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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - August 2020

The Myth of Islamic 'civilization'.

Michael Hart's Opus – 'Understanding Human History' – gets it right.

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Islam has created very little. A theological fascism in which the individual is but a tool of a moon god is hardly the cultural ethos which breeds brilliance and civil society advancement. Realistic and clear thinkers understand this. In Understanding Human History, Michael H. Hart evaluates the Islamic world and his conclusions reflect the reality of an impoverished ideologically inane system which denies natural law, rights, the truth, and the world of the 5 senses. 


This book helps make up for his erroneous early assertion that Muhammad was the most important person in history.  He isn’t.  one of the most psychotic and deranged, yes.  One of the most fascistic and intolerant and sex-addled yes.  A typical robber-brigand-low life, yes.  But important?  Not in the context of civilisation – unless you are assessing the impact on civilisation by the barbarian cult of Muhammad.


Hart makes some important points which are lost in an age of Moslem-worship; and genuflection to massive statism and governmental control; not to mention eco-fascist hysteria. Islamic society with its clear hierarchy and division of the world into Muslims and non-Muslims must militate against all forms of civil, social, economic and scientific advancement. You cannot have a closed, unbending ideology where state and church are melded together and where the principal impetus is jihad and expansion to have the globe ruled by the Meccan moon cult; and expect anything other than war, backwardness, poverty, racism, supremacism and stupidity.


Hart makes the case that non-Muslim dhimmis under Islamic rule were worse than second-rate citizens. Non-Muslims are actually non-citizens and inhuman.  Non-Muslims lack any civil, social or religious rights. This is true throughout Islamic history. It is an ugly, vicious lie that Arab culture or Islamic empires allowed for a multi-cultural harmony. Jews, Christians and non-Muslims were tolerated only for gold, taxation, women, slaves and as a focus of hate and racism.


As Hart recounts non-Muslims could never testify in court against a Muslim; own property; engage in trade outside of Muslim state control; walk on the same side of the street as Muslims; or ever dispute with a Muslim about any issue. These various humiliations, pressures and taxes on non-Muslims coerced many 'conversions'. Any human would make such a calculation. Convert and become a 'human'. Or stay committed to non-Islamic mores and remain a slave with no economic or social opportunities.


Thankfully Hart also dispenses with the nonsense that Muslims 'created the modern world'. Please. As he identifies Muslims invented nothing of value. Islamic 'scholars' made almost no major discoveries in mathematics and science, medicine or engineering, and certainly nothing comparable to printing and gunpowder in China in the Early Middle Ages or spectacles and mechanical clocks in Western Europe during the High Middle Ages. Muslims have never produced truly great geniuses such as Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler or Newton. Hart attributes this primarily to their lower IQ compared to Europeans, although the fascistic ideology of Islam is most likely to blame. Fascism is not exactly a cultural beacon to intelligence, inquiry or innovation.



What is likeable about Hart is his realism. The great sweep of Islamic intolerance which has cast an appalling chill over a huge swathe of the world is as Churchill so rightly noted a 'retrograde force'. Islam is primitive, irrational, fascistic and anti-humanist. It is impossible that such a set of 'un-cultural' factors can produce anything other than racism, supremacism, war and pillage.


Nazism, Communism, and Islam. Fascist theologies. Muhammad's cult is Fascist.

Here is why.

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The late Conservative Philosopher and Thought Crime creating Roger Scruton, had a list of what constituted a fascism – a much malingered and abused word.  This list is given below.  Fascism as summarised is the creation of total state power.  Nothing lies outside the state is how Mussolini described the Fascist program.  Communism has the same goal.  Muhammadanism or the cult of Muhammad (called Submission or Islam by its cult members and the ignorant), is the complete control of society, by Sharia, itself based entirely on the man-made handbook called Recital or the Koran.  Nothing lies outside Sharia is how Muhammad would describe his fascist cult. 


If one accepts that Fascism means ‘nothing, no entity, no person, no corporation, no club, no activity, is outside the state’, then one needs to accept that variants of totalitarianism, Communism, Statism, Technocratic Marxism, Islam, is a form of Fascism.  Within Muhammad’s cult, Sharia is uber alles, and the actions, words, beliefs of the cult’s founder, the supreme expression of governance, human conduct, and interaction.  Fascism in any form, is not a product of Western Civilisation, but of forces opposed to it. 


Western Civilisation is the expression of the opposite of Fascism.  Christianity’s free will, work ethic, forgiveness, charity, aid to the poor and suffering, the necessity of local associations to do God’s will and desire, laws which apply to all, the ennoblement of family; merged with secular codes around individuality, markets, objective resolutions of problems, code and conducts, and independent institutions.  Fascism is the opposite of the Western program.  Muhammadanism is the exact anti-thesis to the Western program.


Fascism is not a modern phenomenon but an age-old curse of human organization which is given different names depending on the era, the historian and the politically correct ethos in question. Modern European Fascism differs from the pre-modern variety espoused by for example Muhammadanism, in the use of technology, communications and in the creation of a national state devoted to the objectives of the cult. Muhammad’s cult is somewhat different in this respect transcending borders, ethnicities and skin colour but embracing the use of sophisticated media, technology and military applications. Modern Islamic Fascism has much in common with modern European variants of Marxist inspired madness.  It seeks to eradicate the Western self, based on free-will, liberty, individual aspirations.



Most likely many ‘moderate’ Germans existed in 1936. Some 10.000 Germans and Austrians fled the Reich and joined 'Churchill's army' in 1939 for example. Moderate and freedom loving. Not all Germans were fanatical Marxist-Racialists supporting the Hitler cult. But so what. It is the ideology which matters. The same was true of Russian Fascism.  Certainly, nice grandmothers existed in 1970 Russia but the ideology of Marxist inspired Russian Fascism was the dominate feature and the important black and white fact of geo-politics during the Cold War era. German and Russian Fascist theology were immoderate. So too is the Islamic.


When you lay out the cult of Muhammad side by side with Nazism or Communism many similarities emerge. It simply untrue to make that claim that Islam is a religion in the Judeo-Christian sense of that word. Many definitions might exist for 'what is a religion' but in the Western concept of monotheism and the standards laid out in the Book of Matthew and in the Golden Rule, Islam has absolutely no connection. In fact Islam is the opposite, supporting an anti-religiosity which is based upon Arab paganism, racism, supremacism, jihad and will to power and rule. It is in fact quite comparable with Nazism and Communism.


The ten main factors in a program of a pagan Fascism – either modern or pre modern – are (categories from Roger Scruton):


1.     Party and Leader All Fascism's, pagan cults and tyrannies rely on the words and deed of the founder. Hitlerism, Communism and Islam were all founded and developed by a charismatic leader, who proposed a new world order. The leader creates an ennobled and confirmed elite or party, which carries out the words and fantasies of the ‘prophet’. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and of course Mohammad, were all declared prophets by their ‘people’. 

As with Hitler and Lenin followers of Mohammad obey him as a demi-god. Mohammad like his co-fascist brethren was probably quite mad. Here we have a man who waged war; killed innocents with his own hands; had insane revelations [ie. delusions]; was illiterate; owned and sold slaves; had sex with a 9-year-old girl; and stole private property; being presented as an apostle of peace and love. His dialectical theory of Islamic conquest [Islam being the natural heir to the Judeo-Christian tradition], is enthusiastically believed by Muslims. All of Mohammad’s words, deeds and ‘revelations’ are treated as the word of ‘god’. 

Islam is violent, pagan and war-like because it is premised on its leader’s actions, words and beliefs. Ergo Hitlerism and Communism were violent Jihadic ideologies since they also followed their insane ‘prophet’s’ plans for world conquest. Islam’s ruling elite, which has engaged in a 1400 jihad against any and all ‘others’ has been simply affirming the deeds of Mohammad and the words in the Koran.


2.     Ideology as reality and propaganda Muslims are masters at denying reality and using propaganda to further their own interests. Jerusalem is Muslim? This idea comes from Mohammad’s dream where he flies to the city on a white horse. A demented vision such as this serves as a pretext to conquer Jewish and Christian territory, lands inhabited for 1600 years by Jews and 600 years by Christians, before the Muslim invasions. The Arab conquest of the Near East wiped out about 40 million Jews and Christians from 630 AD to 1000 AD.

In Mohammad’s time lying, cheating and stealing to aid the Muslim advance was ‘revealed’ to him by Allah to be justified [in the Koran]. Killing people during holy periods was deemed by ‘Allah’ to be fine, since non-believers in Islam have no rights [in the Koran]. According to Mohammad Jews were to be killed [the Saturday people] because they denied his prophet-status; refused to believe that he was next in line after Jesus; and did not bow to Allah [in the Koran]. Demonizing enemies and fuelling hatred through lies and distortions started with Mohammad and continues in Islam in our own times [based on Koranic doctrine].

Today Islam is as adept and skilful at playing the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, and installing appalling media and internet outlets to spread hate and recruit disaffected youth, spread lies, or sell racist tracts like the ‘Protocols of Zion’, as the Nazi’s and Communists were in controlling TV, book printing and entertainment and spreading their own lies through various channels. Propaganda and controlling the dissemination of thought and debate is central to fascist success.

Muslims know that to bring down the USA or Europe, controlling and manipulating the media and educational systems is mandatory. To that end the Saudi’s and others have spent $70 odd billions in the past 20 years setting up schools; ‘charities’; ‘rights’ organizations; ‘news’-stations; papers and webzines promoting radical fascist Islam. Our politically correct weak-kneed culture makes it certain that they will succeed in undermining our will to fight.


3. The Cult as a Religion A key point – usually ignored by the mainstream media – is that all Fascisms are pagan though they might parade themselves as religions. For Mohammad his dialectical fascism was based on his claim that his political cult – premised on the 3000-year-old Arabian moon cult called al-ilah or Allah – was the natural successor to Jewish and Christian civilization.

In order to unify the Arabs against Jewish and Christian competition a single philosophy or umma [community] was needed. Mohammad stole Jewish and Christian writing and updated it with pagan Arabian practices [stoning little devils; kissing a black rock; running between 2 hills etc]. Arabs trained in the moon cult would recognize Mohammad’s ‘Allah’ as their own and would submit to the idea of one umma under the leadership one man.

The bonus for Mohammad’s pagan cult was that Muslims were the last of the peoples to be guided by a prophet and were hence superior. The Muslim umma was destined to rule the world. Any who disagreed could be slaughtered with approval from ‘Allah’. For the record the historical origin of Allah has nothing to do with the Christian concept of God.


4. Police control and Terror Mohammad is often quoted in the Koran describing the terror that Muslims would visit upon non-believers. If you read the historical origins of Islam [by Muslim authors even], you discover pretty quickly that Mohammad grew impatient with preaching peace and love in Mecca since he could only convert a few to his Islamic doctrine. Once he was forced out of Mecca and moved to Median [the Meccan locals were tired of hearing him desecrate their various idols], his speeches and actions turned to war. Terror in the form of brigandage; robbery; killing and threatening are an essential component of Islamic doctrine.

Mohammad’s invocation of terror was carried forward in societal development through the establishment of a superior class of Muslims, managing for their benefit, an inferior caste of infidels. Jews and Christians who were conquered by Muslims were dhimmi’s or slaves to their Muslim masters. Property, wealth, and women could and were taken at will by Muslims. The idea that Muslims lived in peace with the other 2 monotheistic religions is a nonsense.

After all Muslims did kill over 100 million Christians and Jews in 1400 years.


5. Racism and Supremacism An abetting tenet in fascist terror is of course the creation of some variety of racism and hatred of ‘others’. In lieu of outright racism, fascism is at the very least a supremacist ideology. The party and ideology are of course superior to all competing forms of socio-economic development and organization. These various ‘enemies’ are targeted for destruction, murder or corralled into worker or ‘re-education’ camps. These enemies of the fascist ideal are those outside of the mainstream of the ideology in power and who dare to defy, ignore or disbelieve in the historical march of the ‘ism’ in question.

In this regard fascist Islam negates the rights of infidels and kaffirs [non-Muslims] and targets non Islamic and moderate Islamic populations for extermination or domination. Without an external enemy and internal dissidents to kill-off fascism loses momentum and a key unifying part of its ideology. Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists have all been massacred en masse, and 30 million or more blacks plus an equal number of whites were enslaved by the Muslims and Arabs in the past 1400 years. The Arabic word slave is still applied to describe blacks and Arab-Muslim regimes have a long history of hating blacks. It is therefore curious to see so many American blacks convert to an ideology that historically hated blacks.


6. Cross Class Appeal In order to realize the exceptional potential of the fascist philosophy in question, the cult must appeal to a wide cross section of so-called ‘class’ interests. The crude underlying rampant racism and unity of fascism mandates that a fascist leader and his party turn the ‘classes’ into the masses. Islam claims that only the Koran and Allah can show the true path to moral and spiritual enlightenment and that all else must be rejected. In this sense it destroys classes.

In Islam the richest and the poorest alike give up their lives to the moon deity ‘Allah’. Both the rich and poor prostrate themselves 5 times daily and beg Allah for redemption and pity. Both the rich and poor in Islam submit themselves to a set of laws that unify church and state. It is a classless system set up to force compliance.


7. Economic Autarchy Since fascism destroys classes and groups it logically follows that it has little time for economic liberalism or unregulated commerce. Fascism is not interested in outside influences – either intellectual or economic. Economic autarchy is always a prime goal of the fascist ideology – as is rape, plunder and stealing richer civilizations wealth.

Today we can see that Islam has little regard for the self-creation of capital accumulation, private property or the bourgeois values of individualism since Allah determines all and individuals in the aggregate serve Allah. Islam preaches economic communalism and the Koran forbids the accumulation of capital, profit and interest-bearing loans. The exceptions to this are when Muslims are allowed to steal, plunder or take other people’s wealth – all confirmed as being ‘just’ in the Koran.

As with Hitler’s Reich and Stalin’s Soviet empire, Islam lies almost completely outside of the global trading system and as a result remains impoverished, spiritual, intellectually and economically. Economic autarchy of course leads to societal instability, poverty, and a sense of hopelessness that can fester and erupt into violence. Fascist leadership tends to use such unrest and simmering violence against targeted groups internal and external to the fascist society by blaming a race, creed or group for the economic problems that have in fact been caused by its own ideology.


8. Illiberal traditions and hatred of the West All fascist theories are premised on the same hatred of Western civilization - or at least the main lines of thought, science, spirituality and individuality which makes the Western tradition so powerful and great. Though each will mandate different implementations their objectives are the same. Islam shares the same goals that both the Hitlerites and Communists desired – the complete destruction of the West. Israel might be the first target of Islamic hate and violence, but its destruction would only be a local victory in the greater war to destroy Western individualism; freedom; and hegemony.


9. Jihad, War and World Domination Fascism by its very nature is always in a state of war and an ideologically based war at that. Whether it is fascist Islam or the one party madness of Stalin, fascist states need to eradicate races, be they Jews, Americans, Western capitalists, Anglo-Saxons, Slavs, Untermensch or imperialists. Islam is of course a Jihadic and warring ideology.

Islam’s march to world domination means that its pagan fascism must be premised on strict laws and regulations [Koranic-Sharia law]. It is not a system of anarchy. To dominate the world requires exacting laws, obedience, and blind loyalty to the great ideal. Fascist utopias are based on an immutable and singular source of authority. There is only one law under fascism, one leader or prophet and one way to organize society. In order to survive the fascist ideology in question must convert the non-believers and wage war to expand its power.


10. Inevitable Collapse Fascist movements eventually fail due to two overriding factors – their economies fail to produce wealth and these ideologies remove all civilizing and humanizing influences from the individual. Fascist regime collapse is inevitable if strong and usually free democratic states accept the fascist challenge and are willing to engage the fascism in a struggle for supremacy. There are so many inconsistencies and abnormalities inside a fascist ideology that it can’t possibly survive if it is confronted by force.


Fascist paganism fails in all areas of life – moral, spiritual, economic, political, and social – and regardless of propaganda the lack of respect towards human life and individuality ensures that the fascist regime will collapse. But it will only collapse when opposed and the regime and its leadership annihilated. This is an important point to remember in current modern era as the West is confronted by a resolute, violent Arabian death cult – named Submission.


Belloc and the eternal threat of the Muhammandan death cult

Abetted by the useless idiots of the modern Western state

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In 'The Crisis of Civilization', written in 1937, Belloc, the Irish-French writer, soldier, historian and politician rightly proclaims the fact, that it was the Catholic Church, and the Christian faith, which created civilization, assimilating the failed pagan cultures of both Rome and Greece, and imparting a new energy, viewpoint and philosophical world-view, which allowed Europe to accede to world supremacy:


It was the Faith which gradually and indirectly transformed the slave into the serf, and the serf into the free peasant. It was the Faith which took the guild, inherited from the Pagan Empire, and set it up for the foundational thing it was during all the great medieval period: the guarantee of freedom. It was the Faith which by its moral atmosphere checked and curbed usury...which put competition within its bounds...We cannot build up a society synthetically, for it is an organic thing...”


Culture is King. When your secular culture preaches pond scum became human; intolerant Gay theology is now education; the state is the omniscient arbiter of 'rights', money, truth and what can be said; or that vicious atavisms such as Islam are now peace; then the end is not far nigh.


The Roman and Greek empires were slave based, superstitious entities, which after a time, did not promote invention, markets, initiative, art, literature and science. They decayed from within. As their cultures succumbed to inflation, bureaucratic statism, abortion, sexual deviance and confusion, mythologies and legends, so too did their empires become static, decayed, sensual, and their currency and value systems debased, clipped, and indeed worthless.


“That the culture and civilization of Christendom – what was called for centuries in general terms 'Europe', was made by the Catholic Church gathering up the social traditions of the Graeco-Roman Empire, inspiring them and giving the whole of that great body a new life. It was the Catholic Church which made up, gave us our unity and our whole philosophy of life and formed the nature of the white world.”


The Church reformed the notion of family, the right to life, communal obligation and responsibility, economic relations, and importantly changed the philosophy of the world from might-makes-right, child-sacrifice, usurious greed; to one centered around dignity, truth, charity, forgiveness and equality. No other cultural civilization in history has even come remotely close to what the Catholic Church has given to the world. 

Belloc also knew that Muhammadanism (Submission or Islam), was the greatest long-term threat to Catholic-European civilisation.  I would not argue against that.  However, Cultural Marxism with its anti-science (evolution, warming, transgenderism) and faux-ologies (psychology, sociology, anthropology); which are designed to subvert and destroy the West from within; is an equal and similarly evil threat.  Both are allied of course to destroy the civilised world.


Belloc notes that Islam soon left its Arabian borders and swept across half of the Mediterranean, taking up arms against the Catholic world. The conflict, according to Belloc, raged for several hundred years, until Catholicism finally managed to gain the ascendency in the late-seventeenth century. Thankfully, at least from the European perspective, this tenacious and persistent upstart from the East then went through a period of arrested development and consequent regression:

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Mahommedan world fell under a kind of palsy. It could not catch up with our rapidly advancing physical science. Its shipping and armament and all means of communication and administration went backwards while ours advanced. At last, by the end of the nineteenth century, more than nine-tenths of the Mahommedan population of the world, from India and the Pacific to the Atlantic, had fallen under the government of nominally Christian nations, especially of England and France.

For most Europeans, therefore, the decline of the Muslim religion meant that Islam was no longer a threat. Belloc, however, believed that it would be a mistake to underestimate Islam because, unlike other religions and heresies, it remained completely unaffected by external circumstances and its followers managed to retain the core spiritual values that had once threatened to engulf the entire world. Christian missionaries also found it very difficult to evangelise among the Muslims and it became a formidable and impenetrable bastion in which Catholicism was unable to gain a significant foothold. Furthermore, Belloc argues,

what is true of the spiritual side of Islam is true of the geographical. Mahommedan rulers have had to give up Christian provinces formerly under their control: especially in the Balkans. But the area of Mahommedan practice has not shrunk.” (source Islam and Hilaire Belloc)


Today fuelled by petro-dollars, foreign aid, open-borders, cultural-relativism and anti-White racism, the cult of Muhammad is sending millions of its young men to the Anglicized-Europeanised civilisations.  The invasion is recast by the Fake News and ‘experts’ as an exodus from war, famine and the mythical ‘climate change’ (from the trace chemical plant food).  The millions who have and will continue to surge and jostle their way illegally into Western states are in the main, young, fit Moslem and African men.  The colossal cultural disaster, not to mention financial and societal devastation (record crime, rapes, unemployment, ghettoes), is never accounted for by the ‘experts’, government or media. 


In many urban areas of the UK and the EU, a Moslem majority population will be in place by 2040.  It sets the stage for either a civil-war, or a Moslem takeover of state apparatus and associated power and the imposition within 2 generations of Sharia.  In most Western states Moslems have already embedded themselves and foreign Moslem money into the Education, Police, Political and Governance institutions.  Many Moslems are now Ministers, Mayors, Police Chiefs or privileged Academics raving against the West and Whites.  Most desire some form of Sharia and Moslem privilege.


Bellow was right that Islam posed the greatest threat to the Catholic world.  What he could not know nor understand, was that within our society we would produce a cadre of useless idiots to help Muhammadans eviscerate our own civilisation. 


Moslem Fascism is imploding. But why import it?

Fascisms always fail. It is a natural law.

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All fascisms collapse.  Without significant political, economic, and even spiritual reforms, even China, which titillates Western ‘intellectuals’ and Marxists, will face the same challenges that destroyed Nazism, Communism and Arabism-Islam. Islam and the greater Arabian pagan cult, including the Ottomanic Islam of Turkey, has largely failed for the same reasons that destroyed its kindred fascisms in Europe and Asia.  None of these ‘isms’, Communism, Marxism, or ‘Islamism’ (Islam is simply Islam); generate civilisation in which the individual human matters.  They are collectives and all collectives perish due to their own internal illogic, and the rejection of natural law and reality.


One key element needs to be stressed when looking at the failure of Islam and the greater Arabian empire in the modern world: its lack of a modern culture reflected by a disregard for the individual, for true spirituality and the imposition of a totalitarian construct in its political-economic affairs. The Arab empire is an economic, political and moral failure because it is directly opposed to the big L Western Liberalism that has made the West, and in particular the USA, the most powerful civilization in history.


Culture and virtues, along with institutions, history, economics, and ideas of freedom, responsibility and transparency shape society. They matter.  There is no great Marxist ‘dialectic’ which forms society in great tranches of materialist phaseology.  This is absurd.  Culture and its attendant institutions, attitudes and beliefs, is King.


There is no culture within Islam, it militates against freedom, art, expression, individual initiative, the female, the non-Moslem, the apostate, the critique.  When opened up for inspection Islam collapses.  The only way it can survive – the only way any totalitarianism can survive – is by inuring itself against inquiry.


Daily we can see that the Arab and Muslim world is a cesspool of failure and violence.  And that non-culture has been exported into Europe and the UK, in the invasion by Moslems and Africans, now totalling some 40 millions within Europe.  So when we see Black Moslems hacking 121 Black Christians to death in Nigeria, we can make a direct connection to the massive knife crime and violence committed by Moslems in Paris and London.  When we know that 5 million Black slaves are owned by Moslems and Arabs in East Africa, we should not be surprised to learn of slavery within the UK and Europe.  When we hear of Moslem sex-trafficking in Africa and the Middle East, we should not be surprised to learn of the local sex Jihad throughout Europe against White girls with 600.000 raped by Moslem sex gangs just in the UK.  When we see the destruction of once-Christian Beirut, now  under the occupation of the Moslem terrorist group Hizbollah, who are preparing another assault on Israel (who will be blamed by the Fake News for the conflict), we should not be surprised that the urban areas of the UK and Europe, saturated with the Moslem invasion, look more like Lebanon and North Africa, than their indigenous cultures.  When we hear that Moslems are pulling down Churches across Africa and the Middle East, we should not be surprised that Christian Churches are attacked daily in Europe by Moslems.  Violence against non-Moslems occurring every day around the world is going to be reflected by the invading Moslem hordes in Europe who are increasing intolerant of any ‘phobia’ against their moon-cult and demand ever more shrilly special rights, privileges and Sharia.


Why would the Western world import Moslems?


Greater Arabia and its Islamic empire is without question a disgusting mess – and none of it has anything to do with Western culpability. Women are regularly beaten, sold into slavery, raped, tortured and burnt alive. Hindu’s, Buddhists, Christians and Jews are persecuted and in the past 1400 years have been systematically wiped out from the Middle East and North Africa. Muslims kill apostates, non-Muslims, atheists and ritually behead non-combatants in Iraq and elsewhere adhering to the Koranic doctrine to ‘smite the necks of the infidels’. Two million are dead in the Sudan thanks to Arab gangs and government genocide. Political, economic and social freedoms are unknown and the Arab-Islamic world lies in ruins.


There is no link between poverty and terrorism but there is a link between economic destruction, and racism, hate and ignorance. The poorer your society is, the greater is the chance for barbarity. This fits the Arab-Islamic world. According to the Arab League, the gross national product of all its members amounts to about $900 billion or 2-3 percent of the world's GNP which is less than Canada’s. Backwards, autarchic, corrupt and largely ignorant of technology, capital and trading opportunities, the Arab-Islamic world has little chance at economic vitality. This in turn leads to frustration and violence in domestic populations most of which is turned against the US and the West. Fascist Arab governments controlling their media and education systems blame the Jews, the Americans or the West for their failures.


The real cause of Islamic decline and pagan ignorance is of course Islam itself. The religion and social construction of Islam militates against modernity and wealth creation. Without oil where would the Moslem world be?  Even with oil there is little within the Arab-Moslem world which has done nothing to generate sustained growth which can equal or surpass the needs of an increasing population and labour force. This means for example that probably 30 % of the population in Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest oil nation, is out of work many of them under 25 providing a pool of angry, hostile young Arabic men.  In many parts of the Arab world, per-capita income is below $5.000 USD per year. A perfect recruiting ground for Islamic terrorism.


Economic malaise is thus destroying the lives of the average citizen in Greater Arabia. According to the Iranian news agency, the European Commission on the Mediterranean Region estimates that the purchasing power parity income per head in the Arab world is about 28-33 percent of the EU's average, comparable to many post-communist countries in transition.


As a comparison Israel’s per capita income equals 85-90 percent of the EU’s. Israel is growing and developing its geography and people, while the Palestinian Authority [PA] which receives $1.4 billion per year from the US, the EU and the UNO, is doing nothing to develop its economy or the lives of its people. In fact, the PA has received more aid money per capita than Western Europe received during the post-World War II Marshall Plan.  Why is the West funding a Moslem terrorist organisation?


Economic autarchy and indifference in joining the world trading system has ensured that ‘Greater Arabia’ is the second poorest area in the world after Sub-Saharan Africa. Pakistan and Egypt survive on US foreign aid, even as their newspapers and so-called intellectuals engage in outrageous anti-American behaviour.



C.S. Lewis and 'The Abolition of Man' by Steve Turley

Modern mis-education. Western Civilisation crumbling.

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Turley’s short work is founded on lectures explaining C.S. Lewis’ opus ‘The Abolition of Man’ to the modern ear, interpreting prescience to the secular religious devotee, devoted as most are to technology, government and self-obsessions of various hues.  Today’s secular religion has little patience for faith, spiritual development, rationality, or consistency in standards and appraisals.  Lewis expected and predicted the carnage which follows when Western society jettisons its Christian heritage and foundation, a process he discerned with alarm 90 years ago.  So today the Western world writhes in agony with a government sponsored ‘pandemic’, societal closure, anti-White racist violence (BLM and anti-Fa); and a river of Fake News and Fake Science.  Rejecting reality and Western Christian civilisation has consequences.


What does Lewis mean by the abolition of man?

Lewis argues that because we have self-consciously left the world of value and virtue in favor of a world of science and technology, we have left a very definite definition of what it meant to be human for another definition of our humanity, or what Lewis might call post-humanity. Speaking of this new race, Lewis writes: “It is not that they are bad men. They are not men at all. Stepping outside the Tao, they have stepped into the void. Nor are their subjects necessarily unhappy men. They are not men at all: they are artefacts. Man’s final conquest has proved to be the abolition of Man.”


Lewis knew that serving the Mammon Gods of Science and Technology would lead to strife and dehumanisation.  Technology used to control and manipulate.  Science or variants of fiction which parade around as ‘science’, used as reasons to dominate and destroy.  The human rendered as just another animal.  The ‘experts’ elevated to God status.  Mammon does not share power.

Lewis recognized that technological societies succeed by convincing the masses that their highest happiness and freedom is found in their reliance on a class of experts and technicians who have the specialized competency to conform the world to their desires and ambitions.


Science – much of it fake – and technology, have now replaced human relationships, privilege, morality and gratitude.

Natural law theory recognizes that to be human means that we are endowed with a moral conscience which knows innately the moral order of the universe as God has created it.


Natural law is not taught.  It is enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence as a truism from the Middle Ages, pre-dating its explication by St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.  It is the basis of freedom and states that God has granted free-will and the capability of action and thought.  It is up to the individual to choose wisely.  Now, natural law is superseded by the ‘law of science’ and the ‘statutes of technology’.  In essence ‘I post on Facebook, so therefore I am’.  And when I post something that an ‘expert’ or censor does not support, the offending thought crime is briskly torn down.  Now a technocratic elite will tell me what is acceptable and what is a criminal act. A moral order does not exist. 

What Lewis is arguing is that this cosmic piety is true for all the major worldviews of the classical world: Platonic, Aristotelian, Stoic, Christian, and Asian. Now, these cultures may work out cosmic piety differently, with different variables and constituents that are culturally specific, but the fact that humans belong to a divine moral order appears ubiquitous throughout the ancient world.


Destroy natural law and the moral-God given order, and you begin to ignore reality.  You now engage in pagan concepts and elevate yourself to a God.  ‘Science’ cannot explain the brain nor its ‘evolution’ from nothing.  Neither can ‘science’ explain morality, a consciousness, intuition, feeling or emotions.  ‘Science’ cannot explain the unexplainable complexity of the human body and the natural world at large.  Just saying ‘it evolved’ due to ‘natural selection’ is about as intelligent a view to describing the world as stating, ‘stuff happened and so here we are’.  Yet you must pray to this and other technocratic shrines, you must attend the Church of Things-happen or ‘evolve’ (by magic); Plant-Food-causes-everything; multi-culturalism is a fact and benign; all-religion-is-bad; there-are-160-genders; or any host of religious denominations which scream and caper within the Church of ‘Science’ and Technology.

the dehumanizing nature of idolatry is that we actually become what we worship. Lewis finishes The Abolition of Man with this very observation: Humanity’s obsession with conquering nature has, in fact, reduced all of humanity to mere nature.


By de-humanising society and  believing that we are just ‘apes’ without hair, the destruction of civilisation is just a matter of time.  


In an age of egoistic obsession and debt-driven material-munificence why should anyone care about C.S. Lewis?  After all isn’t he just another dead-White-male, who used his White privilege to explicate philosophies which enslave non-Whites and which promote modern thought crimes and anti-‘science’?

And Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and The King’s College, considers The Abolition of Man one of six books that if read will save Western Civilization.  Kreeft observes: [The Abolition of Man] is prophetic; it is couched in scholarly language; in fact, its plethora of learned Latinate references scare away even college students today, for this is the first generation in American history that is less well educated than its parents, but its content is a terrifying prophecy of mortality, not just the mortality of modern western civilization .. … but the mortality of human nature itself if we do not recapture belief in [what Lewis calls] the Tao, the natural law, the doctrine of objective values.


Lewis’ doctrine of objective values based on Christianity and the natural Tao or logic of the real world.  The further removed from nature, natural law, logic and Western Civilisation, the faster the decline into madness and death. 


Roger Scruton: Fools, Frauds and Firebrands. Destroying 'Leftist' Philosophers

Most of whom are Islamo-philiac idiots and ignoramuses.

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Conservative Philosopher (recently deceased), Roger Scruton was a former academic exiled from his land due to heretical thought crimes, which offended the Marxist-Globalist Academic-Propaganda Complex.  90% of academics are Marxist-Socialist (including those who support Green Nazism or non-science such as ‘warming’).  There is little free speech with academe, with most universities and most programs (many of them utterly useless); nothing more than propaganda mills for the rather illiterate and ignorant view of the Professing class.  They preach a form of immoral-spirit-less religiosity and dogma, devoid of morality or intelligence.

“Hence the distinction between science and ideology: my thought is science, yours is ideology; my thought is Marxist (since only Marxism penetrates the veil of ideology), yours is ‘idealist’; my thought is proletarian (Lukács), yours is bourgeois; my thought belongs to the ‘material conditions’ of production, and can be called ‘theoretical praxis’, your thought belongs to the false consciousness that arises like a cloud above the place where history is made. My thought is at work in the factory; yours is puffed from the chimney and dissolves into air.”


Scruton excoriated ‘Liberals’ (Socialists, Communists, Globalists, Relativists, Humanists, Positivists – they do come with many labels); for 60 years.  His crime was to live in rural England, living in the real world, connected to nature (small husbandry farm); eschewing Fake News (BBC, Sly etc); avoiding addictions (TV, Internet, Small screens); and deploying Christian faith and morality, as he regarded other philosophers and the world around him.  He was persona-non-grata for Quackademia, the Fake News, the ‘Leftist’ rent-a-mob, those who are perpetually outraged, and those addicts who know little about the real world, nature or even their own human minds, brains and bodies.


In Fools and Frauds he admits his thought crimes:

“My previous book was published at the height of Margaret Thatcher’s reign of terror, at a time when I was still teaching in a university, and known among British left-wing intellectuals as a prominent opponent of their cause, which was the cause of decent people everywhere. The book was therefore greeted with derision and outrage, reviewers falling over each other for the chance to spit on the corpse. Its publication was the beginning of the end for my university career, the reviewers raising serious doubts about my intellectual competence as well as my moral character. This sudden loss of status led to attacks on all my writings, whether or not they touched on politics.”


Today across the Western World, fascistic-terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter (but not if you are the wrong kind of Black like say a Christian murdered by Moslems, or a Police officer killed by Blacks); Anti-fa, Extinction Rebellion, and various Moslem Jihadic groups (usually organised by the Moslem Brotherhood or ISIS); are using public violence, arson, terror and assaults to bring down the ‘structure’ of Western civilisation.  This is what many youth are taught at indoctrination schools (university).  To say that half-wits support these programs is only pointing out the obvious.  It is only an obvious and sad fact that most of Western youth are polluted with Marxist dogma, unable to think, act reasonably, work productively, understand history and reality, and recognise the colossal ignorance of their own immoral-double standards.

“Two attributes of the new order justify the pursuit of it: liberation and ‘social justice’. These correspond roughly to the liberty and equality advocated at the French Revolution, but only roughly. The liberation advocated by left-wing movements today does not mean simply freedom from political oppression or the right to go about one’s business undisturbed. It means emancipation from the ‘structures’…..Much of their literature (the Marxist prophets he exposes) is devoted to deconstructing such institutions as the family, the school, the law and the nation state through which the inheritance of Western civilization has been passed down to us.”


The philosophies and polices of the ‘Left’ always lead to fascistic totalitarianism usually headed by a Leader who like many of the academic panjandrums today, has never worked, does not have a family, and never participated in nature, or civil society.  It is all violence and destruction.  Atheist socialists such as Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot (who learned his Communism in Paris from French ‘thinkers’ such as Sartre); were all committed Statists, in which various forms of statism (Communism, Fascism), would completely control society, the individual would melt into a collective and nothing would lie outside the state. 


None of these ‘Leftists’ had worked, engaged in normal family development, nor had any time for religious faith or spiritual development.  All of them were hard-core Evolutionary-dialectical materialists. The atheist Mussolini, who did have a job as a newspaper editor for a number of years but was largely outside of ‘normal life’ as most of us would understand it, pithily described the program, now promoted by the ‘New Left’, an Atheist movement in which ‘everything is in the state’.  


So it is with the Atheistic ‘New Left’.  Violent, intolerant, full of Newspeak, full of hate, anger, and racism (against Whites).

“Marx’s ‘materialist’ theory of history was a response to Hegel, who had seen the evolution of human societies as driven by the consciousness of their members, as this is expressed in religion, morality, law and culture. Not so, Marx famously wrote. It is ‘not consciousness that determines life, but life that determines consciousness’ (The German Ideology). Life is not a conscious process occurring in the realm of ideas, but a ‘material’ reality, rooted in the needs of the organism. And the basis of social life is likewise material, involving the production, distribution and exchange of goods. Economic activity is the ‘base’ on which the ‘superstructure’ of society rests.”


Marx’s theories are incredibly mindless and devoid of reality.  Individuals, institutions, cultures, history, legacies, technology, markets, decisions, families, Churches, none of these exist, except to server the ‘materialist’ phase which abstractly controls all human organisation.  These ‘intellectuals’, including Freud, Marcuse, Hobsbawm, Derrida, Foucault, Galbraith, and a long list of other psychologically ill, morally compromised and mentally constrained philosophers, simply ignore real life.

“language, religion, custom, association and traditions of political order – in short, all those forces that absorb competing individuals into the shared identity of a nation. To identify the working class as an agent, even if ‘metaphorically’, is to ignore the true significance of national consciousness as a genuine agent of change.”


And in condemning their old enemy ‘bourgeois-capitalism’ run by Whites and Jews (racism mixed with envious stupidity), there is never a real analysis done about the benefits of a system of markets, institutions, laws and free-association, only a limp hatred about the ‘structure’ which provides such flaccid humans the ability to not work, engage in mindless philosophy, or adjure their ‘proletariat’ to violence and war.

“no statistics, no detailed analysis of the modern firm or its specific instances, no examination of the structure of decision making, no real comparison between the private corporation and the state monopoly and no theory of the legal personality of the corporations in a modern state. We are offered nothing more than social psychology...”


Scruton eviscerates many of the modern world’s ‘philosophers’.  He simply repeats what they write, showing the gibberish, illogic, the tautological statements, the circular reasoning and the abdication of thought, reason and morality in their pronouncement’s to their flock of eager half-wits, that the long pages of jargon and nothing, really mean something important, namely; the destruction of the Western state is a mission worth dying for.  An Austrian Baron ‘Lukacs’, often cited by the New Left as a great thinker, is an example.

“He might have noticed his own hatred of God, his refusal of trust, humility and atonement, and his overweening violence towards the created world. But he would have noticed, too, how much his ‘messianic sectarianism’ remained wedded to the deed of Sarajevo, how much the annihilating labels – ‘ideologist’, ‘nihilist’, ‘reactionary’, ‘nostalgist’ – which he threw so indiscriminately at the imaginary enemy might have been rightly attached to himself, and how much he remained to the last what he was in the beginning, a privileged remnant of a vanished ruling class.”


The arrogance, the ego, the ignorance of misplaced pride, the labelling of ordinary people as categories of problems, the lack of analysis or understanding.  All from yet another ‘thinker’ who never worked, never lived in reality, was disconnected from nature, humans and normal associations.

“By constantly notching up the critique of American capitalism and its culture, and making only muted or dismissive references to the real nightmare of communism, those thinkers showed their profound indifference to human suffering and the unserious nature of their prescriptions.”


‘New Left’ (Globalism, Internationalism, Socialism, Communism) is a religion without spirituality.  There are no ethics, morals, regulations rooted in respect for others, or for private property, individual effort, or for history, culture, and the accumulation of civilisation over 3000 years.


Scruton’s books are a panacea for the age of stupid, for an era of anti-White racism, ignorance about the Moslem project, the deification of Fake News and Science Fiction.  Most of the nonsense one hears can be traced back to the ‘Thinkers’ Scruton so ably destroys.