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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Pope Francis the Ignorant - Recent Articles

Pope Stupidus and his love of the Meccan moon cult

A criminal mind in a high position.

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Bergoglio is a cultural Marxist warrior from the failed nation state of Argentina. Jesuits were once the highest-educated and most intelligent of the Catholic missionaries. Prized for erudition, theological competence, along with skills in language and politics, the Jesuits were the perfect infantry in the Counter Reformation. Bergoglio, supposedly a Jesuit, has debased and degraded his own order. Benedict who opposed Islam, was removed by the curia. In his place the usurper and ignoramus, Frank was installed. It might even be questioned if Pope Stupidus is even Catholic, though his writings on the family and other matters of theological faith might indicate he has a passing acquaintance with Catholicism.

Pope Dum Dum in an interview with a French newspaper expresses yet again his love of the Moon cult:

-He states that recent Moslem 'terror' attacks are due to poverty or ghettoization of Moslems [thus the host countries are to blame, not the moon cult]

-Waxes enthusiastic over London's election of a Moslem Mayor, Khan, a man who has supported Moslem 'terror' and individual 'terrorists'.

-Demands that Europe accept millions of Molsem 'migrants', due to its lack of energy, and procreation.

-Cites Lebanon as an example of inter-faith harmony between Moslems and Christians; a very base and idiotic claim, since Moslems have exterminated Christians en masse and turned a Christian state into a Moslem statelet.

-Criticizes France for banning the Niqab bed sheet covering in public – a ban that exists in Moslem states like Chad and Azerbaijan.

-States Islam is Jihadic at its core, but says Christianity is the same with Christ's injunction that his apostles spread the Gospel over the planet. How a bronze age fascism is comparable with the Book of Matthew is known only to those who are truly ignorant.

Pope Stupidus is one of the most dangerous men in Europe.

The Immoral and Signal Failure of Pope Frank's open border theology

And his love of the Meccan Moon cult. No worries about stacks of dead Christians however...

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Catholic World Report on the Vatican and the Pope's cowardly and immoral, pro-Moslem, pro-'migrants', open-border theology. The Vatican-Elitist position ensures the complete destruction of European culture and civilization within a few generations. By 2050 Moslems will be controlling many major urban centres in the Eutopia and will threaten Rome itself. This time we do not have a Charles V, a Jean De La Valette, or a Pope Urban II or Innocent X. We will have the likes of Frank – a Latino failure.

By William Kirkpatrick


A year ago, Europe was gradually accelerating toward full Islamization. At that time it was generally estimated that the process would take decades or even most of the century to reach completion. But the sudden influx of Muslim migrants and refugees in 2015 pushed the throttle forward to full speed. Germany alone took in more than one million migrants in 2015. And since so many of the migrants were young men, it’s estimated that in less than a year there will be as many Muslim men of fighting age in Germany as there are native Germans of the same age group.

...Still, it seems none too early to contemplate the possibility that Pope Francis may be forced out of Rome. Ever since the fall of Constantinople, conquering Rome has been a major goal of Islamists. In July of 2014 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS renewed the hope by promising his troops “you will conquer Rome and own the world.” Now that ISIS has embedded itself in Libya, the route to Rome is relatively short and direct.

...But that is the optimistic scenario. In the worst case scenario, we must contemplate not only the departure of the pope, but also the end of Christianity in Europe. Judging by the ongoing persecution of Christians in the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the Muslim world, one can’t afford to be too rosy about the outlook for European Christians. Indeed, Christian Europe faces the greatest threat to its existence since the armies of Sultan Mehmet IV converged on Vienna in 1683.

...The irony is, if chaos descends on Europe, Pope Francis along with others in the hierarchy will have to bear some of the responsibility. That’s because they have been in the forefront of those calling for an open embrace of Muslim refugees and migrants.

...The trouble with the hierarchy’s pro-Muslim immigration stance is its almost total disregard for the facts. In reading episcopal statements on the subject, one gets the impression that all migrations are essentially benign: that, to use the pope’s words, all migrants seek the “dignity and equality of every person, love of neighbor…freedom of conscience and solidarity towards our fellow men and women.” Most Muslims, however, if they take their faith seriously, do not share that common vision. Islam dictates one set of rules for Muslims and another, much harsher code for non-Muslims. Moreover, Islamic theology contains what amounts to a doctrine of manifest destiny. The Koran, along with other scriptures, commands Muslims to fight unbelievers until all worship is for Allah alone. The bishop’s attitude toward Muslim immigration not only shows a disregard for Islamic theology, but also for 1400 years of history. During those fourteen centuries, Islamic aggression against non-Muslims has been a constant that spans cultures, geography, race, and language. As Raymond Ibrahim documents in Crucified Again the pattern of persecution takes exactly the same form whether in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, or Southeast Asia.”

Islam is a cult not a religion. It is a totalitarian Bronze Age Fascism. Pope Frank and his witless advisers are part of the problem; cowardly, ignorant, devoid of common sense, insensible to the demands of defending civilization.

Pope Stupid meets with Moslem Iran's Chief Supremo - a state which actively persecutes Christians

Will he demand tolerance, reforms and respect for the Church within Iran ? Of course not.

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Pope Frank the imbecile humbles himself to Moslem fascism by meeting Iranian President Rouhani at the Vatican – the man whose regime is dedicated to destroying Israel and wiping out Christianity.

We once had Reagan-Thatcher-JPII who demolished the Atheist hell of Communism. Saint JPII one of the most important men in Western history, was followed by the redoubtable and realistic Pope Benedict; a man who knew the fascism called Submission or Islam; and its evil theology. In my opinion Benedict was forced out of the Papal chair by the usual cadre of idiots within the Vatican Curia. Into his place the dumb, pliant and inept Francis was elevated.

So we go from Reagan-Thatcher-JP II, to a communal gang of midget incompetents: Moslem/Marxist OClowna, Merkel the Communist party member in her youth responsible for propaganda in GDR; and in the UK Cameraloon who opines Islam is love.  Adding to the fruit cake ensemble we have the cherry on top, with Pope Frank the desperately moronic, from a failed bankrupted Latino state, who identifies Moslems murdering Christians in North Africa, as 'arms traffickers'.

Islam is Jihad.  Islam is rape.  Islam is war.  

The midgets running our world are ignorant and dangerous. 

So it is no surprise that the head of the Catholic Church meets, greets and grins with one of the Moslem's worlds biggest financiers of terrorism – Rouhani the President of Moslem Iran, a state which has basically liquidated non Moslems and rules Persia premised on Koranimal 7th century statutes.

"The U.S. State Department’s religious-freedom report says in 2014 Iran executed at least 24 individuals for the crime of moharebeh (enmity against God). And surely that understates the total killed. The persecuted in Iran include Bahais, Sunni Muslims, Christians (notably evangelicals), Jews, Yarsanis and even Shia groups.”

The US State department is vehemently pro – Islam, so plenty more than 24 were murdered in Iran for 'spreading mischief' [5:33]. In the past 6 years, the roughly 450.000 Iranian-Moslem apostates who left the moon cult and joined Christianity have detailed harassment, intimidation, physical attacks, and the destruction by the Moslem government of church assets.

Iran's revolutionary court is believed to have sentenced 18 Christian converts to prison for their faith in a new crackdown on Christianity in the Islamic Republic, a report said [2015].”


"Open Doors points out on its website that almost all Christian activity in Iran is considered illegal, "especially when it occurs in Persian languages — from evangelism to Bible training, to publishing Scripture and Christian books or preaching in Farsi." It added: "In 2014, at least 75 Christians were arrested. More Christians were sentenced to prison and pressure on those detained increased, including physical and mental abuse."

Will Frank speak out against the Moslem-Persian destruction of Christianity, the illegality of Christianity within the Moslem state, the persecution of Moslem apostates and Christ worshippers ? Of course not. He will warble about 'peace' and probably whine to Rouhani about the evil plant food causing 'warming'. He cares nothing about Christians or even the integrity of the Church. He is obsessed with cultural Marxist bromides and inanity.