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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Slavery - Recent Articles

Ignoring Moslem slave-owning in the Low IQ age of Communism-Fascism and Insurrection

If Black Lives really mattered; the Mosques would be torn down.

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Fascist-Totalitarian groups such as #BLM, Anti-fa, and other Soros-Obama funded insurgents will never attack welfare offices, agencies which purportedly cater to the poor minorities, nor certainly, mosques.  Their faux-outrage and insurrection are directed solely at Whites (making their movements racist), and civilisation itself. 


Moslems routinely rape, kill and attack Whites.  But their lives don’t matter.  Moslems slave-traded at least 10 million whites and murdered through the Muhammadan Jihad 15 million more during the Middle Ages.  But their lives don’t matter.


Muhammad was of course a slave owner, slave-trader, sex-slave Jihadist and racist whose handbook of hate states that those who go to hell, will have ‘black faces’.


Moslems own roughly 5 million Black slaves today in Africa and many thousands of Indian-brown slaves in the Gulf States and elsewhere.  But their lives don’t matter.


Moslems and Arabs are the great slave traders of Blacks – some 50 million Blacks sold into Moslem slavery over 1000 years.


Black Moslems in Nigeria have pulled down 2.000 Churches and killed almost 20.000 Black Christians, displacing 3 million, in the past 5 years.  No Fake News, Quackademic, Governmental, Black, ‘Social Justice’ outrage of course.  Black Christian lives don’t matter.


If Black Lives really mattered, then the Mosques would be torn down.


The Arab and Muslim love affair with slavery.

And Blacks too for that matter. Certainly not a white-only issue.

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Muslim brutality and Islam's primitive nature is represented by its devotion to slavery. From 622 A.D. until now, the Muslims have harvested, shipped, and enslaved somewhere between 11 to 30 million Blacks and Caucasians. Until the 20th century at least 11-15 million Blacks were taken out of Africa and shipped into the Arab heartland. A similar number of Whites and Caucasians from Eastern Europe and the Black Sea regions were likewise transhipped into Muslim empires until the 19th century.

A far greater number of Hindus, Central Asians and Buddhists were similarly enslaved in the Arab empire and its successor states in the Subcontinent and beyond. It is a sordid record never discussed. No one knows for sure, but it is not an exaggeration to suppose that 40 million non-Muslims were directly enslaved by Mohammedans. This is four times greater than the number of Blacks sent across to the Atlantic – 4 million of whom ended up in Brazil, and 2 milion of whom ended up in the United States. 

But don't worry no-one will discuss the history of Arab and Muslim slave trading. This after all is a White-only crime. 

Arab and later Muslim empires were of course built on plunder, squatting and slavery. The Arabs and Muslims did not invent, nor create, anything new. They simply took over the existing and far superior civilisations of the Jews, the Christians, the Persians, the Hindus and the Greeks. Medicine, mathematics, philosophy, writing, literature, plumbing, hospitals, sewers, architecture, cement, agricultural techniques, irrigation – any and all sundry accroutements of civilisation were built by the Greeks, the Romans, the Jews, the Persians, the Mesopotamians, or the Hindus. The Arabs contributed nothing. 

Except the slave trade that is. 

The Arabs were superb at trading human flesh. Better even than Blacks who had enslaved each other for millenia, long before the White man arrived on the African scene. The Arab's empire depended on slavery – for profit, for building, for tending to mines and industry, and even for military drafts. Without the trade in Black and White slaves, the Arab and Muslim empires would have collapsed. 

According to Bernard Lewis, author of 'Race and Slavery in the Middle East': "Black slaves were brought into the Islamic world by a number of routes - from West Africa across the Sahara to Morocco and Tunisia, from Chad across the desert to Libya, from East Africa down the Nile to Egypt, and across the Red Sea and Indian Ocean to Arabia and the Persian Gulf. Turkish slaves from the steppe-lands were marketed in Samarkand and other Muslim Central Asian cities and from there exported to Iran, the Fertile Crescent, and beyond. Caucasians, of increasing importance in the later centuries, were brought from the land bridge between the Black Sea and the Caspian and were marketed mainly in Aleppo and Mosul." The trade was vital for the Arab economy. 

One can make a very good argument that Islam and the Koran are inherently racist and anti-Black, if not anti-White. Kaffir is a derogatory Arab word first used to denote Blacks as inferior sub-humans, which was later expanded to include all non-Muslims. Slavery of Blacks and other non-Muslims is expressly accepted and encouraged in the Koran. Though the mad fascist Muslim founder Mohammed, states that freeing slaves gains merit, he certainly never made any prohibitions against acquiring slaves. In fact Mohammed encouraged by his own actions and various 'revelations' extensive slave-owning. Sura 33, verse 50 states for example: "Prophet, we have made lawful for you.... the slave-girls whom God has given you as booty." 

Mohammed not only owned and traded slaves himself – he also quite enjoyed female slaves as sex toys. Women captured in war or bought as slaves on the market could be raped at will by Muslims. The Koran encouraged this. Suras 23:1 and 70:22 state that it is lawful to have sex with slave girls. The Hadiths are filled with references to slaves owned by Mohammed and his associates. In one Hadith Mohammed intervened to reverse one man's emancipation of six slaves. By casting lots, Mohammed denied freedom to four of them. Charitable he was not. 

One does not recall the figure of Christ using women as sex chattel. 

With such a poor example set by the founder of Islam, it is no wonder that Muslim countries were slow to forbid slavery. Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807 and the institution in 1837. Over 500.000 White males died eradicating in part if not instantly in whole, the insidious and barbaric Southern US slave society. Yet no such corollary exists in the non-Western world. 

The Ottoman Empire abolished slavery in stages, beginning in 1847, when trading in slaves was banned in the Persian Gulf – under threat of British military action. Women slaves were still sold in the Ottoman Empire as late as 1908. Slavery continued after the Ottoman Empire was crushed in 1924. Qatar did not abolish slavery until 1952. Yemen and Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in 1962, and Mauritania did not officially abolish slavery until 1980. And of course slavery still exists in parts of Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, the Sudan and other parts of the Islamic world including the forced marriages of young Muslim girls, usually premised on sex, to older men in exchange for money. Compassionate this trade is not. 

Muslims appear to be obsessed with slavery. This would make sense. Slavery has often been declared by Muslim clerics and 'thinkers' as a fundamental part of Islamic culture and doctrine. Many Muslim leaders refuse to countenance the destruction of the slave institution. It is not hard to see why. Muslim slavery of others simply highlights their superiority and Allah's admonition via Mohammed, that Islam must conquer the globe. If male Muslims rule, than de facto the rest are slaves or at best, second-class dhimmi citizens, prey to whatever rules Muslims devise. 

Sharia law, Muslim demands in the West to reorder social and cultural life, and radical extremist arrogance in viewing the world as a pre-determined domain of Allah or the moon cult, all stem from the Muslim obsession with domination. Dominating others through jihad, terror, and slavery is a fundamental aspect of Islamic intolerance. 

This is not to say that all Muslims are voracious slave traders and sex chattel operators. But there is something remarkably pagan and primitive, if not outlandishly savage, about an ideology in the 21rst century which still protects and participates in the most de-humanizing of activities. The natural law rights of men, such an important part of Western civilisational development, is completely alien to Islam. 

It is no wonder that the history of Islam is in some sense, a history of the slave trade. From West Africa to the islands of Indonesia, the Arabs and Muslims have been history's most ruthless slavers and flesh traders. This ties in nicely with Islamic ideology and its commands. 

But don't worry – no one will discuss it. After all according to the multi-cult piety, Islam is holy and good, even one supposes, its extensive history of slavery.

R.C. Davis and Islam's slavery of Whites and Infidels.

10 million Whites, at least 25 million Blacks enslaved by the moon cult. This proves Islam is peace.

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10 million whites were enslaved by Moslems. Black slavery is still practised in the wonderful moon cult of Mecca's conquered and plundered territories in Africa and parts of Asia. Some 25 million Blacks – some estimates are at 200 million - have disappeared in the peaceful, tolerant, nirvana of Muhammadist society. Slavery is sanctioned in Mein Koran, with Moslems owning non Moslems with their 'right hand'. Sex slavery of Infidels by Moslems abounds in Western states, with girls as young as 8 years old being traded and sold for sex in places like the UK. No worries, Moslems are always relabelled in the UK and other states as 'Asian' or 'disaffected youth'.

The media – those pious practitioners of truth – and the politicians – those earnest beacons of love and light; along with the 'quackademics' – those practitioners of 'science' and enlightenment – would never utter a word against their favorite fascism. But the average person is now becoming aware of the extent of Moslem rapacity, the Moslem cult's addiction to sex slavery, its hatred of the Infidel, its blood lust to exterminate all who do not raise buttocks in the air to Baal-Muhammad, the moon deity and Fuehrer of a pagan bronze-age inspired cult.

An academic who is not a quack and who has produced illuminating work on the massive extent of Moslem slavery – sexual as well as skin based – is Robert Davis of Ohio University. One of his books is reviewed here 'Christian Slaves, Moslem Masters'.

'The jihadic aspect of the slave trade is quite apparent in the brutality of the Muslim incursions along the European coasts. Whole towns, regions and coastal areas were denuded. Much of littoral Italy was left seriously under- or even de-populated as people moved to the highlands and into walled cities. Raids taking whole villages and thousands of slaves at one time were almost annual events. The Muslim raiders also used terror along the coasts, destroying shrines, churches, monasteries and any imagery or structures that had a religious importance. Booty, gold, art and any worthwhile artifact which might help pay for the expedition was also taken. [p. 41]

The Muslim obsession with White slavery was also fuelled by the need to have slaves man their galleys.'

Davis estimates that 2-3 million whites were taken as slaves by Moslems just in North Africa and Ottoman Turkey alone, between 1500-1780. If we add in pre-1500, and include Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Europe, then calculate in the modern era, the sex slaving of white women by Moslems; than the total of white slaves taken by Moslems is at least 10 million over 1400 years. The culling of Blacks is significantly greater, but that won't stop American Blacks converting to Islam, like their hero the racist Muhammad Ali who belonged, to the Nation of Islam, a racist – Black Moslem group whose objective is to turn America into a Black Caliphate and eliminate all whites.

His new book focuses on the enslavement within North Africa and the Ottoman 'empire' [Moslems squatting on other people's land]; as a case of Infidelophobia, or the culling of non Moslems as sex slaves, galley slaves, or labor for mines. This means of course that Islam is peace and love and what about Dances with Wolves and the American treatment of Indians ?

Of course one should never expect a quackademic, or politician, or one of the many 'experts' wearing bags over their heads to comment on Moslem enslavement of non-Moslems, or Muhammadism's racism and supremacism; nor on Black Moslem racism against whites. Doing so means you are not a 'scientist' and are intolerant.