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Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Friday, December 5, 2014

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Mein Hadith. Mein Sharia Barbarism.

Bronze age brutality.

by Ferdinand III

The Koran, Sira or biography of mad Muhammad, and the Hadith or words and actions of Muhammad, comprise the 'holy' trilogy of Islam. All of these works are canonical Moslem texts, deemed to be divinely inspired. They reinforce each other. Mein Koran is 14-15 % of the total text from these 3 sources. Mein Hadith are some 60%. The most important Hadith are the 6800 verses, most of them repetitive, compiled by Bukhari. Only about 1000 different phrases or non-repetitive paragraphs exist within the Bukhari collection. The second most cited Hadith is from Muslim.

Over 30% of Bukhari's Hadith is devoted to Jihad or violence against the Kafir or Kufar. This amount of hate-speech is also reflected in Mein Koran which devotes 25-30% of its text to the 'Kufar problem' and how to deal with non-Moslems through war, Jihad, mendacity, trickery, and what to do with their women, including rape, unfettered sex, and slaving. The books are thus consistent with each other, and mutually supportive. It is important to note that the Arabic word Kufar, or Kafir, does not mean 'Unbeliever', as most translations state. Kufar is far worse than an Unbeliever.

A Moslem calling a non-Moslem a Kufar, is akin to a Darwinist calling someone a Creationist, a cult of warm devotee ascribing 'denier' status to a critic he cannot answer; a Marxist Professor branding through his ignorance a capitalist as a Nazi; or a Nazi labelling someone a Jew. Kufar is the most pejorative term imaginable, denoting someone as an untouchable, sub-human, a person that is beyond the so-called Norman pale [or zone of control], who inhabits the House of War; and who has no rights whatsoever within Islamic totalitarianism. Within Moslem liturgy a Kufar is an animal, not a human. This is why Mein Koran and Hadith so easily discuss murdering, killing and employing Jihad against the Kufar. They are not human. The good Moslem, pious in his devotion, like a devotional cult member of abortion, is only killing a 'thing', not a human.

Mein Hadith, like the Koran, are very clear about the program. Moslems cannot kill or even be unkind to fellow Moslems. This is the Moslem 'golden rule'. Whatever is good for the Muhammadan cult is fine with the Allah-thing or idol [Baal]. If you need to lie, steal, perjure, injure, or even rape in the name of Allah, it is okay. As long as you perform these deeds against the Kufar it is divinely sanctioned. The good Allah-following Moslem cannot be so immoral against fellow Moslems, and it is a capital crime in Sharia law, based on the Hadith, to kill a fellow Moslem. It is not against Sharia law to kill the Kufar or women – even Moslem women.

For those who believe that Mein Hadith are unimportant, think again. Sharia barbarity is based on the Hadith. Misogyny, the destruction of the Kufar and their assets, bronze-age punishments for adultery, theft, or 'creating trouble in the land' against Islamic totalitarianism; the disavowal of free speech, freedom, pluralist democracy, free-will, human-rights....all of these are found in Mein Hadith and form the premise of Sharia Bronze Age barbarism.

Anyone who states that Sharia barbarity is the 'same' as Western jurisprudence or 'just as noble', is an idiot.

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