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Western Civilisation was and is superior to anything Islam has developed.  Islam has not aided in the development of the modern world; in fact civilisation has only been created in spite of Islam.  Raising the alarm about the fascism called Submission since 2000.  


Women - Recent Articles

A list of Mad Muhammad's wives and concubine-slaves.

What prophet of peace does not carry a baggage train of 22 sex slaves ?

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What 'prophet' of 'God', or in the case of Islam, Baal the Meccan moon deity; does not have a harem? What speaker of morality, ethics and immaterial spirituality does not cover himself in the flesh of many women, as well as in gold and silver ? Mein Koran makes it very clear that women are the property of men [see here]. Sura 2, the longest chapter is full of misogyny and the demand that men control women.

The reason is Muhammad's own life and his own debauched existence. He acted as if female ownership by men, truly was a revelatory 'fact' given to him by Baal. It was simply part of Arab-Meccan culture of course, enshrined as 'divine' by a lustful, sex-addled luxuriant posing as a man of religiosity. Sadly, since Moslems must believe that Muhammad is mankind's ultimate example, it only stands to reason that viewing females as flesh toys for men, inferior, subservient and of no real value will permeate the Moslem cult.

This is why more than half of Moslem women are illiterate, 10.000 daughters are slaughtered each year, wife-beating is common, and women in Moslem countries have limited rights to private assets, transport, or any action independent of men [a trenchant critique is summarize in now-atheist Hirsi Ali's book, Nomad]. Hence the bed sheets pious Moslem females must wear, in order to denote their chattel status, now wafting and on parade throughout the Western world – a sure sign of imperialism if there was one.

Ali Dashti, a noted Moslem 'scholar', [or science fiction writer, which in regards to Islam, would be the same thing]; lists what are in his view, Muhammad's wives, as backed up by Mein Koran, Mein Hadith and Mein Sira. Other investigations have identified 2-3 more wives, or sex-slaves, but in any event 22 is quite enough to drive home the main point that women are merely tools to be used by Moslem men for various purposes:

  1. Khadija

  2. Sawda

  3. Aesha [had sex with Muhammad at the age of 9, was betrothed to him at age 6]

  4. Omm Salama

  5. Hafsa

  6. Zaynab of Jahsh

  7. Jowayriya

  8. Omm Habiba

  9. Safiya [a Jewish princess, taken and raped by Muhammad on the same day the Moslems attacked her village and killed her husband, father and brothers, noted for her great beauty].

  10. Maymuna

  11. Fatema

  12. Hend

  13. Asma of Saba

  14. Zaynab of Khozayma

  15. Habla

  16. Asma of Noman

  17. Mary the Christian [purportedly Muhammad's favorite concubine, which caused political problems of jealously within the harem as reported in Mein Koran]

  18. Rayhana

  19. Omm Sharik

  20. Maymuna not of Hareth

  21. Zaynab [#3]

  22. Khawla

Numbers 17 and 18 were according to Dashti, concubines. The last 4 were women who for some reason just joined the harem out of their great love for the Arab Fuehrer. The first 16 are considered to be officially the wives of Muhammad, and many of these women are mentioned in Moslem sources, including passing through a marriage ceremony.

If your leader and prophet had 16 wives, 2 sex slaves, and 4 other concubines, was deemed 'holy' and grand; and was the torch bearer of the 'true religion'; what then might your attitude to women be ? One reason why Islam is a gigantic failure is its attitude and even hatred of the female. Obey Mein Koran. Serve the man. Ask for his approval on everything. Allow him as many wives or sex-slaves as he likes.

Curiously Muhammad in Mein Koran only allows the average Moslem male 4 wives or sex slaves. Of course he could have whatever number he desired. It is rather curious that fascisms always speak in such a manner. Restrictions for the acolytes and cult members. Illimitable freedoms and prerogative for the leadership.

ISIS Jihadi rapes 12 year old, quotes from the Koran that it brings him closer to 'God' ie Baal

97% consensus by the experts that Islam liberates the Infidel female.....

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Mein Koran and Muhammad's cult is in large part, a sex cult. It is also of course a fascist-pagan cult of death and violence [see the Moslem world any day of the week for more info]. But sex slavery, the lure of women, concubinage, along with gold and plunder, were the animating forces of Muhammad's cult in its early days. Indeed sheep have more value than women in Mein Koran. ISIS and other barbarians are simply trying to recreate that 'utopia' for Moslem men. Consider a recent spate of rapes of Infidel women by ISIS [many thousands have been sold into sex slavery]:

Reported the Times’ Rukmini Callimachi: [PJ Media]

In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.

Both before and after he raped her, he prostrated himself in Islamic prayer:

He told me,” the girl recounted, “that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God.”

This was no isolated incident. A fifteen-year-old girl who had been forced into sex slavery recalled: He kept telling me this is ibadah” – that is, worship of Allah. “He said that raping me is his prayer to God. I said to him, ‘What you’re doing to me is wrong, and it will not bring you closer to God.’ And he said, ‘No, it’s allowed. It’s halal.’

All this is reminiscent of Hamas’ statement: Killing Jews is worship that draws us closer to God.”

Baal is not God. It is the moon deity of Mecca and in the Old Testament it is associated with evil, and cults of criminality, including the Canaanites who in the name of Baal, performed child sacrifices, condoned sex slavery and all forms of sexual deviancy. [hey, sounds like the modern world!]

But remember, the 97% consensus expert opinion is that ISIS is not Islam, and Islam is not savage, barbaric, or interested in sex slavery, concubinage, or raping Infidel women. When ISIS quotes that raping women is sanctioned by the Al Lah thing, it is a mis-quote and mis-translation. That is all. The fact that Muhammad had sex with a 9 year old, and had between 15-24 wives or concubines must be ignored, as must be the rape and sex slavery of millions of non Moslem women in 1400 years. After all the experts declaim; who is to say that 7th century Bedouin barbarism is not as 'good' or 'moral' as the culture of today ? After all we do abort 3 million fetuses in the West each year....

The Arab and Islamic cultural hate of Women.

One reason amongst many why Arab and Muslim culture is a failure. They hate women.

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Misogyny along with racism and supremacism, is a key pillar of Islamic and Arab culture. Women are, to quote Islamic law, 'lower than pigs and cattle.' Which gives them a higher status than Jews and Blacks. Close to 50% of Arab women are illiterate. Over 40% of women in Islamic states are uneducated. Forcing the female into bed sheet attire and destroying female individuality is but an obvious expression of something far darker, more evil and more psychopathic in Arab and Islamic 'culture'. Women are hated. 

The roots of Arab misogyny can be traced to Mohammed. A supporter of feminism he wasn't. Mohammed took ancient Arab practices of male domination, added in some of his own virulent anti-female dispositions; and pronounced them as Ali-ilah's or the Arab moon cult's, 'laws'. It was the mad-man's conviction that women were inferior, bred to support men; to be used as sexual toys and ultimately and most profitably, to be simple-minded producers of males who would fight jihad in the cause of spreading the moon cult's fascistic message embedded in the nonsense called the Koran. There was and is, for the Arab-Islamic mindset, no need to educate, empower or free women. 

In Arab and Muslim culture women are simply not accepted as equals. They are a 'shame' on the family. Many female babies are murdered – infanticide – throughout the Muslim world due to this cultural obsession with producing only males. This is especially true if a mother births too many girls. At some point the grandmother or a male member will simply kill the 'excess' of baby girls. The culture of 'shame' surrounding women dominates Muslim and Islamic life. The Muslim societal construction is built in part around misogyny and a general hatred of the woman. A fact even the United Nations – not the most intelligent or rational of groups – has reluctantly been forced to admit when they compose their ponderous study of conditions in the Arab world. Even the UN acknowledges that the female is a threatened specie in the Arab and Muslim world. 

Most of Arab misogyny pre-dates Mohammed and the 7th century rise of the Meccan moon cult. But Islam's founder certainly extended and deepened the Arab hatred of women into a social normal and into societal law. Women pre-Mohammed were much better off in the Arab peninsula. With Mohammed and Islam came fundamentalist paganism and the erection so to speak, of unchallengeable male dominance. 


A list of Mohammed's practices supported in the Koran, enshrined in Islamic law, and practiced throughout the Muslim world: 

-Polygamy: Mad Mohammed had at least 9 wives. There is no greater example of treating women like meat than having multiple wives – a situation designed to appease the sexual appetite of the superior male. Women are not granted the same liberality to assuage their sexual energies. 

-Ease of Divorce: A man can divorce a woman – with no financial penalty – simply by saying 'I repudiate you', three times. This is Koranic-Sharia law, started by Mohammed. A female has no right to divorce a man under Islamic law unless the husband is guilty of something egregious and concedes to the divorce. Once a man divorces the female, she becomes 'shamed' and is a social outcast, oftentimes rejected by her own family. 

-Genital Mutilation: Mad Mohammed decreed that the genitals of women were 'unclean' and had to be cut off to please Allah and to save their 'virginity'. Most likely this was a pre-mad Mohammed practice in Arab culture. In any event he made the barbarism a law. Genital mutilation is simply a practice of torture to remind the woman that the man rules and that the man's sexual pleasure is more important than hers. Once mutilated the female cannot achieve orgasm and in most cases cannot even enjoy sex. This barbarism is still a wide spread practice today in most Islamic states [the exceptions being places like Morocco]. Girls 7 or 8 years old have their labias sliced off, usually with glass. About 5.000 per day go through this ordeal. Many die. 

-Sex trading: Even in Western cities like Montreal with large Arab populations, girls as young as 14 will be slave traded to wealthy older men for sex. Sometimes a fake marriage is arranged to cover the sex trade. Usually after some months when the older man is tired of the girl, she is re-sold as used meat to another buyer. No one knows how many girls are slave traded in such a manner but worldwide the numbers would be in the many tens of thousands. Of course Mohammed and his friends were a part of this practice. After conquering for example some Jewish villages the men were murdered and the women sold as sex chattel – or used as sex toys by the victorious Muslims including the 'Prophet' himself. Mohammed regularly bought and sold female sex slaves. 

-Bed sheet attire: The Koran does not specifically state that bed sheets need to be worn in public. What Mohammed demanded was that the female breast be covered. But the ethos within Arab culture is that women are evil. Most references to devils and satans in Arab writings reference the female. Thus the woman must be hidden, closed off, reduced to chattel and completely controlled. The injunction by Mohammed that women cover themselves very quickly mutated, thanks to the culture of Arab misogyny, to a tradition which is now a law, that women render their bodies formless. Hence the bed sheets which covers the female form and its curves. It irrevocably neuters the female's independence and individuality. 

It also marks the woman out as a piece of property, a man-owned non-entity. By rendering the female as person-less as a chair, the Arab male cult effectively de-humanizes the woman. Once she is no longer a human, it is easier to beat, abuse, and even kill her. 

-Abuse: During the time of Mohammed, the practice of beating women to discipline was common. Sura 4 in the Koran discusses how to beat a woman properly [don't leave ugly and noticeable bruises]. Since the female is uneducated, de-humanized and regarded as sexual meat, it is clear that beating such a 'creature' is a man's Allah-given 'right'. Arab culture's demonisation of women as the embodiment of evil makes corporeal punishment even more righteous. 

-Education: The UN estimates that over 40% of Arab women are uneducated and that close to 50% of all Muslim women suffer from a lack of education. For Mohammed and his followers education was not a priority. In fact it was to be discouraged. Mohammed himself was an illiterate. The important fact was to follow, submit, obey and grovel before Allah. Thus would women be forced to submit, obey and grovel before their husbands – the earthly incarnations of Allah's glory and purity. Uneducated women are easier to control and far more likely to breed in silent submission and more able to satisfy the demands of their husbands. 

-Honor killings: Arab or Muslim girls who disobey family 'law' or Koranic 'law' can be killed. The blood of the girls water the earth, expunging the family's 'shame'. The Arab death cult is of course built around blood. Part of the blood sacrifice of the Islamic culture is to purify what has become impure. If a Muslim girl is caught doing something contrary to Islamic and Koranic law, the only way to make the family pure again is to sacrifice her and water the earth with her blood. The UN estimates that about 10.000 girls are honor killed in the Middle East each year. Most likely this number is a factor of 10 too low. 

-Murder: A Muslim woman can be killed for infidelity or dishonoring her husband which includes the heinous crimes of: looking at another man in the eyes; meeting with another man alone [for whatever reason]; going out in public without a male family chaperon; not dressing in the bed sheet attire when leaving the home; having their own financial accounts; or repeatedly disobeying the orders of the husband. These 'crimes' are Koranic law. Most Islamic states have morality police which look for female offenses against the male ruler. Telephone records, internet usage, and bank accounts are in states like Iran, monitored. If caught shaming' her husband, a woman will under Islamic law, be severely punished and might even be stoned to death. 

One of the reasons why Islam is a failure is its treatment of women. The Arab-Muslim hierarchy of male domination and male supremacy means that half of its total population is little more than a collection of slaves and knaves. Beating, slicing, raping, killing – all these are simply expressions of Arab and Muslim savagery, themselves products of a barbaric pre-modern culture, one in which the female is 'lower than a pig or cattle.' 

And yet for many in the West, Islam is offered up as a 'religion' - as something peaceful and spiritual. The ignorance in avoiding Islam's treatment of women, is almost as monstrous and the daily denigration, during 1400 years of Arab-Muslim imperialism, perpetrated by followers of mad Mohammed's Meccan moon cult. Islam's barbarity can be seen most clearly in its treatment of the female.