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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000. 

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Sura 22 or the Pilgrimage to venerate Muhammad and Baal

Pagan, brutal, dumb, sad.

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Hundreds of Moslems in the 2015 ritual of oblation to the moon deity [Al Lah] and Muhammad [Al Lah, or the Lord] found themselves dead, beaten, robbed, raped or assaulted. It is a fitting if sordid derivative of an enforced tribute to Mecca, and Muhammad, a city he conquered at the head of a 10.000 man army – which immediately makes him a man of peace for Western academics and 'experts'. Muhammad's return to Mecca is matched only in importance by the great man Obamed and his journey from Chicago to Washington. Muhammad smashed all other idols, keeping only Baal the Al Lah of Mecca as the symbol of 'God', or himself. Obamed smashed the American Constitution and 200 years of history, in his attempt at National Socialist tyranny.

Sura 22 or the Pilgrimage, is a chapter dedicated to Muhammad's seminal event – the takeover of Mecca. It contains of course the usual multi-culti bromides of love and fellowship such as 22:39: “Permission to fight is given to those (i.e. believers against disbelievers), who are fighting them, (and) because they (believers) have been wronged, and surely, Allah is Able to give them (believers) victory.” Or, 022:017 URLVerily, those who believe (in Allah and in His Messenger Muhammad SAW), and those who are Jews, and the Sabians, and the Christians, and the Magians, and those who worship others besides Allah, truly, Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection. Verily! Allah is Witness over all things.” Such benign tolerance, infallible flexibility and acceptance.

The Hajj is a duty, one of the 6 pillars of Submission, issued by the moon deity through his military commander Muhammad, incumbent on all cult followers. It enriches Mecca. It impoverishes the assets and minds of the cult's devotees. It signifies Meccan-Arab imperialism. All Moslems must worship Mecca and its Kabaa shrine of Al-Lah, or the Lord of Mecca, who was of course Baal, the moon deity. There is nothing in the modern world which is so primitive, so ridiculous, as Moslems from non Arab countries paying homage to Arab fascism.

022:027 * 

And proclaim to mankind the Hajj (pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to perform Hajj).

022:029 * 

Then let them complete the prescribed duties (Manasik of Hajj) for them, and perform their vows, and circumambulate the Ancient House (the Ka'bah at Makkah).

If you don't participate in this pagan festival at least once in your Moslem life, you are damned. You have no choice but to make the trip. Hitler had planned similar decrees for the promised Nazi shrine at Linz. Moslems seem blissfully unaware of the similarities between Muhammadism and Hitlerism.

Jews and Christians are of course cursed in this Sura, though the MSM and quackademics, who have never read the Koran, would have no idea about this:

022:025 URL Verily! Those who disbelieve and hinder (men) from the Path of Allah, and from Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah) which We have made (open) to (all) men, the dweller in it and the visitor from the country are equal there [as regards its sanctity and pilgrimage (Hajj and 'Umrah)]. And whoever inclines to evil actions therein or to do wrong (i.e. practise polytheism and leave Islamic Monotheism), him We shall cause to taste a painful torment.

022:053 URL That He (Allah) may make what is thrown in by Shaitan (Satan) a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy and disbelief) and whose hearts are hardened. And certainly, the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.) are in an opposition far-off (from the truth against Allah's Messenger and the believers).

Perhaps Western politicians might want to read the above and many other verses from this Sura and become acquainted with the 'real Islam', before sounding off like morons, with grade 5 platitudes about Islam representing blue skies and butterflies. In any event the Hajj is simply another Bronze age artifact which tells the sentient and the alert, everything they need to know about the moon cult of Mecca.

Medieval Faith married to reason created the modern world.

No faith, no hope, no reason to 'be', precious little reason to create.

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The propagated myth by modern academics and atheist 'humanists', is that post the German takeover in the 5th century of the decrepit, totalitarian, bureaucratic and despotic nonsense named the late Roman empire; all became 'dark' and all of the 'great' classical learning was lost. No science, or math was performed until the Catholic Galileo came strutting orb of light in hand, to rekindle the verities of science. The Galileo myth is as obnoxious as the age of darkness myth from 500-1500 AD. The Catholic church always exalted and funded reason together with faith, and some of the greatest scientists in history were Christians funded by the church searching for the truth of God's miraculous creation and the physical and natural laws – so perfectly developed and in such harmonious balance and ratio – that saying otherwise denotes ignorance and bigotry and leads to Churchophobia.

The truth of course is the opposite. The Roman empire for all its advances in engineering, literature, aspects of governance and perhaps law [the Justinian codex was a 6th c. product, at the beginning of the so-called Dark Age, and created by the Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire, not the Western Roman]; was a force for retrogression long before it fell. Once released from the tyranny, the inflation, the over taxation, the endless wars and strife from Rome, Europe finally began to develop institutions, trade, technology, agricultural progress and faith; which eventually led it 1000 years later, to world mastery.

Today tourists gawk and gape at the wonders of Middle Age architecture and practical engineering. How would a dark age produce 10.000 functioning water mills in England circa 850 AD, when under Roman rule there was not one? What is dark, is the propaganda declaiming against a period, in which mostly Latin was used, or early forms of the vernacular, neither of which is accessible today, or understood by 'historians'. Literally thousands of tonnes of documents still exist that have yet to be exhumed and analyzed. From a society which believes in general, that plant food, a trace chemical which is a rounding error element, and which falls out of the hydrological cycle, causes climate; disparaging an older civilization, which for 400 years fought for its life to survive against almost insurmountable odds, is rather dark.

We can state that the medieval period for all purposes laid down the foundations of modern science. When the Moslem Jihad cut off papyrus from Egypt, the medieval mind of genius discovered the incredibly rich process of producing vellum from cow and sheep skin. Books, copied laboriously by monks, from the ancient world and the medieval, were preserved. Biblical narratives such as the Lindisfarne gospels or the Book of Kells are amongst the masterpieces in world artistic history. Likewise we see that alchemy which leads directly to chemistry and also metallurgy reached a high point of development in the early Medieval period. Eyeglasses were invented in the 13th century, and before that independently in both Catalonia and Sweden the first blast furnaces had appeared by the 11th. The first mechanical clocks were invented in England during this time along with higher mathematics, mean speed theorems and geometry. The Medievals also understood the principles of engineering statics magnificently demonstrated in the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe which still stand 800 years after they were constructed. Not one single European in the Medieval world believed the world was flat. Flat earth societies would only appear in the age of Darwin and the middle of the 19th century.

The Roman Catholic Church to this day believes that Divine Revelation can be known and understood by faith and reason. The things of nature were believed to be revelations of the Divine nature itself. Nature can be known by reason alone but the Church taught that with faith, this process of knowing was made more perfect as “faith seeks understanding.” Thus, there never has been a conflict between faith and reason. Indeed without faith, there is oftentimes precious little reason, as witnessed by 'scientific' cults such as evolution, Nazism, Communism, or Gaia worship, or Bronze age artifacts such as Islam. All are in the main, anti-human death cults, dedicated not to salvation or reason, but destruction and violence.


Machiavelli, another product of the insane, the illiterate, the savage

But the Renaissance was a 'rebirth'...of what ?

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The Renaissance, starting in roughly 1450, or Rebirth of obeisance to all things pagan and ancient, produced many ill effects. One was a ribald acceptance by late medieval society, of immorality, savagery, and a diminution of personal responsibility, ethics and social cohesion. We see this all over Europe – a basic reduction of all standards related to conduct, mores and social interaction.

Savonarola, the fiery, intemperate Dominican monk who rose to power in Florence during the latter part of the 15th century, was an expression of the widespread disgust with the Renaissance. Most of the lay population were not only revolted by Church, secular and political oppression and immorality; they were oftentimes the victims of the same. Unbridled corruption of the Church, of 'intellectuals', and of political life undermined public and private morality as well. The 'peasants' began to imitate their 'superiors'. Uncivilization was the result in many places, with the Medici in Florence, and the Borgia in Rome, at the forefront of this immoderate explosion in despotism and unenlightened narcissism.

Machiavelli lived during the reign of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, easily the most debauched, lecherous, conniving, sinful, lustful, depraved holder of the Papal chair in history. His son Cesar was an outright demon, a brigand, military commander, sadist, psychopath and blood-letter of the highest order. The two of them so besmirched and ridiculed the church, that one can trace a straight line from the reign of Pope Borgia, to the 1517 proclamation by Luther against not only Church indulgences, but the general cesspit of corruption it had sunk into. Borgia is the apex of the Church's descent into madness and secular concupiscence.

Machiavelli was a man of Florence, dominated by the Medici. But it was not the Medici who were the templates for Machiavelli's bizarre theory termed 'realism', though it had precious little to do with realism, and plenty more to do with sadism, fraud, mendacity and an ethical program developed by Satan. Machiavelli was no more a 'political philosopher', than the naturalist philosopher Darwin was a scientist. Words do indeed have meaning. Machiavelli was first and only, an admirer of the Borgia, a ruthless gangster family from Spain which usurped in the guise of Borgia the elder, the Papacy and political-military control of vast swathes of Italy. Alexander the VI or Borgia the elder, was no more a Pope, than Richard Dawkins is an apostle of reason or science.

From Mallett, and his history named 'Borgias': “[1500]....Later in July, in one of the lightning military moves for which he was famous, Caesar [Borgia, son of the Pope] swept into the duchy of Urbino and conquered it almost without firing a shot. It was soon after this that Niccolo Machiavelli of Florence joined him, becoming his great admirer and making him the generally recognized model for 'the prince' in famous and evil book on politics...” [231]

Machiavelli's evil admonition that all princes, real or aspiring, and all claimants to power or influence real or aspiring, must ape and mimic a fantastically insane example such as Caesar Borgia, is an expression of insanity, not political philosophy. There is nothing intelligent, elucidating, attractive or even benign in such an assertion, nor in such a man as Caesar Borgia. Yet 'historians' credit Machiavelli with 'insights', with his loathing of humans and of the world at large, somehow making 'political philosophy', more 'scientific' and real. All Machiavelli did was to enshrine as divine, the savage barbarism of Caesar Borgia. What is the 'rebirth' of knowledge in such a claim ?

Machiavelli was like many others – Lenin, Bonaparte, Rousseau, Hume, Marx, Freud, Darwin and too many others to list – a product of his times, with his own peculiar and quite deformed personality, finding succor and 'proof', in his philosophy. As with the Phd in gender studies justifying their 10 years of 'research', or their own sexual deviancy's, so one can see the deformed, twisted, sick, pathological ill Machiavelli resplendently reflected through his hero, the savage and barbarian Borgia, and his ode to immorality, 'the prince'. Machiavelli was not a scientist, not a philosopher, not a man who was reborn or enlightened. He was just another product of evil and just another example of a mental illness parading as the rational.

The Greatest Queen in European history - Queen Isabella.

Ignored, beaten, slandered. Such is that state of modern academics.

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Queen Isabella, the Catholic monarch responsible for the final expulsion of the Meccan moon cult from Spain in history's longest war [782 years]; the empress who financed the voyages of civilization in the guise of Columbus and others who followed; the Queen who was pious, faithful, intelligent, lovely, urbane, and beloved by her subjects, is quite sensibly the most important Queen in Western history.

There is none who can truly compare when the material, the bodily, the spiritual and the intellectual are sought out. Her grandeur from Columbus to Granada and beyond, and the fact that she is white, Catholic and inspired by high ideals, is precisely why she is ignored. Imagine if such a Queen were not Catholic, white, or pious. Hollywood would never rest.

Compare the glories of Isabella with the depravities of her contemporaries, the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, his depraved son Caesar, or his son's acolyte and adoring dog, Machiavelli, he of the 'Renaissance' claimed by Luther's followers and Atheists, as a 'high point in reason'. The Prince for Machiavelli is Caesar Borgia, with Machiavelli himself being of course, a most depraved and immoral son of Satan, mentally distorted, emotionally a dwarf, a man who is about as scientific, or as prescient, as any other devoted cult member of a Dear Leader inspired Fascism. But of course, most academics simply adore the man and by extension his subject, the immorally debauched, and blood stained Borgia.

Isabella, beautiful, intelligent, studied was a female Crusader. She was the opposite of a Borgia, or Machiavelli. Thankfully she and her husband Ferdinand completed what Don Pelayo at Covadonga, with a mere 300 men, started in 722 from caves in Asturias Spain – the retaking of Iberia from the moon cult of Mecca. The Moslems, limited to Granada, paying a ransom to Christian kingdoms, broke their treaties, their pledges, their payments and engaged in the usual Moslem practice of piracy, sex – slaving and destruction. By 1492, quite thankfully, the last Meccan cult stronghold at Granada was reduced and restored to Christianity. For that effort alone – and it was enormous in men, material and money – modern academics and politicians disdain the name Isabella – that is, if they even know who she was.

When the Moslems were evicted from Christian soil, Columbus was given money for his voyages. Not one person in Christendom since the time of Christ believed that the earth was flat; that is simply an idiotic lie by those who believe they evolved from pond scum, or alien pixie dust. Columbus did, purposefully however, use estimations that favored his cause, in particular calculations from Cardinal D'Ailly. In fact, the D'Ailly-Columbus estimations put Japan in Mexcio....

Columbus was a businessman, as well as the most intrepid of discoverers. The darker side of Columbus, a man who seemingly sanctioned slavery, should not blind us to his merits and genius. Isabella knew men, and she knew that Columbus was the rare breed, smart, determined, resourceful, pious and in spite of his internal contradictions, a man of his word. Her financing of this explorer changed the world for the better, and made the most lasting impression on human affairs; that any decision, by any human, at any time, has ever made.

Isabella was the first monarch in history to forbid slavery. Her missives to Columbus and the various potentates who followed in the age of discovery, make it very clear, that she wanted the Indians to be Christianized, treated properly, and that their land to be bought, not taken. She prohibited slavery. Isabella is thus the first man or woman of power in history, who in written form, forbade the enslavement of humans. Certainly Islam and Mein Koran, state the opposite.

But the huge brains will moan, what about the Inquisition? Indeed what about it? Spain was full of internal enemies, both inside and outside the Church. Jews had aided the Moslems in the reduction of Christian Spain. Plenty of Jews had 'converted' to Christianity, but were actively aiding Moslems in opposing Christian Spain. Moslems had cleverly used Jews in their usurpation of Christian power in Spain. The Jews had benefited from Moslem rule. During the 1490s and beyond, many Jews relished the opportunity to regain that privilege.

When given the choice to convert to Christianity or leave, many Jews chose to leave and a plurality sought refuge with the Moslems of North Africa, with whom they had once been on excellent terms during the Moslem occupation of Granada. Unfortunately, those who set sail on the Mediterranean were set upon by these same Moslems who viewed them as rich Infidel meat - robbed, murdered, enslaved, raped. But the Jewish mind never learns it appears. Today most famous American Jews still view Moslems as their friends. This could be equated with Jewish leaders embracing Nazism. In America and elsewhere the Jew seems inclined to vote for any party that is anti-Jewish.

Isabella is the great Queen of Western history. She restored Spain to Christendom; financed the navigation of the New World; opposed the lunacy and immorality of the Borgia papacy; cleaned out the Spanish Church of its dirt and corrupted debris; set an example of piety and beauty which will last the ages; and rebuilt the political economy of Spain around good governance, trade, institutional worth, defensible laws, and traditions. She was forthright in condemning slavery in any form, anywhere, including in her New World possessions.

There is no Queen to compare to the great Isabella.

Baal's sense of irony on 9-11

Not enough Christian blood spilt it appears. The moon master is angry at his cult.

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On 9-11 in 2015 well over a hundred of the moon worshiping Baal-cult members were sent to their Jihadist heavenly paradise with virgins, wine, water and gentle blowing winds. A crane fell on the masses on the Moslem Hajj – a more primitive and bronze age ritual, one will not find. Baal it appears has a sense of irony [the date], and is perhaps upset that the moon cult has not murdered enough Christians in the past 14 years since 9-11, or has not raped, sex-slaved, humiliated, or tortured non Moslems in sufficient quantities to appease his blood lust.

My response to the tearful Moslems on Khalid Times, who were wondering if 'God' was angry at his cult, was to ask the obvious question that perhaps Baal was unimpressed with the level of blood-letting of non Moslems in the past 14 years. Perhaps Baal, the Meccan moon deity, or Al Lah of Mecca, was demonstrating that more non Moslems had to soak the earth with their blood to appease his omnivorous appetite for death and violence. Surely Moslems must slaughter, rape, sex-slave and destroy more to make the moon deity happy and quiescent ?

9-11 was one of the greatest slaughters of innocents in history. It surpasses any act of wanton eradication in the modern era. But memories are already dim. There are now three times more mosques in Western states than in 2001. Moslem immigration is at all time highs. Calls for Sharia in many cities are heard daily. Politicians rush to buy the 10% Moslem-bloc vote in urban centers. Moslem populations dominate many Western urban areas. Islam-is-peace and the Shahada is already a part of many school curricula [Christianity is of course left out]. The Syrian-North African Moslem invasion of Europe is now just beginning, termed by the brain dead media and the elite as a question of refugees, starving babies, and compassion. Millions of Moslems are now on the move, a vast majority are young Moslem men, not the cameo shots of wife #3 with the downs child [an AP photo, which picked out in a sea of Moslem men, a crying downs girl and her mom].

14 years on from 9-11 and we have not learnt a damn thing. The catatonic mumble and drool that Islam is a great 'religion', one of inestimable value and importance. We need more of it not less they intone. The end result will be the complete obliteration of civilization, starting first with the removal of the only philosophical and ethical world view in history, which produced the greatness we squat on today – namely, Judeo-Christianity.

The pagan Hajj says a lot about Islam.

Will Moslems ever start to investigate the nature of their cult?

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 "The customs of heathenism have left an indelible mark on Islam, notably in the rites of the pilgrimage ... so that for this reason alone something ought to be said about the chief characteristics of Arabian paganism. [Alfred Guillaume, 1956, 'Islam' p 6-7]

Nary a Moslem exists who will admit the above. For the average Moslem their cult is supreme, divinely inspired, uncreated, and destined to rule the world. There is no need to investigate, inquire or bother with trying to understand the true historical nature of Muhammadanism. Moslems are brainwashed to simply conflate the moon idol Al-Lah with 'God' and Muhammad with Al-Lah.

Because of other Arabian history which points to heathen worship of the sun, moon, and the stars, as well as other gods, of which I believe Allah was in some way connected to. This then would prove to us that Allah is not the same as the true God of the Bible whom we worship, because God never changes." [Is Allah The Same God as the God of the Bible?, M. J. Afshari, p 6]

Al-Lah has nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian and indeed Greco-Romano ideal of an anthropomorphic deity represented in human shape but who is in essence the creating architecture of the universe, of life, and of human free-will. This 'god' wants you to succeed, to be rational, to love, to hope, to feel, and to be good. The Al-Lah wants you to submit, to prostrate your worthless self to his glory, to follow the words of his chosen man Muhammad, and to simply shut up and obey. The two ideals have nothing whatsoever in common.

Before Islam Allah was reported to be know as: the supreme of a pantheon of gods; the name of a god whom the Arabs worshipped; the chief god of the pantheon; Ali-ilah; the god; the supreme; the all-powerful; all-knowing; and totally unknowable; the predeterminer of everyone's life destiny; chief of the gods; the special deity of the Quraish; ....Because the Ka'aba, the sacred shrine which contains the Black Stone, in Mecca was used for pagan idol worship before Islam and even called the House of Allah at that time.....Because the rituals involved with the Islamic Pilgrimage are either identical or very close to the pre-Islamic pagan idol worship at Mecca......[The Cambridge History of Islam, vol. 1, by P. Holt, 1970, p. 27]

Islam, the Koran, the Al-Lah thing are no more uncreated than Dan Brown's fantasy 'The Da Vinci Code'. Muhammad fused Arab paganism with his own morbid monotheistic creation stolen in measure from the Jews and Christians who become of course, his stated bitter enemies. Muhammad's theology was only adopted and accepted by a large segment of the Arab population when he merged existing covenants and practices with his new and heretical propositions:

"Islam for its part ensured the survival of these pre-Islamic constituents, endowed them with a universal significance, and provided them with a context within which they have enjoyed a most remarkable longevity. Some of these significant constituents, nomadic and sedentary, the pre-Islamic roots which have formed the persistent heritage, deserve to be noted and discussed... The pre-Islamic Pilgrimage in its essential features survives, indeed is built into the very structure of Islam as one of its Five Pillars of Faith. [Ibid]

The Hajj or the obligation for a Moslem to journey to Muhammad's capital to pay homage to his creation and family moon deity named 'ilah', is a very curious paganism indeed when viewed at the atomic level. Why do people do it? Do they understand what they are doing and why? Are they aware of the pagan origins of this Islamic pillar?

For the cult of course it makes perfect sense. This pilgrimage would not only make Mecca rich but even more importantly, it would forcibly create a multi-ethnic community of spirit and bonding to the Islamic ideal, that no other spiritual requirement could hope to match or displace. All cults aspire to the reduction of the individual and their submergence into a communal collection, evidenced and realised by such a journey to center of cultish power. Few have been as successful at this, as Islam, the name of course meaning 'submission'. Submission not to a 'god' per-se, but simply to Muhammad's Koranic 'law' and his own deleterious demands.

A cult is of course not a religion. The Moslem Hajj is not a journey of faith and of the spirit, but a mindless demonstration by individuals of their own self-loathing and irrationality. I doubt that a tithe of Moslems on 'pilgrimage' know anything about the real history of the Hajj, or its real purpose.


ISIS and the migrant Jihadists

Thousands of Ghazis will enter Europe to wage war.

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Most of the 20.000 Moslem strong force, arriving weekly to invade Europe, are young Moslem men. This has been confirmed by those at the receiving train stations, 'refugee camps' and elsewhere, the Moslem mobs have assembled. For 30 years Moslem leaders have stated that migration and demography would conquer Europe. European leaders – cowardly, ignorant, purblind, useless – eagerly appease and please their Moslem superiors, through an open borders policy that will end in chaos, perhaps war and violence.

ISIS said they would invade via migration:

Islamic State ‘planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe,'” by Ruth Sherlock and Colin Freeman, Telegraph, February 17, 2015:

Islamic State militants are planning a takeover of Libya as a “gateway” to wage war across the whole of southern Europe, letters written by the group’s supporters have revealed.

The jihadists hope to flood the north African state with militiamen from Syria and Iraq, who will then sail across the Mediterranean posing as migrants on people trafficking vessels, according to plans seen by Quilliam, the British anti-extremist group.

The fighters would then run amok in southern European cities and also try to attack maritime shipping.

And so they are:

“‘Just wait…’ Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe,” by Aaron Brown, Express, September 6, 2015:

AN OPERATIVE working for Islamic State has revealed the terror group has successfully smuggled thousands of covert Jihadists into Europe. The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees. The ISIS smuggler, who is in his 30s with a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.

Just wait,” he smiled.

The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate western countries. Islamic State, also referred to as IS and ISIS, is believed to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the sparsely-guarded 565-mile Turkish border and on to richer European nations, he revealed.

There are now more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen “ready” across the European Union, he claimed.

Young male Moslem invasion and the usual cadre of 5 year olds sing about refugees, acceptance, love.

Europe will become Islamic very quickly, if the Moslem millions are allowed in.

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The Moslem invasion.  Every single week 20.000 Moslems – not Christians but Moslems – are now 'migrating' out of Syria, and into Europe. The MSM geniuses and associated multi-culti devotees use terms such as 'refugees', to denote innocence, relativity, sorrow and the need for compassion and support. This posturing is both immoral and hypocritical. It is the default stance of 5 year olds who possess the most limited world-view.

Most of these Moslems are young men, with smart phones, nice clothes, broad smiles and cool hair cuts. Why are they in Europe? Islam. More accurately the imploding failure called Islam. ISIS in Syria and elsewhere has wiped out over 250.000 people, raped and sex-slaved Christians; destroyed non-Moslem monuments and artifacts, and is now attempting to eradicate the Baathist regime of Assad. ISIS is Islam, it follows Mein Koran and is implementing a Sharia-Muhammadan society. These Moslem 'migrants' are 'refugees' from a Moslem civil war. Why should Western states accept them ?

It was easily predicted that ISIS and its 7th century fascist theological approach to the 21rst century would fail [April 2015]. But what is less understandable is the attitude of the execrable coward Merkel, the German elite and the Eurokleptocracy, that Germans, English, French, Italians et al. must give the Moslem migrants food, welfare, jobs, housing and a free life. Why? Germany is now offering Euros 390 a month per 'migrant', if they make it to Germany. A more asinine policy, designed to wipe out your culture and state, could not be offered.

The Moslem invasion, and this is really what it is, due to the unmitigated, catastrophic and complete failure of the cult named Islam; is not Europe's problem. It is not that hard to close off your borders, set up camps to care for the sick, young and old, and deport the rest. According to the liturgy of the multiculti, Islam is not only peace, love, harmony, but is superior. Let's test the theory. Send the Moslem invasion force back to Turkey, Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and the Gulf States. Let's see how Islam responds to humanitarian needs of their fellow moon cult members.

In the meantime, any Christians within the migrating hordes should be allowed in to Europe without issue. The Europeans for too long have stood and done nothing as Moslems have killed, murdered, sex-slaved, raped and destroyed Christianity and the Church within Africa and the Middle East. Maybe the Pope, as daft and ignorant as he appears to be, might be moved to say a few words on behalf of his brethren, who will soon be extinct in the birthplace of his faith. I don't recall in times past, Popes when faced with a Moslem invasion, imploring the faithful to accept them and give them food and housing.


Feudalism, pilloried and slandered without context

Always ascribing to the past a deceitful and incorrect assessment.

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The greatest accretion of wealth in human history, occurred between 900-1300 in medieval Europe. This was the time of 'Feudalism', a much pilloried concept as investigated by the usual cadre of revisionist historians. If Feudalism was so terrible, why did Europe undergo an agricultural, than a capitalist revolution in this period ? Nothing like it in history had been witnessed. If the system was so arcane and unfair, how did the Europeans with their Feudal model, manage to avoid total extermination against the pagan moon worshiping Moslems from the south, the Avars and Magyars [or Huns which is what they really were] from the east; and the Vikings from the north [who linked up the Moslems in the white slave trade] ?

In the Baroque era the remnants of Feudalism as practiced by the Spanish in Sicily for example [amongst other locales], had indeed turned negative. Large baronial estates, a vast rich versus poor divide, a caste system of impermeable hierarchy dominated some parts of the late Feudal era. Sicily for example never recovered with the bandito or later day Cosa Nostra [our thing], originally being outlaws fighting against the Feudal iniquity. The same occurred in many places in Europe and even in North America during the early modern period. By then, technology, communications, and circumstances had all changed.

However, from the period 900-1300, Feudalism must have been quite different. We know this from the wealth, the terms of trade and indeed, the very survival of Christian Europe, which a betting man in 900, would likely have wagered against. In an era of Moslem and Viking pillaging, Jihad, slave trading, raiding and destruction, a Feudal compact would have been the only way a society might have survived. There was no alternative. Liege lords provided a professional militia, protection, certainty, and the formation of social institutions and norms. In exchange serfs, which ranged from the free to the unfree, would give about 1/3 of their production to the Liege as payment, as well as time to serve in the local militia including training, drilling and fighting as needed. It was a practical solution and no other viable option existed, in an age in which communications and technology simply did not lend themselves to centralized states with force projection and defensive capability, stretching over large territories. When the Vikings or Moslems arrived, lustful for women, slaves, and plunder, there was no time for a centralized state to react. It was a local and at best, a regional response which was needed.

Some of the benefits of the Feudal system included:

-Local protection from regional, or external enemies, brigands, violence.

-Establishment of a defined organization to react to, and deal with, conflicts, attacks, and raids.

-Through guilds and family 'skills', a certainty regarding work, vocation and purpose.

-Social cohesion and frameworks of dealing with problems.

-A reduction through Church canon law, of usurious rates of interest. This was mandatory in an agricultural society, in which farmers would never have the surplus profits necessary to repay exorbitant loans.

-An expectation of some level of ethics, morality and proper public decorum and presentation.

-Defined hierarchy of order, institutions, laws, and social support. The beginnings of 'labor rights', the welfare state, social obligations and economic division of skills and productivity; are clearly in evidence between 900-1300.

The above benefits should not blind us to the problems with Feudalism. All too often the Lords and Barons were despots as divorced from Christian idealism as any modern power-hungry politician. But that is the human condition. In the main the inevitable development of strata and privilege of the Feudal system, should not obscure its importance in allowing Christendom to survive. Without that end result there is no modern world.

Where are Muhammad's miracles ?

A Jihadist and sex addled Fuehrer cannot perform the immaterial.

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Muhammad is the anti-thesis of Jesus Christ, or in more prosaic terms the anti-Christ. Indeed Muhammad's family idol Baal, the Meccan moon deity, is depicted as a depraved cult of evil in the Old Testament. Mein Koran and Mein Muhammad basically teach the opposite of Christianity. Of that there is no doubt. If you have read Mein Koran, the history of Moslem Jihad, and the core texts of the Hadith and Sira, you know that Islam is in the main, anti-Christian, and offers the view of an anti-Christ, namely Muhammad.

One clear example out of a million one could mention in differentiating the fascistic death cult of Muhammad, which runs riot with anti-semiticism, misogyny, Christian-hate, violence, illiteracy, and Jihad; is that Muhammad did not, could not and would not, perform miracles. The list of miraculous episodes attributed to Christ are only hinted at in the New Testament. A full list is never given. As John stated, it would take too many scribes and too many books. Nevertheless there are about 2 dozen such miracles identified in the Bible, including raising 4 people from the dead, though no doubt many more were raised. The resurrection is the greatest miracle in history, attested to by Romans, Jews and modern Christian haters. No coherent set of facts or arguments exist to contravene the act of the risen Christ.

What of Muhammand and his miracles ?

First, Moslems tried to ascribe to Muhammad the known and accepted miracles of Christ. As usual Mein Islam poaching and plagiarizing from Jewish or Christian sources. Islamic expert Guillaume writes:

Whether the object of the inventors was to elevate their prophet to a position equal to that held by Jesus in the estimation of His servants, or whether it was to furnish themselves and their pupils with a messenger of God who satisfied a natural craving of the human heart for a visible manifestation of divine power it is not our purpose to determine....the works of Christ...and those of his apostles are freely drawn on and put into the mouth of Muhammad.”

Thus we have yet again Moslem deceit and fiction. Muhammad was a lustful, violent, brigand, who had no power to perform the miraculous because he did not possess any real faith. His cult of submission was simply a tool of control. Mein Koran contains no ethics whatsoever that are Catholic or Universal. Be nice to fellow Moslems. Kill or conquer the rest.

Dashti, the Iranian Moslem investigator comments:

Moslems, as well as others, have disregarded the historical facts. They have continually striven to turn this man [Muhammad] into an imaginary superhuman being, a sort of God in human clothes, and have generally ignored the ample evidence of his humanity. They have been present these fantasies as miracles.”

There is no record – NONE – in Mein Koran of Muhammad discussing God and love. Nor is there any record – NONE – of Muhammad discussing God, the spirit, the soul and the Golden Rule. It is all violence, hate, bile and the world riven into 2 – Moslems versus the rest.

Mein Koran has many passages in which the Fuehrer Muhammad is asked to perform a miracle. He always remains dumb and mute. He ignores the pleas. He does nothing. No resurrection of the dead, water was not turned into wine, 5.000 were not fed with a few loaves, the elements were not arrested, people were not cured.

Christ brought hope, faith, love, the golden rule and charity. Muhammad arrived touting sex slavery, misogyny, intolerance, anti-semiticism, a hatred of Christians and Jihad. Why would any educated, intelligent human follow Mein Muhammad ?

A list of Mad Muhammad's wives and concubine-slaves.

What prophet of peace does not carry a baggage train of 22 sex slaves ?

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What 'prophet' of 'God', or in the case of Islam, Baal the Meccan moon deity; does not have a harem? What speaker of morality, ethics and immaterial spirituality does not cover himself in the flesh of many women, as well as in gold and silver ? Mein Koran makes it very clear that women are the property of men [see here]. Sura 2, the longest chapter is full of misogyny and the demand that men control women.

The reason is Muhammad's own life and his own debauched existence. He acted as if female ownership by men, truly was a revelatory 'fact' given to him by Baal. It was simply part of Arab-Meccan culture of course, enshrined as 'divine' by a lustful, sex-addled luxuriant posing as a man of religiosity. Sadly, since Moslems must believe that Muhammad is mankind's ultimate example, it only stands to reason that viewing females as flesh toys for men, inferior, subservient and of no real value will permeate the Moslem cult.

This is why more than half of Moslem women are illiterate, 10.000 daughters are slaughtered each year, wife-beating is common, and women in Moslem countries have limited rights to private assets, transport, or any action independent of men [a trenchant critique is summarize in now-atheist Hirsi Ali's book, Nomad]. Hence the bed sheets pious Moslem females must wear, in order to denote their chattel status, now wafting and on parade throughout the Western world – a sure sign of imperialism if there was one.

Ali Dashti, a noted Moslem 'scholar', [or science fiction writer, which in regards to Islam, would be the same thing]; lists what are in his view, Muhammad's wives, as backed up by Mein Koran, Mein Hadith and Mein Sira. Other investigations have identified 2-3 more wives, or sex-slaves, but in any event 22 is quite enough to drive home the main point that women are merely tools to be used by Moslem men for various purposes:

  1. Khadija

  2. Sawda

  3. Aesha [had sex with Muhammad at the age of 9, was betrothed to him at age 6]

  4. Omm Salama

  5. Hafsa

  6. Zaynab of Jahsh

  7. Jowayriya

  8. Omm Habiba

  9. Safiya [a Jewish princess, taken and raped by Muhammad on the same day the Moslems attacked her village and killed her husband, father and brothers, noted for her great beauty].

  10. Maymuna

  11. Fatema

  12. Hend

  13. Asma of Saba

  14. Zaynab of Khozayma

  15. Habla

  16. Asma of Noman

  17. Mary the Christian [purportedly Muhammad's favorite concubine, which caused political problems of jealously within the harem as reported in Mein Koran]

  18. Rayhana

  19. Omm Sharik

  20. Maymuna not of Hareth

  21. Zaynab [#3]

  22. Khawla

Numbers 17 and 18 were according to Dashti, concubines. The last 4 were women who for some reason just joined the harem out of their great love for the Arab Fuehrer. The first 16 are considered to be officially the wives of Muhammad, and many of these women are mentioned in Moslem sources, including passing through a marriage ceremony.

If your leader and prophet had 16 wives, 2 sex slaves, and 4 other concubines, was deemed 'holy' and grand; and was the torch bearer of the 'true religion'; what then might your attitude to women be ? One reason why Islam is a gigantic failure is its attitude and even hatred of the female. Obey Mein Koran. Serve the man. Ask for his approval on everything. Allow him as many wives or sex-slaves as he likes.

Curiously Muhammad in Mein Koran only allows the average Moslem male 4 wives or sex slaves. Of course he could have whatever number he desired. It is rather curious that fascisms always speak in such a manner. Restrictions for the acolytes and cult members. Illimitable freedoms and prerogative for the leadership.

Frederick II, the Atheist monster of the 13th century

Always portrayed as enlightened, smart, tolerant, inclusive, 'scientific'....whatever.

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Atheist-Marxist-Revisionist historians always portray Frederick the II from the 13th century, and Emperor of Germany, parts of Italy and Sicily as a supreme example of the multi-cultural, clever, tolerant, magnanimous and chivalrous leader. The corruption of 'history' and the adding of positive myths for political and philosophical reasons to a personage, can find no greater example than in the form of the execrable Frederick II, an atheist, a secularist, and a mass murdering psychopath.

Frederick II was born in 1194 and died in 1250 [unfortunately a long, active life]. Proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick was indeed unholy, too twisted and deformed to be an Emperor and certainly not a Roman. Frederick II controlled the richest kingdoms in the West including Germany, parts of northern Italy, and the all important granary and strategic island of Sicily, recently won back from Moslem rule, by Normans in the 11th century. As with most egos, F II never built, created, endeavored or labored. He was born, therefore he must rule. State power was his theology, with himself as God. No wonder 'historians' love him so much. Reflected in his sword which he used only on Christians and never on Moslems, they see their own image of the perfect man, the supreme ruler, the idol uber alles, the [not so] benevolent despot they would love to be; a lover of the moon cult as well.

You will find few if any real appraisals of a man, on google, or in any history book. A man more akin to the absolute despotism of the Sun King, Hitler or that of a Stalin, rather than a pious Christian prince interested in science, math, and the welfare of his people. His career is one of deceit, boundless ambition, endless war on the Papacy and other Christians in Italy and beyond, and the desire, stated in his own words to make the Church, the Pope and every other human, subservient to himself.

Despotic, unenlightened, demonic. No wonder 'historians' are so in love with the man. For example after making a non-crusade [1228], which he had delayed for 15 years; Frederick made a ridiculously inane truce with weakened Moslem forces in Israel, that he could have eradicated if he had the intelligence and honesty to do so. The pact with the Moslems stated that the Christians in 1228 for ten years would own Jerusalem, but could build nothing. After 10 years they would hand it back to the Moslems. Cynical and ever so typical of the Atheist-self obsessed personality. A deal that made no sense whatsoever. Upon returning to Sicily in late 1228 – basically chased out of the Holy Land by Christians – he began a brutal, uncompromising set of wars against the Church, Christians and free men not enslaved by his totalitarian government. He could not war against the Moslems, but had no compunction in doing so in the most barbaric manner imaginable, against fellow Christians.

Warren Carroll in The Glory of Christendom, volume 3, is one of the few to see the man for who he really was – an out-of-control Atheist [there is not doubt about this, he certainly was neither agnostic, nor religious, he was God or so he claimed]; power monger, who started endless wars in Italy and central Europe solely for personal ambition and power. Slaughtering thousands, mutilating prisoners, breaking agreements, trying as hard as imaginable to make the Papacy, the Church and every free man or women subservient to him and him alone. He attacked Rome only to be turned aside by an 'old man with a staff', the venerable Pope Gregory IX. Frederick as usurper of all authority is clearly stated in his 1231 publication claiming he is God.


In 1231 Frederick issued the Constitution of Melfi [Liber Augustalis], a codification of the old Norman laws of the Kingdom of Sicily combined with a large body of new laws decreed by Frederick. It was the first codification of law for a nation to have been done since the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, and it reflected a concept of absolute monarchy derived from pre-Christian Rome.” [p. 223]

In Ancient Rome and Byzantium, it was the Emperor uber alles. No other authority temporal, secular or religious could be allowed, unless it was completely subservient to the King.

Endless wars ensued after this proclamation. In 1231 Pope Gregory IX knew all too well, what the atheist Frederick wanted – complete and utter subservience of Church and man to himself. Frederick II referred to himself as the Messiah, the appointed God on Earth; a man with more claim to total power than any Pope sitting in the chair of the fisherman from Galilee. From this belief system his career became a long list of abuses: endless wars, destruction of churches and church property, and eradicating freedom for all men and women. Totalitarian control was his objective, freedom and centers of opposition the enemy. The only counter-weight to this secular fascism, was as always, the Papacy and the Church.


Pope Gregory IX well knew what all of this meant. He warned Frederick against 'promulgating new laws' which would make him a persecutor of the Church and a destroyer of freedom of the Christian people...The Pope also objected strongly to Frederick's taxation and control of the Church in the Kingdom of Sicily, and to his maintenance of thousands of Moslems at public expense in the region of Lucera in southern Italy, from whom his personal bodyguard was drawn.” [p. 225]

When Frederick waged war on his own people from 1235 to his death, he used 10.000 Moslem soldiers in northern Italy, paid for by the sacking and plundering of Church lands and assets. No wonder the modern multi-culti orgasm and faint at the mention of his name.

As Frederick ripped apart Christian Europe in a civil war and in his lust for totalitarian control; the Mongols, who would later convert to the moon cult of Mecca, irrupted into Europe. By 1243 the Mongols controlled Russia, the Ukraine, most of Hungary, Austria and parts of northern Italy. There could be no coordinated response to this most vile of threats, whilst Frederick gleefully, sadistically, and pathetically impaled Christian Europe on the sword of his own ego.


Frederick II had far more in common with Napoleon or even with Hitler than with any of his leading contemporaries. Both Napoleon and Hitler were also apostate Catholics [both were Atheists of course]. Both of them and their regimes were condemned by the Church.....” [p.245]

The tomb of this monster was opened in 1782. Frederick had died wearing Moslem clothes, with Arabic inscriptions. A very small cross was found on his left shoulder. Was he a Moslem? Unlikely since he mocked the Meccan cult as much as he did the faith of Christianity. He hated the Jew, but he hated all who were religious, or not devoted to his personal cause. Frederick II was a modern totalitarian psychopath, atheist, self-absorbed, drenched in blood and violence, dishonest, imprudent and materialist. This is why 'historians' are so favorable. He reminds them of the modern world.


Sura 21; those who fought against the cult of Baal were actually supporting it

And other mentally ill claims from Mein Koran.

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Sura 21 or 'The Prophets', claims that all Jewish and Christian Prophets were Moslem. This fantastically illiterate claim would only impress Atheists, Marxists and Moslems. Al-Lah is Baal, the moon deity of Mecca. It means 'The Lord', not God. Baal is the enemy of Judaism and Christianity. Read the Old Testament. In effect Mein Koran stipulates that the pagan death cult of Baal, was supported by spiritual holy men, dedicated to fighting against it. Next the big brains will claim that National Socialism and Atheism are all about freedom, free-will and tolerance.

20% of this Sura is preoccupied with why and how the Infidel will be destroyed. The rest is a long historical revision of why Jewish and Christians prophets are really Moslem. The two themes mixed together concoct a madness that is the opposite of a religious liturgy.  


And if any of them should say: "Verily, I am an ilah (a god) besides Him (Allah)," such a one We should recompense with Hell. Thus We recompense the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.).


With their hearts occupied (with evil things) those who do wrong, conceal their private counsels, (saying): "Is this (Muhammad SAW) more than a human being like you? Will you submit to magic while you see it?"



They cried: "Woe to us! Certainly! We have been Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, etc.)."

Polytheists are Christians who worship the Trinity [verse 29]. They cry in humiliation in verse 14, because they have denied the prophecy of Muhammad [verse 3] and the oneness of Baal. For these crimes they shall be tortured for infinity.


If only those who disbelieved knew (the time) when they will not be able to ward off the Fire from their faces, nor from their backs; and they will not be helped.

Believe or perish. So spaketh Mein Koran. No need for rational investigation, reason, or true faith. Obey, follow, shut up.

More madness from 'The Prophets' is here.  

Dr. Robert Morey, 'Islam Unveiled' – The Real Desert Storm

Islam is a Moon cult. So very Bronze Age.

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Phd Morey's common sense study of the cult named Submission, most likely would not find its way into print today. Suppressing facts, evidence, testimony and reality is now deemed 'free speech'. Morey would most likely end up in court or jail in many jurisdictions for 'hate speech' which considering Mein Koran is one long screed of hate, and the Meccan cult is a mixture of racist, supremacist and misognynist ravings; is rather obtuse. But there you have it – the decline of Western culture into the psychopathologically sick morass of cultural Marxism. The protection of a Bronze age inspired cult whose Mein Koran 'law' reads like the inane tortures commanded by Hammurabi's 1750 BC codex, is lauded and applauded as the highest form of tolerance.

Morey on the moon cult:

In Arabia, the sun god was viewed as a female goddess and the moon as the male god. As has been pointed out by many scholars such as Alfred Guillaume, the moon god was called by various names, one of which was Allah. The name Allah was used as the personal name of the moon good versus other titles that could be given to him.” [p. 48] [In fact Mein Koran lists 99 names for the moon god].

Allah, the moon god, was married to the sun goddess. Together they produced three goddesses who were called the 'daughters of Allah'. These three goddesses were called Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat.” [p. 49] [In fact Al-Lat is often used to refer to the Sun goddess, so many believe that Uzza and Manat or Venus and Mars, were the only 2 daughters].

The Arabs were astro-worshippers as were most Near Eastern peoples. The moon had an especially important role to play in cooling temperatures, heralding seasonal change, and providing a permanent source of calender creation and organization. Baal, the Babylonian Sin, or moon deity, was the Al Lah or Lord of Mecca.


The Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born was particularly devoted to Allah, the moon god and especially to Allah's three daughters who were viewed as intercessors between them and Allah. The worship of the three goddesses, Al-Lat, Al-Uzaa and Manat played a significant role in the worship at the Kabah in Mecca.” [p. 49]

When Muhammad conquered Mecca with his 10.000 man personal army, his first act was to destroy all of the 360 idols of the Kabah shrine bar one – that of Baal the Lord of Mecca, resplendent in red sandstone. The rest, including Baal's daughters, were effaced. A practice that Moslems still employ today- destroying all non Koranic images and structures.

What is Morey's main point ? The cult of Submission or Islam, is a pagan Arabian construct, completely divorced and different than Judaism and Christianity.

The Quran's concept of deity evolved out of a pre-Islamic pagan religion. It is so uniquely Arabian that it cannot be simply reduced to Jewish or Christian beliefs. It is rooted in pagan ideas of God.” [p.51]

Morey's statement is so obvious that it should be common knowledge. However, the media, the education systems, the 'experts', the politicians and the general cadre of corrupts and incompetents, preach the opposite. Mein Koran and the veneration of Mein Fuehrer Muhammad are constructs built around moon worship. How Bronze Age. How pagan. For more info on why Islam is a moon cult, a reading list of articles is here.

R. A. Morey, 'Islam Unveiled', 1991

Rather prescient.

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Phd [appeal to authority!] Morey studied the Moslem [un] holy texts back in the 1970s and 80s, long before the 97% scientific consensus that Islam is peace, existed; and concluded that Islam was and is a pagan cult devoid of religiosity. He produced books and articles on the same theme. Today of course he would not be granted a Phd for such thought crimes. In the UK and elsewhere he would be jailed for hate speech.

Anyone who has studied pre-Muhammadan and Islamic history, would not be shocked by what Morley had to say some 20 years ago. It is a sign of the illiterate times that his work is not better known, and his given facts, not widely distributed. Consider:

-Mein Koran was cobbled together by Muhammad [eg the short Suras or poems], from pre-existing material. [p. 34] “In the end the Muslim must give up his belief in the heavenly origin of the Quran. If this is done, Islam cannot stand.” [p. 43]

-The word Islam, pre-dates Muhammad by millennia, and was originally employed to denote bravery and courage in the face of impossible odds. 'The word slowly developed into the meaning of 'submission' as Dr. Jane Smith at Harvard University has demonstrated.' [p. 35].

-Killing non Moslems comes right out of the Arabian tribal mentality: “It should be emphasized that the Arabs did not regard killing a person as in itself wrong. It was wrong if the person was a member of your kin-group or an allied group; and in Islam this meant the killing of any believer [4:92].” [p. 36]

-Moon worship and the Sabeans. Al Lah means the Lord, who was of course Baal the male moon god first imported from Babylonia. Cosmological worship was rife in the Arabian peninsula and directly informs the cult of submission. “...the dominant religion that had grown very powerful just before Muhammad's time was that of The Sabean's. The Sabeans had an astral religion in that they worshipped the heavenly bodies. The moon was viewed as a male deity and the sun the female deity. Together they produced other deities such as the starts. The Quran refers to this in Sura 41:37 and elsewhere. They used a lunar calendar...the phases of the moon.” [p.40] The Islamic world still uses a lunar calendar today.

-Allah is a moon god whose identity is never clarified in Mein Koran. It did not need a definition. All Arabs knew who Baal or the Lord was: “Dr. Arthur Jeffery, who was one of the foremost Western Islamic scholars in modern times....'The name Allah, as the Quran itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa.' [p. 45]

-The name Al Lah “According to the Encyclopedia of Religion; 'Allah' is a pre-Islamic name....corresponding to the Babylonian Bel.' [p. 46] Bel or Sin was the moon deity of Babylon [Mout Sinai, is thus the Mountain of the Moon deity].

-The pagan heathen nature of Islam is easily seen in its rites, rituals, pilgrimmage, kissing of rocks, throwing rocks at devils, circa-ambulation of the Kabaa, rubbing of rocks against the vagina for fertility, and other artifacts of the Bronze age customs one could find in Mecca in 600 AD. “Alfred Guillaume, who was Head of the Department of the Near and Middle the University of London...'The customs of heathenism have left an indelible mark on Islam, notably in the rites of pilgrimage.' [p. 41]

-Why is the Bible so messed up and garbled in Mein Koran ? “Some of the heretical teachings of the Gnostics were present in pre-Islamic Arabia in such fraudulent 'Gospels' as the 'The Gospel of Barnabas'. These Gnostic 'gospels' began to appear in the latter part of the 3rd century and reached their highest influence during the 4th to 7th centuries. Their presence in pre-Islamic Arabia is well known.” [p. 42]

The cult of submission is suffused with pagan rites, it worships a moon deity, it has an incoherent and inaccurate opinion about the Old and New Testaments, and it targets Jews and Christians [and those outside the Muslim tribe or Umma] for destruction. The huge brains of the world deem the above to be religious. And we have not even mentioned the duty of Jihad, misogyny, sex trading, polygamy, bronze age death sentences.....