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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Muhammad and the Allah idol. Follow Muhammad or else.

A sick cult.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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Bukhari's Hadith are a collection in large part, of the Moslem-Muhammadan cult's obsession with Jihad, plunder, rape and power. They are also full of gibberish and loose ended phraseology that riddles the rational. In the main Muhammad sought to usurp Judaism and Christianity, supplanting both with his supremacist theism dedicated to Baal the Meccan moon deity. His last name after was slave of Allah or Abdullah. The Lord of Mecca or Al-ilah was Baal, Muhammad's family deity, whose shrine they took care of. How convenient.

Muhammad preached that Moslems must only be nice to other Moslems. Islam or submission to Allah-Muhammad does not have an ethical code and does not promote the Golden Rule:


Narrated Abu Musa:

Some people asked Allah's Apostle, "Whose Islam is the best? i.e. (Who is a very good Muslim)?" He replied, "One who avoids harming the Muslims with his tongue and hands."

Be nice to Moslems. Kill the rest.

Muhammad preached that he was more important than the mere and inferior apostle, Christ. As Christ taught about his pre-eminence, so too did Muhammad. Moslems must love Muhammad more than anything else.


Narrated Anas:

The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind."

Muhammad preached that for a truly pious Moslem, Allah and himself were 'dearer' than anything else in life. A 'good' Moslem was obligated to follow the demands of Muhammad who was the spokesman for the moon deity Baal. Failure to do so resulted in being sent to Hell in the afterlife.


Narrated Anas:

The Prophet said, "Whoever possesses the following three qualities will have the sweetness (delight) of faith:

1. The one to whom Allah and His Apostle becomes dearer than anything else.

2. Who loves a person and he loves him only for Allah's sake.

3. Who hates to revert to disbelief as he hates to be thrown into the fire."

Muhammad owned a sex-harem and traded in sex slaves. His cult was started in part to allow plunder, rape and sex-slavery. Yet he believed that Hell was full of women – especially those who were disobedient to the whims and fancies of Moslem men and husbands. Apparently this might create some problems in providing enough space for all the Jews, Christians and non-Moslems who were preordained by Baal to be thrown into the fire. Islam is in part of course, a misogynist sex cult. Women are sex chattel. Polygamy is enshrined. The female's role is to provide warriors for Muhammad and sexual pleasure for Moslem men.


Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:

The Prophet said: "I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful." It was asked, "Do they disbelieve in Allah?" (or are they ungrateful to Allah?) He replied, "They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable deeds) done to them. If you have always been good (benevolent) to one of them and then she sees something in you (not of her liking), she will say, 'I have never received any good from you."

An 'ungrateful' woman is one who disobeys her master, namely her husband, or if unmarried, her father or older brother. In such a case they can be killed, and liberal arts majors working in the MSM call it an 'honour killing'. This is why they are deemed to be so clever.

From the above Hadith, which Moslems believe is as holy as the Koran, I learnt the following:

  1. Muhammad the only apostle of the Allah moon deity is to be revered more than anything else.

  2. A good Moslem is nice to other Moslems.

  3. If you don't follow Muhammad – Allah you are going to the hell-fire.

  4. Women need to obey Moslem men.

Nice cult. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Muhammad the Psychopath and the will to power and rule

The Hadith provide a history of Jihad, plunder and murder.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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Islam is a murdering, plundering, sex-slaving cult. The entire attraction of Muhammadanism was the allure of theft, blood, women and property. Kill, murder, steal, rape and thieve in the name of the Meccan moon deity and you will go to the Moslem heaven.  No wonder uncivilized savages from the Arabian wastes were so eager over time to participate. Bukhari's Hadith track the Moslem expansion and the lust for wealth and women.

Jihad all the time:


Narrated Jubair bin Haiya:

'Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight the pagans. When Al-Hurmuzan embraced Islam, 'Umar said to him. "I would like to consult you regarding these countries which I intend to invade." ...[Khosrau...Caesar and the ...Faris.] ...Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:-- "Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen...I accompanied Allah's Apostle in many battles..."

War, Jihad, a tribute tax, fight the Unbelivers until they worship Muhammad or Allah. Nice. The Jizya tax or ransom tribute levied on Jews and Christians was the foundation of Moslem wealth:


Narrated Juwairiya bin Qudama At-Tamimi:

We said to 'Umar bin Al-Khattab, lo Chief of the believers! Advise us." He said, "I advise you to fulfill Allah's Convention (made with the Dhimmis) as it is the convention of your Prophet and the source of the livelihood of your dependents (i.e. the taxes from the Dhimmis.) "

Without the Dhimmis or 'People of the Book', Islam would never have been able to support itself. The Moslems conquered superior peoples and stole their wealth. Rather simple and straightforward and a program that would surely appeal to the robber-brigandage culture of the illiterate Arabs.

If the Christians or Jews want to avoid the Jizya and inure themselves from plunder and rape they need to convert to Islam. If they don't all of their property can be taken by the Muhammad-Allah cult:


Narrated Abu Huraira:

While we were in the Mosque, the Prophet came out and said, "Let us go to the Jews" We went out till we reached Bait-ul-Midras. He said to them, "If you embrace Islam, you will be safe. You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land. So, if anyone amongst you owns some property, he is permitted to sell it, otherwise you should know that the Earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle."

How is your ego Muhammad? All of the Earth belongs to the apostle of the Meccan moon deity. Wow. Now that denotes a sensible, well-balanced, informed and faith soaked intellect does it not? Don't all 'prophets' wage war until the Earth is theirs? Why did the Arabs follow such an obviously insane psychopath? War, plunder, the theft of property, the allure of sex slaves and many women of course. Before Muhammad's Jihad, Arabia was a backwater, uncivilized, poor, debased. From 4-386 quoted above we have a delegate to the Persians admitting the depraved state of the Arabs:

The other asked, "Who are you?" Al-Mughira replied, "We are some people from the Arabs; we led a hard, miserable, disastrous life: we used to suck the hides and the date stones from hunger; we used to wear clothes made up of fur of camels and hair of goats, and to worship trees and stones.

The Arabs and Moslems still lead a hard miserable life, except for those who can feast on the benefices of Western-discovered oil, or Western-based trading and financial systems. No wonder the near-savages were so enthusiastic to embrace a pagan-fascism which allowed them, under divine auspices, to plunder, kill, rape and acquire wealth. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Aristotle and the Church – a complex relationship.

The Enlightenment- wrong again.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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The 'Enlightenment' detested Aristotle, mostly because Aristotelian theory supported much of Church liturgy and science. To debunk the Church and the entire corpus of Christian Scholasticism which gave rise to both the modern world and science [long before Galileo there was light]; the post-Baroque eras had to dispense with Aristotle. Much of what the Greek sage wrote was of course wrong, and there was precious little experimentation in his work. But his insistence that natural processes and observable facts were a vital part in understanding reality is undeniable. So too was his belief that reason whatever that word may mean and in whatever various forms it may take, could not by itself explain everything in the world around us, especially the miracle of life. It was this latter advancement which so offended the self-proclaimed geniuses of the Enlightenment.

Aristotle maintained that there could only be one world and one planet with life which contained a conscious being, namely ourselves. Most of the ancient Greek philosophers, excluding Epicurus [only material processes exist] and Democritus [everything is chaotic atoms], knew that the complexity of life could not arise by chance, and that the complexity of variables which form life, reality and even our own consciousness would not arise randomly. The modern belief that atoms crashing around in some material-naturalist process turning mud into the medical professional is hardly new. It is a pagan concept as old as philosophy.

The Church and the 'West' knew all about Aristotle long in advance of the modern era, as the 4th century writings of St. Augustine, and the 5th century essays by Boethius make clear. Byzantium, the great Christian center of learning with the world's most advanced corpus of learning and science, was in constant cultural, military and trade contact with the West dating from the time of Justinian [early 6th century]. Transmission of Greek and Roman texts was a long, tedious and painful process, from Byzantium westwards but it occurred long before the Saracen invasions and destruction.

Within the Church between the time of St. Augustine [circa 400 AD] and St. Thomas Aquinas [circa 1240 AD], we find that there were 3 basic reactions to Aristotle's ideas. St. Augustine and his followers adamantly rejected all of Aristotelian naturalism as anathema to the Christian idea of an immanent and all-powerful God. St. Thomas and his disciples cautiously embraced Aristotelian theory and Christianized it. A third group with Siger of Brabant at its head, enthusiastically received Aristotelian ideas and propounded them as superior to much of Church doctrine. The Enlightenment idea that the Church uniformly and without reservation accepted Aristotle’s various theories about naturalism, is of course quite false.

There is plenty within Aristotelian theology which is wrong and undeniably absurd including concepts such as a stationary Earth, a 3 layered cosmos, evolution, fixed geo-centricity, incorrect ideas about atmospheric chemical composition etc. However, one should not apply modern knowledge and even techniques to a man and his academy which existed 2300 years ago. In this vein the reaction of the Church to Aristotle's ideas strikes the observer as both normal, and commendable. After thought, experimentation, and inquiry some within the Church accepted part of Aristotle’s very large corpus of work. Others rejected some aspects of it. A few either imbibed all of it, or dispensed with the entire lot of it.

I see nothing irrational in any of this. It demonstrates a healthy regard for both debate and rational investigation. This of course destroys the Enlightenment myth that the Church in-toto, slavering, spitting, dumb and unclean, accepted Aristotle. It certainly did not, especially the musings that were entirely materialistic and naturalistic including evolution. And it was the Church and its scientists who uncovered the basic laws of science, including long before Galileo, mean speed theorems, gravity, rotational speed of the Earth [see the writings of Pope Sylvester II in 999]; and heliocentricity. Aristotelian ideas were part of the investigation of nature, matter, reality and the immaterial. They were neither preeminent within Church doctrine, nor were they rejected. They were analyzed, dissected, some Aristotelian ideas were accepted, some discarded. This appears to be entirely rational.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

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From Epicurus to Galileo, atomism and materialism.

Materialism is a theology which directly attacks religious faith.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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Wiker is his book on Science and the Church [The Catholic Church and Science], makes the important point that Aristotle's observations were in the main defended by the Church, because they were opposed to the atomism and materialism of the Greek secularists, those who saw in nature, and 'reason' [whatever reason may mean, there are many variations of 'reason']; all the answers to existence.

...Epicurus [4th century BC].....materialism eliminated both religion and fear of the god's punishment, for at death...our atoms disassociate and we exist no longer...Epicurus identified the good with the physically pleasurable...and evil with what is physically painful...”

Epicurus was a formative influence in the poorly named 'Enlightenment'.

Lucretius his intellectual slave was little better. Wiker:

Lucretius furthered the development of Epicurean materialism.....and adds a theory of generation of all living things by the random association of material atomic particles – a Darwinian-type evolutionary theory about 2000 years before Darwin. As with Epicurus, the goal was to remove the need for God the creator.”

Wiker makes the important point that Galileo who ran afoul of the Church supposedly for teaching helio-centricity [a myth] was an atomist-materialist, in direct contradiction to Church belief. If Galileo had only proposed Copernican ideas as worthy of study, he would have had no trouble. Copernicus' system was of course as cumbersome as that of the Ptolemaic. It was Kepler, not Copernicus who discovered the mathematics to the support elliptical orbits of the planets. Until Kepler it was an open debate which system made more sense – the Ptolemaic embedded in the University and academic system – or the newer proposition by Copernicus which still did not account for the actual movements of the planets.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

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"The Catholic Church and Science" by Benjamin Wiker

Aristotle vs Atomism

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

One of the reasons that the Enlightenment was so hostile to a lot of Aristotelian theory, was that Aristotle opposed atomism and materialism. This offended the secular-'humanists' [Atheists], who demanded in various theorems that the material world, as identified by rationalist [positivism, where the mind is the only reality]; could explain everything. There was no need for many of these 'Enlightened' thinkers for a God, supernaturality, miracles or 'complexity'. Nature or its material dialecticism could explain everything.

There is of course plenty wrong about much of what Aristotle said. However, he was strongly and correctly in my view, of the opinion that reason itself had many issues and a definable limit. For example is the 'rationalism' of Epicurus [materialism] from the 4th century BC, reconcilable with the 'rationalism' of say Pythagoras [everything is mathematical], Democritus [everything is chaotic atomism]; Marxism [history is great sweeping materialistic phases]; or Atheism [reason is a by product of chance and chaos] ? Aristotle knew that rational theologies were not only corrupt, often-times weak in their logic, but open to divisive debate and censure.

As Wiker states, 'Nominalism' [from the Latin word to name] is a rationalist theology which believes that nothing is real. Nominalists conclude that the name cat is artificially affixed to a creature with a cell agglomeration which is in the shape of what our mind calls a cat. But that name is not real, neither really is the cat. It is just a lump of atoms. This 'relativity' is often embraced by the great and good as the highest form of 'rationalism'. It is nothing new. Nominalism was around in 300 BC and rejected by Aristotle. Cats are distinct creatures, and are not dogs. If you can't make that distinction you are simply a lunatic.

The Church therefore sided with Aristotle during the Middle Ages starting in the 4th century to stand against atomism, materialism which by their own logic, preclude the spiritual, a soul, the Eucharist and the entire canon of Church belief. Wiker makes this important point and this is the key reason why 'Enlightenment' 'thinkers', are so hostile to Aristotle and so contemptuous of Medieval Church Scholasticism. They desire to eradicate Church canonical liturgy and replace it with atomistic materialism as espoused by Epicurus who was in vogue in the 17th and 18th centuries and Atheist-Darwinism which builds on Epicurus' ideas and demands that you believe nothing created everything by magical processes of naturalism.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Mein Hadith, the Jizya head-tax, plunder and attracting followers.

No Jihad, no followers, no Meccan moon cult.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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Islam was spread by conquest and in particular, by the lure of the spoils of war. The cult around Muhammad was only affirmed and deepened when he started handing out war booty. Thus was Jihad the central pillar of Islam. Without war and the distribution of plunder, no one would have joined Muhammad's cult.

The Jizya tax on Infidels is of course a tribute payment, or plunder to be taken from non-Moslems. This tribute payment is a ransom which protects the non-Moslems conquered by Muhammad's cult, from further Jihad predations. If the non-Moslems join the cult, they don't have to pay this head-tax. Historically this was one important reason why non-Moslems 'converted' to the Meccan moon cult.


Narrated 'Amr bin 'Auf Al-Ansari:

(who was an ally of Bam 'Amr bin Lu'ai and one of those who had taken part in (the Ghazwa of) Badr): Allah's Apostle sent Abu 'Ubaida bin Al-Jarreh to Bahrain to collect the Jizya. Allah's Apostle had established peace with the people of Bahrain and appointed Al-'Ala' bin Al-Hadrami as their governor. When Abu 'Ubaida came from Bahrain with the money, the Ansar heard of Abu 'Ubaida's arrival which coincided with the time of the morning prayer with the Prophet.

Jews and Christians can live under Moslem rule if they pay the Jizya poll tax and resign themselves to be second-class knaves under Moslem oppression, existing at the pleasure of Moslems.


Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

Umar bin Al-Khattab expelled all the Jews and Christians from the land of Hijaz. Allah's Apostle after conquering Khaibar, thought of expelling the Jews from the land which, after he conquered it belonged to Allah, Allah's Apostle and the Muslims. But the Jews requested Allah's Apostle to leave them there on the condition that they would do the labor and get half of the fruits (the land would yield). Allah's Apostle said, "We shall keep you on these terms as long as we wish." Thus they stayed till the time of 'Umar's Caliphate when he expelled them to Taima and Ariha.

Muhammad distributed booty to attract followers to his cult. Obviously to obtain booty, war and brigandage were and are necessary. No war, no booty, no cult members.


Narrated Anas bin Malik:

When Allah favored His Apostle with the properties of Hawazin tribe as Fai (booty), he started giving to some Quarries men even up to one-hundred camels each, whereupon some Ansari men said about Allah's Apostle, "May Allah forgive His Apostle! He is giving to (men of) Quraish and leaves us, in spite of the fact that our swords are still dropping blood (of the infidels)" When Allah's Apostle was informed of what they had said, he called the Ansar and gathered them...Allah's Apostle replied, I give to such people as are still close to the period of Infidelity (i.e. they have recently embraced Islam and Faith is still weak in their hearts).

Islam was formed in the immorality of war, Jihad, plunder, rape and supremacist annihilation of the Pagans, Jews and Christians. For a Westerner with an advanced Liberal arts degrees, this proves that Islam is peace.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

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Mein Hadith - Join Muhammad's cult and get your 'fair share' of booty and property

No need for the Golden Rule. Just the rule of the sword.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Most Western quackademics and cultural Marxist media personalities, know nothing about Islam. One of the main reasons the Moslem cult spread out of Medina and conquered Arabia and beyond was the attraction of pillage and sex-slavery. Mein Hadith are full of accounts of 'booty', 'spoils', 'armour' [another word for spoil in Arabic]; women, slaves and money taken from those conquered. I don't remember Christ leading Jihad expeditions of plundering brigands and sex-addled misogynists, though surely Phd's exist which prove just that [complete with computer code and 'models'].

Muhammad takes camels [a valuable asset] as war – booty:


Narrated Nafi from Ibn Umar:

Allah's Apostle sent a Sariya [armed force] towards Najd, and Abdullah bin 'Umar was in the Sariya. They gained a great number of camels as war booty. The share of each one of them was twelve or eleven camels, and they were given an extra camel each.

Keep the key warriors happy with their 'fair share' of the booty:


Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

Allah's Apostle used to give extra share to some of the members of the Sariya he used to send, in addition to the shares they shared with the army in general.

Only the Ghazi or warriors of Jihad share in the plunder:


Narrated Abu Musa:

.."Allah's Apostle has sent us here and ordered us to stay here, so you too, stay with us." We stayed with him till we all left (Ethiopia) and met the Prophet at the time when he had conquered Khaibar. He gave us a share from its booty (or gave us from its booty). He gave only to those who had taken part in the Ghazwa with him. but he did not give any share to any person who had not participated in Khaibar's conquest except the people of our ship, besides Ja'far and his companions, whom he gave a share as he did them (i.e. the people of the ship).

Muhammad is warned to make sure the men are happy with their share of the plunder.....


Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah:

While Allah's Apostle was distributing the booty at Al-Ja'rana, somebody said to him "Be just (in your distribution)." The Prophet replied, "Verily I would be miserable if I did not act justly."

Join Muhammad's cult, kill an Unbeliever ape and pig; obtain some spoils, buy property, join the wealthy.......


Narrated Abu Qatada:

We set out in the company of Allah's Apostle on the day (of the battle) of Hunain. ....After the people returned, the Prophet sat and said, "Anyone who has killed an enemy and has a proof of that, will posses his spoils.....So, Allah's Apostle gave the spoils to me. I sold that armor (i.e. the spoils) and with its price I bought a garden at Bani Salima, and this was my first property which I gained after my conversion to Islam.

Ah the benefits of Muhammadan cult membership. Divine sanction to kill pagans, Jews, and Christians; 4 wives, unlimited Infidel sex-slaves; booty, pillage and property. Not to mention 72 virgins in the Moslem heaven in an afterlife flowing with wine and water.....No moral theology needed here. Just the attractions of the material and physical.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

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St. Thomas Aquinas, reason, faith and Aristotle.

A remarkable theologian and philosopher who is still very relevant.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the rarest and most brilliant intellects in history. He was a mental polymath, conversant in theology, philosophy, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, astronomy and pagan knowledge [referred to by the Enlightenment as the 'Classics'.] Aquinas was recognized in the 13th century as a formidable intellect in an age of burgeoning real-science, experimentation, advances in math and astronomy, and a plethora of urban and ecclesiastical building. Trade was both lengthened and deepened; inventions in industry, agriculture, masonry, finance, shipping and military arms, marks out the era as one of rapid progress. Indeed the 4 centuries from roughly 900-1300 manifested the greatest increase in prosperity for the average human in history, until our own modern era.

The Catholic genius and his works are hard to master for the average modern layman. He is not an easy read. In summary we can say that Aquinas basically Christianizes Aristotle. Importantly he provides a concept of natural science, in marrying observation to experimentation and measurement, that is totally absent from Greek-Roman metaphysics. He does so to support his view that reason cannot explain all of life and certainly not the immaterial. Reason supports faith. This is called Thomist or Thomism philosophy.

I would state that Aristotle was of course wrong on many issues [see here for eg]. He was in the main a materialist and naturalist which by itself is neutral. However, unlike the Christian Scholastics of Aquinas' era in the early 13th century, Aristotle did no real scientific work. For example he claimed the earth did not move. Basic astrology/astronomy, buttressed by known mathematics in 330 BC would have allowed him to hypothesize that the earth does indeed move – and quite rapidly. The tools were available to either support or to put into doubt his own hypothesis. Within Aristotelian theory there is no known process of experimentation, testing, hypothesis refutation, observational evidence and conclusions leading to a new or improved hypothesis. Methods of science would not arrive until the age of Aquinas.

Aquinas is usually portrayed as a follower of Aristotle. This is nonsense. He was a Catholic theologian who uses Aristotle’s ideas to further support Christianity and he is especially focused on real science and methods of discovering the laws, secrets, and order of the natural world. This is the only sensible way to look at his work. During the medieval era Greek philosophical ideas in all areas had been known and debated since the time of Boethius in the 5th century. Another lie by the Marxist multiculti cult is that 'Aristotle's naturalism', or his apparent demand that you look into nature for scientific reasons as to why natural phenomena occur [no need for Zeus, Hera etc.]; only seeped into a 'dark' Europe in the 10th century via Islamic Spain, itself a nightmare of oppression, raids, intellectual suppression and Christian-hate. This is utter bunk and a-historical rewriting to support the rather insipid claim that a totalitarian cult from Mecca was somehow 'enlightened', to use the 'secular-humanist's' [Marxist-anti human] favourite term. Aristotle did not practice real science and medieval Europe was well aware of his naturalism as meagre as it truly was long before the arrival of Muhammad's cult.

The power of Thomism is that reason leads to faith; and faith supports this journey of reason to realms beyond the material. In other words, it is a sad, sorry existence if you believe that only matter is real and that all matter is some chance occurrence, randomly producing complexity. [From Étienne Gilson's The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas (pgs. 37-55)]

This transcendent influence of Faith upon Reason is an essential fact which it is important to understand, if the true features of Thomistic philosophy are to be preserved. ..This enables us to understand the admirable unity of the philosophical and the theological work of St. Thomas. It is impossible to pretend that a mind of this temper is not fully conscious of its aim. Even in the commentaries on Aristotle, his mind always knows where it is going, and there too, it works towards the doctrine of Faith, not as an explanation, but as a completion and counterpoise of mental balance. And yet one may say that St. Thomas works in the full and clear consciousness of never appealing to arguments not strictly rational, for if Faith acts upon Reason, his Reason, supported and fertilised by his Faith, does not, for all that, cease to perform purely rational operations and to assert conclusions, based only on the evidence of first principles common to all human minds.”

Faith is no enemy of reason. Indeed reason and faith are co-joined. This is one reason why the greatest scientists in history, have been deists. There is no conflict between believing in the immaterial as well as the material.

At this point we find the reconciliation of the extreme distrust of human Reason the contempt even which St. Thomas sometimes displays towards it, with the keen taste he always retained for dialectical discussions and arguments. For when it is a question of attaining to an object which its very essence renders inaccessible to us, our Reason shows itself powerless and defective in all respects. No one was ever more convinced of this insufficiency than St. Thomas.”

Naturalism by itself, as a science, has many limitations. It cannot for example explain 'why'. Why is a single cell so complex? Yes certainly I can discover its complexity using science. But now I ask myself why do 100 Trillion of these cells co-joined in marvellous complexity, exist at all and how could these many-to-many dependencies and interactions exist by naturalist chance ?

Naturalism has never answered the question Why?. And it never will.  

Friday, November 14, 2014

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Michael Coren: 'Hatred; Islam's war on Christianity'. Stating the obvious.

The Moslem Jihad of 1400 years against Christianity, is only news to the ignorant.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Robert Spencer has a post about a book I just bought but have not yet read, from Canadian-Brit Michael Coren named, 'Hatred; Islam's war on Christianity'. Pithy and appropriate title. As a cult, Islam is in part dedicated to the destruction of Christianity. So too were the Nazi and Communist cults – both of which were premised in large part on Evolution and of course Atheistic 'science'. In both totalitarianisms Christians were killed for opposing the 'science' of the state, namely Darwin's Natural Selection in Germany; and Lysenko's Larmarckian Evolution and state-perfection of man thereby, in Russia. Within Islam 'science' is not used to kill Christians but a supremacist theology certainly is. Christians are derided in Mein Koran as 'People of the Book' [a pejorative term, not one of admiration as propagated by the clueless media]; and in 1600 verses of violence, Moslems are adjured to hate, avoid, attack, dominate, enslave, rape and kill them. The Hadith are no better.

Coren has a well-viewed TV show which dedicates part of its air-time to Moslem attacks on Christians. He is unique in having the courage to do this. Coren was a little late in realizing that Islam was the biggest threat to Christianity, outside of the state and Atheism. I remember discussing with him some years ago the cult of Islam, and he felt that dialogue was indeed possible with Moslems. Now apparently he has seen the light and realizes that the theological texts, the Moslem liturgy, its history of Jihad, the story of its founder; make dialogue not only impossible, but dangerous since it conveys weakness and appeasement.

Spencer on Coren's book:

The bitter irony is that the chimera of Muslim-Christian dialogue is what has kept all too many Christian leaders in the West from speaking out against the ever-growing horror of Muslim persecution of Christians worldwide. In his brief but thorough new book, Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity, Michael Coren lays out the whole gruesome and dreadful story: how Islamic law mandates second-class status for Christians and an ongoing, legally sanctioned level of harassment and persecution; how Muslims who persecute Christians today are scrupulously following these directives, which are considered to be the law of Allah himself; and how Christians today are suffering levels of persecution not seen since the days when Christianity was a despised and outlawed sect in the Roman Empire – and in some cases, contemporary Muslims make the ancient Romans look like tolerant multiculturalists.

Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Africa and elsewhere – virtually everywhere that Christians live among Muslims today, Coren shows in Hatred that Muslims are persecuting their Christian neighbors. In Syria and Iraq, Coren details how this persecution has reached such a level that Christian communities that have lived in those countries since the time of Christ have been completely decimated – killed, forcibly converted, or driven into exile – and are likely never to return.”

Islamic Jihad. 1400 years of Christian-hate and war. Don't expect it to stop because some witless politician or media moron drones on about the 'real Islam'. The 'real Islam' is Mein Koran. Read it. Decide for yourself how tolerant and multi-cultural it is. We need more books like Coren's latest. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Moslem Hell-fire, science, medicine, burning of Infidels and the Magnificent 19

Malik won't save the 'Peoples of the Book'....

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Moslem science. There are 4 seasons because the “Hell-fire” agent asked the moon deity for vacation time. This would make Muhammad a climate-change scientist, perhaps the first in history:


Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "The (Hell) Fire complained to its Lord saying, 'O my Lord! My different parts eat up each other.' So, He allowed it to take two breaths, one in the winter and the other in summer, and this is the reason for the severe heat and the bitter cold you find (in weather)."

Moslem medicine. Your 39.5C temperature arises from the fires of Hell. Cool yourself with some water. That should heel the viruses and bacteria conspiring against your body.


Narrated Rafi bin Khadij:

I heard the Prophet saying, "Fever is from the heat of the (Hell) Fire; so cool it with water."

Moslem natural physics. Fire for cooking or heating, is precisely composed 70% of hell-fire. So spaketh the great man Muhammad, who today would be declared to be not only a prophet, but a 'scientist'. Said fire is better used as a mechanism to kill Unbelievers.


Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "Your (ordinary) fire is one of 70 parts of the (Hell) Fire." Someone asked, "O Allah's Apostle This (ordinary) fire would have been sufficient (to torture the unbelievers)," Allah's Apostle said, "The (Hell) Fire has 69 parts more than the ordinary (worldly) fire, each part is as hot as this (worldly) fire."

But the real point of 'fire' is to use its heat, to torture Infidels, Jews and Christians. Non-Moslems are fodder for the fire. This is called Moslem charity.


Narrated Yali:

That he heard the Prophet on the pulpit reciting:-- "They will cry: "O Malik!' (43.77) (Malik is the gate-keeper (angel) of the (Hell) Fire.)”

Surely the mainstream media, quackademics and Moslem lovers know their Malik? 'They' in 4:488 are of course the hated Jews and Christians. 'O Malik' is their cry for mercy. Malik in Islamic liturgy is the door keeper of Hell, and he is a part of the 'magnificent 19' who were enshrined in Islamic lore by the 19 perpetrators of 9-11. These 19 angels including Malik will watch over and guard Moslems, but they will destroy or toss into the hell-fire Jews and Christians.

"Over it [gates to hell] are nineteen. And We have not made the guardians of the Fire except angels. And We have made their number only as a trial for the unbelievers - in order that the People of the Book may be certain and that the believers may increase in faith, and so that the People of the Book and the believers would not doubt, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the unbelievers would say, 'What example does Allah intend by this?' Thus does Allah leave to stray whom he pleases and guides whom He pleases. And none can know the soldiers of your Lord except He. And this is nothing other than a warning to mankind."
[Muddaththir, 74: 30-31]

Malik and the other 19 will get rid of the Unbelievers, who are 'diseased'. 'Peoples of the Book' are doomed to eternal hellfire. This is why they will cry out to Malik asking for mercy. None will be given.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Collins and Christian-Catholic Culture in the West

The 10th century was critical and it was very Catholic.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Australian historian Paul Collins in his work The Birth of The West makes the claim that the 10th century formed European identity and was based upon the firm foundation of both Christianity and Romanic-Gallic culture. There is little to dispute this claim. The antecedents of the 10th century European expansion, in which by 1000 AD Europe was supreme in every aspect of world affairs, was of course laid much earlier. Yet the 10th century was crucial to the creation of the modern world – a fact which by itself destroys the idea that Islam or any other pagan-totalitarian culture created much of anything.

Between the takeover of the Roman empire by Germanic groups [there was no fall], and the Moslem invasions [which led to a contraction absurdly called by Marxist-Enlightenment theologians as a Dark Age]; European culture became an admixture of the old [Roman-Greek] and the new [Christian-Rational]. As Collins relates:

Boethius (ca. 475–ca. 526), a brilliant philosopher, politician, and translator of Aristotle, who exercised the strongest influence on medieval education. He was interested in the Quadrivium, and his translations of Aristotle’s logical and mathematical works and his own theological works were used for the next millennium. The final influence on medieval education was Bishop Isidore of Seville (ca. 560–636), who studied at the cathedral school of Seville in the Visigothic period a century before the Muslim invasion. Like Gerbert, [Pope Sylvester II], he was fascinated by knowledge and compiled the Etymologiae... “

In the 10th century a Pope and polymath born in poverty became a standard bearer for European success and progress. Pope Sylvester II was an inventor, musician, astronomer, writer, mathematician and a reforming theologian. Men like Sylvester are not formed in 'dark ages'. It might be remarked that weak Popes like the current Francis, are. Sylvester and other well educated clergy knew all about Aristotle [who was usually wrong] and ancient learning, some of it useful, much of it not.

...influenced by Boethius’s De arithmatica is clear from his correspondence with his friend Constantine of Fleury concerning superparticular numbers, the arithmetic relationship of two sequential numbers where the dividend equals the divisor plus one. [Pope Sylvester II] Gerbert’s interest here was derived from music; such calculations are useful in understanding harmony.”

Gerbert also taught logic and rhetoric, introducing students to “the poets with whom he thought they ought to be made acquainted, expounding and teaching the poets Virgil, Statius and Terence, the satirists Juvenal, Persius and Horace, and the historian Lucan. When the students had been familiarized with these authors and trained in the modes of expression, he promoted them to the study of rhetoric.” Gerbert wrote a commentary on Aristotle and was very much influenced by Cicero, who linked rhetoric to integrity of character.”

What does Collins say about Christianity and the modern world today? He correctly surmises that a post-Christian world will lead to decline, but that we are not yet there. The reason is that Christianity is so embedded into reason, science, culture, laws and mores; that it is difficult to expunge from the Western consciousness.

Our culture was born in the tenth century. The driving force of that birth was Western Christianity, more specifically Catholicism. The church was the cohesive driver that bound together the disparate elements that make up our cultural inheritance and was the energy that drove the process forward. Today we stand at a crossroads in Western culture, caught up as we are in a seemingly inexorable movement toward globalism, multiculturalism, and internationalism. There is a strong impetus today to deny our cultural roots altogether, or at least to pretend that we live in a kind of “post-Christian [world]”.

Collins is right, even if he is a little optimistic. Cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, the fetishes of relativity, sexual confusion, militant ascientific Atheism [from nothing there is everything], Islam-Is-Peace [so too was Communism and Nazism]; amongst other cult doctrines [plant food causes weather so save us almighty state]; have the ability to create a post-Christian world. Looking around at reality it is rather evident that this anti-Western culture is in the ascendant. It does not bode well for the future. 

Saturday, November 08, 2014

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The Meccan Moon Cult is saturated with slavery, violence, hate, supremacism, death.

You won't find out the truth about the Moon cult if the lamebrain media is your source.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Western lamestream, lamebrain media are always shocked when Moslems, quoting the Koran, perform deeds of barbarism worthy of their Arab-Moslem ancestors. The big brains are quick to assert that these Moslems are not really Moslems just angry impoverished freedom fighters who enjoy cutting off heads, raping women, selling Christian girls into sex-slavery and demolishing non Moslem artefacts, monuments, churches and villages. Political Imams rush to assure the peasants that they know the Koran better than the Koran worshipping moon cult devotees and that Islam preaches love of women, Christians, Jews and a respect for non-Moslem culture. The reality of 1400 years is of course precisely the opposite.

Slave trading:

Non-Muslims cannot own Muslim slaves. Ali-ilah would never approve of this. However, Moslems are given the right to own slaves, and some 10 million Whites and 15 million Blacks were enslaved by the Meccan moon cult in 1400 years. Many good books recount this slave trade in Whites and Blacks by Moslems.

Sura 33.50 also grants Mohammed and Muslims the right to own slaves:

O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those [slaves] whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her -- specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”


Women are slaves for Moslem men. Sex slaves if they are Infidel women. Polygamous slaves if they are Moslem women. Daughters are slaughtered if they disobey the Father.

Women are stupid!

Bukhari (48:826) – An oft-stated Koranic 'fact'. Women are dumb according to Mohammed and their ideas are not comparable to that of men.

Women are things to be traded!

Bukhari (58:125) – Females can and should be bought and sold and traded. In this verse a male Muslim with two wives offers a friend a choice of one of the two. Just like shopping I suppose. Muhammad then arranges a wedding banquet. How tolerant and caring.

A Woman is simply her vagina!

Bukhari (62:81) – Nikah or the marriage contract is mainly about the use of the vagina. Or so says Mohammed.

Christianophobia in the Koran:

Nazism and Islam are the 2 most anti-Christian cults in history. Islam is in part, a cult dedicated to the extirpation of Christians. Jihad and Christianophobia is clearly identified in the Koran, in over 1600 verses, as being a 'pillar' of the cult.

O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers and unjust).

The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.

Jew hate in the Koran:

Eradicating the Jew is another great plank in the Moslem cult's platform. Racism redounds in Mein Koran, eclipsing the Jew-hate one finds in Mein Kampf. Jews are apes or pigs, destined to be slaughtered in this life and burning in hell in the next.

Say: "Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from God? those who incurred the curse of God and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil; - these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!"

Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for God is Exalted in Power, Wise.

And on the Day that the Unbelievers will be placed before the Fire, (It will be said to them): "Ye received your good things in the life of the world, and ye took your pleasure out of them: but today shall ye be recompensed with a Penalty of humiliation: for that ye were arrogant on earth without just cause, and that ye (ever) transgressed."

Muhammad as war leader:

As a leader he was a totalitarian pagan-fascist in the true sense of those words. The Koran – his invention – is garbled, intolerant, Jihadic, contradictory and tautologically irrational. In Muhammad's deranged mind he is the Allah thing.

The key to Muhammad is that he must be viewed for what he was – a political-military adventurer, a blood thirsty murdering tyrant and a pagan cult leader. He was one of thousands in the world during the 7th century to form and lead a cult, inspired supposedly by some celestial power – the sun, the moon, a star, the rain, the thunder-god, the sky-god, or perhaps by the earth goddess.

Quackademics, Western political Imams, the lamestream media will never tell you the truth about the intolerant, fascist Jihadic cult of Mecca. I daresay most Moslems are just as ignorant.  

Thursday, November 06, 2014

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Moslems in Iraq selling Yezidi and Christian girls, under 10, for up $170 each, as sex slaves

Islam demands sex slavery, sexual violence against young girls.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Non Moslem women and female children are by Sharia and Koranic law; open for rape, sex-slavery and harem duty. Muhammad's exalted example makes this clear. Non Moslem women are sex toys which the 'right hand' of Moslem men 'own' and can do with as they please. Islam is in part, a sex cult for male Moslems. As written before a woman in Islam is a thing, not a human.

Worse the Koran openly advocates sex with pre-pubescent slave girls and sex with slave girls is encouragedKoranic verses 4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50 & 70.30 allow a Muslim man to have sex with slave girls. A slave girl can be bought or acquired by killing infidels and capturing their wives and daughters.

Why then is anyone but Western Marxists surprised that ISIS following Koranic 'law' is selling NON-MOSLEM girls under the age of 10 into sex slavery.

IBT Times: 'Shocking' that ISIS is selling little girls for up to $170 as Sex slaves....

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

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The Birth of the West: Rome, Germany, France, the Creation of Europe in the 10th Century P. Collins

So much for the myth of Al-Andalus and 'tolerant' Moslem Spain

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

An insightful look into 10th century Europe. It is my contention that by 900 AD Europe was the richest, best-fed, best-educated and most agriculturally productive geographic entity in the world. It was 'Christendom' which formed the modern world, developed technology and science, and allowed freedom to come to the fore of the political-economy. Free-will, free-association, freedom of speech, free assembly, and the mandate to use rationality only arose in Christendom – no where else.

Collins would likely agree with this assessment. Some interesting facts from the 10th century on why and how Christendom saved the world.

in the tenth century probably less than 25 percent of European land was owned by the church and monastic orders and that kings and magnates controlled 40 percent or more. Ordinary people owned about 30 to 35 percent, but the constant insecurity and chaos meant that they were still subservient to the local strongman because they needed his protection.

The Secular state was always more powerful than the Church and incessantly desired its subservience to state power.

Italy seems to have been an irresistibly attractive prize for the Germans. It was not only the warmer climate and brighter light, the economic prosperity and the developed resources, particularly in northern Italy, that attracted them. It was also the influence the emperors could exercise over the papacy, which indirectly gave them even more power over the church in Germany.

and: retaining their educational role, monasteries in the ninth century had become increasingly secularized owing to their social and economic clout. Patrick J. Corish points out, “They became associated with the established major dynasties, and in consequence became centers of secular power.....Monastic armies fought with kings and against kings.

Yet the benefices of monasticism, Church technological developments, public and court schools, medicine, hospitals and even the idea of peace-days in which war was outlawed, all added magnificently to the heritage and expansion of Christendom.

Irish monks who “saved civilization” and learning in the West, a project that continued through the Carolingian period and on into the tenth century. The ability to reform itself was one of monasticism’s great strengths, and one of the great reforms of Western monasticism emanated from the monastery of Cluny in southern Burgundy and spread across Western Europe in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Irish monks preserved Latin and Greek learning well before the great days of Muslim al-Andalus, and these same monks, from the seventh century onward, spread that learning and culture across Continental Europe and England via their missionary work.

And what of the poverty of the Moslem-fascist political project in Spain?

In traditional Islam there was no clear separation of what today we would call religion and the state. The key question of who should lead the community was left unanswered. At first the caliphs saw themselves as the successors of Muhammad. They claimed “to be khalifat allāh....vice regents of God. They assumed the protection and endowment of Muslim worship, the organization of mosques and the defence of the pilgrimage. They claimed authority in legal and doctrinal...

Islam, isolated and convinced of its own superiority, felt it had nothing to learn from Christian Europe. We will return to this knowledge transmission when we consider Gerbert of Aurillac. All of this suggests the need for a more nuanced appreciation of al-Andalus. In the end the greatness of Moorish Spain was something of a mixed blessing.

al-Andalus simply wasn’t the kind of tolerant paradise that Lewis imagines, especially for Christians. It was a highly stratified society with a strict demarcation of roles, including for a period the wearing of identifying badges for Jews and Christians. Mozarabic Catholics were cowed, second-class citizens in what had originally been their own country.

Catholics and Jews were constantly reminded of their second-class status. They were dhimmi, “protected ones,” or “people of the book.” Dhimmi were granted a special residential status to live in Muslim-dominated countries in return for paying jizya, a poll and land tax. Generally, there was no outright persecution of Christians until the time of the vicious dictator al-Mansūr (976–1002).

the hadith (sayings ascribed to Muhammad) says, as “the one who fights for the faith of Allah” than of actually gaining territory. Over the course of Abd al-Rahmān’s campaigns against the Christians, he achieved some victories. One Moorish chronicler says that after a battle in July 920 at Valdejunquera, southwest of Pamplona, there were so many heads of the Christian dead to take back to Córdoba to set up around the city walls that the mule trains could not carry them.

And, Al-Andalus was far from an open, tolerant society even for Muslims.

Anyone who has studied the disaster of Moslem Spain – the millions killed, dispossessed, or taken as sex chattel; the forcible conversions, the endless raids against Infidels, obscene taxes on non-Moslems, the lies about how large or grand Cordoba was; knows the above to be true. The Reconquista which was effectively over in 1250 except for the statelet of Granada which paid a ransom to survive, is one of the greatest epics in Western history.

At least Collins has the intelligence and factual confidence to impart the truth. 

Monday, November 03, 2014

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Muhammad the ever generous divider of booty and pillage.....

Allah or Baal, made it legal for Moslems to plunder and steal.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

War, plunder and 'booty' are common themes in Mein Koran and Mein Hadith. The Hadith by Bukhari are especially interested in the distribution of spoils from the Moslem Jihad. Muhammad often-times remarked [according to these Hadith], that Allah or Baal the Lord [ilah] of Mecca; had made pillage and plunder 'legal' for Moslems. Muhammad of course always took 'his fair share', as demanded by his family deity Baal [Allah]. How convenient.

Plunder is legal and Muhammad's miracle confirms it.


So, the prophet carried out the expedition and when he reached that town at the time or nearly at the time of the 'Asr prayer, he said to the sun, 'O sun! You are under Allah's Order and I am under Allah's Order O Allah! Stop it (i.e. the sun) from setting.' It was stopped till Allah made him victorious.

....The Prophet added: Then Allah saw our weakness and disability, so he made booty legal for us."

Save some of the plunder for future generations of moon-cult followers:


Narrated Aslam:

'Umar said, "Were it not for those Muslims who have not come to existence yet, I would have distributed (the land of) every town I conquer among the fighters as the Prophet distributed the land of Khaibar."

Fight not just for booty, but most importantly for Allah and Muhammad.


Narrated Abu Musa Al-Ashari:

A bedouin asked the Prophet, "A man may fight for the sake of booty, and another may fight so that he may be mentioned by the people, and a third may fight to show his position (i.e. bravery); which of these regarded as fighting in Allah's Cause?" The Prophet said, "He who fights so that Allah's Word (i.e. Islam) should be superior, fights for Allah's Cause."

Muhammad's family gets special attention and exemptions when it comes to Jihad and booty.


Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

'Uthman did not join the Badr battle because he was married to one of the daughters of Allah's Apostle and she was ill. So, the Prophet said to him. "You will get a reward and a share (from the war booty) similar to the reward and the share of one who has taken part in the Badr battle."

Convert to Muhammad's cult and reap the rewards.


Narrated Marwan bin Al-Hakim and Miswar bin Makhrama:

When the Hawazin delegation came to Allah's Apostle after they had embraced Islam and requested him to return their properties and war prisoners to them, Allah's Apostle said, "To me the best talk is the truest, so you may choose either of two things; the war prisoners or the wealth, for I have delayed their distribution."

How generous of the great man Muhammad.

It should be noted however, that Prophets of a 'religion' do not lead war expeditions, rape, murder, steal and distribute the profits made from war. Nice cult Islam.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

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5:32 and the lies of Moslems and their allies

Islam is an intolerant cult.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Moslem geniuses and their massive-big brain friends in the West, most of whom have never read Mein Koran or Mein Hadith; usually reference 2 Koranic sources to prove that Islam is peace. The first Koranic resource is 2:256 or the no-compulsion in religion apocrypha. If you bother to read the entirety of chapter 2, you will find out that their is plenty of compulsion in Islam. The quoted sentence fragment in 2:256 is followed by a long sordid denunciation of those who deny Islam. Chapter or Sura 2 is one of the most intolerant in the Koran and targets Christians and Jews for destruction. Witness 2:257


Allah is the Wali (Protector or Guardian) of those who believe. He brings them out from darkness into light. But as for those who disbelieve, their Auliya (supporters and helpers) are Taghut [false deities and false leaders, etc.], they bring them out from light into darkness. Those are the dwellers of the Fire, and they will abide therein forever.

How kind.

A second verse trotted out by the huge minds is 5:32. Sura 5 like Sura 2, is a long screed of hate-speech and intolerance. But enormous minds with Phds pull out this little fragment and declare that the 1600 verses of Koranic hate speech are per-force null and void.

Here is 5:32: “On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person - unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity.”

Tears on my pillow. 'Spreading mischief in the land', means opposing Islam, denying Muhammad, disbelief that Baal the ilah of Mecca, is 'god'. 'Spreading mischief in the land', means defending yourself against Moslems, fighting the Jihad, and even criticizing Muhammad's cult. Ergo killing those who are 'spreading mischief' is fine.

Anyone who has read Mein Koran knows that Infidel life is not held to be sacred. Infidels, including the old, women and children, can be killed if they oppose Islam or 'spread mischief in the land'.

Sayid ibn Jubayr who lived at the time of Muhammad, and was a companion of Ayesha), said:

.....Sa`id bin Jubayr said, "He who allows himself to shed the blood of a Muslim, is like he who allows shedding the blood of all people. He who forbids shedding the blood of one Muslim, is like he who forbids shedding the blood of all people." In addition, Ibn Jurayj said that Al-A`raj said that Mujahid commented on the Ayah,

We find this in the text Human Beings Should Respect the Sanctity of Other Human Beings written by Tafsir Ibn Kathir, one of the most respected Moslem theologians. Islam is a dichotomous cult. Be nice to Moslems. Dominate, enslave, rape, convert or kill the rest. Simple.

2:256 and 5:32 have about as much to do with accepting and being nice to non-Moslems, as Hitlerian-Evolutionary dogma had with accepting and being kind to Jews and Catholics.  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Jihad is an obligation against any who dare even to criticize the Moon cult.

Jihad is justified in Islam, using the broadest definition possible of those who fight against Islam.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

Sentient people must wonder why Moslem women and children go on Jihad to kill the Infidel ape and pig? Or why Moslems slaughter Infidel women, children, the aged, the crippled, the defenceless? Here is why. A 'scholarly' Shafi’i manual of Islamic law states this about Jihad:

Jihad is also (personally) obligatory for everyone (able to perform it, male or Female, old or young) when the enemy has surrounded the Muslims… A woman too has a choice between fighting or surrendering if she is certain that she will not be subjected to an indecent act if captured. If uncertain that she will be safe from such an act, she is obliged to fight, and surrender is not permissible).”
Jihad is an obligation within Islam even for women and as stated below, children. A sixth pillar of the cult. A fact lost on quackademics, media personalities and sundry experts. From the same Shafi'i manual we learn:
Those called (to perform jihad when it is a command obligation) are every able-bodied man who has reached puberty and is sane. (p. 601)
There are rules of Jihad. For example Moslems must kill children, monks and old men of the infidel, if they are fighting Moslems:
It is not permissible (in jihad) to kill women or children unless they are fighting against the Muslims. Nor is it permissible to kill animals, unless they are being ridden into battle against the Muslims, or killing them will help defeat the enemy. It is permissible to kill old men (old man (shaykh) meaning someone more than forty years of age) and monks. (p. 603)

The 'great brains' of Islamic liturgy, the 'geniuses' who saved the world from a 'Dark Age' which never occurred, concur that not only can women and children participate in Jihad, but Muslims are also permitted to kill those innocents, aged, unarmed monks and women and children who fight against them. Within Islamic jurisprudence war is not the only method Infidel apes and pigs use to fight Moslems. Criticizing the cult, defaming Muhammad, querying the Koran, not following Sharia, or disobeying an Imam is also considered 'fighting against Moslems'.

Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328), was a famous Hanbali jurist who was also called Shaykh-ul-Islam. This supposed Muslim 'scholar' had this to say about the obligatory fact of Jihad:

"Since lawful warfare is essentially jihad and since its aim is that the religion is God’s entirely and God’s word is uppermost, therefore according to all Muslims, those who stand in the way of this aim must be fought. As for those who cannot offer resistance or cannot fight, such as women, children, monks, old people, the blind, handicapped and their likes, they shall not be killed unless they actually fight with words (e.g. by propaganda) and acts (e.g. by spying or otherwise assisting in the warfare)." (Ibn Taymiyyah, in Rudolph Peters, "Jihad in Classical and Modern Islam", [Princeton, NJ.: Markus Wiener, 1996], p. 4 source)

A justifiable Jihad in Islam, includes fighting against anyone who dares to oppose the Moslem cult with weapons, force, words, criticisms, questions, or even indifference to Sharia Law. This broad definition of 'fighting' allows Moslems, with impunity, divinely guided by the moon deity, to slaughter whomever they wish.

Nice cult Islam.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Murder, Jihad, Conquering the enemy - Bukhari and Muhammad's actions of war

What 'prophet' murders, leads Jihad, and eliminates enemies?

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

Full Article

The cult of Islam or Submission is of course a violent non-religious, largely political-social movement. Its founder Muhammad was soaked in blood, sex-slavery, brigandage, theft, Jihad and murder. Consider the following from Bukhari's Hadith, Book 4.

Fight the Infidels, venerate the martyrs:


Narrated Anas:

The people of the tribes of Ril, Dhakwan, 'Usiya and Bani Lihyan came to the Prophet and claimed that they had embraced Islam, and they requested him to support them with some men to fight their own people. The Prophet supported them with seventy men from the Ansar whom we used to call Al-Qurra'(i.e. Scholars) who (out of piety) used to cut wood during the day and pray all the night. So, those people took the (seventy) men till they reached a place called Bi'r-Ma'ana where they betrayed and martyred them. So, the Prophet invoked evil on the tribe of Ril, Dhakwan and Bani Lihyan for one month in the prayer.

a Quranic Verse concerning those martyrs which was:-- "O Allah! Let our people be informed on our behalf that we have met our Lord Who has got pleased with us and made us pleased." Then the Verse was cancelled.

Notice the abrogation of the Koranic verse. If Allah, the moon deity, wrote the Koran and it is the word of 'God' why then are there so many abrogations or cancellations of his or its, divine utterances ?

Muhammad conquers and administers:


Narrated Abu Talha:

Whenever the Prophet conquered some people, he would stay in their town for three days.

It would take 3 days [the usual time frame at this period in history], to loot, plunder and set up an oppressive ruling regime.

Muhammad was very focused on plunder and pillage:


Narrated Anas:

The Prophet performed 'Umra, setting out from Al-Jarana where he distributed the war booty of Hunain.

Mecca was conquered by the 'prophet' at the head of a 10.000 man army. Pagans were slaughtered and the 359 non-Baal idols of the Kabaa shrine, including statues of Mary and Jesus, were demolished. Allah or Baal uber alles.


Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:

The Prophet said, on the day of the Conquest of Mecca, "There is no migration (after the Conquest), but Jihad and good intentions, and when you are called for Jihad, you should immediately respond to the call."

Muhammad encourages the murder of one of his many enemies:


Narrated Sad bin 'Ubaida:

...The Prophet believed him. 'Umar said, 'Allow me to chop off his (i.e. Hatib's) neck as he has done hypocrisy.' The Prophet said, (to 'Umar), 'Who knows, perhaps Allah has looked at the warriors of Badr and said (to them), 'Do whatever you like, for I have forgiven you.' " 'Abdur-Rahman added, "So this is what encouraged him (i.e. Ali)."

Jihad is normal, a duty, and to be exalted in prayer.


Narrated Abdullah:

When the Prophet returned (from Jihad), he would say Takbir thrice and add, "We are returning, if Allah wishes, with repentance and worshipping and praising (our Lord) and prostrating ourselves before our Lord. Allah fulfilled His Promise and helped His Slave, and He Alone defeated the (infidel) clans."

Nice cult Islam. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Bukhari: Muhammad and booty

Don't all prophets pillage and plunder and collect booty?

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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Booty was 'reserved' by Baal, or Allah, for his only apostle, the sainted Muhammad. Muhammad's family deity was Baal, whose shrine the slaves of Allah took care of [Muhammad Abdullah or slave of Allah or the Lord of Mecca, or Baal]. The only man in history who was sanctioned by divine grace, to receive the plunder of war, was apparently Muhammad. He said so. On behalf of Baal his family's shrine. Makes sense right? Don't all prophets lead a Jihad, murder, plunder, pillage and cloak themselves in gold and silver?

Bukhari tells us:


Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah:

Allah's Apostle said, "Booty has been made legal for me."

20% of all plunder was to be given to Allah and his 'apostle'. How convenient.


...Allah bestowed on His Apostle with a special favor of something of this Fai (booty) which he gave to nobody else." 'Umar then recited the Holy Verses: "What Allah bestowed as (Fai) Booty on his Apostle (Muhammad) from them --- for this you made no expedition with either cavalry or camelry: But Allah gives power to His Apostles over whomever He will 'And Allah is able to do all things." 9:6)

Allah guarantees Muhammad a share of the spoils.


Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:

The delegates of the tribe of 'Abdul-Qais came and said, "O Allah's Apostle! We are from the tribe of Rabi'a, and there is the infidels of the tribe of Mudar intervening between you and us, so we cannot come to you except in the Sacred Months. ..The Prophet said, "I order you (to do) four (things) and forbid you (to do) four: ...pay the Khumus (i.e. one-fifth) of the war booty to Allah.. (See Hadith No. 50, Vol. 1).

Muhammad of course would take his fair share of 'Allah's Booty'.

Nice cult Islam. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Hadith confirm that Muhammad murdered women, children and old men - of the Polytheists

Slaughter the pagans and Infidels.

by Ibn Sufi al Kitab

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The Hadith are the 2nd most important work in Islamic liturgical theology. Many Moslem 'scholars' [apologists, propagandists] have declared them to be divinely written. Sharia Law is based in part on these Hadith or commentary about the life of Muhammad. Rather odd then that they contain adjurations to kill innocent children of the Infidel.

A noted Moslem 'scholar' and expert, Prof. Ahmad Hasan in his acclaimed work, Sunan Abu Dawud, English translation Volume II, on p. 739; 1984, states:

2018. This tradition allows to kill women and children of the infidels in the Battle. The other traditions indicate that it is prohibited to kill women and children in the battle. These contradictory traditions have been reconciled by saying that the tradition of al-Sa‘b b. Jaththamah has been abrogated. The other interpretation is that it is allowable to kill women and children when the settlements of the infidels are attacked at night, as they cannot be distinguished from the fighting men in the dark.”

Muslim in his Hadith confirms that murdering innocent children of the Infidel, in the name of the Allah-thing, is expected, since Muhammad murdered them during raids - at night.

It is reported on the authority of Sa'b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah, when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: They are from them. (Sahih Muslim, Book 019, Number 4321)

It is narrated by Sa'b b. Jaththama that he said (to the Holy Prophet): Messenger of Allah, we kill the children of the polytheists during the night raids. He said: They are from them. (Sahih Muslim, Book 019, Number 4322)

Sa'b b. Jaththama has narrated that the Prophet (may peace be upon him) asked: What about the children of polytheists killed by the cavalry during the night raid? He said: They are from them. (Sahih Muslim, Book 019, Number 4323)

Muhammad sometimes did not murder the children but just the old men of the Infidel polytheists:

Narrated Samurah ibn Jundub:
The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him)
said: Kill the old men who are polytheists, but spare their children. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 14, Number 2664)

Bukhari seems to believe that murdering the women and children of the Infidel ape and pig is justified and glorious and part of the Muhammadan tradition.

19:4457 - The Messenger of Allah used not to kill the children, so you should not kill them unless you could distinguish between a child who would grow up to be a believer and a child who would grow up to be a non-believer, so that you killed the prospective non-believer and left the prospective believer alive.”

When Moslems say that Islam does not condone the murder of Christians and other polytheists they are either liars or completely ignorant of their own cult.  


Reform the cult of Islam and Islamic States
Click on the Banner below to help Persecuted Christians, violently attacked, raped and killed by Moslems, in Moslem dominated countries and regions:

Islam is a cult, not a religion.  Its genesis is the political-theocratic orders of the Bronze and Iron ages.  The doctrines of 'Submission' are barbaric, immoral, irrational and pagan, not to mention fascistic in the real sense of that abused term.  

Islam  never has produced even a tithe of the  innovations, inventions, tools, and  breakthroughs in the realms of art, writing, philosophy, politcal- economy, science, medicine, governance,  social welfare, justice, law and  free-will rationality, as wrought by the Middle  Ages in European Christendom.   

The Fascist theology of Muhammadanism.

Paxton's definition of Fascism boils down to a few essentials:
  1. Fascism is a political project which is formed to reverse a perceived decline. [Islam – check]
  2. It is violent and bloody. [Islam - check]
  3. It is a cult, in which the cult must be obeyed by all who are ruled by the cult. [Islam - check]
  4. The cult employs myths of purity and greatness, of the race, or state in question. [Islam - check]
  5. Ideals around rationality, democracy, individualism, and freedom need to be abandoned. [Islam - check]
  6. Following the plan and diktats of the cult are the individual's only responsibilities. [Islam - check]

Paxton's identification of Fascism as a mass movement, premised on some absurd idea of 'purity' and on violence, is certainly correct. It is indeed the cult uber alles. One can go further of course in refining what is a Fascist movement.  In a 1995 essay titled "Eternal Fascism",  [link] the Italian writer and academic Umberto Eco adopts a detailed list of Fascist ideological components. For Eco, Fascism is not a coherent political program per-se, but a set of organizing principles specific to the culture in question: He lists 14 main features of the Fascist program...... more

Mock Islam daily and often.  An intolerant pagan-fascist cult deserves no respect.

Muhammad cartoons.  If Muhammad was a 'prophet' so too was Adolf and Josef.  All of the French cartoons are here
Muhammad's favorite wife - Aisha.  6 year old girl married to a 53 year old 'man'......clever.  Younger than his own daughter.  Moslems deny this.  But sadly for them, the Koran, the Hadiths and Moslem historiography confirm that Muhammad married a mere child and consummated it when she was 9.

Muhammad in the full glare of history.  Why won't Moslems inquire about who this man really was ? Terrified of the Truth ?

Fitna and the Moslem imperative to fight all Unbelievers until the entire world is free of the Infidel.

Where did this cult named Submission or  Islam come from ?

Arab Historian and Moslem-apologist Hitti detailing the moon deity of Mecca, Hub'Allah as the Al-Lah of the Koran.

"Philip Hitti was an Arab historian, whose opus 'History of the Arabs' originally created in 1937, is without much doubt the most important, and most deeply flawed work on the history of the Arabs and by consequence Islam. A summary review of his work is posted here. The main strength of Hitti's book is his pre-Islamic history which is a fascinatingly detailed look at pre-Muhammad Arabia......

Celestial worship
On page 60 Hitti describes the sky pantheon which infected Arabian pagan beliefs:
“The religion of South Arabia was in its essence a planetary astral system in which the cult of the moon-god prevailed. The moon, known in Hadramawt as Sin, to the Minaeans as Wadd (love or lover, father), to the Sabaeans as Almaqah (the health-giving god?)....He was conceived of as a masculine deity and took precedence over the sun, Shams, who was his consort.....From this celestial pair sprang the many other heavenly bodies considered divine. The North Arabian al-Lat, who figured in the Koran, may have been another name for the sun-goddess.” [p.60]

Baal was the Sky God or Thunder God of various Near Eastern pre-Christian era tribes. The Hittites and Canaanites worshipped the power of the Thunder God. The Assyrians and Sumerians the omnipotence of the Sky God. Baal or Hubal would be akin to Thor in Nordic legend, or Zeus and Jupiter in ancient Greece or Rome. It is not a surprise that Baal was also worshipped in pre-Muhammad Arabia:
“Ba'l represented the spirit of springs and underground water and must have been introduced into Arabia at the same time as the palm tree....The Bedouin's astral beliefs centered upon the moon, in whose light he grazed his flocks. Moon-worship implies a pastoral society, whereas sun-worship represents a later agricultural stage....Hence Wadd (Koran 71:22), the moon-good who stood at the head of Minaean pantheon....Al-Lat in al-Taif was represented by a square stone...” [p. 97]
Baal is of course quite dissimilar to the Christian ideals of 'god' though he did have a human form – much like Zeus.
“Hubal (from Aramaic for vapour, spirit), evidently the chief deity of al-Kabah, was represented in human form....The pagan Kabah, which became the palladium of Islam, was an unpretentious cube-like (hence the name) building of primitive simplicity....serving as a shelter for a black meteorite which was venerated as a fetish.” [p. 100] More

Why Islam is a cult

A cult is not a religion. A religion to be worthy of the name, must support the following 4 ideals; free-will; rationality (or faith through reason); the Golden Rule; and good works towards any and all. We cannot forget that Calvin`s cult in 16 century Geneva denied free will and enquiry. The peasants simply had to shut up and obey the militant cult. Lutheranism embraced pre-destination and denounced human free-will, goodness, and works of faith. Luther created Calvin. Modern secularism, so hateful of Judeo-Christianity, worships material dialecticism and scientism, no matter how perverted, irrational or distorted the scientism might be. Free will and rational skepticism – at least for the hoi polloi peasantry – is beyond the pale in a world worshipping the cult of science and abstract, obtruse and often times utterly vapid materialist-narcissist philosophies.

Cults do not possess nor desire golden means. They are erected as extremist ideals bent on the subversion of reality and individuality. We ridicule ourselves and our common-sense by ascribing the word religion to the cult of Muhammad.


If you read the history of Mohammed and the formation of his cult, two obvious observations come to mind. First Islam is based on a moon cult, suffused with some Judaic notions of monotheism [see here for why Islam is a moon cult]. Second, the racism, supremacism, violence, calls to war, the innumerable campaigns, the pilfering and rape of caravans and towns, and the code of obedience, all foreshadow Nazism and the modern pagan cults embodied in the leaderships of Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Stalin. 

Since no-one in the educational or media establishments bothers to read about Mohammed, these uncomfortable truths – the war, the hate, the bile, the carnage, the injunction to conquer the world – are quietly untold. But that is the real historical Mohammed. He was not a great man, as Time Magazine ejaculated when assigning status to the most important individuals in history. Mohammed was a monster, a man who created a cult, which as Churchill remarked, inculcated in its votaries a primitive, and ruthless passion – the scourge of civilisation. 

Books Reviewed

Robert R. Reilly, 'The Closing of the Muslim Mind'. The Mutazilite doctrine of church and state separation and the necessity to use reason to find faith, flowered for only 50 years. The Islamic counter-reformation was harsh and uncompromising. The three main schools of Islamic theology grouped as Asharism [after an important 9  century Sunni teacher]; and a fourth named Hanbalism [named after Hanbali an immoderate and extremist fundamentalist of the 8 century]; took over:

"In the second year of the reign of Caliph Ja'afar al-Mutawakkil (847-861), the tables were turned....Holding Mutazilite doctrine became a crime punishable by death. The Mutazilites were expelled from court...and their works largely destroyed....the long process of dehellenization and ossification had begun."

It took the Asharites some 200 years to expunge Mutazilitism from Islam. Some Mutazilite philosophers still appeared in the 10th and 11th century in the forms of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes. But they were weak and without followers in a Muslim world quickly cementing Asharite and Hanbalist fundamentalism into every aspect of Islamic life. Free will was destroyed. Rationality mocked.

Child Abuse

Child sex is common in the Islamic world. It comes from imitating the rape by Mohammed of Aysha – a mere 9 year old innocent. For Muslims, Mohammed is the ultimate symbol of male greatness. Ergo sex with children is not only permitted but practised. Mass marriages of 13 year old child-brides are common in Gaza, Lebanon and elsewhere. A 13 year old girl in Muslim culture is ready to produce Muslim male offspring – under the guidance of an older male Muslim of course.

"According to western standards, or any civilized standard, Mohammed’s marriage to Aysha and having sex with her at the age of nine years is a crime called paedophilia.  However, Muslims call it an ordinary marriage and justify it on the supposition that girls in hot countries tend to reach sexual maturity faster than in cold countries. Muslims assume, without any evidence, that  Aysha had a menstruation before her marriage and conclude that Mohammed had sex with an adult aged nine years!  This justification by Muslims is an indication of how they understand maturity; simply it is sexual maturity and has nothing to do with the mind."

Conflicts in Islam

Jew-hate is racism.
As simple as that. This racist inclination infects the Arab-Muslim and UN world. The extent of this immorality is so pervasive that most Westerners accept the myth that Gazan Arabs are somehow `Palestinians` - a word created in the 1960s by Arafat and the fascist PLO. Palestinian Arabia is a myth designed to create an aura of historical legitimacy for a group of people who don't have any. It is the Arabs of course who are squatting on territory which was a part of the ancient Jewish kingdoms, which predate the Muslim invasions by some 1700 years. Yet most Arabs and Muslims know nothing about Islamic, Arab or Jewish history. One third to one-half of the Arab world is illiterate. No wonder the Meccan moon cult fascism is so highly prized


The Crusades were one of the most important events in our history – and one of the most glorious. They saved civilisation. There is little doubt about this. As another writerstates so correctly:

"So I'll say for the record that despite the excesses that took place as they were waged, the Crusades were a great moment in Christian history—as the Church has recognized by canonizing so many Crusaders (King Louis IX and Bernard of Clairvaux are two well-known examples), and the current cringing surrender many urge before Islam is a sickening, un-Christian scandal—on the order of the suicidally stupid Children's Crusade. Any religion that will not fight in its own defense deserves to be persecuted—and there are plenty abroad in the Muslim world who will happily oblige it."

Islam or Mohammedanism as it should be called [or the cult of Mohammed], is a militant barbarous paganism. Why wouldn't you fight it?


Weimar Germany fell to the Nazi's due to many reasons, including economic stagnation; extreme nationalism; a victim narrative; apathy and ruthless, terrorist tactics. The singular innovation of the Nazi party was to attack its enemies using the ferocious 'brownshirts' or terrorist milita, whilst controlling democratic elections. Islamist jihadists and fascists are adept at using the same methods with the same skill to subvert pluralism; quiet 'moderates'; and develop a terror state.

real world as well the philosophical world of Islamic doctrine makes this obvious. Islamic thinkers and leaders, those truly committed to an Islamic state, have no interest in pluralism of any variety. Islamic states are one party affairs with no democratic, party, or religious diversity or opposition. They are Nazified creations – with the added power of a melded church and state complex, something even the Nazis did not achieve. Consider some real world examples.


Most people would be astonished by this. The drop in Moslem babies is of course great news. Islam, which is presented by the Western media as pacific, tolerant, sophisticated and socially cohesive is of course the opposite in reality. Vitally as the Moslem world urbanizes, its birth rate has fallen by over ½ in the aggregate. Islamic politicians in Turkey and Iran for example have set 2040 as the 'end date' of their so-called 'civilisations'. Within 30 years the decline in both Turkic and Persian-Mede fertility will herald an irreversible decline in both populations. The same is true elsewhere in the Moslem world.

The UN’s  World Population Prospects Report makes it clear the fertility decline in the Moslem world is indeed a world-wide phenomenon. The report compares birth rates from about 1970 to 2003-7. The analysis reveals that the largest Moslem states are becoming infertile and are approaching European and Japanese infertility rates. For example in Indonesia which has the world’s largest Muslim population [230 million], the fertility rate has dropped from 5.6 in 1970, to 2.02 today, which is below the replacement level. The same UN assessment sees huge declines in Bangladesh (from 6.5 to 2.2) and Malaysia (4.7 to 2.4) during this same period. By 2050, even Pakistan is expected to reach a replacement-level fertility rate down from 7.1 in 1970, and 3.8 in 2005.


For most of modern history we can issue forth this truism: the left wing elements of the modern world, including academia, unions, bureaucrats, the media, political opportunists and self-appointed experts have always aligned themselves with fascism and totalitarianism. So it goes with Islam. It is a peculiar and perverse fascination. The two creeds – socialist Marxism and fascist Islam - have prima facie, nothing in common. Yet one common element unites these two perverse and destructive ideologies. It is their hatred of the Christian West and the modern world. In fact the ideology of Islam resonates with communitarian Marxism, and there is much in similarity between extreme socialism and the fascist totalitarian construct of an Islamic state. Indeed the entire Islamic world, save Iraq and Afghanistan now under Western imperial domination, is a broad and ugly swathe of Islamic Marxist orientation. Perhaps the Western left sees its salvation and continued relevance in the power of the Islamic model – which is another variant of extreme socialism. 

A hatred of Christianity, modernity and individuality permeates both concepts.....

Golden Age Myths

We are constantly told a lie that Moorish Spain was a multicultural nirvana of unbounded development and civilisation. Even the Great Obama, that most important of humans, has rendered his divine opinion in various speeches which refer to 'Cordoba', the Moorish capital as an example of inter-faith success, and a glorious period of learning in which all 'faiths' learnt from each other. It makes a nice UN advertisement, but this idea is of course almost wholly false. The Muslims invaded Spain in 710 AD because Visigothic Spain was rich, advanced, heavily engineered with crops, roads and aqueducts and urbanized. All of the supposed 'achievements' by the Moors were actually Visigothic. All of the architecture, save the Alhambra in Granada which was designed by a Jew, were Visigothic. The Spanish successor to Roman Hispania simply astonished the Arabs and Moors with its wealth and sophistication including of course the arts, the literature and engineering. We know this because the Arabs left records at their amazement over Spain's riches.

But today of course in our current dark age, the real history becomes rewritten and all credit for the advanced civilisation of Spain is rendered to the 'genius' of the Arabs, a group who have never in history developed an advanced society. The Arabs and Muslims were pretty good at either squatting or using 'Dhimmi' technology, money and people for the Islamic cult's benefit. That does take a certain amount of cunning and skill I suppose. But to conflate the destruction of Visigothic Spain and its use by Muslims with a 'Golden Age' is frighteningly inaccurate. As Mr. Seward reminds the reader, the life of the Dhimmi non-Muslim in Spain was one of fear, losing life, assets and money; being plundered, being raped, or being sold off into slavery:

"Every year the Christian territories were devastated, crops burnt, fruit trees cut down, buildings razed, livestock driven off and the inhabitants herded back to the slave-markets. Those who escaped were cowed by ingenious atrocities, the victims' heads being salted as trophies to impress the caliph's unruly subjects....The Reconquista was a holy war."

In the West

At the risk of going to jail for 'thought crimes', it is laughingly obvious to any who study the political-economy, that the cult of multiculturalism, was always destined to fail. Uni-cultures, premised on natural law rights, freedom, political representation, open-trade, and military preparedness survive. Multi-cults who posit the inane and immoral idea that all cultures are the same and that the history's of all people are 'similar and important' create states riven by group 'rights', ghetto mentalities and the destructiveness of state power. The multi-cult is the surest path for a state to force 'conformity', elevate its power to ensure 'equality of cultures', and indoctrinate its citizenry in the cult of the state, as it deposes and reduces the original majoritorian culture to a theology which not only must be rejected, but even criminalized. Thus, if you criticise the failure of a moon-cult from Mecca, and dare to argue that Muslim baths, worship rooms, and state-financed mosques are deleterious to the greater society, than you must be punished and imprisoned for hate crimes.


One of the great hoary myths is that all, most, or `the great majority`of Muslims are peaceful, unsupportive of Islamic fascism and quite willing to accommodate themselves to Western ways and mores. It is in this context that the recent Iranian elections are being reported. According to Western news outlets few in Iran want the Ahmadinejad gang and his Mullah friends in power. This is another lie. Fascisms never survive without widespread support – and international allies. My guess is that a large plurality of Iranians do support theocratic fascism. 

No one knows who voted for what in Iran but two things are clear. First, the Mousavi candidacy whilst marginally better than the Ahmadinejad cult and the Mullahs, was still an Islamist and fundamentalist proposition. A Western supporter and reformer he is not, and the Mullahs who run the country and who are selected and not elected, would have been unaffected by a Mousavi victory. Second, out of about 35 million voting age Iranians at least 20 million, and quite likely upwards of 25 million Iranian voters, accepted and supported the Ahmadinejad regime. This is the real story in Iran – the widespread acclamation that the Ahmadinejad regime enjoys. 

Islamic history

The Hajj means friction and denoted the rubbing of a black stone at the Meccan Kabaa shrine by females against their genitalia. This friction was thought to induce fertility by rubbing the holy rock against the woman's reproductive area. It would be hard to find a more irresolutely pagan practice than this, with perhaps child sacrifice being an exception. This pre-Muhammadan practice had existed for hundreds of years within Arabia dating to at least the birth of Christ. Post-Muhammad the Hajj signified the Moslem duty to journey to Mecca, to spend money, to enrich the locals, and to follow the timeless pagan Arab rituals of rock, stone, and devil worship, as well as circumambulating the Kabaa and kissing its black rock.

This was an ageless and important ceremony in pre-Muhammadan Mecca. Indeed the market square around the cube or Kabaa was infested with prostitution, and many historians speculate that sex orgies were a part of the ritualized offering to the black asteroid rock which was housed in the cube and which represented heavenly power. Rubbing the genitalia with such a rock might have been a prelude to a sexual offering.

In Muhammad and the Religion of Islam, published in 1984, historian John Gilchrist offers the reader a detailed glimpse into this pre-historical era of pagan Arabia. It is a world of superstition, demons, moon deities, celestial reverence, illiteracy, banditry, poverty and under-development. No civilisation worth the name existed there. As historian Gilchrist comments:

The ramial-jimar ceremony at Mina, like many other ceremonies in the Hajj, places a great emphasis on stones - further evidence of pagan Arab practices surviving to this day for the pre-Islamic idol-worshippers worshipped not only stones but had a stone-throwing ceremony in their rites. [Gilchrist, Mohammed, 1984]

Islamic Theology

Karahah sometimes spelled Kariha in the Koran, means 'hate', 'dislike' or 'averse to'. It is used in connection with the Unbelievers or those who reject Muhammad's commands and leadership. First, Moslems might not like fighting the Infidel but Allah wills them to do it. Remember humans have no free-will in Islam, only the Al-Lah moon deity possesses free-will. Second, Unbelievers must be fought since they 'hate' Muhammad's cult. Third, the Infidels are 'averse to' and quite 'dislike' the diktats of the El-Lah thing, and must be brought into line through coercion and intractable purpose. The Arabic word for hate permeates all sections of the Koran.

Al-Lah wills you to fight for him [or it]

2:216 Jihad (holy fighting in Allah's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

58:8 Have you not seen those who were forbidden to hold secret counsels, and afterwards returned to that which they had been forbidden, and conspired together for sin and wrong doing and disobedience to the Messenger (Muhammad SAW). And when they come to you, they greet you with a greeting wherewith Allah greets you not, and say within themselves: "Why should Allah punish us not for what we say?Hell will be sufficient for them, they will burn therein, and worst indeed is that destination!

61:9 He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger Muhammed SAW) hate (it).

10:82 "And Allah will establish and make apparent the truth by His Words, however much the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, etc.) may hate it."

The Koran

In 'The Encyclopedia of Islam', there are 3 scholars who are sourced in resolving the issue of the ordering of the Suras – Noldeke, Blachere and Weiss. These men went to the source material of the Koran, including the Hadiths, scripts, and writings which pre-dated the invention of the Koran. They sifted through Arabic and Muslim material and developed a definitive chronological order of the last Medinan Suras. Whilst there are some variations in their ordering, the lists in othe rdering of the Medinan, or latest Suras, are rather similar:

Weil: 2, 98, 62, 65, 22, 4, 8, 47, 57, 3, 59, 24, 63, 33, 48, 110, 61, 60, 58, 49, 66, 9, 5.

Noldeke and Blachere: 2, 98, 64, 62, 8, 47, 3, 61, 57, 4, 65, 59, 33, 63, 24, 58, 22, 48, 66, 60, 110, 49, 9, 5.

The 3 scholars are in broad agreement on the order of the last 'grouping' of Koranic Suras. From the list above it is clear that Suras 9 and 5 are the most important. Both are reviewed here and here. Other scholars such as Sir William Muir concur that 9 and 5 are the last two Suras. Sahih Bukhari, in his Hadiths, volume 6, book 60, # 129 (or 5.59.650) confirms this stating: "The last Sura that was revealed was Bara’…" Bara is Sura 9.

[un]Holy Koran !

It is amusing and disquieting when one receives emails from the Dhimmis – or Muslim lovers – screaming that Islam is peace and there is no compulsion in the Koran and that anyone who writes the truth about Islam is a racist, fascist, conservative Hitlerite etc. These Dhimmi-wits often cite Sura 2:256 which indeed does say, out of context, that there is no compulsion in religion. But what the Dhimmis don't understand is that in this single verse – the only one they can find in the entire Koran –  non-Muslims are assumed to be slaves and there is no compulsion towards your slaves. Why would there be ? Slaves work, toil and pay the jizya or slave-head tax. Why force revenue producing agents into being Islamic ?

As I wrote in reviewingSura 2, verse 256 is always held up to be the example of Islamic tolerance and love. This is however, entirely misleading. 2:256 says, “Let there be no compulsion in religion.” It is directly followed by 2:257 which makes it clear what 2:256 is really saying, “Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith the patrons are the Evil Ones: from light they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. They will be Companions of the fire, to dwell therein (forever)"

It is obvious that 2:256 is referring to the fact that in Koranic theology the compulsion of slaves or Dhimmis is unnecessary, since the moon deity, Ali-ilah is going to send them to hell anyways. This is confirmed elsewhere in the same Sura where we have a dozen or more calls to Jihad:

90. Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you... 

191. And slay them wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; 


Apparently Hub-Al[lah] the Moslem moon diety and 'ilah' or Lord of the pagan Gods was a racist. Racism abounds in the Koran, with Blacks and 'Black Faces' singled out as inferior. Muhammad stated that Blacks were stupid. Black slavery was an important economic crutch for the lighter skin Arabs in pre-Muhammadan Arabia. Most Arab families, like Muhammad's, had Black slave-servants, and much of the rather poor economic development of Arabia was premised in part on the work of Black slaves. Kufar or  Infidel was originally a word applied to African Blacks. Some 11 million of whom were transhipped to the Greater Arabian and Moslem empires over a 1100 year period. An unremarked upon catalogue of human misery.

To transship 11 million humans typically meant that 2 or 3 times that amount had to be 'found' and preyed upon. The death rate from capture to the initial stages of forced marches in chains is according to most historians, in the 50-60% range, meaning that 20 odd million Blacks over 1100 years were captured by Arab and Moslem flesh hunters and that about ½ of this total might have survived and made it to the northern Moslem realms. [to say nothing of the 10 million Whites taken by Moslems as slaves....]

vs. Christianity

Maybe moderate Muslims and their Marxist-PC cultist enablers can explain the following Koranic injunctions which demand the eradication of Christians:
  1. 2:190-193 Fight in the cause of God, those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors. And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out: For tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; But fight them not at the sacred Mosque unless they first fight you there; But if they fight you, Slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith. But if they cease, God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression."
  2. 2:216-217 Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But God knoweth, and ye know not. They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: "Fighting therein is a grave (offense); but graver is it in the sight of God to prevent access to the path of God, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members. Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be Companions of the Fire and will abide therein.
  3. 2:244-245 Then fight in the cause of God, and know that God heareth and knoweth all things. Who is he that will loan to God a beautiful loan, which God will double unto his credit and multiply many times? It is God that giveth (you) want or plenty, and to Him shall be your return.


The world of the Koran and of Islam is cleanly cleaved into two sections. On the one side are the great, the good, the faithful and the to be rewarded who follow Mohammed and his alter-ego, Allah. On the other side of the great divide are the Unbelievers, the Unjust, the Criminals, the Sinners, the Idolaters, the Pagans, the Damned, or anyone male or female, who does not follow the moon-cult and Koranic theology. Yes it really is that simple. There is no objective ethics within the Koran, just restatements of supremacism, racism and lurid tales of doom and eternal damnation for those who reject Mohammed's cult. That is basically the Koran in a nutshell. One of the most apposite phrases which clearly describes the intention of this cult is the following, written after the Mohammedan's had started their bloody imperialist domains in Arabia: 40-40: Whosoever does an evil deed, will not be requited except the like thereof, and whosoever does a righteous deed, whether male or female and is a true believer (in the Oneness of Allah), such will enter Paradise, where they will be provided therein (with all things in abundance) without limit.

This is the 'Golden Rule' in the Koran. When a Muslim says 'oh yeah, the Koran and Islam contain the Christian Golden Rule as well', they are liars. The phrase above is about as clear as one can get. 'Whosoever does a righteous deed [following the Koran in other words], and is a true believer [of Mohammed and the Koran], will enter Paradise.' I doubt that the theme of the Koran can be more clearly or easily expressed. Follow us and win earthly and heavenly salvation. Oppose us and die.

9-68 Allah has promised the hypocrites; men and women, and the disbelievers, the Fire of Hell, therein shall they abide. It will suffice them. Allah has cursed them and for them is the lasting torment.

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Western Civilisation :: David Wood and the top 10 Koranic verses of hate speech against 'Unbelievers'
David Wood and the top 10 Koranic verses of hate speech against (David Wood and the top 10 Koranic verses of hate speech against 'Unbelievers': Probably the best 8 minute video...

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Liberty GB's Enza Ferreri on Western Civilisation and Christianity
The importance of Christianity in the development of Western civilisation.

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Western Civilisation :: Jihad is an obligation to wage war against non-Moslems.
Jihad is an obligation to wage war against non-Moslems. This is why the Moslem cult is so violent. (Jihad is an obligation to wage war against non-Moslems.: Jihad is an Arabic word which sends the multi-cult into...

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Western Civilisation :: Bukhari's Hadiths: 2nd half of volume 1 - the incitement to violence and supremacism
Bukhari (Bukhari's Hadiths: 2nd half of volume 1 - the incitement to violence and supremacism: A list of violent Hadiths... http://t.co/46K72iYUsh)

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Western Civilisation :: Bukhari's Hadiths: First half of volume 1 - the incitement to violence and supremacism
Bukhari (Bukhari's Hadiths: First half of volume 1 - the incitement to violence and supremacism: A list of violent Hadiths...

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Roger Scruton: Liberty & Democracy in Western Civilisation
Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton delivers the keynote address at the IPA's 2014 Foundations of Western Civilisation Symposium.

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How Muslim woman Are Brainwashed by the Quran and Islam
Shocking video! An Islamic Muslim woman (a Palestinian from Hamas controlled territory in Gaza), whose child received and needed medical care in Israel, was ...

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"Holy Quran Converted Me to Christianity" says Imam Sulaiman aka Mario Joseph
Critics argue that India does not have Muslims by the name of Sulaiman ibn Ahmad is a last resort to attack his credibility. Now Hebrew word ben or ibn in Ar...

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Global Pathology (Again)
There is nothing new about religious fascism or caliphates. There is nothing new about rape, infanticide, honor killings, genocide, misogyny, slavery -- or headless journalism either.

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Christian Faith is Not Hate
There is absolutely nothing in the video of Rev. Robby Gallaty's recent sermon that is threatening, hateful, cruel, or the result of ignorance.

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Western Civilisation :: Islam's hatred of Christianity and by extension, of Christmas

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
True Moslems must hate the symbols of Christianity. The Koran mandates such intolerance by first disavowing Christianity as pagan and criminal, and second by outlawing the veneration of any religious symbols. Therefore Moslems cannot abide by any Christian or Christmas symbol including the cross, a Christmas tree, a Christmas decoration, or the nativity. Most cities in the West have been cowed by the Moslem supremacists to remove public votives of Christian theology at Christmas time. Gone are stars on trees; nativity scenes; and even crosses. The Koran is very clear that Christians are polytheist criminals and must be killed, crucified, and humiliated to quote Sura 5:33. The Trinity is declared by the Koran to be a polytheism, and Christian symbols representations of that 'error'.

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Western Civilisation :: The Allah thing - aka Muhammad - hates Christians
The Allah thing - aka Muhammad - hates Christians Koranic supremacism.

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
The Koran changes dramatically over time. When mad Mohammed was in Mecca trying to sell himself as a prophet in the line of Jewish and Christian tradition he was more accommodating of Christians. In fact much of his monotheistic program was of course stolen from the Jewish and Christian faiths. Once Mohammed was exiled from Mecca by his own tribe the Quraysh finding refuge in Medina, the Koran and Allah the moon guy's 'revelations' suddenly become much darker, more intolerant and violent. Islam becomes a jihadic enterprise with those who rejected the 'prophet' targeted for annihilation, including of course the followers of Christ who would not accept the illiterate Arab politician as the successor to the Jewish rabbi from Nazareth.

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Western Civilisation :: Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 4 [first part thereof]
Christianophobia – Islam

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
The Koran is a long anti-Christian, anti-Jew rant, replete with lurid calls of violence and killing. Supremacist theology negates a true religion. In Sura 4 or 'The Women', in the first 90 verses, one finds 30 Christianophic statements. Quite a large amount from a cult supposedly dedicated to world happiness.

Most of this Sura is a recitation of early Iron Age 'Laws', something one would expect from a backwards Bedouin society of pilfering nomads. Most of the statutes are banal, obtuse and emanate from an uncultured impoverished manner of living. Consider the following 'law', passed on by the 'great' Muhammad on behalf of the moon deity Hub'Al:

004:022* URL
And marry not women whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; indeed it was shameful and most hateful, and an evil way.

Don't marry a woman your father married. How enlightening. How about this prohibition against first-family incest or sex with your 'suckling sisters' ?

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Articles: Can Islam reform?

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:

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#myjihad: Jihadi leader to Christians: Convert to Islam or die
"Christians must choose "Islam or death," while their women and daughters may legitimately be regarded as wives of Muslims" The enemedia's criminal silence on the relentless and bloody march of Islamic surpremacists on the backs and the bodies...

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
Just following the Koranic fascism of the cult of mad Moh....

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'Generation Identity' Wages War on France Islamization--Failed Multiculturaism&Welfare Spending Could Lead to Civil War
CBN News has been the leader in reporting on the steady Islamization of France. Now there is another sign that France is breaking down: the rise of 'Generation Indentity.'

PARIS - It was a political protest with shock value, the likes of which has never been seen on French TV news: a group of young people stormed a mosque in the city of Portiers, going to the roof and unfurling a banner calling for a national referendum on Muslim immigration.

The banner included the number 732, the year Charles Martel defeated the Islamic invasion in Portiers.

The group calls itself Generation Identitaire, or Generation Identity. They say they are at war with "the 68'ers," the baby boomers who run France, for wrecking their future with multicultural policies that some fear are turning France into a Muslim nation.

They released a video called "A Declaration of War."

In the video, members say, "We are Generation Identitaire. We are the generation of ethnic fracture, the total failure of coexistence, and the forced mixing of races. We have stopped believing in a 'Global Village' and the 'Family of Man.'"

Their rhetoric sounds racist, but they say they do not believe in racial superiority or racial stereotypes. Rather, they fear losing France to Muslim immigrants from Africa.

CBN News interviewed a leader of the group, Julien Langella, in the southern French city of Toulon.

"It's not about hate of other people," Langella insisted. "It's about heritage. It's about loving our people and our land. And we fight for this."

Groups like Generation Identitaire are symptoms of a nation that is coming unglued. They are an unintended but a predictable by-product of a failed multiculturalism that, instead of creating a melting pot, has created ethnic tribalism and dangerous "no-go zones."

"Assimilation is now impossible in France," Langella said. "It was possible when immigrants came from European countries because they are like us ethnically; they are like us culturally."

The French Republic, which is supposed to be strictly secular, has actively helped Muslims build mosques and spread Sharia law. Polls show most French are alarmed about it.

Renaud Camus, one of France's leading writers, said flatly that France is being colonized by Muslim immigrants with the help of the government and the media. He calls it "The Great Replacement."

"The Great Replacement is very simple," he explained. "You have one people, and in the space of a generation, you have a different people."

"Practically every day Catholic Churches are attacked, and people (are stoned) in a very old Muslim tradition. And if they can't deny that this has happened, they say that this is the result of racism," he said.

Generation Identitaire is also upset that their future has been looted by the baby boomers' out-of-control welfare spending.

In their video, they say, "We are the generation doubly punished: condemned to pay into a social system so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people. Our generation is the victims of the May '68'ers, who wanted to liberate themselves from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education."

Aurélie Lamacq, a member of Generation Identitaire, said she is angry with the baby boomers for leaving a mess for her generation "because they had everything."

"They had the cool job. It was easy at the time to buy a flat or house. Their children were secure, and they have taken everything from us," Lamacq charged.

She added that she too no longer believes in cultural assimilation between Christians and Arab immigrants.

"We can't live together because we are not the same ethnically," she said. "We don't have the same religion. We don't have the same way of life, the same values. We have nothing in common. Nothing."

Some believe France is on a trajectory toward more social conflict over immigration and perhaps, someday, civil war.

"The political elite has to understand that it's a fight to the death because it's a matter of survival," Langella said.

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Challenging the Cults: Answering Muslims (Islam)
Answering the cult from a Christian perspective: What to say to Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormans, The New Age and others.

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
The first declaration in becoming a Muslim is to acknowledge there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is His prophet. From the beginning in Islam, the name of Islam’s God, Allah is next to Islam’s prophet. Mohammad as the prophet of Islam received a revelation he claimed by the God of Abraham through the angel Gabriel, this revelation Muslims believe is contained in the pages of the Quran. Muslims believe in Heaven there is an identical book to the Quran, which is written in Arabic. The Quran, delivered in intervals by the angel Gabriel to Mohammad over a period of 22 years. (A.D. 610-632).

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190 Muhammads Characteristics Part 190
Idiots Guide to Islam http://alrassoolilive.blogspot.com/

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Western Civilisation :: Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 3 [2nd part thereof]
Christianophobia – Islam

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
Within the first 100 verses of Sura 3, there were only 47 Christianophobic statements. This is deemed 'moderate' liturgy by the really clever people. In the second half of Sura 3, there are only 30 verses identifying Christians as inferiors, destined for Hell, ripe to be violated and attacked. Big brains and Moslems will declare that this proves the tolerance of the cult of Muhammad. In reality the Koran and by extension Arab and Moslem culture is decidedly supremacist and Christianophobic. The book Recital demands that Moslems kill, subjugate or humiliate the followers of Christ. Both Jesus and Christians are ridiculed in the Koran with Christ mocked as a mere prophet of Allah; a man who did not perform miracles, and was unworthy to be equated with Muhammad the political-military adventurer.

In the second half of Sura 3, or the Family of 'Imran, the following Christianophobic themes are presented:

1) Christians are inferior to Moslems -- so ignore them.

2) Christians are going to Hell and can be killed.

3) The Moslem cult must never be divided.

The Koranic cult is supremacist and racist. Christianity is inferior. It must be either destroyed or the church and its followers in-toto, must be brought under Islamic control and guidance. Those are the only 2 options.

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Western Civilisation :: Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 3 [first part thereof]
Christianophobia – Islam

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
Number of verses in Sura 3: 200
Number of verses in the first part of Sura 3: 100
Number of verses of Christianophia in the first part of Sura 3: 47
% of Christianophobic verses in the first part of Sura 3 of the total: 47 %

According to Marxists, Secularists, cult worshippers of the state, the warm [weather fascists], the homosexual, the feminists, and sundry other worthies, Islam and perforce all Moslems, are pro-Christian 'extremists', spending most of their day eagerly kissing, embracing and loving their 'brothers' and co-equal 'people of the book'. Back in the real world, historically for 1400 years, Christians have been enslaved, slaughtered, raped, and confined to second-class dhimmitude status within the Moslem world. Does the Koran promote this hatred of Christians ? Is there Koranic Christianophobia ? Curious minds would like to know.

In Sura 3, or the Family of 'Imran, the following Christianophobic themes are presented:

1) Christians are going to Hell for disbelieving in Islam and Muhammad.

2) Christians must be humiliated and killed.

3) Christians must deny the Trinity and their own beliefs.

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Pakistani Christian Girl Raped and Tortured for Eleven Days « Persecution News

Raping and torturing young girls.....isn't that what all intolerant cults do ?

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The Evil Teachings of Islam
It's time to wake up. The real muslims are the terrorist who are following the teachings within the quran. We are not the one's who say they are killing in t...

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Egypt and the Death of the ‘Arab Spring’

Nearly two years after the “Arab Spring” began in Egypt, the nation’s Muslim Brotherhood president has arrogated to himself dictatorial powers, and is ramming through a new constitution that will effectively extinguish the last vestiges of Egyptian democracy and establish Egypt as a Sharia state. Just as I said back in January 2011, when the uprisings against Mubarak began, for the people in Egypt who had real power to affect change, the “Arab Spring” was never about democracy and pluralism, despite the ululations of the Western press; it was always about imposing Islamic law upon Egypt. And now, with the new constitution, here we are.

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Guess how many Islamic terror attacks since 9/11

These are not the regular beatings and vandalism against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists but religion-oriented attacks in which someone dies at the hand of a member of the”religion of peace.”

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It’s Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month!

Have you done your shopping yet? It’s Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month — what better time to buy a bomb vest for the mujahid you love?

Inspired by a remark from Pat Condell in this video, I have proclaimed December to be Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month. After all, November was Islamophobia Awareness Month, and certainly the hatred and violence in the Qur’an kills many, many more people than “Islamophobia” ever has or ever will, and so it is far more deserving than “Islamophobia” of a month of its own.

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