blacks or Black culture exists in the Arab-Muslim states.  The Blacks were effaced, either through death, war, castration, or polygamous based reproduction with non-Blacks.  Nary a word from the clever people.  Similarly, 25 million Whites were enslaved, raped, killed by various Muslim states and empires over 1400 years.  At least 2 million were taken alone, by the Barbary coast pirates from the 15th to 19th centuries, far exceeding the 500.000 Black slaves that were transhipped across the Atlantic to America.  Nary a word from the clever people. 


The self-appointed very clever people who dominate the media, political establishment and academia, arrogantly ascertain, almost to a man (or a transgender), that Muhammad’s cult is a spiritual project of wondrous tolerance and civilization. Never, they declare, did their favourite pets engage in the terrible fascistic practices of slavery, rape, war, or Jihad.  Only the horrendously deformed and inferior white male did that.  Tears pour down their faces as they declaim the stunning achievements of the Meccan moon cult and how a pagan fascism eschewed slavery, ennobled the multicultural paradise and erected inter-alia: morality, ethics, spaghetti, mathematics, flying, architecture, advanced engineering and hospitals.  Back in the world of the 5 senses, the ignorance from the ‘clever people’, about the reality of Islam is matched only by their hubris and wandering stupidity.


The very clever people cannot however, even answer the most basic questions about their favourite ideology which has murdered some 300 million over 1400 years; and in whose name daily acts of barbarism are legion. Few have read anything about Islam, fewer still the Koran, and almost none the life of the mad Mohammed. Yet we are told that based on no facts, no historical understanding, and no knowledge, that the ideology of Submission is peace and harmony.


One simple objection to the Islamic cult which these very clever people cannot rationalize, is slavery. Christianity ended the trading of humans. The reduction of some of the human species to little more than animal status existed in all ancient empires and continues today throughout the width and breadth of Islamic and Arab culture. Yet only Christian Europe ended this practice. Islam did not and has not. In fact, it is not hard to find almost on a monthly basis, an Islamic cleric somewhere in the world, thundering that slavery is a part of Islamic law and culture, and cannot be stopped. Muslims view slaving as a natural by-product of Jihad. To the victor goes the spoils, the gold, and of course the beautiful Kufar women. As the Koran makes clear in numerous places, slavery is natural and sanctioned by the moon guy, Al-lah:


Sura 16 (The Bee), verse 75

“Allah sets forth a parable: (consider) a slave, the property of another, (who) has no power over anything, and one whom We have granted from Ourselves a goodly sustenance so he spends from it secretly and openly; are the two alike? (All) praise is due to Allah!"


Though Sura 16 verse 75 is gibberish, parading as a God-inspired phrase or 'parable', it tries to contrast the conditions of a slave who is owned by a Muslim. The conclusion is simple. The moon-idol Baal or Allah (meaning the Lord of Mecca who was Baal and Muhammad’s family were the moon deity’s caretakers), has granted "a goodly sustenance" to the Muslim, which he can spend openly or secretly as he pleases - including of course the acquisition of more slaves. Since the moon deity Allah, claims for himself the position of the guarantor and initiator of all of life's benefits, both the free Muslim's good fortune and the slave's misfortune are ultimately determined by Allah. This is fatalism writ large. Through his rhetorical question, "Are the two alike?", Muhammad is justifying the inequality between the slave and the freeman as if it was a natural occurrence – ordained and supported by Allah. This is true as long as it is the Muslim who owns the slave[s] of course.  Non-Muslims cannot own Muslim slaves. Al-lah would never approve of this.


Sura 33.50 also grants Mohammed and Muslims the right to own slaves:

“O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those [slaves] whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her -- specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”


'The right hand' is a literary allusion meaning the right hand which holds the collar of the slave. Slavery is fine within Islam, especially as it is a natural derivative of war. Muslims on the Jihad have every right to expect plunder, women and slaves.


These verses are two amongst many which not only permit Muslims to own humans – but actively encourage it. Islamic slave trading was and is a vital part of Jihad and the spread of the Arab pagan ideology. Islam is a predatory philosophy – one which needs to steal, thieve, plunder and rape in order to sustain itself. The spread of Islam was achieved by war, in large part to satiate the demands of the increasing numbers of followers who wanted a share in the spoils of land, chicks and gold. It is not a mystery as to why people joined the cult. Why become a Dhimmi or second-class tax and social slave when you can enjoy the many benefits of cult membership including an afterlife upon a heavenly plane; gorging on food, water, women and wine?


Christianity is different. In the late Roman empire, the Christian church [which was already being riven by debate and the establishment of different sects, a healthy development which led to argument, revision and rational discourse]; agitated against both slave trading and the ownership of slaves. It would take some 500-700 years to fully extirpate both practices within most of Europe. Slavery was only to resume as an institution under the centralization of despotic power and the replacement of Christian medieval law, with canonized Roman law.


Just as importantly the Christian sects all developed and supported the ideas around what is termed 'human rights'. Islam and other orthopraxis [correct behaviour]; focus solely on duties, not rights. It was only Christianity which developed natural law rights. Part of natural law is freedom from enslavement. Islam never has, and never will support such an ideal. Slavery is an integral part of the Muslim program. It is anathema to the Christian.


We know that Islam is fundamentally, in large part, a slave ideology from the mere fact that its founder, who is held up as the example of the perfect man, was a slave trader and owner. He did advise that slaves be treated well, since they are after all, important assets; 'Feed them what you eat yourself and clothe them with what you wear...They are God's people like unto you and be kind unto them.' Heart-warming. Be kind to them, but still trade and own them. Mohammed even freed a few slaves, married one, and adopted another. Islamophiles use this to justify their claims that he was against slavery. Of course, this is a lie. He traded in dozens of slaves and kept a well-documented and quite large group of female sex slaves. He made money and lascivious profit from this slave dealings.


It is rather odd that a slave trader and practitioner of slave-based sex is called a 'prophet' or a holy man.


On the other hand, no Christian leader in the early church owned slaves. Christ, who was the anti-thesis of Mohammed, denounced slavery and preached against the age-old evil. So too did many Christian sects and the church by the late Roman period was a loud opponent of the trade in human flesh. Nothing like this opposition existed in any period or epoch in Islam.


Today slave trading still goes on in the Muslim world. Whites, Blacks, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslim pre-teen girls are still enslaved and traded. The numbers are not truly known but based on anecdotal evidence they must total in the millions. In some countries in Muslim Africa slave status is passed down from one generation to the next. Yet few Western organizations, or Western Islamophiles will even admit to this current immorality within Islam, nor to its 1400-year history as a key component of Muslim imperialism. Likewise, the very clever people never credit European Christianity with the eradication of slavery, nor do they appreciate the massive costs in money and men borne by the British Empire and the northern US states, in eradicating the modern form of this heinous crime. For these extremely smart people Islam is only merriment and love - its slave trade and the ethos of violence and de-humanizing immorality does not, and never did exist.


The Hadith reinforce Koranic Hate Speech. How do Muslims explain this?

Christophobia hate-speech is rampant within the Muhammadan cult.

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The Hadith(s) is an explanation of the handbook of hate called the Koran (Recital), and purports to edify Koranic contents.  Bukhari’s is the most oft-cited and quoted, compiled some 200 years after the brigand-profiteer-sex trafficking-warrior prince Muhammad perished, killed by his own men who had long grown weary of the ‘revelations’ from Baal (Al Lah) which seem to always benefit Muhammad.  The Hadith are just as barren, insipid, jumbled and incoherent as Mein Koran.  In that sense they fit each other quite well.  The violence, the rape, the warring, the Jihad, the intolerance, the odes to Infidel-extermination one finds in Muhammad’s Koran, are echoed loudly in the Hadith. 


Hate speech against non-Muslims comprises almost 1600 verses in the Koran, or over 25% of the contents, spread across its entirety, but especially prevalent in the larger and most important verses 2 to 9.  The Hadith offer little that is different, and some examples are given below with at least 25% of the text engaged in anti-Infidel extremist hate-speech.  The Koran and Hadith make it implausible that ‘moderate’ Islam exists.  The documents are immoderate.  The calls to war, Jihad and extermination of non-Muslims are extensive.  The denigration of Christians as Untermensch who are evil, linked to Satan, who wrongly worship the Trinity and associated 'idols' with Baal, are often expressed, with demands of violence against Christians, and the raping and enslavement of their women, accepted as a divinely sanctioned Muhammadan right. 


Here are some examples of Christian-hate in the Hadith from Bukhari, the most notable and accepted of the Hadith redactors:


Hadith 1:13-- "I have been ordered by Allah to fight with people till they bear testimony to the fact that there is no God but Allah."


Hadith 1.24 "Narrated Ibn `Umar: Allah's Apostle said: "I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and offer the prayers"


Hadith 1.25"Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle was asked, "What is the best deed?" He replied, "To believe in Allah and His Apostle (Muhammad). The questioner then asked, "What is the next (in goodness)? He replied, "To participate in Jihad (religious fighting) in Allah's Cause."


Hadith 19:4294 "Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war."


Hadith 1:35 "The person who participates in Allah's cause (namely, in battle). . will be recompensed by Allah either with reward or booty or will be admitted to Paradise."


Hadith 9:4 "Wherever you find infidels kill them; for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection."


Hadith 9:50, 57 "No Umma (a member of Muslim community) should be killed for killing a Kafir (an infidel).  Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him."


The intent of both the Koran and the Hadiths is clear. The world must be divided into the followers of the Arab moon-cult and everyone else. Mohammed and his family’s idol Al-Allah or the moon idol Baal rule. All must follow their plans and demands. Jews and Christians who reject the Allah idol must be 'returned' to Islam, killed or at least dominated and humiliated [Dhimmitude and taxation]. Not only is killing permitted in the Koran and Hadiths, but it is a duty, the 6th pillar of Islam is of course war or Jihad. Muslim apostates who after the age of 12 leave Islam are also a threat to the cult and must be killed as Hadith 9-50 and 57, so expressly orders.


Muslims need to address these issues. Muslims, not Christians or Westerners, must be made to be responsible for the reformation of their cult. There is no possibility that a litany of hate, racism and violence constitutes a religion. Muslims must rewrite the Koran and throw out the Hadiths. Then, and only then, will Muslims be able to claim 'moderate' status and proclaim that they truly have a faith worthy of the name. Cults are not religions. Fascisms which deny free will and which extol genocide are not faiths.



The Age of the Ineffably Uncivilised. The Enlightenment as ‘EnDarkenment’.

The self-immolation of Western Civilisation has a 300 year history.

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How did the West end up mangled, self-immolated in an orgy of Covid Fascist governance, which has no basis in science, medicine, common sense, legality or morality?  How did a flu with an infection rate of 0.15%, and a death rate of 0.3% lead to the destruction of Western civilisation or what was left of it?  The Covidian project viewed in the longer duration of history, is a logical and appropriate last chapter to Western civilisation. 


For the modern conceit, immersed in egotistical ‘me-isms’, debauched by its own propaganda, the world is the ‘age of science’, the ‘age of information’, the ‘age of knowledge’, the ‘age of light’, saturated with the profound numbness of ‘social media’ and ‘streaming’ entertainment, enraptured by naturalism and materialism, with the inevitable philosophical conclusion that these non-sciences will lead to; namely, the human viewed as a pathogen, a virus, at best just an economic unit without the redeeming features of its supposed cousin the ape, an evolved disease worse than cancer.  This modern hatred of the human, and its Western ‘virus variant’ contained within the Marxist-Philosophes lipids of anti-White racism which has spread throughout the bloodstream of a dying and anaemic society, has its roots in the 18th century. 


As with most Orwellian projects the opposite of modern propaganda, which includes its panegyrics to the ‘Enlightenment’ is true.  The modern age, in the age of Flu-Fascism, Covidism, the fatal and obnoxiously ignorant conceits of ‘medical science’, is far from ‘en-light-ened’.  It is en-dark-ened, a base, mendacious, totalitarian and forlornly, wearily insipid doddering, near dead construct.  The West has been emasculated, debauched and will soon fail.  The genesis of this demise is easily traced back to the formation of the modern Dark Age in the ‘Enlightenment’, where men who built and did nothing of importance, exchanged reality for word salads and naturalism; where culture, heritage, respect of the past, along with individual rights and character were traded for phases and dialecticism; where direct governance was sold for the corruption of representation; where self-management bartered away to the state; where local and individual responsibility was usurped by national absolutism.  The Divine Right of Kings was a 17th century Protestant invention and, in its wake, came the Philosophes actively supporting the eradication of the individual and natural law rights; for those granted by the state and its institutions.  The ‘rights of men’ promulgated the Philosophes, were nothing of the kind.  They were simply the rights of State.  The Church, the family, the individual all consumed by the State, who would perhaps, grant some rights back to those now subsumed in the never-ending project of state power accretion. 


The only exception to the above was the American Constitution which tried to limit government but has failed and with the stolen election of 2020 by what should be termed the Communist Party, has failed spectacularly.  The United States is better named the Failed States.  Votes do not matter, neither is law much observed or even considered as relevant.  The US Constitutional Act of 1789 lasted barely 150 years, before Eisenhower admitted that the ‘military-industrial complex’, meaning the grinding gears and organs of omnipresent state power controlling all aspects of life, had reached an ascendancy.  60 years later in the Biden-coup, the erection of the Covidian Totalitarian state, his prescience was confirmed.


History is taught through propaganda.  In the West, the Darkness and crass ignorance of 17th and 18th century ‘thought’ is presented as a startling creation of science and learning.  Very little that is novel or even apposite can be traced to this period.  Protestant states, newly formed from the Catholic, eager to criticise and hate what came before, whilst elevating their current as the modern and better; engaged in a wide-ranging fraud of propaganda that would find echoes in the 20th century.  The rewriting of history, now so common in the modern world from vote counts to climate temperatures, to previously accepted historical facts now declared counter-factual, was furious and voluminous.  Given that the Protestants conquered North America and established, for a very short historical period, a civilisation of relative freedom and opportunity, the permeation of these themes in education, popular culture and academia was cemented and disseminated by a common language, and further emboldened by the electronic media of television, computers and websites.


How did the ‘En-Darkenment’ create the destruction of the West?  The 17th and 18th centuries unhinged human experiences from reality and cultural legacy.  All that was old or historical was irrelevant.  Progress was the religious principle.  There was no need for the Bible since the stories (at that time) could not be confirmed (archaeology has long proven the Old Testament true).  Jewish and Greek mores and ethics, whilst interesting were not of much use in a ‘modern’ world, in which an updated more ‘rational’ charter was necessary.  Free masons and others explicitly merged many strains of metaphysics within a governance program to marginalise previous systems of faith, however poorly understood these previous beliefs might have been.  Rationalism propelled forth a crass and anti-science naturalism, in which it was asserted that the Earth was millions-billions-perhaps trillions- of years old and all creatures had common descent from an original, and all ‘evolved’ through natural processes.  The rationalist-dialectical program is first and foremost an attack on reason, reasonableness, faith and non-physical attributes of living in reality.  The ‘Endarkenment’ has led ineluctably to the following:


  • 1.     A rewriting of history
  • 2.     Virulent anti-Christian ethos
  • 3.     Atheism and Marxism
  • 4.     Cults of relativity
  • 5.     Fraud to support various anti-science naturalist theories
  • 6.     Propaganda in education and media
  • 7.     Statism and the appropriation of individual rights
  • 8.     Public Health usurping private rights
  • 9.     Loss of self-defence
  • 10. Outsourcing to the Deep State most aspects of self-determination
  • 11. The rise of academics, academic power and ‘experts’
  • 12. State power forcing obedience and compliance
  • 13. Denigration of the human as a worthless pathogen


Once you deracinate faith, culture and the individual from reality, the rest follows.  Relativity, materialism, deference to the State, the loss of rights and responsibilities, the State owning your health and body, will inevitably lead to a Fascist governance.  Slippery slopes are real.  Once you begin the journey to hell, it cannot be stopped.  It was never paved with good intentions, nor with gold bricks of happy purpose.  From the 17th century onwards, self-elected, self-selected, self-proclaimed ‘professing’ ‘geniuses’ sought to control minds and populations.  Eradicating opposition was their stated aim, through misinformation, propaganda, and anti-science, married with coercion, the threat of physical force, marginalisation, and even death. 


Covidism did not just spring out of the ground fully formed, announcing itself.  It has 300 years of materialist philosophy and development behind it.


The inimitable and fatal allure of the Fascist program. Nazism, Muhammadanism.

And yes, Covidism.

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In an age of Covid Fascism, in which the State and International powers are now forcibly jabbing humans with experimental drugs, which do not stop transmission and have killed 12.000 and injured 750.000, it is apposite to wonder just how fascisms develop?  Is the 1930s of Nazi Germany, with 95% of the population supporting the Nazi fascist program, so different from today?  When one can read the plans across 120 countries, coordinated by Governments and Pharma, linked to a ‘Great Reset’ to remodel society to save Gaia from the 0.04% gas by weight plant food necessary for oxygen with 95% emitted by Gaia herself, premised on combatting a minor respiratory illness linked to drugs, passports, surveillance and social scores, apparently embraced enthusiastically by 65% of the terrified populace, is there any justification to feel ‘superior’ to those Germans or Russians, who fell victim to the madness of populist left-wing Fascism?


If one views the cult of Muhammad and its very vocal, muscular, intolerant and violent supporters, is there much of a difference in the overall objectives of the program when compared to Nazism or Covidism?  Not really.  The end goal is always the subjection or elimination of the refusenik, the dissenter, the anti-xxx, the person who just won’t follow the ‘science’, or the ‘facts’, or the ‘evolutionary or Marxist dialectical theory’, or the well-being of the Umma, or the health of the drugged (vaccinated) now at risk from those who are too stupid to jab; or to protect the pious who have been baptised by the High Church of the cult in question from those who are heretics.  No real difference exists.


Fascism is the destruction of the individual into a collective. That is what the word 'fascist' means. The bundle of sticks [humanity] wrapped around an axe [the state]. Fascism is not 'right wing', 'conservative-reactionary' or opposed to 'communism'. It is a communal theology, one in which the person must serve the needs of the state, and in particular, the needs of the cult running the state. The attributes, culture and details of the fascist program will change depending on the legacies of the nation or region in question. The aim of the program is clear – personal submission to the idols of the cult and the state.


Mein Koran is clearly similar to Mein Kampf. This fact frustrates the cultural Marxists and Moslem apologists. Yet the facts are clear. Both Mein's postulate what is in effect a program of intolerant, pagan, fascism. There can be no denying this. Neither Mein Koran, nor Mein Kampf can be confused with morality, ethics, the golden rule, freedom, free-will, enquiry, rationality, truth, or common-sense. Both demand submission, slavery, hatred of the other, supremacist intolerance, and Jihad.


Why is Mein Koran the same as Mein Kampf? One only has to go through the 10 primary characteristics of what constitutes a fascist theology [link] to see why.


1) Party and Leader


Muhammad is conflated with the moon deity Hub'Al as the true god of the Moslems. Follow Muhammad uber-alles. Everything the Dear Leader said or did was from divine sanction. Disobey Muhammad and you will be destroyed. Mein Koran is Muhammad's handbook of control and hate.


2) Ideology replaces reality


In Mein Koran fantasy and ideology replace reality. Moses and Christ are now Moslems. History is rewritten to support the fantasy of Moslem supremacy. Lies become truth.


3) The Cult becomes a religion


The cult demands control and violating this premise becomes associated with divine punishment. All cult demands, including pagan antecedents [kissing rocks, throwing rocks at devils, certain prayers and poems, celestial worship etc.] now become a 'religious' expectation. The cult knows that to control men, it must control both the material and immaterial.


4) Terror, control


Muhammad stated he won Arabia and destroyed the Jews and Christians, along with Pagan Arabs using terror, war, violence and murder. This sordid base of Islamic Fascism impels the entire development of Islam over 1400 years. Islam cannot escape its terrorist beginnings – sanctified as holy in Mein Koran.


5) Racism and Supremacism


Islam is both racist and supremacist. Mein Koran is overtly racist against Jews and Blacks. Towards Christians, pagans and 'polytheists', it is supremacist. Moslems must not associate with non-Moslems; marry their women, or be ruled by them. Islam is supreme. Moslems are infinitely superior to non-Moslems. So wrote Muhammad in Mein Koran.


6) Cross Class appeal


Originally Islam appealed to criminals, brigands, outcasts and losers [as it still does today]. However, given that Mein Koran advocates the theft and plunder of Infidel women, property and wealth, Islam will appeal to those who material appetites far outweigh any sense of moral purpose. In that vein Islam is class neutral. It attracts the immoral and the avaricious.


7) Autarchy


Economic, political, social, cultural. Mein Koran clearly states that Moslems having nothing to learn from non-Moslems, who are apes, pigs, donkeys and dogs. Contact between the superior Moslem and the inferior Kufar must be rejected or at the very least, circumscribed. Moslems believe that Mein Koran is the 'uncreated' word of Hub'Al the moon idol. Everything you need to know is in Mein Koran. What could the Infidel ape possibly offer that would be worthy of interest?


8) Illiberal traditions


Ideas around free-speech, freedom, rights, property protection, a fair judiciary, science, enquiry and respect for others; did not exist in pre-Muhammadan Arabia. Mein Koran took the pagan, illiberal and anti-civilizational practices of pagan Arabia and sanctioned them as divine. This is why Islam is such a failure. No reforms, renaissance, or development is possible within its totalitarian system.


9) Jihad


Islam was spread by war. War, murder, the spilling of blood, propitiating Hub'Al the moon deity through human sacrifice, is the basis of Islam. This cultural fact of the fascist Moslem cult makes change to Mein Koran or the Koranic cult, impossible. Islam is simply Jihad. We see that every day in the Moslem world where non-Moslems are attacked, raped, murdered or exiled.


10) Inevitable collapse


Pagan Fascisms always collapse. The internal illogic of the illiberal cult ensures its ultimate demise. The irrationality, immorality, violence and base stupidity of the project will lead to a variety of consequences including widespread social poverty, illiteracy, frustration and confusion. Islam is a failure. Every single Moslem state is a pale imitation of its Western competition. Islam will implode.


Enemies from within. Imbeciles within the Church dedicated to its destruction.

Ignore Reverend John Spong and Barry Wilson.

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According to Bishop Spong and too many others within the Christian Churches, there is nothing divine or even that interesting about Christ, or indeed about humans in general.  We are simply ‘evolved’ bacteria.  Somehow, offending mathematical, biological, DNA, cell probability, bacteria grew a brain.  It just happened, because tautologically, here we are.  And since we are here, it must be true, become no Godly intelligence, no design, no immaterial truths can intervene in the modern Church of Scientism, where everything is materialist, everything is naturalist, all processes ‘just happen’.  These ideas are philosophies, not science. 


According to Spong and many inside and outside the Church, the true historical story of Rabbi Joshua or Jesus, is perhaps more interesting and relevant to our modern world, than the supposed supernatural fantasy created by Paul and the early Pauline church.  According to these Christophobes, Christ was not divine. He was not 'the' son of God. He was most likely a fatherless son of a woman who had given birth to many children from different fathers.  (Notice here the ignorance of language.  Christ had ‘brothers’ they say, but in Hebrew as in Russian, cousins are called brothers and sisters.) Christ was also probably a student inside a group of influential teachers including his Jewish mentors John the Baptist and Rabbi Hillel.


Many books by Reverend Spong [Jesus for the Non-Religious] and Barry Wilson [How Christ became a Christian], are ridiculously poor and historically inaccurate.  They purport to illustrate a non-academic insight into the life of the real Joshua or Jesus in Greek, and the real meaning of Jewish monotheism and ethical thought as taught by Christ and others. Both authors attempt to outline the historicity of Jesus and confirm that he was a man, a teacher and a promoter of Jewish ethics. Christ the historical figure was promoting a line of Jewish thought which could be traced back hundreds of years and which promoted respect for the poor, the sick and the female; hospitality and charity; meditation and spiritual contemplation; devotion to others; forgiveness, love and gratitude to 'God' for life, nature and our world.


It is true that Christ along with John the Baptist and Rabbi Hillel was a radical teacher – radical in that he was a teacher who challenged the social order of Jewish religion and the political order of Roman rule. But Christ's program had everything to do with God and 'heaven' and he confirmed his own divinity many times.  Christ called himself the son of Man – or ben Adam in Hebrew – a common way of suggesting that he served humans as the Lord and Saviour.  Christ was most likely viewed quite mistakenly by the Romans as part of the radical 'Zealot' faction within Judaism, a group associated with the Essene or Dead Sea scroll community who believed in the necessity of spiritual purity and the separateness of Jewish culture.


Christ's message echoed that of Rabbi Hillel and other Jewish spiritual teachers and healers, but it went much further.  Miracles abounded.  The dead were made alive. The sick cured.  The lame could walk, the blind could see.  All done with a purpose.  The metaphors and reality mixing.  If you want to know God, walk to him, with your eyes open.  Open your life and do the necessary work to understand the divine.  As St. Paul would often state, you need to be an athlete, to train, to focus, to dedicate yourself to becoming ‘good’ at understanding God.  Christ was the perfect exemplar of this.  Pious, meditative, prayerful, humble, God in the form of a poor, ordinary man.  That is always the way with God.  Those who are chosen are usually the most common and most human. 


Christ separated the Church from the State. Do unto others as you would like done to you; love even your enemies; and give to the state what is the state and give to yourself and your faith what your faith and your God demands. Those were the three basic tenets which Christ taught. They were however, a rather radical program which challenged the existing Roman political order and the existing Jewish spiritual order. Christ's message was revolutionary for the following reasons:


1.He challenged the blind rituals, codes and animal sacrifices which permeated Jewish belief.

2.Christ viewed the enormous second Temple as an abomination – a place where a caste of arrogant and quite rich priests – the Sadduccees – controlled Jewish spiritual life making a great profit from the rituals and offerings associated with being a good Jew.

3.He challenged the Pharisees who controlled the teaching of the Torah and of Jewish religious belief and who wielded great power over the mass of illiterate peasants.

4.He wanted people to have an individual relationship with spiritual faith or 'God' and to practice simple but effective rules of living and to take responsibility for their own learning and spiritual practice.

5.He taught that the spiritual world [or 'Heaven' as it was named] was more important than the material meaning that the Kingdom of 'God' or spiritual understanding was greater than Rome.

6.Understanding one another, showing compassion and exercising love in a community would bring spiritual awareness and gratitude to those who practiced it.

7.No one human is superior to another. Females, the poor, the sick and the leprous are just as valuable as the wealthiest and more powerful of men.


Christ was not a revolutionary teacher of ethics and living.  If Christ was only a ‘teacher’ pace Bishop Spong and others, he would be as unremarkable in many ways as Buddha.  Christianity would not exist.  11 out of the 12 apostles died for Christ spreading his message, most far from home.  Martyrs in Church history abound.  Miracles of Mary, Christ and the Saints do exist.  None of this can be dismissed.  All of it to be accepted and embraced.  Christ was the miracle of the Divine, brought to life, the word given flesh, the Godhead in our midst. 


His example, miracles and Resurrection proved his divinity.  Apostle John stated that his various miracles of healing would fill all the books of the world.  The Bible lists only a fraction of what was performed.   And while, pace Spong et al Christ may have wanted a complete reformation of Judaism to worship the only God, his mission was much greater.  It was to spread the truth and the light about the Divinity and to share the power of the Holy Spirit which informs all life and is present with us at all times . God is everywhere.  For Christ this meant down with the temple and up with the liberation of men's minds and souls. It is clear if you read the teachings of Christ 'God' is not some white figure peering through the clouds but 'goodness' and spiritual faith and strength. Christ challenged the entire religious-social environment and like John the Baptist and countless other 'radicals', was killed.  The Romans and Jews, did not accept his divinity, but many did recant after his crucifixion when by all accounts, the Temple was riven by an earthquake, the sky darkened and thundered and a dark storm lashed Jerusalem.  Easter Sunday’s miracle of the Risen is a historical fact, undisputed by Roman or Jewish sources.  It happened. 


But according to the execrable Spong and others the miracle stories of Christ were later inventions by Paul and others to justify the death of Christ [he died to save all of our sins]; to prove that he was a Jewish messiah in the messianic tradition of Moses, Elijah, Elisha and Jeremiah; and to generate irrational devotion to the new Church and its other-wordly orientation. Paul's appeal to divinity won over James – a cousin of Jesus – and his church who taught 'the way' of Christ and based their teachings on the words, the thoughts and the preachings of Rabbi Jesus. Paul and the New Testament are oriented towards miracles and the ancient traditions of supernaturality and superstition. James and his church were focused on Christ, the human, the teacher, the moral guide. Paul won the PR campaign, but lost the message says Spong and his little band.



It is hard to emphasise just how insipid and evil Bishop Spong and other Christians who believe his tripe are.  Debasing Christ’s divinity, ridiculing his message as some sort of ‘radical politics’, ignoring the Risen, dismissing his curative powers and miracles, and disavowing the immaterial nature of his teachings is simply to destroy Christianity.  The miracle of life is the design of its complexity, its perfect harmony, the perfect location of the Earth within the universe, the wonders of DNA, and RNA, the still-poorly-understood complexity of the cell and micro-biology, the various miracles from embryology to protein functionality.  Reducing life to materialist chance, or the life of Christ to ‘good teachings’ is to destroy the truth, the beauty, the God given glory of living.