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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Golden Age Myths - Recent Articles

Muslim Imperialism. Apparently only White imperialism is bad.

Double Standards from the Secular Religious Multi-cultural cult.

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One of the interesting aspects of Arab and Islamic imperialism is the utter destruction visited upon age-old cultures and societies by Muslims.  Contrary to the secular religion of multi-cultural vibrancy, cultures are not equal, and Islamic-Muhammadan culture does not tolerate other non-Islamified societies, their heritage, monuments or ideals.  Muslims historically, were active in tearing down Churches, burning books, destroying idols and shrines related to Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism or Christianity.  Libraries were set on fire in Alexandria first by Caesar’s men, then later in the 7th century by Muslims.  A fact which is now of course blamed on Christians.


Islamic domination does not practice toleration.  It preaches the opposite.  The complete eradication of non-Muhammadan society and culture.


Once the Muslims invade, take over and control the former host society's culture and state are simply in-toto, either eradicated and/or co-opted for the benefit of Muslims. We see the Muslim invasion of Western states follow a very simple pattern. 

1-Mass invasion or immigration into Western Urban Areas

2-Once at 5-10% of the population within an area, demands by Muslims for special status and recognition

3-Building of Mosques in key locations within the Urban centre (funded illegally by foreign Muslim states or organisation)

4-When the Muslim population is more than 10%, shrill demands for Sharia Barbarism, infiltration of politics, the Police, School systems

5-When the Muslim population is above 15%, legislation against criticism of the Muhammadan cult (Muslim-o-phobia), attacks on Churches and Christianity begin in earnest (burning down Notre Dame for eg)

6-Large donations to Universities, the Media to establish pro-Muslim propaganda


Eventually when Muslims achieve 40% population saturation they engage in overt violence, threats, intimidation and achieve dominance either through the secular processes using ironically non-Muslim media and state support; or as in the case of Lebanon and elsewhere, through a violent civil war. 


The Muslim invasion of the West is simply that:  an invasion and act of Koranic imperialism.


According to modern sensitivity however, crass imperialism, or ‘colonialism’ is a term which seems only to apply to Europeans, Americans, and Jews. The truism of Arab and Muslim imperialism, and its historical brutality including the slave trading and culling of 10-20 million White Europeans and 35-45 million Black Africans, including some 5 million in Africa today; is ignored in the media, academia, by 'experts' and of course by the multi-cult appeasers who view an Arabian moon cult as a 'religion'. One can find no other theology in the history of man as intolerant as Islam. None. A simple look at history destroys the myth of Islamic 'tolerance'.


The epileptic, obese, rich and quite insane Mohammed predicted that not only would Constantinople become Islamic, but that both Persia and even Italy would be Islamicized. His prediction is so far valid and in the case of Italy and Rome it might still come true – much to the delirious merriment of the cultural Marxists one assumes. Mohammed’s injunction that Islam must rule the world inspired the Bedouin. Post the death of Submission's founder, small, mobile and fanatical Arab armies headed towards the two richest states of the day – Christian Byzantium and Sassanid Persia. In fact the first major clash between the Eastern Romans and the Arabs had occurred in 629 AD in northern Arabia three years before Mohammed died (mad Muhammad was poisoned by one of his own staff who was likely weary from all the moon deity revelations). It was a battle won by the Byzantines who did not follow up the victory and march on Mecca to eradicate the moon cult. Needless to say, this was a tragic mistake. Islam could and should have been strangled in its cradle.


In 632 AD the Arabs began their assault on Persian territory. Sassanid Persia in the 7th century AD was smashed in short order by the Arab armies motivated by gold, women, property and Allah. Within a century nothing remained of the 2.000 year old Sassanid culture, premised on Zoroastrianism, Perse and Mede historical legacy, and the glories of what was once the great yet despotic and Orientalized kingdoms of Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes and their progeny of Sassanid Kings. For centuries Persia had been the world's superpower. Some of its artifacts including engineering and writing were of the highest quality and ingenuity. Yet within a single generation this 2.000-year-old imperial grandeur was utterly effaced by the Arabs and Muslims. Muslim Iran today has nothing in common with its previous culture and artifacts of spiritual, economic, social and imperialist history. Persia or Iran is simply today a colony of Greater Arabia Koranic imperialism.


Christian Byzantium suffered a similar but more prolonged fate. Byzantinian Levant, Syria and Egypt were quickly conquered by the Arabs within a decade from 636 AD to 645 AD. Constantinople finally succumbed some 800 years later, to Islamicised Turks in 1453 AD. But the rapid rate of destruction enacted by the Muslims upon the Near East is the telling point.


Byzantine culture, religious worship, architecture and history was either annihilated, suppressed or forced into second class slave status. Economic trade which was open and complex under the Byzantine empire was either disrupted or ended. Trade and economic stagnation further ossified Byzantine's political and cultural structures and weakened its military. It is a testimony to Greek and Roman culture and perseverance that it lasted 800 years after Persia fell.


As Islam spread the entire edifice of Greek and Roman history, a project which spanned from Alexander's Seleucid society to the Eastern Roman empire or 1000 years, was totally effaced. Muslims destroyed churches or co-opted them into mosques and Islamic centres. A Muslim-dominated society was hierarchical. The 'dhimmis' or second class Jewish and Christian slaves had to pay all the taxes, undergo social humiliations, and were routinely attacked, slaughtered enslaved or exiled depending on the whims of the local Muslim ruler. In effect Jewish, Christian, Greek and Roman society ceased to exist after the Arabs humiliated the Christian armies over a series of desultory battles lasting little more than a mere decade across the Levant and Syria.


Similar experiences and cultural destruction were visited upon the Berbers and Christians in North and East Africa; the Jews and Christians in Spain and the Balkans, the Buddhists and Hindus in a wide arc stretching from Afghanistan through to southern India, and even the Chinese and South-East Asians in regions where Muslims and Arabs came to dominate and still do today.


Integration and tolerance are anathema to Islam and the Mohammedan cult. Muslims or at least the true Muslim, one who seeks to imitate Mohammed [the most perfect of men], seek to conquer, to control, to convert and if necessary, to kill and eradicate the Kufar and Unbeliever. Mohammedanism is Islam. The Muslim must say each day that he prostrates himself to Allah and follows Allah's messenger Mohammed. The Muslim daily prayer also curses Jews and Christians. Logically we therefore state that Islam is ultimately the cult of Mohammed.


If Mohammed murdered his enemies, had sex-slaves, raped, slave-traded, was a racist, killed Jews and Christians, and expanded the cult of submission through war and in his own words through 'terror', why shouldn't the pious Muslim do likewise? The history of Islam's spread is instructive. It was violent, bloody and fascistic. At least accepting that fact makes discussing the true nature of what we are dealing with a lot more intelligent and useful.


Medieval Medicine and science. No, Moslems did not invent medicine.

Catholic Christianity invented everything from Hospitals to Tooth fillings.

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Many myths abound about the Medieval period. The lies spread by Atheists, and pro-Moslems are not only in the main quite ludicrous, but also extraordinarily ignorant. When you hear them, you wonder if the speaker possesses any sentience whatsoever. One persistent myth is that there was no 'medicine', or that it was 'imported' from those fantastically capable and alert Moslems, an often-stated mendacity, that titillates the Church haters. Moslems in the atheist-Marxist worldview are the supposed progenitors of all that is civilized. This is why the Moslem world today is such a paradise of plurality and prosperity of course. 


In fact medieval medicine as found in Christendom was almost entirely a local-regional phenomenon based on what today is termed 'homeopathy', and on natural 'holistic' principles, now in vogue, but standard practice from 800-1500 AD. It was decidedly superior to Moslem methods, which relied almost exclusively on failed Greek ideals, perpetuated by Galen, who unfortunately still had a lot of followers in Medieval Europe as well. Few real Moslem creations in medicine were unique, or of much use. And those which were, always emanated from converts.


Christendom invented hospitals, and medical research. This is a simple fact. These institutions date back to the 3rd century AD, or some 300 years before the madness of Muhammad's cult and Jihad began. The Nestorian hospital complexes, which were the largest in the world by the time of the Moslem Jihad, were centres of learning and research as well as care for the ill. But these centres were resident all across Europe by 700 AD. Monasteries and priories across the width and breadth of Europe, during the non-existent 'dark age' [a reference to modern cults perhaps], were active and free, sustained by Church tithes and the donations of the rich.


Starting from the 3rd century, medicine advanced in leaps and bounds over Greco-Roman illiteracy. Christian doctors and healers were the first to advocate complete cleanliness of the body and of course of specific wounds and ailments. Pagan superstitions about 'bad air' [a Roman preoccupation], or 'the gods make you ill' [a Greek-Germanic ideal], were replaced by observation. The use of cautery in treating wounds was first developed by Christians in the 4th century; and by the 9th century Christian hospitals were the first to develop anesthesia using a mix of henbane and opium, for surgical procedures.  Common surgery included amputations, removal of brain and bodily tumors, removal of foreign objects such as metal, and bone repair. Nuns by 650 AD had formed the first order of nurses, and from England to Sicily, nuns and Christian healers worked side by side to treat the sick. Almost all Christian hospitals were free of charge.


Most of the infirmary wards were sited in areas which provided natural herbs and remedies. In many places even today, one can visit these sites and behold the 200-300 different varieties of plants nearby which were the hospital's pharmacopoeia. I doubt today that anyone visiting these sites could identify 3 plants correctly. There was no Moslem influence here, but local knowledge and experimentation. Indeed the Christian hospital had dedicated monks, who delved in experimentation of recipes and concoctions, in the attempt to resolve specific ailments and complaints. In fact many herbal remedies were superior to what we have today. It is doubtful that our modern society so stuffed on pills filled with poison have improved in-toto, our intake of medicine. Abortion as well seems to be rather pagan and murderous does it not ? In some ways modernity is a regression.


Converted Moslems, or Jews, Persians and Christians with Moslem names, did contribute some knowledge about smallpox, meningitis and other infectious diseases. This information was enthusiastically added to the catalogue of Christian knowledge. Dedicated university faculties of medicine at Bologna and elsewhere, were only too eager to adopt whatever worked, from wherever it came. Not so the Moslem world. The transfer of information was uni-directional. Though Christian medicine, and its institutions were far in advanced of the Moslem, then as now, the Moslems guided by their moon deity, believed they had nothing to learn from the infidel ape and pig. A lie much cherished by Marxist, Atheists, and the big-brains of the world. Christian medicine in the medieval period was not 'dark'. Our ignorance is what is truly dark.  


A short list of Medieval inventions can be found here  and include:  Medical schools, Anatomy, Eyeglasses, Advanced Surgery, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Dental Amalgams, Quarantining.



The Moslem destruction of Constantinople in 1453. Jihad, Rape, Annihilation.

Called 'enrichment' by modern 'thinkers' and critical race theorists.

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The Moslem sack of Constantinople, May 29th 1453.  180.000 Muslim troops plus 120 cannon, the first time in history that cannons were used at scale, faced a massive set of Christian-Byzantine walls, with 2 layers, some 11 miles around the city.  Estimates of Byzantine troops vary but no more than 30.000 regular and irregular militia defended the city.  As it was the Muslim cannon did open a breach, but a postern gate left unattended was discovered by Moslem infantry, allowing them inside the inner walls, where the main gates were opened.  Without this bit of ill fortune, the Byzantine garrison may well have survived the siege.  The last Emperor, Constantine XI died defending the breached walls, along with all his troops.  40.000 of the general population were enslaved.  Another 10.000 at least of innocents were killed by the rampaging Moslems.  The Muslim siege and rape of Constantinople was a colossal act of destruction and carnage. 



No sad narrative however given by the ‘Enlightenment’ ‘thinkers’, so fascinated as they were by the Moslem fascism.  Voltaire, Gibbon and the self-proclaimed clever set have nothing to say.  Walter Scott was ignorant of the event. 


No poetic lamentations about streets running with ‘blood up to the knees’ in a slaughter that was 10 times greater than that of Jerusalem in 1099 (the sack of the city by the First Crusade which killed almost entirely, Moslem and Jewish fighters).  Blood up the bridle is an Old Testament assertion of wanton blood and violence in war, it is not to be taken literally except by the ignorant and mal-informed.


No modern demands for reparations or apologies to Christians, by Moslems for the horrific evisceration of one of the world’s greatest ever cities.  No glowering Papal insistence on the acknowledge of Moslem sin. 


No mention in the modern education system of the vast pilfer, slaughter and rapes enjoined by the Moslem hordes of Mehmet II named the ‘Blood Drinker’ (Mehmet is Muhammad in Turkish), upon the Byzantine Christians. 


Steve Weidenkopf in ‘The Glory of the Crusades’ on pages 209 to 212 gives a fair appraisal of what happened.  The Moslem host besieging the last remnant of the 1100 year old Christian Byzantine ‘Greek’ empire was without compare in medieval times.  It was simply gigantic.  The Blood Drinker came to drink the blood of the last Christian city in Eastern Christendom.  The city had a population of perhaps 500.000 in 1453.  No one knows how many fled before the huge Moslem army with its 120-canon arrived in April 1453.  If half stayed, then the 40.000 killed and 40.000 taken as prisoners (many would be women who would be raped in harems) constitutes about 30% of the total population dead or enslaved by the attack.  This is a significantly higher percentage than one finds in similar episodes of medieval warfare.


Weidenkopf: “The Muslem troops ran through the undefended city, slaughtering the inhabitants, stopping just long enough to take the pretty women and children for slaves before dispatching the rest.  Women (including nuns) and boys were savagely raped.”


Modern anti-Christian, anti-White racists, would call this ‘enrichment’.


The Moslem eradication of Eastern ‘Rum’, or Rome, fulfilled the demands first initiated by the cult’s founder, Muhammad.  He wrote a letter to then Emperor Heraclius in 630 AD demanding the surrender and submission of Christian Byzantium to the Moslem moon cult.  Byzantium never fully appreciated the virulent demonic threat posed by the Arab Muslims in their lust for women, gold, booty, civilisation and power.  Long a back-water, the unifying force of the moon cult belief system (Hubaal or Baal); provided the engine of purpose.  Muhammad’s example of leading 80 odd military expeditions and his blood thirst Jihad of war, murder, rape and pillage was the compelling example which drove his successors, including improbably as of 630 AD, converted Turkish tribes, to erase Byzantium.