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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - May 2021

The myth of the 'Dark Ages'

Another lie from the Islam is peace and wonderment crowd.

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One of the great lies forwarded by really smart people and Muslims, is that Europe was mired in a 'Dark Age' when the moon cult of Mecca was in a 'Golden Age' during the 8th to 10th centuries. What nonsense. The reverse is of course true. We know this from the obvious fact that by the 10th century Europe was far ahead of the 'Saracens' in everything from science, to agriculture, to military technology, to trade and town building. The Muslim Golden Age is a gigantic lie. So too is the 'Dark Ages' of Europe.


Rome never fell, it just declined – and for good reason. The Roman empire after about 180 AD became a high-taxed, ossified, Orientalist empire, prone to civil war, corruption and inured to change and dynamism. When it was finally and officially taken over and replaced by Germanic tribes in league with Constantinople during the 5th century, life and society improved. We know this from the archaeological records and excavations, writings, and from the Arab conquests of the Levant, North Africa, Spain and southern Italy, in which the Muslims wrote about their astonishment at the riches and grandeur of Christendom, Jewish towns, and Greek states. Europe was never a backwater.


Henri Pirenne has proved that the Dark Ages did not follow the collapse of Rome – a blessing for the population of the Mediterranean which saw the old Western empire coalesce into 3 Germanic kingdoms centred in Spain, Italy and Gaul. Taxes were lowered, trade increased, roads were repaired, cities expanded, and the Roman infrastructure of water, sewage and public baths maintained and even in some locations, improved. Libraries full of the corpus of Western legal, philosophical, medicinal, agricultural, and military documents abounded. By 800 AD even a provincial hinterland city like York could produce the famous Alcuin – the greatest mind in Europe elected as the court scribe and teacher for Charlemagne. Between 500 AD and 800 AD the list of innovations, technologies and improvements in all matters of life are vast. There never was a Dark Age. Only an age of transition.


Pirenne's thesis is that the Arab invasions from the 7th to 9th centuries decimated the Mediterranean world and destroyed trade links between Europe and the Far East. Paper, spices, silk, clothing and other valuables were thus denied Europe. This engendered a 'Dark Age' in which parts of European society regressed, cities emptied, and ports laid empty. Pirenne amassed a lot of detail to support his view and he was right – at least in part. But he never fully supported the idea of a 'Dark Age' as we are told to imagine it – no civilization, robbers and brigands galore, toothless peasants eating grass, no bathing, no garments, half naked pre-neolithic savages screaming Christian superstition. What Pirenne said was correct that there was a contraction in the European political-economy during these 3 centuries, but certainly not an age of bleak darkness. Trade was reduced for a while. Ports did suffer. But by the 8th century the European navies were again clearing the Mediterranean seas of Muslim pirates and trade was starting to recover – albeit rather slowly.


The deep Dark Ages given to the West in the writings of Voltaire, Rousseau, Gibbon and others is a myth. How do we know this? Two facts would make it clear that a Dark Age never existed:


1.     By 730 Europeans had began the long process of expelling the Vikings in the north; the Avars and Central Asian tribes to the East and the Muslims to the south. A weak, dark, backwards, poor, illiterate society would never be able to fight a 3-front war – and win on all fronts albeit from differing tactics and strategies on each front.


2.     By 800 it was clear that Europe was far in advance of Muslim states. By 1096 or the First Crusades the Europeans had a clear and incontrovertible advantage in: military technology, diet, agricultural diversity and production, productivity including the use of horses and draft animals, harnesses, stirrups, the water wheel, health and life-spans, the size of the average man, trade, ship building, the use of ship technology, science, inquiry, writing, and literacy.


There is no possibility that if the Dark Ages had existed that the Europeans would have been able to launch 7 crusades to counterattack the Muslims in the heart of Islam, 2500 miles from the centre of Europe from 1096 to 1290. The logistics in money, men, food supply, shipping, and organization would have been baffling – even for a modern society in today's world. The Crusaders were heavily armed, well-drilled, and largely from the upper classes. It was a huge expense for the individual and the state to engage in the Reconquista of the Holy Land and to reclaim Christian land from the heathen Muslim. Advances in financial engineering, loans and mortgages dominate the fund-raising of the Dukes, Barons and nobles who led the crusades. European society long before 1100 had become a complex array of socio-economic and political innovation far surpassing anything which existed in the world, including in China. From 500 to 1000 AD Europe was alight with not only wars, and external attacks, but a real and vibrant social and economic revolution.


Islam by contrast produced little. It squatted on the rich lands and treasures of conquered Christian, Jewish and Greek territory. No innovations are apparent. The so-called Arab inventions were those made by non-Arabs including Persians, Nestorians, Greeks, Jews and pagans all of whom were given Arab names. These dhimmi or conquered peoples were already engaged in creating new methods, ideas and technologies in medicine, math [from the Hindus and Persians], science, astronomy, finance, and war. Giving the Arabs credit for this, would be the same as giving the Russians credit for the great advancements by America over 150 years, if they had won the Cold War, and renamed Americans with Russian names.


We know that during the Crusades the Turks and Arabs, were no match for the smaller Christian forces in open battle. The Muslims were lightly armed, smaller men, seated on smaller horses, with no armour, and with a very primitive system of supply usually consisting of foraging. They relied on trickery, flank attacks, and numbers. Man for man, technology for technology, and system for system, the Arabs and Turks were never a match for the Crusaders. Muslim writing confirms this. The reasons why the Christians could not keep Israel is that European society lost interest in a very long and extremely costly enterprise, and that there never were enough Crusaders to keep out a unified Muslim enemy [at times fewer than a few thousand Christian troops were in the Holy Land].


Military technology always says a lot about the general nature of the system in which the technology is created. In 732 AD lightly armed Muslim horsemen were eradicated by the heavy infantry and heavy armour of Charles Martel's Frankish troops 120 miles south of Paris. Martel was outnumbered but lost comparatively few men. The Arabs were slaughtered as they would be 5 years later in a repeat invasion. A primitive, 'dark age' society does not produce the technology of heavy plates, body armour, intricately designed swords, and lances; and the larger horses not to mention bigger men who rode them. A primitive society does produce what the Arabs used – smaller men, on smaller horses with inferior equipment.


We know that the Dark Ages are a rather vicious lie since by 1200 it was clear that Europe was going on to world mastery. This would be impossible if there were 3 lost centuries. Pirenne is right in part in that there was a contraction in trade, and most dangerously a stoppage of the key paper-papyrus from Egypt. This must have had a deleterious and 'dark' impact on Europe. But the vibrancy of European society based on Christian ideals, individualism, and a dynamic optimism overcame this difficulty. Almost impossibly these pre-modern Europeans beat off three viciously anti-humanist invasions by the Vikings, Muslims and Avars; and then embarked on the amazing odyssey of the Crusades. No 'Dark Age' society could have done this.


No serious study of the period between 500 AD and 1000 AD confirms a 'Dark Age' in Europe. The Muslim invasion of the Christian world did create an era of bleakness, distortion, death and trade reduction. That is to be expected. Islam brings little but devastation. That is why saying Europe was 'dark' and Islam 'enlightened' is about as smart as saying that Russian Communism created the modern world, and the American-inspired Western world invented nothing.


The Medieval ’Dark Ages’?  Compared to the modern age?  Pure nonsense all of it.

Nazi Fascism and Corona Fascism - similar objectives.

Mass mobilisation and the destruction of Christianity. Same mandate as Muhammadanism.

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The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human”. – Aldous Huxley


The Corona cult, based on Medical Fascism and fraud, is an outcome of rampant Statism in every country (the endless expansion of government or State power); manipulation and propaganda by the State; and the outsourcing to unaccountable ‘professionals’ of health in the guise of government funded health-care.  The Corona totalitarianism has many parallels with Nazi Germany.  The Nazis used ‘Science’ as the basis of their Fascism, with Medical ‘professionals’, ‘experts’ and ‘Scientists’, prominently and fully endorsing the Nazi regime, with few dissenters. 


"The medical professions of Germany and Austria, played a critical role in the evolution of Nazism’s programs of human destruction, programs that culminated in mass genocide. In addition, academic medicine not only provided the “scientific” rationale that legitimized eugenic and racial selection, it also exploited human victims for inhuman research."


Socialist-Statist Nazis had their settled 'science', cult of 'science', and were supported en-masse by Doctors, Scientists and Medical 'professionals'.


A long list of German doctors and scientists, who used the camps as experimental centres was compiled after Nuremberg.  There is no doubt that the medical ‘Professionals’, and ‘Scientists’ were fully bought into the Nazi state, along with the civil service and lay-professionals.  You can’t run a Fascist autocracy without the ‘Professional classes’ compliance.  From 1946 to 1949, the Nuremberg codes on medical ethics were produced and signed by every advanced country in order to prevent human experimentation.  Yet here we are, 72 years later, and humans are now ingesting unnecessary experimental mRNA drugs against a 99.7% survival rate virus. 


To dissent as a medical ‘professional’ in Nazi Germany was to neuter one’s career.  To criticise any aspect of the regime’s ‘science’ or ‘medical certainties’ was to endanger one’s reputation amongst the bien-pensant who were developing the Second Church of Reason (the first being the fascistic anti-clerical, anti-heritage detritus of the French Revolution).  There is little difference with what is going on today.  Dissent from the Church of Corona as a ‘professional’ and you are showered with threats, verbal violence, loss of your job, your status, your career and in some cases your life. 


In a government press conference in March 16, 1933, Goebbels stated his goal: to mould a population “to think uniformly, to react uniformly, and to place themselves body and soul at the disposal of the government.”


The Nazis built their regime, their propaganda, their social mobilisation on ‘reason and science’, by mobilising propaganda to make every citizen act in unison, to support the regime’s narrative.  The same has been true of the Corona Fascism.  ‘Save the NHS’.  ‘In it together’.  ‘Look him in the eye and tell him you won’t follow the rules’.  ‘Build Back Better’.  Simplistic messaging, using psychological tools and lurid imagery, reminiscent of Nazi and Communist propaganda.


One of the main targets for Nazism was Germany’s Christian heritage.  The Nuremberg files are clear that Hitler et al were going to completely eradicate the ‘effeminate, Galilean religion’ of the Jews Paul and Christ, which had ‘eradicated’, ‘Teutonic vigour’ and martial prowess.  The Church was destined for destruction.  Much the same is happening with the Church of Corona and its hatred of Western culture, Christianity or any dissent from the powers of the State and its Medical institutions.


Modern States have carefully implemented a health hysteria to counteract a 0.3% virus-death rate, which involves inter-alia: mandatory mRNA stabs, booster shots, curtailment of normal social activity, face-coverings, and most importantly, the digital-jab passport, which will over time imitate the CCCP social credit score digital application, containing all your personal details from finance to whether you have the latest stab or not.  The main objective of the Corona ‘pandemic’ was to implement the digital ‘vaccine’ passports.  This ‘Covid-pass’ in good Orwellian fashion will contain your ‘freedom’ to move, to work, to shop, to travel, and to be educated.  There is no difference between this program and the Nazification of the German masses in the 1930s.  The only difference is the application of modern technology to the Nazi ideal of complete State-Socialist control over the individual.


If you disapprove of the Church of Corona or the Corona-Fascism you are an Untermensch.  In today’s world, just switch ‘Christians’ in Nazi Germany, to ‘Anti-Vaxxers’, or ‘Anti-Covid narrative’ in today’s:


"When the new National Socialist government started to confiscate Church property, turning religious orders out of their houses and arresting priests....Nazis published material accusing the Church of being anti-science and anti-human progress,....From the early 1930s onwards, it was Nazi policy ...processions would be banned ...outdoor events subjected to sudden new rules and regulations....Children were pressured into joining the Hitler Youth movement rather than stay in Catholic youth associations. An attempt was made to ban the crucifix in schools. From 1936 on, parents were pressured to withdraw their children from Catholic schools and place them in Nazi-approved schools. By 1939, most Catholic-based schools had disappeared in Nazi Germany."


The Nuremberg documents reveal an active Nazi hate and persecution of the Catholic Church.  Thousands of priests and Bishops were murdered in camps.  5 million or more Christians died in the camps and from Nazi persecution during the war.  Jewish historian Max Dimon calls it the ‘unknown holocaust’.  Seminaries were shuttered, sermons monitored, Catholic businesses closed, Catholic newspapers (today's Big tech) shut down, Catholic youth and social groups dissolved. 


There is little difference today between the Nazi program and its ‘mass mobilisation’ and the Church of Corona.  People who don’t follow the current model of mass compliance or who do not want to ingest experimental poisons for a 99.7% survival rate virus are demonised, verbally attacked, threatened with job loss, with their churches, their social clubs, their personal associations shuttered, compromised, or monitored.  Anti-science initiatives such as face-coverings, social distancing or not hugging relatives imposed and those who don’t comply can be arrested, abused or mocked.  The 1930s equivalent of newspapers, namely Big Tech and online social media platforms, regularly de-platform dissent from the Corona Fascist program, or openly advocate soft violence against those declaiming against the non-science of the Corona totalitarianism. 


The mass hysteria, imposition of state power, the violence, hate and bile against those who are opposed to Medical Fascism, has much in common with Nazi Germany.



The Iraq war and the long-term destruction of Christianity in Iraq

Christians again sacrificed, slaughtered, ignored

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The 2nd Iraq war (2003) and invasion were an extension of the first ‘Gulf War’.  The invasion’s objectives were never publicly revealed except ‘remove Saddam Hussein’ and ‘weapons of mass destruction’.  Removing Hussein whose regime funded terror and threatened Saudi oilfields is a legitimate reason when linked to the attempted assassination of President’s G.W. Bush’s father and former President H.W. Bush.  WMD was shipped to Syria and used by the Assad regime against its civil and political opponents, with 2003 satellite imagery confirming long convoys of trucks crossing from Iraq into Syria.  One assumes they were not carrying chocolate and birthday cards, but weapons, documents, and other valuables.  The idea that Iraq would launch WMD ladened missiles thousands of miles into Paris or London was always absurd and was unnecessary as a casus belli.


Many believed it was about ‘owning the oil’, but given that the Iraqi state is the only legal owner of the oil (and there are Chinese, Russians and French interests involved as well), this protest-cry by the ‘far left’, was as usual incorrect.  Given the dilapidated state of the Iraqi oil industry in 2003, the war has resulted in modernisation, investment and an increase in output and exports. 


The 2nd Gulf longer-term, generated unforeseen consequences and instability in the region (unknown unknowns pace Defence Sec Rumsfeld), which have been quite negative for Christians.  For those of us who did initially support the war as a Western military reaction against the Muslim Jihad which included the Iraqi funding of Muslim ‘terror’ by Hussein’s regime, but who were quite quickly disillusioned with the lack of viable war aims and civilian and military dead and wounded, along with the immoral avoidance of a massive Christian genocide, there are some notable and important achievements that disprove once again the efficacy of Western media and their socialist-Globalist allies.


-True elections are now common, which are probably more honest and freer than in Western countries, riven by voter fraud and lack of showing IDs for voting


-An Iraqi constitution that is a mix of Sharia and Western legal concepts, has partially circumscribed unfettered governmental power


-At least 50.000 potential Jihadists and terrorists were killed including most of ISIS, itself a direct output of US military planning failure


-Hussein’s regime had liquidated about 300.000 Iraqis in various pogroms and started a war against Iran in the 1980s which killed at least 1 million Iraqis both military and civilian, this loss of life and internal strife was stopped


-Eradicating the Oil for Food scam of the 1990s, in which the UN, France, Germany, Russia, China, Saddam Hussein and various terrorist groups made about $50 billion, one of the largest financial graft episodes in history


-Ending of terrorist facilities and links outlined in 4 pages within the 9-11 commission report including Al Qaeda links, and the absolute negation of any chance of using WMD


-The soft embedding of the Iraqi state into the Western system, pulling a central plank of the Muslim world out of the direct orbit of ‘Islamism’ into a state that depends on the goodwill of foreign powers for survival


-Recognised and monitored autonomy of the Kurdish region, giving a quasi-democratic and accountable governance to a region prone to war, strife, invasion and depredation


-The clear rendering of UN and EU perfidy, graft, and incompetence in which ‘International bodies’ never prevented Iraqi or Middle East corruption, or interminable wars


-The possibility to free young Muslim minds in Iraq from ‘Islamism’ or the Koranic cult and further push Iraqi society toward modernity


-The Western media and the socialist-Globalist ‘Left’ were wrong about many aspects of the war including inter-alia:  the war’s duration, number of predicted civilian dead (most were killed by Jihadists and Muslims not the Americans), Turkey invading northern Iraq, Iran invading eastern Iraq, a pan-Middle East civil war erupting, the ‘Arab street’ rising in protest and demanding a Pan Arab crusade in Iraq and US seizing all the oil


The American invasion of 2003 has thus secured some important improvements and milestones.  Like all wars and invasions, it also failed in many areas.  By withdrawing troops quickly to set up an Iraqi-tribal alliance and political solution, the Americans left a vacuum into which ISIS and other terrorist groups emerged, many of them funded by the Muslim Hussein Obama when he was President.  Yazidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria were raped, tortured, imprisoned, slaughtered and beheaded.  The exact number of Christian dead is unknown and of little concern to the Christian-hating Western media or academia, but it is well over 20.000.  Hundreds of thousands were forced to flee.  In 2003 there were 1.4 million Christians in Iraq and now there are less than 200.000. 


In an incredibly detailed 278 page report on the Christian genocide submitted by the Knights of Columbus to then Secretary of State John Kerry who was indifferent to the slaughter of Christian innocents, the following statement is made:


The silence from State in the face of all this evidence has been deafening. Unfortunately, it is not unexpected. The United States Government has a long history of remaining silent in the face of the obvious. In her book, “A Problem from Hell”: America and the Age of Genocide, current U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power makes an exhaustive case that: notwithstanding all the variety among cases and within U.S. administrations, the U.S. policy responses to genocide were astonishingly similar across time, geography, ideology, and geopolitical balance. . . . The personalities and geopolitical constraints influencing U.S. decision-making have shifted with time, but the United States has consistently refused to take risks in order to suppress genocide.”




Thousands of Christians, Yazidis, Shia and Sunni Muslims, Turkmen, Shabaks, Sabean Mandeans, Kaka’en Kurds, and Jews have been – and will continue to be – targeted for extermination because of their religion by a well-financed and highly-organized network of criminal gangs. At a minimum, the victims, their families, and the world are entitled to what the Supreme Court of the United States has called a grand inquest, a body with powers of investigation and inquisition, the scope of whose inquiries is not to be limited narrowly by questions of propriety or forecasts of the probable result of the investigation, or by doubts whether any particular individual will be found properly subject to an accusation of crime.”


The US, the UN, the EU and all the vaunted agencies of ‘morality’ and ‘conscience’ did nothing to protect millions of Christians, Yazidis and not-pious-enough Muslims from the slaughter of fanatical Sunnis and Jihadists exemplified by ISIS and other ‘terrorists’.  The Trump regime, hated by the bien pensant, the shrill-relativist and the media, ended the ISIS threat and openly proclaimed and provided support for Christians in Iraq and Syria.  This is the only time in US history that a regime has recognised a Christian genocide and actively done something to prevent it. 


However, we are now under xi Biden and the Deep State, back to the normal ideology of relativism.  This is the main failure of the Iraqi war in the long-term.  Blood and treasure were spilled and spent to establish a Muslim-Sharia regime in Iraq, where Christianity is now being extinguished.  How long before Iraq returns to Jihad or terror?  Or, how long before all Christians are extinguished in Iraq and Syria with nary a word, an action or a condemnation from the usual array of ‘global actors’ and State departments?


If the opposite scenario were true and there was set in train the creation of a ‘fundamentalist’ Christian state, with Muslims suppressed, raped, slaughtered or exiled, then of course the ‘international community’ would have reacted.  But not if the victims are Christian and not if the perpetrators are Muslim.  The US Deep State has a long history of ignoring Christian genocide, which is unsurprising, given its Masonic-anti Christian roots and its Globalist theology. 


The Iraq war of 2003 and its long-term consequences are thus decidedly mixed but entirely predictable.  A war fought for specific self-interests, a war in which the outcome did not match the original objectives, a war in which Christians and other groups have suffered and were abandoned by international agencies, the UN and the ‘great powers’ and who are only supported on the ground by their brethren who in good Christian fashion are trying to remediate the disaster. 


Muhammadanism and the cult of Submission (Islam) has always been a failure

The demise of the cult of Muhammad is assured

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Islam has failed due to many factors, but a central reason is that Islam is a hyper dictatorial religion. It is premised on centralized control, on only one way to live, one book to believe, one prophet to follow, one belief that is superior to all others and a view of the world that is male anthropomorphic [females need not apply], and disdains other cultures. Christianity and the Bible are totally different. In Islam there is less flexibility in interpretation [only about the real blood lines of the true Prophet], and less curiosity in trying to resolve complex intellectual questions about the Trinity for instance, or the meaning of the 'Son' of God [how can a God be his own Son?].


This type of intellectual ferment is indicative of a culture that is content to debate and understand and not merely follow.  Christianity invented science and rational inquiry.  Christians have always wanted to know more about God’s purpose and design, to uncover the secrets of the created world, to comprehend the obvious patterns and construction of the world around them.  Not so with Muhammad’s cult.  Blind obedience to the book Recital (Koran) is all that is needed.


There is plenty of written testimony that from about 900 A.D. onwards the Christians were far more interested in the Muhammadans than vice versa.  Muhammadan chronicles rarely mention the 'Franks' [the Muhammadan name for all Westerners], except to state that they provide abundant slave material. The Christians traded, travelled and warred against the Muhammadans and were quite fascinated by many aspects of Muslim society, recognising that Muslims were squatting on former Christian lands, rich and advanced when they were conquered.  The Christians for all their mistakes, travails and atrocities, were more willing to change, innovate and get ahead then the Muslims, who never really took seriously the incipient threat from the 'Franks'. If they had spent some time understanding the Europeans maybe they would not have fallen so far behind especially post 1683 after their defeat at Vienna.


Islam by its construction expects obedience, and does not elevate curiosity, experimentation, or technology creation. It is a self-contained philosophy - the outside world is inferior and therefore of little interest.  The Muslim world, the only truth and purpose. Such a society can only attain a certain level before rot and corruption sets in. Any country or empire that has access to easy resources, and easy trade money will inevitably fail, if its political system is 'Oriental' ie. despotic or centralized and based upon nepotism and fear as opposed to talent and freedom.


Muhammadanism is a religion that the ancient Greeks living in the time of tyrannous or the first tyrants would have recognized quite easily. A state religion, a set of concrete rules and limitations on freedom and trade and innovation, all to ensure that the society is not corrupted. That is what the Communists attempted in Russia and the Nazis in Germany as well. Their religion was socialism. A variant of tyrannous.


Christianity on the other hand has instilled in Western culture the following important ideals:

1. It provides a necessary bulwark against State power.

2. Christian thought makes the individual accountable for his/her actions. This is a large step forward in ethics and self- determination. Islam has no such belief.

3. Christianity is concerned with the salvation of all souls regardless of caste, income or success. By extension it teaches patience and peace as opposed to war and gaining of spoils.

4. Christianity teaches about freedom to choose, to live and to express inner spirituality without being victimized. This is another large step forward in building harmonious relationships in society.


For these reasons and some others, it is important to remember that Western society is a Judeo-Christian framework. Such a framework is diametrically opposed by Islam which is a thought system to unify society - both state and church. Christ taught that Caesar and God are separate. Tolerance, charity, responsibility, dignity were prime traits of the good Christian.


Muhammadanism on the other hand teaches people intolerance. Non – believers, heathen and Jews are targeted for either conversion or destruction. The very name Islam means ‘submission’. Islam and the Koran are quite clear – they preach that the world must be Islamicized and must submit to the rule of the Koran. Any and all means including war and terror to achieve this goal is justified. Terror in the name of Islam is a daily event. Such a philosophy facilitates and breeds its own inner demise. It spawns hate and horror. Islam has quite obviously has failed its constituents. This is why 55 % of young Arabs want to leave according to recent reports. When most of the population is illiterate and half-starved, I find it difficult to state as the Liberal media does that Islam is peaceful, coherent and cultured. Even in moderate countries the religion is abusive to the population and negates modernity.


A philosophy which avows an intention in keeping someone ignorant poor and spiteful does not constitute either a noble religious ideal or good governance. It would be as if someone said to me 'you know the Nazi pagan philosophy of life has its merits...or… you know communist godlessness is really a moral philosophy elevating the community above god...."


There is a grand difference between religious modernity and religious backwardness. This is the issue. “For Muslims, Islam is not merely a system of belief and worship, a compartment of life, so to speak, distinct from other compartments which are the concern of nonreligious authorities administering nonreligious laws. It is rather the whole of life, and its rules include civil, criminal and even what we would call constitutional law.” B. Lewis, Islam and the West.


Muhammadanism is monolithic, unreformable, immovable and mired in bronze-age dogma. In the modern world the violent expression of Islam kills Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists and Buddhists. There is no logic, no reason, no attempt by the Islamicists to understand their own hatred, their own anger and their own failure. It is easier to blame someone else. This is why Islam is a failure.


Tours, Martel and the Catholic Church funding a Mosque

Other than Muslims burning down Notre Dame, no more poignant symbol of decline.

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