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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - August 2019

Al Lah does not mean God – it is a celestial cult reference

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Allah or Al Lah (The One, The Deity, The Lord); does not mean ‘God’ in the Christian-Judeo sense.  Robert Spencer wrote on this obvious fact in PJ Media.  The foremost scholar on Islam (Submission), makes some very good points – mostly theological – on the differences between Christianity and the Meccan cult.  However, Spencer believes (as written in the comments section in his article) that Al Lah is Arabic for ‘God’.  Al Lah comes from the Babylonian word for moon-worship or Sin and the real meaning of ‘Al Lah’, (a concept which long predated Muhammad’s cult of violence and terror) is not ‘God’.  Al-Lah really means ‘The Lord Deity’, or ‘Chief Deity’, or ‘First amongst all Deities’, not God as a Christian or Jew would understand that word. 

The word ‘Sin’ in Western languages is derived from the brutality, licentiousness, pagan worship, and human-sacrificing horrors of the Baal cults of which Muhammadism or Islam is one variant.  These moon worshipping cults did not esteem the human, the child, monogamy, morality, nor did they understand boundaries and individual rights.  There were barbaric paganisms who had no problems with sexual hedonism, profligate living, child-sacrifices and constant bloody warfare.  Sodom and Gomorra were examples of such ‘sin’.

Not consigning the ‘Lord’ or ‘Chief Deity’ of Mecca into historical context just enables Moslems to redefine ‘Al Lah’ to be whatever they propose including ‘God’, and even the ‘same God as that worshipped by Christians’.  This lends credence to the propaganda that Islam is a ‘religion’ with only a different emphasis on doctrinal theology separating it from Judaism and Christianity.  If viewed through the lens of history and archaeology this claim or belief is absurd. 

History and archaeology have confirmed the following:

·        Near Eastern cults including those in Mecca, worshipped celestial objects, the most important being the Moon or Sun.  Much of this comes from the Sumerian-Babylonian empires(s), which dominated the Near East including Arabia, for millennia.  In the Old Testament Canaanites, Hittites, Philistines and most tribes were Moon worshippers, with Baal the Moon God being the venerated deity, usually expressed in the image of a Golden Calf (the story of Moses at Sinai and the tribes of Israel rejecting God for Baal and building the image of a golden calf, whilst engaged in hedonistic sex, drinking and dancing is an example).

 ·        Baal or for Meccans, ‘Al Lah’ worship emanating from the Tigris-Euphrates basin dominated Arabia including Mecca, for millennia.

 ·        Baal or Al-Lah in Mecca referenced the main deity of the Meccan celestial cult, which included the 3 chief ‘female goddesses’ (sometimes called daughters of Baal), which were also worshipped in various forms across the Near East: the Sun, Venus (Uzza in Mecca), and Nemesis or the consort of Baal (called Manat in Mecca).

 ·        Meccans used a lunar calendar and this was kept sacred by Muhammad’s cult.  Greek and Romans used a solar based calendar as did Jews and Christians.

 ·        Rituals pre-dating Muhammad were kept sacred by the cult of Submission, many of these revolved around moon-worship, which is why most Moslem states still use the crescent moon as their chief symbol (as did Moslem armies on Jihad during the Middle Ages).

 ·        In ancient Syria, Canaan and Arabia, the crescent moon was worshipped as the most important ‘Deity’, denoting seasonal changes, appropriate for a nomadic, semi-agriculture society. 

 ·        The Moslem Hajj or pilgrimage is based on the lunar calendar.

 ·        Muhammad’s family were the caretakers of Hubaal or the Moon Deity’s shrine.  Hubaal or Baal was the chief Al-Lah or main deity of Mecca.  In 630 AD after invading Mecca, Muhammad outlawed the worship of Allat, Uzza and Manat, and destroyed all idols in the Kabaa shrine except that of Hubaal.

The Kabaa shrine itself was a crude structure dedicated to celestial worship.  The main idol was Hubaal resplendent archaeology tells us, in red-carnate stone, long pre-dating Muhammad.  This Hubaal was called ‘Al Lah’ and Muhammad pronounced him the ‘greatest of all Gods’ or Allahu Akhbar the Moslem war-cry.  Evidence gathered from both North and South Arabia demonstrate that Moon-god worship was clearly a central feature in Arabian life even in Muhammad's day and was still the dominant cult. According to numerous inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was Sin, his title was al-ilah, i.e. 'the deity', or 'the Lord', meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods.

The evidence that Muhammadism’s antecedents are celestial and moon-cult in nature is overwhelming.  Baal cults were the anti-thesis of Judeo-Christian belief. 

In fact, Hebraic thought rose in direct opposition to the pagan savagery of the Baal cults.  Most PC Atheists and Marxists descry the ‘violence’ of the Old Testament without putting the Bronze Age into perspective.  If the Hebrews did not fight the pagan Baal worshippers monotheism never would have arose, the truth of the Bible and of Christ never would have been witnessed and the savagery which help back civilisation in many areas of development would have gleefully rolled on. 

It is clear that ‘Al Lah’ has nothing in common with the Christian idea of God, with history, archaeology, and Arabic sources providing overwhelming evidence that Al Lah veneration is moon and celestial worship, directly linked to Babylonian-Sumerian cults.  Indeed the very word ‘Sin’ comes from the depiction of the immorality and atavistic nature of cults such as Baal or its middle-age reincarnation called Muhammadism.

Culture War – Islam and the West

Without an Islamic Reformation war is inevitable.

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The cultural differences between the systems of thought, induced by the ideologies of Islam and those which comprise Western society are worlds apart. Islam has little if anything in common with Christian ideals, Western culture, or modern, Christian and even secular rationalism – irrational and obtuse as much secular ‘logic’ is today (cosmology, globaloneywarming, tulips to teachers etc, which are philosophies not science). Contrary to revisionist literature and pathetic Muslim apologia Western scientific, artistic, religious, societal and historically development has little connection with and imported scant material from Islam. Islam is a complete system of 'being' and this cultural fact – mass communalism and subservience to an abstract and never explained moon deity from Mecca called 'Allah' or ‘The Lord’ (Baal of course); makes conflict at every level domestically, and internationally, inevitable. 

When cultures collide, conflict erupts. When modernity runs into pagan pre-modern cultures, modernity will triumph provided that it does not compromise its own culture. Our current post modern Marxist obsession with relativity and the dismantling of Western ideals is an obvious display of suicide premised on ignorance. Once you destroy what you are and who you are, there is little left to defend, and little energy remaining to improve. Islam does not suffer from post-modern communal loathing. 

Islam is not a religion in the Christian sense. The book of Matthew which houses the sermon on the mount; the golden rule; and the basic ethos of Jewish-Christian and indeed near eastern ideals on life, family, society, responsibility and spiritual health; has no equal or counterpart in the Koran. Christian thought is not replicated in Muslim-Quranic thought. 

Christianity is concerned with seeking truth, the obvious existence of the immaterial, mental and spiritual health; the consequences of actions; the need to reflect, tolerate, learn, embrace and be hospitable to strangers; as well as aid the poor and sick and build a better world for all. Islamic doctrine supplied by the Koran, the Hadiths and Sharia Law do not share these concerns.  The Koran splits the world into two, Moslems against the Rest; with lurid, violent calls to dominate, convert, war, commit jihad, and to rule. Islam is a cult in which the few – male Muslims – dominate the rest. 

Islam has never been based on reason, the interstation of faith and logic or universal morality. Christianity is suffused with all of these.  By its very nature, the faith of Christ is open to inquiry, socio-economic and technological change, invention, and fluidity.  It is malleable yet concrete, and this is the reason it was able to dominate the world.  Even the poorly named Christian reformation did in some sense aid in a liberation of spirit, economy and self-confidence which inspired European world domination. This ‘reformation’ was in many ways a deformation, calling for sola scriptura, the putting aside of good works with salvation through faith alone; and of course the violent destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives; art, treasure, irreplaceable artefacts and architecture.  The ‘reformation’ of the 16th century in Europe was more about power and absolutism than anything else.  Having said the obvious, it is also clear that the egregious conduct at times of the Church, had necessitated a response.  There are no corollaries within the Arab cult named Submission. 

Christian spiritual reformation has always been on-going.  Bishop and ascetic Chrysostom in the 4th century ridiculed the hypocrisy of contemporary Christians and especially the plutocratic elite; a series of charges which would be quite appropriate today.  Every era saw reformers of various bents and hues advocating change and usually a return to the simplicity of Christ’s doctrine.  In many areas of Christendom by the 15th century, taken over by secular and monied interests, the Christian church had grown rotted and fat, greased with money, wealth, corruption and venality. It was as far removed from the book of Matthew as Islamic doctrine is removed from reason. The Christian church by the 16th century was no longer a spiritual force, but just another kingdom on earth with popes playing the role of emperor, the church elders engaged in legal issues and lawsuits, to expand their money, power and make states subservient to Rome, and tax money often flowing to a centralised and unaccountable church bureaucracy and city.  Yet, despite this, science, medicine, art, trade and capitalism, funded, supported and developed by the Church flourished.

Contrary to modern propaganda, the medieval Christian church had many positives. The monkish orders were the main providers of capital, agricultural technology and farming improvements. The church housed the most literate and learned of men. Roger Bacon one of the earliest exponents of the scientific method and other rationalists were monks and supported by church money to improve technology and daily life.  Hundreds of inventions including optics, eye glasses, modern math and astronomy, issued from the Church and its endeavours.  The Church was the only stable benefactor in a world of shifting kingdoms, neglect of the poor, denigration of women, and the persecution of the weak. 

It was the Church which saved civilization both from Rome, and post-Rome.  The Christian message of true spirituality released society from the burdens and regulations of dogma, superstition and irrational rule making. These were all prevalent in the violent Roman-pagan era, in which 90% of the population was poor, enslaved, illiterate and without hope.  Christianity refocused society on the true meanings of liberation, namely equality, faith and hope. It generated energy, dynamism and ideas. The Church made the call to individual freedom and the striking down of an unaccountable cultish mentality which had rotted pagan society into obsolescence. 

By contrast Islam has never a comparable base for its development, nor alignment with reason and faith.  It is totalitarian.  Islam though riven by sects and different interpretations is monolithic in the sense that the Koran rules and that subservience to the Koranic-Mohammed ideal the most important element in a Muslim's life. It is thus the communal over the individual. This ethos of communal universalism negates what the Christian Church has always taught. Invention, progress, self-reliance, democratic governance, rational scientism, these and other derivatives of Western greatness have no corollary in Islamic history. 

Islam was a squatter's empire. It has self-generated very little to aid human kind. Its purpose is communal domination. Its expansion was propelled by war, lust, gold, women and slaves. This is not to say that Western expansionism was benign or morally correct. But it is obvious that Western settled and developed areas are far better off than those which are not. 

The West is not some utopia of moral perfection but its original culture of individuality and Christian ethos regardless of what the chattering Marxists or Muslims say today, was and is far superior to anything that Islam has or can offer. Without a Muslim reinvention, a conflict at all levels between the pagan cult of Islam and the modern world is inevitable. It is a conflict that Islam will of course lose – as long as the West decides that it should win.

The Moslem tide in the West – London as an example

Moslem Colonialism. In the name of the Moon cult.

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There are only a handful of exceptions and exemptions from the rising tide of Moslem dominance within ‘White’ states.  Ironically these are former USSR nations including Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, perhaps Austria.  Everywhere else there is a rising tide, really a flood, of Moslem minority imposition and through PC fascism and political cowardice – domination. 

The ignorance around the Meccan Muhammadan cult in an age of supposed information plenty is astounding.  All major news media are really ‘Fake News’.  An example is the Australian Eco-Fascist Taggart who killed 40 Moslems in New Zealand.  He was an eco-zealot, worried about the Earth mommy, over-population and Globaloney-warming.  He venerated Atheist-Communist China and he wanted a population reduction and bizarrely an end to guns.  According to Fake News he was a Trump supporter (he was Australian not American), and ‘far right’.

Taggard murdered 40 Moslems knowing that the low-IQ secular religion and Fake-News would have their collective panties in a knot and be doing 5-minute hate screams against the ‘alt-right’ for weeks on end.  If he murdered 40 Christians no one would have noticed.  Ergo he chose the favourite pets of the Globalist-Fake news elite.  On exactly the same day, Moslems murdered 120 Christians in Nigeria in an on-going 200-year Christophobia genocide.  There was not a single Fake News media report and not even a condemnation by the usual witless wonders at the Vatican and Catholic Church.

The above simply highlights the poverty of the modern secular religion(s) and is punctuated by low intelligence including Scientism (Stuff happens, miracles, wolf-became-a-whale); Gaia worship (Co2 and Humans as Satan); multi-culturalism (uni-directional dedicated to destroying only White-Euro societies); and Sexual Confusion (Queer fascism, LGBT, Polygenders).

It needs to be noticed that only ‘White’ countries must be multi-cultural, sexually-confused half-wits, and Moslemified; not China, Japan, Africa, Latin America or other non-White states; and that only ‘White’ countries have a ‘duty’ to import millions of Moslems or Africans and transform their states into purportedly multi-cultural nirvanas.  Saying this obvious fact makes one of course, a White-nationalist-fascist-phobic. 

The new definition of White-‘extremist right’ is a White male who takes a shower and combs his hair.

In London, with its Moslem mayor whose only purported job was as a Jihadist lawyer, this policy of self-immolation and self-hatred has reached new levels of insanity, and given rise to most of East London becoming Black-Moslem; historically high levels of crime; 50-70% of Moslems on Welfare; and by 2050 Moslems being the majority population.  The invasion is graphic. From 35.000 or so Moslems in 1970, London is now suffused with 2.5 million.  If this is not a colonialist-flood than what is?

The table below summarises the absolute invasion of London, which is not a unique situation in the West, but has been replicated in almost every major urban area in Western Europe and North America. 


London 1970

London 2019

No of Mosques



No of Moslems


1.1 million (2011 data)

Based on Mosques (2019) more likely 2.500.000

No of Moslems on Welfare

5-10%, minimal

Over 1 million

No of Moslems in jail, prison



No of FGM cases

Not known

>2000 p.a.

Sources 1 2 3 

If you consider just the UK welfare state – there is no way that the UK can financially survive the Moslem invasion. 

Currently the government tells the peasants that ‘only’ 1.1 million Moslems live in the Greater London area based on 2011 data.  This is now a lie, which will be demolished in the 2021 census.  There are 600 Mosques just in London alone.  Some are ‘super-size’.  The sheer quantity of these Moslem base camps supports a Moslem population of 2-3 million in a city of 10 million.  Given demography and ‘family reunification’ the Moslem pop of London will double within 10 years and will be 40% of London’s population.  By 2040 London will be majority Moslem.  Kumbaya?

Why would any intelligent person support the importation of 200.000 to 300.000 Moslems per year into one large city in a formerly White-Christian country?  Is this not Moslem imperialism and colonialism?  Are not the usual ‘big brains’ against any form of colonialism, imperialism or population destruction?  Or, is their angst only reserved for non-Whites?  Isn’t this racism -an ‘ism’ which horrifies the self-proclaimed clever people? So, hating and replacing Whites is not racist, but ‘enlightened’?

One of the main reasons for Brexit winning and still 3 years later, though not implemented, having the support of 60% of the population, is the Moslem invasion (the UK has no control over its borders as a vassal state of the EU-German empire). Of course, expressing that fact publicly will likely land you in a UK jail.  For some reason most Western governments slavishly protect Moslems from any criticism, but could care less about Moslems slaughtering on average 40 Christians a day, or engaging domestically in a range of crimes from FGM, to child-bride marriages, polygamy, hate-speech (every mosque quoting from Recital), to drugs, knife and gun attacks.  When 70% of Moslems are unemployed it is unlikely to add ‘value’ or ‘enrich’ anyone.