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Western Civilisation

Until the advent of materialism and 19th c. dogma, Western Civilisation was  superior to anything Islam had developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Proof of this resides in the 'modern' world and the unending political-economic and spiritual poverty of Muslim states and regions.  Squatting on richer civilisations is not 'progress'.  Islam is pagan, totalitarian, and irrational.   

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Russia and the Ukraine. An obvious example of Western decline.

When your society is ill, it will fail and fall.

by Ferdinand III


These pages argue that orthodox, traditional Western Civilisation, based on Christianity and a rich medieval heritage, is far superior to the Muhammadan, or indeed the Atheist, secular and dysphoric modern.  This is true. Nothing in the Muhammadan theology, culture, or practice has produced anything close to the output and benefices in all areas, derived from classical Western civilisation.  From art, to science and medicine, from capitalism to technology, from social charity to hospitals, the Western Christian experiment stands supreme.  This obvious supremacy is now at an end, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a derivative of this fact.


Current Western civilisation is ill, sick with various afflictions and cancers including the worship of sexual deviance and polygenders, fake science, fake news, medical Nazism in the guise of Corona totalitarianism, and the unholy nexus of endless government, big business, media and pharmaceuticals.  Most Western governments are no better than mafia, enriching themselves and plundering their countries whilst committing outrageous fraud and even election theft (see the US political elite or xi Biden).  Government’s ‘deep states’ or unaccountable, non-transparent legions of agencies acting without restraint or control, are engaged in activities that range from the criminal to the immoral, reporting to powers that are unelected and often criminal, derange the functioning of normal society and civilisational existence.  Rothschilds and other banking and media cartels, impoverish the mass through fiat currency devaluation, real inflation and economic cycles or bubbles, including stock market fraud.  Endless wars and ‘crises’ are propagated to further elite enrichment, government control and reduce personal freedoms.  These cycles of ‘boom and bust’, war, medical fascism, are far from over.  Gender mental illness destroys the family, reduces faith and erases real culture.  Culture is King and when Sodom and Gomorrah are lauded and applauded, your culture is essentially finished.


Enter Russia.  Ironically, we have White, Christian, orthodox Russia, admittedly with socio-economic and political challenges, but a White, Christian and orthodox state, now demonised by the West as a collection of uncivilised, Oriental hordes and Orcs. How much different would the current political-fake news narrative be, if Russia were Black or Muslim?


What is really happening in the Ukraine and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict?


Some of us are very familiar with the Ukraine and Russia and can view the current 2022 conflict objectively, looking at both sides, not forgetting the dead, wounded and injured and still praying for an end to all violence.  If we use common sense, our own knowledge and ignore the debauched Western Fake News and corrupt political commentary, we can view the larger picture, and put this conflict into perspective.  Outside of casualties and the destruction of innocents, the far larger and more important narrative is that of the continued demise of Western civilisation.

Without knowing a bit of the background, you won’t understand why Western Civilisation’s unravelling is hastened by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

·Ukraine is an artificial creation.  It has never been a ‘country’.  A Ukrainian national ‘feeling’ and culture started to develop only in the late 19th century.

·Ukraine is a product of Russia, the entire Eastern and southern areas including the Crimea have been Russian since the 18th century (Catherine the Great).  Ukraine was an area or jurisdiction within the Soviet Union, but never recognised as a separate people or state within the Soviet empire.

·Russians built most of the industry, infrastructure and social assets in the Ukraine with especially heavy investments in the Russified east and Crimea.

·In 1991 the Ukraine declared independence from Russia, however, its majority Russian populations in the East and South, were never supportive of leaving Russia.

·When the Russians invaded in 2014 and took over the eastern districts (Donbass) and the Crimea, the local populations overwhelmingly supported their reabsorption into Russia.  In two elections over 85% in both areas voted to join Russia.

·The Ukrainians have killed some 14.000 in Russian areas since 2014 and even today, shell their own supposed citizens.  Nazi battalions (Azov) are famous for indiscriminate raping and killing of Russians.  These Nazi battalions are fully supported by the Ukrainian government and were trained by the US and NATO.


The above make it clear that the Ukraine is not a natural independent state, but one that was largely Russian made with almost half the country, culturally, linguistically and socially, Russian and committed to Russia.  Now add in NATO and the criminal US political elite and bio-labs.


In the 1990s the US and NATO bombed Serbia including Belgrade and inexcusably chose the side of the Muslim Jihad in a confused and complicated Balkans conflict.  Serbia is a Slavic state, closely allied with Russia.


From 1998 to 2022, NATO expanded remorselessly eastwards to the Russian border, in spite of Russian objections and warnings.  Many in NATO publicly stated that they wanted the Ukraine inside both NATO and the EU.  This would be akin to Cuba and Mexico joining a Russian alliance and political organisation and requesting military bases and support.


Starting in 2005, the US has built some 30 biolabs, and this is well documented and recounted even in the Fake News media.  These labs contain pathogens, including the Corona virus function enhancement experiments.  Such labs could be used to make chemical weapons and they abut the Russian border.  A corollary would be Russian biolabs deployed in Mexico and Cuba.  What other purpose would they serve except to act as potential weapons of war?


The Ukraine is one of the most corrupt, oligarchic and disunified, undemocratic states in the world.  The Fake News-political narrative that it is a shining democracy is a product of mental illness posing as an opinion. The reigning Jewish oligarchic elite have looted the country of at least $1 billion and are deeply entwined with the corrupt US political elite.  The xi Biden criminal mafia has used the Ukraine as an ATM, along with other criminal US political oligarchs including the Romney’s, Pelosi’s, and Clinton’s.  ‘Directorships’ on energy boards are money laundering positions, and US deep state transfers to the Ukraine, including for bio-lab development, would simply be a part of the money laundering criminality and enrichment of the US political elite. You need money to buy election fraud, don’t you?


What are Russia’s war objectives?  There are three.  One is to destroy the US bio-labs and NATO military bases in the Ukraine (or Ukrainian military bases funded and militarised by NATO).  The second is to split the Ukraine into two along the Dnieper River, with the Crimea and East formally folded into Russia and a landlocked rump, no threat to Russia, but useful as a defensive corridor, left in the West.  The third Russian objective is the most interesting and most consequential for what remains of Western civilisation.  Importantly, the Russians will divest themselves of any Western dependency.  This will severely weaken the already fragile Western state system.


Putin has already stated that the Rothschild-banking mafia has been dispersed. The US dollar will be replaced a Ruble-Rupee-Yuan axis of currency alignment. Oil and gas exports will have markets elsewhere and the Russian economy will grow substantially due to this fact.  Only in the West is there a desire to destroy the socio-economy with false Gaia worship and irrational fears over plant food.  There will be a significant military-economic and political realignment with a new power bloc sited along Moscow-Delhi and Beijing.  This new bloc will surpass the West.


Ironically, we have White, Christian, orthodox, ‘normal’, heterosexual Russia, now reacting against the depraved lunacy of modern Western immorality and collective criminality and insanity. Russia might end up being one last hope for Christian civilisation, itself reduced to impotence and irrelevancy in the West. The Russians are even actively enlisting the Muslim Jihad to help in the Ukraine, probably to reduce casualties and warn Turkey to stay out of the conflict.  Muslim Imams have publicly stated the Mujahideen should fight in the Ukraine, if nothing else to partake of the ‘beautiful women’ in the Ukraine.  Not much has changed with Muhammad’s cult since 622 A.D.


What will be the result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine?  The Ukraine won’t exist in its current form. A landlocked rump, tossed to NATO will be spat out in the western Ukraine.  The US biolabs and criminal state-elite money laundering will be stopped.  A new power bloc will form across Eur-Asia (the big island as some call it), which will guarantee the eclipse of the demoralised, illicit, drugged, insipid and mentally ill non-culture that suffuses the ‘West’.  In other words, a good outcome.