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Western Civilisation

Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

Archive - July 2020

Highlighting Islam’s threat to the West is not racist but necessary.

Stating the obvious and wanting to defend civilization is hardly the theme of a racist.

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In the world of the morally righteous and socially liberal, stating that Islam poses a direct danger to the modern world and to civilization always elicits yelps and howls of outraged indignation. But this reaction is standard. Any deviation from the socially liberal policy of gay rights; the multi-cult club; internationalism; more taxes and monies for all interest groups; cultural relativity; eco-fascism; union support and internationalism, always exacts the same [yawn] response that you are a racist, fascist or pro American baby eating tyrant. One should expect such reactions from a society fat on orgiastic egoism and self-centred narrow mindedness, smothered in the tasty sauce of left-wing education and media systems.


Islam for many reasons, is a direct threat to Western Civilization. Islam is a threat because in the simplest and pithiest analysis, it is anti-modern. Islam has no relationship, commonality, or even interest in historical and societal progress. It also has nothing in common with our Western heritage or experience. It is mired in 7th century pagan Arab culture. Without external change there it shall remain. The orthodoxy and political dogma of Islam prevents it from being modern.


It is also an obvious truism to state that Moslems are not a race, any more than a Communist is part of a racial group.  Moslems come in all hues of colour.  The cult of Muhammadan is immanent – that is what the dogma states – it is not a race-based Fascism, though a good argument can be made that the Muhammadan cult is an expression of Arab racism and imperialism.  Arabs subjugated many different colours and races to promote their moon-deity worshipping fascism.  The entire cult however, encompasses a wide variety of peoples, so in the abstract, Islam is obviously a creed of dogma, not a race per se.


Stating that Islam is a political doctrine and one that is fascist in the real sense of that word [not in the useless meaning used in everyday slander] does not logically lead to a condemnation of a Muslim person. That is ridiculous. To state that a political ideology demands the character destruction of someone who believes in that ideology is simply invalid. One can criticize a theory or construct, without disparaging the person that is presenting such ideas. Likewise, I can forward ideas or debating points and the opposite party can deal with those in the abstract, without delving into adolescent personal attacks.


Around the Western world great millions of Muslims are peaceful, respectful and willing to help their adopted host countries. This assimilation is a brilliant aspect of Western culture. Islamic lands do not allow such integration. A practicing Christian, able to do so freely and without fear, is unheard of in Islamic lands, much less a devout Jew. The Middle East and North Africa were once home to millions of Christians and are now completely Arabicized, with Arabic language, culture and political theology erasing pre-existing societies.


The political theology of Arabia has spread and mutated across Asia and Africa thanks to war. There is little evidence that Islam expanded through peaceful non-violent means. Christianity for instance used both war and peaceful means to spread its doctrine. Non-European societies were forced in the age of discovery and colonialization, to accept at the point of a sword the Christian faith, but other regimes, empires and peoples converted in even greater numbers peacefully or through the conversion of the regime’s elite. This is due to the true religious appeal of Christianity in which the doctrines of the New Testament are almost the exact opposite of the Koran. In any meaningful study of the Koran the curious reader is left wondering if he is reading a fantasy ideology or unconnected streams of delirium.


This is not however to condemn the individual Muslim. Many Muslims only know the Islamic way of life. To pray, to bow, to submit, to hate or vilify is in their cultural water. Socialization through education, family pressure, cultural norms and media propaganda easily perverts even the sharpest of minds. One cannot blame the individual for the destructive nature of the society of their birth.


This then leads to a greater problem – awakening the Muslim mind. This is achieved through two means. First, in the West we must assimilate not ghettoize our Muslim immigrants. We must provide access, growing economies, jobs and information at all levels on our Western civilization and Western systems of development. Pride in ourselves and in our civilization is the first step to bring the Muslim immigrant into our world. Once they partake of our culture, their proclivity towards intolerant ideals and fascism will dissipate. Second, we must liberate the Middle East from its 7th century paganism and open up its society to the ideals of globalization, tolerance and the golden rule. Islam is at war everywhere, with everyone. This is simply unacceptable.


The unacceptable nature of Islam does not mean we condemn the individual Muslim. It means we have the moral duty to lead them to greater understanding and promote modernity into their culture so Islam too can co-exist with the world.


As Moslems pour into Europe, Christophobia and attack on Christians reach record levels

But the experts, the scientists cannot see a correlation.....

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As Moslems pour in and invade Europe, attacks against Christians and their Churches, rise by 285%.  Yet the ‘intellectuals’, the ‘scientists’, the ‘experts’, the Fake News and Education establishment, cannot make the connection.


The number of officially recorded anti-Christian incidents in Europe has risen by 285 percent between 2008 and 2019, according to Ellen Fantini, director of the Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe (OIDACE)…..The 64-page report offered summary descriptions of more than 325 cases of intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe for the year 2018. 

The report also cites the official annual crime statistics for 2018 provided by the French Interior Ministry, which included 1063 “anti-Christian acts” and showed that in the ten-year period from 2008 to 2018, there was an increase of some 250 percent in attacks on Christian sites.”


In the UK at least 500.000 White girls have been raped in the Moslem Sex Jihad.  Not a word from a Church leader.  Nary a bon mot from Pope Frank.  No Fake News investigations.  Parliament, the Lords, the Police all are dumb and quiet. 


But of course, the real issue is Globaloneywarming, Islamophobia and Black Lives Matter (but not if they are Christian Black Lives murdered by Black Moslems in places like Nigeria).

The Moslem slaughter of the Christian Innocents - 1400 years of Sharia Barbarism

Ignored by those who self-proclaim their tolerance, cleverness, multi-cultural bona fides

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Moslem persecution of Christians has been a 1400-year-old problem and is still rampant today.  All part of the Jihad.  Mein Koran (Recital), is Christophobic, the public perception is that it is mainly Judeophobic; this is false.  According to World Watch List 2020:

"260 million Christians experience high levels of persecution" around the world, notes the recently published Open Doors World Watch List 2020, an annual report that ranks the top 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted for their faith.

Additionally, "2,983 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons. On average, that's 8 Christians killed every day for their faith": "9,488 churches or Christian buildings were attacked," and "3,711 Christians were detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned." 


Of the 50 offending nations, persecuting Christians, 38 are either Muslim-majority or have a sizeable Muslim population.  Sharia Barbarism – premised on the Koran – is the commonality underlying the destruction of Christianity.   This fact is completely missed by Western apologists for Muhammadism.  Sharia Barbarism is a direct by-product of the cult’s book and implements faithfully, the diktats of the Koran and Hadith.  In those countries which implement Sharia – and the majority of Moslem states do implement Sharia – the worse it is for Christians. 


Atheist regimes (China, North Korea) and even militant Hindu attacks on Christians in India, are also prominent. 


The Fake News, Academics and other worthies have no time to consider the slaughter of Christian innocents.  They are too busy with Fake Science like globaloney-plant-food-warming; the LGBT cult; or the inevitable and quite non-existent odes to the ‘Islamic Golden Age’; or the current insidious anti-reality pogrom, of ‘Islamophobia’. 


Gatestone Link


The overwhelming majority of these Muslim nations are governed by some form of shari'a (Islamic law). It is either directly enforced by government or society or, more frequently, both, though societies — family members in particular — tend to be more zealous in its application. Brief summaries of the seven Muslim nations making the top ten follow


  • Afghanistan (#2) is "an Islamic society where Christianity exists in secret." Not only is it "illegal for an Afghan person to leave Islam," but family members are often first to attack or kill them.
  • In Somalia (#3), "[c]onversion to Christianity is regarded as a betrayal"; " family members and clan leaders will harass, intimidate and even kill" converts. Al Shabaab, "the youth," an Islamic group, slaughters Christians "on the spot when discovered."
  • In Libya (#4), "There is no freedom of speech, no equal treatment of Christians, no recognition of the church and no churches being built."
  • Pakistan (#5) "is afflicted by numerous radical Islamic groups," which "regularly target" churches. More generally and in the eyes of both government and people, "Christians are regarded as second-class citizens. Also, the country's anti-blasphemy laws are disproportionately applied against the Christian minority — making it difficult and dangerous to live out one's faith in public."
  • In Sudan (#7), "the government has arrested or intimidated many Christian leaders, and numerous churches have been demolished. Extremists have attacked Christians, especially in the Nuba Mountain region, where thousands of Christians have been killed or displaced."
  • In Yemen (#8), civil "war has allowed radical Islamic groups to expand their operations in certain areas, leading to Christians being abducted and killed. Open church activities are forbidden and leaving Islam is forbidden. Muslims who decide to follow Jesus could face the death penalty."
  • In Iran (#9), which "is governed by Islamic law,... the rights and professional possibilities for Christians are heavily restricted.... [I]t is illegal to produce Christian literature or hold church services in Farsi. Converts from Islam face persecution from the government."


Some notable trends are also on the rise. Christians in sub-Saharan Africa are "increasingly under threat from Islamic extremist groups":


In Burkina Faso (No. 28, a rise of 33 spots from 2019), long-known for its religious tolerance, Christians say they are in a fight for survival. Dozens of Catholic priests have been killed, and Protestant pastors and their families have been killed or kidnapped by violent Islamic militants.


In Mali (No. 29), the president said in late 2018 that his country's existence is under threat because of Islamic jihadists.


Central African Republic (No. 25) is in constant upheaval partially due to the fighting of rebel Islamic militants, many of whom target Christians.


And Cameroon (No. 48) faces violence in the north—still a stronghold of Boko Haram [which, along with Muslim Fulani herdsmen, are slaughtering Christians in Nigeria, #12].


Militant Islam has also arisen in unexpected areas. "In Sri Lanka (No. 30, up from 46 in 2019) 250 people died and more than 500 were injured in attacks on Catholic and Protestant churches and hotels on Easter Sunday."


Maldives (#14)—popularly recognized as a beautiful island nation and tourist destination—is a bastion of shari'a:


The Maldives' constitution requires all citizens to be Muslim. Conversion from Islam means that someone can be stripped of their citizenship and punished under Shariah law. Even foreign workers who are Christians are closely watched, which makes church life extremely difficult and practically non-existent. Churches are outlawed, and openly carrying the Bible is illegal. The country is so tightly controlled by Islamic law that there is not even a Bible fully translated into the native language of most citizens of the Maldives.


Algeria worsened by five sports — going from #22 last year to #17 in 2020 — due to "the seemingly systemic closure of Protestant churches. In some of these cases, Christians were forcibly expelled by police in the middle of church services. Pressure from family also remains high, particularly for Christians who were previously Muslim."


Aside from "Islamic oppression," the targeting of Christians around the world has become more widespread than ever. Part of this is because "persecution against Christians has taken a technological turn." For example, in India (#10) — where "Hindu radicals often attack Christians with little to no consequences" — "the government plans to introduce a national facial recognition system. There were at least 447 verified incidents of violence and hate crimes against Christians in India... There is fear that more tracking could increase these attacks."


Similarly, China (#23) — which seeks to make all religions, including Christianity, "fall in line with their interpretation of communism" — is "rolling out a country-wide Social Credit System (SCS) by which authorities plan to reward 'good' citizenship and punish 'bad'":


Already, one community has reportedly decided to add penalties for those who "illegally spread Christianity." It's easy to see how surveillance technology could be used in tandem with the SCS to make everyday life very difficult for anyone the Chinese government deems insufficiently "Chinese" — including Christians.


Perhaps the most disturbing trend is that the number of persecuted Christians continues to grow year after year: "260 million Christians experience high levels of persecution," says the new 2020 report. This represents a 6% increase from 2019; then, 245 million Christians were persecuted — and that was a 14% increase from 2018, when 215 million was the number.


Hagia Sophia converted into a Mosque (Baal worship)

The experts and 'those who know' say and do nothing (including Pope Francis)

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Christianity under attack.  Rapes, dead, Churches burnt, Churches converted to mosques.  Experts, Academics, Scientists, MSM have no idea and say nothing.  Too busy supporting the anti-White racist, anti-civilisational ignoramuses in the Black Lives Matter (no other lives matter), terrorist organisation, funded by Soros and Hussein Obama.

Moslem Supremacist state Turkey, converts one of the world’s most iconic Christian structures, into a Baal-worshipping centre (also called a Mosque).  Turkish Moslems on socio-path media seemed to enjoy this day of triumph and supremacism.  Pope Francis and Christian leaders have said little to nothing. 

  • "Jewish and Christian bastards will now understand who we are."
  • "Erdoğan is correcting what Jewish, Shabbetaist (Jews who converted to Islam), atheist crowds have done in the past century."
  • "You Jews, are you having fun?"
  • "Day of mourning for Crusaders and Jewish converts."
  • "Cry, you Greeks! And wait for your turn, you Jews!"
  • "Sad day for Zionists."
  • "A Shabbetaist Jew from Thessaloniki [Ataturk, born in Thessaloniki] closed it [to Muslim prayers] and man from Black Sea (Erdogan) opened it."
  • "You Jewish dogs, it will come to Al-Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem] too."

Moslems mocking and goading Jews and Christians.  The infidel humbled.  The Moslem supreme.  Christophobia and Judeophobia.  Never mentioned by the Fake News.

Hagia Sophia Timeline

  • 537: Byzantine Emperor Justinian I builds Hagia Sophia as a cathedral in then Constantinople.
  • 1453: Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II (Mehmet the Conqueror) converts Hagia Sophia into a mosque after taking Constantinople from the Byzantines.
  • 1453-1934: Hagia Sophia remains a mosque.
  • June 7, 1931: The cabinet of the infant Turkish Republic signs a decree for the restoration of priceless mosaic frescoes at Hagia Sophia. The decree gave the job to Thomas Whittemore, an American Byzantine specialist.
  • Aug. 25, 1934: Turkish Education Minister Abidin Özmen writes a letter to Prime Minister İsmet İnönü to inform him that he had received a verbal order from Atatürk for the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a museum.
  • Nov. 24, 1934: The Turkish cabinet signs a decree that "un-mosques" Hagia Sophia.
  • 1980: Turkish Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel allows Muslim prayers at an annex of Hagia Sophia.
  • 1981: The military junta bans Muslim prayers at Hagia Sophia.
  • 1991: Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel re-opens the annex to Muslim prayers.
  • 2005-2020: The Council of State rejects three applications for the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.
  • July 9, 2020: The Council of State rules in favor of the fourth application to make Hagia Sophia a mosque.
  • July 24, 2020: Hagia Sophia will open as a mosque, with a Greek name and Orthodox frescoes on its walls.


Moslem arson at Nantes Cathedral? Or just another iconic Christian structure self-hurting?

Globaloneywarming? Electrical short? Gas explosion? Or just Jihad?

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Nantes Cathedral is yet another Christian architectural gem partially destroyed by either a Moslem, Satanic or Atheist arson attack.  In 2019 Saint Sulplice, Paris’ 2nd largest Cathedral was firebombed by Moslems.  Notre Dame was collapsed in an inferno supposedly caused by an electrical short generating 2 large infernos on the roof in 2 different places.  Notre Dame was also arson of course.  It occurred on Easter Friday, and Moslem workers dominated the various restoration projects.  Now Nantes Cathedral is set ablaze. 


In France, 3 Churches are attacked on average, each day. 


Yet the experts, the Fake News, the Academics, ‘those who know’, completely disavow the aspect of Moslem Jihad.  Funnily enough, until recently none of these structures ‘self harmed’, had ‘electrical issues’, or collapsed from the weight of their history.  Only when Moslems have swarmed into France in their millions (probably 10 million at least in the country); have Christian symbols, buildings and Churches been under attack….but for large brains this correlation is irrelevant.  Maybe it is the non-existent globaloneywarming from plant food which is causing French Cathedrals to self-harm?


“The Roman Catholic cathedral, also known asSaint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul or simply Nantes Cathedral, is an epoch-spanning structure begun in the 1434 and completed in 1891, described as the “Gothic jewel of the city of the Dukes” by French president Emmanuel Macron.

Regional fire chief General Laurent Ferlay reported that the inferno was contained by French firemen after a two-hour struggle, and that the damage does not appear to be as extensive as in Notre-Dame after a fire ripped through the Parisian cathedral in 2019.

Interior fixtures including the cathedral’s great organ and historic stained glass windows have been lost, however, and the authorities are keen to pinpoint the cause of the blaze — with a possible arson attack the current focus of their investigations, according to French media.”



Islam’s endless expansion

1400 years of Jihad is not going to end unless we stand and fight.

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Some obvious truisms. No Arabs were resident in Israel in 587 BC when the first Jewish temple was destroyed by the Babylonians. No Muslims existed in Persia until it was conquered circa 645 AD. No Muslims were resident in Turkey, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in India or in North Africa, Spain, the Balkans, and Russia, nor in the Asian south-east until Islam wiped out all local cultures and beliefs or relegated them to ‘dhimmi’ or slave status. Islam was, and still is, spread by war. 


Today the Moslem war of Jihad finds its expression not only in ISIS, Boko Harem, The Moslem Brotherhood, The Nation of Islam, Palestinian Jihad, Hizbollah and 100 other Moslem-Jihad groups (literally there are about 100 Moslem Fascist organisations), but even more ominously and destructively; in an un-ending invasion of ‘migrants’, open-borders, demography, the creation of local mosques and the infiltration of the Police, School systems, Government and Political parties.  The Moslem fifth column will topple some Western states starting around 2040 when Moslems are in many urban centres (especially in Europe), over 40% of the population.


There is nothing positive about the spread of Muhammadanism.  Nothing.  Not a single defender of Muhammad’s cult can point to a real-world benefit of his cult’s war on humanity.  This pagan Arab ideology has killed in 1400 years, at least 300 million people.  By definition it cannot be a ‘religion’.  If Islam is religious, then so too was Hitlerism. Much like a modern Atheist-Fascism (the Nazis were Atheists, who believed in Evolution, survival of the fittest, Darwinian socialism); Islam’s premodern paganism is a political construct built for war.  Nothing in the Koran, Sharia law, Arab culture or Islamic theocratic governance is spiritual, religious, peaceful, or harmonious.  Islam’s bloody history makes this apparent as does its handbook of terror ‘Recital’ (Koran).


When the robber politician Mohammed died, his legacy lived on.  Before he died his later ‘revelations’ once he attained power and control, were almost wholly devoted to the idea of jihad, conquering non-Muslims and the establishment of a worldwide Muslim empire. Stealing, killing, lying, warring, having sex with sundry females of all ages including pre-pubescent girls; and the codification of Arab culture [deceit, pride, hypocrisy, crudity] into ‘laws’ ensured that Islam would be the opposite of Christianity. By melding church and state into monotheistic totalitarianism Mohammed had created an ideology more powerful even that that of the pagan Nazi or Soviet cults.


After Mohammed’s death in 630 AD the Muslim empire quickly grew. One of Mohammed’s last pronouncements was to conquer the Persian and Byzantium empires. Apparently, the fascist Mohammed did not take kindly to having his letters suggesting that the emperors of these 2 empires submit to Islam, ignored. By 645 AD Persia had fallen and Byzantium barely survived various Muslim attacks, finally succumbing in 1453 AD to the Ottoman Turks who butchered the survivors of Constantinople in an all too typical show of Arab and Muslim barbarity. 40.000 Christians were slaughtered by the Moslems at Constantinople.  Another 40.000 sold into slavery.  Apparently the enslavement of Whites is fine for modern Marxists and Moslem apologists.


This swift advance of Muslim armies, over 70 years, on horseback, in tight formations, fired by their belief in an afterlife, and by the gleam of booty, gold and women, reads like a pre-modern version of Nazi blitzkrieg:

-633 AD Campaigns in Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and Hadramaut. Raids in Iraq.

-634 AD Battle of Basra, Battle of Damascus, Battle of Ajnadin, Battle of Namaraq, Battle of Saqatia.

-635 AD Battle of Bridge, Battle of Buwaib, Conquest of Damascus, Battle of Fahl.

-636 AD Battle of Yarmuk, Battle of Qadsiyia, Conquest of Madain.

-637 AD Conquest of Syria, Conquest of Jerusalem, Battle of Jalula.

-638 AD Conquest of Jazirah.

-639 AD Conquest of Khuizistan. Advance into Egypt.

-640 AD Victory in the battle of Babylon.

-641 AD Battle of Nihawand; Conquest of Alexandria in Egypt.

-642 AD Battle of Rayy in Persia; Conquest of Egypt.

-643 AD Conquest of Azerbaijan and Tabaristan (Russia).

-644 AD Conquest of Fars, Kerman, Sistan, Mekran and Kharan.

-646 AD Campaigns in Khurasan, Armenia and Asia Minor.

-647 AD Campaigns in North Africa. Conquest of the island of Cyprus.

-648 AD Campaigns against the Byzantines.

-651 AD Naval battle of the Masts against the Byzantines.

-666 AD Raid of Sicily.

-670 AD Advance in North Africa. Conquest of Kabul.

-672 AD Capture of the island of Rhodes. Campaigns in Khurasan.

-674 AD The Muslims cross the Oxus. Bukhara becomes a vassal state.

-677 AD Occupation of Samarkand and Tirmiz. Siege of Constantinople.

-682 AD North African-Arab armies march to the Atlantic.

-700 AD Campaigns against the Berbers in North Africa.


By 700 AD the Muslims had conquered, the Levant, Egypt, North Africa, Syria, parts of Byzantium and the entire Persian empire. The spread of Islam by Muslim force of arms over such a vast area in the span of 2 generations is remarkable. This 'jihad' was premised on the Koranic incitation to 'struggle' to overcome and subdue the ‘infidel’. Islamic jihad has remorselessly expanded from the Arabian Peninsula to the far corners of the globe through conquest, war, and in the modern world, immigration. It is a signal historical miracle that the small, poor, illiterate and pagan heartland of the Arabian Peninsula would be able to create and then export a vicious fascism that now controls 1.3 billion people worldwide. It is simply astounding.


The Near East, Turkey, Levant, and North Africa were Jewish, Semitic and Christian lands before 632 AD. These areas were not Arab nor Muslim until they were conquered by Muslim forces. The current Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be properly understood if people do not understand that in 1200 BC Jewish cities were being built and that the reigns of David and Solomon developed a prosperous Jewish state by 900 BC. Jewish civilisation far predates that of the Arab. The first Jewish temple of Solomon fell in 587 BC to the Babylonians and the Jews were expelled as slaves to Babylonia only returning in 539 BC after being freed by Cyrus the Great – the Farsi or Persian emperor. The Arabs are simply supple liars in proposing that Israeli land is somehow 'their' land. They butchered millions of Jews and Christians over 1400 years to steal land not only in Israel but throughout Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and North Africa.


Remember Beirut in 1970? A Christian city in a largely Christian country. After a bloody 25-year Muslim inspired and Arafat managed civil war, Lebanon is now an Arab terrorist state having murdered over 100.000 Christians and establishing Muslim rule over what was once the Middle East's most prosperous nation state. Hizbollah, a Moslem terrorist group, now dominates Lebanese politics.  Beirut is yesterday's warning of what the future may hold throughout Europe and North America. No one in 1965 would have predicted that a largely Christian Lebanese state would be so viciously dismembered. Of course, the West stood by and did nothing while an outpost of its own civilisation collapsed.


It is hard to calculate the number of Jews and Christians killed by the Moslems over 14 centuries but the number is certainly in the tens of millions. For those who were not murdered there existed three options. Pay a tax and become a dhimmi or second-class citizen and slave. Convert. Or flee and have your possessions taken by the ruling Arabs. Muslims were only interested in women, gold, booty and land. Harmonious, multi-cultural accommodation was not a priority.


The myth that the Arab empires were some polyglot multi-cultural paradise is galling stupidity. Arabs ruled and the rest were enslaved. Peace in Islam does not mean harmony. It means Islam reigning supreme, unopposed, omnipotent. Multi-culturally sensitive it is not.


But it is not only the 'Saturday' and 'Sunday' people that Muslims kill. At least 50 million or more Hindu’s have been killed by the Muslims. An equal if not greater number of Buddhists have likewise perished at the hands of Muslim armies. The sheer number of butchered non-Muslims is hard to estimate in Central and South Asia, due to the enormity of the genocide and poor record keeping.


But we do know that starting in the 8th century AD and until today, the Muslim onslaught has been relentless conquering vast lands stretching from Pakistan to Indonesia. In modern times, Thailand, Malaysia and other areas with large Christian, Hindu or Buddhist populations have seen enormous amounts of violence and war against the ‘infidels’. These acts are rarely recorded or commented upon in the Western media.


As Yohanan Ramati wrote in, ‘The Islamic Danger to Western Civilization’, the lack of respect for other cultures, religions and for basic human rights means that Islam is in some degree, at least in its Koranic form, incompatible philosophically with democracy. ‘Not a single Moslem state is a democracy. When there is serious internal opposition to a Moslem ruler, his rivals sometimes demand ‘democracy’ during their bid to topple him, but never maintain it if they gain power. So there is an obvious contradiction between promoting democracy and supporting Moslem states….These contradictions are a grave American weakness, as ideological confusion hamstrings the ability to act logically and firmly.’


Ramati is correct. Hamas can assume power in Palestine through a democratic election and in Iraq clerical Shias and fundamentalist Sunni’s elected by a free vote, bloodily fight for control over a nation with a Constitution that enshrines Islam. There is no guarantee that democratic governance within the Muslim world will create modern nation states that will be peaceful or friendly to the West. Iraq and Palestine are obvious examples and this is why throughout the Arab-Islamic world we see so many non-democratic, family controlled or despotic regimes in place. Simply put the leadership elite of Arab Islamic countries are as terrified of fundamentalist Islam as is the West.


The increasing radicalization of Islam in the Middle East fuelled by petrodollars is of course finding a parallel development in Western nations. As the West imports more Muslims and watches the Islamic population grow to 5 %, 10 %, and 15 % of its total population we should expect Islamic supremacist demands to accelerate. The Islamicist’s cannot defeat the West in a head-on battle but they can defeat the Western powers through demographic and internal political change. Demography and birth rates will do to Western lands what force of arms cannot – compel political and societal change and give Muslims the opportunity to dominate Western societies.


The 1400-year Muslim jihad continues and Western apathy, elitist ignorance and broken foreign and domestic policy setting continues unabated blinkered by a politically correct ethos and ignorance. The Muslims are sure of themselves. We are not sure of ourselves.

European Bishops condemn the slaughter of Black Christian Nigerians

But never mention Islam, Muhammadanism or the Meccan moon cult

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European Bishops finally condemn the Moslem Jihad against Christians (on going for 200 years), in which 5.000 are being killed each year, and 200 churches being pulled down.  50 % of the Nigerian population is Christian, with the numbers of Catholics at 20 million or about 15%.  Neither the Church of England under that useless half-wit Welby, nor the Vatican under that equally useless globalist Pope Frank, have said anything, nor done anything to help these Christians.  Nothing.

Of course, even in their condemnation of the violence, the European Bishops do not mention Islam, Muhammadanism, nor the Meccan cult.  Just groups of ‘militias, insurgents, terrorists’ generating the carnage, the rape, the killing.  These are code-words for the Moslem Fulani tribe, Boko Harem and other Moslem fascist groups. 


“In a letter to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich said that the Christian communities in Nigeria are “living a situation of continuous attacks by terrorists, insurgents and militias, that in some cases reaches levels of genuine criminal persecution.”

Cardinal Hollerich promised the bishops that COMECE will push for greater EU assistance for Nigerian authorities and institutions, to help combat the violence and persecution and to improve the nation’s stability and prosperity.

In May 2020, COMECE appealed to the international community to increase efforts to put a halt to the violence in Nigeria, bring criminals to justice, support the victims, and promote dialogue and peace.

Along with urging assistance to stop the religiously motivated violence in the country, COMECE also called for the inclusion of Christians, who make up 47 percent of the national population, in all State structures and levels of administrations, including the police and armed forces.”


No Fake Media News mention either.  Imagine if groups of Catholic ‘militias, insurgents, terrorists’, were raping and killing Moslems, and pulling down Mosques.  There would be an international army under UN supervision assembled in weeks, all manner of legal-acts passed around the Globe against the violence, an economic embargo on Nigeria, and endless Fake News Media coverage on intolerant-totalitarian Catholicism, with the Discovery Channel and others running endless documentaries on Galileo (who was attacked by the Church for politics, not science; Galileo was funded by the Church, he ignored Kepler-Copernican theory, and instead offer no further proof for heliocentricity except for the gravitational pull of the moon).


A signal failure of the pagan ‘Humanist-Globalist-Diversity’ religion (or cults), which dominate the secular landscape today is the lack of critical thinking; the double-standards; the lie of ‘tolerance’; the indifference to human life (unless that life is supported by their cult or is part of the cult’s gospel); the simpleton automaton response to any and all stimuli with the remarkable capacity to engage in immorality, revisioning and lies.


Black Nigerian Christians are being raped and slaughtered.  Their Lives Matter.