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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Corona Fascism and the Age of the Orc. Destroying Christianity. Abetted by the Pope.

Fascisms always seek to annihilate the Church.

by Ferdinand III



Formerly free, democratic and accountable Western States are now little more than Nazifying Totalitarian monstrosities.  All of the ‘conspiracy’ theories around the Corona Scam-demic are now proven, or soon to be proven true.  The latest is the 2 court rulings in the EU and the failure within the US of the PCR test method to identify the SARS II virus.  This is why the ‘flu disappeared’, and based on these false Corona positives, used as a pretext, societies were locked-down, people died from no hospital access, suicides mounted, small businesses were destroyed, families ripped apart, the Church effectively eviscerated and free-speech destroyed. 


We can see in the former Dominion of Canada an outright assault by atheists, Communists and other religious acolytes of State-Fascism against the Church.  The Churches themselves, in goosestep with the Fascist State, are threatening to 'limit' or even defrock unstabbed Priests. Given the 99.9% survival rate for this flu, this policy is not based on science, but on State-enforced compliance, tied to government funding and tax write-offs.  The more the State intervenes in the Church, the weaker, less Christian, and less attended it is.  Recently, 45 churches or so were burnt in Canada over a Fake News 'genocide' narrative in which Church schools murdered thousands of native children.  The story is entirely false, with the children sent to the Church schools by the government not the Church, many died from diseases and buried in graves, some due to native sensibilities without headstones.  The children were not murdered and eaten by Nuns and Priests.  There is of course, no apologies from the Fake News or the State, for instigating the Church arsons, and the resulting Christianophobia, with some of the more Fascistic calling for the demolition of all the Churches.  Imagine if Mosques were under a similar threat.


The reality of life is this:  you can hate Christians all you want. There is one immutable fact to expound.  When Christianity goes, it all goes.  If you Fascistically take down the Churches, the rest is going to follow: your society, your welfare, your culture, your spiritual strength, your science, your industry, all consumed into the State. Everything. The tragedy is that now instead of the great John Paul II leading the Catholic Church, we have a Globalist-Corona Fascism supporting halfwit, Pope Francis.  Instead of invoking St. Thomas Aquinas and natural law rights, we have a senescent puppet espousing plant food-causes climate-theology and demanding that his flock be stabbed with experimental poisons which have killed and injured millions worldwide, all in the rush to a police state.  Instead of defending our natural God-given rights to freedom and the control over our own bodies, we have a corrupt, criminal Vatican enjoining the faithful to surrender reason, real science and their bodies to a cabal of evil not seen since the apogee of the Soviet Union and Nazism.  No science, none, supports the Corona narrative.  It is all a fiction.  If the Church wants to support real science, it should be leading the opposition to the Corona Fascism. 


History is clear what happens when Fascism is implemented, and we can see the same road-map being followed in many countries. 


One of the first actions of the Atheist-Evolution supporting Nazis was to take over, neuter, control and then begin the liquidation of the Churches. By 1937 the Protestant Churches had been folded into the Reich Church, the seminaries were emptied, priests/bishops jailed and killed, sermons monitored, Christian newspapers and book publishing shut down and the only thing that saved the CC from being completely demolished was Hitler's insistence that pulling down the Churches (physically destroying them in Bavaria as desired by Himmler) could wait until the war was won. He needed legions from Catholic areas of the country. 5 million Christians were killed in camps in WW2. No movies about this. 


For information on the Nazi destruction of the Churches one should read, JS Conway The Nazi Persecution of the Churches who source material comes from the Nuremberg trials and confirms the plans from the Atheist Nazis and the deconstruction of both Church and civil society, The same was true of Communist Atheist, Darwinian based Russia.  More than 10.000 Churches pulled down, millions of Christians murdered. 


How long before the same actions are enacted in ‘Western Democracies’, as part of the 'Health and Safety' Fascism?  The Age of the Un-Enlightened.  The Age of the Orc.



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