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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Moon cult Jihad: kill, execute, humiliate and crucify the Christians [Sura 5:33]

Endless war and Jihad against the followers of Christ.

by Ferdinand III

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During 1400 years of Jihad, some 150 million Christians have been killed by the Meccan moon cult named Submission. Millions of Christians living under Dhimmitude or a 2nd class slave status, gave up their faith and converted to the Meccan cult during the same period. Taxed, beaten, raped, open to pillage and contempt; millions of Christians over the centuries simply adopted the totalitarian theology of their conquerors to lessen the pain of living.

Jihad or the struggle to subdue, kill or convert the hated Kufar, is a vital element in Islam. Beheading and crucifixion verses abound in the Koran and Hadith [8:34, 5:33 for eg]. None of the images below will ever make it to a main stream, lame-brain media broadcast. Imagine if Catholics had enacted similar barbarisms against Moslems. There would be an endless call by the big-brains to disband the entire edifice of the Catholic Church. Not so with the Meccan moon cult. More calls for love, tolerance, and more declarations of Islam's superiority from the big-brains.

Egypt 2012 a Coptic woman raped then killed with a crucifix.

Nigeria 2013, Christians are attacked and burnt by Moslems.

Iraq and Syria 2014. Christians are being crucified.

2014, a Christian is crucified in Egypt.

December 2014, 30 Christians beheaded in Kenya by Moslems.

kenya 2

Monday, December 15, 2014

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A concise list of Muhammadism and its theology.

The cult of Muhammad. Uber alles.

by Ferdinand III

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A religion of stated and immanent or universal ethics would declare some or all of the following in either direct or indirect statements of intent and commandment:

-Treat ALL people with consideration and at least initially, friendliness.

-Attempt to help, trust and support your neighbour, at least until you are forced to do otherwise.

-Consider all humans to be your neighbour.

-Humans are creatures of free-will, intelligence, reason and emotional needs. Respect this fact in dealing with others and in setting up systems of societal control.

-Respect your parents, elders and those who are trying to aid those in need.

-Don't murder, kill, or maim the innocent, the old, the defenceless.

-Do not view women as sex chattel, or as breeders or caves of pleasure.

-Understand that the complexity and at times wonder and fantastic varied nature of life, means that there must be a creator, and a conscious intelligence, far in advance of our own.

-Respect the environment and the systems and life which are bi-directionally related with human development.

There is only system of spiritual and faith development which supports and deepens the above pre-requisites for civilization. That is of course Judeo-Christianity.

Here is what the cult of Muhammad, named Submission, states:

-Moslems are the uber mensch and Jews, Christians, pagans and non-Moslems, including Moslems who do not follow the totality of Koranic-Hadith theology; are inferior.

-According to the moon deity al ilah or Allah, of Mecca, it is fine to slaughter, murder, lie, steal, cheat, plunder, rape and destroy to further the aims of Muhammadism.

-Moslems are not to befriend Jews or Christians.

-Moslem women cannot marry non Moslem men.

-Moslem women are the property of men, including if married their husbands; but if unmarried the eldest male in the household.

-Moslem women, in imitation of the 11 or so wives of Muhammad, must be veiled, to hide their sexuality.

-If a Moslem woman does not obey their husband or the eldest male in the household they can be beaten or punished.

-Women are primarily to be used to produce Ghazi or warriors for Muhammad, and their vaginas are the most important piece of the marriage 'contract', which includes 'Mahr' or a payment by the man for the woman to marry him [akin to buying furniture].

-Anyone who does not follow Muhammad – Allah; can be killed and will be punished for eternity in the hereafter.

-Jews and Christians are apes and pigs who rejected Muhammad's prophethood, and corrupted their 'Books' to disavow prophecies of Muhammad's 'coming'. They are therefore liars, and greedy hypocrites and should be treated as enemies allied with Satan.

-Muhammad's cult demands not only Jihad against the Kufar [subhuman], or less than pious Moslems; it also demands a tax which should be paid to the Moslem state called the Zakat, which is viewed by Western academics as 'a charity payment'. It is not charity. It is a transfer tax, which after Muhammad died, caused a revolt against Muhammadan rule in Arabia.

-Muhammadism famously forbades art, idols, sculpture, music and indeed any advanced form of artistic expression which might allude to images, faces, forms or realism. These negations are found in the Hadith.

The only positives I can find in the Hadith or Koran; would be the following:

-Muhammad outlawed the murder of newly born girls [how else to breed ghazi, if the female is killed?].

-Prostitution around the Kabaa or cube shrine in Mecca was ended. [replaced with sex slavery of Infidel women and polygamy].

-Detailed divorce 'laws', which favor the man, but also demand fairness for the divorced wife [as long as she did not commit adultery] were developed.

-Contract law regarding commercial transactions [Muhammad was after all a trader-business man]; were clarified and implemented.

This is a rather meager list. One can therefore conclude that on balance, the totality and fascism of Islam, in which the individual is completely neutered and subsumed into the cult; and in which Moslems are told that they must war against non-Moslems until the moon deity reigns supreme; would entail that the Muhammadan cult is a massive net negative for humanity. Any person with a brain can make this calculation.

This common sense appraisal is however in direct contradistinction to most academics, media experts, church leaders and politicians.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

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Muhammad uber alles. Jews and Christians corrupted their 'books' to erase his Prophethood

Muhammad lied and tried to convince others that the Bible foretold his 'coming'.

by Ferdinand III

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Mohammed was the most successful cult leader in history. His atavistic, bronze-age inspired barbarity is still killing innocents 1400 years after his death. This signal fact is a rather remarkable testimony which affirms the human penchant for the irrational, the abstruse and the decidedly savage. Why anyone would believe that a man who led 60+ military expeditions and conducted acts of violence including war, murder and rape, every six weeks over a 10 year period to make himself King of Arabia, is a 'prophet' of a 'religion', 'dedicated to peace'; is surely one of the greatest mysteries in human history. I can't imagine one single Christian supporting the church of Christ, if Christ had been Muhammad. Not one.

Most people assume the Koran is about 'God'. It is not. First Allah is al ilah or the Lord. It references Muhammad's tribal deity Baal the ilah of Mecca. Second, the Koran is only 1/3 of the Moslem trilogy. The Hadith which are the basis of Sharia Law, are entirely about Muhammad and they are [albeit in a repetitious manner] some 60% of the Moslem trilogy. The 3rd book of Islam, the Sira or biography of Muhammad [see Ishaq 'A Life of Muhammad'], is about 20% of the total and over 70% of that text is devoted to Muhammad's Jihad against the Kufars including Jews, Christians and pagans. We thus have over 75% of the total works explaining Islam or the cult of submission, about its founder and most of it concerned with the Kufar, erroneously translated as 'Unbeliever' but which in fact is a word which denotes a sub-human.

In roughly 13 years from 610 to 623 AD, beset by visions and dreams, Muhammad's preaching about the sole monotheistic power of Baal or the ilah of Mecca [his last name was Abdullah, or slave of Allah]; attracted at most 150 converts, many of them family and slaves. After being expelled from Mecca and finding refuge and allies in Medina, from roughly 622 AD until 632 AD or in a mere 10 years, Muhammad's 'preaching' turned to war and violence, and he conquered with his brigands all of Arabia. The message was clear. Islam would be spread by the sword, through the shedding of blood and forcible submission to Muhammad's rule. This theme has not changed one iota over 1400 years.

Muhammad outlawed other idols including the Sun goddess Allat, the moon and Venus [Manat and Uzza]. Shrines of idolatry were torn down. Rituals established by his tribe the Quraysh were simply upheld and implemented as part of Allah's [read Muhammad's] program. Ritual prostrations, prayers, poems, circling the Kaba or cube of Mecca, praying and drinking from a well called Zam Zam, throwing stones at pillars or little devils, kissing the black asteroid rock in the Kaba...all of these extant expressions of submission to Muhammad are found in pagan Arabian culture, long pre-dating the rise of Muhammadism.

Judaism and Christianity, which in a broken form had been imbibed by Muhammad, were superseded by the 'new' revelations to Muhammad. In the Koran and Hadith Muhammad calls the 'Peoples of the Book', a derisive term used to describe the wayward, corrupt Jews and followers of Christ; as beneath the contempt of the moon idol Allah; because they had expunged from their 'Book', the prophecy that Muhammad would arise as the greatest and last prophet.

Even today, many Moslems still maintain that Christ prophesied the life of Muhammad and declared that he would be the most important of God's messengers. Similar ignorant claims redound about the Old Testament. Of course no such pronouncements were ever made. But the claim dates back to Muhammad's time in Medina, and his inability to persuade Jews or the small number of Christians living there; that he had any legitimacy whatsoever. So he declaimed that the Jews and Christians had changed their Books, had corrupted 'Allahs' original message, and thereby denied Muhammad his rightful status as the final and greatest of the messengers. The Koran is littered with such declamations as are the Hadith.

Sura 9:63 summarizes the cult of Muhammad:

Know they not that for those who oppose God and His Apostle, is the Fire of Hell? - wherein they shall dwell. That is the supreme disgrace.”

Jews and Christians who 'changed their scripture' to avoid recognizing Muhammad as their rightful leader are doomed in this life and the next. Baal and Muhammad said so. Western Phds would declare this to be 'science' and proof that Islam is tolerant. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Patrick Haley on the barren emptiness of the Hadith and Muhammadism

Barren, evil, vicious, Jihadic, intolerant.

by Ferdinand III

Full Article

Patrick Haley, in his book, 'A Spiritual Manifesto' writes that the barren emptiness of the Moslem Hadith, or actions and words of Muhammad, which comprise some 60% of Moslem liturgy [along with Mein Koran and the Sira or biography of Muhammad]; must have an impact on a practising Moslem's world-view. Indeed the Hadith are mostly repetitive inanity, punctuated by calls to Jihad, violence and power; all to support the cult of Muhammad and his family idol Baal or the Lord [al ilah] of Mecca.

Haley: 'The primary emotions in Muhammadism are arrogance, envy, false pride, demonizing hate and lust.'

This is entirely true and a pithy summary of Muhammad's cult ethos. We could add pillage, misogyny, rape, plunder, murder and supremacism to the list.

Page 92

'Thousands of verses passed on orally or written on anything available....Muhammad to manufacture the Koran and Hadith. Many are completely absurd....

The spiritual emptiness of Muhammad's life, the Koran and Hadith, leaves followers in a state of nearly constant spiritual hunger. There is little joy, healing and love...

Muhammadens delusionally and arrogantly claim they are superior to all non-Muhammadans....”

What does Muhammadism as conveyed in the Hadith lead to ?

Terror. War. Hate. Blind obedience to Hadith based Sharia 'Law'. Bronze age 'laws'. Females viewed as sex chattel. Attitudes of victimization and jealousy. Jews, Christians or Kufars viewed as subhuman 'apes and pigs' who can be slaughtered at whim.

Islam is a cult.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

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Mein Hadith and Dhimmitude

Western elitists and many religious leaders are already Dhimmis.

by Ferdinand III

Full Article

Jews and Christians are Dhimmis in Mein Hadith which support the Mein Koranic narrative that Moslems, as divinely ordained by Baal or Allah, are the ubermensch. Dhimmis, or 'Peoples of the Book', are to be the knaves, slaves, workers, sex-chattel, and wealth producers for Moslems. That is what 'Dhimmi' or Dhimmitude entails. They are untermensch. Therefore any priest, pastor, pope, cardinal, bishop, prelate or religious leader who does not condemn Moslem supremacism, violence and animus against Dhimmis, is not only a witless, mentally-ill irrelevancy; they are psychologically enchained into Dhimmitude, giving a mental and conscious subservience to Moslems, where none should exist. They are already slaves of Allah and as useless a group of chattering idiots as those who defend National Socialism or Communism.

Mein Hadith and Mein Koran make it very clear, that if the Dhimmis won't willingly submit to the might and power of Islam [submission], than the Allah moon deity has decreed that violence can be used. From Bukhari's Hadith, we have the destruction of the Jews at Khaybar and the imposition of the Dhimmi-contract:

Bukhari 5, 59, 512

During the night, just outside Khaybar [a Jewish village which possessed forts], Mohammed gave the Fajr Prayer and said, 'Allah is Great! Khaybar will be in ruins. When we attack a city that has been warned, those people are in for an evil morning.” As the people of Khaybar, fled the city, Mohammed ordered the men killed and the women and children enslaved.”

Moslems still today, taunt Jews with 'Remember Khaybar', a particular favorite of Arab Moslems living in Gaza on their occupied and once formerly Jewish land. Hundreds of men were slaughtered at Khaybar and Mohammed and his brigands had their sexual appetites sated with numerous sex slaves of any age. Only women who were pregnant or menstruating were exempted from being raped. Western liberal arts Phds state that this proves Islam respects women.

Khaybar was the first enactment of Dhimmitude. Property, wealth, gold and produce were appropriated and stolen by the Moslems. The Khaybar Jews were however, extremely productive and skilled farmers. The Arab Moslems of course knew nothing about farming. So a deal was struck. The Jews could continue to exist at the whim and pleasure of the Moslem ruling class, as long as they transferred 50% of all they produced to the Moslems. If this 'contract' was maintained the Jews might be exempted from further rapine and plunder.

Bukhari 3, 39, 521

Mohammed made an agreement with the Jews of Khaybar that allowed them to use the land in exchange for half of each harvest....”

The pact of Dhimmitude. Mohammed of course received his 'fair share' and 'equitable' division of 20 %. If he had conquered Khaybar without a fight, then he would have taken 100%, so said the Allah thing. Moslem Ghazi or warriors only received booty if there was conflict and battle. Otherwise the great man Mohammed would take all of the plunder......doesn't every 'prophet' do the same ?

Dhimmitude within the Church and Western ruling elite is already a fact. It remains to be seen what the consequences shall be.  

Sunday, December 07, 2014

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Bronze Age Dictums of Mein Hadith

Rape, sex slave, plunder, kill, punish.....

by Ferdinand III

Full Article

Quackademics, Quackperts, the media and toothy politicians who have never read Mein Hadith, the Sira or life of Muhammad, nor Mein Koran; assure the hoi-polloi that the Sunna or Trilogy of Islam discusses nothing but love and peace. In fact the multicultural-embracing elite demands that it is in fact superior to anything created in Judeo-Christian culture. They deny that there is violence, rape, slavery, hatred, Jihad, supremacism, misogyny and Bronze Age ideals in the Sunna. This is because none of these huge brains will ever bother to read the liturgical books which comprise Islamic political-theology. The Kufar or non Moslem sub-human are to be either converted, killed, or at the very least completely dominated by Islamic totalitarianism. See ISIS for more information.

From Bukhari's Hadith collection, in which about 1000 phrases are unique and 5800 or so are repetitive.


B4, 52, 65

A man asked Muhammad. 'One man fights for wealth, one man fights to achieve fame, and another fights for pride. Who among them fights for the cause of Allah? Muhammad said, 'The man who fights so that Islam should dominate is the man who fights for Allah's cause.'

B2, 24, 522

Muhammad: 'Two angels descend from Paradise each day. One says, 'O, Allah! Reward those who contribute to jihad,' and the other says, 'O, Allah! Kill those who refuse to support jihad.'

Paradise for those who fight for Muhammad's cult:

B4, 53, 352

Muhammad: 'Allah promises the jihadi with pure intent either a place in Paradise or a return to his home with spoils of war and the guarantee of Allah's reward in the after-life.'

Kufar women as sex slaves:

B3, 34, 432

While sitting with Muhammad, I [Abu Said Al-Khudri] asked, 'Muhammad, sometimes we receive female slaves as our share of the spoils. Naturally, we are concerned about their retaining their value. How do you feel about coitus interruptus? Muhammad asked, 'Do you do that? It is better not to do that. It is Allah's will whether or not a child is born.'

Kill or ransom Kufar captives:

B4, 53, 367

Speaking about the captives from the battle of Badr, Muhammad said, 'If Al-Mutin were alive and if he asked me to, I would have freed those people for his sake.' [he ended up killing them of course]

Cruel punishment for the Kufar:

B8, 82, 795

Muhammad punished the men of the Uraina tribe by cutting off their hands and feet and letting them bleed to death.

Women are dumb [and must be managed by men]:

B3, 48, 826

Muhammad asked, 'Is not the value of a woman's eye-witness testimony half that of a man's? A woman said, 'Yes'. He said, 'That is because a woman's mind is deficient.'

The vagina is what the man needs from a woman:

B7, 62, 81

Mohammed said, 'The marriage vow most rightly expected to be obeyed is the husband's right to enjoy the wife's vagina.'

Perhaps the pious Moslem, or multi-culti devotee can highlight where precisely the ethics, morality and higher spiritual standards are embedded in the above verses ? The Hadith read as a Bronze Age manual to misogyny, conquest, rape and plunder. They share nothing in common with higher metaphysical motives. Allah-Muhammad uber alles. Whatever Allah might actually mean [Baal, the moon deity, Muhammad...]

Friday, December 05, 2014

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Mein Hadith. Mein Sharia Barbarism.

Bronze age brutality.

by Ferdinand III

Full Article

The Koran, Sira or biography of mad Muhammad, and the Hadith or words and actions of Muhammad, comprise the 'holy' trilogy of Islam. All of these works are canonical Moslem texts, deemed to be divinely inspired. They reinforce each other. Mein Koran is 14-15 % of the total text from these 3 sources. Mein Hadith are some 60%. The most important Hadith are the 6800 verses, most of them repetitive, compiled by Bukhari. Only about 1000 different phrases or non-repetitive paragraphs exist within the Bukhari collection. The second most cited Hadith is from Muslim.

Over 30% of Bukhari's Hadith is devoted to Jihad or violence against the Kafir or Kufar. This amount of hate-speech is also reflected in Mein Koran which devotes 25-30% of its text to the 'Kufar problem' and how to deal with non-Moslems through war, Jihad, mendacity, trickery, and what to do with their women, including rape, unfettered sex, and slaving. The books are thus consistent with each other, and mutually supportive. It is important to note that the Arabic word Kufar, or Kafir, does not mean 'Unbeliever', as most translations state. Kufar is far worse than an Unbeliever.

A Moslem calling a non-Moslem a Kufar, is akin to a Darwinist calling someone a Creationist, a cult of warm devotee ascribing 'denier' status to a critic he cannot answer; a Marxist Professor branding through his ignorance a capitalist as a Nazi; or a Nazi labelling someone a Jew. Kufar is the most pejorative term imaginable, denoting someone as an untouchable, sub-human, a person that is beyond the so-called Norman pale [or zone of control], who inhabits the House of War; and who has no rights whatsoever within Islamic totalitarianism. Within Moslem liturgy a Kufar is an animal, not a human. This is why Mein Koran and Hadith so easily discuss murdering, killing and employing Jihad against the Kufar. They are not human. The good Moslem, pious in his devotion, like a devotional cult member of abortion, is only killing a 'thing', not a human.

Mein Hadith, like the Koran, are very clear about the program. Moslems cannot kill or even be unkind to fellow Moslems. This is the Moslem 'golden rule'. Whatever is good for the Muhammadan cult is fine with the Allah-thing or idol [Baal]. If you need to lie, steal, perjure, injure, or even rape in the name of Allah, it is okay. As long as you perform these deeds against the Kufar it is divinely sanctioned. The good Allah-following Moslem cannot be so immoral against fellow Moslems, and it is a capital crime in Sharia law, based on the Hadith, to kill a fellow Moslem. It is not against Sharia law to kill the Kufar or women – even Moslem women.

For those who believe that Mein Hadith are unimportant, think again. Sharia barbarity is based on the Hadith. Misogyny, the destruction of the Kufar and their assets, bronze-age punishments for adultery, theft, or 'creating trouble in the land' against Islamic totalitarianism; the disavowal of free speech, freedom, pluralist democracy, free-will, human-rights....all of these are found in Mein Hadith and form the premise of Sharia Bronze Age barbarism.

Anyone who states that Sharia barbarity is the 'same' as Western jurisprudence or 'just as noble', is an idiot.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

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Bukhari's Hadith and the 300 verses of violence and Jihad

Proving that the cult of Submission means peace.

by Ferdinand III

Full Article

There are over 300 verses of Jihad in Bukhari's compendium on the life, sayings, sounds, toiletry, warring, lust and accumulation of booty, by the non-prophet Muhammad. In fact just 288 describe in Bukhari's own words 'Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)' with Jihad given an extra a in the Arabic. Jihaad was and is indeed a pillar of Islam – the 6th foundation of being a good Moslem. Without Jihaad there would not be a cult named Submission. Muhammad's 'ministry' would never have developed, and if the Meccans had possessed more intelligence, Muhammad would have been killed; before he fled Mecca to Medina, tipped off by his wealthy and important uncle. The Meccans were too lenient. Many of them would pay with their own lives and the lives of their families.

Jihad is the best deed for Moslems:

Narrated Abdullah bin Masud: I asked Allah's Apostle, "O Allah's Apostle! What is the best deed?" He replied, "To offer the prayers at their early stated fixed times." I asked, "What is next in goodness?" He replied, "To be good and dutiful to your parents." I further asked, what is next in goodness?" He replied, "To participate in Jihad in Allah's Cause." I did not ask Allah's Apostle anymore and if I had asked him more, he would have told me more.  

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, "A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah's Cause in the forenoon or in the afternoon is better than the world and whatever is in it."  

 Narrated 'Abdullah bin Abi Aufa: Allah's Apostle said, "Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords." 

Fight for Allah [Muhammad]:

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my soul is! Whoever is wounded in Allah's Cause....and Allah knows well who gets wounded in His Cause....will come on the Day of Resurrection with his wound having the color of blood but the scent of musk.

Narrated Abu Musa: A man came to the Prophet and asked, "A man fights for war booty; another fights for fame and a third fights for showing off; which of them fights in Allah's Cause?" The Prophet said, "He who fights that Allah's Word (i.e. Islam) should be superior, fights in Allah's Cause."  

Moslem warriors named Ghazi or Mujahiddin, will go to the Moslem heaven:

Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, "Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward)." He replied, "I do not find such a deed." Then he added, "Can you, while the Muslim fighter is in the battle-field, enter your mosque to perform prayers without cease and fast and never break your fast?" The man said, "But who can do that?" Abu- Huraira added, "The Mujahid (i.e. Muslim fighter) is rewarded even for the footsteps of his horse while it wanders bout (for grazing) tied in a long rope."  

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "The example of a Mujahid in Allah's Cause-- and Allah knows better who really strives in His Cause----is like a person who fasts and prays continuously. Allah guarantees that He will admit the Mujahid in His Cause into Paradise if he is killed, otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards and war booty."  

If you possess an advanced degree from a Western university, you will studiously ignore Jihad, the call to kill Unbelievers and the demand to martyr yourself for the Allah-Muhammad complex. For the 'educated' Westerner Jihad means 'spiritual struggle', killing means love, and war is peace. Arbeit macht freiheid.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

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Mein Hadith, Mein Koran. Kill the Jews and Christians.

Intolerance is now peace.

by Ferdinand III

Full Article

Kill the Jews. So states Mein Hadith, echoing the Mein Koran and the life of the Arab Fuehrer, Mohammed. Phds in Liberal Arts [Philosophy of Dunces] are confused as to why Islam is so uber-violent and displays a 1400 year history of Jihad and war against Judaism and its offshoot Christianity. It really is a mystery isn't it?

[Sahih Muslim, book 041, number 6981] Ibn 'Umar reported Allah's messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: you will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me) ; kill him.

[Sahih Muslim, book 041, number 6983] Abdullah b. 'Umar reported Allah's messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: you and the Jews would fight against one another until a stone would say: Muslim, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him.

[Sahih Bukhari, volume 4, book 52, number 176] narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: Allah’s apostle said, "you (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. the stones will (betray them) saying, 'o 'Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! there is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.'”

The above Mein Hadith are supported by 1600 Koranic verses of intolerance and cruelty towards Jews, Christians and non-Moslems, including:

[Mein Koran 9:5, 29, 41] Slay the idolators [non-Muslims] wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the last Day…. Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah!

It is the Allah-Muhammad idol uber-alles. Jews, Christians and non-Moslems are to be converted or slaughtered. A rather simple fascistic dichotomy that only a Liberal Arts Phd from a Western University would fail to understand.  


Reform the cult of Islam and Islamic States
Click on the Banner below to help Persecuted Christians, violently attacked, raped and killed by Moslems, in Moslem dominated countries and regions:

Islam is a cult, not a religion.  Its genesis is the political-theocratic orders of the Bronze and Iron ages.  The doctrines of 'Submission' are barbaric, immoral, irrational and pagan, not to mention fascistic in the real sense of that abused term.  

Islam  never has produced even a tithe of the  innovations, inventions, tools, and  breakthroughs in the realms of art, writing, philosophy, politcal- economy, science, medicine, governance,  social welfare, justice, law and  free-will rationality, as wrought by the Middle  Ages in European Christendom.   

The Fascist theology of Muhammadanism.

Paxton's definition of Fascism boils down to a few essentials:
  1. Fascism is a political project which is formed to reverse a perceived decline. [Islam – check]
  2. It is violent and bloody. [Islam - check]
  3. It is a cult, in which the cult must be obeyed by all who are ruled by the cult. [Islam - check]
  4. The cult employs myths of purity and greatness, of the race, or state in question. [Islam - check]
  5. Ideals around rationality, democracy, individualism, and freedom need to be abandoned. [Islam - check]
  6. Following the plan and diktats of the cult are the individual's only responsibilities. [Islam - check]

Paxton's identification of Fascism as a mass movement, premised on some absurd idea of 'purity' and on violence, is certainly correct. It is indeed the cult uber alles. One can go further of course in refining what is a Fascist movement.  In a 1995 essay titled "Eternal Fascism",  [link] the Italian writer and academic Umberto Eco adopts a detailed list of Fascist ideological components. For Eco, Fascism is not a coherent political program per-se, but a set of organizing principles specific to the culture in question: He lists 14 main features of the Fascist program...... more

Mock Islam daily and often.  An intolerant pagan-fascist cult deserves no respect.

Muhammad cartoons.  If Muhammad was a 'prophet' so too was Adolf and Josef.  All of the French cartoons are here
Muhammad's favorite wife - Aisha.  6 year old girl married to a 53 year old 'man'......clever.  Younger than his own daughter.  Moslems deny this.  But sadly for them, the Koran, the Hadiths and Moslem historiography confirm that Muhammad married a mere child and consummated it when she was 9.

Muhammad in the full glare of history.  Why won't Moslems inquire about who this man really was ? Terrified of the Truth ?

Fitna and the Moslem imperative to fight all Unbelievers until the entire world is free of the Infidel.

Where did this cult named Submission or  Islam come from ?

Arab Historian and Moslem-apologist Hitti detailing the moon deity of Mecca, Hub'Allah as the Al-Lah of the Koran.

"Philip Hitti was an Arab historian, whose opus 'History of the Arabs' originally created in 1937, is without much doubt the most important, and most deeply flawed work on the history of the Arabs and by consequence Islam. A summary review of his work is posted here. The main strength of Hitti's book is his pre-Islamic history which is a fascinatingly detailed look at pre-Muhammad Arabia......

Celestial worship
On page 60 Hitti describes the sky pantheon which infected Arabian pagan beliefs:
“The religion of South Arabia was in its essence a planetary astral system in which the cult of the moon-god prevailed. The moon, known in Hadramawt as Sin, to the Minaeans as Wadd (love or lover, father), to the Sabaeans as Almaqah (the health-giving god?)....He was conceived of as a masculine deity and took precedence over the sun, Shams, who was his consort.....From this celestial pair sprang the many other heavenly bodies considered divine. The North Arabian al-Lat, who figured in the Koran, may have been another name for the sun-goddess.” [p.60]

Baal was the Sky God or Thunder God of various Near Eastern pre-Christian era tribes. The Hittites and Canaanites worshipped the power of the Thunder God. The Assyrians and Sumerians the omnipotence of the Sky God. Baal or Hubal would be akin to Thor in Nordic legend, or Zeus and Jupiter in ancient Greece or Rome. It is not a surprise that Baal was also worshipped in pre-Muhammad Arabia:
“Ba'l represented the spirit of springs and underground water and must have been introduced into Arabia at the same time as the palm tree....The Bedouin's astral beliefs centered upon the moon, in whose light he grazed his flocks. Moon-worship implies a pastoral society, whereas sun-worship represents a later agricultural stage....Hence Wadd (Koran 71:22), the moon-good who stood at the head of Minaean pantheon....Al-Lat in al-Taif was represented by a square stone...” [p. 97]
Baal is of course quite dissimilar to the Christian ideals of 'god' though he did have a human form – much like Zeus.
“Hubal (from Aramaic for vapour, spirit), evidently the chief deity of al-Kabah, was represented in human form....The pagan Kabah, which became the palladium of Islam, was an unpretentious cube-like (hence the name) building of primitive simplicity....serving as a shelter for a black meteorite which was venerated as a fetish.” [p. 100] More

Why Islam is a cult

A cult is not a religion. A religion to be worthy of the name, must support the following 4 ideals; free-will; rationality (or faith through reason); the Golden Rule; and good works towards any and all. We cannot forget that Calvin`s cult in 16 century Geneva denied free will and enquiry. The peasants simply had to shut up and obey the militant cult. Lutheranism embraced pre-destination and denounced human free-will, goodness, and works of faith. Luther created Calvin. Modern secularism, so hateful of Judeo-Christianity, worships material dialecticism and scientism, no matter how perverted, irrational or distorted the scientism might be. Free will and rational skepticism – at least for the hoi polloi peasantry – is beyond the pale in a world worshipping the cult of science and abstract, obtruse and often times utterly vapid materialist-narcissist philosophies.

Cults do not possess nor desire golden means. They are erected as extremist ideals bent on the subversion of reality and individuality. We ridicule ourselves and our common-sense by ascribing the word religion to the cult of Muhammad.


If you read the history of Mohammed and the formation of his cult, two obvious observations come to mind. First Islam is based on a moon cult, suffused with some Judaic notions of monotheism [see here for why Islam is a moon cult]. Second, the racism, supremacism, violence, calls to war, the innumerable campaigns, the pilfering and rape of caravans and towns, and the code of obedience, all foreshadow Nazism and the modern pagan cults embodied in the leaderships of Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Stalin. 

Since no-one in the educational or media establishments bothers to read about Mohammed, these uncomfortable truths – the war, the hate, the bile, the carnage, the injunction to conquer the world – are quietly untold. But that is the real historical Mohammed. He was not a great man, as Time Magazine ejaculated when assigning status to the most important individuals in history. Mohammed was a monster, a man who created a cult, which as Churchill remarked, inculcated in its votaries a primitive, and ruthless passion – the scourge of civilisation. 

Books Reviewed

Robert R. Reilly, 'The Closing of the Muslim Mind'. The Mutazilite doctrine of church and state separation and the necessity to use reason to find faith, flowered for only 50 years. The Islamic counter-reformation was harsh and uncompromising. The three main schools of Islamic theology grouped as Asharism [after an important 9  century Sunni teacher]; and a fourth named Hanbalism [named after Hanbali an immoderate and extremist fundamentalist of the 8 century]; took over:

"In the second year of the reign of Caliph Ja'afar al-Mutawakkil (847-861), the tables were turned....Holding Mutazilite doctrine became a crime punishable by death. The Mutazilites were expelled from court...and their works largely destroyed....the long process of dehellenization and ossification had begun."

It took the Asharites some 200 years to expunge Mutazilitism from Islam. Some Mutazilite philosophers still appeared in the 10th and 11th century in the forms of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes. But they were weak and without followers in a Muslim world quickly cementing Asharite and Hanbalist fundamentalism into every aspect of Islamic life. Free will was destroyed. Rationality mocked.

Child Abuse

Child sex is common in the Islamic world. It comes from imitating the rape by Mohammed of Aysha – a mere 9 year old innocent. For Muslims, Mohammed is the ultimate symbol of male greatness. Ergo sex with children is not only permitted but practised. Mass marriages of 13 year old child-brides are common in Gaza, Lebanon and elsewhere. A 13 year old girl in Muslim culture is ready to produce Muslim male offspring – under the guidance of an older male Muslim of course.

"According to western standards, or any civilized standard, Mohammed’s marriage to Aysha and having sex with her at the age of nine years is a crime called paedophilia.  However, Muslims call it an ordinary marriage and justify it on the supposition that girls in hot countries tend to reach sexual maturity faster than in cold countries. Muslims assume, without any evidence, that  Aysha had a menstruation before her marriage and conclude that Mohammed had sex with an adult aged nine years!  This justification by Muslims is an indication of how they understand maturity; simply it is sexual maturity and has nothing to do with the mind."

Conflicts in Islam

Jew-hate is racism.
As simple as that. This racist inclination infects the Arab-Muslim and UN world. The extent of this immorality is so pervasive that most Westerners accept the myth that Gazan Arabs are somehow `Palestinians` - a word created in the 1960s by Arafat and the fascist PLO. Palestinian Arabia is a myth designed to create an aura of historical legitimacy for a group of people who don't have any. It is the Arabs of course who are squatting on territory which was a part of the ancient Jewish kingdoms, which predate the Muslim invasions by some 1700 years. Yet most Arabs and Muslims know nothing about Islamic, Arab or Jewish history. One third to one-half of the Arab world is illiterate. No wonder the Meccan moon cult fascism is so highly prized


The Crusades were one of the most important events in our history – and one of the most glorious. They saved civilisation. There is little doubt about this. As another writerstates so correctly:

"So I'll say for the record that despite the excesses that took place as they were waged, the Crusades were a great moment in Christian history—as the Church has recognized by canonizing so many Crusaders (King Louis IX and Bernard of Clairvaux are two well-known examples), and the current cringing surrender many urge before Islam is a sickening, un-Christian scandal—on the order of the suicidally stupid Children's Crusade. Any religion that will not fight in its own defense deserves to be persecuted—and there are plenty abroad in the Muslim world who will happily oblige it."

Islam or Mohammedanism as it should be called [or the cult of Mohammed], is a militant barbarous paganism. Why wouldn't you fight it?


Weimar Germany fell to the Nazi's due to many reasons, including economic stagnation; extreme nationalism; a victim narrative; apathy and ruthless, terrorist tactics. The singular innovation of the Nazi party was to attack its enemies using the ferocious 'brownshirts' or terrorist milita, whilst controlling democratic elections. Islamist jihadists and fascists are adept at using the same methods with the same skill to subvert pluralism; quiet 'moderates'; and develop a terror state.

real world as well the philosophical world of Islamic doctrine makes this obvious. Islamic thinkers and leaders, those truly committed to an Islamic state, have no interest in pluralism of any variety. Islamic states are one party affairs with no democratic, party, or religious diversity or opposition. They are Nazified creations – with the added power of a melded church and state complex, something even the Nazis did not achieve. Consider some real world examples.


Most people would be astonished by this. The drop in Moslem babies is of course great news. Islam, which is presented by the Western media as pacific, tolerant, sophisticated and socially cohesive is of course the opposite in reality. Vitally as the Moslem world urbanizes, its birth rate has fallen by over ½ in the aggregate. Islamic politicians in Turkey and Iran for example have set 2040 as the 'end date' of their so-called 'civilisations'. Within 30 years the decline in both Turkic and Persian-Mede fertility will herald an irreversible decline in both populations. The same is true elsewhere in the Moslem world.

The UN’s  World Population Prospects Report makes it clear the fertility decline in the Moslem world is indeed a world-wide phenomenon. The report compares birth rates from about 1970 to 2003-7. The analysis reveals that the largest Moslem states are becoming infertile and are approaching European and Japanese infertility rates. For example in Indonesia which has the world’s largest Muslim population [230 million], the fertility rate has dropped from 5.6 in 1970, to 2.02 today, which is below the replacement level. The same UN assessment sees huge declines in Bangladesh (from 6.5 to 2.2) and Malaysia (4.7 to 2.4) during this same period. By 2050, even Pakistan is expected to reach a replacement-level fertility rate down from 7.1 in 1970, and 3.8 in 2005.


For most of modern history we can issue forth this truism: the left wing elements of the modern world, including academia, unions, bureaucrats, the media, political opportunists and self-appointed experts have always aligned themselves with fascism and totalitarianism. So it goes with Islam. It is a peculiar and perverse fascination. The two creeds – socialist Marxism and fascist Islam - have prima facie, nothing in common. Yet one common element unites these two perverse and destructive ideologies. It is their hatred of the Christian West and the modern world. In fact the ideology of Islam resonates with communitarian Marxism, and there is much in similarity between extreme socialism and the fascist totalitarian construct of an Islamic state. Indeed the entire Islamic world, save Iraq and Afghanistan now under Western imperial domination, is a broad and ugly swathe of Islamic Marxist orientation. Perhaps the Western left sees its salvation and continued relevance in the power of the Islamic model – which is another variant of extreme socialism. 

A hatred of Christianity, modernity and individuality permeates both concepts.....

Golden Age Myths

We are constantly told a lie that Moorish Spain was a multicultural nirvana of unbounded development and civilisation. Even the Great Obama, that most important of humans, has rendered his divine opinion in various speeches which refer to 'Cordoba', the Moorish capital as an example of inter-faith success, and a glorious period of learning in which all 'faiths' learnt from each other. It makes a nice UN advertisement, but this idea is of course almost wholly false. The Muslims invaded Spain in 710 AD because Visigothic Spain was rich, advanced, heavily engineered with crops, roads and aqueducts and urbanized. All of the supposed 'achievements' by the Moors were actually Visigothic. All of the architecture, save the Alhambra in Granada which was designed by a Jew, were Visigothic. The Spanish successor to Roman Hispania simply astonished the Arabs and Moors with its wealth and sophistication including of course the arts, the literature and engineering. We know this because the Arabs left records at their amazement over Spain's riches.

But today of course in our current dark age, the real history becomes rewritten and all credit for the advanced civilisation of Spain is rendered to the 'genius' of the Arabs, a group who have never in history developed an advanced society. The Arabs and Muslims were pretty good at either squatting or using 'Dhimmi' technology, money and people for the Islamic cult's benefit. That does take a certain amount of cunning and skill I suppose. But to conflate the destruction of Visigothic Spain and its use by Muslims with a 'Golden Age' is frighteningly inaccurate. As Mr. Seward reminds the reader, the life of the Dhimmi non-Muslim in Spain was one of fear, losing life, assets and money; being plundered, being raped, or being sold off into slavery:

"Every year the Christian territories were devastated, crops burnt, fruit trees cut down, buildings razed, livestock driven off and the inhabitants herded back to the slave-markets. Those who escaped were cowed by ingenious atrocities, the victims' heads being salted as trophies to impress the caliph's unruly subjects....The Reconquista was a holy war."

In the West

At the risk of going to jail for 'thought crimes', it is laughingly obvious to any who study the political-economy, that the cult of multiculturalism, was always destined to fail. Uni-cultures, premised on natural law rights, freedom, political representation, open-trade, and military preparedness survive. Multi-cults who posit the inane and immoral idea that all cultures are the same and that the history's of all people are 'similar and important' create states riven by group 'rights', ghetto mentalities and the destructiveness of state power. The multi-cult is the surest path for a state to force 'conformity', elevate its power to ensure 'equality of cultures', and indoctrinate its citizenry in the cult of the state, as it deposes and reduces the original majoritorian culture to a theology which not only must be rejected, but even criminalized. Thus, if you criticise the failure of a moon-cult from Mecca, and dare to argue that Muslim baths, worship rooms, and state-financed mosques are deleterious to the greater society, than you must be punished and imprisoned for hate crimes.


One of the great hoary myths is that all, most, or `the great majority`of Muslims are peaceful, unsupportive of Islamic fascism and quite willing to accommodate themselves to Western ways and mores. It is in this context that the recent Iranian elections are being reported. According to Western news outlets few in Iran want the Ahmadinejad gang and his Mullah friends in power. This is another lie. Fascisms never survive without widespread support – and international allies. My guess is that a large plurality of Iranians do support theocratic fascism. 

No one knows who voted for what in Iran but two things are clear. First, the Mousavi candidacy whilst marginally better than the Ahmadinejad cult and the Mullahs, was still an Islamist and fundamentalist proposition. A Western supporter and reformer he is not, and the Mullahs who run the country and who are selected and not elected, would have been unaffected by a Mousavi victory. Second, out of about 35 million voting age Iranians at least 20 million, and quite likely upwards of 25 million Iranian voters, accepted and supported the Ahmadinejad regime. This is the real story in Iran – the widespread acclamation that the Ahmadinejad regime enjoys. 

Islamic history

The Hajj means friction and denoted the rubbing of a black stone at the Meccan Kabaa shrine by females against their genitalia. This friction was thought to induce fertility by rubbing the holy rock against the woman's reproductive area. It would be hard to find a more irresolutely pagan practice than this, with perhaps child sacrifice being an exception. This pre-Muhammadan practice had existed for hundreds of years within Arabia dating to at least the birth of Christ. Post-Muhammad the Hajj signified the Moslem duty to journey to Mecca, to spend money, to enrich the locals, and to follow the timeless pagan Arab rituals of rock, stone, and devil worship, as well as circumambulating the Kabaa and kissing its black rock.

This was an ageless and important ceremony in pre-Muhammadan Mecca. Indeed the market square around the cube or Kabaa was infested with prostitution, and many historians speculate that sex orgies were a part of the ritualized offering to the black asteroid rock which was housed in the cube and which represented heavenly power. Rubbing the genitalia with such a rock might have been a prelude to a sexual offering.

In Muhammad and the Religion of Islam, published in 1984, historian John Gilchrist offers the reader a detailed glimpse into this pre-historical era of pagan Arabia. It is a world of superstition, demons, moon deities, celestial reverence, illiteracy, banditry, poverty and under-development. No civilisation worth the name existed there. As historian Gilchrist comments:

The ramial-jimar ceremony at Mina, like many other ceremonies in the Hajj, places a great emphasis on stones - further evidence of pagan Arab practices surviving to this day for the pre-Islamic idol-worshippers worshipped not only stones but had a stone-throwing ceremony in their rites. [Gilchrist, Mohammed, 1984]

Islamic Theology

Karahah sometimes spelled Kariha in the Koran, means 'hate', 'dislike' or 'averse to'. It is used in connection with the Unbelievers or those who reject Muhammad's commands and leadership. First, Moslems might not like fighting the Infidel but Allah wills them to do it. Remember humans have no free-will in Islam, only the Al-Lah moon deity possesses free-will. Second, Unbelievers must be fought since they 'hate' Muhammad's cult. Third, the Infidels are 'averse to' and quite 'dislike' the diktats of the El-Lah thing, and must be brought into line through coercion and intractable purpose. The Arabic word for hate permeates all sections of the Koran.

Al-Lah wills you to fight for him [or it]

2:216 Jihad (holy fighting in Allah's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

58:8 Have you not seen those who were forbidden to hold secret counsels, and afterwards returned to that which they had been forbidden, and conspired together for sin and wrong doing and disobedience to the Messenger (Muhammad SAW). And when they come to you, they greet you with a greeting wherewith Allah greets you not, and say within themselves: "Why should Allah punish us not for what we say?Hell will be sufficient for them, they will burn therein, and worst indeed is that destination!

61:9 He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger Muhammed SAW) hate (it).

10:82 "And Allah will establish and make apparent the truth by His Words, however much the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, etc.) may hate it."

The Koran

In 'The Encyclopedia of Islam', there are 3 scholars who are sourced in resolving the issue of the ordering of the Suras – Noldeke, Blachere and Weiss. These men went to the source material of the Koran, including the Hadiths, scripts, and writings which pre-dated the invention of the Koran. They sifted through Arabic and Muslim material and developed a definitive chronological order of the last Medinan Suras. Whilst there are some variations in their ordering, the lists in othe rdering of the Medinan, or latest Suras, are rather similar:

Weil: 2, 98, 62, 65, 22, 4, 8, 47, 57, 3, 59, 24, 63, 33, 48, 110, 61, 60, 58, 49, 66, 9, 5.

Noldeke and Blachere: 2, 98, 64, 62, 8, 47, 3, 61, 57, 4, 65, 59, 33, 63, 24, 58, 22, 48, 66, 60, 110, 49, 9, 5.

The 3 scholars are in broad agreement on the order of the last 'grouping' of Koranic Suras. From the list above it is clear that Suras 9 and 5 are the most important. Both are reviewed here and here. Other scholars such as Sir William Muir concur that 9 and 5 are the last two Suras. Sahih Bukhari, in his Hadiths, volume 6, book 60, # 129 (or 5.59.650) confirms this stating: "The last Sura that was revealed was Bara’…" Bara is Sura 9.

[un]Holy Koran !

It is amusing and disquieting when one receives emails from the Dhimmis – or Muslim lovers – screaming that Islam is peace and there is no compulsion in the Koran and that anyone who writes the truth about Islam is a racist, fascist, conservative Hitlerite etc. These Dhimmi-wits often cite Sura 2:256 which indeed does say, out of context, that there is no compulsion in religion. But what the Dhimmis don't understand is that in this single verse – the only one they can find in the entire Koran –  non-Muslims are assumed to be slaves and there is no compulsion towards your slaves. Why would there be ? Slaves work, toil and pay the jizya or slave-head tax. Why force revenue producing agents into being Islamic ?

As I wrote in reviewingSura 2, verse 256 is always held up to be the example of Islamic tolerance and love. This is however, entirely misleading. 2:256 says, “Let there be no compulsion in religion.” It is directly followed by 2:257 which makes it clear what 2:256 is really saying, “Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith the patrons are the Evil Ones: from light they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. They will be Companions of the fire, to dwell therein (forever)"

It is obvious that 2:256 is referring to the fact that in Koranic theology the compulsion of slaves or Dhimmis is unnecessary, since the moon deity, Ali-ilah is going to send them to hell anyways. This is confirmed elsewhere in the same Sura where we have a dozen or more calls to Jihad:

90. Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you... 

191. And slay them wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; 


Apparently Hub-Al[lah] the Moslem moon diety and 'ilah' or Lord of the pagan Gods was a racist. Racism abounds in the Koran, with Blacks and 'Black Faces' singled out as inferior. Muhammad stated that Blacks were stupid. Black slavery was an important economic crutch for the lighter skin Arabs in pre-Muhammadan Arabia. Most Arab families, like Muhammad's, had Black slave-servants, and much of the rather poor economic development of Arabia was premised in part on the work of Black slaves. Kufar or  Infidel was originally a word applied to African Blacks. Some 11 million of whom were transhipped to the Greater Arabian and Moslem empires over a 1100 year period. An unremarked upon catalogue of human misery.

To transship 11 million humans typically meant that 2 or 3 times that amount had to be 'found' and preyed upon. The death rate from capture to the initial stages of forced marches in chains is according to most historians, in the 50-60% range, meaning that 20 odd million Blacks over 1100 years were captured by Arab and Moslem flesh hunters and that about ½ of this total might have survived and made it to the northern Moslem realms. [to say nothing of the 10 million Whites taken by Moslems as slaves....]

vs. Christianity

Maybe moderate Muslims and their Marxist-PC cultist enablers can explain the following Koranic injunctions which demand the eradication of Christians:
  1. 2:190-193 Fight in the cause of God, those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors. And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out: For tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; But fight them not at the sacred Mosque unless they first fight you there; But if they fight you, Slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith. But if they cease, God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression."
  2. 2:216-217 Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But God knoweth, and ye know not. They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: "Fighting therein is a grave (offense); but graver is it in the sight of God to prevent access to the path of God, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members. Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be Companions of the Fire and will abide therein.
  3. 2:244-245 Then fight in the cause of God, and know that God heareth and knoweth all things. Who is he that will loan to God a beautiful loan, which God will double unto his credit and multiply many times? It is God that giveth (you) want or plenty, and to Him shall be your return.


The world of the Koran and of Islam is cleanly cleaved into two sections. On the one side are the great, the good, the faithful and the to be rewarded who follow Mohammed and his alter-ego, Allah. On the other side of the great divide are the Unbelievers, the Unjust, the Criminals, the Sinners, the Idolaters, the Pagans, the Damned, or anyone male or female, who does not follow the moon-cult and Koranic theology. Yes it really is that simple. There is no objective ethics within the Koran, just restatements of supremacism, racism and lurid tales of doom and eternal damnation for those who reject Mohammed's cult. That is basically the Koran in a nutshell. One of the most apposite phrases which clearly describes the intention of this cult is the following, written after the Mohammedan's had started their bloody imperialist domains in Arabia: 40-40: Whosoever does an evil deed, will not be requited except the like thereof, and whosoever does a righteous deed, whether male or female and is a true believer (in the Oneness of Allah), such will enter Paradise, where they will be provided therein (with all things in abundance) without limit.

This is the 'Golden Rule' in the Koran. When a Muslim says 'oh yeah, the Koran and Islam contain the Christian Golden Rule as well', they are liars. The phrase above is about as clear as one can get. 'Whosoever does a righteous deed [following the Koran in other words], and is a true believer [of Mohammed and the Koran], will enter Paradise.' I doubt that the theme of the Koran can be more clearly or easily expressed. Follow us and win earthly and heavenly salvation. Oppose us and die.

9-68 Allah has promised the hypocrites; men and women, and the disbelievers, the Fire of Hell, therein shall they abide. It will suffice them. Allah has cursed them and for them is the lasting torment.

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The Koran is a long anti-Christian, anti-Jew rant, replete with lurid calls of violence and killing. Supremacist theology negates a true religion. In Sura 4 or 'The Women', in the first 90 verses, one finds 30 Christianophic statements. Quite a large amount from a cult supposedly dedicated to world happiness.

Most of this Sura is a recitation of early Iron Age 'Laws', something one would expect from a backwards Bedouin society of pilfering nomads. Most of the statutes are banal, obtuse and emanate from an uncultured impoverished manner of living. Consider the following 'law', passed on by the 'great' Muhammad on behalf of the moon deity Hub'Al:

004:022* URL
And marry not women whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; indeed it was shameful and most hateful, and an evil way.

Don't marry a woman your father married. How enlightening. How about this prohibition against first-family incest or sex with your 'suckling sisters' ?

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#myjihad: Jihadi leader to Christians: Convert to Islam or die
"Christians must choose "Islam or death," while their women and daughters may legitimately be regarded as wives of Muslims" The enemedia's criminal silence on the relentless and bloody march of Islamic surpremacists on the backs and the bodies...

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
Just following the Koranic fascism of the cult of mad Moh....

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'Generation Identity' Wages War on France Islamization--Failed Multiculturaism&Welfare Spending Could Lead to Civil War
CBN News has been the leader in reporting on the steady Islamization of France. Now there is another sign that France is breaking down: the rise of 'Generation Indentity.'

PARIS - It was a political protest with shock value, the likes of which has never been seen on French TV news: a group of young people stormed a mosque in the city of Portiers, going to the roof and unfurling a banner calling for a national referendum on Muslim immigration.

The banner included the number 732, the year Charles Martel defeated the Islamic invasion in Portiers.

The group calls itself Generation Identitaire, or Generation Identity. They say they are at war with "the 68'ers," the baby boomers who run France, for wrecking their future with multicultural policies that some fear are turning France into a Muslim nation.

They released a video called "A Declaration of War."

In the video, members say, "We are Generation Identitaire. We are the generation of ethnic fracture, the total failure of coexistence, and the forced mixing of races. We have stopped believing in a 'Global Village' and the 'Family of Man.'"

Their rhetoric sounds racist, but they say they do not believe in racial superiority or racial stereotypes. Rather, they fear losing France to Muslim immigrants from Africa.

CBN News interviewed a leader of the group, Julien Langella, in the southern French city of Toulon.

"It's not about hate of other people," Langella insisted. "It's about heritage. It's about loving our people and our land. And we fight for this."

Groups like Generation Identitaire are symptoms of a nation that is coming unglued. They are an unintended but a predictable by-product of a failed multiculturalism that, instead of creating a melting pot, has created ethnic tribalism and dangerous "no-go zones."

"Assimilation is now impossible in France," Langella said. "It was possible when immigrants came from European countries because they are like us ethnically; they are like us culturally."

The French Republic, which is supposed to be strictly secular, has actively helped Muslims build mosques and spread Sharia law. Polls show most French are alarmed about it.

Renaud Camus, one of France's leading writers, said flatly that France is being colonized by Muslim immigrants with the help of the government and the media. He calls it "The Great Replacement."

"The Great Replacement is very simple," he explained. "You have one people, and in the space of a generation, you have a different people."

"Practically every day Catholic Churches are attacked, and people (are stoned) in a very old Muslim tradition. And if they can't deny that this has happened, they say that this is the result of racism," he said.

Generation Identitaire is also upset that their future has been looted by the baby boomers' out-of-control welfare spending.

In their video, they say, "We are the generation doubly punished: condemned to pay into a social system so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people. Our generation is the victims of the May '68'ers, who wanted to liberate themselves from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education."

Aurélie Lamacq, a member of Generation Identitaire, said she is angry with the baby boomers for leaving a mess for her generation "because they had everything."

"They had the cool job. It was easy at the time to buy a flat or house. Their children were secure, and they have taken everything from us," Lamacq charged.

She added that she too no longer believes in cultural assimilation between Christians and Arab immigrants.

"We can't live together because we are not the same ethnically," she said. "We don't have the same religion. We don't have the same way of life, the same values. We have nothing in common. Nothing."

Some believe France is on a trajectory toward more social conflict over immigration and perhaps, someday, civil war.

"The political elite has to understand that it's a fight to the death because it's a matter of survival," Langella said.

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Challenging the Cults: Answering Muslims (Islam)
Answering the cult from a Christian perspective: What to say to Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormans, The New Age and others.

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
The first declaration in becoming a Muslim is to acknowledge there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is His prophet. From the beginning in Islam, the name of Islam’s God, Allah is next to Islam’s prophet. Mohammad as the prophet of Islam received a revelation he claimed by the God of Abraham through the angel Gabriel, this revelation Muslims believe is contained in the pages of the Quran. Muslims believe in Heaven there is an identical book to the Quran, which is written in Arabic. The Quran, delivered in intervals by the angel Gabriel to Mohammad over a period of 22 years. (A.D. 610-632).

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190 Muhammads Characteristics Part 190
Idiots Guide to Islam http://alrassoolilive.blogspot.com/

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Western Civilisation :: Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 3 [2nd part thereof]
Christianophobia – Islam

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
Within the first 100 verses of Sura 3, there were only 47 Christianophobic statements. This is deemed 'moderate' liturgy by the really clever people. In the second half of Sura 3, there are only 30 verses identifying Christians as inferiors, destined for Hell, ripe to be violated and attacked. Big brains and Moslems will declare that this proves the tolerance of the cult of Muhammad. In reality the Koran and by extension Arab and Moslem culture is decidedly supremacist and Christianophobic. The book Recital demands that Moslems kill, subjugate or humiliate the followers of Christ. Both Jesus and Christians are ridiculed in the Koran with Christ mocked as a mere prophet of Allah; a man who did not perform miracles, and was unworthy to be equated with Muhammad the political-military adventurer.

In the second half of Sura 3, or the Family of 'Imran, the following Christianophobic themes are presented:

1) Christians are inferior to Moslems -- so ignore them.

2) Christians are going to Hell and can be killed.

3) The Moslem cult must never be divided.

The Koranic cult is supremacist and racist. Christianity is inferior. It must be either destroyed or the church and its followers in-toto, must be brought under Islamic control and guidance. Those are the only 2 options.

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Western Civilisation :: Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians, Sura 3 [first part thereof]
Christianophobia – Islam

Ibn Sufi al Kitab's insight:
Number of verses in Sura 3: 200
Number of verses in the first part of Sura 3: 100
Number of verses of Christianophia in the first part of Sura 3: 47
% of Christianophobic verses in the first part of Sura 3 of the total: 47 %

According to Marxists, Secularists, cult worshippers of the state, the warm [weather fascists], the homosexual, the feminists, and sundry other worthies, Islam and perforce all Moslems, are pro-Christian 'extremists', spending most of their day eagerly kissing, embracing and loving their 'brothers' and co-equal 'people of the book'. Back in the real world, historically for 1400 years, Christians have been enslaved, slaughtered, raped, and confined to second-class dhimmitude status within the Moslem world. Does the Koran promote this hatred of Christians ? Is there Koranic Christianophobia ? Curious minds would like to know.

In Sura 3, or the Family of 'Imran, the following Christianophobic themes are presented:

1) Christians are going to Hell for disbelieving in Islam and Muhammad.

2) Christians must be humiliated and killed.

3) Christians must deny the Trinity and their own beliefs.

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Pakistani Christian Girl Raped and Tortured for Eleven Days « Persecution News

Raping and torturing young girls.....isn't that what all intolerant cults do ?

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The Evil Teachings of Islam
It's time to wake up. The real muslims are the terrorist who are following the teachings within the quran. We are not the one's who say they are killing in t...

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Egypt and the Death of the ‘Arab Spring’

Nearly two years after the “Arab Spring” began in Egypt, the nation’s Muslim Brotherhood president has arrogated to himself dictatorial powers, and is ramming through a new constitution that will effectively extinguish the last vestiges of Egyptian democracy and establish Egypt as a Sharia state. Just as I said back in January 2011, when the uprisings against Mubarak began, for the people in Egypt who had real power to affect change, the “Arab Spring” was never about democracy and pluralism, despite the ululations of the Western press; it was always about imposing Islamic law upon Egypt. And now, with the new constitution, here we are.

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Guess how many Islamic terror attacks since 9/11

These are not the regular beatings and vandalism against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists but religion-oriented attacks in which someone dies at the hand of a member of the”religion of peace.”

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It’s Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month!

Have you done your shopping yet? It’s Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month — what better time to buy a bomb vest for the mujahid you love?

Inspired by a remark from Pat Condell in this video, I have proclaimed December to be Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month. After all, November was Islamophobia Awareness Month, and certainly the hatred and violence in the Qur’an kills many, many more people than “Islamophobia” ever has or ever will, and so it is far more deserving than “Islamophobia” of a month of its own.

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