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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


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Re-interpreting Muhammadanism? Rewrite Mein Koran first.

You can't rewrite Jihad, lying and hate.

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The call to Jihad, war, violence and terror comes strictly from the Koran, the Hadiths or sayings of Mohammed and the Sunnah or biography of the mad founder of Islam. Muslim holy-war and acts of terror come from these foundational sources.  They cannot be ‘re-interpreted’ by Western half-wits including academics, ‘experts’, or the Vatican to mean what they don’t mean.  The act of Jihad is (according to Muhammad), the ‘2nd pillar’ of his cult.  Jihad is war.  Muhammadanism was spread by war.  It really is that simple.


Further, the Muslim world is Manichean.  The world of the Dhimmi, Infidel or non-Muslim is inferior and enslaved to that, of the Muslim, the pure, the pious, the world which follows the practices of Muhammad the war-leader, slave owner, sex slave proprietor, brigand and totalitarian.  This dichotomy is enshrined in Sharia barbarism (called law by Western dhimmis).  Sharia barbarism reduces women, non-Muslims and less-than-pious-Muslims to the status of animals.  They have no rights. 


Sharia law was firmly in place no later than the end of the 7th century; immutable Muslim clerical law based on the Sharia barbarism was firmly established by the 11th; with the Koran and Hadiths as canonical texts by the 10th century.  


It is of course the Koran and the life of Mohammed which gives Muslims the impetus to terror and war. It is the call to Jihad, the 6th pillar and after submission to Baal (Al Lah) and Muhammad the second most important act of a Muslim.  This pillar of Islam not only 'approves' of violence against the unbelievers, but it also demands it.  It is the actions of Mohammed himself, who created Islam from brigandage, pillage, war, and intimidation which gives Muslims the example of terror, perpetrated by their 'prophet' and approved by their moon-cult deity 'Allah'.


The Western world’s modern-day assignation of Jihad, manifested in terror, war, beheadings, rape, public attacks, and even in demography and ‘births of the ghazi’ within Western states, as ‘mis-interpretations’ of a text which so boldly and fascistically demands either the surrender (submission) of the Infidel, their enslavement or death, is incomparably insipid and even psychotic.  It leads inevitably to the destruction of the Western world.


Most Westerners ingesting fake news, or fake education, know nothing about the Arab-Muslim ‘law’ to lie.  Taqqiya or Arab deceit is an important part of Islamic theology. Taqiyya mandates trickery and lying to forward the goals of Islam. This includes breaking contracts, ignoring obligations, and telling stories when you see fit. As long as the position of 'Allah' is improved, and Muslims benefit it is okay to engage in duplicity and falsehood.  The entire ethos and culture of Muhammadanism is heavily corrupted and skewed by the expectation of lying to, cheating and deceiving non-Muslims.  The Koran adjures the use of deceit towards non-Muslims 3:28, 3:54, 8:30, 10:21.  Lying is a central preoccupation in Muhammadan culture.


Mohammed's ruthless, murderous career was full of Taqiya, the breaking of contracts, agreements, peace treaties and accords. As Mohammed said in one battle, 'For war is deceit.' He famously broke many treaties in his bloodthirsty expansion of his family's cult and his moon cult ideology.  The Koran and Islamic scholarly writing make it clear that Taqiya is a part of war; and since Islam must either subjugate or exterminate non-believers through jihad, Taqiya as deception is mandatory.


There is nothing about Islam which is moderate of course.  It is one long screed, akin to Mein Kampf, against non-Muslims. There is no Golden Rule, no call to reason, no tolerance, no charity to non-Muslims and no frameworks in which one can see the cultural attitudes which created a modern world system. Nothing but violence and hate. The unbelievers are targeted in the Koran, in the life of Mohammed and in his sayings, for destruction.


The last 3 wishes of Mohammed were clear; kill or expel all the Jews and Christians in Arabia; destroy Persia, Byzantium and Rome; and make Islam the only ideology of the Arab tribes. The Koran is thus the opposite of what the Bible preaches. It is naturally Jihadic.  Some scholars such as Bill Warner have even counted the ‘nice words’ that Mein Koran offers to non-Muslims.  2.6% of the words in the Muslim handbook of hate are ‘nice’ to non-Muslims.  However, even the 2.6% vanishes under the threatened violence if Kaffirs don't accept Islam's offer of goodness. Violence and suffering are promised to 100% of those who do not believe in Mohammed.


The world of the 5 senses is black and white, not grey. Arab and Muslim trickery and deceit are common. In reading the history of the Crusades one will be struck by how many times the Muslims in battle offered the out-manned Christians a truce, promising to allow the Knights to leave in good order with their arms and anything they can carry if they would just stop fighting. As soon as the Crusaders agreed to this, and were disarmed, they were of course slaughtered on the spot. Taqqiya. Any lie will do to forward the imperialist venture of the moon cult. Contracts, your word, morality? All jettisoned if the position of Muslims is improved.


Reinterpreting Islam? How about this – rewrite the Koran so it looks and reads like the Bible. Then we can talk about an Islamic rebirth.


The 6 Pillars of Muhammad’s cult (not 5, there are 6).

Jihad is the second most important duty in Muhammadanism.

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Jihad is the most vital pillar for the never-ending expansion of Muhammad’s cult:


“Allah’s apostle was asked, ‘What is the best deed?’  He replied, ‘To believe in Allah and his Apostle.’  The questioner then asked, ‘What is the next (in goodness)?’  He replied, ‘To participate in Jihad (religious fighting) in Allah’s cause’


The Hadith, Al Bukhari, Volume 1, No. 25. (in Peter Hammond: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, p. 69).


Those who deny the pillar of Jihad and its centrality for the Muslim cult are deluded ignoramuses. 


Peter Hammond’s excellent book ‘Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam’ will not be taught in ‘schools’ which en-masse present a Marxist-beatified, mendacious and illiterate view of Muhammadanism – the rightful name of the Muhammadan cult.  Jihad or war is the central feature of Muhammad’s cult, its genesis originating in Muhammad’s leadership of 80 or so military campaigns over a mere 12 or so years.  Every 2 months on average, Muhammad was leading a group to war.  As Hammond relates, slavery was not only accepted by Muhammadans, but it was also a central galvanising imperative which propelled Muslim war, conquests and Jihad across Asia, Africa and Europe.  A core central element of Islam is slavery, a practice that Muhammad actively pursued with 20 odd sex slaves in his harem and various other slaves in his retinue. 


Yet we are told by sundry ‘experts’, ‘academics’, ‘scholars’ and the self-proclaimed clever people, that Muhammad’s cult named submission, which demanded the submission of others to Baal or the Al-Lah of Mecca (the main idol of Muhammad’s Mecca was Baal, whose shrine was maintained by his family); and most importantly, submission to the only prophet and spokesman for Baal, conveniently being Muhammad himself, is peaceful and even ‘liberating’.  As Hammond notes, the core tenets of Muhammadanism, along with its 1400 years of endless slavery, blood, Jihad, and terror, are plainly at odds with the Mohammadophiliacs who declare the Baal-Muhammad cult to be a ‘religion’.


Hammond summarises the core tenets or ‘Pillars’ of Islam.  No wisdom here.  Just Bronze and Iron age savagery.


1-Daily confession of the Supremacist Shahada, which affirms that only Allah and Muhammad rule (see below).  This is deemed the most important pillar because the supplicant confirms his submission to Muhammad and reiterates the intolerance of the Muslim cult and affirms that it will be victorious over non-Muslims.  It is in effect a declaration of supremacism and war.


2. War and Jihad.  This is the second most important pillar (according to Muhammad).  The most vital aspect of Muhammadanism is the submission of everyone to Muhammad and the confirmation that non-Muslims will be either converted or destroyed.  War and Jihad flow from the Shahada and Mein Koran with its 1600 verses of hate speech.  The Shahada is found in Qu’ran 3:18.


3-Five daily prayers of the Salah to Muhammad and Baal reinforcing the Shahada and submission to Baal and Muhammad.


4-Keeping of the fast-during Ramadan in which Muslims are only allowed to eat or drink between sunset and sunrise (a practice emanating from the Bronze age long pre-dating Muhammad, and imitating the Catholic lent).


5-The giving of alms to Muslims and only Muslims.  Islamophiliacs and self-proclaimed clever people, apparently cannot name a single Muslim charity which helps non-Muslims.


6-Pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca performed at least once during the Muslim’s lifetime (this obviously indicates Muslim imperialism, where the conquered Muslim must go and pray at the Arab-Muslim shrine the Kabaa, which long predated Muhammadanism.)


The pagan origins of Muhammadanism’s 6 pillars are rather obvious.


The Shahada

This statement of Muslim supremacism is almost directly expressed in Qu’ran 3:18.  A good critique of the intolerant nature of this Shahada, and its implications is found here. 


“I bear witness that there is no deity but Al Lah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Al Lah.”


Do not believe Wikipedia and other corrupt sources and Muslim apologists.  They replace ‘Al Lah’ with God.  The two concepts have nothing in common.  Baal the Meccan moon deity is not God.  These sites are duplicitous in their content, erasing for example all mention of the pillar of Jihad and war.  Muhammad was very clear that Jihad was the second most important pillar (see quote above at the top).  


The implications of the Shahada are obvious.  There is Al Lah and only Al Lah.  There is Muhammad and only Muhammad.  Muhammad states that you must follow the Qu’ran and follow his instructions.  There is no other organising principle in life.  This manifest supremacism leads to a cult which by its design will be intolerant and atavistic.


As Hammond writes, there are 5 fundamental practices that Muslims must follow, based on the 6 pillars.


1-Muslims must believe only in the Al-Lah (though they are ignorant as to what Al Lah actually is), and Muhammad.  You must never question either, with such doubts constituting a mortal offence. 


2-Muslims must believe in angels who will help only Muslims.  This is probably purloined from Catholic doctrine.


3-Muslims must believe in the ‘revealed’ books namely; the Taurat which includes the 5 books of Moses, and some of the Old Testament), the Psalms, the New Testament, and the Qu’ran.  Given that the Qu’ran is violent declaring war and Jihad on the Infidel, it stands to reason that Jihad is not only a pillar of Islam, but its most important defining feature.


4-Muslims must believe in the Prophets send by Al Lah which number about 124.000 with the last and most important being Muhammad.  Given this ‘fact’ it is blasphemous, punishable by death to question or criticise Muhammad.


5-Life after Death based on pre-destination, in which pious and submissive (to Muhammad and Al Lah) Muslims are rewarded and non-Muslims, or Muslims who are insufficiently submissive and pious, regardless of how they lived, condemned with ‘Black Faces’ to Hell.  This reinforces the blind obedience to Muhammad and his dictatorial demands one finds in the Qu’ran and Hadiths.


Given that one of the greatest existential threats to civilisation is the cult of Muhammad, it is terrifying that most people in the Western world are completely oblivious of its foundations, motivations and pillars, including the second most important pillar and imperative of Jihad.


Islamic theology demands a takeover of Europe.

Will there be a civil war ? Or a cowardly surrender ?

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Is Bernard Lewis correct that Europe will become Muslim or Islamicized within, or before the end of this century? It appears that demography and fanatical motive force, including adherence to the regressive and unenlightened Koran, favour the Musulmans and perhaps support Bernard's languorous and dim view.


Islamic theology is remorselessly expansionist. We know this from history, the endless Jihad and Islamic liturgy. Koranic exegesis for example demands that the entire world submit to the moon deity Il, Al, Ali, or El-Allah. Individual Muslims like individual Nazis, or Communists in times past, might be indifferent to this imperialist philosophy and the demands, precepts and expectations of the cult. They might reject expansionism, war, Jihad, violence and hate. But their cult and most of its leadership, now and in centuries past, certainly demand and have impelled such expressions of will-to-power and supremacism. The problem with Islam, is simply Islamic theology and the merger of church, state, society, culture and rituals into an ossified, corrupt and natural-law denying despotism.


The Europe of our past and imaginations, the great flower of civilisation might well cease to exist between 2050 and 2100. Contrary to EU government lies there are about 40 million Muslims in Western Europe out of a population of 350 million. By 2050 the number of Muslims will be over 100 million out of a similar total population. Europeans are not reproducing. Muslim women have on average 3 to 4 children. European women 1.2. Immigration will still favour Muslim migrants. The Muslim ability to not only produce 4 offspring on average per woman, but to engage in what in essence is unfettered family based immigration means of course that in many European urban centers Europeans or 'Whites' [as the pejorative label would have it]; will be a minority. Only in the non-urban hinterland will non-Muslims still be in the majority by 2050.


Europe is now experiencing a new and novel but still vicious onslaught of unbridled Islamism. A main concern of any European should be Islam. Will Europe succumb to Islamic theology in toto, or in partis? The elite and media have certainly surrendered. Islam is a barren poli-cracy of power, control and oppression.


Demographic facts are stubbornly against White European culture. Will demography and the empty silliness of cultural Marxism force Europeans to finally succumb to Muslim depredations, in train since the 710 AD invasion of Spain ? Or will they actually summon some resolve and fight back to preserve what was once the unique genius of Judeo-Christian civilization ? If so will Europe experience a civil war?


Many in Europe are beginning to agree with Lewis and freedom fighters such as Geert Wilders. Anti-Koran and anti-Islamist parties now exist in many EU states. It might be too little too late however. Dutch politician and former EU Competition Commissioner, Fritz Bolkenstein said the obvious some time ago about Europe's Islamcization.


The second problem, Bolkestein warned, is that immigration is turning the E.U. into "an Austro-Hungarian empire on a grand scale." He alluded to certain great cities that will soon be minority-European--two of the most important of which, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are in his own country--and warned that the (projected) addition of 83 million Muslim Turks would further the Islamization of Europe. It was this part of his speech--in which he referred to Lewis's projections--that made headlines around the world:


"Current trends allow only one conclusion," Bolkestein said. "The USA will remain the only superpower. China is becoming an economic giant. Europe is being Islamicized."


Bolkenstein's assessment that the US will still be a super-power in the future is open to question given the embrace of mind-numbing cults such as relativity, abiogenesis, Darwinism, Globaloneywarming, Climatechange, open-borders, LGBQT, socialism, and transnationalism.


Regardless his fears about Europe are accurate. Mark Steyn and others have written endlessly about the lack of reproduction in Europe. The welfare state neuters many cultural, social and economic artifacts – one being a cult of life. Why bother having children when the world revolves around your own hubristic desires and life is but one long joyful, sex-filled, coffee-addled vacation ? Raising little ones is so tiresome and so un-progressive.


Muslims see the world differently. In Muslim theology the entire planet as Dar-al-Islam – the house of Islam. Islam can't defeat the West through military and economic competition. But it can surely out-breed it. The Muslim 'Millett' system, established during the Ottoman empire, represents the Islamic attitude to 'rights'. Once Muslims become a majority in an area they assume that they should own title to the land and implement Muslim Sharia law in opposition to infidel law. Throughout Europe this fact is emerging in almost every major urban center where Muslims claim ghettoes and Arabicized or Islamicized enclaves as beyond the powers of the host society.


As Muslim demands on the welfare state increase – more state money for mosques, Muslim only schools, recognition of Muslim holidays, institutions of Sharia Law – some Europeans will react. When Muslims and their political puppets begin to distort European political and foreign policy, some Europeans will react. When Muslim culture comes to dominate and over-ride that of the indigineous European culture, some Europeans will react.


The question is how many Europeans will react to the Muslim takeover of the Continent and what will happen?


One path will lead to civil war. In this scenario the military still controlled by the Europeans, along with para-military citizen militia will declare a war of survival and physically assault Muslim mini-states, strong-holds, and urbanized redoubts. This would be an asymmetrical war, an urban war, one premised on the viciousness of Stalingrad and one which would take years to play out.


Another path is political and cultural appeasement and surrender. In this scenario Europeans accept their existential and social Dhimmitude, bowing low to Islamic cultural and intellectual fascism as being stronger, more vibrant and even 'liberating'. In this scenario Muslims and their political slaves take over political high offices including the military. In such a case we will have a world in which for example, French nuclear power is controlled by Muslim politicians or their paid acolytes.


A few years ago Daniel Pipes stated it well: “One can virtually dismiss from consideration the prospect of Muslims accepting historic Europe and integrating within it.” U.S. columnist Dennis Prager agrees: "It is difficult to imagine any other future scenario for Western Europe than its becoming Islamicized or having a civil war."


Both are correct. The European civil war might be hot or it might be very tepid and cold. It could include violence, or it might just be an unconvincing display of resolution by a radical few against a Muslim takeover, followed by a quick surrender. No one knows. But Europe is in dire straits. Between a debt implosion and financial collapse; and Islam, the future looks decidedly unsettled.


The world is very often not grey and it is usually quite black and white. Europeans have only two choices 40 to 50 years hence. Fight Islam and Muslim fascism to safeguard the remnants of European high civilization. Or meekly embrace an Arabian moon cult, and make excuses and engage in cognitive distortions as to why that is an enlightened and 'intellectually sophisticated' choice.