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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - May 2016

Muhammad's pagan Allah

Just which Allah was the right Allah?

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It must have been a hard choice for history's greatest ever man [sorry not Obama but Muhammad]. There were so many potential 'Allahs' or the 'one' for Muhammad to venerate. The Al-Lah moon deity has many attributes and 99 names in the Koran of course [see Sura 59:22-24]. Should this Al-Lah thing be referencing the Babylonian moon deity Hub'Al or his three daughters, venerated for some 1500 years in Mecca by the time of the 'great man' Muhammad? Or maybe Allat the Sun goddess is the 'ilah' or the one ? Or perhaps the El-Lah is one of the other 358 idols in the Kabaa ? As with many things in life Muhammad stuck to what he knew. The choice was reasonably straightforward. Since his family venerated Hub'Al as the 'ilah' or one main divinity, the Allah or 'only one' would replace Hub'Al as the chief divine will-power in the universe, one that governs all human events and all the causes and effects of the natural and human worlds. Allah uber alles.

But it was not a uni-directional choice. This not-so-new Allah or Hub'Allah decided that Muhammad was the most important human in history [until the age of Obama]. Pagan Arabs had prostrated themselves in humiliation and engaged in bizarre rituals – which are still performed by Moslems today – to the great Hub'Al literally for millennia. But in around 610 AD the Allah or Hub'Allah decided that he loved Muhammad the most. The bi-directional relationship between Muhammad and Hub'Allah was thus born.

Why the sudden change for Allah or Hub'Al, and the redirection of his or its 'love' from the pagan Arab mass to one man? Sahih Bukhari, in his aHadiths provides one passage describing the Arab devotion to the Allah or 'the one'.

Bukhari- Volume 2, Book 26, Number 725
Narrated Muhammad bin Jubair bin Mut'im: 
My father said, "(Before Islam) I was looking for my camel." The same narration is told by a different sub-narrator. Jubair bin Mut'im said, "My camel was lost and I went out in search of it on the day of 'Arafat, and I saw the Prophet standing in 'Arafat. I said to myself:
By Allah he is from the Hums (literally: strictly religious, Quraish were called so, as they used to say, 'We are the people of Allah we shall not go out of the sanctuary). What has brought him here?" 

The above informs us that the Quraysh were devoted to the Allah long before Muhammad appropriated the 'one' and linked it with himself. Muhammad started preaching against his own tribe, when he received visions that the Al-Lah thing loved him the most. In Muhammad's theology Hub'Allah loved him and only him! The Quraish were not pious or strict enough in their groveling to the moon deity. There was too much laxity, good humor, sex and not enough mindless ritualization and submitted, irrational slavishness. This apparently had made the El-Lah thing very angry. He chose Muhammad to straighten things out. This occurred circa 610 AD. Now magically and quite suddenly, the millennia-long venerated Allah rejected the Meccans. The moon idol became romantically and psychologically obsessed only with Muhammad. Truly a bizarre tale.

The Meccans became angry at Muhammad in his early 'ministry' for a variety of reasons. He transgressed the social code and ethos of the existing cults. He harangued the Meccans as unworthy. He declaimed that he was a prophet. His sermonizing was having a negative impact on trade and pilgrimmage to the city state. He ridiculed pantheism. In its place he proposed that the Allah was really the name and deity of all the idols. The Hub'Allah had apparently chosen Muhammad to change and associate the name of 'ilah' with all the idols, wrapping up 360 deities into one. This would certainly have confused a pantheistic people.

In fact quite strangely, Muhammad demanded that early Moslems memorize Allah's 99 names. How can Allah be monotheistic when the name refers to 99 instances and discrete objects ? In other words Allah's name was being changed at will – Muhammad's will – to fit the social mores and naming conventions of a pagan cult. Muhammad also claimed that whoever believed in these 99 names and could recite them would enter the Hub'Allah's promised paradise [see Sahih Bukhari, 8.75.419 and 3.50.894].

Allah is thus a pagan symbol and naming convention. It incorporates Hub'Al[lah] and other other pagan deities. Moslem and Arab historian Benjamin Walker writes:

Thus Wadd, a moon god was assimilated into and survived in al-Wadud, 'the Loving'; Munim, worshipped in north Arabia survives in al-Mani, 'the Withholder'; Salm, a deity of Tayma, in al-Salaam, 'the Peace'; Kaus or Kayis, regarded as the consort of Manat, is retained in al-Kawi, 'the Strong'; Aziz of north Arabia is preserved unchanged is al-Aziz, 'the Mighty'.The pre-Islamic designations of God, al-Rahman, 'the Merciful', and ar-Rahim, 'the Compassionate', remain conspicuous in Islam [Walker, 2004, p. 43].”

The Koran confirms that this 'mighty and often merciful' Al-Lah figure is actually a polytheistic deity. 

And your Allah is One Allah: There is no god but He, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” [002.163]

“It is
He Who is Allah in heaven and Allah on earth; and He is full of Wisdom and Knowledge.” [043.084]

It is clear that in the beginning of his ministry and political project, that Muhammad was quite unsure as to who should be his 'Allah' or 'the one' [Obama would be born much later sadly]. Would the ilah thing be ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim, Allat, Uzza, Wadd, Hubal, Aziz-or any other numerous deities that the Meccan Pagans used to worship. Besides Hubal, Allah, Allat, Uzza, and Manat, each tribe in Arabia, had their own favourite idol or deity. So which Allah was the right Allah?

Muhammad solved this conundrum as one would expect he would. He chose his family deity Hub'Al, and used the Arabic word for 'the one' or ilah to describe its ascendancy over all idols. This is why the Koran states in many places that 'your Allah is the One Allah'. Hub'Al, long the protector of Mecca simply disappears from the record and Arab history. Allah replaces it and every other idol. In other words, whatever you are worshipping Mr. and Mrs. Pagan Arab, is actually my Allah. So keep your rites, your rituals, your pilgrimmage, your oblations, your prayers and just redirect them to Mecca, my hometown, and enrich me with money, power and totalitarian control. So spake Muhammad. And the Arabs agreed.


Al-Lah is not 'God' but simply a reference for pre-modern pagan Arab moon idol worship.

It is vital to understand that Islam has nothing in common with the JC tradition.

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But Islam also draws from other pagan traditions. For example, the tale of Mohammed's night journey into heaven parallels the Zoroastrian story of Arta Viraf. Zoroastrianism also inspired the Islamic belief that dark-eyed virgins await every man who enters heaven. And the Islamic ritual of praying five times a day? That, historians say, originates with the Sabeans, Syrian pagans who practiced an ecumenical mixture of Babylonian and Hellenic religion.

No surprise, then, that some scholars refer to Islam as monotheistic heathenism.”


Islam is a pagan cult. It is hard to understand why a Western apologist, including the usual array of self-loathing Jews, Christians, Marxists and Greenists; persist in calling a Muhammandan cult centered in Mecca, which venerates rocks, stones, devils, Hub'Al [or ilah, the one], misogyny, racism and which promotes a fantasy world in the guise of dialectical supremacism, a religion. What do they get from branding a cult as a religion? Dinner party invites? New t-shirts? Moral superiority? Cloudy irrationality and obtuse ignorance is neither progressive nor enlightened. It is just ignorance and in the case of Islam a most dangerous variety of ignorance. Islam merges church and state into a totalitarian political theology. It is the most violent and irrational of pagan theologies.

An oft-cited claim by clever people and Moslems is that the moon deity Allah or the 'one' which references Hubal of course, and which is an idol of worship derived from Assyro-Babylonian cults which migrated via Syria into Mecca, is 'God'. I suppose any object can therefore be the same as a Christian 'god' including my large Ash tree. Muhammad the illiterate founder of the cult of submission, tries mightily to equate the moon deity referred to as the 'one' [a precursor to the label for Obama], with the god of Abraham. Historians say that Mohammed, who as a traveling trader was exposed to Judaism and Christianity during his visits to different places in Syria and Israel, tried to mimic those monotheistic faiths by taking Allah, the main deity within the Arabian pantheon, and making it the only god. Indeed, the basic confession of Islam is not that "Allah is Great" but that "Allah is Greater". Greater than all the other idols. This is what the phrase means.

This tendentious and false conflation, no matter how often it is repeated does not make it valid or real. Allah has nothing in common in origins, in history, in development or in style of veneration, with the Judeo-Christian ideal of god. The legion of mistakes, misquotes, misanthropy and overt violent supremacism reveal both the Koran and the Islamic cult to be little more than pre-modern proto-neolithic theologies using Judaism as a basis for both confirmation and credibility. Stating that my Ash tree is the same as the Christian god does not make it valid. Absurdity is still absurd. Lies paraded as truths are still lies.

In fact we can state this:

The credibility of Islam as a religion stands or falls on its core claim of historical continuity with Judaism and ChristianityIf we divorce the Moslem cult from the other 2 Levantine Monotheism's Islam fails and collapses. This is why Moslems do not allow archeology, inquiry into the historical Koran or the historical Muhammad and why they disavow all analysis of their cult. Moslems intuitively know that Islam has nothing in common with the JC tradition.

This Moslem object of irrational worship and ritualization is a pre-Islamic pagan moon-god. Indeed, it is an established archaeological fact that worship of the moon-god was the main religion of the ancient Middle East. Any cursory study of this area of the world makes this clear. Since 5000 BC in all centers of Near Eastern development moon worship was the chief form of idol veneration. Arabia was no different in this regard.

In the last 200 hundred years prominent archaeologists have discovered throughout the Arabian peninsula thousands of inscriptions which prove beyond any doubt that the dominant religion of Arabia during Mohammed's day was the cult of the moon-god. Hub'Al[lah] was the chief god of Mecca, responsible for instance in repelling the Ethiopian invasion of 571 AD [the year of Muhammad's birth perhaps, though the dates for that do range from 570 to 580 AD].

For many generations before Mohammed was born – his full name was Muhammad ibn Abdullah or Muhammad the son of the slave of the 'one' or Hubal -- the Arabs worshipped some 360 pagan gods housed at the stone temple in Mecca called the Kabah. According to archaeologists, the chief deity of Mecca was the moon-god called Hubal or 'the one' [Al-Lah, El-Lah, i-Lah]. Independent historians have long confirmed that the pre-Islamic Arabs worshipped the moon-god by bowing in prayer toward Mecca several times a day. They would also make a pilgrimage to Mecca, run around the crude stone Kabah seven times and throw stones at the devil and the 'sunset' demon. They also fasted and were at 'peace' for one month, giving each other a respite from the interminable raiding, cattle thieving and caravan destruction which were the full time jobs of most Arabs. This period of Ramadan or quiet, would begin with the appearance of the crescent moon and would end when the crescent moon reappeared some 4 weeks later on. This Arab cult of ritualization existed centuries before the 'great man' Muhammad was born.

Today of course these same rites are still in existence within Islam. So much for progress. The pagan cult of modern Islam can find its antecedents in Assyro-Babylonian worship [Ba'al, Hub'al]; in Bedouin rites and practices [all of Islam's rituals]; and in a pre-modern lust for totalitarian control of society [the merger of church and state]; and the creation of a transcendent unknowable thing named El-Lah, which governs all will, all choices and which enacts pre-destination negating both human reason and human individuality. None of this is modern, rational, or remotely connected to Judeo-Christian development, which has mutated over the centuries to be the cultural basis for the creation of the modern world, a fact which cannot be denied.

Source material: Soeren Kern is Senior Analyst for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group.

Pope Stupidus and his love of the Meccan moon cult

A criminal mind in a high position.

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Bergoglio is a cultural Marxist warrior from the failed nation state of Argentina. Jesuits were once the highest-educated and most intelligent of the Catholic missionaries. Prized for erudition, theological competence, along with skills in language and politics, the Jesuits were the perfect infantry in the Counter Reformation. Bergoglio, supposedly a Jesuit, has debased and degraded his own order. Benedict who opposed Islam, was removed by the curia. In his place the usurper and ignoramus, Frank was installed. It might even be questioned if Pope Stupidus is even Catholic, though his writings on the family and other matters of theological faith might indicate he has a passing acquaintance with Catholicism.

Pope Dum Dum in an interview with a French newspaper expresses yet again his love of the Moon cult:

-He states that recent Moslem 'terror' attacks are due to poverty or ghettoization of Moslems [thus the host countries are to blame, not the moon cult]

-Waxes enthusiastic over London's election of a Moslem Mayor, Khan, a man who has supported Moslem 'terror' and individual 'terrorists'.

-Demands that Europe accept millions of Molsem 'migrants', due to its lack of energy, and procreation.

-Cites Lebanon as an example of inter-faith harmony between Moslems and Christians; a very base and idiotic claim, since Moslems have exterminated Christians en masse and turned a Christian state into a Moslem statelet.

-Criticizes France for banning the Niqab bed sheet covering in public – a ban that exists in Moslem states like Chad and Azerbaijan.

-States Islam is Jihadic at its core, but says Christianity is the same with Christ's injunction that his apostles spread the Gospel over the planet. How a bronze age fascism is comparable with the Book of Matthew is known only to those who are truly ignorant.

Pope Stupidus is one of the most dangerous men in Europe.

The Czechoslovakian Churchill; Calling Islam what it is - A Fascism

The air does seem fresher when clarity and common sense prevail.

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A brilliant speech by a female Czech politician Klára Samková on the fascism of Islam, its incoherent hate and bile; its lust for rape, sex and Jihad; its permanent war against the ‘Infidel’, its fascist tenets entombed in the ridiculously bad Mein Koran; its desire to expunge Europe and Christianity.  Islam, Nazism, Communism – all 3 are fascist.


Islam and its Sharia law is incompatible with the principles of the European law, especially with the rights enumerated in the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights (and Freedoms). How is it possible that our law experts don’t see this conflict? How is possible that they remain silent?


…. Judaism, Christianity, and the civilization that arose from them have surpassed this unjustifiable skepticism, this contempt of people for themselves. At the same moment, Islam remained a stillborn infant of gnosis, deformed into a monstrously mutated desire to blend with the Universe again, into a retarded obsessively psychopathic paranoiac vision about the exceptional nature of one’s own path towards the reunification of the essence of one’s devotee with God…..


Islam likes to hide behind the religious mask [for] its permanent, deliberate, and purposeful abuse of the Euro-American legal system and values that the civilizations built upon the Judeo-Christian foundations have converged to. There’s nothing better or more efficient than to abuse the value system of one’s enemy, especially when I don’t share that system. And that’s exactly how Islam behaves. It wants to be protected according to our tradition which it exploits in this way, while it is not willing to behave reciprocally. It relies on our traditions, it claims that the traditions are important, while behind the scenes, it is laughing at us and our system of values.


Jihad is Islam, Islam is Jihad.


Sura 53: Baal the celestial idol is Allah, he represents the Dog Star and the Moon.

Moon and Dog star worship is not God worship.

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The Koran assumes Moslems are stupid.  The endless, intense, unedifying repetition of its main themes make that clear.  Moslems are compelled to believe Muhammad is the greatest man in history; Baal is the greatest amongst all the Gods [Allahu Akhbar], not following Mein Koran is to be punished with death and that Jews, Christians and pagans are to be converted, or slaughtered.  Every chapter, mostly every page, will contain these ideas.


There are as well direct clues if anyone bothers to read Mein Koran, about the celestial origins of the Meccan Al-Lah or Lord, namely Baal the moon deity.  


For example, in Sura 53, The 'Star’, Muhammadism conveys the majesty of the Allah idol as the most brilliant of the brightest stars in the sky.  There were two the Arabs worshipped, namely the moon and Venus 'the morning star'. The pagan Arabs also venerated the Sun as the keepers of their time, the harbingers of rain and harvest; and of security in a world of brigandage and plunder.  The dog star could outshine both the moon or Venus.  Thus it also must represent Baal. 


The Lord of Mecca, Muhammad’s family deity named Allah, was of course the male moon idol [Hub'Allah] who had a consort named Allat who was the Sun goddess [though there is some scholarly debate that the masculine and feminine for the idols might be reversed]. Associated with Allah and Allat were 2 'daughters', 'Uzza and Manat. Both were also venerated as minor idols of power in their own right.  But just to make sure that the pagan Arabs did not worship a brighter star, Muhammad conveniently receives a revelation that the dog star is also Baal, or Al Lah [early chapters in the Koran confirm that Baal is the moon deity].


Allah is the dog star idol Baal.  The Koran confirms this:



And that He (Allah) is the Lord of Sirius (the star which the pagan Arabs used to worship);


And that it is He (Allah) Who destroyed the former 'Ad (people),


Sirius is the dog star, which was perhaps in ancient times as bright or brighter than Venus or the Moon.  The phrase above is stating that the celestial object which is brightest is the Al Lah, meaning that you can only worship Al Lah and not some other idol.  

The ‘Ad were destroyed by Baal for rejecting Baal worship.  They were purportedly giants, larger than normal humans, blessed with good land, strength and physical beauty. 


Baal wiped out the ‘Ad [along with 5 other nations in the Koran], for not following his commands. 


Following other idols, or joining partners to the Godhead in a Trinity in the case of Christianity, is blasphemy punished by death in Mein Koran.  This Sura declares that the pre-Islamic veneration of Allat, 'Uzza and Manat was unauthorized and perforce illegal.  Perhaps this was why ‘Ad was eradicated:



Indeed he (Muhammad SAW) did see, of the Greatest Signs, of his Lord (Allah).


Have you then considered Al-Lat, and Al-'Uzza (two idols of the pagan Arabs)


And Manat (another idol of the pagan Arabs), the other third?


They are but names which you have named, you and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority. They follow but a guess and that which they themselves desire, whereas there has surely come to them the Guidance from their Lord!


There can be no association of Allah with any object, idol or person. This is paganism and a sin in Koranic theology punished by death.  This theme is repeated ad nauseum in the Koran, and due to this, Christians are identified as polytheist criminals, who must be punished and killed. 



And to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, that He may requite those who do evil with that which they have done (i.e. punish them in Hell), and reward those who do good, with what is best (i.e. Paradise).


Doing ‘evil’ in Muhammadism is not following Sharia/Koranic diktat; rejecting any part of Muhammad’s demands; questioning Mein Koran or Muhammad; not understanding the demands of Mein Koran; or joining idols to the worship of Baal.  The worst offence in Islam is not following the entire set of strictures laid out by Muhammad.  Lying, thieving, killing, sex trading, sex slaving and committing Jihad, as long as it furthers the aim of the cult, is fine.  This is often repeated in the Koran and sanctioned. 


Ban Moslems from the US? Of course, and why stop there?

Islam is Islam. There are no 'sects' of love and hope within Muhammadism.

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Should Moslems be banned from the USA pace Trump ?  Or for that matter the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Russia and any serious nation state ?  Of course.  Islam and Moslems do not assimilate, they conquer.  1400 years of history, and the lurid, insane and violent supremacism of Mein Koran, make that rather obvious.  The EU[rinal] has lost swathes of its urban core to Muhammadism, surrendered from ignorance, illiteracy, cowardice and apathy.  Its culture is being eradicated.  Western Moslems for instance, overwhelmingly support Sharia Barbarism according to a recent Pew study.


But what of the favorite Cultural Marxist term, ‘nuance’?  Everything is ‘nuanced’ according to these ‘political scientists’.  Consider the ‘nuance’ of a vast cult system named Submission, comprising 1.6 billion acolytes and deluded devotees of various stripes and hues.  Surely there must be a moderate Islam in that complex accumulation ?


In short, there can never be a ‘nuanced’ version of Muhammadism.  Islam is Mein Koran and Mein Koran is Islam.  Muhammad is Islam, and Islam is Muhammad.  There might be mild variations on these themes, some differences in cult emphasis, or in the pure understanding of Mein Koran; but Islam is in-toto, simply Islam.  As Turkey’s PM Erdogan has often stated, ‘There is no moderate Islam’.  A belief held by most Sunnis.  But what of non Sunnis ?


Timothy Furnish Phd in ‘Sects, Lies and the Caliphate’, makes the following rather clear-headed explanations as to why Islam is the issue, not just the Sunni brand of Muhammadism.  He does however, propose that Trump’s ban should not be imposed on non Sunnis.  This seems rather ridiculous, since Mein Koran and Muhammad-worship are the key problems within Islam.


‘….a literalist reading and application of the Qur’an and the Hadiths (the alleged sayings and practices of Islam’s founder, Muhammad). This means that canonical Islamic endorsement of beheading, stoning, and violent jihad, inter alia, must apply across space and time; they are not subject to, say, allegorical interpretation or chronological consignment to the 7th century AD.


‘There are minority sects of Islam which do not take the Qur’an 100% literally and are thereby not yoked to slavish imitation of the texts, with all their problematic repercussions: the Ahmadis of South Asia; the Isma’ilis, the second-largest Shi`a sect; the syncretistic Alawis and Druze of Syria and Lebanon; many Sufi, or Islamic mystical, orders (which are actually not sects so much as, in a sense, charismatic Muslims); and, believe it or not, the Twelvers—the Shi`is of Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon and Azerbaijan—who unlike the Sunnis never abandoned ta`wil, or “(allegorical) interpretation” of the Islamic texts.’

More discussion and points from Furnish here

The Moslem groups mentioned by Furnish, are persecuted, even within Western Europe, by Sunnis.  However, Shia violence, and general Moslem violence against non-Moslems, is of course not confined only to Sunnis.  Consider Iran, a Shia state which will try to obliterate Israel and has exterminated Christians within Iran and would have little problem in committing faithocide against a Christian population elsewhere.  Or Lebanon, where Shias supported by Iran have destroyed Christianity and the once-largely Christian culture of that state. 

The problem with Islam is Muhammad-worship, Mein Koran and Moslem culture.  Whether the cultural contagion is virulent, or less than virulent matters not.  Culture is indeed King, and when you allow a Bronze Age fascist-supremacism, which should be called Muhammadism, into your culture, you are allowing a bacillus to be poured into your blood.  The end result will be the same as the Germans smuggling Lenin into the failed Tsarist state in 1917.

The hatred of the Infidel runs throughout the entire width and breadth of Muhammadism.  There is no ‘moderate’ Islam.  

Sura 52 and more Christian hate

Maybe Pope Frank should read some of Mein Koran

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But Allah has been gracious to us, and has delivered us from the Penalty of the Scorching Wind.” [52:27]”

Moslems are spared the wrath of the unknowable and quite primitive sounding Allah. No love, hope and change, and certainly no tolerance emanates from the Allah idol. Brutish obedience, unthinking devotion and rote ritual is what he or it requires.

The pagan, bronze-age inspired cult of Islam can only be understood by reading Mein Koran. This is the foundation of all of Islam's attitudes, including its virulent hatred of Christian, Jews, pagans, and its puslating misogyny and denial of female equality. Muhammad's family idol or Baal, the male moon deity of Mecca, and the Lord or Al Lah of the polytheistic Meccan shrine called the cube or Kabaa; must be followed, and Muhammad who is Baal's only spokesman is Fuehrer. In this vein chapter 52 or The Mount', is simply a warning to anyone who does not follow the Koran:


Verily, the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass,


There is none that can avert it; [why is that, see below verses 11, 12]


Then woe that Day to the beliers;


Who are playing in falsehood.


The Day when they will be pushed down by force to the Fire of Hell, with a horrible, forceful pushing.


This is the Fire which you used to belie.


Is this magic, or do you not see?


Taste you therein its heat, and whether you are patient of it or impatient of it, it is all the same. You are only being requited for what you used to do.


Verily, the Muttaqun (pious - see V.2:2) will be in Gardens (Paradise), and Delight.

Only pious Moslems who follow mad Muhammad are 'saved'. Christians who are polytheists because they believe in a Trinity are doomed to death and hellfire:


Or do they intend a plot (against you O Muhammad SAW)? But those who disbelieve (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism) are themselves in a plot!


Or have they an ilah (a god) other than Allah? Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partners (to Him)


And if they were to see a piece of the heaven falling down, they would say: "Clouds gathered in heaps!"


So leave them alone till they meet their Day, in which they will sink into a fainting (with horror).


The Day when their plotting shall not avail them at all nor will they be helped (i.e. they will receive their torment in Hell).


And verily, for those who do wrong, there is another punishment (i.e. the torment in this world and in their graves) before this, but most of them know not. [Tafsir At-Tabari, Vol. 27, Page 36].

Yet Pope Frank and other Church idiots pronounce Moslems their 'brothers'. Moslems, at least according to Mein Koran, are supposed to kill Christians, not tolerate them.

There are 17 verses of supremacist cant against non-Moslems, out of a total of 49, or 33%. A rather immoderate total. 

Sura 51: Demonizing Jews and Christians as evil criminals

There is no tolerance whatsoever within Mein Koran

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In this chapter out of 60 verses only 22 preach hate, intolerance and destruction of non-Moslems. Western 'experts' titter that such moderation only proves Islam is love and hope.

However, if one bothers to read the chapter, you will find out that those who reject Muhammad and the Koran are: liars, criminals, sinners, and rebellious – and are to be fed to the fires of Hell:


Certainly, you have different ideas (about Muhammad SAW and the Qur'an).


Turned aside therefrom (i.e. from Muhammad SAW and the Qur'an) is he who is turned aside (by the Decree and Preordainment of Allah).


Cursed be the liars,


Who are under a cover of heedlessness (think not about the gravity of the Hereafter),


They ask; "When will be the Day of Recompense?"


(It will be) a Day when they will be tried (i.e. burnt) over the Fire!


"Taste you your trial (burning)! This is what you used to ask to be hastened!"

Jews are warned directly about their doom, through the story of Lot. Bizarrely the Hebrew Lot is recast as a Moslem, and the story of Sodom, in which apparently the Al-Lah deity eradicates the city of sinners near the Dead Sea excepting for Lot and his family [since they were pure in belief]. This conflation of Baal with the Jewish God is used to warn the Jews of their impending doom, for turning away from the Meccan idol.


Marked by your Lord for the Musrifun (polytheists, criminals, sinners those who trespass Allah's set limits in evil-doings by committing great sins).


So We brought out from therein the believers.


But We found not there any household of the Muslims except one [i.e. Lout (Lot) and his two daughters].


And We have left there a sign (i.e. the place of the Dead Sea, well-known in Palestine) for those who fear the painful torment.

Christians are also identified as criminals and liars, who need to destroyed, along with pagan Arabs who dare to defy the madness, rapine and plunder of mad Muhammad:


And set not up (or worship) any other ilahan (god) along with Allah [Glorified be He (Alone), Exalted above all that they associate as partners with Him]. Verily, I (Muhammad SAW) am a plain warner to you from Him.


Likewise, no Messenger came to those before them, but they said: "A sorcerer or a madman!" [in reference to Jews and Christians calling Muhammad insane, which he most certainly was]


Have they (the people of the past) transmitted this saying to these (Quraish pagans)? Nay, they are themselves a people transgressing beyond bounds (in disbelief)!

'Doing wrong', is not following Muhammad. You will be destroyed.


And verily, for those who do wrong, there is a portion of torment like to the evil portion of torment (which came for) their likes (of old), so let them not ask Me to hasten on!


Then, woe to those who disbelieve (in Allah and His Oneness Islamic Monotheism) from (that) their Day which they have been promised (for their punishment).

Far from being tolerant, or loving, this chapter, along with the entire Koran, names non-Moslems as criminals, liars, evil and destined for death and punishment in this life and the next at the hands of Moslems, Allah and providence. The exact opposite of what Western experts, liars and Moslems profess and preach.

Londonistan - 12% Moslem, now with a Moslem mayor.

11 years after a Moslem fascist attack, London elects a Koranimal true believer

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Just another step to the Caliphate.  London, 11 years after Moslem fascists wiped out 300 people and injured scores more, elects a Moslem ‘Islamist’ Mayor.  Sadiq Khan celebrated 9-11, blamed the 7-7-2005 London bombings on the UK and has defended Moslem fascism including Sharia Law.  His party ‘Labour’ is only and simply a Socialist/Communist – Moslem supporting cult.  The MSM are of course ecstatic at moving yet another step towards Sharia Law and an eventual UK Caliphate. 


Typical MSM drivel

“The latest census showed that 12.4 percent of Londoners are Muslim, 48.4 percent Christian, 1.8 percent Jewish and 20.7 percent have no faith.

The Muslim community is hugely varied, covering multiple ethnic and social backgrounds as well as a variety of moderate and traditionalist views.

In the East End, which has a large Muslim minority, voters said they had cast their ballots for Khan because of his policies rather than his religion.

Fahim Ahmed, a 35-year-old stallholder of Bangladeshi origin selling Islamic dresses at Whitechapel street market, said he was voting for the centre-left Labour party as much as for the individual.

But he welcomed the election of a candidate whose parents emigrated from Pakistan to Britain in the 1960s, saying: “He’s from our culture.”

At a nearby stall, Sabiha Choudhary was shopping for vegetables dressed in a black robe and green headscarf.

“It will not help only the Muslims, it will make a difference for all communities,” she said. “Things will be better for people with not much money like us.”

Khan is yet another Moslem supremacist, who has not done much in life, except been in favour with the Socialist establishment of his Labour party.  He is a professional politician and a Moslem, or in other words, a liar.  Meanwhile Jews in London’s Barnet borough, which has the highest proportion of Jews in London were not allowed to vote. Expect more of that in the future.  

Another strutting Moslem midget takes control over Europe's chief city

Londonistan, firmly in the clutches of the Moon Cult.

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Moslem midget Khan elected as the first Moslem Mayor of a Western capital.  Expect Paris, Berlin and Rome to follow suit.  All in the name of the Western elite's favorite fascism Submission.  Strutting Moslems as Mayors will ensure that the main urban areas of the EUrinal turn into Caliphates. 


Moslems slaughter Christians in the Congo - just following 1600 verses of Koranic hate speech

5:33 and 47:4 for example

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Moslems slit the throats of Christians in the Congo.  No MSM mention.  The UN ‘peace keeping’ force is apparently mystified at how and why Moslems would murder Christians, only reinforcing the useless nature of the Useless Nations and their forces. 


“Islamist militants are suspected to have killed between 20 and 40 villagers in the eastern extremes of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to news reports and a World Watch Monitor source.

Attackers carried machetes and axes into a village in North Kivu province, in eastern DRC, late in the evening on 3 May.

“Between 20:00 and 22:00, the enemy managed to get past army positions and kill peaceful residents in their homes, slashing their throats,” local administrator Bernard Amisi Kalonda told Agence France-Presse. “The 16 bodies are in front of me, killed by machete or axe.”

One local source later told World Watch Monitor on 6 May that as many as 34 may have died; another source quoted 38, including, he said, two elders and their wives of the CECA 20 (Communaute Evangelique au Centre de l’Afrique) Church. 

A local Christian missionary told World Watch Monitor on 4 May that thousands of people have fled the area.

“It was eerie; hundreds of houses abandoned and thousands of people displaced,” the missionary said. “I saw four coffins and a funeral or two on the road. I saw people carrying their mattresses and things in cars, on motorcycles, on foot.

“Hundreds of homes along the road are abandoned. Where there was thriving community, there is now a ghost town.”

World Watch Monitor is withholding the missionary’s name for security reasons.

Gen. Jean Baillaud, the military chief of the UN’s 20,000-soldier force in the DR Congo, confirmed at least 17 people had been killed.”


No doubt Sadiq Khan London’s midget Moslem mayor, approves.  

Middle Ages: Wonders in art, architecture, technology and yes science and math

Compared to the modern cults of warm, pond scum became you, abiogenesis etc....

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The Glories of the Middle Ages, in art, architecture and technology. 

Books and the magic of Medieval Technology, including illuminated works of fantastic art and of science....

From steel manufacturing to stained glass, the ages of the Middle Ages were full of energy.

Musical notation, cathedrals, parliaments, chartered towns, capitalism, trade, hospitals.....

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There was never a period of a 'Dark Age'.  Hard, violent, and full of threats, it certainly was.  Courtly love and chivalry based on Christianity, helped pacify a hard world.  The Moslems, the Huns, the Vikings, all conspiring to wipe out the Christian civilization of Europe.  There was not much scope or time to 'yearn' for the pagan barbarism of Rome, where 95% of the population was either poor or enslaved.  Society was not 'dark' but full of color, pageantry, energy, innovation and yes science, math and even that besotted institution - the University. 

Books, book printing, optics, blast furnaces, chimneys, massive Cathedrals, stained glass, mills, and advanced metallurgy, not to mention heliocentricity and advanced astronomy.  And no, they did not believe the earth was flat. Flat earth societies began in the 19th century - during the time of Darwin and other naturalist theologians.

An excellent explication of the nonsense around the Middle Ages, spread by Atheists, Protestors, and Church haters.