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Western Civilisation

Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Conflicts in Arab/Moslem states - Recent Articles

The US financing 'moderate' Moslem groups in the ME to wipe out non Moslems

There are no 'moderates' in an extremist Fascism. Islam is simply, Islam.

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Obama was and is still likely a Moslem. The US is one of the active financiers of Moslem Jihad and has abetted both ISIS and similar groups, past and present, in the Middle East. These groups are exterminating Christianity, which will soon disappear from its birth place and former heartland. Eradicated by 'extremist' Moslems, namely; those who follow Muhammadan Sharia.

From Zero Hedge:

'In a new report, Amnesty International documents war crimes by US-backed groups.

  1. Ahrar al-Sham.  Secretary of State Kerry just said that this group is a “subgroup” of both ISIS and Al Nusra (Al Nusra is Al Qaeda).  Ahrar al-Sham is supported by close Western allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey (the latter is a NATO member).

The Amnesty report documents that Ahrar al-Sham:

  • Kidnapped children and placed them for long periods of time in solitary confinement, leading to hallucinations

  • Kidnapped a media activist for criticizing the extremist rebel group on Facebook and accusing it of corruption (he is still detained)

  • Confiscated the homes and stolen the belongings of Christians

  • Destroyed churches

  • Arrested and interrogated a woman just released by government forces for not wearing a veil, and repeatedly threatened to conduct a virginity test

2) Nour al-Din al-Zenki. This is a CIA-approved rebel group that has received TOW anti-tank missiles.

The Amnesty report documents that Nour al-Din al-Zenki:

  • Tortured journalists, humanitarian workers and media activists

  • For example, one humanitarian worker was abducted and tortured by for complaining about the misuse of funds in a hospital in Aleppo

  • Another media activist was kidnapped for criticizing “the unjust rule of some the armed groups [and issues] such as corruption” on Facebook. He said he heard people being tortured in other rooms while he was abducted

  • Abducted Christians

3) 16th Division.  This group is backed by the U.S.

The Amnesty report documents that the 16th Division:

  • Tortured detainees

  • For example, an Arab man drove his female Kurdish neighbor to a dentist appointment in Aleppo. She was kidnapped at a checkpoint by the 16th Division.  The woman’s son went looking for her, and he disappeared as well

4) The Levant Front coalition. The Carnegie Endowment states that most of the rebel groups in the Levant Front coalition likely receive support from the Military Operations Center, a Turkey-based rebel facility that the U.S. helps operate with its allies.

The Amnesty report documents that the Levant Front:
  • Has carried out numerous summary killings through its Sharia courts. Some have been “execution-style killings in front of crowds.”

  • The “Supreme Judicial Council” run by the Levant Front admitted to Amnesty that the punishment for apostasy – i.e. failing to conform to fundamentalist Islamic beliefs or practices – is execution. “Death sentences are carried out in the detention center according to Shari’a principles,” the deputy director said

  • Kidnapped people for complaining about corruption

Unfortunately, there is plenty of other evidence that US-backed Islamic “rebels” are really terrorists.

And there is overwhelming evidence that the U.S. or its closest allies are backing designated terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS in their quest to carry out regime change in Syria … again.'

Moslems target Christianity for destruction. Multi-culti cult blames the victim.

Rape, kill, tear down churches, sex-slave....but never equate Islam with Islam....

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The Koran very clearly states that non-Moslem assets are to be destroyed. The Kabaa shrine or Cube, in which the Lord or ilah was Baal the moon deity [and Muhammad's family were his caretakers]; was one of 360 idols. Baal was uber alles. Muhammad's first action [besides killing his enemies], when entering Mecca was to smash all the Kabaa idols save that of Baal. He was the ilah. Only Baal can be worshipped. Jews and Christians, and indeed all non Moslems are to be terrorized and killed. Part of the acts of terror committed by Muhammad and his men was the devastation of villages, farms, fortresses and centers of Jewish and Christian, as well as Pagan, worship:

[8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

Throughout history Moslems have wiped out non Islamic artifacts. Churches, shrines, libraries, monuments, statues, domes, places of veneration – all eradicated because the Koran and Muhammadism does not allow for any association of any article, image, or non-Moslem building which stands in direct contradiction to either the Koran, or the worship of the Allah-Baal deity.

In Iraq alone over 250 churches as of 2015 have been destroyed. In 2014 it was reported that;

"There used to be 300 churches in Iraq, and now they are only 52, which means the Muslims have destroyed 248 churches in the country of Iraq, alone. While the modern minded people (who think they are intelligent), give seemingly pious objections against Russia’s anti-sodomite laws, they do not lift a finger against the real and blood oppression that are occurring every day in nations like Iraq and Syria.

As one commentator has said:

The U.S. and U.K., which oversaw the transition of Iraq from a dictatorship to a democracy, did nothing to ensure the protection of Christian minorities there. Now, Christians face persecution and death, and most have fled ancient communities.”

But the morons of the world will cry that Islam is peace, Christianity the real terrorist threat, and that 90% of all terror attacks are by non-Moslems.....Since 9-11 Moslems have committed some 25.000 Jihadist attacks, meaning that according to the witless academics, politicians, and multi-culti; non Moslems have carried out 250.000 similar attacks. Of course there is no evidence for this; not even for 25 similar attacks by non Moslems on Moslems. Nor is there any evidence that non Moslems are aggressively targeting Moslem assets, mosques and Masjid for destruction. Only Moslems are allowed to wipe out Christian and Jewish places of worship, some of them 2000 years old and not be criticized.

Below is a video of Moslems destroying Christian churches in Serbia in 2014. But remember NATO and the US 'had' to help the little Moslems against the vigorous 'cleansing' by the Serbians. The Balkan genocide was bi-directional, and it was of course started by the Moslems. Similar UK-US actions in Iraq have ensured that Iraqi Christians are being raped, murdered, forcibly converted to the moon cult, or ostracized and exiled from Iraq

ISIS will implode like all failed Fascisms

Mein Islam leads to nothing but destruction.

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ISIS is just following the 1500+ verses of Kufar-hate in Mein Koran. Dominate, tax, control, slaughter, rape....all is justified for Baal the iLah of Mecca, or the moon god of Muhammad. In Mein Koran of course Muhammad is often-times conflated with, and confused with, the iLah or Lord. But, as with other communal fascisms such as National Socialism, or Communism, the annihilation of the individual, of rights, freedoms, free-speech, and religion all leads to the same penury, destruction and eradication of civilization. ISIS territory looks more like 1980 Moscow than a 'liberated' Moslem state.

[lines for food, consumer items...]

Doesn't anyone wonder why the Moslem world is such a mess ? 50% of marriages are 2nd or first cousins. Inbreeding does not lead to genetic improvement. Over half of females are illiterate. Little in the way of innovation or advancement can be traced back to Islam current or past. The modern Islamic world is a mess, why would the medieval Moslem world be any better ? Culture is King, and when your culture is shaped by the fascistic barbarity of Mein Koran under the leadership of Mein Muhammad, it stands to reason that you will create nothing but an impoverished, illiterate mess.

According to the document, Islamic State is enforcing the gruesome rules as it wants the population to fear God, in order for them to “enter into His mercy”. Earlier this year the UN reported that children are not exempt from IS’s torturous regime, but have been crucified or buried alive alongside adults when found guilty of crimes including refusal to convert to Islam. Young people with mental disabilities have been used as suicide bombers or as human shields during battle.” Link

Only the brain dead don't see Islam for what it really is.