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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Friday, April 17, 2015

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Is Islam the 'same' as Christianity?

Ludricrous claims that Christianity is the 'same' as Islam.

by Ferdinand III

You hear it all the time from the left, and from misinformed citizens. 'Well the average Muslim is a pretty peaceful fellow, and Christians can be as bad as Muslims.' The idea that somehow Islam can be equated with Christianity, or that Christian 'extremists' are as active and dangerous as Muslim 'extremists', is more than remarkably ignorant - it is insane. 

The two creeds have nothing, absolutely nothing, in common. In fact Islam is the opposite in many ways of what Christianity stands for. This is not to say that the average Muslim is a terrorist or a fascist. That too is ridiculous. But it is the ideology, not the individual which counts. 

Russian Communist grandmothers were hardly a threat to Western superiority, nor was the individual dimwit marching Nazi goon. Castro's prison is full of nice, ordinary but brainwashed personalities – none of whom pose as individuals a threat to US interests. Iran is populated by a large, intelligent, and hard-working population, and its citizens are well known to be hospitable people – hardly a threat at the individual level to a Jew in Tel Aviv. In these countries and others it is the ideology – most of it state manufactured and created – which is relevant. 

Islam was conceived in the 7th century as a political-military-state unifying ideology to compete with and usurp Judaism and Christianity. It is based on a 3000 year old Arab moon cult. Allah is al-ilah or the male moon deity of Mecca. The Arab-Muslim calendar is still a lunar based calendar – one that was used for thousands of years in Arabia. The crescent moon is an obvious expression of Islam's roots, and the worship of the stone idol or Kabbah in Mecca, another obvious example of Islam's pagan past. 

The entire theory demands submission by the individual to the cult. This is the lethality of Islam. It is a vast communal surge of feeling, supremacism, and universal will to power. Islam demands that the 'umma' will dominate the globe. To someone living in white-bread Kansas this might seem laughable. To a Christian circa 1950 in Beirut, the one-world umma also seemed to be a joke – until Islam conquered Lebanon in the 1990s. 

Mohammed and his followers were as much politicians as they were false preachers and they created a pagan cult in which religious, existential and moral ideals were fused with state power. It does not have the golden rule; the ten commandments; the idea of private property; concepts of individuality; injunctions about personal responsibility and obligations; nor any of the ethics we find in the parables; the psalms or in the book of Matthew – one of the seminal books on philosophical meditation ever devised. 

Even the concept of God is different between the two 'faiths'. Muslim activists in the West have been illegitimately claiming that they worship the same God as Christians, in order to gain legitimacy and media-cultural acceptance. This is of course a lie. Muslims will even use 'God' in place of Allah in many translations of the Quran. Al-ilah's antecedents have nothing in common with Jewish theology, or the Old Testament monotheism, which the Jews developed in an area of the world, including Arabia, which practicted pan-theism and were sun, moon, or earth cults. 

The Muslim idea that they worship the same God as Christians comes from this Sura [29-46] in which the political-military leader Mohammed stated, in the very early stages of Islam's development when he was trying to win Jewish-Christian support, 'We believe in What has been sent down to us and sent down to you, our God is the same as your God.' This statement was made before Islam became powerful. After Mohammed took Mecca and united the Arab tribes, suddenly the Christian God was not the same as Allah. Mohammed received a 'revelation' from Allah which then tells him to "Fight those who believe not in God nor the last day...Nor acknowledge the religion of truth (Islam), (even if they are) of the people of the Book, until they pay Jizya (tribute tax) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.' [Surah 9:29] 

Suddenly once the Muslims had power, the Christians and Jews were inferiors, targeted for taxation and private property theft; and identified as believing in an inferior theology. How consistent. 

The idea of 'God' as well is radically different in Islam. In Christianity God is largely anthropomorphic with human qualities – especially in the Old Testament. He is a personal God. In Islam no one knows what Allah is. It is certainly not a personal, humanistic idol or 'God'. It is something impersonal, unknowing – something you would expect from a moon cult. How can one know the idol deity who represents a phase of the moon ? 

In fact this 'Allah' seemed pretty content to give Mohammed whatever revelations or help Mohammed needed be it for sex, to steal someone's wife, engage in war; receive booty; undertake the theft of property; or simply to kill Jews, Christians and his Arab enemies. The only personal aspect to Allah is his 'relationship' with the fascist Mohammed, as Mohammed's favorite wife [he had about 13] Aisha, once scornfully remarked, 'O Allah's Apostle, I do not see but that your Lord hurries in pleasing you.' [Al-Bukhari Vol 7:48]. 

Allah is not a personal God in the Christian sense – a god with human qualities and a human understanding. Allah is an unknowable idol of worship who only had a personal relationship with Mohammed. For the average Muslim they must just submit to Allah – not try to understand what it is. In fact Mohammed never explains what Allah is and there is no description in the Qu'ran of what Allah might be. For the Arabs there was no point in describing Allah – everyone knew that it was the pagan idol of the moon's summer passing. 

There is very little between Islam and Christianity which is common – in fact almost nothing. Islam is a universalist, supremacist and overtly racist creed. Denigrations of Jews, Christians, and even 'desert Arabs', or Arabs not from the family tribe of Mohammed or his core followers are legion in the Quran. This is not to suggest that a Muslim has any such personal beliefs. Most likely the average Muslim is just the same as the average Christian, eco-cult member or agnostic - or maybe not. We don't know. You can't generalise from the individual to the mass. 

The core of Islam's problem is of course the creed as written in the Quran. It is the ideology, not the individual which is important. Russian Communism like German fascism had to be destroyed. It was not the individual who was the problem though that certainly was the case for the misguided tens of millions who supported the fascism. It was the ideology and its demands which had to be destroyed. One reason why Russia for example, has slid so easily back into a gang-run state was that the Cold War victory never removed the Communist criminals and never wiped out the cult's ruling class. Without the military destruction of the ideology and its ruling caste, the vestiges and ill effects of its pernicious intellectualisation; supremacism and will to power cannot be erased. 

Islam's ideology has almost no compatibility with Western ideals. Since 9-11 there have been 26.000 plus Muslim attacks killing and wounding over 1 million people. How many Christian attacks has there been? Western armies have liberated 50 million in Iraq and Afghanistan from fascist Arab-Muslim regimes. When has Islam liberated anyone ? Muslims have mosques in every major Western city and openly demonstrate, worship and make societal demands. The opposite cannot be said for Jews and Christians, even in liberated Iraq. So which civilisation demonstrates the tolerance, humility and self-denial which is witnessed in the Bible or is supposedly such a central tenet of the Quran ? 

Say what you want about Christians but the creation of the modern world comes from the reality-based doctrines of Christianity. Christians stopped the slave trade and were instrumental in creating rights and laws for non-white civilisations as European power expanded globally. Christianity informed the creation of the modern world and gave impetus to the creation of modern appliances and concepts in everything from schools, to hospitals, to business. All of this has benefited non-White, non-Christian peoples. Throughout the globe Christian morality and the desire to do good is a prevalent force whether the average agnostic, earth cult lover, or atheist believes it to be true or not. 

The West and Christianity are quite imperfect, but their cultural ethos has nothing in common with the Arab-Muslim pagan cult of a Meccan moon deity. We should keep that in mind when we hear another ignoramus inform the world that Christianity and Islam are the same and that Christian terrorism is as historically prevalent as Islamic. These are absurd and ignorant claims.

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