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Join Gab (@StFerdinandIII) Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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The grotesque sickness of Islamic 'Honor Killings'.

Thousands of women are murdered every year around the world – by Muslims.

by Ferdinand III

Feminists and Marxists are wont to declaim against all sorts of fantastical evil. Bushitler; G-bay; the rights of Muslims; white male oppression; European imperialism – the usual list of nonsensical, hysterical and anti-reality items of hate. But the Fem-Marxist-Gay alliance is pretty silent on the murder by Muslims of thousands of their innocent women around the world each year. And when one happens in a multi-cult paradise such as Toronto – it is quickly covered up and labeled 'a culture clash.'

In Toronto a Muslim man killed his 16 year old daughter for not wearing the Islamic bed sheet apparel, so catchingly called the Hijab. This non-Western dress is designed to not only hide the female body, but to signal to other men that this particular woman is a man's property. The Hijab is a more convenient and less painful way of personal branding. Instead of applying hot poker irons to the woman's face, chest, and backside, to denote the man's brand; the Muslims simply mandate that a female must wear a bed sheet. It is a cheaper, though still inhumane packaging of a human, made into a product - a man's personal asset and personal slave.

The gliding female Muslim ghosts, replete with branded bed sheets signifies the deep misogynistic culture of male dominated Islam. Yes for most Muslim women the Hijab is not an act of compulsion. Some might even enjoy being branded as a piece of meat owned by a man, with no indentity of her own, and being nothing more than a covered slave. Fair enough. But that is not the Western ethos; that is not our style; that is not our way of doing things. Women here are free.

In Western lands women possess free will and natural law protection. Women in the West are free to choose their status, careers, dress, habits and roles. Not so in Islam.

The woman in Islam is married at a young age usually to a second cousin. She is tightly regulated by male attitudes and expectations; and she is subservient to male wishes including sexual preferences. It is not uncommon, even in North America, for a young Muslim girl to be married off at a young age, then sold to various Arabs or Muslims for sex and passed around. Woe betide the young girl if she strays – rejecting the Hijab, kissing an infidel, holding hands with a Whitey, rejecting that first marriage; or not praying hard or long enough to the Arab moon cult.

Honor killings are endemic world wide. The actual number of murdered Muslim girls is hard to track since most governments, terrified of the fascist politically correct police, Muslim groups with trigger happy lawyers; or the insanity of 'Human rights commissions', refuse to track such murders. It is probable that in Europe, based on statistics from Holland and Germany, that between one to two thousand girls, some as young as 14, are killed by their male relatives. At least that number, and probably quite a bit more, are taken back to the home country, usually for a 'vacation' where they are likewise slaughtered.

A recent Syrian study estimates that 1 in 4 woman were abused and assaulted by their Arab male relatives in the past year. It is not unreasonable to assume that over time, even a small percentage of these cases would lead to a honor killing. If we add to the European total of about 3.000 murders a year, those committed in the Arab and Muslim heartlands and North America, it would be pretty accurate to guess that more than 5.000 girls per annum, are slaughtered by their Muslim male relatives in 'honor killings'. Even this total is probably too low. A conservative estimate of 10.000 world wide would not seem to be excessive.

So what does the mainstream North American media say about this? When an honor killing happens in a multi-cult paradise such as Toronto, the media will immediately claim that it was a 'culture clash'; that the girl may have somehow done something to deserve it; that such murders are common occurences world wide and not just in Islamic countries; that the greater society is somehow to blame; and that wearing the Hijab is just fine and most Muslim women love it etc.

The media, the Fem-Marxist robots; the chattering rights groups never seem to have the time or energy to much care about the butchering of innocent young girls by male Muslims, nor about what the Hijab really means – identifying the woman as a male asset; a piece of meat; a wandering ghost with no free will. They also never seem capable of drawing the straight line which exists between Islam and death.

It might be true that the Koran does not truly sanction honor killing. This is however, totally unclear and irrelevant. The Koran does say that a man's honor lies between the legs of his wives. It does mandate that the women be subservient to the whims, sexual and otherwise, of her husband. It also outlines methods for beating a women who dishonors a man – including how to kill her if necessary. These attitudes are a direct reflection of Arab culture. The Koran and Islam are nothing more than a great reflection and propagation of pagan Arabism. Arab male culture is supremacist and misogynist.

Islamic and Arabic attitudes towards women should not be allowed to pervert and distort Western society. This is our society, with our laws, mores, customs and superior culture. Murdering bed sheet covered women is a pre-modern savagery that cannot be allowed to exist. First we need to get the bed-sheets off of women who live here. Second, we need to stop male Muslims from branding them and killing them, as if they were no better than scavenging dogs.

Honor killings are one of the most obvious and brutal assualts on Western mores and sensitivities. Any honor killing in any Western country is a direct attack on who and what we are. They need to be stopped immediately.

We can do many things to stop this anti-female mentality. Muslim assaults and attacks on women need to be tracked by government. All such assaults demand swift and severe punishment. They need to be outlawed by the various and sundry Saudi-funded Muslim groups which jump and caper around society, so concerned apparently about 'Islamophobia'. Mosques, Islamic groups, schools and families need to monitor female abuse and report any abuse immediately to Western authorities.

We need to devote as much attention and resources to protecting and freeing these women as we do in ensuring the rights of minority groups. Instead of using human rights commissions to sue those who believe in free speech, maybe these busy little minds can do something more productive, like oh let's say - freeing and saving female Muslim lives? Where are the police on this? Busy with creating crimes, handing out speeding tickets or crying about more pay?

Why are Muslim women allowed to wear these bed sheets in public? This is our society not the Arab's society. Take off the sheets and join the real world.

It is not surprising that the Fem-Marxist bots and their media-institutional friends could care less about honor killings. To them Islam is holy and wonderful and superior to anything the West can offer – especially Christianity. If a Muslim male wants to murder a woman – hey that is his business and why should we care? Ten thousand murdered women each year you say, due to honor killings? Come now, this is just Bushitler-Jew propaganda, and another example of Islamophobia!

Whatever. The relativity fetish will mean the death of society and if we don't defend the right to life of women in our society, what type of a culture are we?

Instead of excusing Islam and the butchering of innocent women, we need to condemn and exorcise it and get our priorities straightened out. Appeasing Islam and ignoring its savagery against women is immoral.

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