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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Monday, September 20, 2010

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The threat of Sharia – real and barbaric enough.

Team B has it right.

by Ferdinand III


One of the central facets of any pagan fascist cult is the ritualized zeal of its liturgy. A cult by its very construction, will demand complete and utter subservience to its theological doctrine. A religion in which free-will, humanism, rationality and the separation of church and state, cannot make the same demands and expect to survive. Religions are by their nature fractious. Cults are by their nature also fractious, but most importantly, they are not riven by arguments over the veracity of the proposed program or mission. They are sundered by competing claims cantered on fundamentalist interpretations; which blood lines or elite can control the cult; and what methods are legitimate in spreading the cult and convincing non-believers. With a pagan cult, the totality of the project is accepted including most importantly the sanctity of its liturgy and ritualization.

Islam might be riven by sects and sub-sects, but there is little dispute within any of the politicracies which comprise greater-'Islamism', that the Koran must be followed, and that Sharia Law or the path, is the only way to regulate social, private and spiritual behavior and mores. All Muslims agree on these two basic and vital tenets.

Sharia is of course one of the great dangers to Western Civilization. It is a complete code of everything in life – from how you treat women and non-Muslims, to the various rituals and standard non-thinking prayers which must be uttered daily; to the invocation of complete and abject submission to the Meccan cult and its celestial idol Al-Allah, or the male moon idol. Sharia is thus accepted by all Islamism's as the crux and fountain of Islamic life and its jurisprudence. It shares nothing in common with Western civil, social, and legal codes.

A fantastic report named 'Time for Team B', on the Sharia threat, can be found at the website published by James Woolsey who was the director of central intelligence under President Clinton and Andrew C. McCarthy, who was the assistant U.S. attorney [and who prosecuted the perpetrators of the first attack on the World Trade Center]. It is well-written, historically accurate and it depicts very clearly the destructive details embedded in pre-modern; and anti-civilizational, Sharia 'Law'.

Consequently, we need to come to grips with Shariah. Whether pursued through violent jihad or the stealthier techniques the Brotherhood calls "civilization jihad" or dawa (the call to Islam), Shariah rejects fundamental premises of constitutional governance and American society: the bedrock proposition that the governed have a right to make law for themselves irrespective of any theocratic code; the republican democracy guaranteed by the Constitution; freedom of conscience; individual liberty (including in matters of personal privacy and sexual preference); freedom of expression (including the liberty to analyze and criticize theocratic codes and practices); economic liberty (including private property); equality (including equality of men and women and of Muslims and non-Muslims); freedom from cruel and unusual punishments; an unequivocal condemnation of terrorism (one that does not rationalize barbarity as legitimate "resistance"); and an abiding commitment to deflate and resolve political controversies by the ordinary mechanisms of federalism and democracy, not wanton violence.

This is a pithy summary of why Sharia and Islam are completely anti-thetical to both US Republicanism and Canadian-European Democratic Socialism.

And what about those mythical Moderate Muslims we hear so much about? Sharia and Islamic liturgy is completely immoderate. Any Muslim who believes in the Koran, or in Sharia 'Law', is by definition and belief, an immoderate. The authors of 'Team B' than make the sensible claim that:

The definition of "moderation" needs to be reset, to bore in on the Shariah fault line. Only by identifying those Muslims who wish to impose Shariah can we succeed in marginalizing them. As our study manifests, the Shariah system is utterly anti-American. Those obliged to defend the proposition that it should be adopted here will find few takers and, quite properly, be seen for what they are in the West: marginal and extremist figures. That, and only that, will strengthen true proponents of a moderate or reformist Islam that embraces freedom and equality.

I have some serious doubts about odes to 'moderate or reformist Islam'. There is not much in the way of Muslim inclination to re-write the Koran; repudiate various racist and supremacist ideals; nor to acknowledge that terror, war, and blood lust, along with slave-trading, misogyny and anti-modern attitudes imbue the cult. One can be forgiven in stating that the chance that Islam will 'reform itself' is small to negligible. Cults don't journey through enlightened renaissances. They are changed or destroyed due to exogenous pressures and usually through war. The Roman destruction of Delphi, or of the Druids comes to mind.

We need to keep in mind the following: the disputes in Islam centre on bloodlines, and the degree of fundamentalist acceptance of the doctrines proposed by Mohammed and Islamic interpreters in the first 400 years of its existence as a warring-imperialist theology. In times past we named these pagan totalities, 'totalitarian'. In the case of Islam, it was rightly named 'Mohammedan' or 'Mohammedism', meaning the cult of its founder. Now somehow, in the politically-correct madness of modernity, the Sharia cult and cult of Mohammed, is repackaged as a 'religion', even as it denies the four fundaments of that term – free will, humanism, rationality and the Golden Rule. Sharia negates them all:

If we are to face down Shariah, however, we must understand what we are up against, not simply hope that dialogue and "engagement" will make the challenge go away. The brute fact is that Shariah adherents perforce support objectives that are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, the civil rights it guarantees and the representative government it authorizes. Our security depends on confronting them, not sitting silent as they gradually efface our liberties.

The obvious does need constant repeating. Islam is antithetical to civilization.


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